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Distinguished Hospital Award 2013
for Clinical Excellence
Get Pinked campaign set for fourth year
Many events benefit Cathy Lincoln Memorial Fund
By Joshua Kellogg
The Daily Times
Organizers of the Get
Pinked campaign plan
to keep their fundraising
momentum going so
they can help San Juan
County women diag-
nosed with breast cancer
cover health care costs.
Entering its fourth
year, the Get Pinked
San Juan County cam-
paign organized by the
San Juan Medical
Foundation is hoping to
raise $175,000 for the
Cathy Lincoln Memorial
Cancer Fund, named for
a San Juan Regional
Medical Center nurse
who died from breast
A wide range of
events will take place in
October to raise money
for the fund. The Get
Pinked Rally kicks off
the campaign on Oct. 4
in McGee Park with
food and game booths,
music and an attempt to
set a new Guinness
World Record.
John Oliphant, foun-
dation executive direc-
tor, said Get Pinked
Rally participants will
be trying to set the
record for the largest
dance to the song
Gangnam Style by Psy
after last years attempt
was rained out.
This is the first year
the rally will take place
at the beginning of the
We thought a kick-
off rally would ... get
more people involved,
Oliphant said.
Other annual events
scheduled include the
benefit race and auction
at Aztec Speedway and
the 1-mile fun walk, 5k
run and obstacle/mud
run organized by the
Courtesy of Jamie Lujan
The Cathy Lin-
coln Memorial
Cancer Fund
was established
in October 2001
in memory of
Cathy Lincoln,
a San Juan
County resident
who died from
breast cancer.
see FUND on page 4

Bloomfield Fire
Brenda Shepherd,
foundation assistant
manager of operations,
said a new volunteer
group called the Get
Pinked Ambassadors
have been helping by
reaching out to business-
es to see if they want to
participate in the cam-
They are working
really hard and they are
out talking to businesses
and theyll be attending
a lot of the events in
October, Shepherd said.
Its a major help to the
The Cathy Lincoln
Memorial Fund was cre-
ated to ensure women
with breast cancer have
access to treatments and
tests that can catch the
cancer early.
Jamie Lujan, Lincolns
daughter, said she
remembers late-night
talks with her mother
about women struggling
with the costs associated
with medical treatments.
It was extremely
important to my mom
they get help, Lujan
When Lincoln died
from breast cancer in
2001, Lujan said she
wanted to make sure
something good would
come from her mothers
Shepherd said the
fund was established in
October 2011 by friends
and family to ensure
women in San Juan
County diagnosed with
breast cancer would not
have to struggle to pay
for diagnostic tests and
treatments they needed
early on.
They didnt want
any women not to get a
mammogram simply
because they couldnt
afford it, Shepherd said.
She saw in her nursing,
many women that came
in when it was too late. ...
That was one of her final
wishes, that someone
would start a fund to
help these women
because she was seeing it
more and more.
Shepherd said the
fund helped 11 women
the first year and has
helped more than 1,300
women in the last 13
The foundation works
with area doctors offices
to identify women who
could benefit from the
fund and after an appli-
cation is approved, the
fund can help pay for
medications, transporta-
tion costs and diagnostic
Oliphant said the
fund helps women who
are under-insured or
uninsured. He said they
have only turned down a
handful of applicants,
and those either made
too much money or had
sufficient insurance.
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By Joshua Kellogg
The Daily Times
calendar featuring San
Juan County women
who have been diag-
nosed with breast cancer
that will be sold as a
fundraiser for this years
Get Pinked program
was a project photogra-
pher Bree Gonzalez
could believe in.
Gonzalez, owner of
Faith Photography, will
be selling copies of her
2015 Fighters and
Survivors calendar with
photos of San Juan
County women at Get
Pinked events in
October. The proceeds
will benefit the Cathy
Lincoln Memorial Fund.
Gonzalez was look-
ing for that special blend
of art and community
It was a challenge
for me to come up with
something, Gonzalez
The idea of a calendar
the brainchild of
Gonzalezs friend Sheila
Mobley, who pushed the
entire project into over-
drive with the sugges-
tion that it could be a
fundraiser. She found
the calendars first
model, Ellyn Dimond,
within 24 hours of talk-
ing to Gonzalez.
We brainstormed for
about 20 minutes and
came up with the calen-
dar, Gonazalez said.
Dimonds breast can-
cer was discovered
about two years ago, the
day after her son
Sullivans first birthday.
