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Rolling crunches

Unlike the old sit-ups of phys ed class, this exercise doesn't cause strain on
your lower back. Begin by lying fat on the foor with your lower back pressed
against the foor for support. With your hands behind your head, begin as
though you're perforing a sit-up, rolling your shoulders upward and forward
and gently lifting your legs, bending the and rocking the toward your
chest. !f you can't lift your head far -- or at all -- that's "#$ start with %ust the
roll until you build up your strength. Repeat &' ties.
(unge twist
)obine the power of a forward lunge with the waist-whittling otion of the
torso twist* +tanding with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly
bent, lunge forward with your right leg and gently rotate your upper body to
the right. ,o-e back to starting position and repeat with the left leg,
perforing . to &' reps on each side.
+/uat %up
+tand as in the lunge twist and s/uat down as though you're sitting in a chair.
0ow %up straight up, raising both ars straight o-er your head. (and in the
s/uat position and repeat &1 ties.
2lternate hop
+tanding as for the lunge twist, put your hands on your hips. 0ow step
forward using your left leg while raising your right leg up to a 3'-degree
angle. 4he e5ect is as if you're getting ready to take a giant step with the
right leg. 0ow %up straight up on your left foot, landing with both feet
together. 6o eight for each leg.
+ide leg kicks
4one the obli/ues -- the side uscles responsible for your lo-e handles -- with
this exercise* (ie on your right side with your legs together and straight. 7rop
your upper body on your elbow, placing your lower ar on the foor in front of
you to help you balance. 7lace your left hand lightly on the foor in front of
you. 0ow, keeping your toes fexed, raise your left leg a few inches and slowly
swing it forward as far as you can while counting to two, then swing it back as
far as you can while counting to two. Return to the start position but keep
your left leg raised -- don't rest it in between reps. Repeat six ties and then
switch legs.
4hese exercises can help you tone your uscles and burn fat, but to really
rap up your fat loss, add in soe cardio. 2 study fro researchers at the
Uni-ersity of 8irginia re-ealed that adding intense workouts to ore
oderate workouts signi9cantly increased the rate at which fat was burned
o5. :;<
(ike any exercise progra, start slowly- - especially if you don't regularly
exercise. 2nd, of course, be sure to see your doctor 9rst to ake sure that
you're healthy enough to begin a regular exercise progra.
(earn ore*