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POSTAL REGD. MP/BHOPAL/4-323/2013-15
Published simultaneously from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
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to love story
'Hamari Adhuri
Sania Mirza
agrees to
in Asian
Bhopal to
have National
Farming scenario transformed in MP
he farmers who were turning away
from their ancestral occupation of
farming in the previous decade, have once
again engaged themselves in farming
with renewed vigour as a result of sus-
tained efforts by the state government to
turn farming a lucrative proposition. On
one hand farming cost has been brought
down and on the other considerable
increase has been made in the income
through farming. While the farmers have
started applying latest farming tech-
niques, the state government has
earnestly implemented national agricul-
ture programmes. By its credible achieve-
ments, MP has left behind traditionally
major agrarian states like Punjab and
MP has become pioneer in the country
in total food grains production. In year
2003-04, total food grains production was
2 crore 20 lakh 87 thousand MT in MP,
which is expected to exceed 3 crore 86
lakh MT this year. Similarly, MP has out-
classed Uttar Pradesh in wheat produc-
tion and become number 2 in the country
in this respect. Wheat production in MP
was 73 lakh 65 thousand MT in year
2003-04, which is estimated to rise to
about 175 lakh MT in year 2013-14.
Apart from production, MP has also
succeeded in increasing farm yield. Food
grains yield in year 2003-04 was 1,177 kg
per hectare, which is estimated to be 1614
kg per hectare in 2013-14. Wheat yield
was 1,879 kg per hectare in year 2003-04,
which is likly to be 2,602 kg per hectare
this year.
First in country
During recent years, MP has stood
first by clocking the highest agriculture
growth rate in the country. In year 2012-
13, states agriculture growth rate was
20.16 percent. It was 19.85 percent in
year 2011-12. According to advance esti-
mates, agriculture growth rate in MP is
24.99 percent in year 2013-14. In yet
another creditable achievement, MP
achieved 9.04 percent agriculture growth
rate against the target of 2.5 percent
fixed for 11th Five-Year Plan (2007-11).
As compared to this agriculture growths
national target was 4 percent against
which only 2.5 percent was achieved.
MP is already pioneer in production of
pulses, oilseeds and gram. As a result of
these achievements, MP has been con-
ferred prestigious Krishi Karman Award
for last 2 years in a row. The state has
also bagged Agriculture Leadership
Award on the recommendation of an
expert committee headed by Father of
Indian Green Revolution and agriculture
scientist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan.
Special efforts
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan, a farmer himself, had started
committed efforts from Day One in office
to boost farming in the state. He con-
vened Kisan Panchayat for direct dia-
logue with farmers and seek their advice
to remove their problems. At the
Panchayat, farmers expressed their views
unhesitatingly and the Chief Minister
went on implementing their advice one
after another.
Side by side apprising farmers of bet-
ter farming technique, they are also being
provided good implements. A number of
farmers have been sent on foreign tours
to learn new techniques. Custom hiring
centre scheme has been launched in MP
to make available benefit of costly agri-
cultural machinery to farmers. They are
also getting better equipments through
Krishi Yantradoot Yojana. With the coop-
eration of international organisation
Norman Borelog, Mexico, research is
being made on maize at SIMIT Centre,
Jabalpur. JAICA from Japan is partner-
ing in research on soybean in selected dis-
tricts. The number of agriculture univer-
sities in the state has gone upto 2 with
the establishment of Vijaya Raje Scindia
Agriculture University, Gwalior. Special
schemes have been started for small and
marginal farmers. Arrangements have
been made for advance storage of fertilis-
ers. Fertilisers have been imported and
provided directly to farmers.
For better coordination between agri-
culture and allied sectors, Agriculture
Cabinet has been constituted whose deci-
sions are considered cabinet decisions.
Special attention has been paid to
increase irrigation facility. Novel scheme
like Balram Talab has been launched for
effective use of rainwater in farming. In
the earlier decade, total area under irri-
gation in the state was 7.50 lakh hectare,
which has been increased to 27 lakh
hectare now. Irrigation facility has also
been provided to farmers by completing
irrigation projects which were lying
incomplete for long.
BHOPAL: Subsidy, relief and
bonus worth Rs. 12 thousand 345
crore 27 lakh were provided to MPs
farmers last year. This benefited one
crore 49 lakh 14 thousand 620 farm-
ers. This is for the first time in the
history of country that farmers have
been provided such huge amount of
assistance in one single year. It is also
remarkable that the amount has been
deposited directly mainly in the bank
accounts of farmers.
Relief worth Rs. 3 thousand 48
crore 50 lakh was distributed against
losses to crops due to natural calami-
ty benefiting 47 lakh 51 thousand
farmers. Bonus worth Rs. 1,327 crore
73 lakh was given to 12 lakh 82 thou-
sand 527 farmers on procurement of
paddy, maize and wheat on minimum
support price. Of this, Rs. 233 crore 95
lakh was paid as bonus on paddy, Rs.
12 crore 99 lakh on maize and Rs.
1,080 crore 79 lakh on wheat.
Meanwhile, Rs. 2504 crore 4 lakh
was distributed to 17 lakh 80 thou-
sand 221 farmers under National
Agriculture Insurance Scheme.
Farmers Welfare and Agriculture
Department has given away Rs. 237
crore 46 lakh to one lakh 79 thousand
872 crore farmers as subsidy. Energy
Department also gave subsidy to
farmers worth Rs. 4 thousand 667
crore to 15 lakh 84 thousand on agri-
culture pumps. Cooperatives
Department gave away Rs. 560 crore
39 lakh to 31 lakh 37 thousand farm-
ers as subsidy on interest-free loans to
farmers last year.
Over Rs. 12,000 crore
assistance provided to
farmers in one year
India would like
to cooperate
and learn from
New Zealand
Licences of
conducting sex
test should be
CM Helpline
Geriatric OPD facilities denied to senior citizens: Forum
In an effort to motivate
youth to join defence forces,
Indian Army officials are
organizing motivational lec-
tures in schools and colleges
in Chhattisgarh. Being
organized under the initia-
tive of central command
headquarters, Major
Sandhya Nair and Captain
Parek Joshi motivated stu-
dents here recently, by giv-
ing them insight on life in
the Army, various entry
schemes, age and education-
al criteria.
During the interactive
session, students raised a
number of questions which
projected their inquisitive-
ness. Lectures were held at
Pandit Ravishankar Shukla
University, NH Goel
International School,
Kaanger Valley Academy
and Rawatpura Sarkar
Kaanger Valley principal
Kavita Khullar appreciated
the move. She said, "I am
glad that students of XI and
XII experienced such valu-
able lecture which in a way
will help them explore and
choose new options." She
said this career counselling
session shed light on the life
of an army professional
which holds a respectable
Programme to create
awareness on UN functions
Delhi Public School,
Raipur, conducted a sequel
of Model United Nations
(MUN) recently. The event, a
concept encouraged by
United Nations itself, helps
create awareness among
participants on the way UN
27 students from class
IX to XII took part in the
conference. Students were in
the guise of foreign dele-
gates from 27 nations and
after counting the votes
thrice, the agenda 'women
empowerment' was chosen.
The debate started on a
gradual note with a delegate
from Iran grabbing the first
opportunity to raise his
motion on the topic women
empowerment. Issues like
women safety, women
empowerment, women edu-
cation figured predominant-
ly in the discussion. The
show was a replica of
UNESCO guided by the
executive body comprising of
three student members.
An emergency situation
like abduction of 25 girls in
Afghanistan also formed a
part of the discussion.
Making of resolution to set-
tle global issues like women
education was also done in
the conference. Principal
Raghunath Mukherjee gave
away prizes to the student
delegates. Devjeet Meghani
delegate of Ukraine was
awarded for best position
paper. Best country profile
went to Shivansh Trivedi
delegate of Iraq. Yashi Jain,
delegate of Norway, and
Satya Sanatan Mohapatra,
delegate of Japan, got the
best delegates recognition.
The show was interesting
and knowledgeable and
received wide applause from
all quarters.
Programmes organised to
motivate students to join Army
20 medical students to be
expelled from hostels
Eco-tourism to be pro-
moted in Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh minister
for tourism Ajay
Chandrakar has said
Chhattisgarh has identi-
fied some regions with a
very high potentiality for
The green state has
launched an eco-tourism
project covering three
potential tourist tracks -
Bilaspur-Achanakmar and
Jagdalpur-Kanger Valley
National Park. In addition,
a number of herbal gardens
and natural health resorts
have been created with
increased local participa-
tion. Chandrakas said the
use of ethno-medicine,
which has been practiced
by aboriginal tribes since
centuries, predating even
Ayurveda, is also being pro-
moted in Chhattisgarh.
The major eco-tourism
attractions, which are get-
ting prime attention in
Chhattisgarh, include the
protection and develop-
ment of the wildlife areas,
camping grounds and
trekking facilities.
With so many initia-
tives, Chhattisgarh is des-
tined to become the most
favorite eco-tourism desti-
nation in India and few
among best in the world.
