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Pipes that carry waste fuids, such as oil and grease, become cracked and clogged with time.

When drain pipes

are rehabilitated with the Nu Drain system, the strong structural liner covers all breaches in pipes and separates
the waste fuids from the pipes, preventing leaks, blockages and other failures. Nu Flow used this nondestructive
technology to complete a sanitary storm drain rehabilitation project for Torontos largest mall.
Project: Use the Nu Drain system to rehabilitate
failing pipes in-place without causing disruption
to a very busy shopping centre.
Site: Toronto Eaton Centre is Canadas second
largest mall, and is located in downtown Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. In respect to the number of
guests, this shopping mall and offce complex is
Torontos biggest tourist destination with about
1 million guests per week. It has more than 300
retailers and restaurants and is comprised of
1.7 million square feet of space, fve stories and
three high-rise offce buildings. This shopping
mall was built in 1977 and has had additions and
renovations several times since construction.
System: The sanitary storm drain system, which
collects the rain water with oil and grease, runs
from the indoor parking garage and routes the
water throughout the mall. The overhead pipes
are exposed along the ceiling of a tenants offce
space and are confgured both vertically and
horizontally with several 45 degree bends, 90
degree elbows and Ys. The pipes are cast iron
and have 4" diameters.
Problem: The system became clogged as a result of the oil and grease from the parking lot. The oil and grease also
eventually ate through the pipes, causing leaks that damaged a tenants inventory.
Circumvention: Traditional pipe replacement would be very expensive, time-consuming and disruptive for this
retail centre. The store with the exposed ceiling pipes would be closed for days or weeks so that the pipes could be
torn out and replaced.
Solution: Nu Flow technicians used the nondestructive Nu Drain system to rehabilitate the failing drain lines without
causing destruction or business disruptions for the popular mall and its tenants. The leaking sanitary storm drain
line was almost fully clogged with oil and grease. Using Nu Flows proprietary tools, technicians frst cleaned the
drain line and brought it back to its original diameter, improving fow and overall functionality. Our technicians
worked with the customers in-house plumbers to remove and replace the pipe fttings. The in-house plumbers also
provided multiple access points to the pipes because of the complexity of the confguration. The work was done at
night after mall hours and was completed within four days. There was not any destruction or disruption as a result
of this project. The customer was so pleased with our work that we were asked to perform other pipe rehabilitation
projects for the prestigious property.
This is the large amount of sludge that blocked
the malls sanitary storm drain lines. Nu Flows
cutting tools were used to bring this pipe back
to its original diameter before the Nu Drain
system was installed.
Nu Flow Prevents Disruptions for Torontos Largest Mall
Where life interacts with infrastructure.
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