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FALL 2012
Instructor Professor David Saintillan
MEB 126
Phone: (217) 3335118
Lectures Monday, Wednesday 3:00 4:50pm, MEB 135
Oce hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11:00am 12:00pm (or by appointment)
Course webpage http://compass2g.illinois.edu
Textbook Incompressible Flow (recommended)
Ronald L. Panton (Wiley, 3rd Edition, 2005)
Multimedia Multimedia Fluid Mechanics (recommended)
George M. Homsy et al. (Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition)
Grading Homework: 40% Midterm Exam: 25% Final Exam: 35%
The worst homework score will be dropped in the course score calculation.
Exams Midterm Exam: October 17 (tentative date, in class).
Final Exam: December 20, 7:00 10:00pm.
Prerequisites Undergraduate Calculus (MATH 241, MATH 380, or equivalent).
Introductory Fluid Mechanics (AE 312, ME 310, TAM 335, or equivalent).
Course policies
Unless otherwise noted, homework is due on the due date by 3pm (beginning of the lecture).
Late turn-in of homework is not accepted unless approved by the instructor ahead of time.
Discussion of the homework with your classmates is encouraged, but submitted solutions should
represent your individual eorts (copying someone elses solutions or solutions from a book
does NOT qualify).
You are strongly encouraged to ask questions during the lectures and outside, and to provide
the instructor with feedback on the pace or level of the course.
Basic concepts of continuum mechanics: statistical and continuum mechanics, the con-
tinuum hypothesis, Knudsen number.
Mathematical interlude: vectors and Cartesian tensors, Gibbs and indicial notation, change
of coordinate frame, tensor algebra, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, dierential calculus, integral
Kinematics of uid ow: Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions, material derivative, ow
lines, decomposition of motion, basic ow elds.
Conservation laws: conservation of mass, conservation of linear and angular momentum,
conservation of energy, entropy inequality.
Physical properties of uids: review of thermodynamics and heat transfer, constitutive
equations, Newtonian and non-Newtonian uids.
The Navier-Stokes equations: compressible and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations,
initial and boundary conditions, exact solutions.
Dimensional analysis and similarity: Buckingham-Pi theorem, dimensionless numbers,
introduction to self-similarity.
Inviscid ows: Euler equations, general properties of inviscid ows, Bernoullis equation, two-
and three-dimensional potential ows, DAlemberts paradox, introduction to airfoil theory and
conformal mappings, Kutta condition.
Vortex dynamics: vorticity equation, production of vorticity, Helmholtzs equation, Kelvins
theorem, inviscid motion of point vortices.
Boundary layers: the boundary layer equations, Blasius solution, momentum integrals,
introduction to matched asymptotics.
Low-Reynolds-number ows: the Stokes equation, properties of Stokes ows, basic solu-
tions, the Oseen approximation.
Compressible ows: one-dimensional compressible ows, shock waves, Rankine-Hugoniot
jump condition, ow through nozzles.
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