The Minister said said
expansion of
tourism will not
only curb Maoist
menace but also
generate employ-
ment for tribal
youths in Bastar
and Sarguja region.
The Minister further said
the Chhattisgarh is also
unique in its wildlife popu-
lation and has 3 National
Parks and 11 Wildlife
Sanctuaries, housing some
of the rare wildlife and bird
With so much of variety
for eco tourism,
Chhattisgarh promises to
be an ideal holiday destina-
tion for nature lovers,
wildlife enthusiasts and
also for those who want to
discover the unique tribal
life of the region.
Cracking the whip on students of
Raipur Medical College, college council
has decided to expel over 20 students, who
have been occupying hostel
rooms for several years despite
failing in course. Medical college
dean Dr A Chandrakar alleged
that students are not interested
in pursuing their careers
because of their poor academic
score and have been overstaying
in hostels. He said trouble brew-
ing on campus was a handiwork
of such students. "It has become
necessary to weed such elements out," he
said, adding that the council had decided
to get rooms vacated from their possession.
Recently, college authorities had expelled
a student of 2009 batch from the hostel as
he had failed to clear his first academic
year. Sources said, of students identified
by authorities, 10 are from 2008 batch,
seven from 2007 and remaining from 2005
and 2006 batch. Sources said there have
been incidents when students have been
involved in fracases and clashes. In most
incidents, involvement of students with
poor academic record has come to the fore.
Limiting the number of attempts to reap-
pear in an exam, sources said if a first year
students fails, he will get four chances to
clear his exam. Similarly, a student failing
in second and third year will get three and
two chances respectively.
Chhtissgarh Explore
Chhattisgarh Senior Citizen
Welfare Forum (SCWF) has
accused government run Dr BR
Ambedkar Hospital authorities of
restricting the geriatric OPD facil-
ities to pensioners rather than
making it available to all senior
citizens visiting the hospital.
State president of the forum,
SK Bhargava said that the facili-
ty, which was meant for the con-
venience of senior citizens, has
been restricted. It was started
two years ago and worked well
till recently and served the needs
of the aged. Bhargava claimed
that despite approaching the hos-
pital authorities nothing had
been done. "Why does the hospi-
tal discriminate between pen-
sioners and non-pensioners when
the purpose of the geriatric OPD
is to provide convenience to the
elderly, who cannot wait in long
queues with the general public?"
he said.
When contacted, hospital's
medical superintendent Dr Vivek
Choudhary denied any policy of
discrimination with non-pension-
ers. He insisted that the facility
is available for all.
Notwithstanding Dr Choudhry's
claims, another senior citizen,
Umakant Tewari, a resident of
Tatibandh Housing Board
Colony, confirmed that he had
also been facing this problem for
last few months. "As we have to
go through the usual hospital
crowd, we are given medicines
only for seven days instead of a
month, forcing us to make weekly
visits," said Maniklal Bachani, a
senior citizen. He said many like
him have to undergo the travails
of visiting hospital and wait in
endlessly queues.
Khan River Rejuvenation Project
to be completed in 2 phases
CM Helpline proving effective
Krishi Mahotsava
should not be a ritual
The Chief Minister Shivraj
Singh Chouan has called for
associating maximum farmers,
public representatives and
social organizations with Krishi
Mahotsava. He said that MP
leads the country in agriculture
with 24.99 percent agriculture
growth rate.
This is, indeed , creditable,
but we cannot afford to rest on
laurels, he added. He said that
Krishi Mahotsava should not be
a mere ritual. It should be
meaningful and its message
should be propagated to maxi-
mum people engaged in farm-
ing. They should be motivated
and guided to take to progres-
sive farming. It may be men-
tioned that Krishi Mahotsava
would be organized from
September 25 to October 20 in
the state.
The Chief Minister held a
video conferencing as part of
the efforts to make the
Mahotsava a success, here
recently. The Chief Secretary
Anthony D Sa was also present
on the occasion. The Chief
Minister directed that district
wise agricultural and related
works should be identified and
planned efforts be made to
achieve the targets fixed for
them. He said that chalking out
a programme is easy but exe-
cuting it is challenging. Krishi
Mahotsav is an endeavour for
the benefit of farmers.
Chauhan said that func-
tions under the Mahotsav
should be organized after prop-
er assessment of local circum-
stances. The farmers should be
motivated to maximize farm
output, he said. He stressed the
need for greater awareness to
further increase farm yield.
During the Mahotsav farmers
should be educated about crop
patterns, availability of farm
inputs and measures to boost
production. In every district the
areas should be identified on
the basis of geographical loca-
tion, climate, irrigation and
power availability. Agriculture
Plan of every district should be
chalked out.
Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra
Mahajan chaired an important
meeting on rejuvenation and
cleaning of Indores Saraswati-
Chandrabhaga (Khan) rivers in
New Delhi recently. The meeting
discussed to prepare detailed
project report in 2 parts. First
part may be completed before
Simhastha and in the second part
the project will completed.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan presented at the meet-
ing a project costing Rs. 2719
crore to rejuvenate both rivers.
He informed that the government
is committed to ensure that devo-
tees get clean water for holy dip
during Simhastha to be held in
year 2016. The first phase of the
project is proposed to be complet-
ed before December 2015. Sewer
treatment works will be under-
taken during this phase. Under
the second phase, planning for
next 5 years will be done. Union
Urban Development Minister
Venkaiah Naidu, River
Development & Ganga
Rejuvenation Minister Uma
Bharti, Union Minister of State
for Rural Development Santosh
Gangwar, Union Rural
Development Minister Nitin
Gadkari and Minister of State for
Forests & Environment Prakash
Javadekar and MPs Urban
Administration and Development
Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya
and senior officers attended the
meeting. The meeting discussed
to ensure prevention of inflow of
effluents, running of sewerage
treatment plant with full capaci-
ty, re-settlement of population
from river banks and ensure con-
tinuous flow of clean water in the
rivers. Discussions were also held
to ensure better environment in
Indore and Ujjain, availability of
clean water and facilities to devo-
tees during Simhastha-2016.
Mahajan said that it should
be introduced as pilot project.
Mahajan said that Kshipra and
other rivers will also become
clean after these rivers of Indore
in Ganga Basin are cleaned and
rejuvenated. She said that the
project should be implemented by
forming a committee headed by
the Chief Minister. Union
Minister Nitin Gadkari said
that PPP mode should also be
used for mobilising funds. He said
that officers from Indore should
visit Nagpur to study the use of
treated waste water in industries.
He suggested that possibility
should also be explored to use
Khan river as a waterway. Union
Minister Venkaiah Naidu also
spoke on the occasion.
Uma Bharti said that her
ministry will work for these
rivers of Ganga Basin. She reiter-
ated her commitment to rejuve-
nate rivers. Union Minister
Javadekar also put forth sugges-
tions. Indores Mayor Krishna
Murari Moghe informed about
sewage line works being under-
taken by municipal corporation.
Divisional Commissioner Sanjay
Dube informed that the river is
78 km long which flows for 33
kms in urban areas. The two
rivers have also become polluted
due to temporary and permanent
encroachments. He informed that
there are 33 slums in the river
areas. About 10 thousand families
need to be re-settled for the proj-
ect. Roads leading to the river,
footpaths and green belt will have
to be developed. Water needs to
be released from Narmada-
Kshipra link project for 4-5 years
after which water catchment area
will come up here. SPV is also
proposed to be constituted for the
project. Six sub-schemes includ-
ing that of sewerage will have to
be chalked out. Total 6 DPRs will
be prepared.
Prof. Vinod Tare of IIT,
Kanpur gave a presentation on
making the river perennial. It
was decided that Prof. Tare and
Divisional Commissioner will
present an action plan under
National River Mission. In the
first phase, Indores sewerage
system will be linked with sewer
treatment plant.
CM Helpline is proving effec-
tive in solving problems of states
people. Chief Minister Shivraj
Singh Chouhan talked to 5 appli-
cants of CM Helpline over tele-
phone from Mantralaya here
today. Giving information about
disposal of their complaints, the 5
applicants expressed gratitude.
Zafar Khan of Private Bus
Employees Union, Jaora has also
written a letter to the Chief
Minister congratulating him for
this revolutionary initiative for
solving common peoples prob-
lems. He has written in the letter
that he had registered 4 com-
plaints on CM Helpline 181 and
all 4 complaints were redressed
within 3-4 days. Chief Minister
Chouhan talked from Mantralaya
to Santosh Kumar Tiwari of vil-
lage Rampur in Sidhi district. He
informed that he had complained
about non-payment of maternity
assistance. The complaint was
redressed and dues were paid.
Similarly, Mangilal Choudhary of
Manasa in Neemuch district had
complained about dirty water
coming out of taps. Thanking the
Chief Minister, he said that the
complaint has been redressed.
Hatim Singh Yadav of village
Kamthara of Datia district had
registered a complaint on 181
about handpump becoming dys-
functional. He informed CM that
the complaint has been
redressed. Neeladhar Dhakad of
Mandideep in Raisen district had
complained about non-receipt of
Samagra User ID. He informed
that he has received the ID.
