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Management 111

Problems: As we read the case, we arrived to these following problems;

They have an obscure organizational structure for the employees to trace out whom are they going to
approach in case of arising problems. Management is not identified. They dont practice controlling and
proper staffing. No unity of command. No proper designation of responsibilities, Improper allocation of
time spent in the partnership by the partners, services are not rendered properly and organization is
lack of communication, Management and management control.

In order o alleviate the problems, both partners must set their compromise management standards.
To know the problems of the partnership and to provide solutions and of course to identify the
cause of their problems.
Able to understand the advantage and the risk of their field of business. To know if theres
recklessness on both partners.
To provide mechanism to ensure the proper management of their rapidly growing business.
To provide alternative courses of action and to choose the best from it, intended to be useful in
decision making.
To achieve certain specific ends and to maintain or improved the ability of an organization to
effectively and efficiently achieve its objectives.
To think through and define the specific purpose and mission of the organization.(not only on

Areas of Consideration:
The partners must consider that their business is growing rapidly, communication and
supervisory must take into actions.
Consider proper time allocation and poor partners- manager and employee relationship.
The partners must not have sacrifice the services to the members equal to what they are paid
for, For the sake of their sales.
They must consider each other on the recruitment of the employeesthey are partner, one
must first get the consent of the partner first before recruiting employees.
Alternative Courses of Action:
A proper organizational structure is necessary to trace whom they are going to approach, and
employees must learn what are their functions and they must have initiative.
Inefficient and ineffective regional managers must be fired because they are useless. Top level
management will be the one to manage directly.
Arising problems must entertain by both partners to avoid accumulation of those. Setting
common goal is necessary. Solve problem first , provide solution before expanding business.

Conclusion/ Recommendation:
To resolve problems though not instantly, both partners must set their compromise
management standards and each must follow. They must frequently communicate the persons who are
involve in the organization, And practice proper controlling and proper staffing. Settle minor problems
to avoid worsening. Sales does not solve any problems. They must be aware about their business