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Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Miracles of the Quran Exposed

by Amar Khan (Compiler)
20 Feb, 2009
About 90% of Muslims do not bother to read Quran with its translation. But still, they
believe that Quran is a miracle of Allah. f Muslims ever bother to study Quran with an
understandin! of its meanin! and an ob"ective mind, they will find absurdities, hate
verses, contradictions, #seudo science , stolen stories of bible , stories of Mohammed$s
wives, stories of his com%anions, abro!ated verses, satanic verses, !rammatical errors,
dreams of heaven , torture of hell , Allah$s anthro%omor%hic face , non Arabic words,
ine&ualities , badly co%ied biblical verses, humor, vul!ar lan!ua!e ,Mohammed$s
nervousness, his an!er, his feelin!s, his hatred for 'ews, his lust, his marria!e with
dau!hter in law , his atrocities, his lootin!s, his %edo%hilia, his hallucinations, his bro(en
oaths, his bro(en treaties, miso!ynist verses, scriber$s wordin! and many other
miraculous thin!s. And they will never find any wordin! for %eace e)ce%t of some ayats
of Mecca when Mohammed was wea( and a %oor she%herd. But they will not !et the
idea of missin! verse of stonin!, lashin! and list of missin! verses and the Quran which
is hidden to Muslim ummah. *nly +hia mam has hidden (nowled!e about that %art of
miraculous Quran.
t is a common belief amon!st Muslims that the Quran is a treasure,trove of miracles
and all (inds of sciences. -hey universally believe that .esterners !et all their sciences
from the Quran. t is as much their fault as of some .estern /%seudo0scientists, who find
all (inds of 1$cience in Quran. 2et, they do not acce%t slam, which ma(es it obvious
that they do these to be fattened with %etrodollars from the rich +audi %rinces.
We ex-Muslims ha!e debun"ed all the decepti!e claims o# $uranic Sciences o!er the
past years% &ut they are spread in the #orm o# pieces in ''I #orum% I ha!e collected all the
data re(ardin( )miracles o# the $uran* in this E-&oo"%
Many authors ha!e contributed to #or"in( out the in#ormation contained in this boo" and
credit should (o mostly to them% +he #ollo,in( main contributors deser!e a special
Hector [forum, Faith Freedom International]
halil Feriel [forum, Faith Freedom International]
!li "ina
!bul asem
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them ahead o# the /ihadis the ,orld ,ill su##er% I# you ,ant to sa!e the ,orld stop
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atrocious demon called Islam%
+he ,or" done here is !oluntary% :r% Ali Sina and M% A% Khan ha!e le#t their /obs and
,or"in( on this most pressin( issue o# our time at (reat personal sacri#ice% .ou can
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!maar han
! %a&istani'born Ex'Muslim

4% Embr(olo)( in Qur*an
8% "e+en ,a(ers of !tmosphere
7% "peed of ,i)ht
;% Female -ee Miracle
<% -lac& Holes and %ulsars
9% .at*s E(e ,i&e /ebula
5% .reation in %air
=% .reation 0ith .la(
2% 1ar&ness in the "ea
4>% E))'"haped Earth
44% 2ender 1etermination
48% Iron Miracle
47% ,and 1ecreasin)
4;% Mountain as %e)s
4<% "eas 1on*t Mix 0ith Each 3ther
49% "emen %roduction
45% "e+en ,a(ers of the Earth
4=% "inful .erebellum
42% Muhammad4s "plittin) of Moon
8>% -i) -an) Miracle
84% .it( of Iram
88% ?eo(raphical Miracle o# the $uran@
87% Miracle of #9

Q56!/ !/1 EM-673,327

+here are propa(ations o# the $uranic Aso-calledB Embryolo(y by such luminaries as :r
Keith Moore and :r Maurice &ucaille% +hese ,or"s are aped by such Islamic scholars as
:r Al Ceiny :r Ca"ir Dai" :r Ibrahim Syed :r% Shari# Ka# Al-?haEal and the
ubiFuitous Garun .ahya a"a Adnan H"tar% A (ood additional material is pro!ided by :r
Hmar Abdul Iehman in ,hich he (oes into e!en (reater detail in his attempt to !alidate
the $uranic Ahuman reproductionB !erses ,ith modern scienti#ic #acts%
+here are many excellent debun"in(s o# the $uranic Embryolo(y 1seudoscience
()$E1*)% A short list ,ould include these-
+his article attempts to add to this debate concentratin( solely on the $uranic !erses
because inclusion o# the hadiths ,ould clearly sho, up the stupidity o# the $E1 (see the
list abo!e)%
8HE I",!MI"8 .,!IM
:r Hmar Abdul IehmanBs article is clearly the most detailed and I ,ill use it as the basis
#or rebuttal as it includes all the $E1 nonsense o# :rs Keith Moore and Maurice &ucaille%
A summary o# his claims is contained herein-

-hus the order and rate of develo%ment is similar in the two surahs.

/:0 -he first and second sta!es /@utfah and AAla&ah0 3 -hese two sta!es are con!ruent in Al,
MuAminun and A,Qiyamah and the con"unction 1thumma1 has been used in both. @o mention of
these two sta!es is made in A,nfitar.

/70 -he third sta!e /Mud!hah0 1Mud!hah1 /a noun0 was used in A,MuAminun to describe the sta!e
which follows the 1AAla&ah1. -his noun is indicative of the sha%e. n 1Al,Qiyamah1 te)t, the verb
1Bhala&a1 has been used. -his verb indicates the events which ta(e %lace in 1Mud!hah1 sta!e.
1Bhala&a1 is thus ta(en to corres%ond to the be!innin! of the develo%ment of the various or!ans
durin! the 1Mud!hahA sta!e.

As the outer a%%earance of the embryo alters with the chan!es ta(in! %lace inside it, then the
verb 1sawwa1 in 1A,Qiyamah1 is ta(en to indicate that the 1Mud!hah1 sta!e is over. -he
1Mud!hah1 has no bones or muscles and therefore does not have the human sha%e.

-hus the sta!e of strai!htenin! and ma(in! the surface of the embryo more even mentioned in
1A,Qiyamah1 must therefore, come after 1Mud!hah1 sta!e. -he order of events in 1A,MuAminun1
and 1A,Qiyamah is the same. -hus it is ta(en that the strai!htenin! in 1Al,*iyamah1 follows
immediately after the 1Mud!hah1 i.e. corres%ondin! to the bones 1Cam1 sta!e in 1A,MuAminun

1Mud!hah1 has been described by the verb 1Bhala&a1 in 1A,Qiyamah1 describin! the events
which ta(e %lace in it. -hus the %rocess of creation is a %articular feature of the 1Mud!hah1 while
terms li(e @utfah and AAla&ah have been used in the %revious sta!es. n 1+urah Al,Da"1 the
1Mud!hah1 is a!ain described as formed and unformed. -his indicates that the %rocess of
formation and initiation of various or!ans is a %rominent characteristic of this sta!e.

Eurthermore, by com%arin! the te)ts in 1Al,Qiyamah1 and 1A,nfitar1, we find that 1Bhal&1 and
strai!htenin! are in con!ruent se&uence in both te)ts. -his also indicates that 1A,nfitar1 te)t has
also started with the Mud!hah sta!e by usin! the verb 1Bhala&a1 which is an im%ortant
characteristic of this sta!e as e)%lained in the above %ara!ra%h.

/F0 -he fourth sta!e3 As e)%lained in the third sta!e the be!innin! of the bones ACam1 sta!e
corres%onds to the sta!e of strai!htenin!, Eurthermore, Al,nfitar shows that the sta!e of
strai!htenin! does not include modification 1-aAdil1 as this is stated to follow u%onG strai!htenin!.
Modification occurs by a%%roachin! the human a%%earance which cannot occur at the sta!e of
bones without the %resence of the muscle. t can therefore be concluded that the modification
sta!e starts with the be!innin! of the clothin! with flesh /muscle0 sta!e i.e. it follows the sta!e of
the bones which corres%onds to the strai!htenin! sta!e. -his is indicated by the order of events
stated in 1A,MuAminun1 on one hand and both 1A,Qiyamah1 and AA,nfitar1 on the other. -he
QurAan has therefore used the noun AbonesA to indicate sha%e in the first instance and a verb
1sawwa1 in both the latter surahs to describe an event. -he embryo at this sta!e becomes more
strai!ht after havin! been bent /5,sha%e0 and its surface more smooth after havin! been uneven
durin! the 1Mud!hah1 sta!e.

/60 -he fifth sta!e3 n the above discourse it has been mentioned that the be!innin! of the sta!e,
clothin! with flesh, corres%onds to the be!innin! of the modification sta!e in 1A,nfitar1. -his latter
sta!e must corres%ond to the statement3
1and .e made from it the male and female1 in 1A,Qiyamah1 because both are %receded by the
strai!htenin! sta!e. -herefore, the be!innin! of male and female differentiation corres%onds to
the sta!e of clothin! with flesh in Al,MuAminun. -his is in fact what actually ta(es %lace. -here is
differentiation of the !enital rid!e into either an ovary or a testis at this sta!e.
/;0 -he si)th sta!e and the continuation of the fifth3 n surah A,MuAminun the con"unction
1thumma1 was used between the sta!e of clothin! with flesh and the sta!e of @ashAah. Dowever,
in 1A,Qiyamah1 and 1A,nfitar1 no si)th sta!e is mentioned. -his indicates that male and female
se) differentiation continues to its com%letion and this is what actually ha%%ens. -he e)ternal
!enital or!ans differentiate between the HHth and H:th wee(s +imilarly 1-a$dil1 or modification of
the or!ans and ac&uirin! of human %ro%ortions of the body continues to a late sta!e of %re!nancy.

1. The Islamist Debating Technique
A (ood summary o# the Islamist debatin( techniFue is (i!en here-
I thin" it is a ,aste o# time to ar(ue such imponderables o# ,hether the AalaFaB is a leech
or a leech-li"e thin( a clin(in( thin( or a clot% I ,ill accept each and e!ery one o# these
Islamist de#initions because such ar(uments are #utile% &oth sides ,ould merely be
a(reein( to disa(ree%
A #urther Islamist miracle is that ,ords li"e alaFa can ha!e se!eral meanin(s and each o#
these meanin(s applies at the same time% +hus an alaFa is a leech loo"s li"e a leech i#
!ie,ed in a certain an(le or a clot in another an(le or clin(s to the endometrium% +ruly
the $uran is miraculous%
+here#ore my opinion is that the best method o# debun"in( the $E1 is by Fuestionin(
e!ery Islamist claim as to their !alidity and to ma"e the Islamist /usti#y e!ery claim% +his
,ould include ,hy they chose to ma"e a choice ,hen there are se!eral other eFually
!alid possibilities ,hy they chose to i(nore clearly nonsensical phrases and ,hy they
assume certain phrases to be metaphorical ,hile others to be literal%
In this ,ay I ,ill sho, the $E1 to be the patent nonsense that it is%
I ,ill also i(nore the ob!ious similarities bet,een the embryolo(y pre!ailin( at the time
the $uran ,as ,ritten and the $E1 not,ithstandin( :r Hmar Abdul IehmanBs excellent
article% +his is because MuhammadBs pla(iariEin( o# ancient ?ree" and Indian
embryolo(y can ne!er be pro!en one ,ay or the other% +here#ore I ,ill concentrate
solely in sho,in( that the $E1 is made up o# incorrect or illo(ical or unpro!en
2. The role of the Female Gamete
+he $uran ne!er explicitly claims that the #emale parent contributes (enetic material% It is
merely the assumption and an assumption only o# the Islamists that Jnutfatun amshaajinJ
(mixed drop or min(led sperm) includes the #emale (amete%
KLerily WE created Man #rom a drop o# min(led sperm%K (59-8)
+he term Anut#atun amshaa/inB could /ust as easily re#er to the sperm-menstrual blood
union o# Aristotle and the ancient Indian embryolo(ists or the t,o sperm hypothesis o#
Gippocrates and ?alen or e!en the readily obser!ed min(lin( o# semen and !a(inal
dischar(e durin( sexual intercourse% In other ,ords the #act the $uran does not explicitly
state that Anut#atun amshaa/inB contains the o!um to(ether ,ith the existence o# other
possible explanations means that it is illo(ical to assume the #ormer and not the latter%
+he insistence by Islamists that it explains the #ormer is pure con/ecture de!oid o#
e!idence and constitutes the lo(ical #allacy o# eFui!ocation and its adoption is merely
,ish#ul thin"in( or the Islamist art o# the Areinterpretation a#ter the #act%B
Hne mi(ht contend that the $uran does not claim a role #or the o!um at all or is e!en
i(norant o# its existence%
+he Islamists claim that the $uran correctly states that the sex o# the pro(eny is
determined by the sperm #rom the male parent based on !erses <7-;<-;9%
1ic"thall- And that Ge createth the t,o spouses the male and the #emale 'rom a drop (o#
seed) ,hen it is poured #orth0
M+ransliterated Arabic- Waannahu khalaqa alzzawjayni alththakara waal-ontha Min
nutfatin itha tumnaN
+here are only t,o lo(ical explanations o# nut#atin itha tumna0 that it is the sperm
emitted or the blastocyst (i%e% Ey(ote) implanted% I# it is the latter the Islamists ha!e no
case to ar(ue that the $uran correctly states that (ender is determined by the sperm o# the
male parent% Gence nutfatin itha tumna must re#er to the sperm emitted%
It is possible the $uranic !erses <7-;<-;9 state that the male and #emale pro(enies and
not merely the (enders are created #rom the sperm% +his is a possibility totally
discounted by Islamists ,ithout e!idence and su((ests a biased interpretation o# the
!erses in li(ht o# modern #acts% 'or ,here is the mention o# the o!um@ Dot in these !erses
nor any,here else in the $uran%
In #act the $uran itsel# pro!ides the e!idence o# its doctrinal omission or re/ection o# the
role o# the o!um in procreation #or !erse 8-887 states that ,i!es are merely tilth% +his is
sayin( they are li"e the earth recei!in( the Ey(ote (i%e% seed) #rom the male%
1ic"thall 8-887- .our ,omen are a tilth #or you (to culti!ate) (o to your tilth as ye ,ill and send ((ood
deeds) be#ore you #or your souls and #ear Allah and "no, that ye ,ill (one day) meet Gim% ?i!e (lad
tidin(s to belie!ers (H Muhammad)%
+here#ore i# read in the context o# !erse 8-887 Anut#atun amshaa/inB cannot contain the
o!um because tilth does not contribute (enetic material to the de!elopment o# the seed
(i%e% Ey(ote) and must mean the semen min(led ,ith some unspeci#ied non-(enetic
material-contributin( #emale secretion%
In li(ht o# these #acts bac"ed by the $uranic !erses it is apparent that the $uranBs !ie,
o# human conception and reproduction is that the male parent contributes the diploid seed
(nutfatin itha tumna) and the #emale parent as tilth merely contributes the en!ironment
and nutrients #or the (ro,th and de!elopment o# this diploid seed%
3. The Dust Stage
+hese !erses #orm the basis #or the $E1%
Pickthall 22:053 * man(indI if ye are in doubt concernin! the Jesurrection, then loI .e
have created you from dust, then from a dro% of seed, then from a clot, then from a little
lum% of flesh sha%ely and sha%eless, that .e may ma(e /it0 clear for you. And .e cause
what .e will to remain in the wombs for an a%%ointed time, and afterward .e brin! you
forth as infants, then /!ive you !rowth0 that ye attain your full stren!th. And amon! you
there is he who dieth /youn!0, and amon! you there is he who is brou!ht bac( to the
most ab"ect time of life, so that, after (nowled!e, he (noweth nau!ht. And thou
/Muhammad0 seest the earth barren, but when .e send down water thereon, it doth thrill
and swell and %ut forth every lovely (ind /of !rowth0.

-ransliterated Arabic3 2a ayyuha alnnasu in (untum fee raybin mina albaAAthi fa,inna
(hala&na(um min turabin thumma min nutfatin thumma min AAala&atin thumma min
mud!hatin mu(halla&atin wa!hayri mu(halla&atin linubayyina la(um wanu&irru fee al,
arhami ma nashao ila a"alin musamman thumma nu(hri"u(um tiflan thumma litablu!hoo
ashudda(um wamin(um man yutawaffa wamin(um man yuraddu ila arthali alAAumuri
li(ayla yaAAlama min baAAdi AAilmin shay,an watara al,arda hamidatan fa,itha anCalna
AAalayha almaa ihtaCCat warabat waanbatat min (ulli Caw"in bahee"in

Pickthall 23:12-143 Kerily .e created man from a %roduct of wet earthG -hen %laced him
as a dro% /of seed0 in a safe lod!in!G -hen fashioned .e the dro% a clot, then fashioned
.e the clot a little lum%, then fashioned .e the little lum% bones, then clothed the bones
with flesh, and then %roduced it as another creation. +o blessed be Allah, the Best of

-ransliterated Arabic3 .ala&ad (hala&na al,insana min sulalatin min teenin -humma
"aAAalnahu nutfatan fee &ararin ma(eenin -humma (hala&na alnnutfata AAala&atan
fa(hala&na alAAala&ata mud!hatan fa(hala&na almud!hata AAithaman fa(asawna
alAAithama lahman thumma ansha4nahu (hal&an a(hara fatabara(a Allahu ahsanu

+hese !erses clearly delineate the sta(es o# the $E1 as thus-
4% :ust3,et earth3clay
8% Dut#ah (&elie!ed to be sperm)
7% AlaFa (leach leach-li"e clot clin(in( thin()
;% Mud(ha (che,ed lump partly #ormed and partly un#ormed)
<% IEhaam3Aitham (bones)
9% IEhaam co!ered ,ith 6ahm (muscles and #lesh)
5% Another creation (#etus@)
+he Islamists all con!eniently i(nore the #irst sta(e ,hich is A:US+B% What does it
correspond to in the modern Embryolo(y@ I "no, some Islamists ,ould claim the dust to
be metaphorical% Where is the e!idence #or that@ I# the dust is metaphorical then the
other sta(es should also be metaphorical in the absence o# e!idence to di##erentiate
bet,een metaphorical and literal phrases%
+he e!idence that AdustB is not metaphorical is the ,ord AthenB or AthummaB lin"in( dust
and sperm% +his is the same ,ord lin"in( !arious sta(es in the $E1 seFuence o# e!ents%
+o arbitrary assume that this ,ord no, no lon(er means an immediate #ollo,-on to the
next sta(e is disin(enuous and de!oid o# explanatory e!idence%
Some Islamists ,ill ar(ue that the dust re#ers to the catalytic sta(e o# clay in the #irst
sta(e o# abio(enesis% Go,e!er this is in error because there are numerous literally eons
len(th steps bet,een this clay-catalysis sta(e and the creation o# humans% Secondly the
!erse implies that man ,as made 'IHM clay (i!in( the impression clay ,as a buildin(
bloc" and not a catalytic compound% +here#ore this clay-catalysis notion is nonsensical
and debun"ed%
4. The Missing Stages
Most $E1 proponents either con!eniently omit the embarrassin( !erse ;>-95 or
dishonestly Fuote only the #ra(ment supportin( their case%
1ic"thall ;>-95- Ge it is Who created you #rom dust then #rom a drop (o# seed) then #rom a clot then
brin(eth you #orth as a child then (ordaineth) that ye attain #ull stren(th and a#ter,ard that ye become old
men - thou(h some amon( you die be#ore - and that ye reach an appointed term that haply ye may
+ransliterated Arabic- Gu,a allathee "halaFa"um min turabin thumma min nut#atin thumma min
AAalaFatin thumma yu"hri/u"um ti#lan thumma litablu(hoo ashudda"um thumma lita"oonoo shuyoo"han
,amin"um man yuta,a##a min Fablu ,alitablu(hoo a/alan musamman ,alaAAalla"um taAAFiloona
+hose $E1 proponents ,ho omit this !erse are Keith Moore Maurice &ucaille Shari#
Ka# Al-?haEal Dadeem Ari# Da/mi and Hmar Abdul Iehman% Hnly Ibrahim Syed Fuotes
the !erse but only up to the alaFa sta(e% Ca"ir Dai" re#erences it in a #ootnote (lossin(
o!er the Amissin( sta(esB ,hile Sulayman ?ani Fuotes the !erse in #ull but (losses o!er
the missin( sta(es%
+his sho,s that the $uran canBt e!en (et its embryolo(y sta(es correct% Some mi(ht !ie,
;>-95 to AcontradictB the other embryolo(y !erses as it states clearly and plainly that the
child is #ormed strai(ht a#ter the alaFa sta(e%
9: 8he Formation of -one
+here is a clear mista"e in the $E1 idea o# the #ormation o# bone% :rs Deedham and
Deedbeer o# #reethou(htmecca explain this ,ell and I de#er to their expertise%
.hile we will return to the issue of mud!ha below, we should now move on to the issue of iChaam
/bones0. As was noted above, after the ala&a is turned into a mud!ha, the QurAan states fa,
(hala&naa al,mud!hata iChaaman, or 1then we formed the morsel into bones.1 Moore and his
cohort try to chan!e the translation to 1out of the mud!ha we formed bones,1 so as to !ive the
im%ression that the bones are formin! inside the embryo, rather than the entire ob"ect becomin!
bones. -his brin!s to li!ht the du%licitous nature that these %eo%le are ta(in! to the te)t.

5onsider that word (hala&naa /1we created4formed10 a%%ears in three times in +oorat al,
Moominoon :73HF3 /H0 (hala&naa al,nutfata ala&atan , 1we formed the nutfa into an ala&a1G /:0
(hala&naa al,ala&ata mud!hatan , 1we formed the ala&a into a mud!ha1G /70 (hala&naa al,
mud!hata iChaaman , 1we formed the mud!ha into bones.1 +o the &uestion that needs to be
as(ed is how one %ro%erly inter%rets the lo!ical structure (hala&naa L,2.

As will be noted below, %ro%onents of this %olemic want iChaam to not actually be a reference to
bone, but rather cartila!inous %recursors to bone, thus we see that there are two %ossible /and
rather different0 usa!es of the lo!ical structure (hala&naa L,2 bein! em%loyed. Moes the lo!ical
structure mean 1we formed the L into a 2,1 or does it mean 1we caused a %recursor to 2 to form
inside the L18 @o %erson to %ut forth the %olemic has ever e)%lained which is the correct
inter%retation, or if both are %ossible how they (now to use one and not the other. -he reality is
that (hala&naa L,2 means 1we formed the L into a 2,1 and there is no im%lication that the 2 /much
less somethin! other than 2I0 is only formin! inside the L.

.hen we reach iChaam we find another %roblematic %art of the verse. 5onsider that the te)t
reads3 (hala&naa al,mud!hata iChaaman, fa,(asawnaa al,iChaaman laDman. Eirst note that
(hala&naa is %ast tense, and the %re,fi) fa means 1then.1 +o the verse reads3 1we formed the
morsel into bones, then we clothed the bones with flesh.1 -hus, it im%lies bone forms before soft
tissue, which is a blatant error, not to mention one that %arallels Nalen.

As was alluded to above, there is an ar!ument %ut forth by those who %ush this %olemic that the
1bones1 are actually a reference to cartila!inous models that will later ossify. *f course, the te)t
has iChaam, which only means bone , there is no reference to cartila!e /Arabic3 !hudhroof0, so we
see that the cham%ions of this dece%tive %olemic are im%ortin! thin!s. Eurthermore, as was noted
in the %revious %ara!ra%h, the te)t has a %ast tense con"u!ation followed by the word 1then1 /fa0,
thus the lo!ic of the te)t is that the bones were com%leted, finished, and then they were clothed
with flesh. -his does not s&uare with the actual %rocess that some wish to correlate the te)t with,
where cartila!inous s(eletal models ossify while muscle forms around them simultaneously.

Unless and until an Islamist can adeFuately explain ,hy the syntax o# sta(e
trans#ormation is someho, di##erent in the iEhaam sta(e compared to all the other sta(es
one must lo(ically conclude that the $uran is in error in belie!in( that the mud(ha turned
totally into iEhaam%
+he Islamist ,ould simply say that the syntax allo,s both interpretations i%e% "halaFna
can mean made into or made ,ithin% Go,e!er IBm still to see an Islamist pro!ide proo#
o# this assertion% It is easy to ma"e assertions% &ac"in( them up ,ith e!idence is another
matter% +here#ore in the #ailure o# e!idence other,ise the conclusion must be that the
syntax o# !erse 87-48-4; must re!eal the $E1 to be in error%
Secondly the Islamist has to explain ,hy the author(s) o# the $uran ,as de#icient in their
lan(ua(e and #or(ot to mention cartila(e ((hudhroo#) but bone (iEhaam)%
+hirdly muscle and bone (or their precursors) de!elop contemporaneously althou(h
muscle be(ins de!elopin( be#ore cartila(e and bone% +here#ore there is no scienti#ic
basis #or the $E1 proposition o# a sta(e in ,hich bone is later co!ered ,ith #lesh a#ter its
o,n #ormation% Muscles be(in de!elopin( in ,ee" #our% +here are ;> pairs o# de!elopin(
muscles in the #i!e-,ee" embryo and they be(in to mo!e by ,ee" six ,hen the s"eletal
system is still totally cartila(e ,hich #orms in ,ee" #i!e or six% &y ,ee" se!en the
muscles and ner!es be(in ,or" to(ether ,hen ossi#ication (i%e% bone #ormation) be(ins%
It can be ar(ued that since cartila(e does not be(in #ormin( until ,ee" #i!e or six and
muscles be(in #ormin( in the #ourth ,ee" the $uranic !erse 87-4; (ot the embryolo(y
completely re!ersed and there#ore incorrect%
Gere is the scienti#ic e!idence #or the contemporaneous de!elopment o# cartila(e3bone
and muscles-
Hssi#ication (in upper limb) occurs at the end o# the 5th ,ee"% - +he :e!elopin( Guman
9th Edition Clinically Hriented Embryolo(y Keith 6% Moore 1h%%:% 'IAC 'ISM
+%L%D% 1ersaud M%:% 1h%:% :%Sc% 'IC1ath W%&% Saunders Company (1hiladelphia)
422= p% 29
Accordin( to Iu(h in Conception to &irth Ioberts Iu(h 1h%:% 6andrum &% Shettles
1h%:% M%:% Garper O Io, (De, .or") 4254 muscles appear in pel!is by 9th ,ee" (p
;7)% Mo!ement o# the muscles is bein( controlled by the ner!ous system by the 9th ,ee"
(p 7;)% All o# the muscle bloc"s ha!e appeared by day 79 a#ter conception (p ;9)%
+hus bone appears a#ter muscles ha!e #ormed%
E!en i# ,e ,ere to accept that the $uran ,as only re#errin( to precursors o# bone and not
bone itsel# e!en thou(h it used the Arabic ,ord #or bone iEhaam the embryolo(y is still
Muscle precursors be(in de!elopin( into muscle soon a#ter mesenchymal (s"eletal)
condensation Msee here and hereN%
6oo"s li"e muscle #orms contemporaneously ,ith cartila(e #ormation and is not delayed
until bone had #ormed% Muscle de!elopment starts on :ay 8= Msee lin"N%
&uildin( bloc"s are present #or ;> pairs o# muscles ,hich are located #rom the base o#
the s"ull to the bottom o# the spinal column% :ay 8= a#ter conception Iu(h p 7<
Muscles appear in the pel!ic re(ion% :ay 74 a#ter conception Iu(h p ;7
All o# the muscle bloc"s ha!e appeared% :ay 79 a#ter conception Iu(h p ;9
Muscular layers o# the stomach esopha(us and intestines be(in to proli#erate% :ay <9
a#ter conception Iu(h p <7
+he #irst indication o# limb musculature is obser!ed% 5th ,ee" o# de!elopment Sadler 5th
edition p 49=
Cartila(e #irst appears in ,ee" < Msee hereN
&ut the cartila(e s"eleton be(ins #ormin( by ,ee" 9 Msee hereN%
+hus ,hen the bone precursors ,ere de!elopin( muscles ,ere also de!elopin( at the
same time% +he cartila(e model o# the s"eleton be(ins de!elopin( by ,ee" 9 (see abo!e)
and is only de!eloped by the 5th ,ee" (lin")%
Mesenchymal models o# the bones in the limbs under(o chondri#ication to #orm hyaline
cartila(e% Wee" 9 (Moore- +he :e!elopin( Guman 9th ed% p% ;8> #i(% 4<-4<:)%
At this time all the muscle bloc"s ha!e already appeared% MIu(h p% ;9N
+hus Keith Moore is ,ron(% Muscles do not ta"e their positions around the bone #orms
at the end o# the se!enth ,ee" and durin( the ei(hth ,ee"% All the muscle bloc"s ha!e
already appeared around the de!elopin( s"eleton by day 79Oi%e% early ,ee" <% &one and
Muscle de!elop contemporaneously% In #act muscle appears &E'HIE bone and around
the same time as the cartila(e precursor%
+his dia(ram sho,s that the ,ee" 9 embryo (Carne(ie Sta(e 49) already has musculature
,hen the cartila(e is #ormin(%
$: 8he End of .ell 1ifferentiation
1roponents o# the $E1 state that mud(ha sta(e in ,hich the phrase )partly #ormed and
partly un#ormed* or )shaped and shapeless* re#ers to the incomplete cell di##erentiation
obser!ed in this sta(e%
.usu# Ali 88-><- P We created you out o# dust then out o# sperm then out o# a leech-li"e clot then out o#
a morsel o# #lesh partly #ormed and partly un#ormedP
Sadly #or the Islamists some o# ,hom are embryolo(ists and medical doctors and so
should "no, better this claim is not bac"ed by the scienti#ic e!idence%
Iememberin( that this mud(ha sta(e occurs be#ore the iEham sta(e it must occur be#ore
,ee" six ,hen the pro(eny is still in the )embryo* sta(e% Go,e!er modern
embryolo(ists "no, that cell di##erentiation occurs ,ell be#ore the Amud(haB sta(e and
,ell into the )#etal* sta(e% Gence the $E1 claim must be incorrect%
<: 8he -e)innin) of the Fetal "ta)e
Islamists claim that the $uran correctly denotes the start o# the 'etal sta(e by re#errin( to
the creation o# Aanother creationB a#ter the iEham3lahm (bone clothed ,ith #lesh) sta(e
,hich supposedly occurs at ,ee" ei(ht%
1ic"thall 87-48-4;- PWe the clot a little lump then #ashioned We the little lump bones then clothed the
bones ,ith #lesh and then produced it as another creation%
An experienced embryolo(ist ,ould "no, that the delineation o# the embryo and #etal
sta(es is arbitrary%
Go,e!er the =-,ee" di!idin( line is still arbitrary since a #irm scienti#ic basis #or the
transition to the #etal sta(e is lac"in( (lin")%
=: 8he ,east %eriod of .onception
Some Islamists claim that the $uran correctly states that the least period o# conception is
9 months% +hey base this claim on t,o !erses%
1ic"thall ;9-4<- And We ha!e commended unto man "indness to,ard parents% Gis mother beareth him ,ith
reluctance and brin(eth him #orth ,ith reluctance and the bearin( o# him and the ,eanin( o# him is thirty
months till ,hen he attaineth #ull stren(th and reacheth #orty years he saith- My 6ordQ Arouse me that I
may (i!e than"s #or the #a!our ,here,ith +hou hast #a!oured me and my parents and that I may do ri(ht
acceptable unto +hee% And be (racious unto me In the matter o# my seed% 6oQ I ha!e turned unto +hee
repentant and loQ I am o# those ,ho surrender (unto +hee)%
1ic"thall 74-4;- And We ha!e en/oined upon man concernin( his parents% Gis mother beareth him in
,ea"ness upon ,ea"ness and his ,eanin( is in t,o years% ?i!e than"s unto Me and unto thy parents% Unto
Me is the /ourneyin(%
:r Hmar Abdul Iehman claims that Athe t,o texts ta"en to(ether lea!e only six months
(88 ,ee"s i%e% #i!e and hal# ?re(orian months are eFual to about six lunar months% o#
pre(nancy)%B Gere :r Abdul IehmanBs slei(h o# hand to #it 88 ,ee"s into six lunar
months is ludicrous as each lunar month consists o# #our ,ee"s ,hile #i!e and a hal#
?re(orian months consist o# about 87%= ,ee"s%
:r Al-?haEal also claims that accordin( to Ascienti#ic #actsB the least period o# conception
is 88 ,ee"s%
E!en assumin( the arbitrary claim by :rs Al-?haEal and Abdul Iehman o# 88 ,ee"s
bein( the Amost casesB scenario (patently #alse accordin( to medical statistics R see
belo,) one is le#t ,ith the conclusion that the $uran is still in error as six lunar months
is 8; ,ee"s not 88 ,ee"s%
+his t,o-,ee" di##erence is !ery important to the de!elopment and sur!i!ability o# the
#etus% Gence it should not be summarily dismissed and rounded to the nearest month% I#
anythin( it should be rounded to #i!e lunar months not six%
Ie(ardless the claim o# six lunar months or 88 ,ee"s as the least period o# conception or
Aminimum period #or #etal !iabilityB is unsupported by modern medical science%
A fetus is defined as bein! viable if it has the ability to 1%otentially able to live outside the
motherAs womb Pthat is, can surviveQ, albeit with artificial hel%.1 n the fifties viability was
reached about 70 wee(s after conce%tion. Modern medical technolo!y chan!ed that to
:6 wee(s in the seventies. @ow viability continues to be %ushed further and further bac(
in the %re!nancy and is now as early as H9 wee(s.
:H and :: wee( %remature babies are now su%%orted routinely, and have a !ood chance
of survival. By :F wee(s after conce%tion, %remature babies have a F0% chance of
reachin! adulthood without any ma"or com%lications. By :R wee(s, the chance is 90%.
By :9 wee(s, survival is almost definite. /@ote3 -hese %ercenta!es are from re%orts
written durin! the late H9R0s. 5urrent survival rates are most li(ely much hi!her.0

+hus it can be seen that the minimum period o# #etal !iability has chan(ed at least in
recent history% It ,as ne!er 88 ,ee"s or 9 lunar months prior to the era o# modern
medicine bein( li"ely to ha!e been at least 7> ,ee"s% Do, it has shrun" to only 42
,ee"s in countries ,ith ad!anced pediatric medicine% I ,ould su((est the minimum
period o# #etal !iability in many third-,orld countries ,ould still be around 7> ,ee"s%
+hus the $E1 proposition o# the least period o# conception is #alse%
+he $uranic 1seudoscience Embryolo(y can be seen to be #alse due to the #ollo,in(
4% +he $uran itsel# omits mention o# the o!um in human reproduction ,ith doctrinal
e!idence that it re(ards the pro(eny to be the resultin( union bet,een the seed #rom the
male parent and the #emale parent as tilth% As tilth do not pro!ide (enetic material to the
seed it is abundantly clear that the $uran re(ards the nut#ah (sperm) as the diploid seed%
8% +he $uran includes an initial dust sta(e that cannot be reconciled ,ith modern
7% +he missin( sta(es o# !erse ;>-95 contradict the other embryolo(y !erses%
;% +he sta(e o# bone #ormation is in error e!en assumin( that iEhaam means both bone
and cartila(e%
<% +he $uranic !ie, o# cell di##erentiation at the Mud(ha sta(e is incorrect as modern
embryolo(y has disco!ered cell di##erentiation occurrin( be#ore and a#ter the putati!e
AMud(haB sta(e%
9% +he $E1 claim that $uran correctly predicted the be(innin( o# the #etal sta(e is
debun"ed because the transition bet,een the embryo and the #etus is arbitrary%
5% +he $E1 claim that the $uran correctly states the least period o# conception at 8;
,ee"s is in error as accordin( to modern medical "no,led(e this period is closer to 84-
88 ,ee"s or e!en less ,ith ad!anced medical science and at least 7> ,ee"s ,ithout
modern medical assistance%

"e+en ,a(ers of the
Islamists claim that the $uran has mentioned
the layers o# atmosphere ,hich is a miracle o#
$uran% Gere is the #ull claim-
Hne #act about the uni!erse re!ealed in the
!erses o# the $urJan is that the s"y is made up
o# se!en layers%
KIt is Ge Who created e!erythin( on the earth #or you and then directed Gis attention up to hea!en and
arran(ed it into se!en re(ular hea!ens% Ge has "no,led(e o# all thin(s%K M+he $urJan 8-82N
K+hen Ge turned to hea!en ,hen it ,as smo"e% In t,o days Ge determined them as se!en hea!ens and
re!ealed in e!ery hea!en its o,n mandate%K M+he $urJan ;4-48N
+he ,ord Khea!ensK ,hich appears in many !erses in the $urJan is used to re#er to the
s"y abo!e the Earth as ,ell as the entire uni!erse% ?i!en this meanin( o# the ,ord it is
seen that the EarthJs s"y or the atmosphere is made up o# se!en layers%
+he Earth has all the attributes that are needed #or li#e% Hne o# them is the atmosphere ,hich ser!es as a
shield protectin( li!in( thin(s% +oday it is an established #act that the atmosphere is made up o# di##erent
layers lyin( on top o# one another% Sust as it is described in the $urJan the atmosphere is made up o#
exactly se!en layers% +his is certainly one o# the miracles o# the $urJan%
Indeed today it is "no,n that the ,orldJs atmosphere consists o# di##erent layers that lie
on top o# each other% 'urthermore it consists /ust as is described in the $urJan o# exactly
se!en layers% In a scienti#ic source the sub/ect is described as #ollo,s-
'ourteen centuries a(o ,hen the s"y ,as belie!ed to be one uni#ied body the $urJan miraculously stated
that it consisted o# layers and ,hat is more Kse!enK layers% Modern science on the other hand disco!ered
the #act that the atmosphere surroundin( the Earth is made up o# Kse!enK basic layers only !ery recently%
+he abo!e claim ,as made by Garun .ahya
in his site but a#ter I published the #ollo,in(
rebuttal he remo!ed that pa(e #rom his site%
.ou can still #ind ,hat he ,rote in this
Islamic site%
+he pre Copernican concept o# the uni!erse
,as (eocentric i%e% they thou(ht that the
Earth ,as #lat and ,as located at the center
o# the uni!erse% +hey belie!ed that the Sun
and the Moon alon( ,ith Saturn Supiter
Mars Lenus and Mercury that made the
se!en "no,n ob/ects o# the hea!en ,ere
deities% +hese ,ere the only ob/ects people
could obser!e ,ith their na"ed eyes mo!in(
in the s"y ,hile the stars appeared to be #ix%
+hey belie!ed that these planets or )(ods* each had its o,n sphere% +hese layers are not
the same as the orbits that ,e "no,% +he planets did not orbit the Sun but they all
re!ol!ed around the #lat Earth in this order-
Moon Mercur( >enus "un Mars ?upiter "aturn