Umesh Kumar of Amarwara in
Chhindwara district had com-
plained about tripping of electric-
ity often in the night in Niazi
Ward. He informed the Chief
Minister that the complaint has
been redressed and electricity
supply is all right now.
Revolutionary weapon
for disposal of
peoples problems
Zafar Khan of Private Bus
Employees Union, Jaora has
also written a letter to the Chief
Minister saying that Chouhan
has given an effective weapon to
people for getting redressed
their problems. Now, problems
are solved within 3-4 days. He is
himself witness to it. He had
complained that bus drivers
were not linked with Samagra
Yojana since they did not have
Password ID. Following it, the
Transport Department provided
Password ID after 3 days.
Similarly, a complaint was
made for insurance amount of
Rs. 50 thousand through cooper-
atives not paid in the case of bus
driver Kishore even one year
after his death. Insurance
amount was paid 2 days after
registration of complaint on CM
Helpline. Zafar Khan has con-
gratulated the Chief Minister
for his development-centric
vision and launching of CM
Govt to audit
state run hospitals
to improve
health facilities
In a bid to improve health facilities across state,
Chhattisgarh government has started an audit of
state run hospitals to assess manpower situation,
primarily doctors and equipment, and redeploy
them from places they are surplus into areas where
there is a shortage.
Confirming the move, principal secretary
health, Dr Alok Shukla, said the exercise is being
undertaken to take "corrective" steps as regards to
posting of doctors and allocation of existing machin-
ery to places where they are required. He said the
audit would bring out the real picture and help gov-
ernment decide allocations for optimal use. As a
part of on-going audit, Dr Shukla is slated to review
working of orthopaedic ward of Dr Ambedkar
Hospital on Tuesday.
Dr Shukla will review both clinical and aca-
demic resources available with department and
assess its utilization vis-a-vis patient's visits and
surgeries conducted in the hospital. Hospital
sources said a format has been designed by the
department in which all information pertaining to
number of patients visiting OPD and surgeries con-
ducted in OTs would be entered along with equip-
ment available. These would be analysed with
available strength of doctors in order to see if man-
power and machinery was being used in an opti-
mum manner or are in excess.
Sources said audit would also indirectly assess
performance of individual doctors and identify
those who are either overworked or underworked.
This would help identifying existing problems in
regards to allocation of work and corrective meas-
ures would be taken to make optimal use of the
available resources, said officials.
A senior doctor said the process will also help in
identifying "shirkers" who have been avoiding work
and drawing salaries without doing their jobs.
"There are many doctors who remain busy with
their private practices and hardly spend time in
hospital", he said.
Officials said the audit would also assess need
of availability of high-tech diagnostic equipment
and see whether the same were being utilized to
their potential. In case hospital is found having
equipment in excess of required needs, they will be
deployed to other hospitals in the state.
Micro, small and medi-
um enterprise (MSME)
has emerged as a dynamic
sector in countrys econo-
my over the years. MSMEs
play an effective role in
providing maximum
employments involving
low capital investmetn as
compared to major indus-
As per wish of Chief
Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan, employment
opportunities are being
created in the state
through medium, small
and micro enterprises. As
many as 97 thousand 744
MSMEs have been set up
in the state during last 5
years at a cost of Rs.
2478.62 crore. During
these 5 years, these
MSMEs have provided jobs
to 2 lakh 23 thousand 693
Along with major
industries, micro, small
and medium enterprises
have also been invited to
Global Investors Summit
to be held at Indore in
October to invest in MP.
Priority is being attached
to simplifying rules and
amending policy to ensure
increase in quantum of
investment and creation of
maximum number of job
opportunities in the state.
Over 97,000 MSM units set up in 5 years;
jobs provided to over 2 lakh people
Puppet shows to encourage
tribals to raise their issues
Crossing technical hurdles in
remote tribal regions, CGNet Swara
(voice of Chhattisgarh) team is out on a
two-month tour of Chhattisgarh organ-
izing puppet shows and educating peo-
ple on how to use basic mobile phones
(not smartphones) to spread news in
local dialect. Giving voice to those, who
wish to be heard and taken seriously so
that they don't pick up arms and join
Maoist movement, Swara's puppets
have proved an easy and entertaining
medium creating awareness among
CGNet Swara is a voice-based por-
tal, freely accessible via mobile phone
and allows anyone to report and listen
to stories of local interest. Reported sto-
ries are moderated by journalists and
become available for playback online as
well as over phone. Service works
"Awareness programmes, street
plays, seminars have become obsolete
and routine now. Puppets attract crowd
and easily connect to people," said
founder of CGnet Swara, Shubhranshu
Choudhary. People throng and sur-
round the Swara team, while puppet
journalist Ramnath encourage tribals
to raise their issues via recording on
mobile phone to CGNet Swara. Another
puppet who plays 'Mobile chacha',
explains them about the significance of
being a citizen journalist simply by
using a phone. Others Changu-Mangu
are entertainers who crack jokes in
between. The tour is supposed to cover
more than 50 villages in two states and
the team converses in Hindi,
Chhattisgarhi and Gondi. Locals are
trained on how to make calls and then
they undergo contests so as to make
them aware of which number to call
upon, for how long they could record
their message etc, said Choudhary.
Replying to a question, he said
mobile network in interior areas is not
good, but over a period of time locals
have gathered enough information and
are aware about the location in a village
that has best network from where they
can make or receive calls without inter-
Puppetry as a medium was never
used before in tribal areas, so it is a hit
with villagers, says Gokaran Verma,
who has trained 30 tribal volunteers to
perform in the street shows. Naresh
Bunkar who works for tribals in
Kawardha district said, "I use CGNet
Swara to raise issues of tribals and
have succeeded in helping them solve
more than 50 complaints in one year.
We have been successful in getting
bribes returned from corrupt officers,
opening schools and hospitals in remote
areas." Swara has been receiving 1,000
calls daily from Gujarat to West Bengal
including Andhra Pradesh,
Chhattisgarh, MP and Odisha. Its suc-
cess earned Shubhranshu Choudhary,
the journalist who conceptualized
CGNet Swara, 2014 Google Digital
Activism Award.
District level agriculture science
fairs and exhibitions to be held
As per wish of Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan, district
level agriculture science fairs and
exhibitions will be held during
Krishi Mahotsav from September
25 to October 20. Farmers and agri-
culture experts will share technolo-
gies and experiences at the agricul-
ture fairs and exhibitions to be par-
ticipated by Agriculture and allied
departments. Anumber of activities
will be conducted by various
departments during this period.
Women & Child Development
Department will organise special
nutrition day at anganwadis.
Villagers and farmers will welcome
Krishi Raths not with bouquets
and garlands, but with 2 to 5 kg
wheat or rice, maize, moong, urad,
arhar, gram, soybean etc. These
food grains will be used by Women
and Child Development
Department in preparation of
nutrition diets. Animal Husbandry
Department will distribute veteri-
nary and animal husbandry kits to
selected beneficiaries. Besides,
artificial insemination of cattle,
veterinary castration and vaccina-
tion camps will also be held. The
Cooperatives Department will con-
duct drive to distribute Kisan
Cards throughout the month.
During Mahotsav, the Energy
Department will propagate state
governments scheme Naveen
Pump Krishak Anudan Yojana to
motivate farmers to take perma-
nent pump connections, distribute
concerning pamphlets and launch
a special drive to accept applica-
tions under the scheme. Flat-rate
scheme for permanent agriculture
pumps will also be publicised and
awareness will be brought about
among farmers for paying bills in
April and October. Panchayats &
Rural Development Department
will launch new works under
Mera Khet-Meri Mati Yojana
throughout the month. A month-
long drive will also be undertaken
to launch Sudoor Gram Sampark
Evam Khet-Sadak Yojana in
remote villages.
The Forest Department will
distribute sanction-letters and
saplings to farmers on payment
from Krishi Kranti Raths. District
level Agriculture Science Fair and
Exhibitions and development block
level agriculture symposiums will
also be held.
Two-fold increase in
area under
horticulture in MP
Apart from increasing area
under horticulture in MP, modern
technology is also being promoted
in the sector. Area under horticul-
ture in the state has increased
from 5 lakh 17 thousand hectare in
year 2004-05 to 14 lakh 66 thou-
sand hectare. This amounts to 183
percent increase compared to 2004-
05. Yield and distribution of high
quality horticulture plants and
hybrid seeds of vegetables, spices,
medicinal and aromatic plants has
increased constantly. Total horti-
culture production in the state was
40 lakh 62 MT during year 2004-
05, which has risen by 477 percent
to 234 lakh 55 thousand MT now.
Fruit area has gone up in 10
years from 48 thousand hectares to
2 lakh 10 thousand hectares. This
is 337 percent increase. Similarly,
production of fruits has also
increased by 460 percent during 10
years to 57 lakh 81 thousand MT
now compared to 10 lakh 32 thou-
sand MT in year 2004-05.
