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Cancer healing mantra

English Version:
This is What Tathagata Sakyamuni Expounds
The Sutra of curing malignant tumors and Hermorrhoid
Thus have i heard.

At one time the buddha was in the bamboo park in the city of Rajagriha, accompanied by
five hundred monks. many monks were suffering from malignancies and hemorrhoids and as a
result they had become thin and weak. Tormented day and night by these deaseases, the monks lived
in constant pain and agony.
The venerable Ananda observed the situation and went to the place where the buddha was.
Bowing his head in obeisance before the feet of the Buddha, Ananda stood up and said to the
buddha, 'World-Honored One, They are many monks residing in Rajariha who are suffering from
cancerous diseases and as a result have become thin and weak. They are living in constant pain and
are tormented by these deseases day and night.
World-Honored One, is there a way to cure these diseases ?
The Buddha Said to Ananda, 'Listen to this sutra of Curing Malignant Tumors and
Hemorrhoids. Read and recite it, accept and uphold it. Memorize it well and propagate it far and
wide. These tumors and hemorrhoids will be removed. Tumors Formed from internal wind, heat
( disorder ), Blood disorder, combination of wind, head and blood disorder, bleeding hermorrhoid,
stomach cancer, nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer, oral cancer, tongue cancer, eye cancer, ear
cancer, head cancer, arm and feet tumor, spinal cord cancer, rectal tumor and hermorrhoid, tumors
or sarcomas arising from the skeletal and connective tissues.
Such Tumors will fall off upon drying and thus be eliminated. All diseases shall be cured. Thus,
recite this magical mantra. The Mantra :
"Tadyata Alante Alame Sribi Sili Sili Mahasiji Sambobato Svaha."
( transliterare pe romnete:
Ta-Dzi-Ta lan-Ti la-Mi Sli-Pi Sli-Sli Moce-- Sam-Bobato Sua-Ha)
(chinese version:
"Ta zhe da. Ek lan Ti. Ek Lan Mi. She li Pei. She Li She Li. Mo Cie

Se Zhe. San Po Pa To. Soha.")
'Ananda ! North from here, there is a huge snow mountain where this phalasa tree called Sudurjaya (
Difficult to Conquer ) Grows. It has three types of flowers. One is early bloom.Second, Full Bloom,
and third, Wrinkled. Likewise, the monks illnesses shall dry up and fall off like the flowers. The
blood shall stop bleeding and you shall find no pus. The monks' suffering and pain shall be
eliminated and They shall recover completely. This is due to the action of drying up the tumors.'
'If you recite this sutra constantly, you shall gain the knowledge of recollecting seven ( 7 ) of your
past lives, thus achiving attainment of the mantra. Svaha'.
Thus, Another mantra :
Tadyata Jarmi Jarmi Sajami Samani Sajani Svaha.
When the Buddha Had finished expounding this sutra, Ananda and the other members of the
assembly were filed with joy, and they believed and accepted it and respectfully put it into practice.