+he closest to the Earth ,as the Moon and the #arthest ,as the Saturn% +here#ore the
concept o# the 5 layers o# hea!en is based on ancient astronomy ,here each celestial
body occupied a crystal sphere one placed on top o# the other li"e layers o# an onion%%%
&oth Sudaism and Christianity ma"e re#erence to these layers o# hea!en% 'or example
:ante in his :i!ina Comedia re#ers to it and 1aul the apostle in 8 Corinthians 48-8 says-
)I "no, a man in Christ ,ho #ourteen years a(o ,as cau(ht up to the third hea+en%
Whether it ,as in the body or out o# the body I do not "no,R?od "no,s%*
+he hea!en ,as the physical ,orld abo!e% +he concept o# a spiritual hea!en is a ne,
concept% In the mind o# the ancient man the distinction bet,een physical hea!en (s"y)
and spiritual hea!en ,as #uEEy% 'or example )cielo* in Spanish still means both s"y and
Dot only the Gea!en had se!en layers the Earth also had se!en layers and it represented
the under,orld or the Gell% :ante #or example on !isitin( the lo,est le!el o# Gell meets
t,o men ,ith their bodies split and he learns that they ,ere Muhammad and Ali% Ge
describes his encounter ,ith these t,o ,retched men (raphically-
)+ruly cas" by losin( mid-board or cross-piece is not so split open as one I sa, cle#t #rom the chin to
,here the ,ind is bro"en- bet,een his le(s ,ere han(in( his entrails his inner parts ,ere !isible and the
dismal sac" that ma"es ordure o# ,hat is s,allo,ed% Whilst all on seein( him I #ix mysel# he loo"ed at me
and ,ith his hands opened his breast sayin( KDo, see ho, I rend mysel# see ho, man(led is Mahomet:
!li (oeth be#ore me ,eepin( cle#t in the #ace #rom chin to #oreloc"0 and all the others ,hom thou seest
here ,ere ,hen li!in( so,ers o# scandal and o# schism and there#ore are they so cle#t%*
+he number se!en ,as so en(rained in the mind o# the ancient man that you can #ind it
Se!en planets or (ods had been identi#ied and the phases o# the moon chan(ed e!ery
se!en days% +he &ible states that ?od rested on the se!enth day a#ter he completed his
Creation% And e!ery se!enth year ,as sabbatical and that the se!en times se!enth year
ushered in the Subilee year%
+he 1a(ans di!ided their ,ee"s in se!en days each day representin( a deity%
Saturday ,hich ,as the #irst day o# the ,ee" (as it still is in Islamic countries) ,as
dedicated to Saturn (:ies Saturni)
4% Sunday to Sun (:ies Solis)
8% Monday to Moon (:ies 6unae)
7% +uesday to Mars (:ies Martis)
;% Wednesday to Mercury (:ies Mercurii)
<% +hursday to Supiter (:ies So!is) and
9% 'riday to Lenus (:ies Leneris)% M4N
Hut o# this order come the #amiliar se!en Archan(els ,hich include Michael ?abriel
Iaphael Uriel Ia(uel Sariel and the #allen 6uci#er%
+he pa(an concept o# the se!en layer o# Gea!en crept into Sudaism and the number se!en
can be #ound in Sudaism more than any,here else% Why@ &ecause Midrash teaches there
are se!en layers o# Gea!en ob!iously an in#luence o# 1a(anism in Sudaism%
)When Adam sinned the Shechinah departed to the 'irst Gea!en% +he sin o# Kayin #orced it to the Second
Gea!en0 the ?eneration o# Enosh to the +hird0 the (eneration o# the 'lood to the 'ourth0 +he (eneration o#
the :ispersion to the 'i#th0 Sodomites to the Sixth0 E(ypt o# A!rahamJs day to the Se!enth %%% (&ereishis
Iabbah 42-5)*M8N
Accordin( to Sudaic scriptures creation too" 5 days0 Daaman had to ,ash 5 times in the
Sordan to be cleansed #rom leprosy0 the Israelites had to march around Sericho 5 days and
5 times on the 5th day0 they had to set aside one day in 5 #or rest and ,orship% +here ,as
a 5-armed lampstand in the temple etc% In the last boo" Ie!elation ,e #ind mentioned 5
spirits 5 lampstands 5 churches 5 stars 5 seals 5 trumpets 5 !ials 5 thunders 5
pla(ues 5 mountains and 5 "in(s% +he tribulation period is to be 5 years bein( the last
K,ee" o# yearsK o# :anielJs 5> ,ee"s (:an 2-8; ##)%M7N
Muhammad did not in!ent the concept o# the se!en layers o# Gea!en% Ge merely parroted
it ,ithout understandin( the 1a(an ori(in o# this idea% Ge ,rote-
)So Ge ordained them se!en hea!ens in t,o periods and re!ealed in e!ery hea!en its a##air0 and We
adorned the lo,er hea!en ,ith brilliant starsP )('ussilat ;4- 48)
+his !erse has nothin( to do ,ith layers o# the atmospheres as claimed by the charlatan
Garun .ahya% It has to do ,ith the (eocentric concept o# the uni!erse that ,as pre!alent
at the time o# Muhammad% Dote also that accordin( to Muhammad stars are lamps that
are a##ixed to the ceilin( o# the lo,er layer o# the Gea!en #or adornment purposes% +he
lo,er le!el is the sphere o# the Moon% Hb!iously stars are not in the same layer ,here
Moon is and neither the Moon nor the stars are in the lo,er atmosphere o# the Earth%
In #act the concept o# the layers o# hea!en as mentioned in the $uran is so unrelated to
the layers o# the atmosphere that the Islamic site ,,,%understandin(-islam%com tries to
(i!e a completely mystical si(ni#icance to that !erse and claims that it tal"s about the
Kspiritual hea!ensK ,hich the soul ,ill encounter a#ter the death% M;N
)+he re#erence to the #act that ?od has created se!en hea!ens has (enerally been (i!en in the $urBan in
reply to the s"epticism sho,n by the disbelie!ers re(ardin( the possibility o# li#e a#ter death% P it re#ers to
the !astness o# Gis creation% It says that ?od has not /ust created one s"y -- i%e% one uni!erse but se!en
such s"ies -- or se!en uni!erses%
It seems that the hu(e uni!erse that ,e li!e in the one ,hose boundaries are not yet "no,n to man is /ust
one o# these hea!ens (uni!erses) there are se!en others o# ,hich ,e -- ,ith all our scienti#ic de!elopments
-- do not "no, anythin( about% Certain !erses o# the $urBan clearly indicate that the ,hole hu(e mass o#
space around us is /ust one o# these uni!erses%%%*
+he Islamic site ,,,%pa"istanlin"%com Fuotes Maududi the reno,ned Muslim scholar
and the interpreter o# the $uran ,ho says-
)It is di##icult to explain precisely ,hat is meant by the Ase!en hea!ensB% In all a(es man has tried ,ith the
help o# obser!ation and speculation to conceptualiEe the Ahea!ensB i%e% that ,hich lies beyond and abo!e
the earth% As ,e "no, the concepts that ha!e thus de!eloped ha!e constantly chan(ed% Gence it ,ould be
improper to tie the meanin( o# these ,ords o# the $urBan to any one o# these numerous concepts% What
mi(ht be broadly in#erred #rom this statement is that either Allah has di!ided the uni!erse beyond earth into
se!en distinct spheres or that this earth is located in that part o# the uni!erse ,hich consists o# se!en
di##erent spheres%K M<N
'rom the Ahadith (especially the Gadith o# MiBra/) ,e learn that the #irst hea!en is the
one that is closest to the earth% So the order be(ins #rom the earth and the hi(hest hea!en
is the se!enth hea!en M9N%
As one can see the real scholars o# Islam are unable to explain the meanin( o# the se!en
hea!ens mentioned in the $uran and try to (i!e esoteric si(ni#icance to it% I# ,e had to
belie!e that the se!en hea!ens is an allusion to the se!en layers o# the atmosphere then
,e ha!e to assume that stars must be no more than ele!en "ilometers abo!e the Earth
because as the !erse ;4-48 says the lo,er hea!en is adorned ,ith brilliant stars% +he
+roposphere ends at about ele!en "ilometers abo!e the sur#ace o# the Earth%
Dot only Muhammad li"e other men o# his time belie!ed that the s"y had se!en layers
he also thou(ht that the Earth ,as made o# se!en layers too%
)Allah is Ge Who created se!en 'irmaments and o# the earth a similar numberP* M$uran 9<%48N
In this !erse the number o# the earths is not in Fuestion% It assumes that e!eryone a(rees
that there are se!en earths% +he emphasis is on the claim that Allah is the creator o# these
se!en earths% +he reason is because /ust li"e the se!en hea!ens the ancient people had
a(reed that there ,ere also se!en layers o# earth% Muhammad ,as simply statin( ,hat
seemed to be ob!ious to the people o# his time but o# course he ,as dead ,ron(
accordin( to the modern science%
What are these se!en earths that Muhammad ,as tal"in( about@ I# there ,ere se!en
continents on Earth the Muslim apolo(ists ,ould not ,aste time to claim this !erse is a
miracle% &ut ,e do not ha!e se!en continents% Muhammad is tal"in( about the se!en
layers o# Earth% Ge is tal"in( about the same layers that ,ere described by :ante in his
In#erno% Se!eral hadith ma"e this clear% Gere is one-
AllahJs Apostle said KWhoe!er usurps the land o# somebody un/ustly his nec" ,ill be encircled ,ith it
do,n the se!en earths (on the :ay o# Iesurrection)% KM5N
:o,n the se!enth earth is allusion to the bottom o# the Gell ,here :ante #ound
Muhammad and Ali ,ith their bodies torn asunder% It is interestin( to note that both
Muhammad and Ali raided innocent people "illed them or exiled them and usurped their
lands un/ustly% 'ada" ,as a beauti#ul !illa(e ,ith many (ardens that Muhammad usurped
#rom the Se,s o# Khaibar a#ter annihilatin( them and (a!e it to his dau(hter 'atima the
,i#e o# Ali% I am surprised :ante did not see 'ada" around the nec" o# Muhammad and
Ali ,hen he sa, them in Gell% IsnJt this another proo# that e!en their description o# Gell
,as ,ron(@
+he detailed description o# these se!en earths is (i!en by Muhammad ibn JAbd Allah al-
)%%% +here are se!en earths% 8he first is called Iama"a beneath ,hich is the &arren Wind ,hich can be
bridled by no #e,er than se!enty thousand an(els% With this ,ind ?od destroyed the people o# Ad% +he
inhabitants o# Iama"a are a nation called Mu,ashshim upon ,hom is e!erlastin( torment and di!ine
retribution% 8he second earth is called Khalada ,herein are the implements o# torture #or the inhabitants
o# Gell% +here d,ells a nation called +amis ,hose #ood is their o,n #lesh and ,hose drin" is their o,n
blood% 8he third earth is called ArFa ,herein d,ell muleli"e ea(les ,ith spearli"e tails% Hn each tail are
three hundred and sixty poisonous Fuills% Were e!en one Fuill placed on the #ace o# the earth the entire
uni!erse ,ould pass a,ay% +he inhabitants thereo# are a nation called $ays ,ho eat dirt and drin" mothersJ
mil"% 8he fourth earth is called Garaba ,herein d,ell the sna"es o# Gell ,hich are as lar(e as
mountains% Each sna"e has #an(s li"e tall palm trees and i# they ,ere to stri"e the hu(est mountain ,ith
their #an(s it ,ould be le!eled to the (round% +he inhabitants o# this earth are a nation called Silla and they
ha!e no eyes hands or #eet but ha!e ,in(s li"e bats and die only o# old a(e% 8he fifth earth is called
Maltham ,herein stones o# sulphur han( around the nec"s o# in#idels% When the #ire is "indled the #uel is
placed on their breasts and the #lames leap up onto their #aces as Ge hath said- +he #ire ,hose #uel is men
and stones (8-8;) and 'ire shall co!er their #aces (4;-<>)% +he inhabitants are a nation called Ga/la ,ho
are numerous and ,ho eat each other% 8he sixth earth is called Si//in% Gere are the re(isters o# the people
o# Gell and their ,or"s are !ile as Ge hath said- Lerily the re(ister o# the actions o# the ,ic"ed is surely
Si//in (=7-5)% Gerein d,ells a nation called $atat ,ho are shaped li"e birds and ,orship ?od truly% 8he
se+enth earth is called A/iba and is the habitation o# Iblis% +here d,ells a nation called Khasum ,ho are
&6ACK and short ,ith cla,s li"e lions% It is they ,ho ,ill be (i!en dominion o!er ?o( and Ma(o( ,ho
,ill be destroyed by themPM=N
It is not hard to see these tales are nonsense% +hese are #airy tales that e!en children today
,ould lau(h at%
As it has been pro!en time and a(ain $uran is ,ron( in almost all its assertions% Hne
error ,ould ha!e been enou(h to pro!e Muhammad ,as not a messen(er o# ?od but a
liar% We ha!e sho,n that there are hundreds o# errors in the $uran% .et Muslims
desperately "eep loo"in( #or )miracles* to #ool themsel!es and #ind !alidation #or their
4% +o understand ,hy this order ,as chosen see this lin"-
8% http-33,,,%ne!eh%or(3,inston3parsha973nitE!ylc%html
7% http-33,,,%ans,erin(-islam%or(3Dehls3As"3number42%html
;% http-33,,,%understandin(-islam%com3rF3F->4;%htm
<% (+o,ards Understandin( the $urBan translated by Ca#ar IshaF Ansari !ol% 4 p%<=
note no% 7;%) 'rom the Ahadith (especially the Gadith o# MiBra/)
9% Ibid
5% M&u"hari Lolume 7 &oo" ;7 Dumber 97% see also- Lolume 7 &oo" ;7 Dumber
977- and Lolume 7 &oo" ;7 Dumber 97;-
=% +ales o# the 1rophets-$isas al-anbiya trans% Wheeler M% +hac"ston Sr%
M?reat &oo"s o# the Islamic World Inc% :istributed by KaEi 1ublications0 Chica(o I6
4225N pp% =-2)* ta"en #rom- http-33ans,erin(-

"peed of ,i)ht in the Qur4an@
Muslims are hard at ,or" tryin( to #ind miracles in the $urJan and each day they K#indK
somethin( ne,% +hey (loat about it and pump themsel!es spread the (lad tidin( across
the Internet publish it in their ne,spapers and challen(e others to dispro!e that miracle
until someone sho,s their error and de#lates them li"e a punctured balloon% +his does not
slo, them% Since they are ea(er to #ind miracles and since there is no end to human
(ullibility especially ,hen one WAD+S to belie!e they #ind a ne, miracle e!ery day%
8he .laim
In an article published in Islamicity%com :r% Mansour Gassab-Elnaby claims the !erse
78%< re!eals that li(ht in one day tra!els a distance eFual to 48>>> lunar orbits and upon
calculatin( that distance ,e #ind the exact speed o# li(ht%
Gere is !erse 78-< translated by Sha"ir-
)Ge re(ulates the a##air #rom the hea!en to the earth0 then shall it ascend to Gim in a day the measure o#
,hich is a thousand years o# ,hat you count%%*
Accordin( to :r% Gassab-Elnaby Ka##airsK mentioned in this !erse is Kli(ht%K So this !erse
re!eals that li(ht can tra!el in one day the distance that ,ill ta"e the Moon 4>>> years to
It ta"es a MuslimJs ima(ination to thin" this !erse has anythin( to do ,ith the speed o#
li(ht% +here is no mention o# moon li(ht or e!en distance in this !erse% Go,e!er let us
a(ree ,ith this assumed interpretation #or no, and see ,hether :r% Gassab-Elnaby has
his math ri(ht%
+he rebuttal is di!ided into 5 parts%
#: Aron) .alculation
+he a!era(e center-to-center distance #rom the Earth to the Moon is 7=;;>7 "m%
+he orbit o# the Moon is nearly circular% (+hat is ,hy ,e see the Moon al,ays ,ith the
same siEe)
+his means #or the Moon to (o a #ull circle around the Earth it must tra!el a distance o#
8;4<857 "m (Circum#erence o# the lunar orbit U 8r V U 8 x 7=;;>7 x 7%4;4<2)
+o orbit the earth 48>>> times the Moon must tra!el 8=2=785==2= "m (8%;4<857 x
48>>>)% +his is ho, much the moon tra!els in 4>>> lunar years%
6i(ht tra!els at a constant speed o# 822528%;<= "m% per second
+here are =9;>> seconds in one day (9>x9>x8;)
In 8; hours li(ht tra!els a distance o# 8<2>8>9=754 "m (822528%;<= x =9;>>)%
+hese t,o numbers are not the same% +hey are not e!en close% +here is a di##erence o#
7>=484><85 "m (8=2=785==2= - 8<2>8>9=754) bet,een the distance tra!eled by
the Moon in 4>>> lunar years and the distance tra!eled by li(ht in one day%
+his di##erence is o!er t,enty times the distance bet,een the Earth and the Sun% So
clearly :r% Gassab-Elnaby (ot it ,ron(% +he t,o numbers do not match%
+hat is not all% +here is a di##erence bet,een lunar month (phases) and lunar orbit% +he
Moon ma"es a complete orbit around the Earth e!ery 85%7 days (siderial month) ,hile
the periodic !ariations in the (eometry o# the EarthRMoonRSun system are responsible
#or the lunar phases that repeat e!ery 82%< days (synodic month)% +here is a di##erence o#
8%8 days bet,een the lunar month and the lunar orbit% (Wi"ipedia)
In one lunar year the Moon re!ol!es around the Earth 48%295 times (82%< x 48 3 85%7) and
not 48 times% So the distance that the Moon tra!els in 4>>> lunar years is actually 78
>;<>5=;94 "m (48295 x 8;54<857)%
+he di##erence bet,een this distance and the distance tra!eled by li(ht in one day is
94;7>4>>2> "m (78 >;<>5=;94 - 8<2>8>9=754)% It ,ould ta"e li(ht another <
hours ;4 minutes to tra!el this extra distance%
Alternati!ely ,e can say that the Moon re!ol!es around the Earth 4>58; times to co!er
the distance that the li(ht tra!els in 8; hours% (:istance tra!eled by li(ht in one day
8<2>8>9=754 "m 3 +he orbit o# the Moon 8;4<857 "m)%
It ta"es only =85 lunar years #or the Moon to (o this distance and not 4>>> lunar years%
(4>58; re!olutions o# the Moon around the Earth x 85%7 days that ta"es #or each
re!olution 3 7<; days that exist in each lunar year)%
Do matter ho, you loo" at it :r% Gassab-ElnabyJs calculations are ,ron(% +he distance
tra!eled by the Moon in 4>>> years and the distance tra!eled by li(ht in one day are DH+
the same%
We are not e!en considerin( the orbit o# the Earth around the Sun ,hich ine!itably the
Moon must also thread% +a"in( that into account :r% Gassab-ElnabiJs calculations are
79%9 times o##%
2: Aron) 8ranslation
Which part o# this !erse tal"s about li(ht or its speed@ :r% Gassab-Elnany ,rites- K+hus
,e conclude that the cosmic a##air mentioned in the pre!ious $uranic !erse is identical
to 6I?G+ and all similar cosmic a##airs tra!ellin( in !acuum ,ith this maximum speed
such as- all types o# electro ma(netic ,a!es propa(atin( bet,een the hea!ens and the
earth the expected ?ra!itational ,a!es spreadin( all o!er the uni!erse and all particles
tra!ellin( in this cosmic (reatest spead such as neutrinos%K
What a load o# nonsenseQ All Muhammad is sayin( in this !erse is that a day o# Allah is
4>>> years lon(% +his is his ,ay o# sayin( Allah is bi( e!erythin( about him is bi( and
e!en his days are bi(% Muhammad repeated the same thin( in the !erse 88%;5
)Lerily a day in the si(ht o# thy 6ord is li"e a thousand years o# your rec"onin(%*
+here is no mention o# a##airs (oin( up and do,n li(ht ma(netic ,a!es particles and
neutrinos in this !erse%
+he len(th o# the day is determined by ho, #ast a planet re!ol!es around its axis and it
has nothin( to do ,ith the siEe o# its inhabitants% All ,e can understand #rom this !erse is
that the creator o# the ,orld li!es in a !ery slo, re!ol!in( planet%
Sust to sho, the absurdity and the con#usion in the $urJan let us see the !erse 5>-;-
)+he an(els and the spirit ascend unto him in a :ay the measure ,hereo# is (as) #i#ty thousand years%*
+his !erse has a similar content o# the !erse 78-< but here it says that the len(th o# the
day o# ?od is <>>>> years% +his is a clear contradiction% Is a day o# ?od 4>>> years or is
it <>>>> years@ :oes it mean that it ta"es <>>>> years #or an(els and spirits to reach
?od@ +hat is a,#ully slo,% +hen ho, could An(el ?abriel ta"e Muhammad to hea!en
and bac" in one ni(ht@ +he $urJan is replete ,ith contradictions and absurdities%
Muhammad had #ound a (ullible audience ,ho (obbled e!erythin( he told them
uncritically% Ge ne!er thou(ht one day his ,ords ,ill be scrutiniEed by people smarter
than his beni(hted #ollo,ers and his lies ,ill be exposed%
B: Aron) %arameters
I am not done yetQ +here is still more problem ,ith this claim% +he speed o# li(ht is
constant ,hile the rotation o# the Earth than"s to losin( its "inetic ener(y is slo,in(
do,n% +here#ore the days o# the Earth are becomin( lon(er% Also the Moon is (ettin(
a,ay #rom the Earth and its orbit is ,idenin(% +o orbit the Earth the Moon has to tra!el a
little more each time% +his means that the len(th o# the lunar months are increasin(% Go,
can one measure somethin( that is constant ,ith thin(s that are !ariable@
Scientists belie!e that ,hen the Earth ,as youn( it span ten times #aster around its axes
than it is spinnin( today% Since the speed o# li(ht has remained the same all alon( ;%<
billion years a(o in one day li(ht tra!eled one tenth o# the distance that it tra!els today%
+here are nearly ;%< million thousand years since the Moon is orbitin( the Earth% As the
Moon distances #rom the Earth it is slo,in( do,n% Since each millennium the orbit o# the
Moon and the 6en(th o# the day chan(e in ,hich one o# these ;%< million millennia the
Moon tra!eled the same distance that the li(ht tra!els in one day@ +he claim is ,ron(
but e!en i# true only one time out o# ;%< million times the t,o numbers could match%
+hen a(ain e!en a bro"en ,atch is ri(ht t,ice e!ery day%
+he !ery notion o# measurin( the speed o# li(ht ,ith the orbit o# the Moon or the len(th
o# the day is a #allacy that is because the yardstic" is constantly chan(in(% Such an error
only re!eals the lac" o# understandin( o# :r% Gassab-Elnaby o# the basic principles o#
C: Aron) Interpretation
+he !erse tal"s about the )a##airs o# ?od* bein( sent to Earth and then ascendin( to Gim
in one day the len(th o# ,hich is 4>>> years% Go, on Earth this educated sla!e o# Allah
has determined that Ka##airsK means li(ht@ +he ,ord used in Arabic is Amr% It means
commandment order cause and a##air% +his is an allusion to ?odBs reli(ion and not to
li(ht% Amrullah means the Cause o# ?od% A more accurate translation o# this !erse is
?od sends his Cause to Earth ,hich ,ill return to Gim i%e% it ,ill be re!o"ed in one day
the len(th o# ,hich is eFual to 4>>> years%
+his is ho, Shei"h Ahmad Ahsai (45<7S4=89) #ounder o# Shiite Shei"hieh school and
his disciple Seyyed KaEim-i-Iashti (4528S4=;7) interpreted this !erse% +hey claimed
Islam does no lon(er meet the needs o# the time and since it does not allo, re#orm it
must be abro(ated% Go,e!er since no one can abro(ate the ,ord o# ?od but ?od
himsel# this tas" rests on the shoulders o# the a,aited Mahdi the 1romised Hne o# the
Shiites% Ahsai and Iashti said the end o# Islam and the appearance o# Mahdi has already
been #oretold in the Gadith and the $urJan and !erse 78-< (i!es the exact date%
Accordin( to these eminent scholars Amrullah the cause o# ?od ,as completed ,hen
the last intermediary bet,een ?od and Man"ind Imam Gassan As"ari died% Gassan
As"ari died in the lunar year 89> Gi/ra% Ahsai belie!ed that since accordin( to the !erse
78-< one thousand years a#ter the communication bet,een ?od and man"ind is
interrupted the cause o# ?od (Islam) ,ould be re!o"ed- WX YZ [\]X ^_ `_ aZ b\
Mahdi should manifest himself in the (ear #2$0 HiDra E#=CC E.F
Seyyed KaEem Iashti died one year be#ore the expected year% Ge ,as so sure that Mahdi
,ould mani#est himsel# in the comin( year that he did not appoint any successor% Ge
dissol!ed the Shei"hieh school orderin( his disciples to scatter around 1ersia to #ind him%
It ,as in this hei(htened atmosphere o# expectation that the 89 year old Seyyed Ali
Mohammad nati!e o# ShiraE claimed to be the &ab the ?ate to di!ine understandin(
the 1romised Hne% +han"s to his sincerity and Christ li"e innocence he attracted most o#
the students o# Seyyed KaEem and in a short time the &abi mo!ement became so popular
that it too" the country by storm% +he amaEin( success o# the &abis in con!ertin( the
Iranians ,as seen as a threat by the cler(y ,ho insti(ated the youn( and inexperienced
"in( Dasereddin Shah to execute the &ab% +hey started a brutal campai(n o# persecution
o# &abis and subseFuently &ahais that has lasted till this day%
I am not an apolo(ist #or &abism% I do not belie!e in Islam and do not thin" the $urJan
contains any prophecy% Anyone can interpret the $urJan in any,ay he pleases% I do not
belie!e the &ab ,as a messen(er o# ?od% Accordin( to this author that youn( man
su##ered #rom temporal lobe epilepsy the e!idence o# that is in his proli#ic !erbose and
incoherent ,ritin(s% Ge certainly belie!ed in his cause and re#used to recant in order to
sa!e his li#e% In all #airness one can see that Ahsai and Iashti ha!e (i!en a much more
lo(ical interpretation to the $uranic !erse 78-< than :r% Gassab-Elnaby ,ith his
ludicrous claim that the !erse re!eals the speed o# li(ht%
9: "tolen Miracle
+he #unny thin( is that the !erse 78-< is pla(iariEed #rom the &ible% Gere are the ori(inal
&iblical !erses-
'or a thousand years in your si(ht are li"e a day that has /ust (one by or li"e a ,atch in
the ni(ht% M1salm 2>-;N
&ut do not #or(et this one thin( dear #riends- With the 6ord a day is li"e a thousand
years and a thousand years are li"e a day%M8 1eter 7-=N
When the 1salmist says a thousand years #or ?od is li"e a ,atch in the ni(ht he means
?od is timeless% In those days people used sundials to measure the time% It only ,or"ed in
sunshine% +his is a beauti#ul poetic ,ay to say time does not exist #or ?od% +his thousand
years should be ta"en alle(orically and not literally%
1eter understood that% Ge said ,ith 6ord not only a thousand years is li"e one day also
one day is li"e a thousand years% What that humble #isherman ,as sayin( is that +ime is
irrele!ant #or ?od% Compare that ,ith the pathetic attempt o# Muslim doctors and
scholars ,ho ta"e this alle(ory literally and try to #ind scienti#ic eFuations in it% +a"en
poetically this example is beauti#ul0 ta"en literally it is asinine%
Assumin( there is a miracle in this alle(ory shouldnJt the credit (o to the &ible@ IsnJt it
interestin( that neither the Se,s nor the Christians ma"e the claim that these !erses re!eal
scienti#ic in#ormation but Muslims ma"e that claim e!en thou(h the !erse is stolen #rom
the &ible@ What this tells us about the state o# the mind o# Muslims@ :oesnJt this sho,
they are insecure and desperate to !alidate their illo(ical #aith by clin(in( to any stra,@
$: 1oes the Qur4an distin)uish s(nodic and siderial months@
:r% Mansour Gassab-Elnaby claims K$uranic !erse (4>-<) discriminates bet,een the
synodic period #or "no,in( the number o# years and the real sidereal period #or
rec"onin( in scienti#ic calculations%K Gere is the !erse in Fuestion-
It is Ge Who made the sun to be a shinin( (lory and the moon to be a li(ht M,ron(% Moon is not a source o#
li(htN and measured out sta(es #or her0 that ye mi(ht "no, the number o# years and the count% 4>-<
+his !erse in no ,ay discriminates bet,een synodic and siderial months% :r% Gassab-
Elnaby is en(a(in( in ,ish#ul thin"in(%
<: 8he Islamic 1i+ine .omed(
In their Fuest to #ind miracles in the $urJan Muslims un,ittin(ly ma"e not only Islam
but the entire :i!ine system loo" li"e a /o"e% Hur (ood doctor says K+he !erse be(ins
,ith a re#erence to a certain Kcosmic a##airK ,hich ?H: creates and commands% +his
a##air tra!els permanently throu(h the ,hole uni!erse bet,een the hea!ens and the
Earth so speedily that it crosses in HDE :A. a maximum distance in space eFui!alent
to that ,hich the moon passes durin( HDE +GHUSAD: 6UDAI .EAI (i%e% durin(
48>>> Sidereal months)%K
+his erudite Muslim is ,ron( a(ain% Arabs count the synodic months that are 82%< days
and not the siderial months that are 85%7 days% +he $urJan is clear that these thousand
years are of what ou count%
K Hnly synodic months can be obser!ed and counted% Siderial months are not obser!able
and as the doctor himsel# ri(htly points out they are K#or rec"onin( in scienti#ic
calculations%K As I sho,ed in section 4 in 4>>> lunar years the Moon orbits the Earth
48295 times and not 48>>> times% :r% Gassab-Elnaby ma"es many deliberate errors to
doctor his miracle%
KA##airs tra!elin( permanently throu(h the ,hole uni!erse at speed o# li(ht@K Is he
tal"in( about U'Hs@ Do, ,hen it comes to the Uni!erse the speed o# li(ht is not really
that #ast% It is a !ery slo, ,ay #or ?od to run his a##airs% +hese Kcosmic a##airsK tra!elin(
at the speed o# li(ht ta"e one #ull day to reach the Earth% I# you are in peril #or(et about
as"in( Allah #or help% &y the time he sends you his succor a day is passed and that is
o#ten too late%
Consider yoursel# luc"y because Allah is only one li(ht day a,ay #rom the Earth (I
thou(ht Muhammad said he is closer to us than our /u(ular !ein)% Ge li!es /ust around the
corner o# our solar system% +hin" o# other poor creatures that li!e hundreds or thousands
li(ht years a,ay or those ,ho li!e in (alaxies that are millions or billions li(ht years
a,ay #rom ?od% Go, can ?od run his a##airs in those (alaxies ,hen the communication
is so slo,@ 'or all intent and purposes as #ar as those #ar a,ay (alaxies are concerned
?od does not exist% Sust as their li(ht hardly reach us and ,hen it does it is a#ter millions
o# years the Ka##airs o# AllahK can hardly reach them% In his Eeal to ascribe miracles to the
prosaic boo" o# Muhammad :r% Gassab-Elnaby thro,s out o# the ,indo, the concept o#
omnipresence o# ?od alto(ether% +he ma"er o# the Uni!erse accordin( to this
Muhammadan depends on the speed o# li(ht to mana(e his a##airs%
It is pathetic that in this day o# science and enli(htenment o!er a billion other,ise
normal people many o# ,hom doctors and educated should still #ollo, an i(noramus o#
the se!enth century and ,aste their time tryin( to #ind meanin( and e!en miracles in his
asinine balderdash% +his should tell you e!erythin( you need to "no, about Muslim
intelli(entsia% +he #act that Islamicity%com ar(uably the most presti(ious Islamic site has
published this (obbledy(oo" pro!es the intellectual ban"ruptcy o# the ummah%
Islam is a /o"e% It is an irony that so many smart people ha!e reduced themsel!es into
/o"ers and lau(hin( stoc"s #or man"ind% +he more Muslims try to ma"e Islam loo"
lo(ical and scienti#ic the more ridiculous +GE. loo"%

FEM!,E -EE" %6315.E H3/E7

Islamists claim that it is mentioned in Furan that only #emale bees can produce honey%
Which is miracleous%Gere is #ull claim-
KAnd .our lord inspired the bee to build your d,ellin(s in hills on trees and in (humanBs) habitations%
+hen to eat o# all the produce and #ollo, the ,ays o# your 6ord made easy% +here comes #orth #rom their
bodies a drin" o# !aryin( colour ,herein is healin( #or men- Lerily in this is a si(n #or those ,ho (i!e
thou(ht%K (+he $uran 49-9=-92)
+he imperati!e KbuildK abo!e is the translation o# the Arabic ,ord Katta"hithiK ,hich is
the #eminine #orm (Arabic (rammar unli"e En(lish di##erentiates bet,een the sexes)%
+he #eminine #orm is used ,hen all o# those it re#ers to are #emale ,hereas the
masculine is used ,hen a (roup consists o# at least 4 male%
+here#ore the $uran is in #act sayin( Kbuild you #emale bees%%K
A s,arm o# bees ,hich collect honey and build the hi!e are #emale only%
+hus the phrasin( o# this command is in a(reement ,ith the scienti#ic #act that male bees
do not parta"e in the construction o# the hi!e%
Microscopes ,ere not in!ented until 494> ,hen ?alileo in!ented one o# the #irst
microscopes almost a thousand years a#ter 1rophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)% It is
only Allah the Creator o# all thin(s ,ho re!ealed such details o!er 4;87 years a(o% +his
one ,ord o# the $uran is su##icient to pro!e that $uran is #rom non other than AllahQ
+he belie# that ,or"er bees are #emale existed at least #rom a time datin( bac" to
Aristotle and perhaps much be#ore him%
:escribin( the !arious theories about the bees pre!alent in his time Aristotle ,rote-
)Hthers a(ain assert that these insects copulate and that the drones are male and the
bees #emale%* MGistory o# Animals &oo" < Ch% 84N
Aristotle obser!ed that the brood o# drones appears e!en ,hen there is no ruler bee in the
hi!e% +his is an accurate obser!ation% As ,e "no, today un#ertiliEed #emale ,or"ers can
lay e((s in the absence o# a Fueen but the e((s de!elop into drones% Aristotle (a!e a
#airly accurate description o# the bees ,ith only #e, mista"es li"e con#usin( the (ender
o# the $ueen and callin( it Kin(%
Aristotle li!ed in 7<> &C or 4>>> years be#ore Muhammad% +here#ore the concept o#
bees bein( #emale ,as not an in!ention o# Muhammad% In #act the ,ord bee in Arabic
Ahat Muhammad said about bees@
*And thy 6ord tau(ht the &ee to build its cells in hills on trees and in (menJs) habitations0* M$ 49%>9=N
+hat is all the in#ormation there is in the $uran about the bees% +here is nothin( (round
brea"in( in ,hat ,e see in this !erse% +his is somethin( that not only people but also the
bears and the birds "no,% So Muhammad states somethin( ob!ious "no,n to e!eryone
includin( animals% What is the miracle in this !erse@ +he )miracle* as Muslims claim is
that Muhammad re#ers to bees in #emale (ender%
+he ,ord bee in Arabic is nahla% +his ,ord ,as not in!ented by Muhammad% +his is an
Arabic ,ord used by e!eryone ,ho spea"s Arabic% +he ,ord is #eminine% In Arabic some
,ords are #eminine some are masculine% +he #act that Muhammad uses an Arabic ,ord
that happens to be #eminine is no indication that he ,as the #irst ,ho disco!ered bees are
#emale% In #act not all bees are #emale%
+he (ender o# the ,or"er bees ,as already "no,n to e!eryone at least #or 4>>> years
be#ore Muhammad% All Arabs used the same ,ord e!en be#ore Muhammad% Why
Muhammad should be called a miracle-ma"er and they ,ho tau(ht Muhammad the ,ord
should be called Ki(norantK as Muhammad dispara(in(ly re#erred to all those ,ho li!ed
be#ore him@