After a year of
c h e m o t h e r a p y ,
Dimonds cancer is cur-
rently in remission.
It was a cold
February day when
Dimond and Gonzalez
traveled to the Chaco
Culture National
Historical Park to shoot
Dimonds calendar
With her hair styled
like a 1950s pinup model
and fluffy pink dress in
tow, Dimond hiked
about 20 minutes in high
heels while helping
carry the camera equip-
ment before changing
into her dress in the
middle of the Chaco
park hills. Its a memory
Dimond describes as
hilarious, although she
clearly remembers the
freezing temperatures.
Its been amazing.
She cared enough about
us and she wanted it to
be documented so we
can remember it and not
remember it in a nega-
tive way, Dimond said.
It was a nice thing for
us personally but also
we could help other
people. It was an impor-
tant part of the healing
process of cancer.
Knowing the cancer was
not in vain and we could
help other people.
Gonzalez said the
project was a little
stressed during the pro-
duction of the calendar
but she was surprised
and overwhelmed by
the response.
I wanted it to be
about San Juan County
and the women here. I
really wanted to
embrace this area,
Gonzalez said.
Gonzalez pho-
tographed women all
over San Juan County,
including Shiprock,
San Juan College,
downtown Farmington
and the Bisti Highway.
Dimond said it was
an amazing opportunity
for the women to be able
to bring awareness to
the Cathy Lincoln
Memorial Fund while
learning a little bit more
about themselves.
I think it should be
noted that Brees goal
was to have fun. To have
each personality come
out in a photo shoot.
Most of us havent had
their picture taken (pro-
fessionally) before,
Dimond said. It was
one way for her to make
us feel good on the out-
side as we do in the
For information on pur-
chasing a 2015 Fighters
and Survivors calendar,
contact Faith Photography
at 505-947-2697.
Specializing In
Underground Facility
515 E. Animas St., Farmington, NM (505) 325-6372
S i lizing In
100 100
100 100
for every car sold from
Oct. 13 - Oct. 26
to the Cathy Lincoln
Memorial Cancer Fund.
5220 East Main,
Farmington, NM
Cancer survivors participate in calendar
Photographer sells calendar as fundraiser for memorial fund
Alexa Rogals The Daily Times
Survivors and Fighters calendars are pictured on Sept. 30 at Bree Gonzalez's
Faith Photography studio in Farmington.
Alexa Rogals The Daily Times
Bree Gonzalez poses for a photo with her Survivors and Fighters calendar on
Sept. 30 at her Faith Photography studio in Farmington. Gonzalez took photos of
women around San Juan County who are fighting breast cancer for the calendar.

Pelle Spa Gets
Pinked: 4:30 to 6:30
p.m. on Thursday, Oct.
2, at Distil, 5920 E. Main
St. in Farmington. Spa
will donate $10 for
every appointment
booked at the event.
Aspen tree planting
in memory of Aspen
Hatch Marthaler: 11:30
a.m. on Friday, Oct. 3, at
Connelly Hospitality
House, 710 S. Lake St.
in Farmington.
Refreshments served.
Get Pinked Kick-Off
Rally: 2 to 5 p.m. on
Saturday, Oct. 4, at
McGee Park, 41 Road
5568 in Farmington.
Guinness World
Records attempt, food,
vendors and family fun.
Free event.
Barbecue: 11 a.m. to
6 p.m. on Oct. 4, 11, 18
and 25 at Sams Club,
4500 E. Main St. in
Get Pinked Race: 7
p.m. on Saturday, Oct.
4, at Aztec Speedway,
420 Legion Road in
Uniform Kingdom:
Oct. 4 to 11 at 910 San
Juan Blvd. in
Farmington. For a $5
donation, get 5 percent
off a purchase.
Head Shop Salon
and Day Spa Fashion
Show: 6 p.m. on Friday,
Oct. 10, at Henderson
Fine Arts in San Juan
College, 4601 College
Blvd. in Farmington.
Mud Run 5K and
Fun Walk: 7 a.m. on
Saturday, Oct. 11, at
Bloomfield Fire
Department, 911 N.
First St. in Bloomfield.
Register at the fire
department or at
Get Pinked for Pints:
5:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct.
17, at Three Rivers
Brewerys Tap and
Game Room, 111 E.
Main St. in Farmington.
Live music and collecta-
ble pint glasses. Get
your hair pinked while
drinking a pint.
