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Contact no:
09741433501 “To gain expertise and reach heights by positively achieving
organizational goals through constant pursuit of learning,
development & Practical orientation”

Personal Data: Education:

D O B: 5 June 1982
Sex: Male Institution From To Percentage

Nationality: Indian SSLC St. Aloysius 06/1997 04/1998 62%

Marital Status: Single PUC St. Aloysius 06/1998 04/2000 75%

Passport Number: B.Com St. Aloysius 06/2000 05/2003 61%
MSW School of 06/2004 05/2006 63%
Languages Known:
(Master of Social Work
English, Hindi,
Social Work) Roshni Nilaya
Kannada, and
Areas of Interest:

Aspiring to be in a responsible position handling human resource development

activities like Recruitment, Training & Development, Industrial Relations, Salary
and Administration, Employee Relations, Counseling, Employee welfare, Filing,
Documentation and Correspondence.

Work Experience:

Worked as Asst Officer (HR & Admin) at Jindal South West Steel Ltd
Bellary, from October 2006 till July 2008.
Working Alloys Marketing as Admin officer since Aug 2008 till date.
“Lucy Villa” Job Profile and Functions in JSW:
Near Central HR
Mannagudda Main  Induction Activities and Joining Formalities
Road  Attendance Management
Mangalore 575003
 Keeping track of the Attendance and Leave status of all the employees.
 Employee Relations
 Handling Grievances of Company as well as Associate employees
Permanent Address:  Co ordination of Training with Core HR and maintaining Training

“Lucy Villa” Records of Employees

Near Central  Handling day to day Administrative problems
Warehouse  Recruitment Co ordination
Mannagudda Main
Road  Coordinating between HRD and Department for appraisal, goal setting
Mangalore 575003  Event Management
 Coordinating with Manpower Planning and Recruitment team.
 Maintaining Database of Departmental Employees, filing,

 Confirmation and Regularization of the Employees after their

completion of Probation/ Training.
Job Profile and Functions in Alloys Marketing:
 Attendance Management
 Handling day to day Administrative problems
 Maintaining Database of Departmental Employees, filing,

 Employee Relations
Computer Proficiency:
Working knowledge of MS-Office 2007 and specialized skills in MS-Word,
PowerPoint, MS- Excel, Tally 6.3, Peach Tree, Dac Easy and Banking
Software at MICE (96%).
Certified Junior Typist
Practical Training:
➢ Ness Technologies Bangalore.

➢ BASF, Mangalore.

➢ Child line 1098 YMCA Mangalore.

Course related Projects undertaken:

A Comprehensive study taken on the “Problems of Construction
• Comprehensive leading ability and motivating the team members.
• Willing to learn, hard working; accept challenges and work towards the
• Confident, Good listener and observer, Good time management
capability, Can work effectively in a group as well as an individual.
• Punctuality, Patience & Managerial skills.
• Team Player
I hereby solemnly declare that all the foregoing information is correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief. I have not suppressed any material fact or factual information in
the above statement.

Date: (Allan Dsouza)