Q56!/ %6E1I.8E1 -,!. H3,E" !/1
Garun .ahya ma"es many claims o# $uranic Science% +his article see"s to debun" t,o
such claims namely that the $uran predicted blac" holes and pulsars%
I ,ill sho, the absurdity o# the blac" hole claim ,hile sho,in( the pulsar claim to be
con/ectural and de!oid o# #actual basis% In doin( so I ,ill also sho, Garun .ahyaBs sel#-
contradiction as he used the same $uranic !erse to Apro!eB both the blac" hole and the
pulsar% Do, e!en to the uninitiated it ,ould seem impossible #or somethin( to be both a
blac" hole and a pulsar% Go,e!er Islamists do not appear to be inhibited by such
constraints o# lo(ic%
Daroon 2ahya wrote to his site3
-he :0th century saw a !reat many new discoveries re!ardin! celestial %henomena in
the universe. *ne of these entities, which has only recently been encountered, is the
Blac( Dole. -hese are formed when a star which has consumed all its fuel colla%ses in
on itself, eventually turnin! into a blac( hole with infinite density and Cero volume and an
immensely %owerful ma!netic field. .e are unable to see blac( holes even with the most
%owerful telesco%e, because their !ravitational %ull is so stron! that li!ht is unable to
esca%e from them. Dowever, such a colla%sed star can be %erceived by means of the
effect it has on the surroundin! area. n +urat al,.a&iAa, Allah draws attention this matter
in this way, by swearin! u%on the %osition of stars3
And swear by the starsA %ositions,and that is a mi!hty oath if you only (new. /QurAan,
+his !erse doesnBt say anythin( about a collapsed star% Hnly the position o# the stars% It is
the con/ecture o# the Islamist that the !erse re#ers to collapsed stars% In #act some
translations allude to shootin( or #allin( stars i%e% meteors%
Khali#a- I s,ear by the positions o# the stars%
.usu# Ali- 'urthermore I call to ,itness the settin( o# the Stars-
1ic"thall- Day I s,ear by the places o# the stars -
Sha"ir- &ut nayQ I s,ear by the #allin( o# stars0
Sher Ali- Day I cite as proo# the shootin( o# the stars -
K1ro(ressi!e MuslimsK- I s,ear by the positions o# the stars%
+his surah does not spea" about blac" holes at all but about the :ay o# :ecision (a"a
:ay o# Sud(ment)% +here#ore it cannot possibly re#er to blac" holes ,hich ,ere #ormed
and continue to be #ormed lon( be#ore this speci#ic day%
55-> In the name o# Allah tho &ene#icent the Merci#ul%
55-4 I s,ear by the emissary ,inds sent one a#ter another (#or menJs bene#it)
55-8 &y the ra(in( hurricanes
55-7 Which scatter clouds to their destined places
55-; +hen separate them one #rom another
55-< +hen I s,ear by the an(els ,ho brin( do,n the re!elation
55-9 +o clear or to ,arn%
55-5 Most surely ,hat you are threatened ,ith must come to pass%
55-= So ,hen the stars are made to lose their li(ht
55-2 And ,hen the hea!en is rent asunder
55-4> And ,hen the mountains are carried a,ay as dust
55-44 And ,hen the apostles are (athered at their appointed time%
55-48 +o ,hat day is the doom #ixed@
55-47 To the #a of #ecision.
Ge #urther claimed-
)Moreo!er stars o# (reat mass also cause ,arps to be percei!ed in space% &lac" holes
ho,e!er do not /ust cause ,arps in space but also tear holes in it% +hat is ,hy these
collapsed stars are "no,n as blac" holes% +his #act may be re#erred to in the !erse about
stars and this is another important item o# in#ormation demonstratin( that the $urJan is
the Word o# Allah-
MI s,earN by Gea!en and the +ariFQ And ,hat ,ill con!ey to you ,hat the +ariF is@ +he Star 1iercin( Mthe
dar"nessNQ ($urJan =9-4-7)*
+he !erse actually re#ers to +ariF a speci#ic star% Some say it is the mornin( star
(1ic"thall and Sher Ali)% 'irstly a star that pierces the dar"ness (or has piercin(
bri(htness) cannot be a blac" hole%
Secondly i# the re#erence by 1ic"thall and Sher Ali is correct the +ariF or mornin( star
is Lenus a planet and not a star Mlin"N%
E!en some Islamists belie!e that the +ariF could be Saturn or the 1leiades% Mlin"N
+here#ore it ,ould appear Garun .ahyaJs claim that the $uran spea"s about blac" holes
cannot be supported by either the readin( o# the entire surah or by the scienti#ic #acts
about blac" holes%
In #act Garun .ahya contradicts himsel# because he used the same $uranic !erse to
Jpro!eJ +ariF is a pulsar as opposed to a blac" hole% +ruly the miracles o# the $uran "no,
no boundsQ
%5,"!6"; %5,"!8I/2 "8!6"
MI s,earN by Gea!en and the +ariFQ And ,hat ,ill con!ey to you ,hat the +ariF is@ +he Star 1iercin(
Mthe dar"nessNQ ($urJan =9-4-7)
1ulsars are the remains o# extin(uished stars ,hich emit !ery po,er#ul pulse-li"e radio ,a!es and ,hich
re!ol!e !ery rapidly around their o,n axes% It has been calculated that there are more than <>> pulsars in
the Mil"y Way o# ,hich our Earth is a part%
+he ,ord K+ariFK name o# the Sura =9 comes #rom the root KtarFK ,hose basic meanin( is that o# stri"in(
hard enou(h to produce a sound or hittin(% &earin( in mind the ,ordJs possible meanin( as Kbeatin(K
Kstri"in( hardK our attention may be bein( dra,n in this sura to an important scienti#ic #act% &e#ore
analysin( this in#ormation let us loo" at the other ,ords employed in the !erse to describe these stars% +he
term KalttariFiK in the abo!e !erse means a star that pierces the ni(ht that pierces the dar"ness born at
ni(ht piercin( and mo!in( on beatin( stri"in( or sharp star% 'urthermore the term K,aalK dra,s attention
to the thin(s bein( s,orn on-the hea!en and the +ariF%
+hrou(h research carried out by Socelyn &ell &urnell at Cambrid(e Uni!ersity in 4295 a re(ular radio
si(nal ,as identi#ied% Until that time ho,e!er it ,as not "no,n that that there ,as a hea!enly body that
could be the source o# re(ular pulse or beatin( rather li"e that o# the heart% In 4295 ho,e!er astronomers
stated that as matter (ro,s denser in the core as it re!ol!es around its o,n axis the starJs ma(netic #ield
also (ro,s stron(er and thus (i!es rise to a ma(netic #ield at its poles 4 trillion times stron(er than that o#
Earth% +hey realised that a body re!ol!in( so #ast and ,ith such a po,er#ul ma(netic #ield emits rays
consistin( o# !ery po,er#ul radio ,a!es in a conic #orm at e!ery re!olution% Shortly a#ter,ards it ,as also
realised that the source o# these si(nals is the rapid re!olution o# neutron stars% +hese ne,ly disco!ered
neutron stars are "no,n as Kpulsars%K +hese stars ,hich turn into pulsars throu(h superno!a explosions
are o# the (reatest mass and are the bri(htest and #astest mo!in( bodies in the uni!erse% Some pulsars
re!ol!e 9>> times a second%<>
+he ,ord KpulsarK comes #rom the !erb to pulse% Accordin( to the American Gerita(e :ictionary the ,ord
means to pulsate to beat% Encarta :ictionary de#ines it as to beat rhythmically to mo!e or throb ,ith a
stron( re(ular rhythm% A(ain accordin( to the Encarta :ictionary the ,ord KpulsateK ,hich comes #rom
the same root means to expand and contract ,ith a stron( re(ular beat%
'ollo,in( that disco!ery it ,as realised that the phenomenon described in the $urJan as KtariFK beatin(
bore a (reat similarity to the neutron stars "no,n as pulsars%
Deutron stars #orm as the nuclei o# super (iant stars collapse% +he hi(hly compressed and dense matter in
the #orm o# a rapidly re!ol!in( sphere entraps and sFueeEes most o# the starJs ,ei(ht and ma(netic #ield%
+he po,er#ul ma(netic #ield created by these rapidly re!ol!in( neutron stars has been sho,n to cause the
emission o# po,er#ul radio ,a!es obser!able on Earth%
In the third !erse o# Surat at-+ariF the term Kalnna/mu alththaFibuK meanin( piercin( piercin( and mo!in(
on or openin( holes indicates that +ariF is a bri(ht star that pierces a hole in the dar"ness and mo!es on%
+he concept o# the term Kadra"aK in the expression KAnd ,hat ,ill con!ey to you ,hat the +ariF is@K re#ers
to comprehension% 1ulsars #ormed throu(h the compression o# stars se!eral times the siEe o# the Sun are
amon( those celestial bodies that are hard to comprehend% +he Fuestion in the !erse emphasiEes ho, hard it
is to comprehend this beatin( star% (Allah "no,s best%)
As discussed the stars described as +ariF in the $urJan bear a close similarity to the pulsars described in
the 8>th century and may re!eal to us another scienti#ic miracle o# the $urJan%
Harun 7ah(a4s ho0lers;
1. Pulsars are hard to comprehend.
Dot really% +heir structure is as ,ell understood as many other celestial bodies%
2. Pulsars are the brihtest bodies in the uni!erse.
Dot really% 1ulsars are ,ea" optical emitters% Hnly a #e, pulsars can be seen ,ith an
optical telescope and only one pulsar is bri(ht enou(h to be seen reasonably ,ell% In #act
it ,as not until 4295 that pulsars ,ere disco!ered on radio emissions not optically% (lin")
It is not pulsars but Fuasars that are the bri(htest ob/ects in the uni!erse% (Ie#)
Are pulsars the stron(est radio emitters@ Dot really% +he in#rared star DM6 Cy(ni sat
4948 me(ahertE is the stron(est radio emission line yet detected% Hther stron( radio
emitters include radio (alaxies such as Cy(nus-A Fuasars and (as clouds%
". Pulsars are the fastest mo!in bodies in the uni!erse.
Dot pro!en% +here appears some con#usion bet,een neutron stars and pulsars% Whilst it is
true that all pulsars are neutron stars not all neutron stars are pulsars% +he #astest mo!in(
stars are neutron stars such as Id S4=<97<-75<; &arnardBs star or S?I42>>e4;% (re#% 4
re#% 8)
;% +he term KalttariFiK means a star that pierces the ni(ht that pierces the dar"ness born
at ni(ht piercin( and mo!in( on beatin( stri"in( or sharp star%
+he Islamist (a!e the de#inition o# the root )tarF* as beat or stri"e hard% Do,here is there
the implication o# Amo!in( onB% So ,eBre le#t ,ith only a star that pierces% &ut does this
mean that the +ariF is a pulsar@ +his ta#sir de#ines tariF as ,ay not a pulsar%
Quote: -he term 4 tari& 4 is derived from 4 tar& 4 Ato %oundA. And 4 tari& 4 means AwayA
because the %ath is %ounded by the feet of %edestrians. -he term 4matra&ah4 Aa sled!e
hammerA is used for %oundin! iron and materials li(e this.
And since the doors are closed at ni!ht when %eo%le arrive they have to %ound on them
to !ain %ermission to enter, then, that which comes at ni!ht is called 4tari&4 Athe ni!ht,

Gere is another de#inition (i!in( the meanin( Ani(ht !isitorB #rom the root o# A"noc"Bin(
o# the door% (re#)
Muhammad Asad reads +araFa to mean beat somethin( or "noc" at somethin(%
$uote- f Some commentators assume that ,hat is described here as at-tariF (Kthat ,hich
comes in the ni(htK) is the mornin(-star because it appears to,ards the end o# the ni(ht0
others - li"e Cama"hshari or Ia(hib - understand by it Kthe starK in its (eneric sense%
Do, i# ,e analyEe the ori(in o# this noun ,e #ind that it is deri!ed #rom the !erb taraFa
,hich primarily means Khe beat Msomethin(NK or K"noc"ed Mat somethin(NK0 hence taraFa
Jl-bab Khe "noc"ed at the doorK% +ropically the noun si(ni#ies Kanythin( Mor KanyoneKN
that comes in the ni(htK because a person ,ho comes to a house by ni(ht is expected to
"noc" at the door (+a/ al-Arus)% In the $urJanic mode o# expression at-tariF is e!idently a
metaphor #or the hea!enly solace ,hich sometimes comes to a human bein( lost in the
deepest dar"ness o# a##liction and distress0 or #or the sudden intuiti!e enli(htenment
,hich disperses the dar"ness o# uncertainty0 or #inally #or di!ine re!elation ,hich
"noc"s as it ,ere at the doors o# manJs heart%% and thus #ul#ils the #unctions o# both
solace and enli(htenment% ('or my renderin( o# the ad/urati!e ,a as KConsiderK see
surah 5; #irst hal# o# note 87%)
:oes beat stri"e "noc" pound pierce mean pulse@ It seems a stretch o# the ima(ination
to su((est that% Gence I contend that the de#inition o# +ariF o# beat pierce stri"e "noc"
and pound does not su((est the pulsin( characteristics o# a pulsar%
In terms o# piercin( the dar"ness it ,ould appear pulsars are neither the bri(htest nor the
stron(est radio emitters in the Uni!erse%
Ie(ardless it ,ould appear that at +ariF re#ers to a sin(ular star not a collecti!e o#
pulsars% I# it is a sin(le pulsar ,hich one is it@ Sadly the $uran doesnBt say lea!in( the
lo(ical conclusion due to its sin(ular noun that it re#ers to somethin( the 5th Century
Arabs "ne, about%
+he claim that the $uran predicted the modern understandin( o# &lac" Goles is not
bac"ed by the scienti#ic e!idence%
+he claim that the $uran predicted the modern understandin( o# pulsars is con/ectural
and not supported by the scienti#ic e!idence%
It can also be seen that a blac" hole cannot possibly also be a pulsar% +hus it appears that
Garun .ahya has re#uted himsel#%

.at*s E(e ,i&e /ebula

+he !erse you brou(ht is-
KAnd ,hen the hea!en splitteth asunder and becometh IHS. 6IKE 1AID+ - (+he Doble $uran <<-75)K
In Arabic (<<-75-
gh\ iXj\
kX lmn\ og
pqr\ sm [g
kZ o\qt\ j\
uv w\ xZ y\
zX q{\ |} [q~\
+ransliteration- #aithainshaqqati ssamao fakanat wardatan kaalddihan
+he literal translation is K,hen the s"ies split asunder and becomes rosy red or rosy paint
What does this say exactly@ It says about somethin( that ,ill happen in the #uture% ,as
Muhammad pointin( to rosy explotions @ Dot at all because all you ,ant to do is /ust
read the ,hole chapter #ocusin( especially on the !erses be#ore and a#ter <<-75
What this speci#ic chapter has in common is a pop up !erse li"e )Which is it o# the
#a!ors o# your 6ord that ye deny@*
+his !erses repeatin( in the chapter many times% Chapter itsel# is !ery much poetic%
Do, letBs read a #e, !erses be#ore and a#ter !erses <<-75 (that means in context)%
We shall settle your a##airs H you t,o classes (d/inns and men)Q (<<-74) (Sana#ru"hu
la"um ayyuhal thaFlan)
?od the alle(ed author o# $uran spea"s o# a day ,hen he ,ill settle the matters o#
d/inns and men% ?odBs t,o classes o# creatures%
+hen ,hich o# the &lessin(s o# your 6ord ,ill you both (d/inns and men) deny@
(<<-78) ('abi ayyi aalai rabbi"uma tu"aEEiban)
Do need to interpret this !erse%%0 ?od as"s man"ind and d/inns ho, they are (oin( to
deny his blessin(s% +hatBs all%
H assembly o# d/inns and menQ I# you ha!e po,er to pass beyond the Eones o# the hea!ens and the earth
then pass (them)Q &ut you ,ill ne!er be able to pass them except ,ith authority (#rom Allah)Q (<<-77) M.a
maBaashara al/inni ,alinsi ini istataaBtum an tan#uthoo min aFtari assama,ati ,aalardi #aon#uthoo la
tan#uthoona illa bisultanN
A(ain see0 (od addresses both d/inns and human bein(s% Ge alerts none o# his creatures
can pierce throu(h hea!en and earth except ,ith his authority% +o understand this ,ell
one ,ill ha!e to read the !erses #ollo,in(%
+hen ,hich o# the &lessin(s o# your 6ord ,ill you both (d/inns and men) deny@ (<<-7;)
+here ,ill be sent a(ainst you both smo"eless #lames o# #ire and (molten) brass and you ,ill not be able to
de#end yoursel!es% (<<-7<) $ursalu alaykuma shuwatun min narin wanuhasun fala tantasiran
See the be(innin( o# this !erse% It is in #uture tense%
).ursaluU Will be sentK
+hat si(ni#ies o# somethin( that is (oin( to happen in #uture% Dot in past or present but in
#uture% H"ay letBs mo!e on%
+hen ,hich o# the &lessin(s o# your 6ord ,ill you both (d/inns and men) deny@ (<<-79)
+hen ,hen the hea!en is rent asunder and it becomes rosy or red li"e red-oil or red hide% (<<-75) ('aitha
inshaFFati assamao #a"anat ,ardatan "aBddihan)
+his is it% ?od ,ill split the hea!en and it ,ill become rosy red% A(ain somethin( that is
(oin( to happen in a certain period% Mo!e a(ain-
+hen ,hich o# the &lessin(s o# your 6ord ,ill you both (d/inns and men) deny@ (<<-7=)
So on that :ay no Fuestion ,ill be as"ed o# man or /inn as to his sin (<<-72)
('aya,maithin la yusalu an thanbihi insun ,ala /an)
Gere it is-
+he day neither man nor d/inns ,ill be as"ed o# their sins% &ut (od ,ill settle the matters in bet,een d/inns
and human bein(s% (As said in !erse <<-74)
&ut ,hich is that day@ +his present li!in( period@ Dot at all because nobody has seen
d/inns so #ar% So the day is yet to occur% It han(s about in the belly o# #uture% A certain
day% +o ma"e more clear continue readin(P
+hen ,hich o# the &lessin(s o# your 6ord ,ill you both (d/inns and men) deny@ (<<-;>)
+he Mu/rimun (polytheists criminals sinners etc%) ,ill be "no,n by their mar"s (blac" #aces) and they
,ill be seiEed by their #oreloc"s and their #eet% (<<-;4) (.uaBra#u almu/rimoona biseemahum #ayu"hathu
binna,asee ,alBaFdam)
?ot itPQ It is the :ay o# Sud(ment%
Mu/rimunU sinners criminals
It denotes in#idels ,ho arenBt belie!ed in Allah and his reli(ion% +hey ,ill be "no,n by
their mar"s and ,ill be seiEed by their #oreloc"s and their #eet% +his happens in the :ay
o# Sud(ment%

Q56!/ !/1 !,, .6E!8I3/ I/ %!I6"

It is my obser!ation that some Islamists particularly those ,ho are Western-educated
stri!e to pro!e the !alidity o# the $uran throu(h supposed scienti#ic miracles enclosed
therein% +ypically they Fuote A!a(ueB !erses amenable to multiple interpretations and
then choose the #e, interpretations to suit their aims% Some o# these are e!en Fuite
con!incin( particularly ,hen articulated by "no,led(eable Islamists and ,here absolute
proo# is impossible due to the nature o# the Fuestion%
+his article see"s to debun" /ust one o# these claims ,hich is the claim that Allah created
all creatures in pairs male and #emale%
$uran 47%7
.usu# Ali- And it is Ge ,ho spread out the earth and set thereon mountains standin( #irm and (#lo,in()
ri!ers- and #ruit o# e!ery "ind Ge made in pairs t,o and t,o- Ge dra,eth the ni(ht as a !eil oJer the :ay%
&ehold !erily in these thin(s there are si(ns #or those ,ho considerQ
1ic"thal- And Ge it is Who spread out the earth and placed therein #irm hills and #lo,in( streams and o# all
#ruits Ge placed therein t,o spouses (male and #emale)% Ge co!ereth the ni(ht ,ith the day% 6oQ herein
!erily are portents #or people ,ho ta"e thou(ht%
Sha"ir- And Ge it is Who spread the earth and made in it #irm mountains and ri!ers and o# all #ruits Ge has
made in it t,o "inds0 Ge ma"es the ni(ht co!er the day0 most surely there are si(ns in this #or a people ,ho
Sher Ali- And GE it is Who spread out the earth and made therein mountains and ri!ers and o# #ruits o#
e!ery "ind GE made therein t,o sexes% GE causes the ni(ht to co!er the day% +herein !erily are Si(ns #or
a people ,ho re#lect%
MWahu,a allathee madda al-arda ,a/aAAala #eeha ra,asiya ,aanharan ,amin "ulli alththamarati /aAAala
#eeha Ea,/ayni ithnayni yu(hshee allayla alnnahara inna #ee thali"a laayatin liFa,min yata#a""aroonaN
$uran 79%79
.usu# Ali- ?lory to ?od Who created in pairs all thin(s that the earth produces as ,ell as their o,n
(human) "ind and (other) thin(s o# ,hich they ha!e no "no,led(e%
1ic"thal- ?lory be to Gim Who created all the sexual pairs o# that ,hich the earth (ro,eth and o#
themsel!es and o# that ,hich they "no, notQ
Sha"ir- ?lory be to Gim Who created pairs o# all thin(s o# ,hat the earth (ro,s and o# their "ind and o#
,hat they do not "no,%
Sher Ali- Goly is GE Who created all thin(s in pairs o# ,hat the earth (ro,s and o# themsel!es and o#
,hat they "no, not%
MSubhana allathee "halaFa al-aE,a/a "ullaha mimma tunbitu al-ardu ,amin an#usihim ,amimma la
$uran >;7->48-
.usu# Ali- +hat has created pairs in all thin(s and has made #or you ships and cattle on ,hich ye ride
1ic"thal- Ge Who created all the pairs and appointed #or you ships and cattle ,hereupon ye ride%
Sha"ir- And Ge Who created pairs o# all thin(s and made #or you o# the ships and the cattle ,hat you ride
Sher Ali- And Who has created pairs o# all thin(s and has made #or you ships and cattle ,hereon you ride
MWaallathee "halaFa al-aE,a/a "ullaha ,a/aAAala la"um mina al#ul"i ,aal-anAAami ma tar"aboonaN
$uran ><4%>;2-
.usu# Ali- And o# e!ery thin( We ha!e created pairs- +hat ye may recei!e instruction%
1ic"thal- And all thin(s We ha!e created by pairs that haply ye may re#lect%
Sha"ir- And o# e!erythin( We ha!e created pairs that you may be mind#ul%
Sher Ali- And o# e!erythin( ha!e WE created pairs that you may re#lect%
MWamin "ulli shay-in "halaFna Ea,/ayni laAAalla"um tatha""aroonaN
1lease note that due to the Arichness o# the Arabic lan(ua(eB and because Allah made the
$uran Jclear and easy to understandJ some Islamists may try to ar(ue that at least some o#
these !erses do not con!ey the messa(e that AA66 CIEA+UIESB are created in pairs
ta"in( the literal or metaphorical sense ,hiche!er and ,hene!er suits them best%
'or example a disin(enuous Islamist may claim that !erse 47-7 re#ers only to 'IUI+S
or that !erse 79-79 re#ers only to thin(s (ro,n #rom the Earth (i%e% plants)% Go,e!er
!erses ;7-48 and <4-;2 ma"e it absolutely clear that Allah created A66 CIEA+UIES in
pairs% +here is no ambi(uity%
I ,ill i(nore the #ollo,in( !erses reco(niEin( the possibility o# rele!ance solely to
humans% 'urther their inclusion does not detract #rom my ar(uments%
K+hat Ge did create in pairs- male and #emale (+he Doble $uran <7-;<)K
KAnd o# him Ge made t,o sexes male and #emale% (+he Doble $uran 5<-72)K
K&y (the mystery o#) the creation o# male and #emale0 (+he Doble $uran 28-7)K
8he Islamists .ase
%!I6" I/ ,I>I/2 8HI/2" EIe#%F
Hne o# the most recent o# all scienti#ic disco!eries is that e!erythin( in the uni!erse exists
in pairs such as male and #emale amon( li!in( thin(s% Do, ,e #ind that roc" crystals also
ha!e pairs%
+he $urJan says- And o# e!erythin( We ha!e created pairs- +hat ye may recei!e Instruction%
Surah Cariyat <4- ;2 A% .usu# All in note <>8< item (7) says
KAll thin(s are in t,os- sex in plants and animals by ,hich one indi!idual is complementary to another0 in
the subtle #orces o# nature% :ay and Di(ht positi!e and ne(ati!e electricity #orces o# attraction and
repulsion- and numerous other opposites each #ul#illin( its purpose and contributin( to the ,or"in( o#
?odJs Uni!erse0 and in the moral and spiritual ,orld% 6o!e and A!ersion Mercy and Sustice Stri!in( and
Iest and so on0-all #ul#illin( their #unctions accordin( to the Artistry and ,onder#ul 1urpose o# ?od%
E!erythin( has its counterpart or pair or complement% ?od alone is Hne ,ith none li"e Gim or needed to
complement Gim% +hese are noble thin(s to contemplate% And they lead us to a true understandin( o# ?odJs
1urpose and Messa(e%K
http-33,,,%science;islam%com3html3sci->;e%htmlP,e #ind in the #ollo,in( !erse more
(eneraliEations ,here Allah Says0 (And o# e!erythin( ,e ha!e created pairs that ye may
recei!e instruction)% +he ,ord )thin( ,e to(ether ,ith the people ,ho preceded us ha!e
understood it to be inclusi!e to contain humans plants and animals% Since the $uran has
included them all in this !erse and told us that all creatures ,ere made up o# males and
%,!/8" .6E!8E1 I/ %!I6", M!,E !/1 FEM!,E (Ie#)
1re!iously humans did not "no, that plants too ha!e male and #emale (ender
distinctions% &otany states that e!ery plant has a male and #emale (ender% E!en the plants
that are unisexual ha!e distinct elements o# both male and #emale% )AAnd has sent :o,n
,ater #rom the s"y%B With it ha!e We produced :i!erse pairs o# plants Each separate
#rom the others%* MAl- $urBaan 8>-<7N
F65I8" .6E!8E1 I/ %!I6", M!,E !/1 FEM!,E
)And #ruit H# e!ery "ind Ge made In pairs t,o and t,o%* MAl-$urBaan 47-7N
'ruit is the end product o# reproduction o# the superior plants% +he sta(e precedin( #ruit is
the #lo,er ,hich has male and #emale or(ans (stamens and o!ules)% Hnce pollen has
been carried to the #lo,er they bear #ruit ,hich in turn matures and #rees its seed% All
#ruits there#ore imply the existence o# male and #emale or(ans0 a #act that is mentioned in
the $urBaan%
In certain species #ruit can come #rom non-#ertiliEed #lo,ers (parthenocarpic #ruit) e%(%
bananas certain types o# pineapple #i( oran(e !ine etc% +hey also ha!e de#inite sexual
E>E678HI/2 M!1E I/ %!I6"
)And o# e!erythin( We ha!e created pairs%* MAl-$urBaan <4-;2N
+his re#ers to thin(s other than humans animals plants and #ruits% It may also be
re#errin( to a phenomenon li"e electricity in ,hich the atoms consist o# ne(ati!ely R and
positi!ely R char(ed electrons and protons%
)?lory to Allah Who created In pairs all thin(s that +he earth produces as ,ell as +heir o,n (human) "ind
And (other) thin(s o# ,hich +hey ha!e no "no,led(e%* MAl-$urBaan 79-79N
+he $urBaan here says that e!erythin( is created in pairs includin( thin(s that the
humans do not "no, at present and may disco!er later%
M!88E6 !/1 !/8IM!88E6
Some Islamists claim the mere existence o# antimatter complements to matter ,ithout
re(ard to their relati!e abundance (matter dominates in our uni!erse a#ter the #irst second
post the &i( &an() pro!es the !alidity o# the Acreation in pairsB !erses particularly ;7-48
<4-;2 and especially 79-79 (as in )pairs o# thin(s un"no,n to them*)% +he Athin(s
un"no,n to themB part supposedly re#ers to our modern understandin( o# particle
+he &ritish physicist 1aul :irac ,ho disco!ered that matter ,as created in pairs ,on
the Dobel 1riEe #or 1hysics in 4277% +his #indin( "no,n as KparityK re!ealed the duality
"no,n as matter and antimatter% Antimatter bears the opposite characteristics to matter%
'or instance contrary to matter antimatter electrons are positi!e and protons ne(ati!e%
An Islamist ma"in( this sort o# claim is Hsama Abdallah o# Ans,erin(-Christianity%
6ebuttin) the Islamists .ase
+he case a(ainst the $uran and the Islamists is really !ery simple% All one has to do is to
sho, that not all creatures are AcreatedB in pairs% My opinion is that Muhammad bein(
the camel-ridin( scimitar-,ieldin( rapin( O pilla(in( desert bandit that he ,as didnBt
ha!e access to a microscope or a (ood 6e!el 4 biolo(y textboo"% +here#ore he couldnBt
ha!e "no,n about asexual or(anisms partheno(enetic or(anisms or hermaphrodites%
It ,as all too easy #or Muhammad to obser!e male and #emale humans camels do(s and
e!en de!ils /inns and an(els% &ut as he had no idea about micro-or(anisms and
herpetolo(y he ,as una,are that he ,as mista"en in his belie# that all creatures came in
males and #emales%
+he alternati!e theses are also interestin(- either Allah #or(ot Ge created asexual
partheno(enetic and hermaphroditic or(anisms0 Allah #or(ot to tell Sibreel0 Sibreel didnBt
listen to Allah0 or Sibreel #or(ot to tell Muhammad%
?i!en this (larin( mista"e that all creatures are created in (male-#emale) pairs it is clear
that Muhammad made up the $uran%
#: 8he Quran lea+es out asexual or)anisms: E6efF
Asexual reproduction is #ound in the ma/ority o# li!in( or(anisms includin( most plants
protists (e%(% bacteria protoEoans and unicellular al(ae and #un(i) and many lo,er
in!ertebrates such as tape,orms%
Hther examples o# asexual reproducti!e or(anisms are hydrae and many lo,er plants
(e%(% #erns)% Some or(anisms are also capable o# re(eneration a specialiEed #orm o#
asexual reproduction #or example star#ish polyps Eebra#ish #lat,orms ne,ts and
salamanders% Many plants are capable o# total re(eneration% Amon( animals the lo,er
the #orm the more capable it is o# total re(eneration0 no !ertebrates ha!e this po,er
(except arti#icially in the lab)% Ie(eneration is closely allied to !e(etati!e reproduction
the #ormation o# a ne, indi!idual by !arious parts o# the or(anism not specialiEed #or
reproduction% +he hi(hest animals that exhibit !e(etati!e reproduction are the colonial
tunicates (e%(% sea sFuirts) ,hich much li"e plants send out runners in the #orm o#
stolons small parts o# ,hich #orm buds that de!elop into ne, indi!iduals%
(Dote that hydra and /elly#ish and many primarily asexual or(anisms are also capable o#
sexual reproduction R ho,e!er many simple or(anisms li"e bacterial yeasts and 'un(i
Imper#ecti are totally asexual)%
2: 8he Quran lea+es out hermaphrodites:
Some creatures includin( plants are totally hermaphrodites% 'or example spon(es
snails the slu(-li"e sea hare and some "inds o# deep-sea arro, ,orms are
hermaphrodites that is they ha!e both sexes in one body%
Some creatures also chan(e their sex durin( their li#e-cycles- $uaho(s (hard-shell clams)
are born and (ro, up male but later hal# o# them turn #emale% Slipper shells and cup and
saucer shells do this too0 they commence e!ery season as males but nearly all o# them
later pass throu(h a phase o# ambisexuality and turn into adult #emales% Some species
chan(e sex dependin( on their en!ironment such as the marine ,orm Hphryotrocha i#
the portly youn( #emales are later under#ed they re!ert bac" into males a(ain% Some #ish
can also chan(e sex spontaneously #or example some (roupers and (uppies%
Some Islamists may try to claim that hermaphrodites are actually a male-#emale pair as
both sexes are included in the one or(anism% It may be that in a population some
hermaphrodites act as males ,hile others act as #emales% +his Islamist claim o# course
,ould be totally dishonest as a hermaphrodite by de#inition is both male and #emale at
once e!en i# per#ormin( one o# its sexual #unctions at the one time%
B: 8he Quran lea+es out partheno)enetic or)anisms:
1artheno(enesis is a #orm o# reproduction in ,hich the o!um de!elops into a ne,
indi!idual ,ithout #ertiliEation% Datural partheno(enesis has been obser!ed in many
lo,er animals (it is characteristic o# the roti#ers) especially insects e%(% the aphid% In
many social insects such as the honeybee and the ant the un#ertiliEed e((s (i!e rise to
the male drones and the #ertiliEed e((s to the #emale ,or"ers and Fueens%
Dote that the aphids bees and ants are not true partheno(enetic or(anisms as they are
also capable o# sexual reproduction%
Go,e!er Muhammad apparently didnBt "no, about the 4< species o# ,hiptail liEard
((enus Cnemidophorus) that are ,holly partheno(enetic #or example Cnemidophorus
ti(ris (Western ,hiptail) and C% neomexicanus nor did he "no, about the Ambystomids
the unisexual hybrid salamanders%
Ge also didnBt "no, about the Island or &rahminy &lind Sna"e Iamphotyphlops
braminus the only partheno(enetic sna"e in the ,orld ,hich happens to ori(inate #rom
the 1aci#ic Islands (lands un"no,n to Arabs in MuhammadBs time)%
C: 8he .hinese 7in'7an) dualit( concept
Islamists claim the $uranBs Acreation in pairsB !erses especially 79-79 re#ers to our
modern understandin( o# matter antimatter complements% Some critics respond by
hi(hli(htin( the relati!e paucity o# antimatter compared to matter particularly as most
antimatter ,as destroyed in the #irst second a#ter the &i( &an(% (Ie#%)
De!ertheless some Islamist mi(ht claim that the mere #act that antimatter exists pro!es
the $uranic Acreation in pairsB !erses to be miraculous as ho, could a se!enth century
bandit "no, about matter antimatter@
Un#ortunately #or the Islamist polemicists the ancient Chinese already belie!ed in the
duality o# all creation% +his duality principle is "no,n as A.in and .an(B part o# the
+aoist belie# system% +he date o# ori(in o# the .in-.an( duality principle is un"no,n
ho,e!er all reasonable estimates predate Islam by at least t,o thousand #i!e hundred
years% Dote the .in-.an( symbol dates bac" to at least ;>>&C and ,as present in
ancient Shan( :ynasty &ronEe but the .in-.an( principle dated much earlier%
%he $ellow &mperor' leendary (hinese emperor and cultural hero rulin from 2)*+ ,(
to 2-*+ ,( and considered to be the ancestor of the .an (hinese' said /%he principle of
$in and $an is the foundation of the entire uni!erse. 0t underlies e!erythin in creation.
0t brins about the de!elopment of parenthood1 it is the root and source of life and

+hese Fuotes about .in-.an( sho, that it may be extended to matter antimatter
(ounterparts and conflictin opposites' they complemented each other in the formation of
a creati!e force whose products were hea!en and earth with its fruits.

3ccordin to the theoretical physics de!eloped in the twentieth century the principle of
$in $an and the use of parado4 persist1 when there is matter there must also be

+hus it is hardly miraculous #or the $uran to claim Acreation in pairsB o# all thin(s "no,n
and un"no,n ,hen the ancient Chinese already belie!ed in a remar"ably similar duality
principle at least t,o thousand years be#ore Islam%
C: 8he 6i) >eda:
Islamists are not uniFue amon( reli(ious polemicists ,ho reinterpret ancient scriptures in
the li(ht o# modern science% :r Ia/a Iam Mohan Ioy a physical scientist in )LE:IC
1G.SICS- Scienti#ic Hri(in o# Ginduism0 ?olden E(( 1ublishin(* ma"es such a claim
that the Ii( Leda already presa(ed the modern scienti#ic understandin( o# matter
antimatter complements%
%hus the contractin uni!erse is 5Martanda5' the li!in uni!erse 6i!as!ana' the first pair
of particle and anti-particle 7matter and antimatter8 are 5$ama5 and 5Manu5' the early
part of the uni!erse when the surface tension was the most important force constrainin
the e4pansion of the uni!erse the battle between these two forces is the immortalized epic
battle of 0ndra and 6rtra.
It is also claimed that the 1urusha su"ta #rom .a/uraranaya"a (7-47 77O 7;) alluded to
antimatter dar" matter and blac" holes% (Ie#%)

+here#ore based on the existence o# asexual hermaphroditic and partheno(enetic
or(anisms the $uranic !erses about Allah creatin( A66 CIEA+UIES in pairs (male
and #emale) is debun"ed% +he ancient Chinese .in-.an( duality principle pro!es that the
any spurious Islamist claim o# Acreation in pairsB to mean matter antimatter complements
to be unremar"able% &esides some Gindus ma"e similar claims about the Ii(-Leda as
the Islamists ma"e about the $uran about scriptural allusions to matter and antimatter%

.6E!8I3/ 3F H5M!/ -EI/2" F63M .,!7
Many Christians and Muslims use the recent scienti#ic hypothesis o# clay particles as
catalysts #or abio(ensis as e!idence o# the !eracity o# their scriptures #or example-
$la%s matchma&ing coul# ha'e s(ar&e# life
1*9:: 2" ;ctober 2::"
<ew=cientist.com news ser!ice
Philip (ohen

%wo of the crucial components for the oriin of life - enetic material and cell membranes
- could ha!e been introduced to one another by a lump of clay' new e4periments ha!e

%he study of montmorillonite clay' by Martin .anczyc' =helly #ujikawa and >ack =zostak
at the Massachusetts ?eneral .ospital in ,oston' re!ealed it can sharply accelerate the
formation of membranous fluid-filled sacs.

%hese !esicles also row and undero a simple form of di!ision' i!in them the
properties of primiti!e cells. Pre!ious work has shown that the same simple mineral can
help assemble the enetic material @<3 from simpler chemicals. 50nterestinly' the clay
also ets internalised in the !esicles'5 says Aeslie ;rel' an oriin of life e4pert at the
=alk 0nstitute for ,ioloical =ciences in =an Bieo' (alifornia. 5=o this work is quite nice
in that it finds a connection between the mechanism that creates @<3 and encloses it in a

0nherit' mutate' e!ol!e
%he enesis of enetic material and the emerence of cell structure are hot areas of
research' but until now the two had not connected. %he birth of enetic material was
clearly crucial for life to take on its unique abilities to inherit' mutate and e!ol!e.

3nd membranes were key to the physioloy of cells because they protect their contents'
concentrate chemicals to promote reactions and isolate successful enes from
unsuccessful ones. 50tCs clear you really need both these elements to et e!olution off the
round and runnin'5 says =zostak.

@esearch has already shown that some of buildin blocks for @<3-like molecules and
membranes are spontaneously created by chemical reactions in outer space and in
conditions that may ha!e e4isted on the primordial &arth. ,ut how these subunits were
then assembled is still debated.

#or @<3' one popular theory re!ol!es around the unusual properties of montmorillonite
clay. %he neati!ely chared layers of its crystals create a sandwich of positi!e chare
between them. %his turns out to be a hihly attracti!e en!ironment for @<3 subunits to
concentrate and join toether into lon chains.

1::-fold acceleration
=zostak wondered whether montmorillonite could also help the assembly of !esicles from
simple fatty acid precursors. .e remembers the day his colleaues .anczyc and #ujikawa
ran into his office to show him their first results9 the clay caused a 1::-fold acceleration
of !esicle formation.

50t was pretty amazin'5 he says. ;nce formed' the !esicles often incorporated bit of clay
and were able to row by absorbin more fatty acid subunits.

.is team also showed the clay could hold @<3 and form !esicles at the same time.
#luorescently-labelled @<3 attached to the clay ended up assembled into !esicles after
the reaction. 3nd the researchers were able to et these 5protocells5 to di!ide by forcin
them throuh small holes. %his caused them to split into smaller !esicles' with minimal
loss of their contents.

=zostak admits that in a natural settin the !esicles would rarely be forced to di!ide in
this way. =o now his roup is searchin for different mi4tures of membrane-formin
molecules that miht di!ide spontaneously when they reach a certain size.

>ournal reference9 =cience 7!ol. ":2' p )1+ 8

+he scienti#ic hypothesis postulates that the clay merely Jmatch-ma"esJ IDA and
membrane !esicles - and there#ore does not #orm a buildin( bloc"% +his is contrary to the
Abrahamic 'aith postulate that human bein(s ,ere created 'IHM clay implyin( clay
,as a buildin( bloc"%
Dot,ithstandin( this "ey distinction are the Abrahamic 'aiths the only reli(ions ,ho
postulated the creation o# human bein(s #rom clay@ +he ans,er is no% Many reli(ions
pre-datin( (and some post-datin() the Abrahamic 'aiths also carry this Jcreation o#
human bein(s #rom clayJ myth% +he earliest are the pre-cursors o# the Abrahamic 'aiths -
namely the early Mesopotamian reli(ions%
Ie#erence- Christopher &% Siren (4222) based on Sohn C% ?ibsonJs Canaanite Mytholo(y
and S% G% Goo"eJs Middle Eastern Mytholo(y rt#m%mit%edu at
3ruru 7<inmah' <intu' <inhursaa' ,elet-ili' Mami8
-=he is the mother oddess and was responsible for the creation of man with the help of
&nlil or &nki. =he is also called the womb oddess' and midwife of the ods. ;n &aCs
ad!ice' she acted on his direction and mi4ed clay with the blood of the od ?eshtu-e' in
order to shape and birth se!en men and se!en women. %hese people would bear the
workload of the 0ii. =he also added to the creation of ?ilamesh' and' at 3nuCs
command' made &nkidu in 3nuCs imae by pinchin off a piece of clay' throwin it into
the wilderness' and birthin him there. &a called her to offer her belo!ed <inurta as the
one who should hunt 3nzu. =he does so.