Get Pinked Zumba
Event: 5 to 7 p.m. on
Friday, Oct. 17, at
Defined Fitness 1700 E.
20th St. in Farmington.
Zumbathon: 6 to 8
p.m. on Friday, Oct. 17,
at The Body Shop, 301
W. Main St. in
Southwest Barrel
Racing Associations
New Mexico 1 Barrel
Racing: 4 to 6 p.m. on
Saturday, Oct. 18, at
McGee Park, 41 Road
5568 in Farmington.
CrossFit Cancer
Crusher: 10 a.m. on
Saturday, Oct. 18, at
Animas CrossFit, 6161
E. Main St. in
Southwest Barrel
Racing Associations
New Mexico 1 Barrel
Racing: 11 a.m. to 1
p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 19,
at McGee Park, 41 Road
5568 in Farmington.
Breast Cancer
Luncheon and Style
Show: 10:30 a.m. to 1
p.m. on Wednesday,
Oct. 22, at the
Courtyard by Marriott,
560 Scott Ave. in
Farmington. Call 505-
609-6805 by Oct. 1 for
Southwest Ink: $30
to $50 tattoos for pre-
designed pink ribbons
on Thursday, Oct. 23, at
Southwest Ink, 4601 E.
Main No. 650 in the
Animas Valley Mall in
City of Farmington
Carnival: 3 to 6 p.m. on
Friday, Oct. 24, at Animas
Park 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Get Pinked Cowboy
Soiree: 6 to 11:30 p.m.
on Saturday, Oct. 25, at
the Farmington Civic
Center, 200 W.
Arrington St. in
Farmington. Barbecue
dinner, live auction, raf-
fle and music by John
Michael Montgomery.
Call 505-609-6805 for
ticket information.
Bloomfield High
Schools Powder Puff
Game: 7 p.m. on
Wednesday, Oct. 8, at
Bloomfield High School,
520 N. First St. in
Central Primary
Pennies for Pizza: First,
second and third-grade
Reliance Medical Group
3451 N. Butler Ave.
Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm
Urgent Care
3751 N. Butler Ave.
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Get Pinked calendar

classes at Central
Primary School, 310 W.
Sycamore St. in
Bloomfield, will collect
pennies for patients and
to win a pizza party
Get Pinked Dance
For Cancer Showcase: 5
to 7 p.m. on Saturday,
Oct. 11, at Piedra Vista
High School 5700
College Blvd. in
Farmington. Admission
is $1.
Bloomfield High
Pinked Out soccer and
volleyball games:
Thursday, Oct. 16, at
Bloomfield High School,
520 N. First St. in
San Juan County 4-
H Council and Club:
Selling food at Get
Pinked Kick-Off Rally
from 2 to 5 p.m. on
Saturday, Oct. 4, at
McGee Park, 41 Road
5568 in Farmington.
Helpful Heroes
Junior Civitan: Group
will host Hair Corner
for head shaving, pink-
ing hair and pink chalk
at Get Pinked Kick-Off
Rally from 2 to 5 p.m.
on Saturday, Oct. 4, at
McGee Park, 41 Road
5568 in Farmington.
7-2-11 Stores: Selling
$1 and $5 splats in all
stores from Oct. 6 to 12.
Chiropractic: $5 donat-
ed from each visit on
Wednesdays in October.
Located at 1415 W.
Aztec Blvd. in Aztec.
Alco: Store at 1500
W. Broadway Ave. in
Bloomfield will have
money jars at registers
and sell $1 splats.
Allen Theaters Allen
8 and Animas 10: Pink
popcorn buckets and
drink specials.
Aspen Leaf Yogurt:
$1 when you purchase a
spoon. Located at 5150
E. Main St., Suite 105, in
Auto Max: $100
donation for each car
sold. Located at 5220 E.
Main St. in Farmington.
Basin Home Health:
Selling T-shirts all
month with 50 percent
of proceeds going to
Get Pinked. Located at
200 N. Orchard Ave. in
Best Friends Bath
House: Any donations
more than $3, and you
can have your dogs
nails painted pink.
Located at 310 N. First
St. in Bloomfield.
Bloomfield Florist:
$5 for each pink
arrangement sold.
Located at 306 N. First
St. in Bloomfield.
DJs Pizza: Money jar
at counter for patrons.
Located at 410 W.