Rewa, Singrauli to be developed
as a modern cities
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh
Chauhan has said that Rewa will
be developed as a modern city with
all necessary facilities. Chauhan
was addressing a district-level
Antyodaya Mela at Rewa recently.
He inaugurated and laid founda-
tion stones of works costing Rs.
258 crore 20 lakh and distributed
benefits of Rs. 58 crore 20 lakh to 4
lakh 58 thousand beneficiaries.
Energy and Public Relations
Minister Rajendra Shukla and
Forest Minister Dr. Gaurishankar
Shejwar were also present on the
occasion. The Chief Minister said
that an industrial corridor will be
developed from Rewa to Sidhi-
Singrauli. Irrigation from
Bansagar dam has increased
wheat production in Rewa and the
district. Now it supplies wheat to
other districts. District will be fur-
ther enriched by promoting other
crops also. The Chief Minister
called for ensuring success of
Krishi Mahotsav to be started from
September 25. He said that worlds
biggest solar power plant will be
established at Gurh in Rewa dis-
Energy and Public Relations
Minister Rajendra Shukla said
that a network of canals and roads
has been laid in the district. White
Tiger Safari is nearing completion.
He also dwelt in detail on other
development works in the district.
Singrauli to be energy city
Chauhan has said that
Singrauli will be developed as
energy city. Apart from other
measures, industrial area will also
be developed for all-round develop-
ment of the district. He said that
Rs. 100 crore will be spent on
infrastructure development in
Singrauli during 5 years. It will be
connected with air and rail facili-
ties. Central School will also be
established there, he added.
The Chief Minister said that
Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami
Yojana has been launched to make
youths entrepreneurs. Its objective
is to impart self-employment train-
ing to youths and help them in
establishing industries. He said
that guarantee of loan from Rs. 10
lakh to Rs. 1 crore will be given by
the state government. He said that
wheat and rice is being provided to
the poor at the rate of Re. one per
kg. Under the scheme, there is pro-
vision to benefit 24 categories of
beneficiaries. He said that camps
should also be held in villages to
give benefit of the scheme to those
who have been left out.
Licences of doctors conducting
sex determination test
should be cancelled
Women and Child Development Minister Maya
Singh has suggested to cancel licences of doctors con-
ducting sex determination test and strict action against
the parents involved in this. Singh was addressing a
seminar Female Foeticide a Curse held here recent-
ly to mark 21st foundation day of MP Human Rights
Commission. Singh said that social crimes like female
foeticide need to be considered seriously. It is
unfortunate that educated class of society is
involved in it. She said that girls have right to
be born. They cannot be deprived of this
human right. She said that there is no place
for mindset of gender discrimination in the
present age. Society should come forward
to change this mindset. Singh
asked the Chief Secretary
Anthony de Sa to
ensure strict imple-
mentation of PCC
& DT Act in all dis-
tricts and action
should be taken in
registered case to
set example.
Singh said that
Chief Minister Shivraj
Singh Chauhan has resolved to
eradicate mindset of gender discrimination. He has
given the biggest blow to this narrow-minded thinking
by launching Ladli Laxmi Yojana. Beti Bachao Abhiyan
and Swagat Laxmi are next schemes in this series.
Society has also been associated with state govern-
ments efforts to support women right from birth to old
age. Obviously, it will yield good results. Apart from
decline in maternal and infant mortality rate, sex ratio
has also improved remarkably in the state and that too
within a short span of a couple of years. Situation will
improve further in the days to come. She said that the
Chief Minister deserves congratulations for giving pro-
tection and honour to women and empowering them.
The Women and Child Development Minister thanked
the commission for organising this seminar on the sen-
sitive and burning issue and inviting responsible per-
sons to participate. She hoped that conclusions drawn
at the seminar will guide the society. Commissions
acting Chairman Dr. Veerendra Mohan Kanwar said
that main provisions of PCC & DT Act should be imple-
mented strictly in the state. All sonography machines
found to be conducting sex determination tests must be
seized. Prosecution in such cases also needs to be accel-
erated. He said that more cases will be detected if strict
watch is maintained in districts. Doctors take oath to
respect life as soon as it is con-
ceived in womb. If they act
according to this conduct then
infant morality rate can be
reduced.Chief Secretary
Anthony de Sa said that this
issue needs continuous aware-
ness. DGP Nandan Dube said that
girls should be given full opportunities
to move ahead.
40-bed hospital to be
re-opened at Malikheri soon
Home Minister Babulal Gaur has directed to
re-open the 40-bed hospital at Malikheri soon. On
finding hospital closed at Malikheri, Gaur enquired
about it from residents. They informed that the 40-
bed hospital constructed in year 1990 by Gas Relief
Department is lying closed for last one year. Gaur
directed Deputy Director Gas Relief K.K. Dube to
re-open the hospital soon. Dube assured to do the
needful soon.
17-09-2014- Wednesday -Ashwin Mah
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6:41 pm
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6:40 pm
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(Chaturdashi Shradh)
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23-09-2014- Wednesday - Ashwin Mah
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Vastu tips for Plots
While purchasing a plot,
examine if that any
roads that might be
running on the north and
the east side of your
plot, should be lower
than the corresponding
site levels.
It is also good if a road
runs alongside the plot
and ends at the
northeast corner.
While house hunting for
yourself, make sure that
you do not purchase a
flat that is located
opposite to crossroads.
Avoid all lands opposite
to a T or Y intersections.
This is considered highly
n small towns, cities and
even in metros and big
cities kirana shops still
dominate and fulfil the daily
needs of a family. Though
the dynamic transformation
is going on but definitely
retail stores and malls have
been transforming the retail
industry from unorganized
to organized. Still a way to
go as organized retail sector
is just 5% of the total retail
sector in India.
Malls have changed
shopping experience
Malls are not only a
shopping place but a place to
rejuvenate, socialize and
entertain. In big retail
stores you get everything
under one roof from branded
clothes, grocery, electronics
to foot wear. Without a doubt
malls have changed the
shopping experience of
Indians. Doing shopping in
the scorching heat of the sun
has been replaced by AC
shopping. Youth take this as
a status symbol. Visiting
malls and buying branded
products satisfy their thirst
for better quality of life.
Teenagers do come to show
off. Certainly shopping
malls are bringing in a new
culture in India which is dif-
ferent from the traditional
culture as far as shopping is
India offers an immense
market opportunity because
of increased income and
changed lifestyle of middle
class families. In 2001 there
were just three malls in
India. The number grew to
343 by 2007. As of May 2013,
India had a total of 570 oper-
ational malls. As per the
data from Bangalore-based
Asipac Consulting, number
of malls in 2013 has doubled
since 2008. There is another
format of mall known as
Family Entertainment
Centre. Family
Entertainment Centres gen-
erally have amusement sec-
tion, food court, and retail.
How successful are
malls in India?
It has been seen that
many a time mall is opened
with huge expectations but
faced shut down. This
includes Full Stop Mall on
Palm Beach Road, the
Marine Drive of Navi
Mumbai, Gold City Mall in
Navi Mumbai, Star City
Mall in Delhi and many
more. Also in many malls
70-80 percent spaces remain
vacant. Poor selection of site
is one of the major reasons.
Experts advise to do a thor-
ough research before open-
ing a mall in any area.
Success actually depends
upon its location, demo-
graphic factors, and spend-
ing power of the local popu-
Some of the largest malls
in India are: Phoenix
Market City Mumbai
(Mumbai, Maharashtra),
Metro Junction Mall
(Kalyan, Maharashtra),
LuLu International
Shopping Mall (Kochi,
Kerala), The Great India
Place (Noida) and Z Square
shopping Mall (Kanpur,
Uttar Pradesh). All in all
malls have changed the
lifestyle of consumers in
India and helped the retail
sector to become more
Growing mall culture in
India is changing lifestyles
Bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad
MUMBAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led govern-
ment has made its intention clear to push ahead plans for a
bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Railway
minister Sadanand Gowda also chose Mumbai-Ahmedabad
and Mumbai-Goa routes among nine corridors in all, for trial
runs of semi-high speed trains at 160-200km per hour. A
pilot project of trains at a maximum speed of 160 km/hr was
completed on July 3 on the Delhi-Agra route. The train cov-
ered a distance of 200km in 90 minutes, against the earlier
120 minutes. While bullet trains will require a separate cor-
ridor, semi-high speed trains can run on existing tracks.
A Western Railway official said, "We will have to under-
take some minor works such as strengthening of bridges and
fencing to prevent cattle from coming on to tracks. Any col-
lision with cattle can also cause derailment." The official fur-
ther said a train running on a semi-high speed of 160 kmph
will be able to save only 45 minutes to an hour on the WR
corridor. He said, "A train's speed will have to be regulated
as there will be other trains in the path, which will not be
able to match a semi-high speed train." On the Mumbai-Goa
route, a trial run of trains at 150 kmph was successfully car-
ried out back in 2003. The official said, "The trial showed the
track as fit for running trains at 160kmph.
However, the only hitch is Konkan
railway operates on a
single track.