7?ibson p. )+8 men are considered made of CclayC.

3ccordin to =amuel <oah Eramer 7%ablets of =umer' (olorado'1*-)8 <ammu and
<inmah' assisted by deities who are the Cood and princely fashionersC' mi4ed clay which
was Co!er the abyssC and brouht man into e4istence.

?ods were ha!in difficulty in findin food' and their problems ha!e increased when the
later born oddesses joined them. &nki the water od - he was the od of wisdom and in a
position to help them - was fast asleep in the sea and did not hear their complaints. &nkiCs
mother Mother of all ?ods <ammu brouht the tears of the complainants to &nki and told
him in their presence9 5;F my son' et off your bed... do what is wise. ?i!e shape to
7make some8 ser!ants to ods. Aet them make their own copies.7G85 &nki thinks' decides to
head the Cunion of ood and briht modelistsC and says to <ammu9 C;F mother' the
creature you ha!e mentioned e4ists9 Put the imae of ods7G8 on him. =hape his heart
from the clay on the surface of the ,ottomless Beep. ?ood and briht modelists will
thicken this clay. $ou make its orans1 <inmah 7?oddess of &arth8 will work in front of
you. While you are makin a model2oddesses of birth will be with you. ;F mother
decide on the faith of the newborn' let <inmah put the imae of ods on it9 %his is the

5&nki and <inmah5
=he is the mother oddess and' as <inmah' assists in the creation of man. &nki' ha!in
been propted by <ammu to create ser!ants for the ods' describes how <ammu and
<inmah will help fashion man from clay. Prior to ettin to work' she and &nki drink
o!ermuch at a feast. =he then shapes si4 flawed !ersions of man from the heart of the clay
o!er the 3bzu' with &nki declarin their fates. &nki' in turn also creates a flawed man
which is unable to eat. <inmah appears to curse him for the failed effort. 7Eramer 1*)"
pp. 1H*-1-11 Eramer 1*)1 pp. )*-I28

Hther #aiths that postulate the Jcreation o# human bein(s #rom clayJ myths include the
ancient E(yptians some A#rican tribes and the Incas% MIe#erence- Mytholoy9 3n
0llustrated &ncyclopedia% Ed% Iichard Ca!endish% Sil!erdale &oo"s% 4228% IS&D 4-
)ncient *g(tian
Ehnum' the ram-headed od of &lephantine' the potter' fashioned men on his wheel'
makin use of the clay in his locality as his basic material. 7p. -I8

%he =hilluk' who li!e alon the <ile in the =udan' say that >uok 7?od8 created men out of
clay. .e tra!eled north and found some white clay' out of which he fashioned &uropeans.
%he 3rabs were made of reddish-brown clay and the 3fricans from black earth. 7p. 1H18

3lso9 http9JJdickins.intrasun.tcnj.eduJdiasporaJileana.html

%he Panwe of (ameroun say that ?od first created a lizard out of clay which he placed
in a pool to soak. .e left it there for se!en days' and then called KMan' come outL' and a
man emered instead of a lizard. 7p. 1H18

2 the ?od 6iracocha created the earth and the sky and peopled the earth with men.
%here was no sun and the people walked in darkness. ,ut they disobeyed their (reator
and he chose to destroy them' turnin some into stone and drownin the rest in a flood
which rose abo!e the hihest mountains in the world. %he only sur!i!ors were a man and
a woman who remained in a bo4 and who' when the water subsided were carried by the
wind to %ihuanaco' the chief abode of the (reator. %here he raised up all the people and
nations' makin fiures of clay and paintin the clothes each nation was to wear. %o each
nation he a!e a lanuae' sons and the seeds they were to sow. %hen he breathed life
and soul into the clay and ordered each nation to pass under the earth and emere in the
place he directed. 7p. 1+I8

+he ancient ?ree"s belie!ed 1rometheus and Athena created humans #rom mud% (Ie#%)
Prometheus shaped man out of mud' and 3thena breathed life into his clay fiure.

South Cali#ornian Amerindians also belie!e humans ,ere created #rom clay% (re#%)
(hinichinich then formed man' both male and female' out of white clay found upon the
borders of a lake.

+his re#erence sho,s that Acreation o# humans #rom clayB myths are common throu(hout
the ,orld includin( #ar-#lun( places li"e Australia and the 1aci#ic Islands ,hich ,ere not
in contact ,ith the Abrahamic 'aiths until recent times% (Ie#)
%hus the Earens of ,urma say that ?od 5created man' and of what did he form himG .e
created man at first from the earth' and finished the work of creation. .e created woman'
and of what did he form herG .e took a rib from the man and created the woman.5

%he aboriines of Minahassa' in the north of (elebes' say that two beins called Wailan
Wanko and Wani 7created humans from earth8. =aid Wailan Wanko to Wani' 5@eturn
and take earth and make two imaes' a man and a woman.5

%he Byaks of =akarran in ,ritish ,orneo say that the first man was made by two lare
birds. 3t first they tried to make men out of trees' but in !ain. %hen they hewed them out
of rocks' but the fiures could not speak. %hen they moulded a man out of damp earth and
infused into his !eins the red um of the kumpan-tree. 3fter that they called to him and
he answered 1 they cut him and blood flowed from his wounds' so they a!e him the name
of %annah Eumpok or 5moulded earth.

%he supreme od of the 0sland of <ias' Auo Maho' took a handful of earth as lare as an
e' and fashioned out of it a fiure like one of those fiures of ancestors which the
people of <ias construct. .a!in made it' he put it in the scales and weihed it1 he
weihed also the wind' and ha!in weihed it' he put it on the lips of the fiure which he
had made 1 so the fiure spoke like a man or like a child' and ?od a!e him the name of

%he ,ila-an' a wild tribe of Mindanao' one of the Philippine 0slands' relate the creation
of man 2 7by8 a certain bein named Melu. .e fashioned them accordinly in his own
likeness out of the lea!ins of the scurf whereof he had moulded the earth' and these two
were the first human beins.

%he ,aobos' a paan tribe of =outh-&astern Mindanao' say that in the beinnin a
certain Biwata made the sea and the land' and planted trees of many sorts. %hen he took
two lumps of earth' shaped them like human fiures' and spat on them1 so they became
man and woman.

%he Eumis' who inhabit portions of 3rakan and the (hittaon hill tracts in eastern
0ndia' told (aptain Aewin the followin story of the creation of man. ?od made the world
and the trees and the creepin thins first' and after that he made one man and one
woman' formin their bodies of clay.

3ccordin to the Eorkus' an aboriinal tribe of the (entral Pro!inces of 0ndia9
%hereupon the od 7Mahadeo aka =hi!a8 repaired to the spot' and takin a handful of the
red earth he fashioned out of it two imaes' in the likeness of a man and a woman.

3 like tale is told' with a curious !ariation' by the Mundas' a primiti!e aboriinal tribe of
(hota <apur. %hey say that the =un-od' by name =inbona' first fashioned two clay
fiures' one meant to represent a man and the other a woman.

73ccordin to8 the =antals of ,enal2 =ome say C she 7Malin ,udhi8 made them 7humans8
of a kind of froth which proceeded from a supernatural bein who dwelt at the bottom of
the sea' but others say she made them of a stiff clay.

%hus the 3ustralian blacks in the neihborhood of Melbourne said that Pund-jel' the
(reator' cut three lare sheets of bark with his bi knife. ;n one of these he placed some
clay and worked it up with his knife into a proper consistence. .e then laid a portion of
the clay on one of the other pieces of bark and shaped it into a human form 1 first he
made the feet' then the les' then the trunk' the arms' and the head. %hus he made a clay
man on each of the two pieces of bark1 and bein well pleased with his handiwork' he
danced round them for joy. <e4t he took striny bark from the eucalyptus tree' made hair
of it' and stuck it on the heads of his clay men. %hen he looked at them aain' was pleased
with his work' and aain danced round them for joy. .e then lay down on them' blew his
breath hard into their mouths' their noses' and their na!els 1 and presently they stirred'
spoke' and rose up as full-rown men.1

%acific Islands;
%he Maoris of <ew Mealand say that a certain od' !ariously named %u' %iki' and %ane'
took red ri!erside clay' kneaded it with his own blood into a likeness or imae of himself'
with eyes' les' arms' and all complete' in fact' an e4act copy of the deity 1 and ha!in
perfected the model' he animated it by breathin into its mouth and nostrils' whereupon
the clay effiy at once came to life and sneezed. 5;f all these thins'5 said a Maori' in
relatin the story of manCs creation' 5the most important is the fact that the clay sneezed'
forasmuch as that sin of the power of the ods remains with us e!en to this day in order
that we may be reminded of the reat work %u accomplished on the altar of the
Eauhana-nui' and hence it is that when men sneeze the words of %u are repeated by
those who are present51 for they say' 5=neeze' ; spirit of life.5 1 =o like himself was the
man whom the Maori (reator %iki fashioned that he called him %iki-ahua' that is' %ikiCs

3 !ery enerally recei!ed tradition in %ahiti was that the first human pair was made by
%aaroa' the chief od. %hey say that after he had formed the world he created man out of
red earth' which was also the food of mankind until bread-fruit was produced. #urther'
some say that one day %aaroa called for the man by name' and when he came he made
him fall asleep. 3s he slept' the (reator took out one of his bones 7i!i8 and made of it a
woman' whom he a!e to the man to be his wife' and the pair became the proenitors of

0n <ui' or <etherland 0sland' one of the &llice 0slands' they say that the od 3ulialia
made models of a man and a woman out of earth' and when he raised them up they came
to life. .e called the man %epapa and the woman %etata.- %he Pelew 0slanders relate that
a brother and sister made men out of clay kneaded with the blood of !arious animals' and
that the characters of these first men and of their descendants were determined by the
characters of the animals whose blood had been minled with the primordial clay.

3ccordin to a Melanesian leend' told in Mota' one of the ,anksC 0slands' the hero Nat
moulded men of clay' the red clay from the marshy ri!erside at 6anua Aa!a.

%he inhabitants of <oo-hoo-roa' in the Eei 0slands' say that their ancestors were
fashioned out of clay by the supreme od' Booadlera' who breathed life into the clay

%he Marindineeze' a tribe who occupy the dreary' monotonous treeless flats on the
southern coast of Butch <ew ?uinea' not far from the border of the ,ritish territory9
%hey say that one day a crane or stork 7dik8 was busy pickin fish out of the sea. .e threw
them on the beach' where the clay co!ered and killed them. =o the fish were no loner
anythin but shapeless lumps of clay. %hey were cold and warmed themsel!es at a fire of
bamboos. &!ery time that a little bamboo burst with a pop in the heat' the lumps of clay
assumed more and more the shape of human beins.

%he (heremiss of @ussia' a #innish people' tell a story of the creation of man which
recalls episodes in the %oradjan and 0ndian leends of the same e!ent. %hey say that ?od
moulded manCs body of clay and then went up to hea!en to fetch the soul' with which to
animate it.

8he !mericas;
2the &skimo of Point ,arrow' in 3laska' tell of a time when there was no man in the
land' till a certain spirit named O sP lu' who resided at Point ,arrow' made a clay man'
set him up on the shore to dry' breathed into him' and a!e him life.1 ;ther &skimo of
3laska relate how the @a!en made the first woman out of clay' to be a companion to the
first man 1 he fastened water-rass to the back of the head to be hair' flapped his wins
o!er the clay fiure' and it arose' a beautiful youn woman.2 %he 3cachemem 0ndians of
(alifornia said that a powerful bein called (hinichinich created man out of clay which
he found on the banks of a lake 1 male and female created he them' and the 0ndians of the
present day are the descendants of the clay man and woman."

%he Maidu 0ndians of (alifornia the first man and woman were created by a mysterious
personae named &arth-0nitiate' who descended from the sky by a rope made of feathers.
.is body shone like the sun' but his face was hidden and ne!er seen. ;ne afternoon he
took dark red earth' mi4ed it with water' and fashioned two fiures' one of them a man
and the other a woman.

%he BieueQo 0ndians or' as they call themsel!es' the Eawakipais' who occupy the
e4treme south-western corner of the =tate of (alifornia' ha!e a myth to e4plain how the
world in its present form and the human race were created2. %caipakomat took a lump
of liht-colored clay' split it partly up' and made a man of it.

%he .opi or Moqui 0ndians of 3rizon2 %hereupon the eastern oddess took clay and
moulded out of it first a woman and afterwards a man 1 and the clay man and woman
were brouht to life just as the birds and beasts had been so before them.

%he Pima 0ndians' another tribe of 3rizona' allee that the (reator took clay into his
hands' and mi4in it with the sweat of his own body' kneaded the whole into a lump. %hen
he blew upon the lump till it bean to li!e and mo!e and became a man and a woman.2 3
priest of the <atchez 0ndians in Aouisiana told Bu Pratz 5 that ?od had kneaded some
clay' such as that which potters use' and had made it into a little man 1 and that after
e4aminin it' and findin it well formed' he blew upon his work' and forthwith that little
man had life' rew' acted' walked' and found himself a man perfectly well shaped.5

%he Michoacans of Me4ico said that the reat od %ucapacha first made man and woman
out of clay.

%he Aenua 0ndians of Parauay belie!e that the (reator' in the shape of a beetle'
inhabited a hole in the earth' and that he formed man and woman out of the clay which he
threw up from his subterranean abode.
It is apparent that #ol"loric tales about the creation o# humans #rom clay3earth3mud is !ery
common% So does the modern Scienti#ic hypothesis o# the role o# clay in abio(enesis
pro!e the !alidity o# the reli(ions o# the ancient Mesopotamians the ancient E(yptians
the A#rican peoples o# Sillu" and 1an(,e the Amerindians the Karens o# &urma or the
Is Khnum the true (od@ Hr Dammu Liracocha Suo" Chini(chinich or 1und-/el@ Why do
the Christians and Muslims belie!e .ah,eh or Allah to be the true (od as Jsu((estedJ by
the clay abio(enesis hypothesis@ It could ,ell be the ram-headed Elephantine (od Khnum
,ho really did create human bein(s #rom clay%

1!6/E"" I/ 8HE "E!" !/1 I/8E6/!, A!>E"

Another )miracle* that has dumb#ounded our Muslim #riends is the !erse 8;-;>-
Hr Mthe unbelie!ersJ stateN are li"e the dar"ness o# a #athomless sea ,hich is co!ered by ,a!es abo!e ,hich
are ,a!es abo!e ,hich are clouds layers o# dar"ness one upon the other% I# he puts out his hand he can
scarcely see it% +hose Allah (i!es no li(ht to they ha!e no li(ht% ($urJan 8;-;>)
Muslims claims that in deep seas and oceans the dar"ness increases and since human
bein(s are not able to di!e to a depth o# more than 5> meters ,ithout the aid o# special
eFuipment the abo!e !erse indicates that Muhammad had di!ine "no,led(e%
+his is an ob!ious sel# deludin( #allacy% Anyone ,ho has di!ed only a #e, meters in the
sea can see that the li(ht decreases ,ith depth especially i# there layers o# clouds
bloc"in( the sunli(ht% Since antiFuity Arabs used to di!e into the Ied Sea to har!est
coral% Claimin( that only Muhammad "ne, that in deep seas there is little li(ht is
preposterous ,hen this can be obser!ed by anyone di!in( into the sea%
Such claims only pro!e the desperation o# the Muslims to #abricate miracles #or a boo"
that contains nothin( but absurdities and nonsense%
&ut that is not all% Muslims also see another miracle in this !erse% +hey say the part that
says K%%%li"e the dar"ness o# a #athomless sea ,hich is co!ered by ,a!es abo!e ,hich are
,a!es abo!e ,hich are cloudsPK is another another miracle o# the $urJan because-
KScientists ha!e only recently disco!ered that there are sub-sur#ace ,a!es ,hich Koccur on density
inter#aces bet,een layers o# di##erent densities%K +hese internal ,a!es co!er the deep ,aters o# seas and
oceans because deep ,ater has a hi(her density than the ,ater abo!e it% Internal ,a!es act li"e sur#ace
,a!es% +hey can brea" /ust li"e sur#ace ,a!es% Internal ,a!es cannot be discerned by the human eye but
they can be detected by studyin( temperature or salinity chan(es at a (i!en location%K
We can clearly see that Muhammad in this !erse is not tal"in( about any internal and
under,ater ,a!es% Gis lan(ua(e is con#used% +hat is ,hy Muslims try to interpret his
,ords in any ,ay that please% Go, di##icult ,as #or him to be speci#ic and say that in the
sea there are internal ,ays@ &ut he is tal"in( about ,a!es o!er ,a!e as experienced by a
person that is bein( dro,ned in the sea%
I am al,ays amaEed to see the desperation o# the Muslims to #ind miracles in the most
banal statements o# the $uran%
+his !erse is not tryin( to explain to the readers ho, the deep oceans loo" but it is
exempli#yin( the state o# the unbelie!er ,ith somethin( that is already "no,n to the
reader% +his sho,s that people ,ho read this !erse already "ne, that the dept o# ocean is
dar" (/ust as anyone "no,s today) and ,ith this example Muhammad tried to ma"e them
!isualiEe the state o# the unbelie!er% I# they did not "no, that the deep ,aters are dar"
then the !erse ,ould not express ,hat it intends to express% I# I tell you my tie is the color
o# my hat ,hen you do "no, "no, ,hat color is my hat you ,ould not understand ,hat
color is my tie and I ,ould not be spea"in( clear to you% Iemember clarity is one o# the
claims o# the $uran% &ut i# I say my tie is red li"e cherry youBll soon "no, ,hat color I
am tal"in( about because you ha!e seen cherries and you are #amiliar ,ith their color%
'urthermore Muhammad is not tal"in( about )deep oceans*% In deep oceans you do not
need to )stretch your hand* as Muhammad says in order not to see it% .ou cannot see

8he E))'"haped or Flat Earth@

$uran 4<%>42-
.USU'A6I- And the earth We ha!e spread out (li"e a carpet)0 set thereon mountains #irm and immo!able0
and produced therein all "inds o# thin(s in due balance%
MWaal-arda madadnaha,aalFayna #eeha ra,asiya ,aanbatna#eeha min "ulli shay-in ma,EooninN
q\ o\wZ |\ \ \ xgy\
wZ |\ \ U madad U protract reach elon(ate extend dra, out len(then stretch out spread
out spra,l dilate reach ran(e un,ind outstretch per!ade len(then (:ictionary)
$uran 8>%><7-
.USU'A6I- KGe Who has made #or you the earth li"e a carpet spread out0 has enabled you to (o about
therein by roads (and channels)0 and has sent do,n ,ater #rom the s"y%K With it ha!e We produced di!erse
pairs o# plants each separate #rom the others%
Allathee /aAAala la"umu al-ardamahdan ,asala"a la"um #eeha subulan ,aanEala mina alssama-imaan
#aa"hra/na bihi aE,a/an min nabatinshatta
g|v Z \ \ xZ Z\ g Z t_ [\ \ a\ \ X [mg
g|v Z \ U mahdan U (Doun) cradle%or bed (!erb) #latten smoothen smooth le!el cement
(rade ram plane roll #lat le!el o## (dictionary)%
$uran ;7%>4>-
.USU'A6I- (.ea the same that) has made #or you the earth (li"e a carpet) spread out and has made #or
you roads (and channels) therein in order that ye may #ind (uidance (on the ,ay)0
MAllathee /aAAala la"umu al-ardamahdan ,a/aAAala la"um #eeha subulan laAAalla"um tahtadoonaN
g|v Z \ \ xZ Z\ g Z t_ [\ \ a\ \ X [mg
g|v Z \ U mahdan U (Doun) cradle or bed (!erb) #latten smoothen smooth le!el cement
(rade ram plane roll #lat le!el o## (dictionary)
$uran <>%>>5-
.USU'A6I- And the earth- We ha!e spread it out and set thereon mountains standin( #irm and produced
therein e!ery "ind o# beauti#ul (ro,th (in pairs)-
MWaal-arda madadnaha,aalFayna #eeha ra,asiya ,aanbatna#eeha min "ulli Ea,/in bahee/inN
q\ o\wZ |\ \ \ xgy\
wZ |\ \ U madad U protract reach elon(ate extend dra, out len(then stretch out spread
out spra,l dilate reach ran(e un,ind outstretch per!ade len(then (dictionary)
$uran <4%>;=-
.USU'A6I- And We ha!e spread out the (spacious) earth- Go, excellently We do spread outQ
MWaal-arda #arashnaha#aniAAma almahidoonaN
z\ y|_ X r\ [Zg \ aZ Xj\ q\ \Z `\ j\ \ xZ Z\ gy\
Z\ `\ j\ U #arasha U pro!ide ,ith #urniture #latten outspread per!ade circulate cement
(rade un,ind stretch expand #lat ran(e reach ram spread out len(then spra,l
un#old le!el o## roll out le!el (dictionary)
z\ y|_ X r\ [Zg #rom |_ X \ U #latten smoothen smooth le!el cement (rade ram plane roll #lat
le!el o## (dictionary)
$uran 54%>42-
.USU'A6I- KJAnd Allah has made the earth #or you as a carpet (spread out)
MWaAllahu /aAAala la"umu al-ardabisatanN
m_ gy\ \ a\ \ Z t_ [\ \ xZ Z\ g qv qs\ X
qv qs\ X U bisaatan U dru((et carpet ru(
#rom the !erb s U outspread #latten #lat e!en ram (rade le!el o## outstretch pa!e
le!el smoothen roll cement (dictionary)
$uran 5=%>>9-
.USU'A6I- Ga!e We not made the earth as a ,ide expanse
Alam na/AAali al-arda mihadan
gwv q\ X \ xZ g X a\ Z o\ Z [\\
wq U #lat land #lat plain rammin( (dictionary)
$uran 52%>7>-
.USU'A6I- And the earth moreo!er hath Ge extended (to a ,ide expanse)0
MWaal-arda baAAda thali"a dahahaN
In this !erse some muslims su((ests that the Koran says that the earth is e((-shaped%
+hey claim that dahaha U e((shaped but this is not true at all%
q{\ q\ w\ \ [Xh\ |\ aZ \ \ xZ gy\
q\ w\ U dahaUspread out le!el o## le!el% +he last ha U q{\ in dahaha means this% So dahaha
actually means spread out this le!el o## this le!el this% (dictionary)
Quran ==:020;
.USU'A6I- And at the Earth ho, it is spread out@
MWa-ila al-ardi "ay#a sutihatN
[\]Xy\ X xZ Z\ g \ YZ ~\ kZ \ X _
Dotice the ,ord \ m \ @ I# you do a ,ord search in an Arabic $urJan text #ile you ,ill #ind
the ,ord k #eminine #or \ m \
\ m \ U outspread un#old unroll roll len(then le!el ran(e pa!e per!ade circulate
(rade reach e!en le!el o## spread out prostrate plane outstretch #lat #latten e!en
smoothen% (dictionary)
Quran 9#:00$;
.USU'A6I- &y the Earth and its (,ide) expanse-
1ICK+GA6- And the earth and Gim Who spread it
SGAKII- And the earth and Gim Who extended it
Waal-ardi ,ama tahaha
q{\ q\ \ q\ y\ X xZ gy\
'urther proo# that the earth is #lat
Quran 2:022;
.USU'A6I- Who has made the earth your couch and the hea!ens your canopy0 and sent do,n rain #rom
the hea!ens0 and brou(ht #orth there,ith 'ruits #or your sustenance0 then set not up ri!als unto Allah ,hen
ye "no, (the truth)%
Gere is the !erse in Arabic%
_ t_ [\ \ a\ \ X [mg
^\ `\ Z \j\ pv q\ pX qr\ sm [g \ X \ \ o\y\ pq\X pqr\ sm [gy\ qvg`\ jX \ xZ \ g
Z _o\y\ gvwg|\ o\ X} gZ_a\ Z \ \ j\ Z t_ [m qvZ xX X g`\ r\ m[g \ X WX X
z\ r_ \aZ \
MAllathee /aAAala la"umu al-arda #irashan ,aalssamaa binaan ,aanEala mina alssama-i maan #aa"hra/a
bihi mina alththamarati riEFan la"um #ala ta/AAaloo lillahi andadan ,aantum taAAlamoonaN
I #ound an error in this translation% +he ,ord translated as canopy is binaa or binaan (pq\X)%
+his is ,hat the ,ord means in Arabic (dictionary)%
As you can see the ,ord binaa or binaan ( pq\X ) means Kbuildin(K% +he hea!ens are as a
multi-story buildin( o!er the earth% +here are se!en layers or stories to this buildin(
called the hea!ens% +he hea!ens are built on a K#latK #oundation called Kthe earthK%
+he +a#sir Ibn Kathir says the same thin(-
+hese Ayat indicate that Allah started creation by creatin( earth then Ge made hea!en into se!en
hea!ens% +his is ho, buildin( usually starts ,ith the lo,er #loors #irst and then the top #loors
Also this !erse on the settin( o# the sun in mur"y ,ater supports that the earth is #lat in
the "oran%
Quran #=:0=$;
.USU'A6I- Until ,hen he reached the settin( o# the sun he #ound it set in a sprin( o# mur"y ,ater- Dear
it he #ound a 1eople- We said- KH Cul-FarnainQ (thou hast authority) either to punish them or to treat them
,ith "indness%K
In this next !erse ,e are told that its only the mountains ,ho disrupt the earth #rom bein(
completly #lat%
Quran #=:0C<;
.USU'A6I- Hne :ay We shall remo!e the mountains and thou ,ilt see the earth as a le!el stretch and
We shall (ather them all to(ether nor shall We lea!e out any one o# them%
Another !ery stron( ar(ument is ho, the ramadan (ets all #%%c"ed up because o# todayJs
time-Eones% A #lat earth ,ould DH+ ha!e time-Eones%
See this thread%
Muslim 1efence
KSeest thou not that Allah mer(es Di(ht into :ay And Ge mer(es :ay into Di(ht@K M74-82N
KGe created the hea!ens And the earth In true (proportions)- Ge ma"es the Di(ht H!erlap the :ay and the
:ay H!erlap the Di(ht%K M72-<N
K+hat is because Allah mer(es the ni(ht into the day and Ge mer(es the day into the ni(ht% And !erily
Allah is All-Gearer All-Seer% M88-94NK
Muslim claim- KMer(in( here means that the ni(ht slo,ly and (radually chan(es to day
and !ice !ersa% +his phenomenon can only ta"e place i# the earth is spherical% I# the earth
,as #lat there ,ould ha!e been a sudden chan(e #rom ni(ht to day and #rom day to
+his claim is #alse the (radual shi#t #rom day to ni(ht and !ice !ersa ,ould still happen
on a #lat earth model% +he only di##rence is that the #lat earth model ,ould be lit up at the
same time there ,ould be no timeEones /ust the same ni(ht and day #or e!eryone%
.ou can do the experiment yoursel#% All you need is a dar" room a table and an
#lashli(ht% +hen simply let the #lashli(ht rise slo,ly abo!e the e(de o# the table /ust li"e
a sunrise and you ,ill see (radual chan(e #rom dar"ness to li(ht% So !erse 74-82 72-<
and 88-94 tells us nothin( o# the earths shape they are /ust mere obser!ations any man
can do%
Muslim claim- KLerse 52-7> decribes the earth as e((shaped more precisely the e(( o#
an ostrich because o# the ,ord dahahaK
+his claim is !ery popular amon( muslims but its !ery ,ron(% 6ets ta"e a loo" at !erse
Waal-arda baAAda thali"a dahaha
q{\ q\ w\ \ [Xh\ |\ aZ \ \ xZ gy\
q\ w\
U dahaUspread out le!el o## le!el% +he last ha U q{\
in dahaha means this% So dahaha actually means spread out this le!el o## this le!el this%
1oes G1ahahaG reall( mean e))'shaped@
In Arabic each ,ord must be deri!ed #rom its root% +he root usually consists o# three
letters that can be manipulated by addin( !o,els pre#ixes and su##ixes in order to
produce di##erent ,ords ,ith di##erent meanin(s%
'or example K"a-ta-baK (to ,rite) is the root #or many ,ords such as "itab (boo")
ma"taba (library) "atib (author) ma"toob (,ritten) "itabat (,ritin(s) etc%%%
6etJs no, ta"e the ,ord you mentioned to mean e(( o# an ostrich K:uhiyaK% +his ,ord is
DH+ a root% It is a noun and is deri!ed #rom Kda-ha-,aK the same root that the !erb
KdahahaK comes #rom%
'urthermore :uhiya doesnJt e!en mean the e(( o# an ostrichQ +his is ,hat the most
respected dictionaries ha!e to say on this sub/ect-
'rom 6isan Al Arab-
z\ [h a_ jZ _ Woy `[g j qa[g Y-X\ u _ wZ _ g y YmX wZ g y YmX wZ _ g y X wZ g y X wZ _ g
qY X wZ _ y qY - qa[g \ |Z \ y % _ qa[ Y[y WYj Y-X\ qZ `X _ |Z \ qa[g
WYj `} \_ [g qa %X

+ranslation- KAl-udhy Al-idhy Al-udhiyya Al-idhiyya Al-udhu,,a-+he place in sand
,here an ostrich lays its e((% +hatJs because the ostrich spreads out the earth ,ith its #eet
then lays its e((s there an ostrich doesnJt ha!e a nest%K
As #or the meanin( #or the !erb KdahahaK itJs unanimously a(reed on by all Arabic
Al $amoos Al Muheet-
(\ xg g -(q\ w\
(q\ s\ \ (gvZ w\ q{\ q\ |Z b\y\ q{\ _ |Z b\

KAllah daha the Earth- Ge spread it out%K
Al Waseet-
x\ g _ g qw -qlb %Wayy Ws -p \ n[g q\ w\
K+o daha somethin(- means to spread it out% 'or example- Allah daha the Earth%K
6isan Al Arab-

- q q{qw\ [h |a x\ gy W[ j pg`[g qy % q\ s\ \ gvZ w\ q{_ |Z b\ \ x\ g q\ w\ % _ sZ -\[g _ Z |m [g
q\ q\ [g |_ r[g - Yg`\ |no\y - `r q 0 q\ s\ \

q\ q-X q\ Z j\ p\ qrs[g \\

qq\ qrj \ x\ g qw\

qrj q{q\ w\ - YZ \o_ y`r |b[ ` g |no\y 0 qa\ \ yZ \ \ x \ g q\ w\ k[qlj W`sjy - `r q
Z \ \Z g q{x

q-X [g qY \ xZ \ pqr[g

WX y b| jy % oqY[g q{qt 0 W_Z \ w\ j [ WZ s\ \ qvYZ w\ _ qwZ \ p\ n[g k_ YZ \ w\ y
% _ sZ -\[g _ Z |m [g y % X qYmX |Z r\ [g \ X gw\ 0 y`by qa\ } \ _ y \ YX x\ \ g \ X q ab X gm _ |Z r\ [g \ X gw\ [g
yy \ s\ \ \ \ |Z b\ y _ |Z b\ q\ w\ - qlb

K+o daha the earth- means to spread it out%K
+hen it mentions a couple o# Arabic poems that con#irm this meanin(% I ,onJt translate
the rest but anyone ,ho can read Arabic ,ill #ind this to be the de#initi!e proo# that :aha
means to spread out%
Also Ibn Kathir a(rees ,ith me in his commentary on the $uran- K(7>% And a#ter that Ge
spread the earth)K
While !erse >4<%>42 >8>%><7 >;7%>4> ><>%>>5 ><4%>;= >54%>42 >5=%>>9 >52%>7>
>==%>8> and >24%>>9 A66 clearly states that the earth is #lat% And not a sin(le !erse in the
"oran tells or e!en hints us that the shape o# the earth is anythin( else than #lat the
conclusion is clear0 accordin( to the Koran the earth is #lat as a panca"e%

Q56!/ 1E".6I-E" 2E/1E6 1E8E6MI/!8I3/ -7
Larious Islamists ma"e the usual Islamic polemic about ho, $uran can be pro!ed by
modern scienti#ic "no,led(e usin( the old canard about ho, the $uran is the only
ancient boo" that states that (ender is determined by the sperm% In this they may point
out the i(norance o# the ?ree"s ,ho thou(ht (ender ,as determined by the relati!e
stren(ths o# sperm #rom the male and #emale parents as Gippocrates ima(ined% (re#)
+his article does not see" to pro!e that the ancient E(yptians shared some aspects o# our
modern understandin( o# (ender determination and reproduction% It merely aims to sho,
that the $uran ,as not the #irst reli(ious text to su((est that (ender is determined by the
semen o# the male parent%
8HE I",!MI"8 .,!IM
An example o# the Islamists ma"in( the claim that the $uran is the only ancient boo" that
correctly outlines (ender determination is :r Al Ceiny Assistant 1ro#essor o# Ci!il
En(ineerin( Uni!ersity o# E!ans!ille%
Until #airly recently it ,as thou(ht that a babyJs sex ,as determined by the motherJs cells% Hr at least it
,as belie!ed that the sex ,as determined by the male and #emale cells to(ether% +he $uran is the only
ancient boo" that states that sex is determined by the sperms%
KGe has created both sexes male and #emale #rom a drop o# a sperm ,hich has been e/ected%K (+he $urJan
+his is repeated by :r% Ca"ir Dai" o# the Islamic Iesearch 'oundation%
+he sex o# a #etus is determined by the nature o# the sperm and not the o!um% +he sex o# the child ,hether
#emale or male depends on ,hether the 87rd pair o# chromosomes is dd or d. respecti!ely% 1rimarily sex
determination occurs at #ertiliEation and depends upon the type o# sex chromosome in the sperm that
#ertiliEes an o!um% I# it is an AdB bearin( sperm that #ertiliEes the o!um the #etus is a #emale and i# it is a
A.B bearin( sperm then the #etus is a male% )+hat Ge did create In pairs R male and #emale 'rom a seed
,hen lod(ed (In its place)%* MAl-$urBaan <7-;<-;9N
+he Arabic ,ord nut#ah means a minute Fuantity o# liFuid and tumn means e/aculated or planted%
+here#ore nut#ah speci#ically re#ers to sperm because it is e/aculated% +he $urBaan says- )Was he not a drop
o# sperm emitted (In lo,ly #orm)@ )+hen did he become A clin(in( clot0 +hen did (Allah) ma"e And
#ashion (him) In due proportion% )And o# him Ge made +,o sexes male And #emale%* MAl-$urBaan 5<-75-
Gere a(ain it is mentioned that a small Fuantity (drop) o# sperm (indicated by the ,ord nut#atan min
maniyyin) ,hich comes #rom the man is responsible #or the sex o# the #etus%
Mothers-in-la, in the Indian subcontinent by and lar(e pre#er ha!in( male (randchildren and o#ten blame
their dau(hters-in-la, i# the child is not o# the desired sex% I# only they "ne, that the determinin( #actor is
the nature o# the male sperm and not the #emale o!umQ I# they ,ere to blame anybody they should blame
their sons and not their dau(hters-in-la, since both the $urBaan and Science hold that it is the male #luid
that is responsible #or the sex o# the childQ
+he Fuestion is- Are the Islamists correct in assertin( that the $uran is the only ancient
boo" that states that (ender is determined by the sperm o# the male parent@
I thin" not% At least some o# the ancient E(yptians clearly belie!ed that the (ender o#
pro(eny is determined by the sperm o# the male parent% (re#)
Atem is he ,ho masturbated in Iunu (Hn Geliopolis)% Ge too" his phallus in his (rasp that he mi(ht create
or(asm by means o# it and so ,ere born the t,ins Shu and +e#nut% M1yramid +ext 48;=-;2N
Shu ,as the (od o# dry air ,ind and the atmosphere ,hile +e#nut ,as the lunar (oddess
o# moisture humidity and ,ater ,ho ,as also a solar (oddess connected ,ith the sun and
dryness (more speci#ically the absence o# moisture)%
Some ancient E(yptians also belie!e that Shu and +e#nut ,ere the children o# Ia and the
Gathor (oddess o# lo!e beauty and happiness% Mre#%N
While others belie!ed Shu and +e#nut ,ere pro(eny o# Ia alone%
Quote E6efF;
Shu and his #emale counterpart +e#nut may be considered to(ether at all e!ents in the texts o# the later
periods% +he name Shu appears to be deri!ed #rom the root shu Kdry parched ,ithered emptyK and the
li"e and the name +e#nut must be connected ,ith te# or te#tet Kto spit be moistK and the li"e0 thus Shu
,as a (od ,ho ,as connected ,ith the heat and dryness o# sunli(ht and ,ith the dry atmosphere ,hich
exists bet,een the earth and the s"y and +e#nut ,as a personi#ication o# the moisture o# the s"y and made
hersel# mani#est in !arious #orms% +he oldest le(end about the ori(in o# the (ods is contained in the text o#
1epi I% ,herein it is said line ;9< that once upon a time +em ,ent to the city o# Annu and that he there
produced #rom his o,n body by the irre(ular means o# masturbation his t,o children Shu and +e#nut% In
this circle #orm the myth is probably o# 6ibyan ori(in and it su((ests that its in!entors ,ere in a semi-
sa!a(e or perhaps ,holly sa!a(e state ,hen it ,as #irst promul(ated% In later times as ,e ha!e already
seen the E(yptians appear to ha!e re/ected certain o# the details o# the myth or to ha!e #elt some di##iculty
in belie!in( that Shu and +e#nut ,ere be(otten and concei!ed and brou(ht #orth by +em and they there#ore
assumed that his shado, "haibit acted the part o# ,i#e to him0 another !ie, ,as that the (oddess Iusaaset
,as his ,i#e%
+here#ore in the #ully de!eloped myth Ia (a"a Atum a"a +em) contributed sperm ,hich
determine the sex o# Shu and +e#nut in con/unction ,ith Iusaaset (or Gathor) as his ,i#e%
Do, there is a clear mista"e in that Iusaaset (or Gathor) does not seem to contribute
anythin( more than a ,omb #or incubation% Go,e!er I contend this is no di##erent #rom
$uranic embryolo(y in that the $uran ne!er explicitly claims that the #emale parent
contributes (enetic material% It is merely the assumption and an assumption only o# the
Islamists that Jnut#atun amshaa/inJ (mixed drop or min(led sperm) includes the #emale
KLerily WE created Man #rom a drop o# min(led sperm%K (59-8)
+he term Anut#atun amshaa/inB could /ust as easily re#er to the sperm-menstrual blood
union o# Aristotle and the ancient Indian embryolo(ists or the t,o sperm hypothesis o#
Gippocrates and ?alen or e!en the readily obser!ed min(lin( o# semen and !a(inal
dischar(e durin( sexual intercourse% In other ,ords the #act the $uran does not explicitly
state that Anut#atun amshaa/inB contains the o!um to(ether ,ith the existence o# other
possible explanations means that it is illo(ical to assume the #ormer and not the latter%
+he insistence by Islamists that it explains the #ormer is pure con/ecture de!oid o#
e!idence and constitutes the lo(ical #allacy o# eFui!ocation and its adoption is merely
,ish#ul thin"in( or the Islamist art o# the Areinterpretation a#ter the #act%B
Hne mi(ht contend that the $uran does not claim a role #or the o!um at all or is e!en
i(norant o# its existence% Lerses <7-;<-;9 are stri"in(ly similar to the IaBs masturbation
1ic"thall- And that Ge createth the t,o spouses the male and the #emale 'rom a drop (o# seed) ,hen it is
poured #orth0
.usu# Ali- +hat Ge did create in pairs - male and #emale 'rom a seed ,hen lod(ed (in its place)0
Sha"ir- And that Ge created pairs the male and the #emale 'rom the small seed ,hen it is adapted
Sher Ali- And that GE creates the pairs male and #emale 'rom a sperm drop ,hen it is emitted0
Khali#a- Ge is the Hne ,ho created the t,o "inds male and #emale #rom a tiny drop o# semen%
1almer- and that Ge created pairs male and #emale #rom a clot ,hen it is emitted0
Sale- and that he createth the t,o sexes the male and the #emale o# seed ,hen it is emitted0
Iod,ell- And that Ge hath created the sexes male and #emale 'rom the di##used (erms o# li#e
M+ransliterated Arabic Waannahu "halaFa alEEa,/ayni alththa"ara ,aal-ontha Min nut#atin itha tumnaN
+here are only t,o lo(ical explanations o# nut#atin itha tumna0 that it is the sperm
emitted or the blastocyst (i%e% Ey(ote) implanted% I# it is the latter the Islamists ha!e no
case to ar(ue that the $uran correctly states that (ender is determined by the sperm o# the
male parent% Gence nut#atin itha tumna must re#er to the sperm emitted%
It is possible the $uranic !erses <7-;<-;9 state that the male and #emale pro(enies and
not merely the (enders are created #rom the sperm% +his is a possibility totally
discounted by Islamists ,ithout e!idence and su((ests a biased interpretation o# the
!erses in li(ht o# modern #acts% 'or ,here is the mention o# the o!um@ Dot in these !erses
nor any,here else in the $uran%
In #act the $uran itsel# pro!ides the e!idence o# its doctrinal omission or re/ection o# the
role o# the o!um in procreation #or !erse 8-887 states that ,i!es are merely tilth% +his is
sayin( they are li"e the earth recei!in( the Ey(ote (i%e% seed) #rom the male%
1ic"thall 8-887- .our ,omen are a tilth #or you (to culti!ate) (o to your tilth as ye ,ill and send ((ood
deeds) be#ore you #or your souls and #ear Allah and "no, that ye ,ill (one day) meet Gim% ?i!e (lad
tidin(s to belie!ers (H Muhammad)%
+here#ore i# read in the context o# !erse 8-887 Anut#atun amshaa/inB cannot contain the
o!um because tilth does not contribute (enetic material to the de!elopment o# the seed
(i%e% Ey(ote) and must mean the semen min(led ,ith some unspeci#ied non-(enetic
material-contributin( #emale secretion%
In li(ht o# these #acts bac"ed by the $uranic !erses it is apparent that the $uranBs !ie,
o# human conception and reproduction is that the male parent contributes the diploid seed
(nut#atin itha tumna) and the #emale parent as tilth merely contributes the en!ironment
and nutrients #or the (ro,th and de!elopment o# this diploid seed%
Gence it can be seen that the #ully de!eloped ancient E(yptian Ia-Gathor-Shu-+e#nut
myth o# (ender determination and the contribution o# the #emale parent in reproduction is
!ery similar i# not identical to that described by the $uran%
It is apparent that some o# the ancient E(yptians belie!ed that (ender is created by the
sperm #rom the male parent and reproduction is !ia male and #emale union% +his belie#
predated the $uran by about 82>> years as e!idenced by the pyramid text o# 1haraoh
1epi I 8778-88=7 &CE%