Broadway Ave. in
Dennys: $1 and $5
Splats and pink ribbons
and staff wearing pink
aprons. Located at 600
Scott Ave. in
Envirotech: Splats for
all field trucks.
Farmers Market:
Money jars at registers
in stores at 401 W.
Broadway Ave. in
Bloomfield and 816
N.M Highway 516 in
Flora Vista.
Farmington Fire
Department: Selling T-
shirts at 850 Municipal
Drive in Farmington.
Faith Photography
Survivor Calendars:
Calendars sold for $10.
Call 505-947-2697 or go
to faithphotgraphyby-
Imagination Station:
Selling $1 splats and
have money jar for stu-
dents. Located at 216 A.
N. First S. in
KD Video: Money
from Dunk Game and a
money jar at register for
patrons. Located at 302
N. First St. in
Kare Drug Inc.:
Displaying a sign in the
window. Located at
100A. N. First St. in
Kathys Discount
Party Store: Selling
pink supplies at store,
3836 E. Main St. in
Farmington, and 100
percent of proceeds go
to Cathy Lincoln
Memorial Cancer Fund.
Naked Mobile: $1
activation, pink acces-
sories, $1 Facebook
sweepstakes and selling
shirts at Rally. Store
located inside Animas
Valley Mall.
Paradise Salon and
Spa: Selling $1 splats.
Located at 1300 W.
Broadway Ave. in
PESCO (Process
Equipment and
Services Co.):
Purchasing splats for all
field trucks
Pion Hills Golf
Course: Will have pink
flags and flag sticks on
see CALENDAR on page 8

By Leslie Fitz
Special to The Daily Times
Bloomfield describes
itself at the center of
adventure. Sure enough!
The Bloomfield Fire
Department is creating a
little bit of adventure in
support of the county-
wide campaign for Get
The department is
hosting the fourth annu-
al Mud Run on Oct. 11 at
the Bloomfield
Multicultural Center,
333 S. First St. The route
will wind through the
river trail system up
and over slippery walls,
through slick mud pits
and inside mucky cul-
verts. Adventure will
abound as contestants
compete in selected age
groups as individuals
and teams.
Tonya Eckstein is an
ambassador for the Get
Pinked campaign,
which raises money to
benefit the Cathy
Lincoln Memorial
Cancer Fund. She admit-
ted to not being at her
peak of fitness.
But Im still running
this year because I
believe in the cause and
because I want to sup-
port the Bloomfield Fire
Department, she said.
They work really hard
to make this event a suc-
cess, to benefit the
Several businesses are
helping Bloomfield Get
Pinked a campaign
by the San Juan Medical
Foundation. Marcia
Montoya is painting the
Wooden Nickels buffalo
a vivid pink. During
October, she will charge
a $1 cover for Friday
nights karaoke and
Saturday nights live
band. All proceeds will
benefit the Cathy
Lincoln Memorial Fund.
The Wooden Nickel is
located at 900 W.
Broadway Ave.
The Body Shop, 301
W. Main St., will hold a
Zumba-athon, from 6 to
8 p.m. on Oct. 17 for a
$10 dollar donation to
assist women with
breast cancer treatment.
Best Friends Bath
House, a pet grooming
salon, will paint dogs
toenails pink for any
donation more than $3.
The business is located
at 310 N. First St.
Purchase a pink
flower arrangement at
Bloomfield Florist. Call
them at 505-632-3440,
and they will donate $5
to the fund.
At 300 N. First St.,
Teacup Bakery will be
offering Get Pinked spe-
cials. Farmers Market
and Alco will have
donation jars set up
within its stores.
Not to be outdone,
Bloomfield School
District will be Getting
Pinked, too! Classes at
Central Primary will be
collecting change
Pennies for Pizza! The
class that raises the most
money will earn a pizza
party. These funds stay
local and help underin-
sured or non-insured
women with cancer-
related health issues.
At 7 p.m. Oct. 7, there
will be a Powder Puff
Game at Bloomfield
High School. Through
these activities,
Bloomfield is teaching
compassion to their
Leslie Fitz represents
the Connelly Hospitality
House. The House is a
project of San Juan
Medical Foundation, a
community based, inde-
pendent, nonprofit
organization committed
to enhancing health care
in the Four Corners area.
the greens all month.
Premier Fitness:
Money jar for patrons.
Located at 300 and 304
W. Main Ave. in Aztec.
Rubens Barber Shop:
Money jar for patrons.
Located at 408 W.
