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Sharad Joshi has been an old hand in

astrology. Since 1981 he is the Honorary

Professor and Research Guide in K.P &
Sayan at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan,
Mumbai. He has been author and guide to
nearly 12 books in astrology and some of
them have been path breaking books. His
book on Primary Direction received
appreciation letter from Research Director
James Holden of American Federation of
Astrologers, Arizona, USA. He has lectured
in numerous conferences and his articles
have been published in many reputed
journals of astrology.


Prof Sharad C Joshi, India

strology is the only science,
which gives guidelines not only
to human beings, but also for any
establishment [company, institute,
country, weather forecast, living or non
living things, etc] through different
branches of Astrology. Here I am giving an
example of our beloved society, Jyotish
Bharati [Bombay Astrological Society]
which was established by a well known
astrologer Late Shri Jivanrao T Chitnis.

He established the Bombay Astrological
Society on 18
Dec 1892 at 12 Noon
[LMT] in Mumbai. His aim was to spread
the knowledge of the astrology by way of
coaching interested students. This article
will discuss the combinations and other
peculiarities in the chart of this institute,
which lead to its continued growth from
1892 to 2012. As a beacon of light imparting
knowledge in astrology the institute
completes 120 years of its establishment.
Our hope is that it reaches greater heights
and achieves its goal for which it was

I have discussed the chart below as per Tropical system as the Late Shri Jivanrao T Chitnis
was a follower of Sayan system.

First house indicate the institute and 10
house indicate the management or person who is
taking care of the institute.

1] Ascendant: Pisces sign rising in its own Navamsh [Vargotamma]. Pisces sign itself
indicates ocean [depth]. Lord of Ascendant is Jupiter [knowledge] and part ruler Neptune
[depth]. Intercepted sign of the Ascendant. This also indicates the hidden capacity or
strength of Ascendant, due to the full enthusiasm and optimism of planet Jupiter in it.

2] Ascendant Lord: Jupiter [knowledge] rising in Ascendant in intercepted sign Aries,
indicates depth and hidden capacity to spread knowledge, with its full capacity [fiery sign].
Jupiter also in the Navamsh is at trine from its natal placement which is a good sign. It is in
cusp sign of Navamsh chart. Jupiter is in trine with Moon [Mind of students (lord of 5
in 9
house [higher education]. Jupiter is also in trine with retrograde Mercury [education or
intelligence] in 9
house [studies]. Jupiter faces opposition of an exalted Saturn from 7

house from itself of the intercepted sign and indicates support for the institute from society
and patrons alike.

Other part ruler Neptune is in an airy sign in the 3
house, is retrograde and with retrograde
Pluto indicates that, decisions relating to management of the institute are in flux. This
suggests the lack of experienced professionals to guide the management. However, the
institute has always great support and help from outside due to the characteristics of an
intercepted Saturn with Jupiter. [For Example: Shri Y K Pradhan, Shri Kanyalal .M. Munshi,
Shri Amritlal Seth, Mahamohpadhyay, Shri J H Dave, Shri Gopalkrishna Modi, Shri Jinhabhai Lad
and Dr Shri Dinesh Daftary].

3] M.C: on the 10
cusp, Sagittarius sign is rising, and it is a plus point that, same sign is also
rising on 9
cusp. It indicates the good intention of Late Shri Jivanrao T Chitnis, who had
established this institute to spread the knowledge in the form of education to interested
people. One more confirmation is that, Ascendant ruler and lord of 9
and 10
cusp is in the
same house [Jupiter (knowledge)]. [M.C Parallel Sun].