Q56!/ !/1 8HE 1E".E/8 3F I63/ MI6!.,E

Many Islamists propa(ate the hilarious Airon sent do,n #rom hea!en miracleB
pseudoscience% +his is totally de!oid o# lo(ic and scienti#ic #act% Such Islamist claims
may impress the (ullible but elicit nothin( but lau(hter amon( those ,ith e!en minimal
scienti#ic education% A chie# proponent o# this Islamist pseudoscience is Garun .ahya%
Garun .ahya ,rote-
8HE MI6!.,E 3F I63/
Iron is one o# the elements hi(hli(hted in the $urJan% In Surat al-Gadid meanin( Iron ,e are in#ormed-
And We also sent do,n iron in ,hich there lies (reat #orce and ,hich has many uses #or man"indP
($urJan <5-8<)
Iron in)ot
+he ,ord KanEalnaK translated as Ksent do,nK and used #or iron in the !erse could be thou(ht o# ha!in( a
#i(urati!e meanin( to explain that iron has been (i!en to bene#it people% &ut ,hen ,e ta"e into
consideration the literal meanin( o# the ,ord ,hich is Kbein( physically sent do,n #rom the s"yK as in
the case o# rain and Sun rays ,e realiEe that this !erse implies a !ery si(ni#icant scienti#ic miracle%
&ecause modern astronomical #indin(s ha!e disclosed that the iron #ound in our ,orld has come #rom
(iant stars in outer space%7=
+his is an illo(ical premise% +he ,ord anEalna3anEala is used == times in the $uran% It is
also used #or-
cattle- 72->9
(arments- 5-89
#ood3sustenance- 4>-<20 ;<-><0 8-<50 5-49>
people o# the boo"- 77-89
,ater3rain- 8>-49;0 49-4>0 7<-850 4;-780 88-><0 8<-;=0 9-220 49-9<0 72-840 8>-<70
;4-720 74-4>0 47-450 88-970 8-880 85-9>0 87-4=0 5=-4;
Done o# these thin(s come #rom outer space or hea!en% :oes it mean that cattle
(arments #ood and the people o# the boo" also come #rom superno!ae@ Do it doesnBt%
So ,hy assume that surah <5-89 literally states that iron came #rom outer space@ Why
assume the literal meanin( ,ith respect to iron but the #i(urati!e meanin( ,hen re#errin(
to e!erythin( else@ +he only lo(ical explanation #or the use o# the term AanEalnaB that is
consistent ,ith all its occurrences in the $uran is to denote somethin( pro!ided by a
deity mechanism un"no,n% +o selecti!ely assi(n Aori(ination #rom superno!aeB to iron
but not to cattle (arments #ood and the people o# the boo" ,ithout e!idence as to ,hy
one should use the literal !ersus the #i(urati!e interpretation is mere supposition or
special mystical interpretation and thus utter nonsense%
Hne cannot o!erstate that it is intellectually dishonest to assi(n a literal interpretation to a
certain case but #i(urati!e interpretations in e!ery other case ,ithout the e!idence to
support such distinction%
+he truth is that most such Islamist claims are made by Islamists i(norant o# prior
"no,led(e by other peoples% +he Airon sent do,n #rom hea!enB proposition is not distinct
to Islam nor ,as the Islamic !ersion the earliest% +he ancient E(yptians re#erred to iron as
Airon #rom hea!enB% (Ie#)
+hus the concept o# iron #rom outer space3hea!en3s"y ,as already "no,n to humanity
thousands o# years be#ore Islam%
+he E(yptians called iron Jthe metal o# hea!enJ or ba-en-pet ,hich indicates that the #irst specimen
employed ,ere o# meteoric ori(in0 the &abylonian name ha!in( the same meanin(% It ,as no doubt on
account o# its rarity that iron ,as priEed so hi(hly by the early E(yptians ,hile its celestial source ,ould
ha!e its #ascination%
Certainly the ancient E(yptians ,ere a,are o# meteoritic iron but uncom#ortably #or the archaeolo(ists the
e!idence su((ests that by a !ery early date in their history they ,ere already sophisticated enou(h to
di##erentiate bet,een di##erent types o# iron% 6oadstones ,ere called res mehit baJ meanin( north-south
ironJ and 1lutarch Fuotes Manetho as di##erentiatin( loadstones #rom non-ma(netic iron callin( the #ormer
&one o# HsirisJ and the latter &one o# +yphonJ (bein( the ?ree" !ersion o# Set)%7
Iobert G HJConnell in 42=7 translated the co##in text Spell 4;= ,hich re#ers to meteoritic impact as bein(
inte(ral to the conception o# Gorus% Pthe blast o# a meteorite such that (ods #ear Isis a,o"e pre(nant by
the seed o# her brother HsirisQP%< E!en earlier in 4244 Wallis &ud(e translated a text #rom the time o#
1epi II (circa 885=- 84=; &C) ,hich spea"s o# the iron ,hich came #rom Set and ,as in the #orearm o#
Set0 it trans#erred to the deceased the po,er o# the eye o# GorusJ%9 As the constellation o# the ?reat &ear
,as considered to be the abode o# Set ,e can reasonably conclude that at least one iron-bearin( meteorite
came #rom this direction early in the Hld Kin(dom% And i# ,e ,ere to conclude that the ascension o# Gorus
came about durin( the uni#ication o# the t,o lands ,e ,ould be able to postulate that this uni#ication came
about durin( a period o# meteoritic acti!ity%
+he e!idence then seems to support the notion that the ancient E(yptians ,ere a,are o# iron and probably
!ie,ed it as a hea!enly substance%
As stated pre!iously this belie# is also shared by the Mesopotamians%
+he supreme (od Anu personi#ied a planet ,hich had exploded0 hence the #act that his name meant
AGea!enB and hence the #act that meteoritic iron ,as "no,n in Sumer as Athe essence o# AnuB%
Harun 7ah(a 0rote;
Dot only the iron on earth but also the iron in the entire Solar System comes #rom outer space since the
temperature in the Sun is inadeFuate #or the #ormation o# iron% +he sun has a sur#ace temperature o# 9>>>
de(rees Celsius and a core temperature o# approximately 8> million de(rees% Iron can only be produced in
much lar(er stars than the Sun ,here the temperature reaches a #e, hundred million de(rees% When the
amount o# iron exceeds a certain le!el in a star the star can no lon(er accommodate it and it e!entually
explodes in ,hat is called a Kno!aK or a Ksuperno!a%K +hese explosions ma"e it possible #or iron to be (i!en
o## into space%72
Hne scienti#ic source pro!ides the #ollo,in( in#ormation on this sub/ect-
+here is also e!idence #or older superno!a e!ents- Enhanced le!els o# iron-9> in deep-sea sediments ha!e
been interpreted as indications that a superno!a explosion occurred ,ithin 2> li(ht-years o# the sun about <
million years a(o% Iron-9> is a radioacti!e isotope o# iron #ormed in superno!a explosions ,hich decays
,ith a hal# li#e o# 4%< million years% An enhanced presence o# this isotope in a (eolo(ic layer indicates the
recent nucleosynthesis o# elements nearby in space and their subseFuent transport to the earth (perhaps as
part o# dust (rains)%;>
+his is the lo(ical #allacy o# the red herrin(% All elements hea!ier than helium (and small
Fuantities o# lithium) cannot be produced on the earth and must ha!e ori(inated #rom
+he material blo,n o## by a superno!a explosion ultimately scatters throu(hout space and some o# it is
incorporated in clouds o# dust and (as ,hich later #orm ne, suns and planets% All elements on Earth
hea!ier than helium (except possibly a small amount o# lithium) must ha!e arri!ed that ,ay- products o#
nuclear burnin( in some pre-solar star released or created in the explosion accompanyin( its #inal collapse%
Hur bodies are made o# star stu##--carbon oxy(en nitro(en and the rest ha!e all been produced by nuclear
+hus the #act that iron ,as produced in superno!ae does not pro!e anythin(% Almost
e!ery element on earth ,as also produced in superno!ae%
Harun 7ah(a 0rote;
Surat al-Gadid is the <5th in the $urBan% +he numerical !alue o# the ,ord )al-Gadid* in Arabic is <5% +he
numerical !alue o# )hadid* on its o,n is 89% As can be seen #rom the periodic table to the side 89 is the
number o# the iron atom% With the !erse re!ealed in Surat al-Gadid Almi(hty Allah indicates ho, iron
#ormed and ,ith the mathematical code contained in the !erse Ge re!eals to us a scienti#ic miracle%
All this sho,s that iron did not #orm on the Earth but ,as carried #rom Superno!as and ,as Ksent do,nK
as stated in the !erse% It is clear that this #act could not ha!e been "no,n in the 5th century ,hen the
$urJan ,as re!ealed% De!ertheless this #act is related in the $urJan the Word o# Allah Who encompasses
all thin(s in Gis in#inite "no,led(e%
+his is mere coincidence% +he atomic mass o# iron is <9 not <5 e!en thou(h the atomic
number is 89% 'e-<9 is the most common isotope and the $uran is out by one i# ,e ,ere
to accept this ludicrous Islamist line o# thin"in(% 6etBs examine ho, the $uran re#ers to
other metals usin( lead and copper as examples to sho, ho, this Islamist line o#
thin"in( is inappropriately selecti!e and #la,ed%
6ead (1b-8>5 atomic number =9) is re#erred to in surah 4=-82% Copper (Cu-97 atomic
number 82) is re#erred to in surahs 4=-29 7;-48 ;;-;< <<-7< and 5>->=% +here is no
correlation bet,een the surah re#erences and these metals% It is there#ore illo(ical to then
in#er that there is some AmiraculousB association bet,een surah <5-89 and iron ,ithout
explainin( ,hy there is no similar association bet,een the surah re#erences and other
Harun 7ah(a 0rote;
Astronomy has also re!ealed that other elements also #ormed outside the Earth% In the expression KWe also
sent do,n ironK in the !erse the ,ord KalsoK may ,ell be re#errin( to that idea%
1lease re#er to lead and copper ,hich sho, absolutely no association bet,een surah
re#erences and their atomic numbers%
Harun 7ah(a 0rote;
Go,e!er the #act that the !erse speci#ically mentions iron is Fuite astoundin( considerin( that these
disco!eries ,ere made at the end o# the 8>th century% In his boo" DatureJs :estiny the ,ell-"no,n
microbiolo(ist Michael :enton emphasiEes the importance o# iron-
H# all the metals there is none more essential to li#e than iron% It is the accumulation o# iron in the center o#
a star ,hich tri((ers a superno!a explosion and the subseFuent scatterin( o# the !ital atoms o# li#e
throu(hout the cosmos% It ,as the dra,in( by (ra!ity o# iron atoms to the center o# the prime!al earth that
(enerated the heat ,hich caused the initial chemical di##erentiation o# the earth the out(assin( o# the early
atmosphere and ultimately the #ormation o# the hydrosphere% It is molten iron in the center o# the earth
,hich actin( li"e a (i(antic dynamo (enerates the earthJs ma(netic #ield ,hich in turn creates the Lan
Allen radiation belts that shield the earthJs sur#ace #rom destructi!e hi(h-ener(y-penetratin( cosmic
radiation and preser!e the crucial oEone layer #rom cosmic ray destructionP
Without the iron atom there ,ould be no carbon-based li#e in the cosmos0 no superno!ae no heatin( o# the
primiti!e earth no atmosphere or hydrosphere% +here ,ould be no protecti!e ma(netic #ield no Lan Allen
radiation belts no oEone layer no metal to ma"e hemo(lobin Min human bloodN no metal to tame the
reacti!ity o# oxy(en and no oxidati!e metabolism%
+he intri(uin( and intimate relationship bet,een li#e and iron bet,een the red color o# blood and the dyin(
o# some distant star not only indicates the rele!ance o# metals to biolo(y but also the biocentricity o# the
+his is so ludicrous as to de#y belie#% Michael :enton an anti-e!olutionist (thus Garun
.ahyaBs co-tra!eller) turned e!olutionist is not a cosmolo(ist and there#ore does not
seem to "no, that more than hal# the planets in the solar system contain iron cores /ust
li"e the earth% In #act #our moons includin( our o,n also contain iron cores% Dot only
that but iron-containin( asteroids and meteorites stri"e all the planets%
Iron may be a precondition o# li#e as ,e "no, it but it is not the only precondition as
other planets also contain iron but do not support li#e% It is thus #air to say that conditions
#or li#e must all be present #or li#e to occur% +a"e out one element and li#e ,ill #ail to
result% +here#ore to o!erplay the role o# iron in the creation o# li#e as Garun .ahya and
Michael :enton seem to be doin( is the lo(ical #allacy o# Aslantin(B%
'or e!idence o# iron cores in terrestrial planets and #our moons (as presently "no,n)
+he inner ,orlds o# our solar system are hi(hly dense made mostly o# iron and roc"%
Mercury has a density o# <%;7 (3cm7% I# ,e loo" at the materials listed abo!e no sin(le
material has a density o# <%; (3cm7% Go,e!er the density o# iron is hi(her and basalt has
a lo,er density% I# you a!era(e the t,o to(ether it comes out to about <%< (3cm7 ,hich is
pretty close to the density o# Mercury% +his su((ests Mercury is made mostly o# iron and
Lenus has a density o# <%8 (3cm7% +his also lies bet,een the densities o# iron and roc"
indicatin( Lenus is probably composed o# these t,o substances as ,ell%
Earth has a density o# <%<8 (3cm7 ,hich a(ain is about hal#,ay bet,een the densities o#
iron and basalt% Earth is mostly made o# iron and roc" e!en thou(h the EarthJs sur#ace is
co!ered ,ith roc" and ,ater%
+he Moon has a bul" density o# 7%7; (3cm7 almost exactly the same density as basalt%
We belie!e this means the Moon is almost entirely made o# roc" and it has a !ery small
iron core%
+his indicates Mars has a hi(her content o# li(hter materials than Lenus or Earth but it is
hea!y enou(h to ma"e us belie!e it has an iron core lar(er than the MoonJs iron core%
+his indicates that MercuryJs dense iron core is relati!ely lar(er than EarthJs probably
comprisin( the ma/ority o# the planet%
SupiterJs !olcano-poc"ed moon Io has been #ound by DASAJs ?alileo spacecra#t to ha!e a
(iant iron core that ta"es up hal# its diameter scientists report in todayJs issue o# Science
ma(aEine% (Ie#)
We belie!e that Supiter has a core o# roc"y silicate-composition material and a deeper
iron core /ust li"e Earth and perhaps o# about the same siEe as Earth% (Ie#)
Saturn R (small) Iron core encased in ice and topped ,ith a deep layer o# liFuid nitro(en%
Saturn Composition- Small roc"y iron core% (Ie#)
We suspect the presence o# iron because a small relic &-#ield associated ,ith ?anymede
,as disco!ered by the ?alileo probe% (Ie#)
Iron cores o# Io Europa and ?anymede but not Callisto%
Some scientists no, belie!e that e!en the sun possess an iron core% (Ie#)
"un4s Iron .ore Ma( -e .ause 3f "olar Flares
:r% Hli!er Manuel a pro#essor o# nuclear chemistry belie!es that iron not hydro(en is the sunJs most
abundant element%
KWe thin" that the solar system came #rom a sin(le star and the sun #ormed on a collapsed superno!a
coreK Manuel explains% K+he inner planets are made mostly o# matter produced in the inner part o# that
star and the outer planets o# material that #ormed out o# the outer layers o# that star%K
+hus iron cores are common occurrences in the solar system% +he earthBs iron core is not
the lar(est in absolute terms R that honor belon(s to Supiter% Dor is it the lar(est in
proportion R that honor belon(s to Mercury% Six o# the nine planets possess iron cores R
there#ore to lac" an iron core is the exception rather than the rule% Also our present
understandin( is that #our moons possess iron cores% 'ollo,in( the IslamistBs line o#
thin"in( do they su((est Allah Asent do,nB iron to the moon #or the bene#it o# American
astronauts@ :o Islamists su((est Allah Asent do,nB iron to Mars and SupiterBs moons #or
the bene#it o# American robotic probes@ It is apparent that no deity Asent do,nB iron to
any part o# the solar system #or the bene#it o# humans% +he presence o# iron in !arious
planet and moons has nothin( to do ,ith di!ine ,ill but is merely the result o# ho, the
solar system ,as #ormed%
Accordin( to the latest scienti#ic theory the solar system ,as #ormed as a result o# a
collapsed superno!a0 the more !olatile elements ,ere thro,n out #urther to #orm the
outer planets ,hile the less !olatile elements includin( iron coalesced to #orm the sun
the inner planets and some o# the moons% (re#)
In short there is nothin( miraculous about the presence o# planetary iron cores terrestrial
crust iron depositions or iron in meteoritic3asteroid stri"es%
Harun 7ah(a 0rote;
+his account clearly indicates the importance o# the iron atom% +he #act that particular attention is dra,n to
iron in the $urJan also emphasises the importance o# the element% In addition there is another hidden truth
in the $urJan ,hich dra,s attention to the importance o# iron- Surat al-Gadid 8< ,hich re#ers to iron
contains t,o rather interestin( mathematical codes%
KAl- GadidK is the <5th sura in the $urJan% +he ab/ad o# the ,ord KAl-GadidK in Arabic ,hen the
numerolo(ical !alues o# its letters are added up is also <5% ('or ab/ad calculations see the section on
Dumerolo(ical Calculations (Ab/ad) in the $urJan%)
+he numerolo(ical !alue o# the ,ord KhadidK alone is 89% And 89 is the atomic number o# iron%
+his is patent nonsense% IronBs atomic number is 89 not 8< thus surat al-Gadid 8< is out
by one% +he atomic mass o# the most common iron isotope is <9 not <5 thus al-hadid is
also out by one%
+he rest o# Garun .ahyaBs merely states some o# ironBs use#ulness% Go,e!er this is
nothin( miraculous as other metals are also use#ul to humans% Secondly iron is a
common element in our solar system and possibly in other solar systems% +here are no
humans except on earth to use this iron% Hr did Allah also Asent do,nB iron on the moon
#or American astronauts to use@
Some Islamists also ma"e the ludicrous claim that there is not enou(h ener(y in the sun
to create e!en a sin(le iron atom implyin( a di!ine pro!enance%
/adir !hmed 0rote;
Scientists today tell us that a#ter studyin( the element o# iron that iron could not ha!e been created on
earth% And not only that they say iron could not ha!e been e!en created in our uni!erse% +hey say that in
calculatin( the ener(y reFuired to #orm one atom o# iron it ,as #ound to be about #our times as much
ener(y o# the entire solar system /ust to create one atom o# ener(y% Scientists (o on to tell us that this "ind
o# ener(y is not obser!able in our sun our planets in our solar system combined% So ,hat they are tellin(
us is that iron could not ha!e been #ormed on earth neither in our solar system0 rather it should ha!e come
#rom some external source% +hat is the only place ,here iron could ha!e come #rom%
+his is totally #alse% Islamists ma"e (randiose claims to #ool the (ullible but a simple
calculation sho,s these claims to be utter nonsense%
+he total ener(y in an atom o# iron can be calculated usin( the EinsteinBs #amous
eFuation EUmc8%
4 mole o# 'e-89 U <<%=;5 (
A!o(adroBs number U 9%>884;4<f4>87
4 atom o# 'e-89 U >%><<=;5 "( 3 (9%>884;4<f4>87)
Speed o# li(ht U 822528;<= m3s
E U >%><<=;5 "( 3 (9%>884;4<f4>87) f (822528;<=)8 U =%77 f 4>-2 Soules%
I# ,e only calculate the nuclear bindin( ener(y o# a sin(le atom o# iron then ,e must use
the #ollo,in( calculation-
#: .alculate the mass defect;
'e-<9 has 89 protons and 7> neutrons% +he mass o# a proton is 4%>>58= amu and a
neutron is 4%>>=95 amu% +he combined mass is <9%;;2 amu%
+here#ore the mass de#ect is <9%;;2 amu R <<%24=amu U >%<748= amu%
2: .on+ert the mass defect into &):
(>%<748= amu3nucleus)(4%99>9 x 4>-85 "(3amu) U =%=88; x 4>-8= "(3nucleus
B: .on+ert this mass into ener)( usin) 1E H 1mc2:
E U (=%=88; x 4>-8= "(3nucleus) f (822528;<= m3s)8 U 5%2824 x 4>-44 S3nucleus
C: .on+ert ?oules to Me> usin) #:$02 I #0J'#B ?oules per Me>
5%2824 x 4>-44 S3nucleus f 4%9>8 f 4>-47 Soules per MeL U =%=7=; MeL per nucleon%
I# that is #our times the amount o# ener(y in the solar system ,eBre all in bi( trouble% +he
amount o# ener(y typin( this article #ar exceeds ,hat is contained in one atom o# iron%
+hese numbers arenJt !ery bi( at all% +he 'ermilab accelerator is capable o# 8 +erra eL%
Fermilab 0rote;
+he 'ermilab +e!atron pro!ides proton-antiproton collisions at the ,orldJs hi(hest ener(y o# 8 trillion
electron-!olts (+eL) as the collisionBs center o# mass per particle in the proton and antiproton beams%
Hne eL is about 4%9>8f4>-42 Soules% +here#ore 4 +eL is 4%9>8f4>-5 Soules%
So the total ener(y o# 'e-89 is a mere >%><89 +eL and the nuclear bindin( ener(y is
only ;2;%2<MeL or >%>>>;2;2< +eL% +hatJs +ID. compared to ,hat they routinely see
at 'ermilab%
'inally the more hilarious Islamist claim is the #ollo,in(-
/adir !hmed 0rote;
Scientists today tell us that a#ter studyin( the element o# iron that iron could not ha!e been created on
earth% And not only that they say iron could not ha!e been e!en created in our uni!erse%
Hne ,ould su((est only Islamists could ma"e such a preposterous claim% Do credible
scientist ,ould claim this% It is ob!ious that our uni!erse contains the superno!ae that
produce iron% A#ter all thatBs ho, these superno!ae ,ere disco!ered R by Western "a#ir
astronomers studyin( our uni!erse%
1erhaps Islamists thin" that iron ,as produced in some parallel uni!erse% Go, the iron
arri!ed in our uni!erse can only be ans,ered by the blac" hole that is Islamist
+here is nothin( miraculous about surah <5-89 describin( iron bein( Asent do,nB by
some deity% +he ancient E(yptians already deri!ed that concept three thousand years
be#ore Islam% +hey called iron )ba-en-pet* or Ametal #rom hea!enB% +his concept ,as also
shared by the ancient Mesopotamians%
+he term AanEalaB used to describe iron bein( Asent do,nB is also used to describe cattle
(arments #ood and the people o# the boo" bein( Asent do,nB by some deity% +here is
nothin( to su((est that these too ,ere not created in superno!ae and sent do,n to earth%
It is intellectually dishonest to assi(n a literal interpretation ,hen re#errin( to iron but
#i(urati!e interpretations ,hen re#errin( to e!erythin( else ,ithout the e!idence to
distin(uish ,hen to use the literal as opposed to the #i(urati!e interpretation%
+here is nothin( miraculous about the surah re#erence and the atomic number o# iron%
+his is mere coincidence as other metals are also mentioned in the $uran and their
atomic numbers bear no relation to their surah re#erences% +o selecti!ely assi(n miracles
based on coincidence (since (odly desi(n is unpro!en) is a lo(ical #allacy%
Iron is common in the solar system% +he ma/ority o# the planets and at least #our moons
contain iron cores% Some scientists belie!e that e!en the sun contains an iron core%
+here#ore there is nothin( miraculous about iron% In #act all inner planets contain iron
cores% It ,ould be a surprise to #ind the earth an exception% Earth does not contain the
lar(est iron core in absolute or relati!e terms% Iron is only the second most abundant
metal on earth a#ter aluminum and it is the #ourth most abundant element in the crust%
Meteoritic iron has been o# use since at least 7>>> &C% +he #act that iron is o# (reat use
to humanity is no surprise% +his "no,led(e has been ,ith us #or thousands o# years
be#ore Islam% 1liny the Elder (87-52A:) the Ioman naturalist and ,riter ,rote KIron
mines brin( man a most splendid and most harm#ul tool% It is by means o# this tool that
,e cut into the (round plant bushes culti!ate #lourishin( orchards and ma"e (rape !ines
,ith (rapes% &y this same tool ,e build houses brea" stones and use iron #or all such
purposes% &ut it is also ,ith the help o# iron that ,e #i(ht and battle and rob% And ,e do it
not only at close Fuarters but (i!in( it ,in(s ,e hurl it #ar into the distance no, #rom
embracers no, #rom po,er#ul human hands no, #rom bo,s in the #orm #eathered darts%
+his I thin" is the most in#amous in!ention o# the human brain% 'or in order to enable
death to catch up ,ith man #aster it has (i!en it ,in(s and armed iron ,ith #eathers% 'or
that many the blame rest ,ith man and not ,ith the nature%K
+hus there is nothin( miraculous about surah <5-89 and the AdescentB o# iron% +he claims
Islamists ma"e in this re(ard ha!e either been "no,n many centuries be#ore Islam or are
patent scienti#ic nonsense%

Q56!/ %6E1I.8E1 ,!/1 1E.6E!"I/2

:r Al Ceiny 1h: claims a Aso-calledB proo# o# $uranic Science by positin( the
proposition that the $uran correctly predicted the (eolo(ical #act that land is decreasin(
due to the mo!ements o# tectonic plates% Ge cites !erses 47-;4 and 84-;; as e!idence%
!uran an# Mo#ern Science
:r% Al Ceiny 1h%:% in Ci!il En(ineerin(
Koranic School ?raduate
Assistant 1ro#essor o# Ci!il En(ineerin(
Uni!ersity o# E!ans!ille
,and is decreasin) due to the mo+ements of tectonic plates:
:onBt they See that We (radually reduce the land #rom its outlyin( boundaries@ Where ?od commands
there is none to put bac" Gis command ($uran 47-;4)
Indeed ,e (a!e the (ood thin(s o# this li#e to these men and their #athers until the period (re, lon( #or
them0 donBt they see our ability in reducin( the land #rom its outlyin( borders@ Is it then they ,ho ,ill ,in@
($uran 84-;;)
+he presumption is that continental land is decreasin( due to con!er(ence o# tectonic
plates leadin( to either subduction or continental collision% What :r Ceiny ne(lects to
mention is that accordin( to the +heory o# 1late +ectonics con!er(ence must eFual
di!er(ence% +his is particularly true i# the siEe o# the earth is constant (thou(h some earth
scientists belie!e an expandin( earth hypothesis)% (Ie#)
Secondly the tectonic plate map sho,s that subduction is by #ar the more common
con!er(ence phenomenon (compared to continental collision)% Subduction occurs only
,ith oceanic lithosphere as only oceanic lithosphere is dense enou(h to be subducted%
+here#ore in subduction the collidin( continental crust is not si(ni#icantly reduced and
may increase due to subduction-related !olcanic acti!ity% (Ie#)
In #act partial meltin( o# the subductin( lithosphere leads to the production o# andesite
,hich is the ma/or buildin( bloc" o# continental crust%
In other 0ords, continental crust 0as produced b( subduction acti+it(%
+hirdly ,hile continental collision may reduce land sur#ace due to ele!ation o# the
continental crust on impact it is unclear ,hether this leads to o!erall reduction in land
sur#ace area i# ri#t acti!ity is ta"en into account%
+here#ore in theory con!er(ence o# tectonic plates may not reduce land sur#ace area%
'urther :r Ceiny also #or(ot other (eolo(ical processes includin( erosion
sedimentation sea-le!el #luctuations due to climactic chan(es and !olcanism due to
mantle plumes% +hese also a##ect the continental land area%
Go, does the theory match practical obser!ations@
Some scientists claim that the supercontinent 1an(ea co!ered about a Fuarter o# the
earthBs sur#ace by the end o# the 1ermian 1eriod about 8>> million years a(o% (Ie#)
Contrast this to the #act that at present 82%4 o# the total earthBs sur#ace area is land%
+here#ore it seems the AlandB is not decreasin( a#ter all or has not chan(ed much in
sur#ace area in the past 8>> million years (,ith some #luctuations due to ice a(es etc%)
Gere is #urther scienti#ic proo# that land has not been decreasin( at all o!er the past
billion years% (Ie#)
In the geological recor#+ there are in#ications that the relati'e (ro(ortion of lan# an# ocean+ an# the
a'erage #e(th of the worl#%s oceans+ has remaine# relati'el constant for at least the last one billion
ears of the *arth%s histor. +his is in#erred #rom the #act that the maximum thic"ness o# undisturbed
marine sedimentary deposits has remained essentially the same around <>>>>J Mc4< "mN #or that span o#
+he explanation #or the relati!e constancy o# the earthBs land sur#ace area is (i!en as
1late +ectonics is no, (enerally reco(niEed as the ultimate cause o# oro(eny (mountain buildin()%
Hro(eny by ,hiche!er mechanism represents a process o# thic"enin( continents !ertically% I# the !olume
o# continental material is to remain constant !ertical thic"enin( must represent a reduction in their sur#ace
area% I# the sur#ace area o# continents is reduced then the area co!ered by oceans must increase ,hich i#
ocean !olume is also constant represents a lo,erin( o# sea le!els% H!er the lon( span o# (eolo(ical time
this shi#t in area #rom land to ocean is balanced by the #orces o# erosion%
Go, did Allah (et this (eolo(ical #act WIHD?@ +here#ore it ,ould seem that the
$uran cannot be di!ine because it contains patently #alse in#ormation%

Alas #or :r Ceiny the (eolo(ical #acts do not support his case that land is decreasin( as
the $uran supposedly su((ests%
In #act IJd li"e to than" :r Ceiny #or helpin( to pro!e the $uran incorrect in assertin(
that land is decreasin( and thereby also pro!e that the $uran is #alse and there#ore man-
made% &y extension :r Ceiny has also pro!en that Allah is also #alse and there#ore man-

Q56!/ !/1 M35/8!I/"