Broadway Ave. in
Si Seor Restaurant:
Pink lemonade sales.
Located at 4015 E. 30th
St. in Farmington.
Teacup Bakery:
Offering specials all
month. First week 25
percent off all brownies
sales. Second week 25
percent off all cherry bar
sales. Third week $.90
off every smoothie sales.
Fourth week $1 off
every breakfast sandwich
sales. Fifth week $.80
off every cinnamon roll
sale. Located at 300 N.
First St. in Bloomfield.
Village Cleaners:
Displaying a sign in their
window. Located at 357
B. N. First St. in
Wooden Nickel: Will
paint the buffalo pink.
Friday night karaoke and
Saturday night band with
$1 cover for a cause. Will
sell splats, bracelets and
pink shot specials.
Located at 900 W.
Broadway Ave. in
(505) 327-6138
Serving San Juan Basin
for over 50 years!
Fight The Fight
Find The Cure
(505) 327-0422
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Get Pinked adventure in Bloomfield

By Molly Maxwell
Special to The Daily Times
was not a convenient
time for the 38-year-old
single mother to deal
with breast cancer.
With Christmas com-
ing up, the start of the
new year and then her
daughters sixth birth-
day on Jan. 10, the lump
Nicki Parks felt in her
right breast one morning
in December 2012 would
just have to wait.
But when she felt that
stubborn marble again
on Jan. 9, 2013, reason
had its way. The next
day was not only her
daughters birthday but
also the start of Parks
journey with the dread
When youre first
diagnosed, you think, I
dont have time for this.
Im going to have to do
chemo and surgeries
and be off work, Parks
said. But then there
comes a point where
you realize your health
doesnt take second
place to anyone, and
you need to get better so
you can be back with
your family.
It can be difficult to
gauge the speed at
which cancer grows or
spreads because it is
fueled by chemicals,
such as estrogen and
progesterone, that are
normally healthy to the
body, according to the
National Breast Cancer
HER2 receptors are
proteins involved in the
growth of breast cells. If
the HER2 gene is not
functioning properly,
cells grow and divide
uncontrollably, accord-
ing to the foundations
website. This happens in
about a quarter of breast
cancer patients.
As most people know,
the earlier cancer is
detected, the better a
patients chances of
beating it.
Parks attributes her
relatively quick recovery
to the speed at which the
doctors at San Juan
Regional Medical Center
pushed her through the
On Jan. 21, 2013, Parks
was diagnosed with inva-
sive ductal carcinoma.
Seventeen days later, on
Feb. 7, she underwent a
double mastectomy with
immediate reconstruc-
tion. She was in surgery to
repair a ruptured implant
on March 6, and on March
25, a little more than two
months after her diagno-
sis, she began the first of
four rounds of
Once I made that
decision to pick up the
phone and call the doc-
tor, it just seems like a
whirlwind, Parks said.
Part of that I credit to
the doctors. They wont
let you just sit around
and take two weeks to
make a decision. They
want to know, and they
want to know before
you leave the office,
because its nothing to
play around with, and
they take that to heart.
Parks describes her-
self as the eternal opti-
mist. But even she
admits it wasnt opti-
mism alone that helped
her through her journey.
Her 6-year-old
daughter, Jordyn, knew
about her mothers ill-
ness and life marched
on. Some days, Parks
drove Jordyn to school
and gymnastics practice,
just like normal. And on
the days she couldnt
those days when the
effects of chemotherapy
left her bed-ridden for
12 hours she had her
The Farmington
mothers best friend,
Christy Dunson, picked
up Jordyn for the week-
end when Parks was at
her weakest. And Nicki
and her daughter
moved in with Nickis
mother, Loretta Parks,
who is retired. The
grandmother called
Jordyn our glue.
We did our level best
to ensure her life was
normal with play dates
and sleepovers, Loretta
Parks said. We wanted
to protect Jordyn.
Nicki Parks credits
the love and support of
friends and family for
helping her beat the dis-
I fought it. I beat it.
Now back to my life,
she said. Its like a blip
in my radar.
Now, Nicki and
Loretta Parks give back
to the community by
participating in the Get
Pinked campaign.
Nicki Parks took part
in the Pink Glove Dance,
a video organized by
Sheila Mobley, owner of
Danz Force Dance and
Gymnastics Academy of
Farmington. Last year,
she was a model in the
Breast Cancer
Awareness Luncheon
and Style Show, which
raises money for the
Cathy Lincoln Memorial
Cancer Fund.