4] Sun: Sun is on the cusp of the 10th, indicating the moral values and Status. Slowly it has
been progressing, decade after decade, due to its placement in the dual sign of Jupiter and it is
in a Vargotamma Navmash. Sun is a lord of 6
indicates that this institute is also getting
support from the Government, and other charitable institutions. Sun is in square with Mars,
which is in the 12
house as a lord of 1
[intercepted sign in Ascendant] and 8
indicates that, management has to be very cautious while considering expansion through
constructing a new building or merging with other institutions. Otherwise it will lose its
identity. Similar indications are seen from lord of 2
and 7
[intercepted ruler] Venus is in
and trine with Mars in 12
house. Mars is parallel with Saturn [12
& 7

5] Moon: Moon is a karak of mind, and as lord of 5
house [students] is with Mercury
[education] in the 9
house [indicates a house of teaching]. This Moon is in trine aspect
with Jupiter [lord of 1
, 9
and 10
, karak for knowledge and Guru] indicates clear mind and
intention of spreading the knowledge with experience [sextile with Saturn ]. Moon is in Leo
Navamsh and conjoins Jupiter and retrograde Mercury. Additionally Moon is in same
triplicate element with Sun, and Neptune which indicates capable and trustworthy students
will come forward to lead the institute further in future. [Till today, the institutes faculty is
always appointed from the students who graduated from the institute]. Student signify
Moon in the 9
house with Sun and Mercury and is in trine with Jupiter, in sextile with
exalted Saturn indicates that students will spread the knowledge, with new experienced
concept at national, and international level.

Mars is in 12
house as a lord of 8
and 1
, indicates problem regarding regular publications.
Similar indication are observed from the placement of retrograde Pluto and Neptune in 3

house. [Mercury contra parallel Neptune].

From above discussion of the establishment chart, it indicates that, Late Shri Jivanrao T
Chitnis had selected such a prosperous time from his vide experience knowledge and by using
election astrology, that even after lapse of 120 years of establishment, the institute is
progressing in a right direction. As per Vedic astrology Vijay Muhurat was running at the
time of establishment of the institution.

Major Events in History of the Institute
As per ODM progression and Paribhraman Paddhatti, following events are discussed briefly.

1] Death of Shri Jivanrao T Chitnis 1909.
In 1908, institute had completed 16 yrs. Sun squares Saturn [separating], Jupiter in
Ascendant, 9
and 10
lord was in opposition with 8
cusp [applying]. Mars quincunx with
Uranus in 8
house. In Paribhraman Paddhatti 5
house becomes Ascendant [house of
change]. Jupiter was in 4
house [end of life in a original chart] and Sun was in 8

2] Bombay Astrological Society affiliated with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1944.
In 1943, institute had completed 51 yrs, Saturn conjunction 9
house [ new formation+
support from 7
house ], Paribhraman Asc is 4
house [ House of Infrastructure ] Asc ,9

and 10
lord Jupiter square with its own position. Mercury lord of Asc ruler for current year
was in 10
for current year chart ] indicates some kind of agreement or affiliation with
some society, Saturn significator for infrastructure was in square with Mars [Radical it is in
], quincunx with Venus [radical it is 8
] indicate that to have a permanent infrastructure
and facility, change of its own identity & affiliation with supported society [Saturn and 7

house ]

3] Bombay Astrological Society Merged with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and changed its name
as a Jyotish Bharati in 1992.
In 1991, institute had completed 99 yrs, and 4
house was a Ascendant, Saturn conjunction
house [applying], Asc, 9
, 10
lord passing through 4
house [the years Ascendant] and
Jupiter becomes 10
and 7
, 6
lord indicates further expansion steps in front of the society.
The years Ascendant lord and karak for change of documentary planet Mercury conjunct
with Uranus in 8
house [Radical chart] is in 5
house [That year]. This shows the major
changes that took place where for the betterment of the institute.

Expected Events in a Near Future
The years 2018 and 2022 will be difficult for the institute. The chart shows the following
1] Some kind of mismanagement.
2] Some kind of wrong propaganda in the media, against the institute.
3] Exit of some senior members due to health and unexpected death will be a shock to the

So, present management has to take due care, regarding any new implications in coming
years due to trine position of planets. [Reading given as per above suggested system.]

In his chart, [Jivanrao T Chitnis] Ascendant, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun have played a major
role, for such kind of success, that even after his death the institute is running successfully
and he has proved himself and Astrology as a science.

We must salute the Late Shri Jivanrao T Chitnis, that he had really used his knowledge, and
established such an educational institute, which is running successfully from last 120 years.