Many people ha!e already demolished this canard that the $uran is !alidated by the
(eolo(ical science about mountains% IJd li"e to add to this demolition by addressin(
se!eral ne, points that Islamists are adoptin( to J/usti#yJ their so-called $uranic Science
or to JsFuirmJ #rom the scienti#ic truths pro!ided a(ainst this J$uranic ScienceJ by
It has been my pri!ile(e to ,itness the Islamist ar(ument o# )Mountains as 1e(s
StabiliEin( the Earth*% :ue to Allah ma"in( the $uran Aclear and easy to understandB and
the Arichness o# the Arabic lan(ua(eB Islamists ha!e been able to use the A!a(ueB
interpretations o# se!eral $uranic !erses in their attempt to pro!e the scienti#ic !alidity o#
the $uran% In this they are bac"ed by a Muslim (eolo(ist specialiEin( in biostrati#ication
1ro#essor Ca(hloul Ia(hib El Da((ar and a Western sur(eon :r Maurice &ucaille%
It is also my obser!ation that the tactics o# the Islamists are as #ollo,s-
I# a ,ord has multiple meanin(s or translations they ,ill choose the one that suits
them best at the time i(norin( all the rest as i# they ne!er existed%
I# unable to come up ,ith a !alid response the Islamists ,ill claim that only a
(enuine intimacy ,ith Classical Arabic ,ill enable the proper understandin( o# a
(i!en !erse and then rather ironically proceed to ar(ue in the En(lish lan(ua(e%
+hey ,ill add complexity to an other,ise AsimpleB !erse ,ithout explanation nor
/usti#ication% An example is the extension #rom Ape(B to AisostacyB to AstabiliEe the
+hey ,ill s,itch #rom the AliteralB to AmetaphoricalB case ,hene!er con!enient% A
sure si(n o# loss ,ill be ,hen they claim that the $uran is not a boo" o# Science
but Scripture despite pre!iously or concurrently promul(atin( the !alidity o#
A$uranic ScienceB%
Gere are the rele!ant !erses-
1ic"thall- Ge hath created the hea!ens ,ithout supports that ye can see and hath cast into the earth #irm
hills so that it Fua"e not ,ith you0 and Ge hath dispersed therein all "inds o# beasts% And We send do,n
,ater #rom the s"y and We cause (plants) o# e!ery (oodly "ind to (ro, therein%
.usu# Ali- Ge created the hea!ens ,ithout any pillars that ye can see0 Ge set on the earth mountains
standin( #irm lest it should sha"e ,ith you0 and Ge scattered throu(h it beasts o# all "inds% We send do,n
rain #rom the s"y and produce on the earth e!ery "ind o# noble creature in pairs%
Sha"ir- Ge created the hea!ens ,ithout pillars as you see them and put mountains upon the earth lest it
mi(ht con!ulse ,ith you and Ge spread in it animals o# e!ery "ind0 and We sent do,n ,ater #rom the
cloud then caused to (ro, therein (!e(etation) o# e!ery noble "ind%
Sher Ali- GE has created the hea!ens ,ithout any pillars that you can see and GE has placed in the earth
#irm mountains that it may not Fua"e ,ith you and GE has spread therein all "inds o# creatures0 and WE
ha!e sent do,n ,ater #rom the clouds and ha!e caused to (ro, therein o# e!ery #ine species%
Khali#a- Ge created the hea!ens ,ithout pillars that you can see% Ge established on earth stabiliEers
(mountains) lest it tumbles ,ith you and Ge spread on it all "inds o# creatures% We send do,n #rom the s"y
,ater to (ro, all "inds o# beauti#ul plants%
1almer- Ge created the hea!ens ,ithout pillars that ye can see and Ge thre, upon the earth #irm mountains
lest it should mo!e ,ith you0 and Ge dispersed thereon e!ery sort o# beast0 and ,e send do,n #rom the
hea!ens ,ater and ,e caused to (ro, therein o# e!ery noble "ind%
Sale- Ge hath created the hea!ens ,ithout !isible pillars Mto sustain themN and hath thro,n on the earth
MmountainsN #irmly rooted lest it should mo!e ,ith you0 and he hath replenished the same ,ith all "inds o#
beasts- And ,e send do,n rain #rom hea!en and cause e!ery "ind o# noble M!e(etableN to sprin( #orth
Iod,ell- Without pillars that can be seen hath Ge created the hea!ens and on the earth hath thro,n
mountains lest it should mo!e ,ith you0 and Ge hath scattered o!er it animals o# e!ery sort- and #rom the
Gea!en ,e send do,n rain and cause e!ery "ind o# noble plant to (ro, up therein%
)1ro(ressi!e Muslims*- Ge created the hea!ens ,ithout pillars that you can see% And Ge placed in the earth
#irm stabiliEers so that it ,ould not tumble ,ith you and Ge spread on it all "inds o# creatures% And We
sent do,n ,ater #rom the s"y thus We caused to (ro, all "inds o# (ood plants%
M+ransliterated Arabic- KhalaFa alssama,ati bi(hayri AAamadin tara,naha ,aalFa #ee al-ardi ra,asiya an
tameeda bi"um ,abaththa #eeha min "ulli dabbatin ,aanEalna mina alssama-i maan #aanbatna #eeha min
"ulli Ea,/in "areeminN
Khali#a- And ,e placed on earth stabiliEers lest it tumbles ,ith them and ,e placed 1ic"thall- And We
ha!e placed in the earth #irm hills lest it Fua"e ,ith them and We ha!e placed therein ra!ines as roads that
haply they may #ind their ,ay%
.usu# Ali- And We ha!e set on the earth mountains standin( #irm lest it should sha"e ,ith them and We
ha!e made therein broad hi(h,ays (bet,een mountains) #or them to pass throu(h- that they may recei!e
Sha"ir- And We ha!e made (reat mountains in the earth lest it mi(ht be con!ulsed ,ith them and We ha!e
made in it ,ide ,ays that they may #ollo, a ri(ht direction%
Sher Ali- And WE ha!e placed in the earth #irm mountains lest it should Fua"e ,ith them0 and WE ha!e
made therein ,ide path,ays that they may be ri(htly (uided%
Khali#a- And ,e placed on earth stabiliEers lest it tumbles ,ith them and ,e placed strai(ht roads therein
that they may be (uided%
1almer- And ,e placed on the earth #irm mountains lest it should mo!e ,ith them and Ge made therein
open roads #or paths haply they may be (uidedQ
Sale- And ,e placed stable MmountainsN on the earth lest it should mo!e ,ith them0 and ,e made broad
passa(es bet,een them #or paths that they mi(ht be directed Min their /ourneysN-
Iod,ell- And ,e set mountains on the earth lest it should mo!e ,ith them and ,e made on it broad
passa(es bet,een them as routes #or their (uidance0
)1ro(ressi!e Muslims*- And We made on the earth stabiliEers so that it ,ould not tumble ,ith you and
We made in it ,ide paths that they may be (uided%
M+ransliterated Arabic- Wa/aAAalna #ee al-ardi ra,asiya an tameeda bihim ,a/aAAalna #eeha #i/a/an
subulan laAAallahum yahtadoonaN
1ic"thall- And Ge hath cast into the earth #irm hills that it Fua"e not ,ith you and streams and roads that
ye may #ind a ,ay%
.usu# Ali- And Ge has set up on the earth mountains standin( #irm lest it should sha"e ,ith you0 and
ri!ers and roads0 that ye may (uide yoursel!es0
Sha"ir- And Ge has cast (reat mountains in the earth lest it mi(ht be con!ulsed ,ith you and ri!ers and
roads that you may (o ari(ht
Sher Ali- And GE has placed in the earth #irm mountains lest it Fua"e ,ith you and ri!ers and routes that
you may #ind the ,ay to your destination%
Khali#a- And Ge placed stabiliEers (mountains) on earth lest it tumbles ,ith you as ,ell as ri!ers and
roads that you may be (uided%
1almer- And Ge has cast #irm mountains on the earth lest it mo!e ,ith you0 and ri!ers and roads0 haply ye
may be (uided%
Sale- And he hath thro,n upon the earth MmountainsN #irmly rooted lest it should mo!e ,ith you and MalsoN
ri!ers and paths that ye mi(ht be directed-
Iod,ell- And Ge hath thro,n #irm mountains on the earth least it mo!e ,ith you0 and ri!ers and paths #or
your (uidance
)1ro(ressi!e Muslims*- And Ge has cast into the earth stabiliEers so that it does not s,ay ,ith you and
ri!ers and paths perhaps you ,ill be (uided%
M+ransliterated Arabic- WaalFa #ee al-ardi ra,asiya an tameeda bi"um ,aanharan ,asubulan laAAalla"um
1ic"thall- Ga!e We not made the earth an expanse And the hi(h hills bul,ar"s@
.usu# Ali- Ga!e We not made the earth as a ,ide expanse And the mountains as pe(s@
Sha"ir- Ga!e We not made the earth an e!en expanse@ And the mountains as pro/ections (thereon)@
Sher Ali- Ga!e WE not made the earth as a bed And the mountains as pe(s@
Khali#a- :id ,e not ma"e the earth habitable@ And the mountains stabiliEers@
1almer- Ga!e ,e not set the earth as a couch and the mountains as sta"es
Sale- Ga!e ,e not made the earth #or a bed and the mountains #or sta"es Mto #ix the sameN@
Iod,ell- Ga!e ,e not made the Earth a couch@ And the mountains its tent-sta"es@
)1ro(ressi!e Muslims*- :id We not ma"e the earth a restin( (round@ And the mountains as pe(s@
M+ransliterated Arabic- Alam na/AAali al-arda mihadan Waal/ibala a,tadanN
1ic"thall- And the earth ha!e We spread out and placed therein #irm hills and caused each seemly thin( to
(ro, therein%
.usu# Ali- And the earth We ha!e spread out (li"e a carpet)0 set thereon mountains #irm and immo!able0
and produced therein all "inds o# thin(s in due balance%
Sha"ir- And the earth -- We ha!e spread it #orth and made in it #irm mountains and caused to (ro, in it o#
e!ery suitable thin(%
Sher Ali- And the earth ha!e WE spread out and set therein #irm mountains and cause e!ery thin( to (ro,
therein in proper proportion%
Khali#a- As #or the earth ,e constructed it and placed on it stabiliEers (mountains) and ,e (re, on it a
per#ect balance o# e!erythin(%
1almer- And the earth ,e ha!e stretched out and ha!e thro,n on it #irm mountains and ha!e caused to
(ro, upon it o# e!erythin( a measured Fuantity%
Sale- We ha!e also spread #orth the earth and thro,n thereon stable MmountainsN0 and ,e ha!e caused
e!ery "ind o# M!e(etableN to sprin( #orth in the same accordin( to a determinate ,ei(ht-
Iod,ell- And the Earth ha!e We spread #orth and thro,n thereon the mountains and caused e!erythin( to
sprin( #orth in it in balanced measure-
)1ro(ressi!e Muslims*- And the land We ha!e stretched and placed stabiliEers in it and We ha!e planted
in it e!erythin( in balance%
M+ransliterated Arabic- Waal-arda madadnaha ,aalFayna #eeha ra,asiya ,aanbatna #eeha min "ulli shay-in
+he rele!ant Arabic terms are- a,tad #or pe(s3bul,ar"s3stabiliEers3 pro/ectionsM4N0
ra,asiya #or mountains and tameeda #or tumble3sha"e3Fua"e3con!ulse3s,ay etc%M8N
Wehr translates this ,ord as unsha"able mountains% +he Mun/id says (al-/ibal al-
tha,abat al-ru,asi"h) #irmly established #ixed mountains% +he ,ord comes #rom the
root (arsa) the same root used #or the Arabic ,ord #or anchor% +o thro, out or cast the
anchor is (alFa almirsah)% So instead o# Kcast the anchor to "eep the ship #rom mo!in(K
,e ha!e Kcast the mountains to "eep the earth #rom sha"in(KM8N
Dai" translated a,tad as sta"es or pe(s (li"e those used to anchor a tent)% M4N
+he most pertinent !erse is 49-4< transliterated as #ollo,s-
WaalFa #ee al-ardi ra,asiya an tameeda bi"um ,aanharan ,asubulan laAAalla"um
Dote the !erse uses the ,ord JardJ ,hich can be used to describe the Earth its sur#ace or
the (round in (eneral an example o# Islamist lan(ua(e !a(ueness R meanin( that it can
re#er to anythin( #rom the Earth the crust the lithosphere the mantle or any combination
o# the abo!e that suits the Islamist ar(ument at the time%
Also note that the ,ord AtameedaB is claimed to re#er to sha"in( or disturbance as
opposed to AEalEalaB ,hich means AearthFua"e%B A #urther dissection o# this term ,ill be
(i!en later%
Hther interpretations o# !erse 84-74 are as #ollo,s-
&e,ley- We placed #irmly embedded mountains on the Earth so it ,ould not mo!e under them%%%
:aryabadi- And We ha!e placed in the Earth #irm mountains lest it should mo!e a,ay ,ith them%%%
Gilali O Khan- And We ha!e placed in the Earth #irm mountains lest it should sha"e ,ith them%%%
Al-Munta"hab- And We #urnished the Earth ,ith #irm stays mountains placed in a certain settin( #ixed as
,ith an anchor to stabiliEe it lest it should s,ay you #rom side to side or in all directions%%%
Sar,ar- We placed #irm mountains on Earth lest it ,ould sha"e them a,ay%%%
Asad- And We ha!e set up #irm mountains on Earth lest it s,ay ,ith them%%%
+here is another !erse that may su((est that Mountains ha!e roots but only ,hen
Islamists choose to use a certain de#inition in a typically !a(ue !erse-
1ic"thall- +hey ,ill as" thee o# the mountains (on that day)% Say- My 6ord ,ill brea" them into scattered
.usu# Ali- +hey as" thee concernin( the Mountains- say KMy 6ord ,ill uproot them and scatter them as
Sha"ir- And they as" you about the mountains% Say- My 6ord ,ill carry them a,ay #rom the roots%
Sher Ali- And they as" thee concernin( the mountains% Say My 6ord ,ill brea" them into pieces and
scatter them as dust0
Khali#a- +hey as" you about the mountains% Say KMy 6ord ,ill ,ipe them out%
1almer- +hey ,ill as" thee about the mountains0 say JMy 6ord ,ill scatter them in scattered pieces
Sale- +hey ,ill as" thee concernin( the mountains- Ans,er my 6ord ,ill reduce them to dust and scatter
them abroad0
Iod,ell- And they ,ill as" thee o# the mountains- SA.- scatterin( my 6ord ,ill scatter them in dust0
K1ro(ressi!e MuslimsK- And they as" you about the mountains say- KMy 6ord ,ill annihilate them
M+ransliterated Arabic- Wayas-aloona"a AAani al/ibali #aFul yansi#uha rabbee nas#anN
Many translations translate the ,ord Jyansi#uhaJ as ,ipe out brea" carry a,ay
annihilate destroy and crush but Islamists ,ill pre#er the meanin( AuprootB as the
.use# Ali and Al-Munta"hab !ersions ha!e done%
Islamists belie!e the (eolo(ical #acts about Mountains !alidate the $uran% A summary o#
their case is as #ollo,s-
!: Mountains ha+e deep roots thus the( resemble Kpe)s*:
(3natomy of the &arth Cailleux p% 88>)
Hn the Asur#aceB (excuse the pun) the Islamists ha!e a point here% Lerse 5=-9-5 says
)Ga!e We not made the earth as a ,ide expanse And the mountains as pe(s@*
Islamists point to the #act o# isostacy ,here the bul" o# the mountain extends into the
upper mantle as proo# that Muhammad couldnBt ha!e "no,n that mountains ,ere Ape(sB
sta"in( the crust to the upper mantle unless Allah told him%
Sounds con!incin(@ Gerein lies the (enius o# the $uran R to ma"e de#initions so !a(ue as
to pro!ide the Islamists su##icient A,ri((le roomB%
resemble A!ery bluntB pe(s% In #act they resemble pe(s only ,ith ima(ination%
+he obser!ation here is that Islamists eFuate Adeep mountain rootsB ,ith Ape(sB% +here are
se!eral di##iculties ,ith this interpretation in that not all mountains ha!e pe(-li"e roots%
An analysis o# mountain #ormation re!eals the #act that not all mountains ha!e pe(-li"e
roots #or example !olcanoes0 those #ormed by extension and #aultin( (e%(% the De!ada
&asin and Ian(e)0 thrust and #old belts (e%(% Appalachians Eastern &oli!ian Andes
Ca(ros Mountain the Calcareous Alps)%
A cross-section o# the collisional Gimalayas re!eals a broad A,ed(eB rather than
CailleuxBs schematic Ape(B dia(ram (re#)-
As do the 1yrenees (re#)-
+here#ore it appears li"ely that the Islamists are mista"en ,hen they claim that
Mountains are 1e(s in the literal sense% +hey base their claims on a sin(le schematic
dia(ram and not #rom a more comprehensi!e sur!ey o# mountain types and (enuine
(eolo(ical data%
'or these reasons I ,ill concede that Mountains are 1e(s only in the metaphorical sense
but de#initely not in the literal sense%
Muslims also seem incredulous that Muhammad should ha!e "no,n that mountains ha!e
JrootsJ ar(uin( that since the bul" o# the mountain is belo, (round it is unobser!able%
Muhammad could only ha!e re#erred to mountain roots (li"e pe(s) #rom a di!ine source%
Un#ortunately this may not be true since ancient people already "ne, mountains ha!e
roots% 'or example the ancient Gebre,s seemed to ha!e acFuired this "no,led(e%
Sonah 8 +o the roots o# the mountains I san" do,n0 the earth beneath barred me in
#ore!er% &ut you brou(ht my li#e up #rom the pit H 6HI: my ?od%
-: Islamist*s claim; 1eep roots stabiliLe the earth Eor mountain roots act as pe)sF:
+he role o# mountains as stabiliEers #or the EarthJs crust can be clearly seen in their !ery deep roots and
can be /usti#ied by the #act that the motions o# the lithospheric plates only come to halt ,hen a continent
collides ,ith another producin( a collisional type mountain ,hich is belie!ed to be the last phase in
mountain-buildin(% Without mountains the mo!ement o# lithospheric plates ,ould ha!e been much #aster
and their collision more drastic% E!en thou(h mountains do act as retarders #or the plate mo!ements they
should not be understood to be an independent #orce or #actor because they are the !ery product o# this
motion in the #irst place%M7N
KModern (eolo(ists describe the #olds in the Earth as (i!in( #oundations to the mountains and their
dimensions (o rou(hly one mile to rou(hly 4> miles% +he stability o# the EarthJs crust results #rom the
phenomenon o# these #olds%K
+he Islamist author o# this proposition seems to ha!e con#used Cause ,ith E##ect% In his
example o# continental-collisional type mountains he #ailed to see that mountains are
caused by tectonic plate collision and do not e##ect plate stabiliEation%
It is possible that the reason ,hy lithospheric plates come to a (slo,) halt is not due to
mountains but due to the opposin( plates% +he Islamist proposition is a"in to sayin( that
in an automobile collision the crushed en(ine compartment stabiliEes the car durin( the
crash% In reality the crushed en(ine compartment (analo(y U mountain) is the e##ect o#
the crash (analo(y U tectonic plate collision)% It does not stabiliEe the car durin( the
In short there is no scienti#ic e!idence that continental-collisional type mountains
stabiliEe tectonic plates% All assertions to this e##ect are mere opinion ,ithout scienti#ic
.: Islamist*s .laim;Mountains stabiliLe the earth because plate mo+ements are
impeded b( their formation:
+he sea-deep roots stabiliEe the continental masses (or plates) as plate motions are almost completely
halted by their #ormation especially ,hen the mountain mass is #inally entrapped ,ithin a continent as an
old craton%M;N
In his enthusiasm to !alidate the $uran ,ith modern (eolo(y 1ro#essor El Da((ar also
seems to ha!e con#used Cause and E##ect% 1late motions are almost completely halted not
by collisional-type mountain #ormation (e##ect) but by the opposin( plates%
'urther this seems merely 1ro#essor El Da((arBs opinion R a search o# the (ood
pro#essorBs CL has sin(ularly #ailed to #ind re#ereed scienti#ic proo# o# his assertion% In
#act El Da((arBs scienti#ic career is built on the study o# biostrati#ication not on the
e!idence that mountains stabiliEe continental masses% +he only re#erences to 1ro#essor El
Da((ar on mountains are un-re#ereed Islamic con#erences on supposed Islamic Science%
+here#ore I assert that El Da((arBs opinion is merely a classical example o# the lo(ical
#allacy o# Ar(umentum Ad Lerecundiam%
I# one ,ere to accept such ar(umentum ad !erecundiam one ,ould also ha!e to accept
1ro#essor :a!id A% .oun(Bs opinion%
KWhile it is true that many mountain ran(es are composed o# #olded roc"s (and the #olds may be o# lar(e
scale) it is not true that the #olds render the crust stable% +he !ery existence o# the #olds is e!idence o#
instability in the crust%KM4N
In other ,ords mountains donJt "eep the earth #rom sha"in(% +heir #ormation caused and
still causes the sur#ace o# the earth to sha"e%
1: Islamist claim; Mountain stabiliLe the lithospheric plates b( sin&in) into the
+he stabiliEation o# lithospheric plates by mountains is e##ected by their sin"in( deeply into the Eone o#
,ea"ness o# the Earth (the asthenosphere) as ,ooden pe(s sin" into the (round to stabiliEe the corners o# a
tent% Such a process o# stabiliEation cannot ta"e place ,ithout the presence o# a !iscous plastic material
under the outer roc"y co!er o# the Earth into ,hich the mountains KrootsK can #loat% In as much as the ship
casts its anchor into the anchora(e o# a port to a!oid the dan(ers o# rollin( and s,ayin( by ,inds and
,a!es the ?lorious $uran uses the term KIa,asiK (Umoorin(s or #irm anchors) to describe mountains%
Such #irm anchors do not only stabiliEe the lithospheric plates but also the ,hole planet in its spinnin(
around its o,n axis (nutation recession etc%)% M;N
A(ain this is 1ro#essor El Da((arBs opinion and a con#usion o# cause and e##ect% I a,ait
an Islamist to pro!ide the scienti#ic e!idence deri!ed by 1ro#essor El Da((ar or anyone
else to pro!e Mountains actually stabiliEe the lithospheric plates%
Actually the scienti#ic e!idence is that the continental plates are stabiliEed by craton
"eels% +hese are deep (9>-7>>"m) extensions o# cratons into the mantle (#ar deeper than
mountain roots)% +he #ormation o# these craton roots or "eels are unrelated to mountain
#ormation% (Sordan +% G% Dature 425= 85; <;;R<;=0 Elasser W% M% in +he
Application o# Modern 1hysics to Earth and 1lanetary Interiors (ed% Iuncorn S% K%)
Interscience De, .or" 4292 pp% 887R 8;>0 Mor(an W% S% S% ?eophys% Ies% 429= 57
In #act cratons are stable re(ions o# the earthJs crust that are no lon(er sub/ect to
mountain buildin( processes%
+hese craton roots or "eels ,ere #ormed by depletion o# basaltic elements into the
asthenosphere leadin( to less dense material that sin"s deeper into the mantle due to the
lo,er buoyancy (i%e% isostacy o# the crust not mountains at ,or")% M+a"en #rom
San"aran A%L% CUIIED+ SCIEDCE LH6% =4 DH% 2 4> DHLEM&EI 8>>4 pp%
E: Islamist*s claim; Mountains pre+ent earthMua&es:
As early as the 428>s scientists noted that earthFua"es are concentrated in !ery speci#ic
narro, Eones (Wadati-&enio## Eones)% In 42<; 'rench seismolo(ist S%1% Ioth published
this map sho,in( the concentration o# earthFua"es alon( the Eones indicated by dots and
cross-hatched areas% Dote ho, the earthFua"es ori(inate mainly #rom the ed(es o#
tectonic plates includin( collisional mountain ran(es and ocean trenches and rid(es thus
su((estin( that mountains do not stabiliEe the crust or the earth%
'urther e!idence is pro!ided by a detailed loo" at the Gimalayan mountain ran(e ,hich
sho,s that it is closely associated ,ith earthFua"es thus pro!in( mountains do not
pre!ent earthFua"es%
Why do earthFua"es happen here@
%he 0ndian subcontinent lies upon the 0ndian Plate. %his plate is mo!in northward at
about - centimetres per year and in doin so' collides with the &urasian Plate. Dpon the
&urasian Plate lie the %ibet plateau R central 3sia. Bue to this mammoth collision' the
.imalayas are thrust hiher and !ery many earthquakes are enerated in the process.
%his is the cause of earthquakes from the .imalayas to the 3rakan $oma. %he same
process' thouh in!ol!in the 0ndian Plate and the ,urmese Micro-plate results in
earthquakes in the 3ndaman R <icobar 0slands. =ometimes earthquakes of different
manitudes occur within the 0ndian Plate' in the peninsula and in adjoinin parts of the
3rabian =ea or the ,ay of ,enal. %hese arise due to localized systems of forces in the
crust sometimes associated with ancient eoloical structures such as in the @ann of
Eachchh. http9JJasc-india.orJmenuJseismi.htm
+here#ore it seems the collision o# tectonic plates causes mountains to #orm and this
collision also causes earthFua"es%
Stron( and dama(in( earthFua"es ha!e been #elt in all parts o# the Indian Sub-continent% +he most
seismically acti!e areas are those in the Gimalayan re(ions o# the sub-continent and in the Andaman and
Dicobar Islands due to the peculiar tectonic nature o# these re(ions% http-33asc-india%or(3menu3(Fua"es%htm
Scientists ha!e also pro!en that other mountain ran(es to be earthFua"e Eones includin(
the Andes and the A#rican mountains%
:oes the Islamist claim that mountains pre!ent earthFua"es stand up to scienti#ic
e!idence@ +he ans,er is a resoundin( )DH*% In #act the lar(est earthFua"es particularly
the lar(est 8 e!er recorded are associated ,ith mountainous re(ions% http-33asc-
Do% 4- +he (reat Chilean earthFua"e occurrin( 4;> "ms SSW o# Concepcin (&iobio)
Chile re(istered 2%<M, R the lar(est earthFua"e e!er recorded% +he Andes mountain
ran(e did nothin( to pre!ent or stabiliEe this earthFua"e%
Do% 8- +he 1rince William Sound earthFua"e occurrin( 77%8 "ms SE o# Mt% ?oode
(Alas"a) U%S%A% re(istered 2%8M, - the second bi((est earthFua"e recorded in the 8>th
century% Mt ?oode didnJt stabiliEe this earthFua"e%
Do% 9- +he Ecuador earthFua"e
occurrin( 47= "ms W o# +ortu(a
(Esmeraldas 1ro!ince) Ecuador
re(istered =%=M,% +he nearby
Andes mountain ran(e did not
pre!ent or stabiliEe this
Do% =- +he Arunachal 1radesh
occurrin( 8>%5 "ilometers DW o#
+a/obum (Arunachal 1radesh)
India re(isterin( =%9M,% +his is
in the Assam hills and Jcaused
landslides in the mountains%
6etBs examine the case o# the
lar(est earthFua"e e!er recorded%
$hilean *arthqua&e of 1,-.-
429> May 88 42-44-4; U+C
Ma(nitude 2%<
+he 6ar(est EarthFua"e in the World
More than 8>>> "illed 7>>> in/ured
8>>>>>> homeless and <<> million dama(e in southern Chile0 tsunami caused 94 deaths 5< million
dama(e in Ga,aii0 47= deaths and <> million dama(e in Sapan0 78 dead and missin( in the 1hilippines0
and <>>>>> dama(e to the ,est coast o# the United States%
+he Andes Mountains didnJt seem to pre!ent or stabiliEe this earthFua"e% In #act it is the
collision bet,een the DaEca and South American tectonic plates that causes these
earthFua"es and raises the Andes mountains%
+his is a
con!er(ent plate
boundary the
plates mo!e
to,ards each
other% +he
amount o# crust
on the sur#ace o#
the earth remains
+here#ore ,hen
plates di!er(e
(separate) and
#orm ne, crust in
one area the
plates must
con!er(e (come to(ether) in another area and be destroyed% An example o# this is the
DaEca plate bein( subducted under the South American plate to #orm the Andes
Mountain Chain%
Gence the Islamist proposition that mountains pre!ent earthFua"es is patently #alse%
E: Islamist*s claim;Mountains stabiliLe the earth throu)h isostac(:
+his is a classical misconception o# ?eor(e AiryBs model o# Isostacy and the lo(ical
#allacy o# )Composition* (i%e% (eneraliEation o# the speci#ic case to the (eneral)% Sust
because the mountains are themsel!es stabiliEed by isostacy does not mean that the
mountains stabiliEe the earth or the crust by isostacy% E!ery element in the earthBs crust is
(o!erned by the same physical la,s R in #act the crust A#loatsB on the upper mantle and is
thus sel#-stabiliEin( accordin( to its o,n isostacy not that o# mountains%
Isostacy ,hich says that any !ertical column o# the earth abo!e some deep le!el o#
KcompensationK must ha!e the same mass% +his has to do ,ith bouyancy #orces and ,ith
the tendency o# deep materials (the asthenosphere #or example) to #lo, in response to
pressure di##erences% (Ie#)
+here#ore isostacy stabiliEes mountains% Isostacy also stabiliEes the earthJs crust%
Go,e!er mountains do not stabiliEe the crust throu(h isostacy% +he crust stabilises itsel#
throu(h its o,n isostacy% +here#ore the stability o# the crust throu(h JcrustalJ isostacy
has nothin( to do ,ith mountains% It is the IslamistsJ #oolishness and ,ish#ul thin"in( that
ma"es them extend this Jmountain-speci#icJ isostacy to the crust (,hich has its o,n
isostacy) because isostacy is an independent J#orce or phenomenonJ actin( on the
mountains as it independently does on the crust%
F: Islamist*s claim; 8he term Ktameeda* does not refer to earthMua&es but to sha&in)
or disturbances:
When sho,n e!idence that collisional-type mountains are associated ,ith earthFua"es
some Islamist ,ill then claim that the $uranic !erses do not re#er to earthFua"es at all%
+hey ,ill claim that tameeda also means sta((er roll s,ay or tilt and that thereJs
si(ni#icant di##erence bet,een them and the short sharp shoc" o# an earthFua"e (i%e%
tameeda re#ers to some phenomenon assumed to be associated ,ith (eolo(ical timescale
that is presently un"no,n to and unde#ined by our present understandin( o# (eolo(ical
+he rele!ant !erses are as #ollo,s-
Sura 6uFman 74-4> KGe has created the hea!ens ,ithout supports that you can see and has cast (alFa) onto
the earth #irm mountains (ra,asiya) lest it should sha"e ,ith you (tamida bi"um ff) %%%K
In the 1rophets (Al-AnibiyaJ) 84-74 KAnd We ha!e set on the earth #irm mountains (ra,asiya) lest it should
sha"e ,ith them (tamida bihimff)%K
In the &ee (Al-Dahl) 49-4< KAnd Ge has cast onto the earth #irm mountains (ra,asiya) lest it should sha"e
,ith youP (tamida bi"umff) K
+he phrase Ktamida biK #rom mada yamidu is only used in the abo!e three $uranic
!erses ,hich are mar"ed ff% Gans WehrJs K:ictionary o# Modern Written ArabicK (i!es
the meanin( o# the !erbal phrase Kmada biK as- to sha"e somethin( !iolently% KMada biK
is the !ery #orm used in these !erses%
It is clear that the term AtameedaB is associated ,ith people (i%e% less it should sha"e ,ith
.HU)% +hus tameeda cannot possibly re#er to sha"in( in a (eolo(ical timescale as
people do not li!e in (eolo(ical timescales% 'or this reason I su((est tameeda and EalEala
are synonyms /ust as the En(lish terms seismic acti!ity and earth tremors are synonyms
#or earthFua"es%
E!en some Islamists do not consider tameeda to mean sha"in( in (eolo(ical timescale%
(And We ha!e placed on the earth #irm mountains) means mountains ,hich stabiliEe the earth and "eep it
steady and lend it ,ei(ht lest it should sha"e ,ith the people i%e% mo!e and tremble so that they ,ould not
be able to stand #irm on it -- because it is co!ered ,ith ,ater apart #rom one-Fuarter o# its sur#ace% +a#sir
Ibn Kathir
Admittedly Ibn Kathir ,as not a (eolo(ist but he certainly "ne, Classical Arabic and his
readin( o# the rele!ant !erses su((ests that tameeda is not associated ,ith a (eolo(ical
2: Islamist*s claim; 8he 0ord, KstabiliLe* does not mean Kpre+ent earthMua&es:*
+he stabiliEation is o!er a (eolo(ical timescale because o# the term AtameedaB as opposed
to AEalEalaB%
'or the same reason as ' the term AstabiliEeB must mean Apre!ent earthFua"esB as
tameeda cannot be associated ,ith (eolo(ical timescales%
+his article re#utes the Islamist claim that the $uran had #oreshado,ed the scienti#ic
"no,led(e about Mountains as 1e(s stabiliEin( the crust or e!en the earth% +here are t,o
elements to this A$uranic ScienceB claim-
A% Mountains are 1e(s%
+his is untrue as not all mountains ha!e pe(-li"e roots%
&% Mountains stabiliEe the crust or the earth%
+his is unpro!en% +here is no scienti#ic e!idence #or this assertion there#ore the $uran
cannot be !alidated by scienti#ic e!idence that does not exist% +he mere #act o# isostacy is
DH+ proo# that mountains stabiliEe the crust or the earth% +he mere #act that collision-
type mountains are #ormed at the ed(es o# tectonic plates is DH+ proo# that mountains
stabiliEe the plates% +he mere #act that mountains ha!e deep roots is DH+ proo# that
mountains stabiliEe anythin(%
6astly is the $uran really the #irst scripture to ma"e the assertion that Mountains
stabiliEe the earth@ Well some Christians donBt thin" so and the &ible predates the
$uran by at least ;>> years%
?enesis 4-2-47 :A. 7
%illars of the Earth
+he &ible also tal"s about the pillars o# the earth% In Sob 2 it says KWho sha"es the earth out o# its place
and its pillars (yd,mu) tremble%K +he 6dd says KWho sha"es the earth under hea!en #rom its #oundations
and its pillars (stuloi) totter%K In 1salm 5<-7 it says K+he earth and all its inhabitants are meltin( a,ay0 I set
#irm its pillars (yd,mu)%K +he 6dd says KI ha!e stren(thened its pillars (stuloi)%K In I Samuel 8-= it says
K'or the pillars o# the earth are the 6ordBs and he had set the ,orld upon them%K +he Gebre, ,ord #or pillar
is yFxm% +he root is Fx meanin( Kto meltK (&:& 42=> =;=)% +here#ore yFxm means Ka molten li"e
pillar%K +he only other place it occurs is in I Samuel 4;-< re#errin( to a mountain% 1robably the pillars o# the
earth are the same thin( as the #oundations o# the earth ,hich ,ere mountains%
In U(aritic ,e ha!e seen that there are t,o mountains tr(EE and trm( that bind the earth% ?ibson says that
these t,in mountains ,ere #ounded in the earth-encirclin( ocean and held up the #irmament and also
mar"ed the entrance to the under,orld (425= 99)% +he mountains are said to bind the earth% +his may
indicate that the mountains surrounded and supported the earth as ,ell as con#ine the nether,orld% +he
mountains ,ere seen as the #oundations o# the earth and the support pillars #or the hea!ens% +he Gebre,s
probably held a !ery similar !ie, as the !erses abo!e indicate as ,ell as later Gebre, ,ritin(s% So the
phrase Kpillars o# hea!enK and Kpillars o# earthK are re#errin( to the same mountains% Hne emphasiEes the
hei(ht o# the mountains holdin( up hea!en the other em(hasi/es the #e(th of the mountains that hol# the
earth firm%

8HE "E!" /38 MI/2,I/2 AI8H 3/E !/38HE6
Muslims claim that the !erses <<-42-8> are proo# o# the scienti#ic miracle o# the $uran
KGe has let loose the t,o seas con!er(in( to(ether ,ith a barrier bet,een them they do not brea"
+he popular site o# Garunyahya claims
K+his property o# the seas that is that they meet and yet do not intermix has only !ery recently been
disco!ered by oceano(raphers% &ecause o# the physical #orce called Ksur#ace tensionK the ,aters o#
nei(hbourin( seas do not mix% Caused by the di##erence in the density o# their ,aters sur#ace tension
pre!ents them #rom min(lin( ,ith one another /ust as i# a thin ,all ,ere bet,een them%
It is interestin( that durin( a period ,hen there ,as little "no,led(e o# physics and o# sur#ace tension or
oceano(raphy this truth ,as re!ealed in the $urJan%K
K+here are lar(e ,a!es stron( currents and tides in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Hcean%
Mediterranean Sea ,ater enters the Atlantic by ?ibraltar% &ut their temperature salinity and densities do
not chan(e because o# the barrier that separates them%K
Was the "no,led(e that ,aters o# di##erent salinity density and temperature do not mix un"no,n to
anyone prior to Muhammad@ Dot really% A thousand years be#ore Muhammad Aristotle ,rote the
)+he drin"able s,eet ,ater then is li(ht and is all o# it dra,n up- the salt ,ater is hea!y and remains
behind* MMeteorolo(y &oo" 8 Chapter 8N
It is clear that at the time o# Aristotle people "ne, that ,aters o# di##erent density and
salinity do not mix%
Hb!iously the sailors na!i(atin( in that sea must ha!e noticed the di##erence o# color
bet,een the ,aters%
Also it seems that Muslims do not understand the phenomenon at all% +he sill o#
?ibraltar the barrier that separates the Atlantic #rom Mediterranean is not responsible #or
not lettin( the t,o ,aters to mix% +he ,aters do not mix because o# the di##erence in their
density salinity and temperature%
'urthermore the separation o# these ,aters are not permanent% +he ,aters o# !arious
densities salinities and temperatures e!entually mix% +he phenomenon is short li!ed and
is obser!erabe only ,hen the t,o bodies o# ,ater meet% It is li"e pourin( mil" in the cup
o# co##ee% At #irst one can see that mil" creates a current inside the co##ee but e!entually
they mix%
Is Muhammad tal"in( about the Waters o# Atlantic and Mediterranean sea@ DoQ +here is
no such mention in the $uran% It could be any t,o bodies o# ,ater% Was this phenomenon
un"no,n to people at the time o# Muhammad@ DoQ +his is Fuite an obser!able
phenomenon% Anyone ,ho has seen a delta ,here ri!ers carryin( colored sediments enter
the sea or ,here t,o ri!ers o# di##erent colors or t,o seas meet can see that #or a lon(
distance the t,o ,aters "eep apart% Muhammad had not been to many seas% &ut there is
no reason to belie!e that he had not heard o# this curious phenomenon #rom those ,ho
had been% +he "no,led(e ,as "no,n to all seamen and people lo!ed to share the stories
o# their ad!entures% +here#ore this !erse is not a miracle% It is a casual statement o# a
curious phenomenon that he had heard and ,as impressed by it but ,ithout
understandin( the physics behind it% Ge thou(ht it is the ,or" o# a deity called Allah that
"eeps the ,aters apart%
As the !erse 8<-<7 ma"es it clear Muhammad is tal"in( about t,o seas one ,ith s,eet
and palatable and the other ,ith salty and bitter ,ater%
KAnd Ge it is Who hath (i!en independence to the t,o seas (thou(h they meet)0 one palatable s,eet and
the other saltish bitter0 and hath set a bar and a #orbiddin( ban bet,een them%K M1ic"thal translationN%
+he ,ater in both Atlantic and Mediterranean are salty% +here#ore this !erse does not
re#er to any t,o seas but to the ,aters at estuary ,here an arm o# the sea extends inland
to meet the ri!er% In this case there is no )#orbiddin( partitions* bet,een the ,aters as
Muhammad said and they e!entually mix% Hn one side ,e ha!e the #resh ,aters o# the
ri!er runnin( into the sea and on the other side ,e ha!e the salty ,ater o# the sea bein(
pushed a,ay% In bet,een the t,o ,e ha!e a mixture o# the t,o ,aters% +he Islamic sites
claim this ,ater in bet,een acts as the barrier% +his statement is simply asinine to say the
least% +he ,aters e!entually "eep mixin( until all the salt ,ater and s,eet ,ater become
one% +he mixed ,ater bet,een the t,o ,aters is not the barrier but the re!erse% It is the
mixture o# the t,o%
Muslim insisted that despite the #act that the phenomenon ,as "no,n at that time it is
still a miracle because Muhammad ,as illiterate and he could not ha!e "no,n this and he
insisted that I pro!e that Muhammad had heard this #rom someone%
I #ind this Fuite absurd% I# I ,rite the theory o# relati!ity and claim this is re!ealed to me
and I ne!er heard o# Einstein it is not up to you to pro!e I ha!e heard o# him% It is up to
me to pro!e I ha!e not%
Gere ,hat ,e did is pro!e that this "no,led(e existed prior to Muhammad% 1eople "ne,
that ,aters o# di##erent density do not mix and they could obser!er it% :espite that
Muhammad assumes that the ,aters ne!er mix% Which is ob!iously incorrect% :e states
that there is a barrier bet,een the ,aters ,hich is o# course untrue% +hese !erses point to
MuhammadBs i(norance and they are no miracles at all%