You get to wear real-
ly cool clothes from
Natalies. They do your
hair, your make up.
They give you a mas-
sage. You get to walk the
runway, she said. Its a
good mix of all the
stages of survivorhood.
It makes you feel spe-
Loretta Parks is an
ambassador for the Get
Pinked campaign, vol-
unteering her time to
contact businesses.
Nicki Parks complet-
ed her chemotherapy
May 28, 2013. On Sept.
20, 2013, she had her
final surgery to place
permanent implants.
Now, she is in remission
and said her life has
returned to her new
She still gets tired and
sometimes needs to take
days off work. But even
through the worst times,
when she thought she
couldnt go on, a quote
from a friend helped
You dont have to do
it for a month, Parks
would tell herself. You
just have to do it for
You just have to do it for today
Farmington breast cancer survivor reflects on her journey
Molly Maxwell/Special to The Daily Times
Nicki Parks and her 6-year-old daughter Jordyn pose on Sept. 29 outside of the
Force All Starz Dance and Gymnastics Studio in Farmington, where Jordyn takes
gymnastics classes twice a week. Nicki Parks says she was able to keep her
daughter's life normal throughout her battle with cancer by driving Jordyn to
gymnastics classes.

How do you celebrate
For more than 15
years, the San Juan
Medical Foundation has
partnered with Natalie
Riley, owner of Panache
and now Natalies Her,
Him, Home to celebrate
life and cancer survivor-
ship. Ten beautiful
women cancer survivors
are treated to a morning
of pampering, including
hairstyling and makeup,
and then they model
beautiful fashions from
Natalies boutique to the
overwhelming applause
of the 300 luncheon
guests. Year after year,
everyone is touched by
the stories they hear
from these brave
women. Every story is
unique, and yet they all
contain threads of hope
and heartache, strength
and support, persever-
ance and resilience.
Many in the audience
are breast cancer sur-
vivors themselves, mak-
ing the event all the
more special.
The Breast Cancer
Awareness Luncheon
and Style Show is 11
a.m. to 1 p.m. on
Wednesday, Oct. 22, at
the Courtyard by
Marriott. Doors open at
10:30 a.m. for guests to
view silent auction
Tickets go on sale at 8
a.m. Oct. 1. Prices are
$35 per ticket, or $350
per table of 10. Tables
are assigned from the
runway out in the order
in which they were pur-
chased. This longstand-
ing event is so well
attended that tickets sell
out very quickly. Be
sure to call the San Juan
Medical Foundation
office at 505-609-6805 for
your tickets or for more
information. Hope to
see you there!
OPEN SAT 10am 2pm / M-F 10am - 5pm
Wedding Gowns Brides Maids
Flower Girls Tuxedos
Business Suits
(505) 326-5240
302 W. Main St., Farmington Downtown
No Appt. Needed! Same Day Service
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Jae-Geos Bridal & Tuxedo
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We Support
Breast Cancer Awareness
2525 E 30th Street, Farmington, NM 87401
Charles Schumacher, DDS | Gene Hilton, DDS | Clarissa Burgess, DDS
the fight of
Breast Cancer
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Natural Gas
Compression Services
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Save The Date
6:00 pm
Fashion Show
Presented by
The Head Shops Salon and Day Spa
San Juan College - 9000 rooms
located in the Fine Arts Building
All proceeds go to the
Get Pinked Cathy Lincoln Fund
Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon and Style Show
Courtesy photos from last years Breast Cancer Awareness Lunch and Style Show.

Get Pinked Rally
participants will try to
set the record for the
largest dance to the
song Gangnam Style
by Psy after last years
attempt was rained out.
The line up for attempt-
ing to break the
Guinness World Record
starts at 3 p.m. Oct. 4 at
McGee Park in
F a r m i n g t o n .
Participants needs to be
6 or older to participate.
More than 1,000 people
are needed to break the
record. For more infor-
mation, call Sheila
Mobley 505-320-3310.
Ph. No. 505-324-1094
1206 E. Murray Dr., Farmington, NM
Largest Volume Master Installer
in the Rocky Mountain States
Let us restore your Oil & Gas
Building - Worlds Best Leak
Tight Warranty
Proudly Serving
The Oil &
Gas Industry for
7 Years
Get Pinked Kick Off Rally
Courtesy photos of the 2011 rally.