A study will
have to carried
out to estab-
lish actual
savings in
Mumbai: Indias retail sector has grown enormously from Haat,
Weekly Bazaars to posh, sophisticated and swanky shopping
malls. A few years back our mothers used to go to kirana ki
dukan to buy grocery which now is available in grocery stores.

Radha Mohan Singh, Union
Minister of Agriculture, met
Grahame Morton, High
Commissioner of New Zealand,
here today. Minister stated that the
relations between the two coun-
tries have been traditionally
friendly which is exemplified by
the fact that there have been regu-
lar visits at the highest level from
both the sides. In the recent past,
Indian Commerce & Industry
Minister visited New Zealand in
May, 2011. Prime Minister of New
Zealand, John Key accompanied
with Trade Minister Tim Groser
paid a state visit to India in June,
2011. This was followed by a visit of
Indian Parliamentary Delegation
led by Lok Sabha Speaker Meira
Kumar April, 2012 in which
Radha Mohan Singh was member,
Singh said. Minister said that
though a number of bilateral agree-
ments have been signed in differ-
ent domains of agriculture and
allied sectors, there is no formal
institutional framework of coopera-
tion in the priority areas at the
country level. A Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) on Technical
Cooperation on Plant Quarantine
Issues was signed in 1999.
Minister said that India would
like to cooperate and learn from the
experience of New Zealand in the
areas of livestock, processing, cold
chain management, animal breed-
ing and germ plasm exchange of
apple, cherry etc., as well as kiwi
cultivation and its post-harvest
management and protected cultiva-
tion of high value crops. Singh said
that many New Zealands companies
are interested in working with India
in harvesting, grading, storage,
transportation and marketing of
agricultural produce in India.
Besides, these, there is also scope for
cooperation in the rejuvenation of
Indias marketing and distribution,
including food safety and bio-securi-
ty. Minister said that the grasslands
in New Zealand are of more animal
carrying capacity as compared to
India. India would like to learn
from New Zealands experience and
expertise in the field through regu-
lar exchange programme by way of
visit of experts and training pro-
grammes on grassland develop-
ment. India would also have inter-
est in scientific exchanges in the
field of pasture management.
Singh said that India would like to
explore the possibility of coopera-
tion in this field to acquire the pro-
cessing technology available in
New Zealand and their promotion
in the Indian agriculture. It is
expected that with such vast scope
for collaboration and cooperation
between the two countries in the
agriculture and allied sector, India
would be benefitted from expertise
and experience of your country and
at the same time this would also
open business opportunity for New
Zealand Government and entrepre-
India would like to cooperate and
learn from New Zealand: Minister
Bring Health into international
diplomatic format
Given the scary global disease
burden scenario, it is necessary for
giving Health a permanent place
in the format of international
diplomacy. Countries need to both
externalise and internalise health
paradigms as, in the globalised
world, there is no room for compla-
cency. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union
Health Minister, said here recent-
ly, No country, however rich and
powerful, has the capability to
marshal all the intellectual and
physical resources that are neces-
sary to fight the rising burden of
communicable as well as non-com-
municable diseases. They want to
reach out to give as well as receive
cooperation. It is time to institu-
tionalise this in the rubric of inter-
national diplomacy.
Returning from where he
attended a multilateral meeting
organised by World Health
Organisation (WHO) of 11 health
ministers of the south-east Asia
region, the Minister said, I have
informally proposed that a region-
al meeting of foreign and health
ministers under one roof be held as
a first step, and WHO agreed in
principle to build upon the idea
and make it a reality.
He pointed out that this is the
age of regional strategies and
global initiatives. For instance,
the just-concluded Dhaka meet
saw the adoption of a resolution
titled Regional strategy for
strengthening the role of the
health sector in civil registration
and vital statistics. A
Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) on traditional medicine was
signed between India and
Bangladesh and an existing MoU
on cooperation against kala-azar
involving India, Bangladesh and
Nepal was expanded to include
Thailand and Bhutan.
No country is an island.
Globalisation does not only mean
the conversion of the world into a
common market. It also means the
freedom to exchange ideas and col-
laborate in achieving a human
development goal, Dr Harsh
Vardhan added.
Dr Harsh Vardhan addressed
the opening session of the regional
conference and went on to have
bilateral meetings with the health
ministers of Bangladesh, Nepal,
Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,
Maldives, Timor-Leste and
Indonesia. He also called on the
Prime Minister of Bangladesh,
Sheikh Hasina.
As a WHO Adviser-Consultant
in the early 2000s, Dr Harsh
Vardhan had visited most of the
countries of the region to assist
them in polio eradication. Today,
the entire region has become polio
free with not a single new case
reported for over three years.
I have made clear to my inter-
locutors that I want the best les-
sons from the world of public
health care to flow through Indias
systems. They too appreciated that
India too has a lot of success sto-
ries to share, Dr Harsh Vardhan
For example, Bangladeshs
community clinics, its emphasis on
making women the chief benefici-
aries of progressive policies based
on evidence of its multiplier effect,
have combined to improve its over-
all health profile. Sri Lanka has
drastically reduced its maternal
and infant mortality rates.
Maldives has practically eradicat-
ed malaria. Indonesias success
with health insurance holds out
lessons for India which is in the
process of introducing universal
health insurance.
The Health Minister also had
substantive talks with Dr
Margaret Chan, Director-General
of WHO, and Dr Poonam
Khetrapal Singh, the Regional
Director. Both the senior func-
tionaries agreed to back Indias
focused initiatives on fighting
measles, vaccine preventable dis-
eases and other non-communicable
The health ministers adopted
the Dhaka Declaration on vector-
borne diseases which calls for
adoption of steps to control and
eliminate malaria, lymphatic filar-
iasis and kala-azar. About 1.4 bil-
lion are vulnerable to malaria, 871
million to lymphatic filariasis and
147 million to kala-azar. Fifty two
percent of the worlds dengue-vul-
nerable people live in these 11
New Delhi
New Delhi
ike most of the towns in
India, Varanasi too is an
unplanned town with heaps of
pollution and associated haz-
ards. But what makes it differ-
ent from the rest of the towns
in India is its historical back-
ground of being the most
ancient city, its spiritual con-
nection, river Ganga and above
all the status of the town as
Prime Minister Narendra
Modis constituency.
Consequently, Varanasi is
drawing huge attention.
Varanasi is considered to
be an eternal city of the
supreme Lord Shiva. It is also
known as the Hindus Kasha
(meaning brightness). Apart
from everything, the cyclic
view of life and death is obvi-
ous and tangible at Varanasi
and its ghats. The city situated
on the west side of river Ganga
symbolizes the setting sun and
the citys connection with
death because of cremation
centres. The city on the east
side symbolizes life and
rebirth. Morning and evening
prayers provide spectacular
The cultural capital
Combining everything, PM
wants to develop Varanasi as a
national hub for culture and
heritage in India. Even during
his election campaigns Modi
stated the big plans for
Varanasi. He at that time
promised to change the town
into the intellectual capital of
the country. To achieve this
many missions have been
planned and one of these is
mission Kashi Vision. The
team to accomplish the task
comprised of top professionals
including Sheryl Sandberg of
Facebook and professionals at
Google. The team will work on
the beautification, mapping
and finding and beautifying
hot tourism spots in and
around Varanasi.
More and more employ-
ment opportunities are
required for the progress and
development of any city, town
or nation. Working on the same
lines and with same motive,
new jobs will be generated by
reviving the cottage, handi-
craft and handloom industries
in Varanasi. Not only this but
work to upgrade civic ameni-
ties will also be done. Apart
from this, educational institu-
tions such as the Banaras
Hindu University and
Sampurnanand Sanskrit
University will also be given a
face-lift. NGO Sulabh
International has been given
the task of cleaning and main-
taining six of the ghats at
Development plans
The Varanasi Cantonment
railway station has been listed
in the list of 24 railway sta-
tions across India to be upgrad-
ed. The face-lift will include
the replacement of concrete
floors by granite floor, modern
waiting room, spruced up plat-
forms and addition of new
eateries. For the initial
upgrades the government has
sanctioned Rs 12.5 crore.
Along with the beautifica-
tion of 84 ghats in the holy city,
a proposal has been made to
develop three more ghats
Lohiya, Rajnarayan and
Malviya. Rs 17.7 crore has
been sanctioned to revamp and
maintain famous ghats along
Ganga in Varanasi. Shortly,
Varanasi is also expected to get
a mini Prime Ministers Office
(PMO) to monitor the develop-
ment work. It will consist of a
committee of local people along
with a senior IAS officer and
other government employees.
The office will also include
journalists from print and TV
media. The Government has
released Rs 5,000 crore to pro-
mote religious tourism in
Varanasi. To accomplish the
mission roads inside the town
are being widened and at cer-
tain places illegal construc-
tions have been removed.
NRI Ganga Fund
The town will also get
water and sewage treatment
plants. Work on garbage dis-
posal is also going on. Keeping
all the development and trans-
formation in mind, the BJP
government in its first budget
announced more than Rs 6,300
crore for Namami Ganga plan,
Rs 2037 crore for rejuvenating
the river and Rs 4200 crore for
developing a navigation corri-
dor. For the development and
beautification of ghats, Rs 100
crore has also been announced.
