Dear IPSFers

During the 60
IPSF General Assembly in Porto, Portugal the 61
Executive Committee was
elected. Together with the 60
Executive Committee the team list, as presented in this file, has
been composed.
It is with great honor that I introduce to you the IPSF Team for the mandate 2014-2015 as
appointed to date.
The 61
IPSF Executive Committee (2014-15)
Ms. Parand Akhavan (the Netherlands)

Vice President:
Mr. Prosper Maposa (Zimbabwe)

Secretary General:
Mr. James White (Australia)

Mr. Laurens Oort (the Netherlands)

Chairperson of External Relations:
Ms. Filipa Oliveira (Portugal)

Chairperson of Internal Relations:
Mr. Luka Kosec (Slovenia)

Chairperson of Media and Publications:
Ms. Essra Noureldin (Sudan)

Chairperson of Pharmacy Education:
Ms. Brittany Mani (United States of America)

Chairperson of Professional Development:
Ms. Stephanie Miller (Canada)

Chairperson of Public Health:
Ms. Bárbara Scoralick Villela (Brazil)

Chairperson of Student Exchange:
Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Hassan Mostafa El-Molla (Egypt)

Chairperson of the African Regional Office:
Mr. Prosper Maposa (Zimbawbe)

Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Regional Office:
Mr. Mian Zhang (Australia)

Chairperson of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office:
Ms. Ines Derbel (Tunisia)

Chairperson of the European Regional Office:
Mr. José Pedro Silva Carvalho (Portugal)

Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office:
Mr. Angel Acosta (United States of America)

Chairperson of the 61
IPSF World Congress:
Ms. Neha Dembla (India)

Advisory Board:
Mr. David Čechlovský (Czeck Republic)
Ms. Meng San Lee (Taiwan, China)
Ms. Angela Sester (Germany)
Ms. Shirley Yeung (Canada)

African Regional Office:
Ms. Liniah Mumbengegwi (South Africa)

Regional Relations Officer:
Mr. Israel Bimpe (Rwanda)

Regional Projects Officer:
Ms. Amina Ndope (Kenya)

Regional Media and Publications Officer:
Mr. Nigel Sibanda (South Africa)

Chairperson of the 4

Immediate Past Chairperson:
Mr. Prosper Maposa (Zimbabwe)

Asia Pacific Regional Office:
Ms. Janet Mirazaei (Australia)

Regional Relations Officer:
Mr. Sjors Plugge (Australia)

Regional Projects Officer:
Ms. Waranyu Lengwiriyakul (Thailand)

Regional Media and Publications Officer:
Mr. Sai Yan Brian Wong (New Zealand)

Chairperson of 15
Mr. Thanakrit Sermpong (Thailand)

Immediate Past Chairperson:
Ms. Meng San Lee (Taiwan, China)

Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office:
Ms. Asma Sellami (Tunisia)

Regional Relations Officer:
Ms. Myriam Yasmine Hamouda (Tunisia)

Regional Projects Officer:

Regional Media and Publications Officer:
Mr. Mostafa Zarzora (Egypt)

Chairperson of the 5

Immediate Past Chairperson:
Ms. Essra Noureldin (Sudan)

European Regional Office:
Regional Relations Officer:
Mr. Diogo Marques (Portugal)
Regional Projects Officer:
Ms. Mafalda Koppensteiner (Portugal)

Immediate Past Chairperson:
Ms. Parand Akhavan (the Netherlands)

Pan American Reigonal Office:
Ms. Dayl Eccles (United States of America)
Regional Relations Officer:
Mr. Lucas Ercolin (Brazil)

Regional Projects Officer:
Ms. Jessica Zook (United States of America)

Regional Media and Publications Officer:
Ms. Sara DiTursi (United States of America)

Chairperson of the 9
Mr. Jorge Schlottke (Argentina)

Blog Coordinator: Ms. Emily Shor (United States of America)
Clinical Skills Event Coordinator: TBA
Compounding Coordinator: TBA
Corporate Relations Coordinator: Mr. Dániel Miklós Vértessy (Hungary)
Development Fund Coordinator: Mr. Tassilo Vogel (Germany)
Design Coordinator: Mr. Paulo Malta (Portugal)
Educational/Scientific Publications Coordinator: TBA
Humanitarian Coordinator: Ms. Cristiana Monteiro (Portugal)
Internship Coordinator: Ms. Ana Sara Gomes (Portugal)
Training Coordinator: Mr. Ernest Szubert (Poland)

Marketing Coordinator: Mr. Edberg Andreas (Indonesia)
Medicine Awareness Coordinator: Ms. Lara-Turiya Seitz (Germany)
Membership Promotion Coordinator: Mr. Amr Bedier (Egypt)
Merchandise Coordinator: TBA
Patient Counseling Coordinator: TBA
Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign Coordinator: TBA
Pharmacy Education Research Coordinator: Ms. Amber Liu (Canada)
Policy Coordinator: Mr. Steve Estevão (Portugal)
Public Health Advocacy Coordinator: Ms. Ana Catarina Duarte (Portugal)
Public Health Awareness Coordinator: Mr. Tomás Freitas (Portugal)
Constitutional Working Committee
Mr. Eduardo Corvacho (Portugal)
Mr. Michael McIntyre (Australia)
Ms. Sarah Romeilli (Algeria)