Q56!/ !/1 "EME/ %6315.8I3/

Se!eral Islamists promul(ate the $uranic 1seudoscience o# Semen 1roduction #rom
bet,een the sulb and the taraBib% +here are at least se!en distinct classes o# Islamist
explanations all o# these can be pro!en #alse%
+here are excellent articles debun"in( these Islamist assertions #or example those o# :r
William Campbell (also Ie# 8) Sam Samoun%
Gere is 1ic"thallBs translation o# rele!ant !erses =9-<-5 #rom Surah At-+ariF%
So let man consider #rom ,hat he is created% Ge is created #rom a (ushin( #luid +hat
issued #rom bet,een the loins and ribs%
#alyanthuri al-insanu mimma khuliqa Ehuliqa min ma-in dafiqin $akhruju min bayni
alssulbi waalttara-ibi
+his article aims to summariEe the case a(ainst the !arious Islamist claims so that a
comprehensi!e re!ie, can be made o# this important issue%
+he se!en Islamist explanations are as #ollo,s-
4% :rs Maurice &ucaille and A%K% ?iraud R sulb and taraBib re#er to the sexual areas
o# the man and ,oman%
8% Ahmed A% Abd-Allah R accepts and extends &ucailleBs assumption and claims
that all the ac"no,led(ed translations and ta#sirs are in error as sulb and taraBib
do not mean a manBs bac"bone and ribs but a manBs )hardenin(* (i%e% penis) and
a ,omanBs ero(enous Eones (not includin( the !a(ina)%
7% :r Ca"ir Dai" R sulb and taraBib re#er to the bac"bone and ribs o# both sexes
ho,e!er the !erses re#ers only to the (onads in the embryonic sta(e and not to
adults in the act o# sexual reproduction%
;% :r Samal &ada,i R the !erses re#er not to semen production but to the blood o#
the aorta as the A(ushin( #luid poured #orthB%
<% Ibn Kathir R sulb re#ers to the manBs bac"bone and taraBib re#ers to the ,omanBs
9% Muhammad Asad R sulb re#ers to the manBs loins and taraBib re#ers to the
,omanBs pel!ic arch%
5% MoiE Am/ad the )6earner* ma"es three claims0 a) sulb and taraBib re#er to the
blood supply o# the testes emanatin( #rom bet,een the manBs bac" and ribs b) the
embryonic (onads ori(inate in the area as per :r Ca"ir Dai" and c) the sulb and
taraBib re(ion is an euphemism #or the male sexual or(an%
#: 1r Maurice -ucaille
K+,o !erses in the $urJan deal ,ith sexual relations themsel!es%%%When translations and explanatory
commentaries are consulted ho,e!er one is struc" by the di!er(ences bet,een them% I ha!e pondered #or a
lon( time on the translation o# such !erses (In plain En(lish that means there is Kan improbability or a
contradiction prudishly called a di##icultyJK ) and am indebted to :octor A% K% ?iraud 'ormer 1ro#essor
at the 'aculty o# Medicine &eirut #or the #ollo,in(-
(Man ,as #ashioned #rom a liFuid poured out% It issued (as a result) o# the con/unction o# the sexual area o#
the man and the sexual area o# the ,oman%J
K+he sexual area o# the man is indicated in the text o# the $urJan by the ,ord sulb (sin(ular)% +he sexual
areas o# the ,oman are desi(nated in the $urJan by the ,ord taraJib (plural)%
K+his is the translation ,hich appears to be most satis#actory%K
While there is e!idence that sulb can mean )hardenin(* and thus the penis there is no
e!idence that taraBib can mean the !a(ina% &ucaille and ?iraud appear to ha!e assumed
that taraBib means the Bsexual areas o# the ,omanB ,ithout pro!idin( supportin(
e!idence% E!en i# taraJib means ,hat &ucaille and ?iraud ,ant it to mean the term
Jsexual areas o# the ,omanJ is too !a(ue to be meanin(#ul% +o assume that it means the
!a(ina is merely an assumption and may constitute the lo(ical #allacy o# eFui!ocation%
+here#ore &ucaille is debun"ed%
2: !hmed !: !bd'!llah
Abd-Allah extends &ucailleBs proposition pro!idin( dictionaries and ta#sirs to support
his case that sulb means Ahardenin(B and taraBib means the sexual areas o# the ,oman%
I am indebted to Abd-Allah #or his de#inition o# sulb%
<ote that CsulbC is SsinularS. 0n the dictionary by Wehr you cite below' you will see that
its meanin of backbone is SonlyS when we take the SpluralS word of sulb 7aslaab8. 0n its
sinular form' it means hardenin.
I do #ind it surprisin( that almost all the commonly a!ailable translations o# the $uran
re#er to sulb as the bac"bone thou(h some re#er to loins% E!en Ibn Kathir accepts
bac"bone% Is Wehr a more authoritati!e and "no,led(eable authority on the Arabic
lan(ua(e than Ibn Kathir@ +his is di##icult to belie!e% +ruly the $uran is miraculous%
Ie(ardless Abd-AllahBs proposition collapses ,ith his o,n de#initions o# taraBib% Ge
#ailed to sho, that his ta#sirs and dictionaries explain taraBib to mean !a(ina% Instead
taraBib is de#ined as breasts eyes le(s and chest% Any sexually-experienced man (unli"e a
/u!enile li"e Abd-Allah) ,ould "no, that ,hile ero(enous Eones are important in
#oreplay the sexual act really must be consummated throu(h the !a(ina%
'urther Abd-AllahBs re#erence to Ibn KathirBs ta#sir is disin(enuous as he only mentioned
the hal# o# the description that supports his case (i%e% taraBib re#ers to the ,oman) ,hile
lea!in( out the other hal# that debun"s his case (i%e% taraBib is the ,omanBs ribs)% +his
selecti!e Fuotin( may be construed by many readers to be decepti!e and deceit#ul%
B: 1r Na&ir /ai&
M)0 $1*)T*D F12M ) D123 *MITT*D F12M 4*T5**0 T6* 4)$7 420* )0D T6* 1I4S
)Do, let man but thin" 'rom ,hat he is createdQ Ge is created #rom A drop emitted R 1roceedin( #rom
bet,een +he bac" bone and the ribs%* MAl-$urBaan =9-<-5N
In embryonic sta(es the reproducti!e or(ans o# the male and #emale i%e% the testicles and the o!aries be(in
their de!elopment near the "idney bet,een the spinal column and the ele!enth and t,el#th ribs% 6ater they
descend0 the #emale (onads (o!aries) stop in the pel!is ,hile the male (onads (testicles) continue their
descent be#ore birth to reach the scrotum throu(h the in(uinal canal% E!en in the adult a#ter the descent o#
the reproducti!e or(an these or(ans recei!e their ner!e supply and blood supply #rom the Abdominal
Aorta ,hich is in the area bet,een the bac"bone (spinal column) and the ribs% E!en the lymphatic draina(e
and the !enous return (oes to the same area%
'irstly :r Dai"Bs embryolo(y is a little as"e, as the ori(inal position o# the cells
destined to de!elop into spermato(onia (sperm producin( cells) is not !entro-medial to
the "idneys (,here they undoubted de!elop) but in the ,all o# the yol" sac%
+estes and o!aries are deri!ed #rom the mesodermal epithelium (mesothelium) linin( the posterior
abdominal ,all the underlyin( mesenchyme and the primordial (erm cells%
+he primordial (erm cells #orm in the ,all o# the yol" sac durin( ,ee" ; ( +he :e!elopin( Guman 9th ed%
p% 787 #i(% 47-8= )% +hey later mi(rate into the de!elopin( (onads at ,ee" 9 and di##erentiate into the
de#initi!e (erm cells (oo(onia 3 spermato(onia)% (Ie#)
E!en i# ,e accept :r Dai"Bs assertion that the !erse re#ers to the embryonic testes it is
unclear ,hether the (onads are located ,here he claims i%e% bet,een the spinal column
and the ele!enth and t,el#th ribs% +his cross-sectional dia(ram o# the human embryo
sho,s the (onads at or around the le!el o# the placenta%
+hus it is
not strictly
true that the
testes is
bet,een the
column and
the ele!enth
and t,el#th
ribs as the
(onadal or
(enital rid(e
(precursor o#
the (onads)
is commonly belie!ed to lie medial to the lo,er part o# the mesonephros ,hile the adult
"idney actually de!elops #rom the metanephros%
It is incorrect to assume the position o# the embryonic (onads #rom the position o# the
adult "idneys because the embryonic positions o# (onads and "idneys are not the same as
their adult positions% ?onads descend ,hile "idneys enlar(e and ascend% It should also be
noted that the de!elopin( (onads are !entro-medial to the mesonephros (i%e% the
embryonic "idney) and not the metanephros (,hich ,ould de!elop into the adult "idney)%
Gence it ,ould seem that Ca"ir Dai" does not "no, the embryolo(y o# the uro(enital
system and cannot di##erentiate bet,een the mesonephros and the metanephros%
E!en i# ,e ,ere to accept Dai"Bs implied association bet,een embryonic and adult
anatomical positions he is also ,ron( because in the condition o# cryptorchidism ,here
the testes is undescended the hi(hest position o# the undescended testes is &E6HW the
"idney% (Ie#)
Dote that the in#erior pole o# the "idney lies around 67 (the third lumbar !ertebra) thus
the embryonic testes must be &E6HW 67% +he 48th rib does not extend belo, 68% Since
the testes are &E6HW the "idneys there is no possibility that the testes ,ere e!er
bet,een the ribs and the bac"bone either in the embryonic or the adult (as ,ith
cryptorchidism) sta(e%
'urther it seems disin(enuous to interpret a Adrop emitted proceedin( #rom bet,een the
bac"bone and the ribsB to mean the embryonic de!elopment o# the testes as the Adrop
emittedB su((ests a #ully de!eloped and #unctional testes rather than an embryonic
structure% Embryonic testes do not emit e/aculate (ush #orth pour #orth spurt or
e/aculate any substance0 only the peri- and post-pubertal testes do%
6astly Dai"Bs explanation o# the ner!e blood and lymphatic circular #rom the abdominal
aorta is irrele!ant and constitutes the lo(ical #allacy o# the red herrin(% +his is because
!erses =<-9 spea" about Aa drop emittedB commonly ta"en to mean semen and semen
only as this drop is directly responsible #or human reproduction somethin( ,hich cannot
be claimed #or ner!e si(nals blood or lymph% 'urther circulation and ner!e supply do
not correlate ,ith embryonic ori(in% 'or example the blood supply lymphatics and ner!e
supply o# the lo,er limbs ori(inate in the abdomen and pel!is% :oes that mean the lo,er
limbs embryonically ori(inated in the abdomen and pel!is@ Do%
C: 1r ?amal -ada0i
&ada,i must assume that K(ushin( #luid poured #orthK re#ers to the aorta ,hich accordin( to a boo" cited
by him Clinical Anatomy supplies the testes and o!aries ,ith the necessary nutrients and this is ,hat the
$uran re#ers to%
:r &ada,iBs proposition is debun"ed ,ith the same explanation (i!en #or Dai"Bs blood
circulation proposition%
9: Ibn athir
.a"hru/u min bayni as-sulbi ,Jat-taraJib
1roceedin( #rom bet,een the bac"bone and the ribs
+his concludes the description started in ayah <% +he #ollo,in( is an excerpt o# commentary on this
passa(e #rom +a#sir Ibn Kathir-
Ie#errin( to the creation o# man #rom a drop o# #luid (ushin( #orth #rom bet,een the bac"bone and the ribs
Allah emphasiEes the inherent ,ea"ness o# man%%% Allah says that man has been created #rom a mix o#
seminal #luid o# man ,hich (ushes #orth #rom the bac"bone and the yello,ish #luid o# ,oman that #lo,s
#rom her ribs%
Modern medical science su((ests that semen does not emanate #rom a manBs bac"bone
nor do a ,omanBs sexual secretions emanate #rom her ribs%
$: Muhammad !sad
(<) 6E+ MAD then obser!e out o# ,hat he has been created-
(9) he has been created out o# a seminal #luid
(5) issuin( #rom bet,een the loins Mo# manN and the pel!ic arch Mo# ,omanN%
f +he plural noun taraJib rendered by me as Kpel!ic archK has also the meanin( o# KribsK or Karch o#
bonesK0 accordin( to most o# the authorities ,ho ha!e specialiEed in the etymolo(y o# rare $uranic
expressions this term relates speci#ically to #emale anatomy (+a/ al-JArus)%
E!en i# ,e accept Muhammad AsadBs de#inition o# sulb as the male loins it is a stretch o#
the ima(ination to accept that sexual reproduction is the conseFuence o# a union bet,een
the male loins and the #emale pel!ic arch% Dote that the ta#sir does not claim taraBib
means the pel!is but the pel!ic arch ,hich is a speci#ic part o# the pel!is% +his su((ests
that a claim o# euphemism cannot apply due to the speci#icity o# the description%
<: MoiL !mDad
+he )6earner* ma"es three claims0
a) sulb and taraBib re#er to the blood supply o# the testes emanatin( #rom bet,een the
manBs bac" and ribs
+his is debun"ed as #or :r Dai"%
b) the embryonic (onads ori(inate in the area as per :r Ca"ir Dai"
+his is debun"ed as #or :r Dai"%
c) the sulb and taraBib re(ion is an euphemism #or the male sexual or(an%
Am/adBs hilarious attempt to sho, this by dra,in( lines on pictures o# a human s"eleton
is un,orthy o# #ormal re#utation due to its patent absurdity% Any line can enclose any
human or(an i# that line is dra,n on the sur#ace o# the body%
+he !arious Islamists attempts to sho, that the $uran correctly describes semen
production are not supported by modern scienti#ic "no,led(e%
+hese Islamist propositions are #reFuently con#lictin( #or instance Ibn Kathir re#ers to
taraBib as a #emale or(an ,hile other ta#sirs claim it belon(s to the man% (Ie#)
Another con#lict is the de#inition o# sulb to mean either the bac"bone or the Ahardenin(B
or the loins% +ruly the $uran is miraculous%
A point o#ten missed thou(h alluded to by :r Campbell is the phrase )min bain* ,hich
literally means )#rom bet,een*% I# this interpretation is accepted ,hich seems to be #rom
a readin( o# the commonly a!ailable translations then one must also note that semen
emanates 'IHM the penis and not 'IHM &E+WEED the penis and the !a(ina% +o be
strictly correct semen emanates 'IHM the penis ID+H the !a(ina% +his point seems to
rule out taraBib as bein( anythin( to do ,ith the #emale sexual partner%

E!68H M!1E 3F "E>E/ ,!7E6"
Islamists come up ,ith some real dooEies sometimes includin( the claim that modern
Science pro!es the $uran correct in assertin( the earth is made o# 5 layers%
KAllah is Ge Who Created se!en #irmaments and o# the earth a similar number% +hrou(h the midst o# them
(all) descends Gis command- that ye may "no, that Allah has po,er o!er all thin(s and that Allah
comprehends all thin(s In (Gis) Kno,led(e% (+he Doble $uran 9<-48)K
Accordin( to Doble Lerse 9<-48 abo!e Allah Almi(hty created 5 Gea!ens #or #orm the uni!erse% +he ne,
scienti#ic disco!ery had re!ealed to us that the earth that ,e currently li!e on today is also #ormed #rom
se!en layers% +he !ery bottom layer contains most o# the uranium and potonium (KsicK) and all the materials
that ,e need to create nuclear ,eapons and ener(y% Doble Lerse 9<-48 abo!e does indeed say that the earth
,as created ,ith se!en layers%
8he "e+en GEarthsG refer to the la(ers that literall( ma&e up the Earth
4% crust
8% lithosphere
7% upper mantle
;% astenoshpere (KsicK)
<% lo,er mantle
9% outer core
5% inner core
36 the( could refer to the G< .ontinentsG Ein the context that Gal'ardG means )roundF
4% Dorth America
8% South America
7% Australia
;% Asia
<% A#rica
9% Antarctica
5% Europe
Dote ho, the dishonest Islamist had tried to hed(e his bets% It is no, either se!en layers
or se!en continents% I su((est the #ormer explanation is correct as all translations I ha!e
read re#er to earth and not (round% De!ertheless althou(h the number o# continents is
traditionally considered 5 some (eo(raphers and scientists thin" there are only 9 as
Europe and Asia are technically a sin(le land mass (i%e% Eurasia) and on the same tectonic
plate% (Ie#)
+here#ore I su((est the traditional number o# 5 continents is more a cultural bias than an
actual (eo(raphical3(eolo(ical #act%
+here are Islamists ,ho claim that Allah created 5 earths - but ,e only "no, o# 4 our
o,n but no doubt #uture science ,ill re!eal the remainin( 9% (Ie#)
I# IJm not mista"en this is another o# the absurd pseudo-scienti#ic claims o# the champion
o# $uranic 1seudo Science Maurice &ucaille%
Some e!idence o# the $uranic 5 earths creation is also (i!en in this lin"%
+his article see"s to sho, the error o# the Islamist claim that !erse 9<-48 sho,s the earth
composed o# 5 layers% I note the same dishonest approach ta"en to assi(n 5 layers o# the
atmosphere - i%e% the :HU&6E CHUD+ID? H' 6A.EIS%
+he (eneral scienti#ic !ie, is that the earth is composed o# ; or < ma/or layers dependin(
on ,hether one splits the mantle or not%

9 la(ers
4% crust
8% upper mantle
7% lo,er mantle
;% outer core
<% inner core
+here are
t,o ,ays
to classi#y
composition o# the (eosphere - chemically into crust mantle and core or #unctionally
in the case o# the outer layers (crust and mantle) into lithosphere and asthenosphere%
'rom the e!idence abo!e one can see the IslamistsJ deceit because they double-count the
lithosphere3asthenosphere ,hile they also count the crust and upper mantle% Dote that this
is dishonest because these are alternati!e classi#ications% Hne cannot honestly count all
lithosphere asthenosphere crust and upper mantle to(ether as one ,ould be recountin(
the same roc"s%
Iecently ne, scienti#ic hypotheses proposed by S% Mar!in Gerndon and 1ro# diaodon(
Son( su((est the inner core may be #urther subdi!ided into #our layers0 the inner core the
innermost core a sub-shell o# #ission material and decay products and a subcore o#
uranium and plutonium #ormin( the (eoreactor% I# this ne, theory is accepted the number
o# layers o# the earth rises to ei(ht%
+he scienti#ic e!idence do not support the IslamistsJ claim that the $uranic !erse 9<-48
#oretold the scienti#ic accuracy o# the 5 layers o# the earth ,hen modern (eolo(y states
that there are only ; or < layers or up to ei(ht i# the ne, hypotheses o# the subcore
(eoreactor are accepted%
:eep-Earth reactor- Duclear #ission helium and the (eoma(netic #ield
:% '% Gollenbachf and S% M% Gerndon 1DAS 8>>4 !ol% 2= no% 8> pp 44>=<-44>2>

Q56!/ !/1 8HE ,7I/2 "I/F5, %6EF63/8!,

Se!eral Islamists promul(ate 1ro#essor Keith 6% MooreJs $uranic 1seudoscience o# the
lyin( sin#ul pre#rontal area o# the cerebrum (here re#erred to as the pre#rontal cerebrum)%
+he reader may ,ant to chec" out the #ollo,in( site to #ollo, a discussion as to ,hether
the $uran actually mentions the pre#rontal cerebrum or not as there is some doubt as to
the meanin( o# the term naseyah% (Ie#)
De!ertheless #or the sa"e o# debun"in( Keith Moore yet a(ain I ,ill accept #or the sa"e
o# ar(ument that naseyah re#ers to the pre#rontal cerebrum as Moore seems to su((est%
1F 8he Quran on the .erebrum;
?od has said in the $uran about one o# the e!il unbelie!ers ,ho #orbade the 1rophet Muhammad #rom
prayin( at the Kaaba-
DoQ I# he does not stop We ,ill ta"e him by the naseyah (#ront o# the head) a lyin( sin#ul naseyah (#ront
o# the head)Q ($uran 29-4<-49)
Why did the $uran describe the #ront o# the head as bein( lyin( and sin#ul@ Why didnBt the $uran say that
the person ,as lyin( and sin#ul@ What is the relationship bet,een the #ront o# the head and lyin( and
I# ,e loo" into the s"ull at the #ront o# the head ,e ,ill #ind the pre#rontal area o# the cerebrum (see #i(ure
48)% What does physiolo(y tell us about the #unction o# this area@ A boo" entitled Essentials o# Anatomy O
1hysiolo(y says about this area )+he moti!ation and the #oresi(ht to plan and initiate mo!ements occur in
the anterior portion o# the #rontal lobes the pre#rontal area% +his is a re(ion o# association cortex%%%*4 Also
the boo" says )In relation to its in!ol!ement in moti!ation the pre#rontal area is also thou(ht to be the
#unctional center #or a((ression%%%%*8
Fi)ure #2; Functional re)ions of the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex: 8he prefrontal area is
located at the front of the cerebral cortex: EEssentials of !natom( O %h(siolo)(, "eele( and others, p:
2#0:F E.lic& on the ima)e to enlar)e it:F
So this area o# the cerebrum is responsible #or plannin( moti!atin( and initiatin( (ood and sin#ul
beha!ior and is responsible #or the tellin( o# lies and the spea"in( o# truth% +hus it is proper to describe the
#ront o# the head as lyin( and sin#ul ,hen someone lies or commits a sin as the $uran has said )%%%A lyin(
sin#ul naseyah (#ront o# the head)Q*
Hther ,eb sites copy-pastin( this proposition include-
4% http-33,,,%becon!inced%com3science3$UIADCEIE&IUM%htm
8% http-33,,,%crescentli#e%com3thisthat3interestin(
7% http-33,,,%ans,erin(-christianity%com3#orehead%htm
;% http-33,,,%miracleso#theFuran%com3scienti#icT<8%html
A search o# the internet re!eals that A66 the Islamist claims that the cerebrum is
responsible #or lyin( and sin comes #rom the SAME source i%e% #rom Keith Moore%
:r Moore has de#ined the pre#rontal cortex as the naseyah% Go,e!er his illustration
hi(hli(hts an area (colored tan) that is "no,n as &rodmanBs Areas 2 4> and 44% It is this
brain re(ion that ,e ,ill concentrate our analysis%
#: Islamist /on'E+idence
+he Islamist Jso-calledJ e!idence that the pre#rontal cerebrum is responsible #or lyin( and
sin is thus-
A boo" entitled Essentials o# Anatomy O 1hysiolo(y says about this area )+he moti!ation and the
#oresi(ht to plan and initiate mo!ements occur in the anterior portion o# the #rontal lobes the pre#rontal
area% +his is a re(ion o# association cortex%%%*4 Also the boo" says )In relation to its in!ol!ement in
moti!ation the pre#rontal area is also thou(ht to be the #unctional center #or a((ression%%%%*8
A rational reader ,ould see that plannin( and initiation o# mo!ement are not lyin( and
sin% +hou(h they may be reFuired #or its execution they are not identical% 1lannin( and
initiation o# mo!ement can /ust as easily be reFuired #or truth and (ood deeds% In other
,ords mo!ement control is not the process o# lyin( ,hich is a decision-ma"in( process
and not a motor #unction% +hus this line o# thin"in( is #alse%
Secondly a((ression is not the same as lyin( and sin% Hne can /ust as easily lie and sin
,ithout a((ression% Also one can be a((ressi!e as in sel#-de#ense ,ithout bein(
considered decepti!e or sin#ul% +hus the Islamist claim o# e!idence is clearly #alse%
2: Is the %refrontal .erebrum 6eall( 6esponsible for ,(in)@
Modern science has in!esti(ated the brain processes reFuired #or lyin( and deception%
+his #ield has achie!ed (reat ad!ancement #rom the in!ention (by "a##irs naturally) o#
the 'unctional Ma(netic Iesonance Ima(in( technolo(y (#MII)% +he "ey scienti#ic
teams include those led by Associate 1ro#essor Sia-Gon( ?ao0 1ro#essor Scott G% 'aro
M%:0 Assistant 1ro#essor :aniel 6an(leben0 :r 'ran" Andre, KoEel M%:%0 and
1ro#essor Stephen Kosslyn%
I choose only the issue o# lyin( and not sin because much medical science has been
conducted on lyin(% Sin is a broader issue and encompasses the subset o# lyin(3deception%
+he thesis is that i# the $uran is ,ron( about the pre#rontal cerebrum and lyin( then
there is no need to pro!e the more (eneral case about the pre#rontal cerebrum and sin as I
,ould immediately pro!e the $uranic 1seudoscience a load o# rubbish%
Gere is a summary o# the modern scienti#ic #indin(s-
!F !ssociate %rofessor ?ia'Hon) 2ao, 5ni+ersit( of 8exas Health "cience .enter:
+he ima(in( data re!ealed #our principle areas o# brain acti!ation in the pre#rontal and #rontal parietal
temporal and sub-cortical re(ions%
1ro#essor ?aoBs experiment is a #ei(ned memory test R ,hich means that the brain areas
in!ol!ed in both #ei(nin( (i%e% lyin() and memory ,ill be acti!ated% 'rom his experiment
it can be seen that other parts o# the cerebrum and the sub-cortical re(ions are responsible
#or lyin( thus debun"in( the Islamist case that the pre#rontal cerebrum is responsible #or
lyin(% +he pre#rontal cerebrum may only be partly responsible (i%e% #or the memory
component o# the #ei(ned memory experiment) and to assi(n it the prominent or sole role
in lyin( is incorrect and3or decepti!e% In #act to be strictly correct the decision-ma"in(
processes #or lyin( reside in the sub-cortical re(ions and not in the pre#rontal re(ion
,hich is merely responsible #or ,or"in( memory #unctions not the executi!e #unction o#
A detailed examination o# the speci#ic brain areas acti!ated in the process o# lyin( is
pro!ided by 6ee et al% in )6ie :etection by 'unctional Ma(netic Iesonance Ima(in(*
Guman &rain Mappin( 4<-4<5R49;(8>>8)%
In summary the !arious #unctions o# the brain areas in the lyin( process are as #ollo,s-
4% 1re#rontal (&A 4> &A 23;9) - (oal settin( co(niti!e-balancin( and ,or"in( memory
8% 'rontal (&A 9) - motor plannin(3decision processin(%
7% 1arietal (&A ;>) - mental calculation o# numerical problems%
;% +emporal (&A 84) R !isual stimulation%
<% Sub-cortical caudate and posterior cin(ulate (&A 87) - inhibition o# pre!iously
learned rules and sel# monitorin( o# random errors%
6ee et al% su((est the sub-cortical re(ion is important in the decision-ma"in( process o#
lyin( ,hile the rest o# the pre#rontal-#rontal-parietal-temporal-sub-cortical circuit mainly
deals ,ith the co(nition and mechanics o# the process%
Ma(uire et al% M4222N su((est that an important role #or the posterior cin(ulate re(ion is in the lin"in( o#
incomin( in#ormation ,ith a repository o# acti!ated "no,led(e and thereby #orm a coherent representation
o# discourse% +he con/oint acti!ation o# the anterior medial parietal3posterior cin(ulate re(ion there#ore
re#lects the online incorporation o# in#ormation into a preset mental #rame,or"%
Gere 6ee et al% su((est the role o# the posterior cin(ulate re(ion in #ormation o# the
coherent representation o# discourse into the preset mental #rame,or" (i%e% lyin()%
Acti!ation o# the caudate re(ion re#lects per#ormance monitorin( /ust as Semrud-Cli"eman et al% M8>>>N
obser!ed that the intact structure o# the caudate correlates ,ith per#ormance on measures o# inhibition (o#
the usual i%e% pre!iously learned responses)%
Gere 6ee et al% su((est the role o# the caudate cin(ulate re(ion in the per#ormance
monitorin( o# the lyin( process%
+hus the caudate and posterior cin(ulate re(ions to(ether #orm and monitor the decision-
ma"in( process o# lyin(% +hese re(ions are in the sub-cortical area and not in the
pre#rontal cortex%
-F %rofessor "cott Faro, Functional -rain Ima)in) .enter and .linical M6I at
8emple 5ni+ersit( "chool of Medicine in %hiladelphia:
+hese areas (i%e% en(a(ed in lyin() ,ere located in the #rontal (medial in#erior and pre-central) temporal
(hippocampus and middle temporal) and limbic (anterior and posterior cin(ulate) lobes% :urin( a truth#ul
response the #MII sho,ed acti!ation in the #rontal lobe (in#erior and medial) temporal lobe (in#erior) and
cin(ulate (yrus%
Gere 1ro#essor 'aroJs team #ound that the pre#rontal cerebrum has no ma/or part to do
,ith lyin(% +hat the pre#rontal cerebrum ,as not #ound to be in!ol!ed is entirely due to
the experimental desi(n% 1ro#essor 'aroBs experiment did not in!ol!e the use o# memory
unli"e 1ro#essor ?aoBs #ei(ned memory experiment%
This is wh 3rofessor Faro foun# that the (refrontal cerebrum #oes not (la a role in
the neurological (rocess of ling.
.F Fran& !ndre0 oLel, the Medical 5ni+ersit( of "outh .arolina and the 6alph
H: ?ohnson >eterans !ffairs Medical .enter in .harleston, "outh .arolina:
+hese areas (responsible #or lyin() included the ri(ht in#erior #rontal ri(ht orbito#rontal ri(ht middle
#rontal le#t middle temporal and ri(ht anterior cin(ulated areas%
:r KoEelJs team #ound more e!idence that the pre#rontal cerebrum is not responsible #or
lyin(% Gis experiment in!ol!ed #indin( the brain areas acti!ated ,hen the sub/ects lied as
opposed to ,hen they told the truth% +hus only the areas in!ol!ed in lyin( ,ere
hi(hli(hted remo!in( the in#luence o# other co(niti!e #unctions such as (oal-settin(
co(niti!e-branchin( and ,or"in( memory retrie!al%
1F !ssistant %rofessor 1aniel ,an)leben, 5ni+ersit( of %enns(l+ania "chool of
When the sub/ects ,ere lyin( the scientists #ound si(ni#icantly increased acti!ity in both the anterior
cin(ulate cortex a section o# the brain that has been lin"ed to monitorin( o# errors and attention and the
pre#rontal and premotor cortices areas in!ol!ed in the initiation o# !oluntary mo!ement%
Gere is more e!idence that the pre#rontal cerebrum is not responsible #or lyin(% +he
pre#rontal cortex is #ound to be responsible #or the initiation o# !oluntary mo!ement not
EF %rofessor "tephen ossl(n: %(cholo)( 1ept: Har+ard 5ni+ersit(: EIe#F
Gar!ard psycholo(y pro#essor Kosslyn also #ocuses on the brain in his study o# deception but he uses
brain-scannin( eFuipment to see ,hat areas recei!e intense blood #lo, durin( Fuestionin(%
While his ,or" has not yet been completed preliminary results sho, that di##erent re(ions o# the brain
li(ht up ,hen people tell the truth or lie% 'urther he belie!es di##erent re(ions are acti!ated dependin( on
the type o# lie%
Gis data so #ar he said sho, the anterior cingulate located near the #ront o# the brain and associated ,ith
con#lict resolution is o#ten acti!ated durin( lies%
Admittedly 1ro#essor KosslynBs ,or" is incomplete but it does bac" up the ,or" o#
Modern medical research utiliEin( #MII
conduct brain scans has re!ealed that the
pre#rontal cerebrum is not responsible #or
Hther brain re(ions are responsible
particularly the anterior cin(ulate (yrus
,hich lies in the medial part o# the brain in
the #rontal-parietal area and not in the
pre#rontal cerebrum (pictured abo!e in
+he "ey e!idence is pro!ided by 6ee et al%
(i%e% :r ?aoBs team) ,ho su((est that the
sub-cortical re(ions are responsible #or the
main decision-ma"in( processes o# lyin(
,hile the pre#rontal re(ion is mainly
responsible #or (oal settin( co(niti!e-
balancin( and memory retrie!al and manipulation (i%e% part o# the co(nition and
mechanics o# the lyin( process)%
+hus the scienti#ic e!idence does not support the IslamistJs pseudoscienti#ic claim that
the $uran correctly asserts that the pre#rontal re(ion is responsible #or lyin( as it is not
the re(ion responsible #or the decision-ma"in( process o# lyin(% Hther re(ions #or
example the anterior cin(ulate (yrus the parietal lobe other re(ions o# the #rontal lobe
and sub-cortical re(ions (i%e% the caudate and posterior cin(ulate) are reFuired #or the
brain processes o# lyin(%

Muhammad4s "plittin) of Moon
Muslims belie!e that ,hile Muhammad ,as in Mecca Allah split the Moon as a miracle
to the Meccans% +his claim is made in the $uran%
Surah <; o# the $uran is called )+he Moon%* It starts by sayin( (<;-4-7)-
+he hour dre, ni(h and the moon did rend asunder%
And i# they see a miracle they turn aside and say- +ransient ma(ic%
And they call (it) a lie and #ollo, their lo, desires0 and e!ery a##air has its appointed term%
+he (reat Muslim scholar Maududi explains-
+he amaEin( and ,onder#ul phenomenon o# the splittin( o# the Moon ,as a mani#est si(n o# the truth that
the Iesurrection o# ,hich the Goly 1rophet ,as (i!in( them the ne,s could ta"e place and that it had
approached near at hand% +he (reat sphere o# the Moon had split into t,o distinct parts in #ront o# their !ery
eyes% +he t,o parts had separated and receded so much apart #rom each other that to the on-loo"ers one
part had appeared on one side o# the mountain and the other on the other side o# it% +hen in an instant the
t,o had re/oined%M4N
Go,e!er there are se!eral problems ,ith this story%
+he main problem is that it contradicts the $uran itsel#% In !arious places Muhammad
admitted that he could not ha!e or did not ha!e to per#orm miracles to pro!e himsel#%
When as"ed to per#orm miracles his response ,as-
?lory be to my 6ord0 am I au(ht but a mortal messen(er@ M$urJan 45-27N
In another place Muhammad put the #ollo,in( ,ords in the mouth o# Allah-
And those ,ho disbelie!e say- Why has not a si(n been sent do,n upon him #rom his 6ord@ .ou are only a
,arner% M$urJan 47-5N
Muhammad insisted
that e!en thou(h
other prophets had
miracles his only
miracle is the
$uran% So ,hen
Muslims claim that
per#ormed miracles
they are (oin(
a(ainst the $uran
+he other problem
,ith this claim is that such a phenomenon should ha!e been obser!ed not /ust in Mecca
but also all o!er the ,orld% Many cultures ha!e recorded e!en eclipses ,hy there is no
mention o# such a thin( that #or sure ,ould ha!e been the most amaEin( phenomenon@
MoiE Am/ad one scholar that ans,ers Fuestions #or Understandin(-Islam%com site says
)I ha!e not yet come across any historical accounts o# other nations ,hich re#er to the
incident%* Ge thin"s this is )a si(n o# the promised hour%*
Curiously the same site contradicts itsel# and claims that in #act a certain "in( o# India
obser!ed the splittin( o# the Moon pa(e cannot open and he sent his son to Mecca ,ho
con!erted to Islam and upon returnin( he died in .emen%
+his story is o# course another #abrication o# Muslims% Muslims are #ond o# #abricatin(
stories to attribute Miracles to their prophet% +hey do it all the time% Hne such ridiculous
#abrication ,as the claim that the astronauts ,ho landed on Moon heard the adhan
(Muslim call to prayer) bein( chanted there% +here are thousands more%
'irst o# all there is no record that any Kin( o# India e!er !isited Muhammad% +his is not
mentioned in any bio(raphy o# Muhammad%
Secondly the splittin( o# the Moon should ha!e been obser!ed by e!eryone all o!er the
,orld and not /ust by one "in(% Where is the record o# such a phenomenon@
+hirdly assumin( that this Indian "in( sa, splittin( o# the Moon ho, could he interpret
this alle(ed cosmic phenomenon as the si(n that there has appeared a ne, prophet in
Mecca@ Muslims claim that Indian scriptures contain predictions about the comin( o# a
messen(er #rom Arabia% +his is bull% +here is no mention o# Muhammad in any sacred
boo" o# any reli(ion%
Many Muslims are con!inced that this phenomenon has indeed happened% +hey are
sho,n these close-up pictures o# the Moon ta"en by DASA as the e!idence and as
(ullible as they naturally are they belie!e ,ithout any hesitation%
+hese are called 6unar Iilles% Iilles are lon( and deep (or(es resemblin( canyons% A
rille is typically se!eral "ilometers ,ide and hundreds o# "ilometers in len(th% Similar
#ormations are #ound on a number o# planets in the solar system includin( Mars Lenus
and on a number o# moons% See belo,%
Go, these rilles are #ormed is still not "no,n ,ith certainty% +heories include erosion at
some point in the stellar bodyJs history collapsed la!a tubes and tectonic
+here are three types o# rilles on the lunar sur#ace-
Sinuous rilles meander in a cur!ed path li"e a ri!er and are commonly thou(ht to
be the remains o# collapsed la!a tubes or extinct la!a #lo,s% +hey usually be(in at
an extinct !olcano then meander and sometimes split as they are #ollo,ed across
the sur#ace%
Arcuate rilles ha!e a smooth cur!e and are #ound on the ed(es o# the dar" lunar
maria% +hey are belie!ed to #orm ,hen the la!a #lo,s that created a mare cools
contracts and sin"s%
Strai(ht rilles #ollo, lon( linear paths and are belie!ed to be (rabens% +hat is a
section o# the crust that has sun" bet,een t,o parallel #aults% +hese can be readily
identi#ied ,hen they pass throu(h craters or mountain ran(es%
Iilles can be #ound all o!er the lunar sur#ace and they do not #orm a belt and there#ore do
not in any,ay support the claim o# Muslims that the Moon had been split asunder% Gere
are a #e, pictures that should dismiss this Islamic ,ish#ul thin"in(% +o understand ho,
rilles scar the sur#ace o# the Moon ,e ha!e to ta"e a loo" at pictures sho,in( the moon
#rom #arther up%

