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August 2011

Applications for Visa for Family Reunion for Children

Dear Applicant,
thank you very much for your interest in a Family Reunion for Children. he follo!ing information is meant to
e"plain the process for the appropriate visa application.
All foreign nationals !ho !ish to travel to #ermany in order to have a Family Reunion for Children re$uire a
visa prior to their departure. Applicants residing in the consular district of the Consulate #eneral Chennai have
to su%mit their respective visa applications to the Consulate #eneral of the Federal Repu%lic of #ermany in
Chennai. &lease note that the place of issue of your passport is of no relevance in this regard.
'n order to start the application process, please contact any of the #erman Application Centers in the consular
district managed %y ()F* #lo%al *ervices &vt. +td,. &lease note that you are re$uired to present a complete
set of application documents there for a preliminary check.
After the document check an appointment for the mandatory visa interview in the #erman Consulate
#eneral in Chennai !ill %e scheduled. Applications may not %e su%mitted %y courier, regular post, fa" or e-
mail. &lease refer to the homepage of the #erman Consulate #eneral at !!!.chennai.diplo.de for further
For its services ()F* #lo%al *ervices &vt. +td, is charging a service fee !hich is not related in any !ay to the
visa fee itself.
After receipt of your visa application the #erman Consulate #eneral !ill decide if your application meets the
%asic criteria for a )isa for Family Reunion for Children. 'n this case your application !ill %e for!arded to the
competent Immigration Office in Germany for approval and the #erman Consulate #eneral !ill return your
passport !ith a visa fee receipt to you via the Application Centers. 'f the %asic criteria are not %eing met, you
!ill receive a re.ect letter.
he #erman 'mmigration /ffices usually re$uires 8 - ! wee"s for processing your visa application.
&lease note that the #erman Consulate #eneral has no influence on the actual processing time. 'n single
cases the local #erman 'mmigration /ffice might re$uire a formal verification of Indian documents %efore
giving its mandatory approval. &lease refer to the #erman Consulate #eneral0s homepage at
!!!.chennai.diplo.de for further details on this process.
After the #erman 'mmigration /ffice has notified the #erman Consulate #eneral in Chennai of its decision,
you !ill %e contacted in !riting.
1pon receipt of our approval letter, you can make travel arrangements. 2hen ready, please su%mit your
passport, your travel itinerary 3no ticket4 and a copy of our approval letter via the Application Centers for visa
stamping. &lease note the visa approval is valid for # months only. 5ou, therefore, should arrange to have
your visa stamped !ithin this period of time. 'f you fail to meet this deadline, your visa !ill %e re.ected
automatically and you !ill have to start the visa process all over.
he #erman Consulate #eneral !ill issue a visa valid for three months only. his visa !ill ena%le you to enter
the Federal Repu%lic of #ermany legally in order to take up residence there. 't also permits to travel !ithin the
*chengen area. 6evertheless, it is mendatory to register immediately upon arrival !ith the local 'mmigration
/ffice !hich !ill grant the final residence permit$
/nce again, !e !ould like to point out that the visa process might take 8 to ! wee"s %without the
verification process&. Applications should, therefore, %e su%mitted at least 7 months prior to the intended
departure for #ermany. *imultaneous applications for visiting visa in order to 8%ridge, the processing time of
the employment visa cannot %e entertained. )isa for tourist or visiting purposes cannot %e converted into
residence permits after arrival in #ermany.
Any en'uiries in writing or (y telephone for the status of an application
within a period of ! wee"s from date of application cannot (e answered$
he Visa Fee for a )isa for Family Reunion for Children is 9 70,-. he visa fee has to %e paid in Rupees %y
)emand )raft in the name of the 8Consulate #eneral of the Federal Repu%lic of #ermany, Chennai, on the
day of application. he Demand Draft must %e paya%le in Chennai and may not %e older than t!o months.
/nly Demand Drafts from the 'ndian :ank, Canara :ank, R:* or Deutsche :ank !ill %e accepted. Demand
Drafts !ith incorrect amounts !ill not %e accepted. Fees cannot %e paid in cash. &lease refer to the homepage
of the #erman Consulate #eneral at !!!.chennai.diplo.de in order to find out the current amount of the visa
fee in Rupees. &lease note that the visa fee is not refunda(le, even !hen the visa is refused.
'n order to ensure that your application can %e processed !ithout delay, please su%mit the follo!ing mandatory
valid *assport 3issued !ithin the last 10 years4 !ith at least 12 months validity
# *assport *ictures according to %iometric specifications, 1 attached to each application form, 1 lose
3For further details regarding %iometric specifications of photos please refer to the #erman Consulate
#eneral0s homepage at !!!.chennai.diplo.de4
)emand )raft for )isa Fee
'n addition you are re$uested to provide two sets of application documents containing the follo!ing
Application Form 3&lease ensure that you signed %oth forms and indicated your complete future
address incl. pin code in $uestion 1<. :esides, please add your complete 'ndian address incl. pin code
and el.=Fa"=e-mail under your signature.4
)eclaration on +rue and Complete Information, signed and dated
Consent ,etter from %oth parents regarding child0s move to #ermany 3/riginal4
&roof of Reason for *arent-s .tay in #ermany 3e.g. company letter, !ork contract4
child0s /irth Certificate 3A> si?ed copy4
A> si?ed copy of child-s passport
A> si?ed copy of parent-s passport
'f one parent=%oth parent=s is=are already living in #ermany;
A> si?ed copy of #erman Residence *ermit
A> si?ed copy of Rental Contract for apartment=house
A> si?ed copy of recent .alary .lip
'f one parent is deceased;
)eath Certificate 3A> si?ed copy4
'f parents are divorced;
Court Order regarding child0s custody 3A> si?ed copy4
All re$uired forms = declarations as !ell as this information sheet may %e do!nloaded from the visa page of
the #erman Consulate #eneral0s homepage at !!!.chennai.diplo.de.
*lease note that the German Consulate General reserves the right to as" for additional documents in
single cases$
/esides0 the su(mission of the a(ove mentioned documents does not guarantee the issue of a visa$
.u(mission of an incomplete set of documentation or refusal to attend the mandatory visa interview
will lead to a re1ect of your visa application$ 2ven though a visa might have (een granted0 /order
Control Authorities at the port of entry reserve the right to deny entry into the Federal Repu(lic of
Germany$ Once a visa has (een issued0 the purpose of the trip may not (e altered$