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Guess Paper 2010
Class X
Subject Computer Application
SECTION-A (40 Mars!
Attempt all questions.
While answering questions form this Part, indicate briefly your working and reasoning, wherever required.
"uestio# $
(a) State the difference between literal and identifier. [2]
(b) What is JDK and JVM. [2]
(c) What do you mean by this keyword. [2]
(d) What is meant by if-else ladder !i"e an e#am$le. [2]
(e) State the difference between inte%er constant and real constant [2]
"uestio# % &%'()
(a! Find out output:-
int x=4 ,y=6 ;
System.out.println (x++ + x + --y + y + ++x);
System.out.println (x + x-- + (x*y));
System.out.println ((x++ + x--)> (x*y));
System.out.println ((x++ + x--)= (x*y));
System.out.println (x+y);
"uestio# *
(!) Write an e&ui"alent Ja"a e#$ression for [2]
at ut s + =
ac b b
(a) What do you understand by $refi# and $ostfi# o$erators !i"e e#am$le. [2]
(b) !i"e the out$ut of the followin%. [4]
char ch'()
int # ' *+, y ' +)
i) System.out.$rintln-ch.y/)
ii) System.out.$rintln-ch.#/)
iii) System.out.$rintln-..ch/)
iv) System.out.$rintln--char/-ch.#.y//)
(c) What do you mean by 0b1ect. [2]
(d) 2ind the "alue of 3 in the followin% $ro%ram se%ment. [2]
int # ' 4, y ' 5+, 3)
3 ' -#6' y # 7 y 8 y 7 # /)
(e) #$!t %ill t$e &ollo%in' &un(tion return %$en exe(ute) *"+
a. Math.rint-59.:/)
-f) Find out t$e output:- *"+
int !,,;
i&((!==, -- ,>!)..(,>!)..(,>!))
System.out.println( ++! + --,);
System.out.println( !+,--);
(f) /ro0e t$e &ollo%in' proposition is lo'i(!lly e1ui0!lent:- *4+
2 (m2n) 0(m32n)42m
SECTION - + ( ,0 Mars !
*5ttempt !ny &our 1uestions &rom t$is Se(tion.
6$e !ns%ers in t$is Se(tion s$ould (onsist o& t$e /ro'r!m i# +-ue. e#/iro#me#t with .a/a. 7!($ pro'r!m
s$ould ,e %ritten usin' 0aria1-e 2escriptio# / M#emo#ics Co2es su($ t$!t t$e lo'i( o& t$e pro'r!m is
(le!rly depi(ted.
Flo%($!rts !nd 5l'orit$ms are #ot re3uire2.)
"uestio# 4 [15]
( man is $aid the hourly rate -</ for the first *4 hours, he works in a week. =hereafter, he is $aid at 5.4
time that hourly rate -</ for the ne#t +4 hours he works in a week, and at twice the hourly rate -</ for a
further 5> hours in a week. ?e is not allowed to work for more than 9> hours in a week.
=akin% the number of hours worked -?/ and the rate $er hour -</ as in$uts, the weekly wa%es -W/ are
to be calculated and $rinted. Write a J(V( $ro%ram for the abo"e situation and $rint the weekly wa%es.
"uestio# ( [7+8]
a. Write a $ro%ram to in$ut a number and dis$lay sum of first and last di%it only.
e.g. input num ' *@4A output sum ' * . A ' 5+
num ' 4:; output sum ' 4 . ; ' 5*
Bonsider the followin% fi%ure8
b. Cnter len%th and width of the rectan%le, to calculate the followin%s as $er user choice-without usin%
switch case statement/8-
5 $erimeter of the rectan%le
+ area of the rectan%le
* Dia%onal len%th.
Where 'Math.s&rt -/
"uestio# ,
BJM announces honor for their students $erformance as $er the followin% criteria8- D54E

AMark! "onor
More than and e&ual to A> (.
More than and e&ual to ;> (
More than and e&ual to 9> F.
More than and e&ual to :> F
More than and e&ual to 4> B
More than and e&ual to @> G(SS
Hess than @> 2
Cnter name,roll and marks in Cn%lish,mathematics,com$uter and %eo%ra$hy.
I(Marks is the a"era%e marks of the four sub1ects.
0ut$ut will be as follows8-

Jame 8 Subhratanu Bhakra borty
<oll8 >4
=otal8 *4@
("era%e8 ;;.4
?onor (.
"uestio# 4. &$()
Cnter * numbers and $rint suitable statements if8-
(ll the numbers are e&ual
(ny two numbers are e&ual
(ll the numbers are une&ual.
"uestio# 5.
Gre$are an interacti"e $ro%ram in 1a"a to in$ut the basic salary of an em$loyee. Kou need D54E
to calculate the Inet pa#ab$e a%ount .consider the followin% to calculate the net $ayable amount.
?<( +4.4>L 0J F(SMB
D( 5>L 0J -?<(.F(SMB/
B( 4L 0J -D(.?<(/
C(-Cntertainment/ 4.4L on -D(/.
G2 5+.4L 0J B(.
net pa#ab$e a%ount'-F(SMB.?<(.D(.C(/-G2.
Mf net $ay is more than 54>>> $rint N&'A() A )M*+,-))O otherwise $rint N&'A() . )M*+,-))/.