-i) -an) Miracle
8he -asic .laim
Islamic apolo(ists attempt to claim that the )&i( &an(* is actually described by the
$urBan in one o# many miraculous displays o# scienti#ic precocity in text% Gere in a
representati!e example o# the claim the +ur"ish apolo(ist Adnan H"tar (,ritin( under
the pseudonym Garun .ayha) tells us-
Haroon 7ah(a 0rote;
+he expansion o# the uni!erse is one o# the most important pieces o# e!idence that the uni!erse ,as created
out o# nothin(% Althou(h this ,as not disco!ered by science until the 8>th century Allah has in#ormed us
o# this reality in the $urBan re!ealed 4;>> years a(o-
It is We Who ha!e built the uni!erse ,ith (Hur creati!e) po,er and !erily it is We Who are steadily
expandin( it% (Surat adh-:hariyat- ;5)
Another important aspect re!ealed in the $urJan #ourteen centuries be#ore the modern disco!ery o# the &i(
&an( and #indin(s related to it is that ,hen it ,as created the uni!erse occupied a !ery tiny !olume-
:o those ,ho are disbelie!ers not see that the hea!ens and the earth ,ere se,n to(ether and then We
unstitched them and that We made #rom ,ater e!ery li!in( thin(@ So ,ill they not ha!e #aith@ (Surat al-
AnbiyaJ- 7>)
+here is a !ery important choice o# ,ords in the ori(inal Arabic ,hose translation is (i!en abo!e% +he
,ord rat" translated as Ase,n toB means Amixed in each blendedB in Arabic dictionaries% It is used to re#er
to t,o di##erent substances that ma"e up a ,hole% +he phrase K,e unstitchedK is the !erb #at" in Arabic and
implies that somethin( comes into bein( by tearin( apart or destroyin( the structure o# rat"% +he sproutin(
o# a seed #rom the soil is one o# the actions to ,hich this !erb is applied%
8he First 6efutation
+his is a re#utation o# the claim that the speed o# li(ht can be obtained #rom the $urJan as
described at http-33islam%speed-li(ht%in#o3relati!ityTFuran%htm% +he ,ebmaster o# this site
is one Iae# 'anous%
+he !erse--
M$uran 78%<N (Allah) Iules the cosmic a##air #rom the hea!ens to the Earth% +hen this a##air tra!els to Gim a
distance in one day at a measure o# one thousand years o# ,hat you count%
is interpreted as #ollo,s--
Allah is sayin( that an(els tra!el in one day the same distance that the moon tra!els in 48>>> lunar orbits%
Iead the t,o Fuotes a(ain% Do, read them a third time slo,ly% Is there any mention in
the !erse #rom the $urJan about the Moon or the distance it tra!els@ I# youJre not sure
read them a(ain a #ourth and a #i#th time%
Go,e!er many times you read it you cannot #ind an mention o# the Moon or the
distance it has tra!eled%
+his completes this re#utation ho,e!er let us assume #or a moment that the
interpretation is correct and that an(les #ly at the speed o# li(ht%
Allah must thereore be located at the distance that li(ht (or an(els) can tra!el in one day%
+his is approximately 8<%2 billion "ilometers or 457%4 astronomical units (4 a%u% is
approximately the mean distance bet,een the Earth and the Sun)%
'or comprison 1luto orbits the Sun at an a!era(e distance o# 72%< a%u%
So Allah is approximately ;%7= times #urther a,ay than 1luto%
:o muslims belie!e this@ See the article KWhere is Allaah@K by Mahmud Murad at
http-33,,,%sunnahonline%com3ilm3aFeedah3>>72%htm% 6et me Fuote #rom the conclusion--
Ge ,ho asserts that Allaah is not outside the uni!erse not only denies the existence o# Allaah but he
,orships a non-existent (od%
So all those ,e claim that the speed o# li(ht is in the $urJan ,orship a non-existent (od%
8he "econd 6efutation
+his is a re#utation o# the claim that the speed o# li(ht can be obtained #rom the $urJan as
described at http-33islam%speed-li(ht%in#o3relati!ityTFuran%htm
+he !erse--
M$uran 78%<N (Allah) Iules the cosmic a##air #rom the hea!ens to the Earth% +hen this a##air tra!els to Gim a
distance in one day at a measure o# one thousand years o# ,hat you count%
Is interpreted as sayin( that li(ht tra!els the same distance in one day as the Moon tra!els
in 4>>> years%
Go,e!er the author does not use a solar year--
+hose people bac" then #ollo,ed the lunar calendar and counted 48 lunar months each year% +hese months
are related to the moon and not related to the sun% Since this !erse is re#errin( to distance then Allah is
sayin( that an(els tra!el in one day the same distance that the moon tra!els in 48>>> lunar orbits%
+he calculations that #ollo, #rom this statement all use the si#erial lunear month (the
time ta"en #or the Moon to return to the same position ,ith respect to the stars) ,hich is
85%7 days lon(%
+he 5th centuary arabians ho,e!er measured the lunar month #rom ne, Moon to ne,
Moon% Hn a!era(e this ,ill (i!e a month o# 82%<7 days ,hich is the sno#ic lunar
month (the time ta"en #or the Moon to return to the same position ,ith respect to the
+his lunar month is still used today in the Gi/ra calendar ,hich the Muslims use to
calculate the dates #or Iamadan Ga// and other Islamic #esti!al%
So Kone thousand years o# ,hat you countK should be 48>>> months o# 82%<7 days% +his
ho,e!er ,ould ma"e an(els #ly at a speed approximately =%4 #aster than the speed o#
+he use o# the sierial lunar month in the calculation is completely arbitrary and
un/usti#ied and the claim that the speed o# li(ht can be deduced #rom the $urJan is re#uted
8he 8hird 6efutation
+his is a re#utation o# the claim that the speed o# li(ht can be obtained #rom the $urJan as
described at http-33islam%speed-li(ht%in#o3relati!ityTFuran%htm%
M$uran 78%<N (Allah) Iules the cosmic a##air #rom the hea!ens to the Earth% +hen this a##air tra!els to Gim a
distance in one day at a measure o# one thousand years o# ,hat you count%
+his !erse #rom the $urJan is interpreted as sayin( that li(ht (or an(els) tra!el the same
distance in one day as the Moon tra!els in 48>>> lunar month% +his is con!erted into the
#ollo,in( #ormula--
C t U 48>>> L +
,here JCJ is the speed o# li(ht JtJ is one siderial day JLJ is the !elocity o# the Moon and J+J
is one siderial lunar month%
Dote- In my pre!ious post I commented on the arbitrary and un/usti#ied use o# the siderial
lunar month rather than the synoptic lunar month% I ha!e since realised that they are also
usin( the siderial day (87 hr <9 min ;%>2>9 sec) rather than the solar day o# 8; hours%
+his is needless to say eFually arbitrary and un/usti#ied%
E!en ,ith these arbirtary choices #or the len(ths o# day and month substitutin( the mean
speed o# the Moon (79=8 "m3hr) #or LJ ,ill (i!e you a !alue #or C ,hich is
approximately #2P too hi)h%
+his discrepancy is explained as #ollo,s--
Accordin( to the theory o# (eneral relati!ity an obser!er standin( outside (ra!itational #ields (in !acuum)
loo"s at e!ents inside (ra!itational #ields and sees them in slo, motion% When he steps inside those
(ra!itational #ields he sees them in normal speeds% &ut no, he loo"s bac" at ,here he ,as outside
(ra!itational #ields and sees the e!ents there in #ast motion% In our case the e!ent is the moon orbitin(
Earth% When an obser!er in stron(er (ra!itational #ields near a blac" hole #or example loo"s at the Earth-
moon system he does not see the moon orbitin( Earth once e!ery month0 instead he sees the moon orbitin(
Earth once e!ery #e, seconds%
Dot only obser!ers in di##erent (ra!itational #ields ,ill not a(ree on the time period #or a lunar orbit but
also they ,ill not a(ree on the distance tra!eled by the moon (thus they ,ill all disa(ree on the !elocity o#
the moon)% I# you remo!e the Earth-moon system #rom the (ra!itational #ield o# the sun they ,ill all see the
speed o# li(ht outside (ra!itational #ields to be eFui!alent to 48>>> lunar orbits3 Earth day0 but they ,ill
ne!er a(ree on a !alue in "m3sec% +o (et them all a(ree on the !alue o# 822528%;<= "m3s they ,ill all ha!e
to step out o# their respecti!e (ra!itational #ields%
Since ,e are comparin( an e!ent ,ith the speed o# li(ht #or obser!ers outside (ra!itational #ields there#ore
#or any meanin(#ul comparison ,e ha!e to remo!e the e!ent itsel# #rom (ra!itational #ields as ,ell be#ore
comparin( them%
I# this reasonin( is correct ,e should use ?eneral Ielati!ity to calculate the speed o# the
Moon and the len(th o# its orbit in the absence o# the SunJs (ra!ity% +he #ormula #or time
dilation due to (ra!ity is--
+> U + sFrt(4 - 8 ? M 3 I c8 )
,here + is the time inter!al measured by a cloc" at Kin#inityK and +> is the time inter!al
measured by a cloc" at distance I #rom a mass M% ? is the (ra!itational constant% (Ie#%)
I# ,e use the mass o# the Sun (4%2=24e7> "() #or M and the mean distance #rom the Earth
to the Sun (4%;29e44 m) #or I ,e (et the #ollo,in( (approximate) result--
+> U >%22222222 f +
+his means that a cloc" on the Earth (or Moon) ,ould (o 4 part in 4>= (4>> million)
#aster i# the Earth ,as remo!ed #rom the SunJ s (ra!itational #ield%
+he eFui!alent #ormula #or len(th is --
6> U 6 3 sFrt ( 4 - 8 ? M 3 I c8 )
,here 6 is the distance measured by an obser!er at in#inity and 6> is the distance
measured by an obser!er at distance I #rom a mass M% (+his discussion has been
simpli#ied #or (reater clarity%)
A(ain usin( the mass o# the Sun #or M and the Earth3Sun distance #or I ,e (et the
6> U 4%>>>>>>>4 6
So i# an local obser!er (e(% on the Earth) sees a body mo!in( at !elocity L> U 6>3+> ,e
can deduce the #ollo,in(--
L> U 6> 3 +> U 4%>>>>>>>4 6 3 >%22222222 + U 4%>>>>>>>8 6 3 +
L> U 4%>>>>>>>8 L
,here L is the !elocity as seen by an obser!er at in#inity%
+hus i# the Earth3Moon system ,as remo!ed #rom the SunJs (ra!itational #ield a distant
obser!er ,ould see the MoonJs orbital speed increase by a #actor o# 4%>>>>>>>8 or
?i!en that the error in the calculation o# the speed o# li(ht ,hich ,e ,ere tryin( to
correct #or ,as 48 ,e can see that mo!in( the Earth3Moon system outside the SunJs
(ra!itational #ield ,ill not produce the correct result%
3nce a)ain, 0e ha+e demonstrated that the speed of li)ht cannot be correctl(
calculated from the Qur4an:
Dote- +here is a #urther and perhaps more ob!ious #allacy in the articleJs deri!ation o#
the speed o# li(ht% Ga!in( ar(ued usin( ?eneral Ielati!ity that the MoonJs !elocity
should be calculated in the absence o# the SunJs (ra!itational #ield the article then deri!es
a (spurious) correction #actor usin( De,tonian physicsQ +his is clearly contradictory%
,oo&in) a ,ittle 1eeper;
+he #irst important point to consider is the actual statements o# the $urBan and ,hether
they ha!e been honestly presented% H"tar Fuotes the $urBan as sayin( in <4-;5 )It is We
Who ha!e built the uni!erse ,ith (Hur creati!e) po,er and !erily it is We Who are
steadily expandin( it%*
Is that a #air translation o# the aya in Fuestion@
Well not accordin( to the three most hi(hly re(arded En(lish translations (enerally
a!ailable% +heir !ersions are-
In Al-$urJan ><4%>;5 Muhammad (or somebody) ,rote-
.USU'A6I- With po,er and s"ill did We construct the 'irmament- #or it is We Who create the !astness o#
1ICK+GA6- We ha!e built the hea!en ,ith mi(ht and We it is Who ma"e the !ast extent (thereo#)%
SGAKII- And the hea!en We raised it hi(h ,ith po,er and most surely We are the ma"ers o# thin(s
Dot one o# them contains the idea o# an on(oin( expansion o# the uni!erse% In #act none
o# them re#ers to the )uni!erse* at all but to the hea!ens or #irmament in contrast to the
aya immediately #ollo,in( ,hich discusses the earth-
Al-$urJan ><4%>;= Muhammad (or somebody) ,rote-
.USU'A6I- And We ha!e spread out the (spacious) earth- Go, excellently We do spread outQ
1ICK+GA6- And the earth ha!e We laid out ho, (racious is the Spreader (thereo#)Q
SGAKII- And the earth We ha!e made it a ,ide extent0 ho, ,ell ha!e We then spread (it) out%
+he dualism o# the hea!en and the earth is a recurrin( theme in the $urBan and to ancient
Arabs they to(ether ,ould ha!e been considered the entire uni!erse% And (enerally ,hen
one is re#erred to the other marches ri(ht alon( ,ith it in the repetiti!e pattern o# most
Arabic poetry%
+he problem here is that since the identical !erb #orms and (rammar are used to include
tense ho, can H"tar claim the #irst aya re#ers to an on(oin( continuin( expansion o# the
hea!ens ,ithout also concludin( that the second must also re#er to an on(oin(
continuin( spreadin( o# the earth@
$urBanic cosmolo(y is #irmly (eocentric ,ith the earth at the center o# the uni!erse
surrounded by se!en solid spheres (the )se!en hea!ens*) ,ithin ,hich orbited the stars
planets sun and moon%
&ut here H"tar has deliberately and decepti!ely altered the meanin( o# <4-;5 in three
Ge has mistranslated )hea!en* as )uni!erse* in the attempt to ma"e the $urBan sound
conceptually more sophisticated than it really is and to pro!ide a stron(er basis #or his
second and more si(ni#icant distortion%
Ge then not only translates the Arabic noun #or )a !astness* into a !erb meanin(
)expandin(* but he then adds the entirely super#luous ad!erb )steadily* in an attempt to
insert into the $urBan additional ideas that are not actually there% With these three
translational liberties H"tar has completely chan(ed the meanin( o# this aya #rom a
simple description o# AllahBs creation o# the hea!ens into a scienti#ic statement o#
GubbleBs expandin( uni!erse that is not actually contained in the $urBan%
H"tarBs misuse and abuse o# al-$urBan 84-7> is no more le(itimate than his mutilation o#
<4-;5 althou(h at least his translation is more loyal to the ori(inal% In this case his
primary tool #or distortion comes #rom the decision to ta"e this sin(le aya completely out
o# context and so dis(uise its actual (and ob!ious) meanin(%
Gere is the sin(le !erse as Fuoted by H"tar% In his o,n translation o# Al-$urJan 84%7>
H"tar ,rote-
:o those ,ho are disbelie!ers not see that the hea!ens and the earth ,ere se,n to(ether and then We
unstitched them and that We made #rom ,ater e!ery li!in( thin(@ So ,ill they not ha!e #aith@
Go, con!enient #or his ar(ument that he has not included the next t,o ayaat% Gere are
(a(ain) the three most hi(hly re(arded translations o# the three ayaat in Fuestion-
In Al-$urJan Muhammad (or somebody) ,rote-
.USU'A6I- :o not the Unbelie!ers see that the hea!ens and the earth ,ere /oined to(ether (as one unit o#
creation) be#ore ,e clo!e them asunder@ We made #rom ,ater e!ery li!in( thin(% Will they not then
1ICK+GA6- Ga!e not those ,ho disbelie!e "no,n that the hea!ens and the earth ,ere o# one piece then
We parted them and ,e made e!ery li!in( thin( o# ,ater@ Will they not then belie!e@
SGAKII- :o not those ,ho disbelie!e see that the hea!ens and the earth ,ere closed up but We ha!e
opened them0 and We ha!e made o# ,ater e!erythin( li!in( ,ill they not then belie!e@
.USU'A6I- And We ha!e set on the earth mountains standin( #irm lest it should sha"e ,ith them and
We ha!e made therein broad hi(h,ays (bet,een mountains) #or them to pass throu(h- that they may
recei!e ?uidance%
1ICK+GA6- And We ha!e placed in the earth #irm hills lest it Fua"e ,ith them and We ha!e placed
therein ra!ines as roads that haply they may #ind their ,ay%
SGAKII- And We ha!e made (reat mountains in the earth lest it mi(ht be con!ulsed ,ith them and We
ha!e made in it ,ide ,ays that they may #ollo, a ri(ht direction%
.USU'A6I- And We ha!e made the hea!ens as a canopy ,ell (uarded- yet do they turn a,ay #rom the
Si(ns ,hich these thin(s (point to)Q
1ICK+GA6- And ,e ha!e made the s"y a roo# ,ithheld (#rom them)% .et they turn a,ay #rom its portents%
SGAKII- And We ha!e made the hea!en a (uarded canopy and (yet) they turn aside #rom its si(ns%
Do, that ,e ha!e returned the !erse to its actual context letBs ta"e a moment to contrast
H"tarBs ar(ument ,ith ,hat the $urBan is actually describin(% Ge claims that this is a
description o# the scienti#ic #act that ),hen it ,as created the uni!erse occupied a !ery
tiny !olume%* In #act there is no description all in this !erse that could be interpreted at
re#errin( to !olume in any sense%
&ut more importantly H"tar is claimin( that the )unstitchin(* o# hea!en and earth
described here is a re#erence to the )&i( &an(* or the primordial creation o# the
uni!erse% I# this ,ere the case then the )earth* mentioned here can not re#er to the planet
Earth as its creation ,as still billions o# years in the #uture #rom the e!ent H"tar claims is
bein( described%
In other ,ords H"tar is implyin( (and many Muslim ,eb sites and publications claim
explicitly) that )earth* here means )matter* and not the planet Earth itsel#%
&ut the !ery next !erse pro!es that this cannot be true% 'or in that !ery next !erse Allah is
settin( on that same )earth* mountains and hi(h,ays% Go, could this be i# the )earth* in
these ayaat meant anythin( H+GEI than the planet Earth@ When you #urther consider
that the next aya a#ter that concerns the )hea!en* as a )canopy* or )roo#* to that same
planet earth then the idea that this !erse is a description o# the )bi( ban(* becomes
completely impossible%
+hese !erses are exactly ,hat they appear to be0 they are a description o# AllahBs creation
o# the planet Earth and the hea!ens abo!e it DH+ a description o# the creation o# the
uni!erse as understood by modern science%
+he idea that the hea!ens and earth ,ere once /oined and then separated by the acti!ity o#
?ods and ?oddesses ,as actually Fuite common amon( pa(ans o# the Middle East%
Amon( the E(yptians #or example it ,as the in!oluntary separation o# ?eb (the earth
(od) #rom his ,i#e and sister Dut (the s"y (oddess) that ,as responsible #or the di!ision
o# the earth #rom the s"y% +he Sumerian Epic o# ?il(amesh li"e,ise describes the
moment ),hen the hea!ens had been separated #rom the earth ,hen the earth had been
delimited #rom the hea!ens* as a result o# the separation o# a s"y ?od (An) #rom a earth
?oddess (Ki)% I# you remo!e the pa(an re#erences you ha!e the same story as #ound in
the $urBan%
Iemember that in MuhammadBs day the hea!ens and the earth WEIE the entire
uni!erse% All the celestial bodies that could be obser!ed ,ere belie!ed to reside ,ithin
the concentric spheres o# the )se!en hea!ens%* +he stars ,ere e!en contained in the
closest sphere to Earth in i(norance o# the #act that their tiny siEe ,as simply an illusion
caused by their (reat actual distance%
+his truncated understandin( o# the uni!erse is responsible #or the #act that there is no
actual discussion o# the creation o# a )uni!erse* in the $urBan at all% +he $urBan is
completely silent on the )bi( ban(* because it clearly has no a,areness ,hatsoe!er o# a
uni!erse that preexisted the creation o# the planet Earth or extended out,ards into
in#inite space% It has no understandin( o# (alaxies or clusters o# (alaxies or Fuasars or
pulsars%%% any o# the H+GEI thin(s that could ha!e easily been mentioned by an
omniscient Allah and le#t us no room #or Fuibblin(%
And Muslim claims o# miraculous scienti#ic in#ormation in the $urBan are sho,n to be
yet a(ain in error%
.opied miracle
+he cosmolo(ical theory described in $uranis actually !ery primiti!e and mohammed
ha!e copied that #rom bible% 6etJs loo" at ,hat the &ible said o!er a millennium prior-
&oo" o# Cechariah ,rote-
+he burden o# the ,ord o# the 6HI: #or Israel saith the 6HI: ,hich stretcheth #orth the hea!ens and
layeth the #oundation o# the earth and #ormeth the spirit o# man ,ithin him%
&oo" o# Isaiah ;>-88 ,rote-
It is he that sitteth upon the circle o# the earth and the inhabitants thereo# are as (rasshoppers0 that
stretcheth out the hea!ens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent to d,ell in-
&oo" o# Isaiah ;;-8; ,rote-
+hus saith the 6HI: thy redeemer and he that #ormed thee #rom the ,omb I am the 6HI: that ma"eth
all thin(s0 that stretcheth #orth the hea!ens alone0 that spreadeth abroad the earth by mysel#0
&oo" o# Seremiah 4>-48 ,rote-
Ge hath made the earth by his po,er he hath established the ,orld by his ,isdom and hath stretched out
the hea!ens by his discretion%

8he .it( of Iram
#st 6efutation
Another )miracle o# the $uran* claimed by Muslims is the !erse =2%5
It reads-
KH# the (city o#) Iram ,ith lo#ty pillarsK
What is so miraculous about this@ Muslims say it is the mentionin( o# the name Iram in
this !erse that is a miracle% Why@P &ecause as they say Iram ,as a city o# Arabia that
,as destroyed in an earthFua"e and no one "ne, about it except Muhammad and it ,as
only in the second hal# o# the 8>th century that it ,as disco!ered by archeolo(ists% So
they as" )ho, Muhammad "ne, this ,hen no other text mentions the name Iram@
Muslims lo!e to li!e in sel#-delusion% Go, come a city ,as destroyed and no one "ne,
about it@ IsnBt this an absurdity@ +he destruction o# a city is a bi( e!ent% It is ob!ious that
people ,ill tal" about it and tell its tales to their children% Write poetries about it and it
enters in their le(ends and #ol"lore% 1ompeii Sodom and ?omorrah had similar #ates%
Althou(h the actual cities ,ere lost they remained in peopleJs lore% Who said no boo"s
prior to Muhammad mentioned Iram@ It ma"es no sense that Arabs #or(et completely
about a city destroyed thus%
+he #act is ho,e!er that Muhammad and his #ollo,ers destroyed all the boo"s that
belon(ed to the pre Islamic era that they decried as )/ahiliyyah*% I# no other boo" prior to
Muhammad mentions this city it is because Muslims destroyed those boo"s% +he tales o#
Iram ,ith its lo#ty pillars must ha!e been in the lore o# the Arabs and the ,ay
Muhammad casually mentions it ,ith no #urther explanation is clear that his audience
already "ne, ,hat he is ta"in( about%
Muhammad (i!es no hint as to the ,hereabouts o# that city% Gad he (i!en the (eo(raphic
coordinates or some indication as to ,here is that city and i# this ,as un"no,n to
e!eryone in his time then one could ma"e such claim that he had access to some hidden
"no,led(e% &ut mere statin( a name o# the city and its lo#ty pillars is no miracle at all% It
is ob!ious that people o# his time "ne, ,hat Iram is and had heard the sale tales that
Muhammad had heard% +he Fuestion is ,hat happened to the boo"s mentionin( Iram@
'rom the time o# the pre-Islam !ery little boo"s are le#t% +he E(yptian scholar +aha
Gussain in his boo" 'i al-Adab al-Saheli contended that-
+he !ast Fuantity o# ,hat is called pre-Islamic poetry has nothin( to do ,ith the pre-
Islamic literature but it is #abricated a#ter Islam% %%% +hus our research ,ill lead us to a
!ery stran(e conclusion0 that this poetry can not be used in interpretin( the $urJan%
1aul De,ton the Christian scholar on Islam states-
KDeed is the mother o# in!entionK is a sayin( that is true in many areas but in particular it
is true to ,hat is called the science o# the $urJan%
)When the Muslims #ound themsel!es in the need to protect ,hat they belie!ed to be the
miraculous nature o# the $urJan they in!ented-
4% 1re-Islamic poetry% And
8% +hey in!ented non-Gi/aEi and #orei(n ,ords
7% +hey in!ented (rammatical rules% And it (oes ,ithout sayin( that
;% +hey in!ented a hu(e amount o# Gadith%
Ge pro!es each and e!ery one o# his claims in an article a!ailable here-
Accordin( to +aha Gussain Muslims destroyed all pre Islamic boo"s and then #abricated
poetries and ,ords to /usti#y the errors o# the (rammar o# the $uran% +he proo# is
con!incin(% Hne e!idence presented by +aha Gussain is that all those poetries are in
$uraysh dialect ,hen in reality the Arabs spo"e many di##erent dialects and it is hi(hly
unli"ely that these Arabs ,ho ,ere so tribalists ,ould compose poetries in the dialect o#
the $uraysh instead o# their o,n% Muslims ,ent e!en as #ar as to compose poetries and
attributed them to Adam%
2/1 6efutation
'irst o# all $urJan ne!er said that Iram ,as a city% Gere is the !erse is Arabic%
wX qr\ aX [Zg X gh\ \ x\ ]X
\ x\ ]X
U Iram
X gh\
U dhaat U possessors
wX qr\ aX [Zg
U el Imad-e U o# the pillars
Iram ,as mentioned in the &ible be#ore the $urBan%
\ x\ ]X
(U Iram ) transliterated into Gebre, characters appears as

in the Gebre, Hld +estament and it is pronounced as Aram%
Accordin( to the Hld +estament Aram ,as the son o# Shem and the (randson o# Doah%
Aram ,as supposedly the ancestor o# the Arameans or the Syrians% +he lan(ua(e that the
Syrians spo"e ,as Aramaic and Aram ,as also the name o# the Syrian Dation% +here#ore
+he $urBan did not mention a city that ,as #or(otten by men durin( MohammedBs time
and then disco!ered 4;>> years later%
Why do Muslims ,ho ta"e a scienti#ic approach in interpretin( the $urBan and disco!er
ima(ined miracles i(nore the +a#sir o# early Islamic Scholars@
'or example Ibn Kathir ,rote-
+hey ,ere the descendants o# Ad bin Iram bin A,s bin Sam bin Duh% +his ,as said by Ibn IshaF%
Dotice Ibn IshaFBs (enealo(y di##ers #rom that o# ?enesis in the Hld +estament in only
one detail by addin( the name AA,s% In the H + Doah(Arabic Duh) ,as #ather o#
Shem( Arabic Sam) #ather o# Aram% And Aram ,as Iram accordin( to Ibn Katheer and
Ibn IshaF%
Mr Dadir AhmedBs miracle is not a miracle at all% I# he doesnBt remo!e his Iram debate
#rom his ,ebsite then his miracle should be declared a hoax%

2eo)raphical Miracle of the Quran@

Another so called Miracles o# the $uran claimed by Muslims is the
!erse 7>-8 and 7>-7 It reads-
+he Ioman Empire has been de#eated-
.USU'A6I- In a land close by0 but they (e!en) a#ter (this) de#eat o# theirs ,ill soon be !ictorious-
1ICK+GA6- In the nearer land and they a#ter their de#eat ,ill be !ictorious
SGAKII- In a near land and they a#ter bein( !anFuished shall o!ercome
+hese Muslims claim that the ,ord near
o\wZ \
can also be translated as lo,er and hence the abo!e could be read- +he Ioman Empire
,as de#eated in the lo,est landP +hen they claim that since the &lac" Sea is it the
lo,est point on earth (47>> #t bello, sea le!el) then Muhammad has said somethin( that
no one could ha!e "no,n%
+his is o# course ,ish#ul thin"in( o# deluded belie!ers and the absurdity o# that is sel#-
e!ident% +he Iomans ,ere not de#eated in the Ied Sea but in Serusalem and Serusalem is
abo!e sea le!el% I# ,e had to ta"e this arbitrary translation and disre(ard the ob!ious
meanin( o# the ,ord as ,as understood by all the translators o# the $uran this !erse
,ould ha!e become yet another blunder o# Muhammad%
Go,e!er all the interpreters o# the $uran ha!e translated the !erse correctly% I#
Muhammad really ,anted to impress his readers about his "no,led(e o# (eo(raphy he
could ha!e easily said that the Ied Sea is the lo,est land on Earth% Dote that the !erse is
mentionin( land and not sea% Muhammad is ta"in( about the Serusalem and not about the
Ied Sea%

8he Miracle of #9
Some Muslims belie!e that the $uranic !erse $urJan 5;-7> is the proo# that the
occurrence o# obser!ed K42K related #acts in Islam is a con#irmation o# the truth o# Islam-
H!er it is nineteen
+hese are actually the number o# an(els in Gell as the next $uranic ayat 5;-74
And We ha!e set none but an(els as ?uardians o# the 'ire0 and We ha!e #ixed their number only as a trial
#or Unbelie!ers
8he -ismillah 4Miracle4
Muslims li"e to re#er to the #act that the bismillah a !ery important phrase in Islam ,ith
the translation o# KIn the name o# Allah the bene#icent the merci#ulK has ma(ical
meanin(s due to its many 42-related #acts (see Muslim ,ebsite about this)% Gere ,e ,ill
demonstrate that any other KbismillahK can also produce the proo# o# a JmiracleJ% An
example o# another bismillah is-
nX Z \ [g Y-X\ [g g s
+ranslation- In the name o# Allah the E!il the Sa!a(e
+otal ADL (Arabic Dumerical Lalue) - 4999
'act 4- 42 letters - 42 U 42 x 4
'act 8- Sum o# Indi!idual ADL di(its (4999) U 4 e 9 e 9 e 9 U 42
'act 7- Hne !erse ADL - 4 4999 U 42 x 94;
'act ;- SeFuence number Word SiEe - 4 7 8 ; 7 9 ; 9 U 42 x 42 x 799=9
'act <- SeFuence number 6ocal letter number Indi!idual ADL Lalue - 4 4 8 8 9> 7 ;> 8
4 4 8 7> 7 7> ; < 7 4 4 8 7> 7 9>> ; 8 < 4> 9 <>> ; 4 4 8 7> 7 9 ; = < 7>> 9 4> U 42 x
<2>=;7=2<=;=<=>9=9<2 <7852479=9;;528=2;2< 7852472729742>>
'act 9- SeFuence number Cumulati!e number o# letters - 4 7 8 5 7 47 ; 42 U 42 x
'act 5- Con/oined letter numbers added - 4<>;898=5588 U 42 x 5245457>7=
'act =- 6etter number SeFuence number - 4874 ;<958 =24>4448477 4;4<49454=42; U
42 x 9;=47<48>;52>><2>45; ;82>78;=789
'act 2- Dum Words Dum letters +otal ADL - ;424999 U 42 x 88>94;
'act 4>- 4 sentence 42 letters len(ths o# ,ords - 4427;99 U 42 x 42 x 42 x 45;
'act 44- SeFuence number Word SiEe Word ADL - 4 7 4>8 8 ; 99 7 9 44;7 ; 9 7<< U
42 x 9=2<2428=849<;;<;<
'act 48- SeFuence number Word SiEe Word ADL Series - 4 7 89>;> 8 ; 47>7>< 7 9
47>9>>84><>> ; 9 47>9=7>>4> U 42 x 92524<249;5<82475<82
'act 47- SeFuence number Word SiEe Indi!idual ADL Lalue - 4 7 8 9> ;> 8 ; 4 7> 7> <
7 9 4 7> 9>> 8 4> <>> ; 9 4 7> 9 = 7>> 4> U 42 x 92524<249;5<82475<82
'act 4;- SeFuence number Word ADL Series 6etter number - 4 89>;> 487 8 47>7><
;<95 7 47>9>>84><>> =24>444847 ; 47>9=7>>4> 4;4<49454=42 U 42 x
997792>92<;8899>82=< =<=84>9754><57844444 9;2<;8;9;57575<=9285 88>4
'act 4<- SeFuence number Cumulati!e number letters Word ADL - 4 7 4>8 8 5 99 7 47
44;7 ; 42 7<< U 42 x 9=2<27<>924448=44<;<
'act 49- SeFuence number 'irstO6ast ADL Lalues 6ocal letter number - 4 ;8 4 8 7 8 9
4 8 7 ; 7 <>4 4 8 7 ; < 9 ; 44 4 8 7 ; < 9 U 42 x 5;=>4549;7247497=>59 9<7845>8;
'act 45- SeFuence number 6ocal letter number Word ADL Series - 4 4 8 7 89>;> 8 4 8
7 ; 47>7>< 7 4 8 7 ; < 9 47>9>>84><>> ; 4 8 7 ; < 9 47>9=7>>4> U 42 x
<244=29=<78=44848477 888=549;59=;784749>> 9;25924>==<52>>
'act 4=- SeFuence number 6ocal letter number Indi!idual ADL Lalue - 4 4 8 8 9> 7 ;>
8 4 4 8 7> 7 7> ; < 7 4 4 8 7> 7 9>> ; 8 < 4> 9 <>> ; 4 4 8 7> 7 9 ; = < 7>> 9 4> U 42 x
<2>=;7=2<=;=<=>9=9<2 <7852479=9;;528=2;2< 7852472729742>>
'act 42- Hne !erse ADL 42 characters - 4 4999 42 U 42 x 94;>4
As ,e can see 42 miracles ha!e been #ound about this ne, bismillah KIn the name o#
Allah the E!il the Sa!a(eK% +his is /ust a start% I# ,e experiment more ,e ,ill
undoubtedly come up ,ith more miracles% Hur ne, bismillah also is miraculous
accordin( to Islamic standards% Hne problem ,ith the phenomena o# the 42 miracle is
that there are no de#ined rules as to ,hat constitutes a miracle and ,hat doesnJt% Without
the lac" o# any rules ,e can see that the KmiracleK o# nineteen can exist in any phrase
e!en anti-Islamic%
More examples
Gere is another JmiraculousJ Arabic phrase-
+ranslation- +he 1i( the ?reat the Gandsome
= #acts ,ere #ound in the preliminary analysis about this phrase-
'act 4 - 42 letters - 42 U 42 x 4
'act 8 - Indi!idual ADL letter number - 44 7>8 9>>7 <>; 5< 4>9 8>>5 4= 7>2 5>4>
2>>44 4>48 ;>47 44; 7>4< 749 ;>45 4>4= 7>42 U 42 x <2;=575>89<9<=;<79=5
2244>79=22;5;89=;=97 889245759;=87499=2<5 >>4
'act 7 - Indi!idual ADL letter number SeFuence number - 4 4 7> 8 9>> 7 <> ; 5 < 4> 9
8>> 5 4 4 = 7> 2 5> 4> 2>> 44 4> 48 ;> 47 8 4 4; 7> 4< 7 49 ;> 45 4> 4= 7> 42 7 U 42 x
<2;=575>89<9<=;<79=5 2<5>><4><=79=;52;=>8 448849<;84=<=5<52=;5 ;9;5;5
'act ; - SeFuence number Word SiEe Cumulati!e number letters - 4 5 5 8 9 47 7 9 42 U
42 x 2782<;;>4
'act < - SeFuence number Word ADL Series Cumulati!e ADL - 4 47>9>><>54>8>>
=2= 8 47>5>2>>4>;> 42;2 7 47>7;>4>7> 8>97 U 42 x <2<><8=2=;5;5;4<92<;
8;5=;849>>4>8<2<;88= ;89;5;55
'act 9 - SeFuence number Cumulati!e number letters 6ocal letter number - 4 5 4 8 7 ; <
9 5 8 47 4 8 7 ; < 9 7 42 4 8 7 ; < 9 U 42 x 2>487;<9;852<2547=<8 45>8;
'act 5 - SeFuence number 'irstO6ast ADL Lalues Cumulati!e ADL - 4 8>4 =2= 8 ;4
42;2 7 74 8>97 U 42 x 978<5=>849=4<;75;55
'act = - SeFuence number Indi!idual ADL Lalue Cumulati!e ADL - 4 4 7> 9>> <> 5 4>
8>> =2=8 4 7> 5> 2>> 4> ;> 42;27 4 7> 7 ;> 4> 7> 8>97 U 42 x <2<><8=2=;5;5;4<92<;
8;5=;849>>4>8<2<;88= ;89;5;55
As ,e can see this phrase +he 1i( the ?reat the Gandsome (compare to In the name o#
Allah the bene#icient the merci#ul) is also miraculous and ,e ha!e not e!en tried other
combinations o# ,ords and calculations or ,e ,ould #ind more similiar bismillah related
Questions to "ubmitters Ebelie+ers of the #9 miracleF
4% Can the $uran be corrupted@
8% Gas it been corrupted be#ore@
7% Go, do you explain the #act that-
i% IashidJs translation is the only one to include his o,n name ,ithin the $uran itsel# at least = times
,hereas no other translation in the entire history o# Islam ma"es e!en a hint let alone a mention o# anyone
(e!en a messen(er) to come a#ter Muhammad@
ii% Why are there so many $uranJs includin( the Arabic ones that do not include Iashid in them@
;% Why are there extra !erses in the other translations ,hereas Iashid cut them out (e%(%
2-48= O 482)@
Gere are some possible conclusions-
4% Khali#aJs translation is an inno!ation o# the $uran and o# Islam% +his ,as ,arned about
in the hadith but since you donJt accept them you ,ouldnJt "no, about that% Ge added his
o,n name in there (in brac"ets) #or his o,n (ain0 chan(in( the implied meanin( o# the
$uran and you are all #ollo,in( an inno!ation o# Islam and the $uran%
+his means that the $uran ,as not corrupted0 only Khali#aJs translation is ,ron(% +he
$uranJs claims o# incorruptibility stand and Khali#a and his inno!ati!e translation must
be re/ected%
8% +he $uran ,as KcorruptedK in that ayahs ,ere added to it% Khali#a ,as merely
returnin( the $uran to its Jori(inal stateJ% Go,e!er this still does not explain the addition
o# his o,n name (inserted in brac"ets = times)%
I# you cannot chan(e the $uranJs existin( ,ords but you can add to them (as some
interpretations (o) then it is eFually concei!able that Iashid has remo!ed the !erses he
did not reFuire and added his o,n name in brac"ets as inno!ation% ie% Ge chan(ed the
implied meanin( o# those !erses in order to include himsel# as a !ital part o# Islam%
:oesnJt it stri"e you as extremely con!enient that Khali#a re/ects the ma/ority o# the
hadith (in ,hich it is C6EAI that Muhammad is the #inal messen(er3prophet to be sent
and that inno!ation o# $uran3Islam ,ill not be accepted) and Khali#a con!eniently has
his translation o# the $uran that mentions him by DAME@
Seriously you canJt ha!e your ca"e and eat it too% +he $uran ,as corrupted ,hiche!er
,ay you loo" at it0 by either e!eryone but Khali#a or by Khali#a himsel#% Which do you
thin" is more li"ely@
Addin( to the $uran is corruptin( it%
!nti'Islamic phrases demonstratin) the 4miracle4 of #9 and other hol( numbers
Gere are some en(lish phrases ,hich also sho, miracles and are thus truth#ul by Islamic
KIslam is not #rom ?odK-
IADLAdd- 8>2 U 42 x 44
KAllah is an ima(ination o# the mind o# MuhammadK
IADL U 75=
1DL U 4=>
75= 4=> U 22 x 7=8>
75= - 4=> U 42= U 22 x 8
7e5e=U 4= U 2 e 2
4e=e> U 2
22 is 2 ,ritten t,ice
Muslim phrase- KDinety-Dine beauti#ul Dames o# AllahK
1DL U 47<
77747< U 22 x 779<
777 - 47< U 42= U 22 x 8
7e7e7 U 2
4e<e7 U 2
!nti'Islamic phrase; G/inet('/ine /ast( /ames of !llahG
1DL U 445
74<445 U 22 x 74=7
74< - 445 U 42= U 22 x 8
7e4e< U 2
4e4e5 U 2
!rabic; !llah !l'MoMoof E,ieF
ADLJs- 99 e 8<5 U 787 U 42 x 45%>>>>
Arabic- Al $uran Al-Mu"r(:eception) Al-MoFoo# (lie)
ADLJs combined- 7=7 e 824 e 8<5 U 274 U 42 x ;2%>>>>
8<5 7=7 824 U 42 x 47<;9;=2%>>>>
274-8<5 U 95;
274-7=7 U <;=
274-824 U 9;>
95; <;= 9;> U 42 x 7<<>8<9>%>>>>
KAllah is not a ?odK
1DLAdd- <5 U 42 x 7
KDineteen is not a miracleK
1DLadd- 22 U 22 x 4
KMuhammad ,as a !ery e!il personK
IADLadd- 787 U 45 x 42
K+here is no AllahK
1DL Add- 99
Same as ADL #or JAllahJ
KHne hundred and #ourteen phony nasty chapters o# $uranK
1DLAdd- 88= U 42 x 48
IADLAdd- <5> U 42 x 7>
1DLadd- 88= U 44; x 8
KAllah is a #alse ?od a #i(ment o# MohammedJs ima(ination% ?od may exist but Ge is
not any (od mentioned in any reli(ionK
1DLAdd- ;<9 U 42 x 8;
1DLadd- ;<9 U 44; x ;
+his KmiracleK o# 42 is not a miracle% +he actual chance o# #indin( this JmiracleJ is 4 in 42
,hich is not an impressi!e probability at all%
EFual number o# miracles sometimes more are #ound in anti-Islamic texts%
What ,as $uran tal"in( about ,hen it said Ko!er it are DineteenK@ It ,as simply tal"in(
about the number o# An(els in Gell% +his is also con#irmed by Islamic ,ebsites (e%(% M4N)%
E!en Iashad Khali#a the in!entor o# 42 JmiraclesJ belie!es that 42 is the number o#
An(els in hea!en (#or him he sees it as a JmiracleJ that e!erythin( is 42)
Iashad Khali#a chan(ed or JcorruptedJ the $uran to hi(hli(ht the JmiraclesJ o# 42%