To collect more funds for spe-
cial projects government has
announced a NRI Ganga
PM wants to develop Varanasi as a
national hub for culture and heritage
Burhanpur to be developed as a world tourist destination
Bhopal: Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said
that Burhanpur will be devel-
oped in planned way for under-
lining it on world tourism map.
Chauhan was addressing a func-
tion at Burhanpur today. On the
occasion, the Chief Minister
announced construction of a sta-
dium at a cost of Rs. 98 crore
and Rs. one crore each for devel-
opment works of Nepanagar and
Shahpura urban bodies. He
inaugurated and laid foundation stones
of development works costing Rs. 46
crore. MP and State BJPs President
Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan was also
present on the occasion.
Chief Minister Chauhan said that
Burhanpur will be brought in the cate-
gory of worlds most beautiful cities. He
said that this city is already a Smart
City. Now, the government will develop
it in the modern context. Referring to
state governments development
schemes, he said that Krishi Mahotsav
will be observed throughout the state
from September 25.
He exhorted public representatives
to work towards making the event
meaningful. He said that the state gov-
ernment is the government of common
people. State government is committed
to welfare of every section of society in
whose favour schemes have been
implemented. He said that state
government is going to provide
large-scale jobs to youths through
Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami
Yojana. Apart from training, the
government will help them avail
loans of Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. one
crore whose guarantee will be
taken by the state government.
He said that Prime Minister
Narendra Modi has laid founda-
tion of prosperous Indian through
Jan-Dhan Yojana.
The Chief Minister inaugurated
MIC conference hall of Burhanpur
Municipal Corporation constructed at a
cost of Rs. 23 lakh. He assured for sur-
vey of construction of flyover, model bus
stand and railway over-bridge at
Burhanpur. He said that major indus-
tries will be set up in Burhanpur on the
basis of availability of land.
MP seeks co-operation of
Singapore for manufacturing
hub, tourism promotion
Bhopal: The Chief Minister Shivraj
Singh Chauhan has sought co-operation from
Singapore in developing MP as manufactur-
ing hub, promoting tourism, setting up voca-
tional training institute and civic manage-
ment. He was holding discussions on areas of
co-operation and development priorities with
a 15-member delegation of Singapore led by
the Emeritus Senior Minister and former
Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong
at Mantralaya here recently. Chauhan said
that Singapore can extend co-operation in
setting up vocational training centre and
infrastructure building. He extended a warm
welcome to Tong and said that exchange of
views will guide the state.
Referring to essentials of development
underlined by Tong in his address on
National Day of Singapore, Chauhan said
that responsible leadership, good governance
, coordination with people and government-
people trust are the elements the state gov-
ernment has strictly adhered to. He said that
good governance remains the top priority. He
apprised the delegation of key measures like
public service delivery guarantee Act, C.M.
Helpline 181, e-tendering, e-payment and e-
Chauhan informed about government-
people relationship in governance saying that
all welfare schemes have been founded on
insightful inputs from the prospective stake-
holders. Giving details of how MP has made
strides, he said that MP has scored highest
11.08 percent economic growth rate in the
country. It has highest agriculture growth
rate of 24.99 percent. He talked about entre-
preneurship development among youth and
building of four new industrial corridors.
Describing Singapore as investment gateway
in South Asia, Chauhan said that a team of
top officers and experts will be sent to
Singapore for exploring trade and investment
Development milestones impress
Tong: The Chief Secretary Anthony De Sa
gave a detailed presentation on how MP has
made tremendous progress in all sectors.
Impressed by the vision and development
milestones, Tong observed that job creation
is a challenging task. In view of friendly rela-
tions between Japan and India, he under-
lined possibilities of investment by the
Japanese companies as Japan wants to
expand its trading base. Singapore can effec-
tively play the role of a catalyst. He said that
maximum number of young entrepreneurs
should be associated with manufacturing sec-
tor as it holds immense potential at global
Govt to set up strong coal regulator for the sector
Bhopal to have
National Mental Health
Rehabilitation Centre
Bhopal: A
National Mental
H e a l t h
Rehabi l i tati on
Centre costing
Rs. 50 crore will
be established at
Bhopal. An
announcement to
this effect has been made
in the Central Budget.
This was informed by
Union Minister for Social
Justice and
E m p o w e r m e n t
Thavarchand Gehlot in a
meeting with Chief
Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan here recently.
Gehlot also informed the
Chief Minister about Rs.
125 crore assistance
being given by Social
Justice Department and
other Central depart-
The Chief Minister
directed officers to
ensure early allotment of
land and other formali-
ties for the proposed
national institute.
Detailed proposals
regarding schemes for
disabled and weaker sec-
tions should be sent to
the Union Social Justice
Ministry. In this connec-
tion, separate meetings
with the Union Minister
for Social Justice should
also be held.
Gehlot informed
that the department has
sanctioned Rs. one crore
13 lakh for establish-
ment of rehabilitation
centres for hear-
ing impaired
children at
Sagar, Harda,
Seoni and
Dewas. The
Social Justice
Department has
also sanctioned scholar-
ships worth about Rs.
350 crore for disabled
The Union Ministry
for Social Justice will
organise camps and ben-
efit about 15 thousand
disabled persons in every
district of MP. Artificial
limbs worth Rs. 20 to 25
lakh will be distributed
at every camp.
Distribution of motorised
tricycles will be begin
from MP. Grant will be
released to 23 sanctioned
District Disabled
Rehabilitation Centre
through a campaign. A
modern unit of manufac-
turing of artificial limbs
will be set up at Ujjain at
a cost of Rs. 5 crore. Babu
Jagjivan Ram Hostels
costing Rs. 40 crore will
be constructed for sched-
uled caste students in
the state. Gehlot has
already sanctioned 20
such hostels proposed by
the state government.
It was informed dur-
ing the meeting that the
Union Ministry for Social
Justice will send a senior
officer from MP to Japan
for training.
Rs. 1.15 lakh crore invested in
MP; 5 lakh entrepreneurs to
be raised in state in 5 years
The government is working in the direc-
tion of setting up of a strong coal regulator
for the sector and is in the process of making
a framework for the body. Announcing the
100-day achievement, minister of state for
power and coal also said the financial
restructuring of the sick electricity boards
and e-auction of coal to provide fuel is in the
process. The government is also targeting
coal production of about 1 billion tonnes of
by 2019, in order to power the thermal
power plants. "The Coal Regulatory
Authority proposed earlier was a toothless
and non-statutory body. We want a strong
regulator and are working out the frame-
work for it," said Goyal. On the e-auction
and de-allocation of the blocks by the
Supreme Court, Goyal said, "At the moment,
we don't have a Plan B, but for every sce-
nario we are keeping ourselves ready.
Whatever the Supreme Court decides on
coal block de-allocation, we will ensure that
action from our side is
implemented immedi-
ately," said Goyal. "As
regards the e-
i n g ,
it is
primary part of the
whole process of pro-
viding coal and we will
respect that," he
added. Deen Dayal
Upadyay Gram Yojana
in which Rs 43,000 crore will be invested for
rural feeder segregation of agricultural and
domestic power lines has also been launched
by the government. The government has
also given a go ahead to the long-term trans-
mission projects worth Rs 12,272 crore after
coming to power. The ministry of
power said, "Coal-based electricity
generation from June to August 2014
grew by a record 21% compared to
corresponding period last year. CIL
has given an in-principle decision to
purchase 250 additional rakes (for Rs
5,000 crore) to evacuate more coal.
Moreover, the government is expediting
build-out of three critical railway lines in
Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha,
which could potentially yield 60 million tons
per annum by 2017-18 and up to 200 million
tons by 2021-22. Automatic transfer of link-
ages is being allowed from old and ineffi-
cient plants.
New Delhi
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan has said in New Delhi today
that out of the MoUs inked for invest-
ment of Rs. 2 crore, MoUs worth Rs.
one lakh 15 thousand crore have
already materialised in MP so far. He
said that apart from major industries,
MP government is paying special
attention to laying a network of small
and cottage industries and raising
young entrepreneurs. As many as 5
lakh young entrepreneurs will be
raised during the next 5 years. He
informed that a single-window sys-
tem in real terms has been imple-
mented to facilitate investors in MP.
Chief Minister Chouhan
informed that 14,000 MW power is
available in MP whereas other places
in the country are facing power crisis.
Apart from meeting its requirements,
the state is also supplying power to
Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Availability of power in the state will
go up to 18 thousand MW by year
2017. He said that not only thermal
power plants, MP is also attaching
priority to alternative energy sources.
The state will become a hub of renew-
able energy in years to come. This
year, the state will get 2500 MW
solar power. The state government
has chalked out policies keeping
future needs in view, he added.