Corporate Relations Committee:
Ms. Célia Ferreira (Portugal)
Mr. Cezary Dmochowski (Poland)
Ms. Janet Tsi Ying Poon (United Kingdom)
Ms. Kimberly Uweh (United States of America)
Ms. Kartika Khoirummisa (Indonesia)
Ms. Madeline Chavara (United States of America)
Mr. Taiwo Owatemi (United Kingdom)

Design and Creativity Committee:
Mr. Amir Haghighi Hasanalideh (Iran)
Ms. Cahyani Kesuma Suryaloka (Indonesia)
Mr. Miguel Martins (Portugal)
Ms. Nazli Ceren Doğanlı (Turkey)
Mr. Rene Ngaboyis Onga (Rwanda)

Development Fund Committee:
Ms. Andrea Martišková (Czech Republic)
Mr. Carles Serra Traynor (Spain)

Mr. Michael McIntrye (Australia)

Editorial Committee:

Membership Promotion Committee:
Mr. Amine Abroug (Tunisia)
Mr. Gregory Sneed (United States of America)
Ms. HuiLing Kho (Malaysia)
Mr. Mina Esmat (Egypt)
Ms. Pamela Kadare (Zimbabwe)
Mr. Richmond Tche (Ivory Coast)
Mr. Ryan Chan (United Kingdom)

Pharmacy Education Committee:
Ms. Bernice Bonsu Adusah (Ghana)
Ms. Cihan Yuzgec (Turkey)
Ms. Cláudia Meneses (Portugal)
Mr. Fateh Berkane (Algeria)
Mr. João Souto (Portugal)
Ms. Juliet Obi (Ghana)
Mr. Mohan Shrestha (Nepal)
Mr. Ng Han Yui (Malaysia)
Ms. Nisa Masyitah (Indonesia)
Ms. Olga Mariana Cunha (Portugal)
Mr. Ryan Chan (United Kingdom)
Ms. Sarah Romeili (Algeria)
Ms. Whitley Yi (United States of America)

Policy Committee:
Mr. Andreas Schittny (Switzerland)
Mr. Arinze Awiligwe (Nigeria)
Ms. Catherine Brown (Australia)
Mr. João Souto (Portugal)
Ms. Liniah Mumbengegwi (South Africa)
Mr. Miguel Vargas-Rodriguez (Spain)

Professional Development:
Ms. Angelina Blumenthal (Germany)

Ms. Catherine Brown (Australia)
Ms. Deborah Tetteh-Quarshie (Ghana)
Mr. Francisco Costa (Portugal)
Ms. Juliet Obi (Ghana)
Ms. Miranda Wells (United States of America)
Ms. Neo E-on (Malaysia)
Mr. Yehia Hegazy (Egypt)

Public Health Committee:
Mr. Assem Abdel Salam (Egypt)
Mr. Ali Ebrahimi (Iran)
Mr. Alvaro Leon Torres (Columbia)
Ms. Bahira Asma (Algeria)
Mr. Bruno Racki (Croatia)
Ms. Canly Hansen Sudirman (Indonesia)
Mr. Francisco Costa (Portugal)
Ms. Ifeoma Ibe (United States of America)
Ms. Liliane Costa (Portugal)
Mr. Miguel Vargas-Rodriguez (Spain)
Ms. Rute Goncalves (Portugal)
Ms. Simona Dragieva (United States of America)
Ms. Simone Gunsberger (Australia)
Mr. Thomas Sayre (United States of America)
Ms. Yasmin Osei Kuffour (United Kingdom)

Student Exchange Committee
Mr. Bang Nguyen Sy (Hungary)
Ms. Bianca-Elena Chichirau (Romania)
Ms. Crisalda Ferrus (Spain)
Ms. Colleen O'Connell (United States of America)
Ms. Emileen Chieng Siaw Ling (Malaysia)
Mr. Jaroslaw Kmiec (Poland)
Mr. Kebir Jaafar (Tunisia)
Ms. Melanie Grzonkowski (Germany)
Ms. Nour Hassen Khodja (Algeria)

On behalf of the 61
IPSF Executive Committee I would like to express our gratitude for being
given the opportunity to serve this Federation. We look forward to working with the members

to move the Federation forward.
I would like to take the opportunity to encourage you all to get involved in IPSF through our
numerous initiatives and projects. Do not hesitate to take part in this Federation and gain a
unique and unforgettable experience. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to
contact us, as we are here to serve you.

Yours sincerely,

Parand Akhavan
IPSF President 2014-2015