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Title : Improving Students Reading Comprehension through Self

Monitoring Approach to Reading and Thinking at XI-IPS
Students of SMAN 3 Kota Bengkulu
Proposer : Bagus Ranggah (A1B011024)
Clinical Supervisor :
Academic Supervisor:
Introduction/Aim :
There are four major skills of the language. Those are listening, reading,
speaking, and writing. Listening and reading skills are ireceptive skills while
speaking and writing skills are productive skills. According to Colorin Colorado
(2007), Reading is a basic skill for language learners to learn other skill. Reading is
also an important way of gaining information in language learning. Seyler (in Rambe
et al, 2014) describes reading is as a process of obtaining or constructing meaning
from a word or cluster words. In other words, with reading is a process of human to
get information from the text. That is why through reading human can get much
knowledge then from that knowledge they get, they can communicate it back in
written or spoken. So in other word, through reading, human can activate and
develop the usage of the other major skills of language.

In the school, the parameter of successes of students is depending on their
reading skill. This is because the materials that used in school mostly are in text so
they should read in efficient way to gain the knowledge from the text materials. In
order to increase students comprehension, teacher should have appropriate strategy
to teach reading. Harmer (in Gridi, 2005) states there are some principles for teaching
reading: (a) Reading is not a passive skill (b) Students need to be engaged with what
they are reading (c) Students should be encouraged to respond to the content of a
reading text,not just to the language; (d) Prediction is a major factor in reading; (e)
Match to the topic; (f) Good Teachers exploit reading text to the full. From the
principles that mentioned, it explains that reading skill is not gained naturally but
gained through process. This is teachers job to help students during the process of
developing reading skill. By well and appropriate reading process, students can get
the abstract of the text they read. The more abstract they get and understand, the
more knowledge they will gain. By the knowledge they gain, it will help them in
their daily life.
The proper strategy in reading process is urgent. Especially for Senior High
School students who will continue their education to advance level. Unfortunately,
the research that held by Program of International Student Association (PISA) in
2012 shows if Indonesian 15years age students have low capability in reading. The
result ranked Indonesia in rank 64
from 65 countries. It means that many students in
Indonesia have a low capability in reading skill.

The same problem also found in SMAN 3 Kota Bengkulu from the
interviews result with one of the English Teacher. The teacher said if the one of the
most problem that arises is reading. She said that students have a lack of interest in
reading, also the lack of vocabularies and sentence structure make they give up and
leave behind the item of reading skill and do another item skill. From the other hand,
from students interview, the reading item is very boring and wasting time. Next,
from that interview, the writer found that students strategy in reading is read
carefully word by word and answer the question. This strategy is wasting time also
student will dont know the abstract of the text.
The writer consider if it is necessary to find out appropriate strategy in order
to develop students motivation in reading. From the students interview it seems that
student still dont know how to read foreign language in a proper way which leads
them in uninterested in reading. The writer then choose Self Monitoring Approach in
Reading and Thinking (SMART) technique because the usage of SMART technique
in reading will make the process of reading more systematic in comprehend an
English text.
There are some researchers that have conducted SMART technique. One of
them is by Susilawati (2008), she conducted with research title: Using the SMART
Technique to Improve the reading Comprehension Ability of the Second Semester
Students of Unismuh Palu. She found that there is an increase of students score and
motivation after being taught through SMART technique. The students mean score

increased from 59.50 into 67.89 and the students motivation in involving reading
activity from 61.6% change into 95%.
Then, another research about this strategy is done by Suryaniningsih (2013).
She conducted this research entitle The Effectiveness of Self-Monitoring Approach
to Reading and Thinking (SMART) to Teach Reading Viewed From Students Self
Esteem. Her research is about an experimental study at the eleventh grade students
of SMAN 1 Pulung Ponorogo in the 2012/2013 Academic year which has result if
SMART is more effective then direct instructiom to teach reading for student who
have low and high self-esteem.
Based on the explanation above, the writer want to conduct a research entitled
Improving Students Reading Comprehension through Self Monitoring Approach to
Reading and Thinking at XI-IPS Students of SMAN 3 Kota Bengkulu.
You need to review SMART technique not only locally, but if possible
internationally. When you review peoples research, note what have been done, what
is left for you to research. This is to make your research is feasible to be conducted.
Make sure you don not repeat other peoples way of conducting it. You can do so,
but the value of your research is low. We call it as replication of other peoples idea.
Think about it. When you review, what is necessary is what they did, to whom and
what is the result globally, no need to write the percentage.

Besides, you need to review to convince readers that this technique is
excellent to help students read effectively by looking at theories.
To get enough info about students difficulty in reading, you have to dig more
information, analyze why their comprehension is a problematic. What specific sub
reading skills are problem, for example their lack of vocabulary, speed reading, get
main ideas, etc?

Research questions:
The research questions that are proposed in this study are as follows:
1. To what extent SMART technique can improve students reading comprehension?
2. What factors influence the changes of students reading comprehension?

Design :

This research will be designed as classroom action research. The data of
this research will involve a class. This data will be analyzed by using
quantitative and qualitative method.

Subject :
The participants of this research are students at XI-IPS grade students of
SMAN 3 Bengkulu in 2014 academic year.

This research will be analyzed by using quantitative and qualitative method.
The data collection will be put in classroom action research analysis.


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