Chouhan informed that only 7.5
lakh hectares were under irrigation
in MP in the previous decade, against
which now 27 lakh hectares are being
irrigated. Narmada-Kshipra Link
Project has been completed in the
state. In future, Narmada will also be
linked with Kali Sindh and Gambhir
rivers. Kane-Betwa Project is also
proposed. The Chief Minister
informed that MP tops in food grains
production in the country. The state
registered 20 percent agriculture
growth rate last year despite less
arable lands and 19 percent in the
year preceding it. This year, the state
has posted 24.99 percent agriculture
growth rate. Concrete steps have
been taken to make agriculture prof-
itable. Apart from other schemes,
facilities like interest-free agriculture
loans and bonus have also been pro-
vided to farmers.
Referring to industries, the CM
informed that out of MoUs inked for
investment worth Rs. 2 crore, MoUs
worth Rs. one lakh 15,000 crore have
materialised in Madhya Pradesh so
far. Apart from major industries, net-
work of small and cottage industries
is also being laid. MP Yuva Udyami
Yojana has been launched to raise
young entrepreneurs under which the
state government provides loan guar-
antee for Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. one crore.
Apart from 5 percent loan subsidy for
5 years, young entrepreneurs are also
provided technical know-how and
assisted in marketing of their prod-
ucts. A target has been set to raise 5
lakh entrepreneurs in 5 years.
Assistance for entrepreneurship was
provided to 44 thousand youths last
Global Investors Summit
The Chief Minister said that MP
is an ideal place for investment. Land
bank comprising 20 thousand
hectares has been developed for
industries. No discrimination is made
in the state in the name of region,
religion, caste etc. Whoever comes to
MP becomes a part of it. Industrial
peace and skilled manpower are
added atractions. New ITIs have also
been opened and courses have been
changed in the old ones as per pres-
ent-day requirements of industries.
The CM said that law & order sit-
uation in the state is very good. Now,
there is no enlisted dacoit gang in
Chambal. Investors are now heading
towards Chambal also. Industrial pol-
icy of the state is investor-friendly.
Separate policies have been chalked
out for different areas. TRIFAC has
been made a single-window where
officers of all concerning departments
will sit. He said that he himself
works like a CEO and meets
investors every Monday. Chouhan
said that it is for the first time in the
country that foreign countries have
become partners in a Global Investors
About sectors to be focused in
Global Investors Summit, the CM
said that special focus has been laid
on food processing. It will lead to
value addition of agriculture products
and generate jobs. Other focus sectors
include information technology, tex-
tiles, power plants, wind energy, solar
energy, pharmaceuticals, educational
institutions, tourism etc.
New Delhi: Former BCCI president
Shashank Manohar on Saturday said that
the amendment of the BCCI constituition in
2012 regarding president's post was done to
ensure that BJP heavyweight Arun Jaitley became
board chief in 2014 instead of N Srinivasan going for a
second term. In 2012, BCCI constituition was amend-
ed wherein an incumbent from a different zone can
become president if his name is proposed and second-
ed by the zone which has the turn to elect the chief.
"I believe that the members decided in favour of
amendment of the constituition so that decks are
cleared for Mr Arun Jaitley (erstwhile DDCApresident
and BCCI vice-president) to become the BCCI presi-
dent from East Zone. It was specifically done for Mr
Jaitley as he was the unanimous choice of the mem-
bers," Manohar told PTI in an interview today.
The Nagpur-based lawyer, one of the most respect-
ed voices in BCCI during his time, made it clear that
he has no intentions of taking up any post in the
world's richest cricket body.
"Let me make it very clear. I am not contesting any
elections nor will I ever make a comeback in any
capacity in BCCI during my lifetime. I was the BCCI
president and I have played my innings. I would like to
keep it like that. I have no intentions of making a come-
back. Yes, if my help is required, I am ready to offer my
expertise," Manohar gave a straightforward reply. Asked if
there are suitable people to become BCCI president,
Manohar answered,"There are plenty of people who are
capable enough. I would have loved to see Mr Jaitley take
over. I will not be able to comment, if he is in a position to
take up the job. Mr Sharad Pawar and Mr Jagmohan
Dalmiya have also been BCCI presidents earlier and are
capable to handle the top job."
Laishram Sarita Devi looks winded.
She sits in a corner of the boxing ring
at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in
Delhi and drinks in big gulps of air. She
has been sparring for roughly ten
minutes, alternating two minute
bouts with one minute of rest. The
sweat streams off her face as she
jumps up and prepares to do battle
again. Outside the ring roughly 40
other girls were shadow boxing but
Sarita is one of three women - Mary
Kom and Pooja Rani are the others -
who will be competing in the 2014
Asian Games in Incheon, South
Korea. Thats why she is in the ring. With the
tournament a week away, she needs to hone her
ring craft until she is a tightly controlled spring,
full of tensile strength and kinetic energy. After
she is done sparring, a coach gets in the ring
with Sarita wearing punching pads. They work
on combinations for a while but it is clear Sarita
is tiring. Her punches still come in a flurry, but
the thump they make no longer echoes around
the room. She stops and the physiotherapist
then spends several minutes carefully stretch-
ing her out in the corner of the ring. One leg is
pushed back over her head as she lies on her
back, then the other. Her shoulders are rubbed,
then her neck.
Sania Mirza agrees to participate in Asian Games
We all know Mary Kom but Sarita
We all know Mary Kom but Sarita
Devi is a World Champion too
Devi is a World Champion too
Asian Games: Indian
women footballers
beat Maldives 15-0
BCCI Constitution amended for Arun
Jaitley not N Srinivasan: Shashank
ndian women's football team began its
Incheon Asian Games campaign on a
high, beating the Maldives 15-0 in their first
Group A match at the Namdong Asiad Rugby
field here Sunday. Winger Sasmita Malik and
midfielder Kamala Devi were the star per-
formers, scoring five goals each. The
Maldivians failed to take even a single shot at
the Indian goal. Captain Bembem Devi, strik-
ers Bala and Prameshwori Devi and defender
Ashalata Devi were the other scorers.
In a significant development, Sania
Mirza has agreed to play in the
upcoming Asian Games, two days
after AITA announced that they would
allow top players to miss the Incheon
event, keeping in mind their require-
ments on the professional circuit. Sania's
decision means that the Hyderabadi has
put on line 900 ranking points, which she
had to defend on the tour during the
period of the Asian games, to be held
from September 20-30.
Sania will miss the Wuhan WTA event
which has 900 points on offer. She
though will play in Tokyo, where she is
defending champion but now points in
that tournament have been reduced to
475 from 900. "I was feeling weird, I was
not feeling happy with my decision, so I
thought I will play. I know I am sacrific-
ing 900 points, but sometimes you have
to take a decision," Sania told PTI before
leaving for Tokyo. After the Games, Sania
will compete in China Open, starting
September 29. Sania and Cara Black are
fourth in the race to Singapore, the year-
end championship but the Indian hoped
that she will be able to earn enough
points in Tokyo and Beijing to remain in
What does the
storm in a D-cup
say about us?
ven as Deepika Padukone is
talking about her new film
Finding Fanny, it has found
Deepika Padukones cleavage. The
cleavage show headline turned into
a storm in a D-cup when Deepika hit
back hard. Yes! I am a woman. I
have breasts and a cleavage! You got
a problem!!?? she shot back. "It's a
compliment! You look so great that we
want to make sure everyone knew! :)"
But sometimes a (presumably
shame-faced) smiley isnt enough.
The non-apology just stirred the pot
further. Pulled the story as more
celebrities jumped into the Twitter
fray. Karan Johar was
appalledshocked and disgusted.
Homi Adjania, her Finding Fanny
director called it regressive shit.
Arjun Kapoor called it a new low.
Not such a new low really. Not
that long ago already done a nip
slip on the same Deepika Padukone.
Of course, its a little rich for
Bollywoods celeb brigade to put on
an indignant #IStandWithDeepika
act. Its a path-leader when it comes
to treating women as peek-a-boo
commodities. If wrapping them in
white sarees and dousing them in
waterfalls and monsoon showers or
hypersexualized item numbers were
not enough, it has even turned rape
into titillation and created stars who
have built entire careers as filmi
rapists. The rape counter might be
lower in films these days than those
old bachao bachao heaving bosom
rape scenes but speaking of cleavage
the film Grand Masti had entire dia-
logues about darshan of "doodh fac-
tories and erections setting off bur-
glar alarms. But that does not excuse
the media either.
Our media wants to have it both
ways. There are high-pedestal uplift-
ing values of empowerment and
fighting misogyny reserved for our
front pages and op-ed pages. And
even the film review page which will
wag its fingers at movies for catering
to the lowest common denominator.
But the entertainment pages come
with a wholly different standard a
booby trap.
Vidya Balan looks forward to love
story 'Hamari Adhuri Kahani'
We will do a lot of
promotions for
Happy New Year on
Bigg Boss: Salman
ersatile actress Vidya Balan is looking
forward to shoot Mohit Suri's Hamari
Adhuri Kahani. She says it would be her sec-
ond intense love story after her debut film
Parineeta. The film's shoot starts in October.
"I try and give every character I play a par-
ticular look. So this ('Hamari...') is definitely
towards that...we are preparing for it," the
35-year-old said here Thursday at an event
to raise funds for the underprivileged.
"All I can say is that it is an intense love
story and I haven't done (such) a love story
after 'Parineeta', and so I am looking for-
ward to it," she added. Vidya is particularly
excited about working with Suri. "Mohit Suri
is a director whose work I have always
enjoyed immensely. (Mahesh) Bhatt saab is
writing the script, so it's all come together
beautifully," she said. Her co-star in the film
will be Emraan Hashmi.
"Working with Emraan always feels
good. This would be our third film together,"
said the actress, who has earlier worked
with the serial kisser of Bollywood in "The
Dirty Picture" and "Ghanchakkar". "Hamari
Adhuri Kahani" is reportedly based on
Bhatt's life and it's scheduled for a June
release next year.
The first promo of the third season of Aamir Khan's new show Satyamev
Jayate will launch exclusively on Twitter. The popular show, which rais-
es important social issues in the country, airs on Star Plus, and its new
season will go on air soon.
With the success of rise in online conversation around the show in the last
two seasons, this time, the makers and channel have decided to engage the
audience in unique ways on social networking platform Twitter.
Star Plus will delight fans by giving them the power to unlock and enable
the release of the promo of the new season, on Twitter, before any online or
offline platform. "The Satyamev Jayate promo releases when the ticker reach-
es 100! Be the first to see it, #MumkinHai . Click now: http://flwcs.co/ON," read
a tweet from the Twitter handle "Satyamev Jayate".
The broadcaster will become the first broadcaster to use the
'Flock to Unlock' card that will incentivise followers to drive
engagement and awareness about the show and unlock exclu-
sive content on the micro-blogging platform, said a statement
from Twitter.
Fans are encouraged to tweet with hashtag
#MumkinHai to generate the required num-
ber of tweets needed to unlock the video
and be the first to view it. Gayatri
Yadav EVP, Marketing and
Communications, STAR India
describes Satyamev
Jayate" as a peoples
brand and that "digital
has played a key role in
"This is our way of
engaging our digital
audience and involving
them in conversations
for the show at the out-
set of breaking the cam-
paign. We are happy to
partner with Twitter for
'Tweet To Unlock' and
making this an exciting
activity," said Yadav.
ollywood superstar Salman Khan says he would
love to have the cast of Happy New Year on his
TV show 'Big Boss 8' to promote their film.
The upcoming season of the show will start
from 21 September on Colors and with Shah
Rukh Khan's action comedy drama film set for
an October release, speculations have started
that whether the 'Chennai Express' star, will
share the stage with Salman to promote the
"We will do a lot of promotions of 'Happy
New Year'. The team does not need to worry.
Though it is up to them if they want to come
to the show or not, we will promote it," said
Salman at the launch of 'Big Boss 8' in
Mumbai on Saturday.
The 48-year-old 'Kick' star also joked
that the promotional activity of 'Happy
New Year' has already started, with
reporters asking him if he will invite Shah
Rukh and others on 'Big Boss'.
Salman has shown support for the
movie previously also by praising its
trailer on Twitter. "Just saw happy
new year ka promo. Its kick ass," the
'Dabangg' star had tweeted.
promo to
release on
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Mass awareness should be generated
on eye donation: Health Minister
Modi wave creating
ripples in New York
Crisis in AAP: 2 MPs, 8 MLAs
distance themselves from party
Aam Aadmi Party seems to
be facing a serious crisis as two
MPs and eight MLAs have
reportedly distanced themselves
from the party and their leader
Arvind Kejriwal. According to
sources, all the disgruntled lead-
ers are considering floating
their own group.
According to our informa-
tion, people associated with the
media have tightened their grip
over the party and other senior
party leaders feel marginalised.
AAP's Kumar Vishwas has
shown his anger in the open. He
praised PM Narendra Modi on
national Tv and slammed
Kejriwals politics of agitation,
and his decision to resign as
Chief Minister of Delhi, bring-
ing down AAP's government in
Delhi. Kumar Vishwas recently
praised Prime Minister
Narendra. He reportedly said,
If PM does well, I have the
right to praise him. He also
defended his decision to partici-
pate in a forthcoming event
hosted by Bharatiya Janata
Party. He said that he will
attend the event, called in hon-
our of PM Modis birthday, just
for a poetry session. He even
said: "If anyone from AAP asks
me not to attend the function, I
will quit". Talking about Modi's
recent visit to Japan, Vishwas
had said, "The day Modi went to
Japan, I tweeted that this is a
welcome move." "He (Modi) has
been made a PM, so we have to
give him a chance," added
Vishwas. Vishwas also said that
he is unlikely to join the BJP,
while adding that he joined AAP
because it formulated to fight
against corruption.
He added he will quit AAP if
it behaves like a typical politi-
cal party. There are reports in
the media that a section of AAP
is willing to support BJP's effort
to form government in Delhi.
Prime Minister Narendra
Modi's wave seems to be creating
ripples in New York City now. He
appears to be more popular than a
rock star and people are willing to
shell out big money to be near him
when he addresses Indian
Americans at New York's Madison
Square Garden (MSG) on
September 28. This event has been
organised by his old friend Dr
Bharat Barai, president of Indian
American Community
Foundation. Senior journalist
Sheela Bhatt is covering Modi's
US visit. According to her MSG
programme is a sold-out event.
She said NRIs are willing to spare
Rs. 15 lakh to get a chance to sit
closer to the stage that Sunday
morning. Those who can afford to
spend more could attend a dinner
with Modi at the Pierre Hotel.
Around 300 high profile people are
expected to attend the event.
Around 150 guests would be from
sponsors. This is where the opportunity lies
for those having money to spend for an
eventful evening with Modi.
The list of sponsor guest is not yet final
and Modi fans are making all efforts to get
access to him. There are some NRIs who
are happy to spare anything between Rs.
15 lakh to 30 lakh for the dinner and a self-
ie with Narendra Modi.
Some Indian-American traders have
donated $70,000 via the Web site
www.pmvisit.org, created for the
September 28 event of Narendra Modi.
nion Health Minister Dr
Harsh Vardhan has said
that he would request the
Ministry of Human Resource
Development to include in school
textbooks passages and essays
that generate in young children a
positive attitude towards organ
donation in general and eye
(cornea) donation in particular.
The Minister, who was speak-
ing at the centenary celebrations
of Shroff s Charity Eye Hospital
in Delhi recently, stated that the
ongoing National Eye Donation
Fortnight, an annual event
organised by the National
Programme for Control of
Blindness, is meeting with good
response in a large number of
states, including Delhi. It is now
felt that youngsters should be
exposed to the enormity of the
problem of blindness in India and
their responsibility to contribute
to its end. We teach the young
the life stories of great savants
and leaders with the hope that
the new generation will imbibe
their qualities. It is also neces-
sary to instil in them their
responsibility towards the blind
population of India which could
benefit if cornea donation
becomes part of the nations cul-
ture, Dr Harsh Vardhan said.
He said that eyesight is one of
the biggest gifts of God.
Unfortunately, the corneal blind
population of India is the largest
in the world. At a rough estimate,
the country needs 1 lakh corneas
every year but only about 17,000
are procured. Of these only about
50 percent are utilised.
According to WHO, there are
45 million blind persons in the
world, of whom 12 million are in
India. Corneal blindness accounts
for 1 percent of the total blind
population of the country. WHO
also estimates that the blind pop-
ulation may double by 2020 owing
to the rise in population and
longevity. The Minister observed,
We need more eye banks. But
that is not enough. There should
be synergistic interaction among
professional health services and
community engagement.
Increasing public awareness, pro-
moting eye donation, implement-
ing quality standards and organ-
ising a network of trained profes-
sionals for procurement, preser-
vation and distribution of tissues
are vital cogs in the wheel. Dr
Harsh Vardhan said the history of
ophthalmology in the country is
inextricably linked to the vision of
Dr S.P. Shroff, who founded the
institution in 1914. Dr S.P.
Shroff was a founding father of
the Delhi Medical Association, the
precursor of the Indian Medical
Association. Both Shroff s hospi-
tal and DMA were established in
the same year and have proved to
be lasting institutions that have
contributed much to Indias devel-
opment, he remarked. The tradi-
tion of pledging ones eyes after
death is quite old in Delhi thanks
to the pioneering work by Shroff s
Hospital, the Minister said. At
the function, a number of facilita-
tors and donors families from
Delhi, Karnal and other places of
northern India were honoured,
including the parents of a 14-
year-old girl and the son of a 65-
year-old man. In both cases, the
family members showed exempla-
ry presence of mind while making
the emotionally heavy choice of
donating the just-deceaseds eyes.
In this context, Dr Harsh
Vardhan recalled the case of
Surbhi, the 16-year-old girl from
Krishna Nagar, Delhi, who was
declared brain dead in 2013 after
being admitted to AIIMS. Her
parents took the tough decision to
donate her organs for the benefit
of people who needed her cornea,
heart, liver and other body tis-
New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi