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A Revised and Enlarged Edition of
'The Way of Initiation' with
Initiation and its Results'
LO!DO!+ W&%&,
!EW *OR.
Authori0ed English translation 1y $& )eta2a
Edited 1y #& %ollison
Revised English Edition+ first 3u1lished August ,/45
Re3rinted )ay ,/46
Re3rinted Fe1& ,/54
Re3rinted )ay ,/5(
5rd English Edition Fe1ruary ,/57
Re3rinted 8an& ,/56
Re3rinted De9& ,/(4
Re3rinted De9e:1er+ ,/((
This translation has 1een :ade fro: the original of
Rudolf teiner 1y 3er:ission of #& %ollison+ )&A&+ O;o!&+
1y who: all rights are reserved
The re9o::endation to have re9ourse to a )aster or Tea9her has 1een :odified 1y the
author+ and the reasons are given 1y hi: in :any 3la9es+ nota1ly in his own 3refa9e to
the =th edition >e3t& ,/,(? where he writes @ A ' In the 3ersonal relationshi3 with the
tea9her one :ight assu:e so:ething is reBuired in s3iritual effort :ore essential than
what is really intended& But I ho3e that in this new edition I have su99eeded in showing
very distin9tly that for the student in s3iritual training in the sense of :odern s3iritual
9onditions :u9h :ore e:3hasis should 1e laid on the 9o:3lete and i::ediate
9onne9tion with the o1Ce9tive s3iritual world than any relation to the 3erson of a tea9her&'
The foundation of a 3iritual 9ien9e and its 9hool and #eadBuarters at Dorna9h+
wit0erland+ was :eant 1y Dr& teiner to re3la9e :ore and :ore the individual
9onsultation 1etween 3u3il and tea9her 1y a dire9tly o1Ce9tive 9ourse of dire9t s3iritual
tea9hing+ su9h as is given in this 1ooD+ and finally referred to on 3& ,'6+ in his A33endi2
to the final Edition of ,/,6&
T#E WA* OF I!ITIATIO!&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&'
I!!ER TRA!EUILLIT*&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&,F
T#E TA$E OF I!ITIATIO!&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&,=
T#E %O!TROL OF T#OU$#T A!D FEELI!$&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&45
O)E "RA%TI%AL A"E%T&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&5=
T#E %O!DITIO! OF EOTERI% TRAI!I!$&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&(,
O)E REULT OF I!ITIATIO!&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&(=
T#E TRA!FOR)ATIO! OF DREA) LIFE&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&=(
T#E %O!TI!UIT* OF %O!%IOU!E&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&=6
T#E "ARTITIO! OF #U)A! "ERO!ALIT*&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&74
DURI!$ "IRITUAL TRAI!I!$&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&74
T#E $UARDIA! OF T#E T#RE#OLD&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&77
T#E $REAT OR E%O!D $UARDIA! OF T#E T#RE#OLD&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&64
There slu:1er in every hu:an 1eing+ fa9ulties 1y :eans of whi9h he 9an a9Buire for
hi:self a Dnowledge of higher worlds& )ysti9s+ $nosti9s+ Theoso3hists A all s3eaD of a
world of soul and s3irit+ whi9h for the: is Cust as real as the world we see with our
3hysi9al eyes and tou9h with our 3hysi9al hands& At every :o:ent the listener :ay say to
hi:self@ that+ of whi9h they s3eaD+ I too 9an learn+ if I develo3 within :yself 9ertain
3owers whi9h toAday still slu:1er within :e& There re:ains only one Buestion A how to
set to worD to develo3 su9h fa9ulties& For this 3ur3ose+ they only 9an give advi9e who
already 3ossess su9h 3owers& As long as the hu:an ra9e has e2isted there has always
1een a :ethod of training+ in the 9ourse of whi9h+ individuals 3ossessing these higher
fa9ulties gave instru9tion to others who were in sear9h of the:& u9h a training is 9alled
o99ult >esoteri9? training+ and the instru9tion there1y re9eived is 9alled o99ult >esoteri9?
tea9hing+ or s3iritual s9ien9e& This designation naturally awaDens :isunderstanding& The
listener :ay very easily 1e :isled into the 1elief that this training is the 9on9ern of a
s3e9ial+ 3rivileged 9lass+ withholding its Dnowledge ar1itrarily fro: its fellowA9reatures&
#e :ay even thinD that nothing of real i:3ortan9e lies 1ehind su9h Dnowledge+ for it if
were a true Dnowledge A he is te:3ted to thinD A there would 1e no need to :aDe a se9ret
of itG it :ight 1e 3u1li9ly i:3arted and its advantages :ade to all& They who have 1een
initiated into the nature of this higher Dnowledge+ are not in the least sur3rised that the
uninitiated should so thinD+ for the se9ret of Initiation 9an only 1e understood 1y those
who have to a 9ertain degree e23erien9ed this Initiation into the higher Dnowledge of
e2isten9e& The Buestion :ay 1e raised@ how+ then+ are the uninitiated+ under these
9ir9u:stan9es+ to develo3 any hu:an interest in this soA9alled esoteri9 DnowledgeH #ow
and why are they to seeD for so:ething of whose nature they 9an for: no ideaI u9h a
Buestion is 1ased u3on an entirely erroneous 9on9e3tion of the real nature of esoteri9
Dnowledge& There is+ in truth+ no differen9e 1etween esoteri9 Dnowledge and all the rest
of :anJs Dnowledge and 3rofi9ien9y& This esoteri9 Dnowledge is no :ore of a se9ret for
the average hu:an 1eing+ than writing is a se9ret for those who have never learnt& And
Cust as all 9an learn to write+ who 9hoose the 9orre9t :ethod+ so too+ 9an all who seeD the
right way 1e9o:e esoteri9 students+ and even tea9hers& In one res3e9t only+ do the
9onditions here differ fro: those that a33ly to e2ternal Dnowledge and 3rofi9ien9y& The
3ossi1ility of a9Buiring the art of writing :ay 1e withheld fro: so:eone through
3overty+ or through the 9onditions of 9ivilisation into whi9h he is 1ornG 1ut for the
attain:ent of Dnowledge and 3rofi9ien9y in the higher worlds+ there is no o1sta9le for
those who earnestly seeD the:&
)any 1elieve that they :ust dis9over+ at one 3la9e or another+ the )asters of higher
Dnowledge+ in order to re9eive enlighten:ent fro: the:& Kfootnote@ ee A33endi2 and
the Editorial "refa9e&L !ow in the first 3la9e+ whoever strives earnestly after higher
Dnowledge will shun no e2ertion+ and fear no o1sta9le in his sear9h for an Initiate who
9an lead hi: into the higher Dnowledge of the world& On the other hand+ everyone :ay 1e
9ertain that Initiation will find hi: under all 9ir9u:stan9es+ if he gives 3roof of an earnest
and worthy endeavour to attain this Dnowledge& It is a natural law a:ong all Initiates to
withhold fro: no :an the Dnowledge that is due to hi:G 1ut there is an eBually natural
law whi9h lays down that no word of esoteri9 Dnowledge shall 1e i:3arted to anyone not
Bualified to re9eive it& And the :ore stri9tly he o1serves these laws+ the :ore 3erfe9t is an
Initiate& The 1ond of union e:1ra9ing all Initiates is s3iritual and not e2ternal+ 1ut the
two laws here :entioned+ for:+ as it were+ strong 9las3s+ 1y whi9h the 9o:3onent 3arts
of this 1ond are held together& *ou :ay live in inti:ate friendshi3 with an Initiate+ and
yet a ga3 severs you fro: his essential self+ so long as you have not 1e9o:e an Initiate
yourself& *ou :ay enCoy in the fullest sense+ the heart+ the love of an Initiate+ yet he will
only 9onfide his Dnowledge to you+ when you are ri3e for it& *ou :ay flatter hi:G you
:ay torture hi:G nothing 9an indu9e hi: to 1etray anything to you+ inas:u9h as you+ at
the 3resent stage of your evolution+ are not 9o:3etent to re9eive it into your soul in the
right way&
The :ethods 1y whi9h a student is 3re3ared for the re9e3tion of higher Dnowledge are
:inutely 3res9ri1ed& The dire9tion he is to taDe is tra9ed with unfading+ everlasting letters
in the worlds of the s3irit+ where the Initiates guard the higher se9rets& In an9ient ti:es+
anterior to our history+ the te:3les of the s3irit were also outwardly visi1leG toAday+
1e9ause our life has 1e9o:e so uns3iritual+ they are not to 1e found in the world visi1le to
e2ternal sightG yet they are 3resent s3iritually everywhere+ and all who seeD+ :ay find
Only within his own soul 9an a :an find the :eans to unseal the li3s of an Initiate& #e
:ust develo3 within hi:self 9ertain fa9ulties to a definite degree+ and then the highest
treasures of the s3irit 9an 1e9o:e his own&
#e :ust 1egin with a 9ertain funda:ental attitude of the soul& In 3iritual 9ien9e this
funda:ental attitude is 9alled the 3ath of veneration+ of devotion for truth and
Dnowledge& Without this attitude no one 9an 1e9o:e a student& The dis3osition shown in
their 9hildhood 1y su1seBuent students of higher Dnowledge+ is well Dnown to the
e23erien9ed in these :atters& There are 9hildren who looD u3 with religious awe to those
who: they venerate& For su9h 3eo3le they have a res3e9t whi9h for1ids the:+ even in the
dee3est re9ess of their heart+ to har1our any thought of 9riti9is: or o33osition& u9h
9hildren grow u3 into young :en and wo:en who feel ha33y when they are a1le to looD
u3 to anything that fills the: with veneration& Fro: the ranDs of su9h 9hildren are
re9ruited :any students of higher Dnowledge& #ave you ever 3aused outside the door of
so:e venerated 3erson+ and have you+ on this your first visit+ felt a religious awe as you
3ressed on the handle to enter the roo: whi9h for you is a holy 3la9eH If so+ a feeling has
1een :anifested within you+ whi9h :ay 1e the ger: of your future adheren9e to the 3ath
of Dnowledge& It is a 1lessing for every hu:an 1eing in 3ro9ess of develo3:ent+ to have
su9h feelings u3on whi9h to 1uild& Only it :ust not 1e thought that this dis3osition leads
to su1:issiveness and slavery& What was on9e a 9hildish veneration for 3ersons+
1e9o:es+ later+ a veneration for truth and Dnowledge& E23erien9e tea9hes that they 9an
1est hold their heads ere9t+ who have learnt to venerate where veneration is dueG and
veneration is always due when it flows fro: the de3ths of the heart&
If we do not develo3 within ourselves this dee3ly rooted feeling that there is so:ething
higher than ourselves+ we shall never find the strength to evolve to so:ething higher& The
Initiate has only a9Buired the strength to lift his head to the heights of Dnowledge 1y
guiding his heart to the de3ths of veneration and devotion& The heights of the s3irit 9an
only 1e 9li:1ed 1y 3assing through the 3ortals of hu:ility& *ou 9an only a9Buire right
Dnowledge when you have learnt to estee: it& )an has 9ertainly the right to turn his eyes
to the light+ 1ut he :ust first a9Buire this right& There are laws in the s3iritual life+ as in
the 3hysi9al life& Ru1 a glass rod with an a33ro3riate :aterial+ and it will 1e9o:e ele9tri9+
that is+ it will re9eive the 3ower of attra9ting s:all 1odies& This is in Dee3ing with a law
of nature& It is Dnown to all who have learnt a little 3hysi9s& i:ilarly+ a9Buaintan9e with
the first 3rin9i3les of 3iritual 9ien9e shows that every feeling of true devotion
har1oured in the soul+ develo3s a 3ower whi9h :ay+ sooner or later+ lead further on the
3ath of Dnowledge&
The student who is gifted with this feeling+ or who is fortunate enough to have had it
in9ul9ated in a suita1le edu9ation+ 1rings a great deal along with hi:+ when+ later in life+
he seeDs ad:ittan9e to higher Dnowledge& Failing su9h 3re3aration+ he will en9ounter
diffi9ulties at the very first ste3+ unless he undertaDes+ 1y rigorous selfAedu9ation+ to
9reate within hi:self this inner life of devotion& In our ti:e+ it is es3e9ially i:3ortant that
full attention 1e 3aid to this 3oint& Our 9ivilisation tends :ore towards 9riti9al Cudg:ent+
and 9onde:nation+ than towards devotion and selfless veneration& Our 9hildren already
9riti9i0e far :ore than they worshi3& But every 9riti9is:+ every adverse Cudg:ent 3assed+
dis3erses the 3owers of the soul for the attain:ent of higher Dnowledge+ in the sa:e
:easure that all veneration and reveren9e develo3s the:& In this we do not wish to say
anything against our 9ivili0ation& There is no Buestion here of levelling 9riti9is: against
it& To this 9riti9al fa9ulty+ this selfA9ons9ious hu:an Cudg:ent+ this M3rove all things and
hold fast what is 1estJ+ we owe the greatness of our 9ivili0ation+ )an 9ould never have
attained to the s9ien9e+ the industry+ the 9o::er9e+ the legal advantages of our ti:e+ had
he not a33lied to all things the standard of his 9riti9al Cudg:ent& But what we have
there1y gained in e2ternal 9ulture+ we have had to 3ay for with a 9orres3onding loss of
higher Dnowledge of s3iritual life& It :ust 1e e:3hasi0ed that higher Dnowledge is not
9on9erned with the veneration of 3ersons+ 1ut the veneration of truth and Dnowledge&
!ow the one thing that everyone :ust at on9e ad:it+ is the diffi9ulty for those involved
in the e2ternal 9ivili0ation of our ti:e to advan9e to the Dnowledge of the higher worlds&
They 9an only do so if they worD energeti9ally at the:selves& At a ti:e when the
9onditions of :aterial life were si:3ler+ the attain:ent of s3iritual Dnowledge was also
easier& O1Ce9ts of veneration and worshi3 stood out in 1etter relief fro: the ordinary
things of the world& In an e3o9h of 9riti9is:+ ideals are loweredG other feelings taDe the
3la9e of veneration+ res3e9t+ 3rayer and wonder& Our own age thrusts these feelings
further and further into the 1a9Dground+ so that they 9an only 1e 9onveyed to :an+
through his everyday life+ in a very s:all degree& Whoever seeDs higher Dnowledge+ :ust
9reate it for hi:self& #e :ust instil it into his soul& It 9annot 1e done 1y studyG it 9an only
1e done through life& Whoever+ therefore+ wishes to 1e9o:e a student of higher
Dnowledge+ :ust assiduously 9ultivate this inner life of devotion& Everywhere in his
environ:ent and in his e23erien9es+ he :ust seeD :otives of ad:iration and ho:age& If I
:eet a :an and 1la:e hi: for his weaDness+ I ro1 :yself of 3ower to attain higher
DnowledgeG 1ut if I try to enter lovingly into his :erits+ I gather su9h 3ower& The student
:ust 9ontinually 1e intent u3on following this advi9e& The s3iritually e23erien9ed Dnow
how :u9h they owe to the 9ir9u:stan9e+ that in fa9e of all things+ they ever again turn to
the good+ and withhold adverse Cudg:ent& But this :ust not re:ain an e2ternal rule of
lifeG rather it :ust taDe 3ossession of our inner:ost soul& )an has it in his 3ower to
3erfe9t hi:self+ and+ in ti:e+ 9o:3letely to transfor: hi:self& But this transfor:ation
:ust taDe 3la9e in his inner:ost self+ in his thoughtAlife& It is not enough that I show
res3e9t only in :y outward 1earingG I :ust have this res3e9t in :y thoughts& The student
:ust 1egin 1y a1sor1ing this devotion into his thoughtAlife& #e :ust 1e wary of thoughts
of disres3e9t+ of adverse 9riti9is:+ e2isting in his 9ons9iousness+ and he :ust endeavour
straightaway to 9ultivate thoughts of devotion&
Every :o:ent that we set ourselves to dis9over in our 9ons9iousness+ whatever there
re:ains in it of adverse+ dis3araging and 9riti9al Cudg:ent of the world and of lifeG every
su9h :o:ent 1rings us nearer to higher Dnowledge& And we rise ra3idly when we fill our
9ons9iousness in su9h :o:ents with thoughts evoDing in us ad:iration+ res3e9t and
veneration for the world and for life& It is well Dnown to those e23erien9ed in these
:atters+ that+ in every su9h :o:ent+ 3owers are awaDened whi9h otherwise re:ain
dor:ant& In this way the s3iritual eyes of :an are o3ened& #e 1egins to see things around
hi: whi9h he 9ould not have seen 1efore& #e 1egins to understand that hitherto he had
only seen a 3art of the world around hi:& A hu:an 1eing standing 1efore hi:+ now
3resents a new and different as3e9t& Of 9ourse this rule of life alone will not yet ena1le
hi: to see+ for instan9e+ what is des9ri1ed as the hu:an aura+ 1e9ause+ for this 3ur3ose+ a
still higher training is ne9essary& But he 9an rise to this higher training+ if he has
3reviously undergone a rigorous training in devotion& Kfootnote@ In the last 9ha3ter of his
1ooD+ Theoso3hy+ the author des9ri1es fully this "ath of .nowledgeG here it is only
intended to give so:e 3ra9ti9al details&L
!oiseless and unnoti9ed 1y the outer world is the treading of the "ath of .nowledge& !o
9hange need 1e noti9ed in the student& #e 3erfor:s his duties as hithertoG he attends to
his 1usiness as 1efore& The transfor:ation goes on only in the inner 3art of the soul
hidden fro: outward sight& At first his entire inner life is flooded 1y this har:ony of
devotion for everything whi9h is truly venera1le& #is entire soulAlife finds in this
funda:ental feeling its 3ivot& 8ust as the sunJs rays vivify everything living+ so does
reveren9e+ in the student+ vivify all feelings of the soul&
It is not easy+ at first+ to 1elieve that feelings liDe reveren9e and res3e9t have anything to
do with 9ognition& This is due to the fa9t that we are in9lined to set 9ognition aside as a
fa9ulty 1y itself A one that stands in no relation to what otherwise trans3ires in the soul& In
so thinDing+ we do not 1ear in :ind that it is the soul whi9h e2er9ises the fa9ulty of
9ognitionG and feelings are+ for the soul+ what food is for the 1ody& If we give the 1ody
stones in 3la9e of 1read+ its a9tivity will 9ease& It is the sa:e with the soul& Neneration+
ho:age+ devotion are as nutri:ent :aDing it healthy and strong+ es3e9ially strong for the
a9tivity of 9ognition& Disres3e9t+ anti3athy+ underAesti:ation of what deserves
re9ognition+ e2ert a 3aralysing and withering effe9t on this fa9ulty of 9ognition& For the
s3iritually e23erien9ed+ this fa9t is visi1le in the aura& A soul whi9h har1ours feelings of
reveren9e and devotion+ 3rodu9es a 9hange in its aura& %ertain s3iritual 9olourings+ as
they :ay 1e 9alled+ yellowAred and 1rownAred in tone+ vanish+ and are re3la9ed 1y 1lueA
red tints& There1y the 9ognitional fa9ulty is ri3enedG it re9eives intelligen9e of fa9ts in its
environ:ent+ of whi9h it has hitherto no idea& Reveren9e awaDens a sy:3atheti9 3ower
through whi9h we attra9t Bualities in the 1eings around us+ whi9h would otherwise re:ain
9on9ealed& The 3ower o1tained through devotion 9an 1e rendered still :ore effe9tive+
when the life of feeling is enri9hed 1y yet another Buality& To a9hieve this the student
learns to give hi:self u3 less and less to i:3ressions of the outer world+ and to develo3
instead a vivid inner life& A 3erson who darts fro: one i:3ression of the outer world to
another+ who 9onstantly seeDs Mdistra9tionJ+ 9annot find the way to higher Dnowledge&
The student :ust not 1lunt hi:self to the outer world+ 1ut while lending hi:self to its
i:3ressions+ he should 1e dire9ted 1y his ri9h inner life& When 3assing through a
1eautiful :ountain distri9t+ the traveller with de3th of soul and wealth of feeling has
different e23erien9es fro: one who is 3oor in feeling& Only what we e23erien9e within
ourselves unlo9Ds for us the 1eauties of the outer world& One 3erson sails a9ross the
o9ean+ and only a few inward e23erien9es 3ass through his soulG another will hear the
eternal language of the 9os:i9 s3iritG for hi: are unveiled the :ysterious riddles of
e2isten9e& We :ust learn to re:ain in tou9h with our own feelings and ideas+ if we wish
to develo3 any inti:ate relationshi3 with the outer world& The outer world+ with all its
3heno:ena+ is filled with divine s3lendour+ 1ut we :ust have e23erien9ed the divine
within ourselves+ 1efore we 9an ho3e to dis9over it in our environ:ent&
The student is told to set a3art :o:ents in his daily life+ in whi9h to withdraw into
hi:self+ Buietly and alone& #e is not to o99u3y hi:self with the affairs of his own Ego+ in
su9h :o:ents This would result in the 9ontrary of what is intended& #e should rather let
his e23erien9es and the :essages fro: the outer world+ reAe9ho within his own
9o:3letely silent self& Every flower+ every ani:al+ every a9tion will unveil to hi: in su9h
silent :o:ents+ se9rets undrea:ed of& And thus he will 3re3are hi:self to re9eive Buite
new i:3ressions of the outer world+ through Buite different eyes& For the desire to enCoy
i:3ression after i:3ression :erely 1lunts the fa9ulty of 9ognitionG the latter+ however+ is
nurtured and 9ultivated+ if the enCoy:ent on9e e23erien9ed is allowed to reveal its
:essage& Thus the student :ust a99usto: hi:self not :erely to let the enCoy:ent
rever1erate+ as it were+ 1ut rather to renoun9e any further enCoy:ent+ and worD u3on the
3ast e23erien9e& The 3eril here is very great& Instead of worDing inwardly+ it is very easy
to fall into the o33osite ha1it of trying to e23loit the enCoy:ent& Let no one undervalue
the fa9t that unforeseen sour9es of error here 9onfront the student& #e :ust 3ass through a
host of te:3ters of his soul& They would all harden his Ego and i:3rison it within itself&
#e should rather o3en it wide for all the world& It is ne9essary that he should seeD
enCoy:ent+ for only through enCoy:ent 9an the outer world rea9h hi:& If he 1lunts
hi:self to enCoy:ent+ he 1e9o:es as a 3lant whi9h 9annot any longer draw nourish:ent
fro: its environ:ent& *et if he sto3s short at the enCoy:ent+ he shuts hi:self u3 within
hi:self& #e will only 1e so:ething to hi:self and nothing to the world& #owever :u9h
he :ay live within hi:self+ however intensely he :ay 9ultivate his Ego A the world will
reCe9t hi:& For the world he is dead& The student of higher Dnowledge 9onsiders
enCoy:ent only as a :eans of enno1ling hi:self for the world& "leasure is to hi: as a
s9out infor:ing hi: 9on9erning the worldG 1ut on9e instru9ted 1y 3leasure+ he 3asses on
to worD& #e does not learn in order to a99u:ulate learning as his own treasure+ 1ut not to
o99u3y in order that he :ay devote his learning to the servi9e of the world&
In all 3iritual 9ien9e there is a funda:ental 3rin9i3le whi9h 9annot 1e transgressed
without sa9rifi9ing su99ess+ and it should 1e i:3ressed on the student in every for: of
esoteri9 training& It runs as follows@ MEvery Dnowledge 3ursued :erely for the enri9h:ent
of 3ersonal learning and the a99u:ulation of 3ersonal treasure+ leads you away fro: the
3athG 1ut all Dnowledge 3ursued for growth to ri3eness within the 3ro9ess of hu:an
enno1le:ent and 9os:i9 develo3:ent+ 1rings you a ste3 forward&J This law :ust 1e
rigidly o1served+ and no student is genuine until he has ado3ted it as a guide for his
whole life& This truth 9an 1e e23ressed in the following short senten9e A every idea whi9h
does not 1e9o:e your ideal+ slays a for9e in your soulG every idea whi9h 1e9o:es your
ideal+ 9reates within you lifeAfor9es&
At the very 1eginning of his 9ourse+ the student is dire9ted to the M"ath of Reveren9eJ and
the develo3:ent of the inner life& 3iritual 9ien9e now also gives hi: 3ra9ti9al rules+ 1y
o1serving whi9h+ he :ay tread that 3ath and develo3 that inner life& These 3ra9ti9al rules
have no ar1itrary origin& They rest u3on an9ient e23erien9e and an9ient wisdo:+ and are
given out in the sa:e :anner+ wheresoever the ways to higher Dnowledge are indi9ated&
All true tea9hers of the s3iritual life are in agree:ent as to the 9hara9ter of these rules+
even though they do not always 9lothe the: in the sa:e words& This differen9e+ whi9h is
of a :inor 9hara9ter+ and is :ore a33arent than real+ is due to 9ir9u:stan9es whi9h need
not 1e dwelt u3on here&
!o tea9her of the s3iritual life wishes to esta1lish a :astery over other 3ersons 1y :eans
of su9h rules& #e would not ta:3er with any 3ersonJs inde3enden9e& Indeed+ none res3e9t
and 9herish hu:an inde3enden9e :ore than the s3iritually e23erien9ed& It was stated in
the 3re9eding 3ages+ that the 1ond of union e:1ra9ing all Initiates is s3iritual+ and that
two laws for:+ as it were+ 9las3s+ 1y whi9h the 9o:3onent 3arts of this 1ond are held
together& Whenever the Initiate leaves his en9losed s3iritual 9ir9uit and ste3s forth 1efore
the world+ he :ust i::ediately taDe a third law into a99ount& It is this@ ada3t ea9h one of
your a9tions+ and fra:e ea9h one of your words in su9h a way that you infringe u3on no
:anJs freeAwill&
The re9ognition that all true tea9hers of the s3iritual life are 3er:eated through and
through with this 3rin9i3le+ will 9onvin9e all who follow the 3ra9ti9al rules 3roffered to
the:+ that they need sa9rifi9e none of their inde3enden9e&
One of the first of these rules 9an 1e e23ressed so:ewhat in the following words of our
language@ M"rovide for yourself :o:ents of inner tranBuillity+ and learn+ in these
:o:ents+ to distinguish 1etween the essential and the nonAessential&J It is said advisedly@
ME23ressed in the words of our language&J Originally all rules and tea9hings of 3iritual
9ien9e were e23ressed in a sy:1oli9al signAlanguage+ so:e understanding for whi9h
:ust 1e a9Buired 1efore its whole :eaning and s9o3e 9an 1e reali0ed& This understanding
is de3endent on the first ste3s towards higher Dnowledge+ and these ste3s result fro: the
e2a9t o1servation of su9h rules as are here given& For all who earnestly will+ the 3ath
stands o3en to tread&
i:3le+ in truth+ is the a1ove rule 9on9erning :o:ents of inner tranBuillityG eBually
si:3le is its o1servation& But it only a9hieves its 3ur3ose when it is o1served in as earnest
and stri9t a :anner+ as it is+ in itself+ si:3le& #ow this rule is to 1e o1served+ will 1e
e23lained+ therefore+ without digression&
The student :ust set aside a s:all 3art of his daily life+ in whi9h to 9on9ern hi:self with
so:ething Buite different fro: the o1Ce9ts of his daily o99u3ation& The way+ also+ in
whi9h he o99u3ies hi:self at su9h a ti:e+ :ust differ entirely fro: the way in whi9h he
3erfor:s the rest of his daily duties& But this does not :ean that what he does in the ti:e
thus set a3art+ has no 9onne9tion with his daily worD& On the 9ontrary+ he will soon find
that Cust these se9luded :o:ents+ when sought in the right way+ give hi: full 3ower to
3erfor: his daily tasD& !or :ust it 1e su33osed that the o1servan9e of this rule will really
en9roa9h u3on the ti:e needed for the 3erfor:an9e of his duties& hould anyone really
have no :ore ti:e at his dis3osal+ five :inutes a day will suffi9e& It all de3ends on the
:anner in whi9h these five :inutes are s3ent&
At these 3eriods+ the student should wrest hi:self entirely free fro: his worDAaAday life&
#is thoughts and feelings should taDe on a different 9olouring& #is Coys and sorrows+ his
9ares+ e23erien9es and a9tions :ust 3ass in review 1efore his soulG and he :ust ado3t
su9h a 3osition that he :ay regard all his sundry e23erien9es fro: a higher 3oint of view&
We need only 1ear in :ind how+ in ordinary life+ we regard the e23erien9es and a9tions of
others Buite differently fro: our own& This 9annot 1e otherwise+ for we are interwoven
with our own a9tions and e23erien9es+ whereas those of others we only 9onte:3late& Our
ai: in these :o:ents of se9lusion+ :ust 1e so to 9onte:3late and Cudge our own a9tions
and e23erien9es+ as though they a33lied not to ourselves 1ut to so:e other 3erson&
u33ose+ for e2a:3le+ a heavy :isfortune 1efalls us& #ow different would 1e our attitude
towards a si:ilar :isfortune+ had it 1efallen our neigh1ourI This attitude 9annot 1e
1la:ed as unCustifia1leG it is 3art of hu:an nature+ and a33lies eBually to e29e3tional
9ir9u:stan9es and to the daily affairs of life& The student :ust seeD the 3ower of
9onfronting his own self+ at 9ertain ti:es+ as a stranger& #e :ust stand 1efore his own self
with the inner tranBuillity of a Cudge& When this is attained+ our own e23erien9es 3resent
the:selves in a new light& As long as we are interwoven with the: and stand+ as it were+
within the:+ we 9ling to the nonAessential Cust as :u9h as to the essential& If we attain the
9al: inner survey+ the essential is severed fro: the nonAessential& orrow and Coy+ every
thought+ every resolve+ a33ear different when we 9onfront ourselves in this way& It is as
though we had s3ent the whole day in a 3la9e where we saw the s:allest o1Ce9ts at the
sa:e 9lose range as the largest+ and in the evening 9li:1ed a neigh1ouring hill+ and
surveyed the whole s9ene at a glan9e& Then the various 3arts a33ear related to ea9h other
in different 3ro3ortions fro: those they 1ore when seen fro: within& This e2er9ise will
not and need not su99eed with 9urrent 1lows of fate+ 1ut it should 1e atte:3ted 1y the
student in 9onne9tion with :isfortune e23erien9ed in the 3ast& The value of su9h inner
tranBuil selfA9onte:3lation de3ends far less on what is a9tually 9onte:3lated+ than on our
finding within ourselves the 3ower whi9h su9h inner tranBuillity develo3s&
For every hu:an 1eing 1ears within hi:self+ 1esides what we :ay 9all the worDAaAday
:an+ a higher :an& And ea9h individual 9an only hi:self awaDen this higher 1eing within
hi:& As long as this higher 1eing is not awaDened+ the higher fa9ulties+ slu:1ering in
every hu:an 1eing+ and leading to su3ersensi1le Dnowledge+ will re:ain 9on9ealed& The
student :ust resolve to 3ersevere in the stri9t and earnest o1servation of the rule here
given+ so long as he does not feel within hi:self the fruits of this inner tranBuillity& To all
who thus 3ersevere+ the day will 9o:e when s3iritual light will envelo3e the:+ and a new
world will 1e revealed to an organ of sight of whose e2isten9e+ within the:+ they were
hitherto unaware&
And no 9hange need taDe 3la9e in the outward life of the student in 9onseBuen9e of this
new rule& #e 3erfor:s his duties+ and+ at first+ feels the sa:e Coys+ sorrows and
e23erien9es as 1efore& In no way 9an it estrange hi: fro: lifeG he 9an rather devote
hi:self the :ore thoroughly to this life+ for the re:ainder of the day+ having gained a
higher life in the :o:ents set a3art& Little 1y little this higher life will :aDe its influen9e
felt on his ordinary life& The tranBuillity of the :o:ents set a3art will affe9t also
everyday e2isten9e& In his whole 1eing+ he will grow 9al:er+ he will attain fir: assuran9e
in all his a9tions+ and will 9ease to 1e 3ut out of 9ountenan9e 1y all :anner of in9idents&
By thus advan9ing he will gradually 1e9o:e :ore and :ore his own guide+ and will
allow hi:self+ less and less+ to 1e led 1y 9ir9u:stan9es and e2ternal influen9es& #e will
soon dis9over how great a sour9e of strength is availa1le to hi: in these :o:ents thus set
a3art& #e will 1egin no longer to get angry at things whi9h for:erly angered hi:G
9ountless things whi9h he for:erly feared 9ease to alar: hi:& #e a9Buires a new outlooD
on life& For:erly he :ay have a33roa9hed so:e o99u3ation in a faintAhearted way& #e
would say@ MOh+ I la9D the 3ower to do this as well as I 9ould wish&J !ow this thought
does not o99ur to hi:+ 1ut rather a Buite different thought& #en9eforth he says to hi:self@
MI will su::on u3 all :y strength to do :y worD as well as I 3ossi1ly 9an&J And he
su33resses the thought whi9h :aDes hi: faintAheartedG for he Dnows that this very
thought :ight 1e the 9ause of a worse 3erfor:an9e on his 3art+ and that+ in any 9ase+ it
9annot 9ontri1ute to the i:3rove:ent of his worD& And thus thought after thought+ ea9h
fraught with advantage to his whole life+ flow into the studentJs outlooD& They taDe the
3la9e of those that had a ha:3ering+ weaDening effe9t& #e 1egins to steer his own shi3 on
a se9ure 9ourse through the waves of life+ whereas it was for:erly 1attered to and fro 1y
these waves&
This 9al: and serenity rea9t on the whole 1eing& They assist the growth of the inner :an+
and with the inner :an+ those fa9ulties also grow whi9h lead to higher Dnowledge& For it
is 1y his 3rogress in this dire9tion that the student gradually rea9hes the 3oint+ when he
hi:self deter:ines the :anner in whi9h the i:3ressions of the outer world shall affe9t
hi:& Thus he :ay hear a word s3oDen with the o1Ce9t of wounding or ve2ing hi:&
For:erly it :ould indeed have wounded or ve2ed hi:+ 1ut now that he treads the 3ath to
higher Dnowledge+ he is a1le to taDe fro: the word the sting whi9h gives it the 3ower to
wound or ve2G 1efore it has found its way to his inner self& TaDe another e2a:3le& We
easily 1e9o:e i:3atient when we are De3t waiting+ 1ut if we tread the 3ath to higher
Dnowledge+ we so stee3 ourselves+ in our :o:ents of 9al:+ with the feeling of the
uselessness of i:3atien9e+ that hen9eforth+ on every o99asion of i:3atien9e+ this feeling
is i::ediately 3resent within us& The i:3atien9e that was a1out to :aDe itself felt+
vanishes+ and an interval whi9h would otherwise have 1een wasted in e23ressions of
i:3atien9e+ will 1e filled 1y useful o1servation+ whi9h 9an 1e :ade while waiting&
!ow the s9o3e and signifi9an9e of these fa9ts :ust 1e reali0ed& We :ust 1ear in :ind
that the higher :an within :an is in 9onstant develo3:ent& But only the state of 9al: and
serenity here des9ri1ed renders an orderly develo3:ent 3ossi1le& The waves of outward
life 3ress in u3on the inner :an fro: all sides+ if+ instead of :astering this outward life+
he is :astered 1y it& u9h a :an is liDe a 3lant whi9h tries to e23and in a 9left in the ro9D+
and is stunted in its growth+ until new s3a9e is given it& !o outward for9es 9an su33ly
s3a9e to the inner :an& It 9an only 1e su33lied 1y the inner 9al: whi9h :an hi:self
gives to his soul& Outward 9ir9u:stan9es 9an only alter the 9ourse of his outward lifeG
they 9an never awaDen the inner s3iritual :an& The student :ust hi:self give 1irth to a
new and higher :an within hi:&
This higher :an now 1e9o:es the inner ruler+ who dire9ts the 9ir9u:stan9es of the outer
:an with sure guidan9e& As long as the outer :an has the u33er hand and 9ontrol+ this
inner :an is his slave+ and therefore 9annot unfold his 3owers& If it de3ends on so:ething
foreign to :yself+ that I should get angry or not+ I a: not :aster of :yself+ or+ to 3ut it
1etter+ I have not yet found the ruler within :e& I :ust develo3 the fa9ulty of letting the
i:3ressions of the outer world a33roa9h :e only in the way in whi9h I :yself deter:ineG
then only do I 1e9o:e in the real sense a student& And only in so far as the student
earnestly seeDs this 3ower+ 9an he rea9h the goal& It is of no i:3ortan9e A how far anyone
9an get in a given ti:eG the 3oint is that he should earnestly seeD& )any have striven for
years without noti9ing any a33re9ia1le 3rogressG 1ut :any of those who did not des3air+
1ut re:ained unshaDen+ have then+ Buite suddenly a9hieved the Minner vi9toryJ&
!o dou1t a great effort is reBuired+ in :any stations of life+ to 3rovide these :o:ents of
inner 9al:G 1ut the greater the effort needed+ the :ore i:3ortant is the a9hieve:ent& In
3iritual 9ien9e everything de3ends u3on the energy+ inward truthfulness and
un9o:3ro:ising sin9erity with whi9h we 9onfront our own selves+ with all our deeds and
a9tions+ as a 9o:3lete stranger&
But only one side of the studentJs a9tivity is 9hara9teri0ed 1y this 1irth of his own higher
1eing& o:ething else is needed in addition& Even if he 9onfronts hi:self as a stranger+ it
is only hi:self that he 9onte:3latesG he looDs on those e23erien9es and a9tions with
whi9h he is 9onne9ted through his 3arti9ular station of life& #e :ust now disengage
hi:self fro: it and rise 1eyond+ to a 3urely hu:an level+ whi9h no longer has anything to
do with his own s3e9ial situation& #e :ust 3ass on to the 9onte:3lation of those things
whi9h would 9on9ern hi:+ if he lived under Buite different 9ir9u:stan9es+ and in Buite a
different situation& In this way so:ething 1egins to live within hi: whi9h ranges a1ove
the 3urely 3ersonal& #is ga0e is dire9ted to higher worlds than those with whi9h everyday
life 9onne9ts hi:& And thus he 1egins to feel and reali0e+ as an inner e23erien9e+ that he
1elongs to those higher worlds& These are worlds 9on9erning whi9h his senses and his
daily o99u3ation 9an tell hi: nothing& Thus he now shifts the 9entral 3oint of his 1eing to
the inner 3art of his nature& #e listens to the voi9es within hi:+ whi9h s3eaD to hi:+ in his
:o:ents of tranBuillityG he 9ultivates an inter9ourse with the s3iritual world& #e is
re:oved fro: the everyday world& Its noise is silen9ed& All around hi: there is silen9e&
#e 3uts away everything that is around hi:G he even 3uts away everything that re:inds
hi: of su9h i:3ressions fro: without& %al: inward 9onte:3lation and 9onverse with the
3urely s3iritual world fill his soul& u9h tranBuil 9onte:3lation :ust 1e9o:e a natural
ne9essity in the life of the student& #e is now 3lunged in a world of thought& #e :ust
develo3 a living feeling for this silent thoughtAa9tivity& #e :ust learn to love what the
s3irit 3ours into hi:& #e will soon 9ease to feel that this thoughtAworld is less real than
the everyday things whi9h surround hi:& #e 1egins to deal with his thoughts as with
things in s3a9e+ and the :o:ent a33roa9hes when he 1egins to feel that whi9h reveals
itself in the silent inward thoughtAworld+ to 1e :u9h higher+ :u9h :ore real than the
things in s3a9e& #e dis9overs that so:ething living e23resses itself in this thoughtAworld&
#e sees that his thoughts do not :erely har1our shadowA3i9tures+ 1ut that+ through the:+
hidden 1eings s3eaD to hi:& Fro: out of the silen9e s3ee9h 1e9o:es audi1le to hi:&
For:erly sound only rea9hed hi: through his earG now it resounds through his soul& An
inner language+ an inner word is revealed to hi:& This :o:ent+ when first e23erien9ed+ is
one of greatest ra3ture for the student& An inner light is shed over the whole e2ternal
world+ and a new life 1egins for hi:& Through his 1eing there 3ours a divine strea: fro:
a world of divine ra3ture&
This life of the soul in thought+ whi9h gradually widens into a life in s3iritual 1eing+ is
9alled 1y $nosis and 1y 3iritual 9ien9e+ )editation >9onte:3lative refle9tion?& This
:editation is the :eans to su3ersensi1le Dnowledge& But the student in su9h :o:ents
:ust not :erely indulge in feelingsG he :ust not have indefinite sensations in his soul&
That would only hinder hi: fro: rea9hing true s3iritual Dnowledge& #is thoughts :ust
1e 9lear+ shar3 and definite+ and he will 1e hel3ed in this if he does not 9ling 1lindly to
the thoughts that rise within hi:& Rather :ust he 3er:eate hi:self with the lofty
thoughts with whi9h :en already advan9ed and 3ossessed of the s3irit were ins3ired+ in
su9h :o:ents& #e should taDe as his starting 3oint the writings whi9h the:selves had
their origin in su9h revelation during :editation& In the :ysti9+ gnosti9 and s3iritual
s9ientifi9 literature of toAday+ the student will find su9h writings+ and in the: the :aterial
for his :editation& The seeDers of the s3irit have the:selves set down+ in su9h writings+
the thoughts of the divine s9ien9e+ whi9h the 3irit has suffered to 1e 3ro9lai:ed to the
world through his :essengers&
Through su9h :editation a 9o:3lete transfor:ation taDes 3la9e in the student& #e 1egins
to for: Buite new 9on9e3tions of reality& All things a9Buire a fresh value for hi:& It
9annot 1e re3eated too often that this transfor:ation does not alienate hi: fro: the
world& #e will in no way 1e estranged fro: his daily duties+ for he 9o:es to reali0e that
the :ost insignifi9ant a9tion he has to a99o:3lish+ the :ost insignifi9ant e23erien9e
whi9h offers itself to hi:+ stand in 9onne9tion with 9os:i9 1eings and 9os:i9 events&
When on9e this 9onne9tion is revealed to hi: in his :o:ents of 9onte:3lation+ he
engages in his daily 9ir9le of a9tivities with a new+ fuller 3ower& For now he Dnows that
his la1our and his suffering are given and endured for the saDe of a great+ s3iritual+
9os:i9 whole& !ot weariness+ 1ut strength to live s3rings fro: :editation&
With fir: ste3 the student 3asses through life& !o :atter what it :ay 1ring hi:+ he goes
forward ere9t& In the 3ast he Dnew not why he la1oured and suffered+ 1ut now he Dnows&
It is o1vious that su9h :editation leads :ore surely to the goal+ if 9ondu9ted under the
dire9tion of e23erien9ed 3ersons+ who Dnow of the:selves how everything :ay 1est 1e
doneG and their advi9e and guidan9e should 1e sought& Truly no one loses his freedo:&
What would otherwise 1e :ere un9ertain gro3ing in the darD+ 1e9o:es+ under this
dire9tion+ 3re9ise worD& All who a33ly to su9h as 3ossess Dnowledge and e23erien9e in
these :atters will never a33ly in vain+ only they :ust reali0e that what they seeD is the
advi9e of a friend and not the do:ination of a wouldA1e ruler& It will always 1e found that
they who really Dnow+ are the :ost :odest of :en+ and that nothing is further fro: their
nature than what is 9alled the lust for 3ower&
When+ 1y :eans of :editation+ :an rises to 1e united with the s3irit+ he 1rings to life the
eternal in hi:+ whi9h is li:ited 1y neither 1irth nor death& The e2isten9e of this eternal
1eing 9an only 1e dou1ted 1y those who have not the:selves e23erien9ed it& Thus
:editation is the way whi9h also leads :an to the Dnowledge+ to the 9onte:3lation of his
eternal+ indestru9ti1le+ essential 1eing& $nosis and 3iritual 9ien9e tell of the eternal
nature of this 1eing+ and of its reAin9arnation& The Buestion is often asDed@ Why does a
:an Dnow nothing of his e23erien9es 1eyond the 1orders of life and deathH #ow 9an we
attain su9h DnowledgeI In right :editation the 3ath is o3ened& This alone 9an revive the
:e:ory of e23erien9es 1eyond the 1order of life and death& Everyone 9an attain this
DnowledgeG in ea9h one of us lies the fa9ulty of re9ogni0ing and 9onte:3lating for
ourselves what genuine )ysti9is:+ 3iritual 9ien9e+ Anthro3oso3hy and $nosis tea9h&
Only the right :eans :ust 1e 9hosen& Only a 1eing with ears and eyes 9an a33rehend
sounds and 9olours+ nor 9an the eye 3er9eive+ if the light+ whi9h :aDes things visi1le+ 1e
wanting& 3iritual 9ien9e gives the :eans of develo3ing the s3iritual ears and eyes+ and
Dindling the s3iritual lightG this :ethod of s3iritual training :ay 1e des9ri1ed as
9onsisting of three stages@ >,? "ro1ationG this develo3s the s3iritual senses& >4?
Enlighten:entG this Dindles the s3iritual light& >5? InitiationG this esta1lishes inter9ourse
with the higher s3iritual 1eings&
T#E infor:ation given in the following 9ha3ters for:s 3art of an esoteri9 training+ the
na:e and 9hara9ter of whi9h will 1e understood 1y all who a33ly this infor:ation in the
right way& It refers to the three stages through whi9h the training of the s3iritual life leads
to a 9ertain degree of Initiation& But only so :u9h will here 1e e23lained as 9an 1e
3u1li9ly i:3arted& These are :erely indi9ations e2tra9ted fro: a still far dee3er and :ore
inti:ate do9trine& In esoteri9 training itself a Buite definite 9ourse of instru9tion is
followed& %ertain e2er9ises ena1le the soul to attain a 9ons9ious inter9ourse with the
s3iritual world& These e2er9ises 1ear a1out the sa:e relation to what will 1e i:3arted in
the following 3ages+ as the instru9tion given in a higher+ stri9tly dis9i3lined s9hool+ to the
in9idental tea9hing in a 3re3aratory s9hool& And yet the earnest and 3ersevering 3ursuit of
the 9ourse here indi9ated+ will lead to a genuine esoteri9 training& But an i:3atient
da11ling+ devoid of earnest 3erseveran9e+ 9an lead to nothing at all& The study of 3iritual
9ien9e 9an only 1e su99essful if the student will retain what has already 1een indi9ated
in the 3re9eding 9ha3ter+ and on the 1asis of this 3ro9eed further&
The three stages whi9h the a1oveA:entioned tradition s3e9ifies+ are as follows@ >,?
"ro1ationG >4? Enlighten:entG >5? Initiation& It is not altogether ne9essary that the first of
these three stages should 1e 9o:3leted 1efore the se9ond 9an 1e 1egun+ nor that the
se9ond+ in turn+ 1e 9o:3leted 1efore the third 1e started& In 9ertain res3e9ts it is 3ossi1le
to 3artaDe of Enlighten:ent+ and even of Initiation+ and in other res3e9ts still 1e in the
3ro1ationary stage& *et it will 1e ne9essary to s3end a 9ertain ti:e in the stage of
"ro1ation+ 1efore any Enlighten:ent 9an 1egin+ and at least in so:e res3e9ts+
Enlighten:ent :ust 1e 9o:3leted 1efore it is even 3ossi1le to enter u3on the stage of
Initiation& But in des9ri1ing the:+ it is ne9essary+ for the saDe of 9larity+ that the three
stages 1e :ade to follow in turn&
"ro1ation 9onsists of a stri9t and definite 9ultivation of the life of thought and feeling
through whi9h the 3sy9hi9As3iritual M1odyJ 1e9o:es eBui33ed with organs of sense
a9tivity+ in the sa:e way that natural for9es have fitted the 3hysi9al 1ody with organs
1uilt out of indeter:inate living :atter&
To 1egin with+ the attention of the soul is dire9ted to 9ertain events in the world that
surrounds us& u9h events are+ on the one hand+ life that is 1udding+ growing and
flourishing+ and+ on the other hand+ all 3heno:ena 9onne9ted with fading+ de9aying and
withering& The student 9an o1serve these events si:ultaneously+ wherever he turns his
eyes+ and on every o99asion they naturally evoDe in hi: feelings and thoughtsG 1ut under
ordinary 9ir9u:stan9es+ he does not devote hi:self suffi9iently to the:& #e hurries on
too Bui9Dly fro: i:3ression to i:3ression& It is ne9essary+ therefore+ that he should fi2
his attention intently and 9ons9iously u3on these 3heno:ena& Wherever he o1serves a
definite Dind of 1loo:ing and flourishing+ he :ust 1anish everything else fro: his soul+
and entirely surrender hi:self+ for a short ti:e+ to this one i:3ression& #e will soon
9onvin9e hi:self that a feeling whi9h heretofore+ in a si:ilar 9ase+ would :erely have
flitted through his soul+ now swells out+ and assu:es a 3owerful and energeti9 for:& #e
:ust now allow this feeling to rever1erate Buietly within hi:self while Dee3ing inwardly
Buite still& #e :ust 9ut hi:self off fro: the outer world+ and si:3ly and solely follow
what his soul tells hi: of this 1losso:ing and flourishing&
*et it :ust not 1e thought that :u9h 3rogress 9an 1e :ade if the senses are 1lunted to the
world& First looD at the things as Deenly and as intently as you 3ossi1ly 9anG then only let
the feeling whi9h e23ands to life+ and the thought whi9h arises in the soul+ taDe
3ossession of you& The 3oint is that the attention should 1e dire9ted with 3erfe9t inner
1alan9e+ u3on 1oth 3heno:ena& If the ne9essary tranBuillity 1e attained+ and if you
surrender yourself to the feeling whi9h e23ands to life in the soul+ then+ in due ti:e+ the
following e23erien9e will ensue& Thoughts and feelings will 1e noti9ed+ of a new Dind
and unDnown 1efore+ u3rising in the soul& Indeed+ the :ore the attention 1e fi2ed+ in this
way+ u3on so:ething growing+ 1losso:ing and flourishing+ and u3on so:ething else that
is fading and de9aying+ the :ore vivid will these feelings 1e9o:e& And Cust as natural
for9es 1uild out of living :atter the eyes and ears of the 3hysi9al 1ody+ so will the organs
of 9lairvoyan9e 1uild the:selves fro: the feelings and thoughts thus evoDed& A Buite
different for: of feeling is 9onne9ted with growth and e23ansion+ and another eBually
definite with all that is fading and de9aying& But this is only the 9ase if the effort 1e :ade
to 9ultivate these feelings in the way indi9ated& It is 3ossi1le to des9ri1e a33ro2i:ately
what these feelings are liDe& A full 9on9e3tion of the: is within the rea9h of all who
undergo these inner e23erien9es& If the attention 1e freBuently fi2ed on the 3heno:ena of
growing+ 1loo:ing and flourishing+ a feeling re:otely allied to the sensation of a sunrise
will ensue+ while the 3heno:ena of fading and de9aying will 3rodu9e an e23erien9e
9o:3ara1le+ in the sa:e way+ to the slow rising of the :oon on the hori0on& Both these
feelings are for9es whi9h+ when duly 9ultivated and develo3ed to everAin9reasing
intensity+ lead to the :ost signifi9ant s3iritual results& A new world is o3ened to the
student if he syste:ati9ally and deli1erately surrenders hi:self to su9h feelings& The
soulAworld+ the soA9alled astral 3lane+ 1egins to dawn u3on hi:& $rowth and de9ay are no
longer fa9ts whi9h :aDe indefinite i:3ressions on hi:+ as of old+ 1ut rather they for:
into s3iritual lines and figures+ of whi9h he had 3reviously sus3e9ted nothing& And these
lines and figures have+ for the different 3heno:ena+ different for:s& A 1loo:ing flower+ a
young ani:al+ a tree that is de9aying+ evoDe in his soul different lines& The soulAworld
>astral 3lane? 1roadens out slowly 1efore hi:& These lines and figures are not :ere
inventions& Two students who have rea9hed the 9orres3onding stage of develo3:ent+ will
always see the sa:e lines and figures+ under the sa:e 9onditions& 8ust as a round ta1le
will 1e seen as round 1y two nor:al 3ersons and not as round 1y one and sBuare 1y the
other A so too+ at the sight of a flower+ the sa:e s3iritual figure is 3resented to the soul&
And Cust as the for:s of ani:als and 3lants are des9ri1ed in ordinary natural history+ so+
too+ the s3iritual s9ientist des9ri1es or draws the s3iritual for:s of the 3ro9esses of
growth and de9ay+ a99ording to s3e9ies and Dind&
If the student has 3rogressed so far that he 9an 3er9eive the s3iritual for:s of those
3heno:ena whi9h are 3hysi9ally visi1le to his e2ternal sight+ he will then not 1e far fro:
the stage+ when he shall 1ehold things whi9h have no 9orres3onding 3hysi9al e2isten9e+
and whi9h therefore re:ain entirely hidden >o99ult? fro: those who have not re9eived
suita1le instru9tion and training&
It should 1e e:3hasi0ed that the student :ust never lose hi:self in s3e9ulations on the
:eaning of one thing or another& u9h intelle9tuali0ing will only 1ring hi: away fro:
the right road& #e should looD out on the world with Deen+ healthy senses+ and Bui9Dened
3ower of o1servation+ and then give hi:self u3 to the feeling that arises within hi:& #e
should not try to :aDe out+ through intelle9tual s3e9ulation+ what the things :ean+ 1ut
rather allow the things the:selves to tell hi:& It should 1e re:arDed that artisti9 feeling+
when 9ou3led with a Buiet intros3e9tive nature+ for:s the 1est 3reli:inary 9ondition for
the develo3:ent of s3iritual fa9ulties& This feeling 3ier9es through the su3erfi9ial as3e9t
of things+ and+ in so doing+ tou9hes their se9rets&
A further 3oint of i:3ortan9e is what 3iritual 9ien9e 9alls MOrientationJ in the higher
worlds& This is attained when the student is 3er:eated+ through and through+ with the
9ons9ious reali0ation that feelings and thoughts are verita1le realities+ Cust as :u9h as are
ta1les and 9hairs in the world of the 3hysi9al senses& In the soulA and thoughtAworld+
feelings and thoughts rea9t u3on ea9h other Cust as 3hysi9al o1Ce9ts rea9t u3on ea9h other
in the 3hysi9al world& As long as the student is not vividly 3er:eated with this
9ons9iousness+ he will not 1elieve that a wrong thought in his :ind :ay have as
devastating an effe9t u3on other thoughts that s3read life in the thoughtAworld+ as the
effe9t wrought 1y a 1ullet fired at rando:+ u3on the 3hysi9al o1Ce9ts it hits& #e will
3erha3s never allow hi:self to 3erfor: a 3hysi9ally visi1le a9tion whi9h he 9onsiders to
1e wrong+ though he will not shrinD fro: har1ouring wrong thoughts and feelings+ when
these a33ear har:less to the rest of the world& There 9an 1e no 3rogress+ however+ on the
3ath to higher Dnowledge+ unless we guard our thoughts and feelings in Cust the sa:e way
as we guard our ste3s in the 3hysi9al world& If we see a wall 1efore us+ we do not atte:3t
to dash right through it+ 1ut turn aside& In other words+ we guide ourselves 1y the laws of
the 3hysi9al world& There are su9h laws+ too+ for the soulA and thoughtAworld+ only they
9annot i:3ose the:selves on us fro: without& They :ust flow out of the life of the soul
itself& This 9an 1e attained if we for1id ourselves to har1our wrong thoughts and feelings&
All ar1itrary flitting toAandAfro in thought+ all a99idental e11ing and flowing of e:otion
:ust 1e for1idden in the sa:e way& In so doing we do not 1e9o:e defi9ient in feeling&
On the 9ontrary+ if we regulate our inner life in this way+ we shall soon find ourselves
1e9o:ing ri9h in feelings and 9reative with genuine i:agination& In the 3la9e of 3etty
e:otionalis:+ and 9a3ri9ious flights of thought+ there a33ear signifi9ant e:otions and
thoughts that are fruitful& Feelings and thoughts of this Dind lead the student to orientation
in the s3iritual world& #e attains a right 3osition in relation to the things of the s3iritual
worldG a distin9t and definite result 9o:es into effe9t in his favour& 8ust as he+ as a
3hysi9al :an+ finds his way 1etween 3hysi9al things so+ too+ his 3ath now leads hi:
1etween growth and de9ay+ whi9h he has already 9o:e to Dnow in the way des9ri1ed
a1ove& #e follows+ then+ all 3ro9esses of growing and flourishing+ and+ on the other hand+
of withering and de9aying+ in a way that is ne9essary for his own and the worldJs
The student has also to 1estow a further 9are on the world of sound& #e :ust dis9ri:inate
1etween sounds that are 3rodu9ed 1y the oA9alled inert >lifeless? 1odies+ as+ for instan9e+
a 1ell+ or a :usi9al instru:ent+ or a falling :ass+ and those whi9h 3ro9eed fro: a living
9reature >an ani:al or a hu:an 1eing?& When a 1ell is stru9D+ we hear the sound and
9onne9t a 3leasant feeling with itG 1ut when we hear the 9ry of an ani:al+ we 9an dete9t
through it+ 1esides our own feeling+ the :anifestation of an inward e23erien9e of the
ani:al+ whether of 3leasure or of 3ain& It is with the latter Dind of sound that the student
sets to worD& #e :ust 9on9entrate his whole attention on the fa9t that the sound tells hi:
of so:ething that lies outside his own soul& #e :ust :erge hi:self into this foreign
thing& #e :ust 9losely unite his own feeling with the 3leasure or 3ain of whi9h the sound
tells hi:& #e :ust get 1eyond the 3oint of 9aring whether+ for hi:+ the sound is 3leasant
or un3leasant+ agreea1le or disagreea1le+ and his soul :ust 1e filled with whatever is
trans3iring in the 1eing fro: whi9h the sound 3ro9eeds& Through su9h e2er9ises+ if
syste:ati9ally and deli1erately 3erfor:ed+ the student will develo3 within hi:self the
fa9ulty of inter:ingling+ as it were+ with the 1eing fro: whi9h the sound 3ro9eeds& A
3erson sensitive to :usi9 will find it easier to 9ultivate his inner life in this way+ than one
who is un:usi9alG 1ut no one should su33ose that a :ere sense for :usi9 9an taDe the
3la9e of this inner a9tivity& The student :ust learn to feel in this way in the fa9e of the
whole of nature& By doing so+ a new fa9ulty is i:3lanted in this world of thought and
feeling& Through her resounding tones+ the whole of nature 1egins to whis3er her se9rets
to the student& What was hitherto :erely in9o:3rehensi1le noise to his soul+ will 1e9o:e
1y this :eans a 9oherent language of nature& And whereas hitherto+ he only heard sound+
fro: the soA9alled inani:ate o1Ce9ts+ he now is aware of a new language of the soul&
hould he advan9e further in this inner 9ulture+ he will soon learn that he 9an hear what
hitherto he did not even sur:ise& #e 1egins to hear with the soul&
To this+ one thing :ore :ust 1e added 1efore the highest 3oint in this region 9an 1e
attained& Of very great i:3ortan9e for the develo3:ent of the student is the way in whi9h
he listens to others when they s3eaD& #e :ust a99usto: hi:self to do this in su9h a way
that+ while listening+ his inner self is a1solutely silent& If so:eone e23resses an o3inion+
and another listens+ assent or dissent will+ generally s3eaDing+ stir in the inner self of the
listener& )any 3eo3le+ in su9h 9ases+ feel the:selves i:3elled to an e23ression of their
assent+ or+ :ore es3e9ially+ of their dissent& In the student+ all su9h assent or dissent :ust
1e silen9ed& It is not i:3erative that he should suddenly alter his way of living+ 1y trying
to attain at all ti:es+ this 9o:3lete inner silen9e& #e will have to 1egin 1y doing so in
s3e9ial 9ases+ deli1erately sele9ted 1y hi:self& Then Buite slowly and 1y degrees+ this
new way of listening will 9ree3 into his ha1its+ as of itself& In s3iritual investigation this is
syste:ati9ally 3ra9tised& The student feels it his duty to listen+ 1y way of 3ra9ti9e+ at
9ertain ti:es+ to the :ost 9ontradi9tory views+ and+ at the sa:e ti:e+ entirely to 1ring to
silen9e all assent+ and+ :ore es3e9ially+ all adverse 9riti9is:& The 3oint is+ that in so
doing+ not only all 3urely intelle9tual Cudg:ent 1e silen9ed+ 1ut also all feelings of
dis3leasure+ denial or even es3e9ially+ of their dissent& dissent :ust 1e silen9ed& assent&
The student :ust at all ti:es 1e 3arti9ularly wat9hful lest su9h feelings+ even when not
on the surfa9e+ should still lurD in the inner:ost re9ess of the soul& #e :ust listen+ for
e2a:3le+ to the state:ents of 3eo3le who are+ in so:e res3e9ts+ far 1eneath hi:+ and yet
while doing so+ su33ress every feeling of greater Dnowledge or su3eriority& It is useful for
everyone to listen in this way to 9hildren+ for even the wisest 9an learn in9al9ula1ly :u9h
fro: 9hildren& The student 9an thus train hi:self to listen to the words of others Buite
selflessly+ 9o:3letely shutting out his own 3erson+ and his o3inions and way of feeling&
When he 3ra9tises listening without 9riti9is:+ even when a 9o:3letely 9ontradi9tory
o3inion is advan9ed+ when the :ost Mho3eless :istaDeJ is 9o::itted 1efore hi:+ then he
learns+ little 1y little+ to 1lend hi:self with the 1eing of another and 1e9o:e identified
with it& Then he hears through the words+ into the soul of the other& Through 9ontinued
e2er9ise of this Dind+ sound 1e9o:es the right :ediu: for the 3er9e3tion of soul and
s3irit& Of 9ourse it i:3lies the very stri9test selfAdis9i3line+ 1ut the latter leads to a high
goal& When these e2er9ises are 3ra9tised in 9onne9tion with the others already given+
dealing with the sounds of nature+ the soul develo3s a new sense of hearing& It is now
a1le to 3er9eive :anifestations fro: the s3iritual world+ whi9h do not find their
e23ression in sounds a33rehensi1le 1y the 3hysi9al ear& The 3er9e3tion of the Minner
wordJ awaDens& $radually truths reveal the:selves to the student+ fro: the s3iritual
world& #e hears s3ee9h uttered to hi: in a s3iritual way& Only to those who+ 1y selfless
listening+ train the:selves to 1e really re9i3ient fro: within+ in stillness+ un:oved 1y
3ersonal o3inion or feeling+ only to su9h 9an the higher 1eings s3eaD+ of who: 3iritual
9ien9e tells& As long as one hurls any 3ersonal o3inion or feeling against the s3eaDer to
who: one :ust listen+ the 1eings of the s3iritual world re:ain silent&
All higher truths are attained through su9h Minwardly instilled s3ee9hJ+ and what we hear
fro: the li3s of a true s3iritual tea9her+ has 1een e23erien9ed 1y hi: in this :anner& But
this does not :ean that it is uni:3ortant for us to a9Buaint ourselves with the writings of
3iritual 9ien9e+ 1efore we 9an ourselves hear su9h Minwardly instilled s3ee9hJ& On the
9ontrary+ the reading of su9h writings and the listening to the tea9hings of 3iritual
9ien9e+ are the:selves :eans of attaining 3ersonal Dnowledge& Every senten9e of
3iritual 9ien9e we hear is of a nature to dire9t the :ind to the 3oint whi9h :ust 1e
attained 1efore the soul 9an e23erien9e real 3rogress& To the 3ra9ti9e of all that has here
1een indi9ated+ :ust 1e added the ardent study of what the s3iritual investigators i:3art
to the world& In all esoteri9 training+ su9h study 1elongs to the 3ro1ationary 3eriod+ and
all other :ethods will 3rove ineffe9tive+ if due re9e3tivity for the tea9hings of the
s3iritual investigators 1e la9Ding& For inas:u9h as these instru9tions are 9ulled fro: the
living Minner wordJ fro: the living Minwardly instilled s3ee9hJ+ they are the:selves gifted
with s3iritual life& They are not :ere wordsG they are living 3owers& And while you
follow the words of one who Dnows+ while you read a 1ooD that s3rings fro: real inner
e23erien9e+ 3owers are at worD in your soul whi9h :aDe you 9lairvoyant+ Cust as natural
for9es have 9reated out of living :atter your eyes and your ears&
Enlighten:ent is the result of very si:3le 3ro9esses& #ere+ too+ it is a :atter of
develo3ing 9ertain feelings and thoughts whi9h slu:1er in every hu:an 1eing and :ust
1e awaDened& It is only when these si:3le 3ro9esses are 9arried out with unfailing
3atien9e+ 9ontinuously and strenuously+ that they 9an lead to the 3er9e3tion of the inner
lightAfor:s& The first ste3 is taDen 1y o1serving different natural o1Ce9ts in a 3arti9ular
wayG for instan9e+ a trans3arent and 1eautifully for:ed stone >a 9rystal?+ a 3lant and an
ani:al& The student should endeavour+ at first+ to dire9t his whole attention to a
9o:3arison of the stone with the ani:al+ in the following :anner& The thoughts here
:entioned shall 3ass through his soul a99o:3anied 1y vivid feelings+ and no other
thought+ no other feeling+ :ust :ingle with the:+ and distur1 what should 1e an intensely
attentive o1servation& The student says to hi:self@ MThe stone has a for:G the ani:al also
has a for:& The stone re:ains :otionless in its 3la9e& The ani:al 9hanges its 3la9e& It is
instin9t >desire? whi9h 9auses the ani:al to 9hange its 3la9e& Instin9ts+ too+ are served 1y
the for: of the ani:al& Its organs and li:1s are fashioned in a99ordan9e with these
instin9ts& The for: of the stone is not fashioned in a99ordan9e with desires+ 1ut in
a99ordan9e with desireless for9e&J Kfootnote@ The fa9t here :entioned+ in its 1earing on
the 9onte:3lation of 9rystals+ is in :any ways distorted 1y those who have only heard of
it in an outward+ esoteri9 :anner+ and in this way su9h 3ra9ti9es as 9rystal ga0ing have
their origin& u9h :ani3ulations are 1ased on a :isunderstanding& They have 1een
des9ri1ed in :any 1ooDs+ 1ut they never for: the su1Ce9t of genuine esoteri9Atea9hingL
By sinDing dee3ly into su9h thoughts+ and while doing so+ o1serving the stone and the
ani:al with ra3t attention+ there arise in the soul two Buite se3arate Dinds of feelings&
Fro: the stone there flows into the soul the one Dind of feeling+ and fro: the ani:al the
other Dind& The atte:3t will 3ro1a1ly not su99eed at first+ 1ut little 1y little+ with genuine
and 3atient 3ra9ti9e+ these feelings ensue& This should 1e 3ra9tised over and over again&
At first the feelings are only 3resent as long as the o1servation lasts& Later on they
9ontinue+ and then they grow to so:ething whi9h re:ains living in the soul& The student
has then only to refle9t+ and 1oth the feelings will always arise+ even without the
9onte:3lation of an e2ternal o1Ce9t& Out of these feelings and the thoughts that are 1ound
u3 with the:+ the organs of 9lairvoyan9e are for:ed& If the 3lant should then 1e in9luded+
it will 1e noti9ed that the feeling flowing fro: it lies 1etween the feelings derived fro:
the stone and the ani:al+ 1oth in Buality and degree& The organs thus for:ed are s3iritual
eyes& The student gradually learns+ 1y their :eans+ to see so:ething liDe 3sy9hi9 and
s3iritual 9olours& The s3iritual world+ with its lines and figures+ re:ains darD+ as long as
he has only attained what has 1een des9ri1ed as "ro1ationG through Enlighten:ent it
1e9o:es light& #ere also+ it :ust 1e noted that the words MdarDJ and MlightJ+ as well as the
other e23ressions used+ do 1ut a33ro2i:ately des9ri1e what is :eant& This 9annot 1e
otherwise+ if ordinary language is used+ for this language was 9reated to suit 3hysi9al
9onditions& 3iritual 9ien9e des9ri1es that whi9h+ for 9lairvoyant organs+ flows fro: the
stone+ as M1lueJ+ or M1lueAredJG and that whi9h is felt as 9o:ing fro: the ani:al as MredJ or
MredAyellowJ& In reality 9olours of a s3iritual Dind are seen& The 9olour 3ro9eeding fro:
the 3lant is green+ whi9h little 1y little+ resolves itself into a light ethereal 3inD& The 3lant
is a9tually that 3rodu9t of nature whi9h in higher worlds rese:1les+ in 9ertain res3e9ts+ its
9onstitution in the 3hysi9al world& The sa:e does not a33ly to the stone and the ani:al& It
:ust now 1e 9learly understood that the a1oveA:entioned 9olours only re3resent the
3rin9i3al shades in the stone+ 3lant and ani:al Dingdo:s& In reality all 3ossi1le
inter:ediate shades are 3resent& Every stone+ every 3lant+ every ani:al has its own
3arti9ular shade of 9olour& In addition to these+ there are also the 1eings of the higher
worlds+ whi9h never in9arnate 3hysi9ally+ 1ut whi9h have their 9olours+ often wonderful+
often horri1le& Indeed the wealth of 9olour in these higher worlds is i::easura1ly greater
than in the 3hysi9al world&
On9e the fa9ulty of seeing with s3iritual eyes has 1een a9Buired+ one then en9ounters+
sooner or later+ the 1eings here :entioned+ so:e of the: higher+ so:e lower than :an
hi:self A 1eings whi9h never enter 3hysi9al reality&
If this 3oint has 1een rea9hed+ the way to a great deal lies o3en& But it is inadvisa1le to
3ro9eed further+ without 3aying 9areful heed to what is said or otherwise i:3arted 1y the
s3iritual investigator& And for that too+ whi9h has 1een des9ri1ed+ attention 3aid to su9h
e23erien9ed guidan9e is the very 1est thing& )oreover if a :an has the strength and the
enduran9e to travel so far+ that he fulfils the ele:entary 9onditions of Enlighten:ent+ he
will assuredly seeD and find the right guidan9e&
But+ under all 9ir9u:stan9es+ one 3re9aution is ne9essary+ failing whi9h+ it were 1etter to
leave untrodden all ste3s on the 3ath to higher Dnowledge& It is ne9essary that the student
should lose none of his Bualities as a good and no1le :an+ or his re9e3tivity for all
3hysi9al reality& Indeed+ throughout his training+ he :ust 9ontinually in9rease his :oral
strength+ his inner 3urity and his 3ower of o1servation& To give an e2a:3le@ during the
ele:entary e2er9ises on Enlighten:ent+ the student :ust have a 9are to 1e always
enlarging his sy:3athy for the ani:al and the hu:an worlds+ and his sense for the 1eauty
of nature& Failing this 9are+ su9h e2er9ises would 9ontinually 1lunt that feeling and that
senseG the heart would 1e9o:e hardened+ and the senses 1lunted+ and that 9ould only lead
to 3erilous results&
#ow Enlighten:ent 3ro9eeds+ if the student rises+ in the sense of the foregoing e2er9ises+
fro: the stone+ the 3lant and the ani:al+ u3 to :an+ and how+ after Enlighten:ent+ under
all 9ir9u:stan9es+ the union of the soul with the s3iritual world is effe9ted+ leading to
Initiation A of these things the following 9ha3ters will deal+ in so far as they 9an and :ay
do so&
In our ti:e+ the 3ath to 3iritual 9ien9e is sought 1y :any& It is sought in :any ways+
and :any dangerous and even o1Ce9tiona1le 3ra9ti9es are tried& It is for this reason that
they who 9lai: to Dnow so:ething of the truth in these :atters+ 3la9e 1efore others the
3ossi1ility of learning so:ething of esoteri9 training& Only so :u9h is here i:3arted as
9orres3onds with this 3ossi1ility& It is ne9essary that so:ething of the truth should
1e9o:e Dnown+ so as to 3revent error 9ausing great har:& !o har: 9an 9o:e to anyone
following the way here des9ri1ed+ so long as he does not for9e things& Only one thing
should 1e notedG no student should s3end :ore ti:e and strength u3on these e2er9ises
than he 9an s3are+ with due regard to his station of life and his duties+ nor should he
9hange anything+ for the ti:e 1eing+ in the e2ternal 9onditions of his life+ through taDing
this 3ath& Without 3atien9e+ no genuine results 9an 1e attained& After doing an e2er9ise for
a few :inutes+ the student :ust 1e a1le to sto3+ and 9ontinue Buietly his daily worD+ and
no thought of these e2er9ises should :ingle with the dayJs worD& !o one is of use as an
esoteri9 student or will ever attain results of real value+ who has not learnt to wait in the
highest and 1est sense of the word&
When the student seeDs the 3ath leading to higher Dnowledge in the way des9ri1ed in the
3re9eding 9ha3ter+ he should not o:it to fortify hi:self+ throughout his worD+ with one
everA3resent thought& #e :ust never 9ease re3eating to hi:self that he :ay have :ade
Buite 9onsidera1le 3rogress+ after a 9ertain interval+ though it :ay not 1e a33arent to hi:
in the way he 3erha3s e23e9tedG otherwise he 9an easily lose heart+ and a1andon all
atte:3ts after a short ti:e& The 3owers and fa9ulties to 1e develo3ed are of a :ost su1tle
Dind+ and differ entirely+ in their nature+ fro: the 9on9e3tions for:ed of the: 1y the
student in advan9e& #is o99u3ation has 1een restri9ted to the 3hysi9al world aloneG and it
is therefore not sur3rising if he does not i::ediately noti9e the 3owers of soul and s3irit
now develo3ing in hi:& In this res3e9t there is a 3ossi1ility of error for those setting out
on the 3ath to higher Dnowledge+ if they ignore the e23erien9e gathered 1y res3onsi1le
investigators& The tea9her is aware of the 3rogress :ade 1y his 3u3il long 1efore the
latter is 9ons9ious of it& #e Dnows how the deli9ate s3iritual eyes 1egin to for:
the:selves+ long 1efore the 3u3il is aware of their e2isten9e+ and a great 3art of what he
has to say is 9ou9hed in su9h ter:s as to 3revent the 3u3il fro: losing 3atien9e and
3erseveran9e+ 1efore he 9an hi:self attain Dnowledge of his own 3rogress& The tea9her+
as we Dnow+ 9an 9onfer u3on the 3u3il no 3owers whi9h are not already latent within hi:+
and his sole fun9tion is to assist in the awaDening of slu:1ering fa9ulties& But what he
i:3arts out of his own e23erien9e is a 3illar of strength for hi: who will 3enetrate
through darDness to light& )any a1andon the 3ath to higher Dnowledge+ soon after having
set foot u3on it+ 1e9ause their 3rogress is not i::ediately a33arent to the:& And even
when the first e23erien9es 1egin to dawn u3on the seeDer+ he is a3t to regard the: as
illusions+ 1e9ause he had for:ed Buite different 9on9e3tions of what he was going to
e23erien9e& #e loses 9ourage+ either 1e9ause he regards these first e23erien9es as 1eing
of no value+ or 1e9ause they a33ear to hi: to 1e so unliDely that he 9annot 1elieve they
will lead hi: to any a33re9ia1le results within a :easura1le ti:e& %ourage and selfA
9onfiden9e are two 1ea9ons whi9h :ust never 1e e2tinguished on the 3ath to higher
Dnowledge& !o one will ever travel far who 9annot 1ring hi:self to re3eat+ over and over
again+ an e2er9ise whi9h has failed+ a33arently+ for a 9ountless nu:1er of ti:es&
Long 1efore any distin9t 3er9e3tion of 3rogress+ there rises+ in the student+ fro: the
hidden de3ths of the soul+ a feeling that he is on the right 3ath& This feeling should 1e
9herished and fostered+ for it 9an develo3 into a trustworthy guide& A1ove all it is
i:3erative to e2tir3ate the idea that any fantasti9+ :ysterious 3ra9ti9es are reBuired for
the attain:ent of higher Dnowledge& It :ust 1e 9learly reali0ed that a start has to 1e :ade
with the thoughts and feelings with whi9h we 9ontinually live+ and that these feelings and
thoughts are given a new dire9tion& Everyone :ust say to hi:self@ MIn :y own world of
thought and feeling+ the dee3est :ysteries lie hidden+ only hitherto I have 1een una1le to
3er9eive the:&J In the end it all resolves itself into the fa9t that :an ordinarily 9arries
1ody+ soul and s3irit a1out with hi:+ and yet is 9ons9ious+ in a true sense+ only of his
1ody+ and not of his soul and s3irit& The student 1e9o:es 9ons9ious of soul and s3irit+ Cust
as the ordinary 3erson is 9ons9ious of his 1ody& #en9e it is highly i:3ortant to give the
3ro3er dire9tion to thoughts and feelings+ for then only 9an the 3er9e3tion 1e develo3ed
of all that is invisi1le in ordinary life& One of the ways 1y whi9h this develo3:ent :ay 1e
9arried out will now 1e indi9ated& Again+ liDe al:ost everything else so far e23lained+ it is
Buite a si:3le :atter& *et its results are of the greatest 9onseBuen9e+ if the ne9essary
devotion and sy:3athy 1e a33lied&
Let the student 3la9e 1efore hi:self the s:all seed of a 3lant+ and while 9onte:3lating
this insignifi9ant o1Ce9t+ 9onstru9t with intensity+ the right Dind of thoughts+ and through
these thoughts develo3 9ertain feelings& In the first 3la9e let hi: 9learly gras3 what he
really sees with his eyes& Let hi: des9ri1e to hi:self the sha3e+ 9olour and all other
Bualities of the seed& Then let his :ind dwell u3on the following train of thought@ MOut of
the seed+ if 3lanted in the soil+ a 3lant of 9o:3le2 stru9ture will grow&J Let hi: 1uild u3
this 3lant in his i:agination+ and refle9t as follows@ MWhat I a: now 3i9turing to :yself
in :y i:agination+ will+ later on+ 1e drawn out of the seed 1y the for9es of the earth and
of light& If I had 1efore :e an artifi9ial o1Ce9t+ whi9h i:itated the seed to su9h a
de9e3tive degree that :y eyes 9ould not dete9t it fro: a real seed+ no for9es of the earth
or of light 9ould avail to 3rodu9e fro: it a 3lant&J If the student thoroughly gras3s this
thought so that it 1e9o:es an inward e23erien9e+ he will also 1e a1le to for: the
following thought and 9ou3le it with the right feeling@ MAll that will ulti:ately grow out
of the seed is now se9retly enfolded within it+ as the for9e of the whole 3lant& In the
artifi9ial i:itation of the seed+ there is no su9h for9e 3resent& And yet 1oth a33ear aliDe to
:y eyes& The real seed therefore 9ontains so:ething invisi1le+ whi9h is not 3resent in the
i:itation&J It is on this invisi1le so:ething that thought and feeling are to 1e
9on9entrated& Kfootnote@ MAnyone o1Ce9ting that a :i9ros9o3i9al e2a:ination would
reveal the differen9e 1etween the real seed and the i:itation+ would only show that he
had failed to gras3 the 3oint& The intention is not to investigate the 3hysi9al nature of the
o1Ce9t+ 1ut to use it for the develo3:ent of 3sy9hi9A s3iritual for9es&L
Let the student fully reali0e that this invisi1le so:ething will trans:ute itself later on into
a visi1le 3lant+ whi9h he will have 1efore hi: in its sha3e and 9olour& Let hi: 9ling to the
thought@ MThe invisi1le will 1e9o:e visi1le& If I 9ould not thinD+ then that 9ould not
already :aDe its 3resen9e felt to :e+ whi9h will only 1e9o:e visi1le later on&J "arti9ular
stress :ust 1e laid on the following 3oint@ what the student thinDs+ he :ust also feel with
intensity& In inner tranBuillity+ the thought :entioned a1ove+ :ust 1e9o:e a 9ons9ious
inner e23erien9e+ to the e29lusion of all other thoughts and distur1an9es& And suffi9ient
ti:e :ust 1e taDen to allow the thought and the feeling whi9h is 9ou3led to it+ to 1ore
the:selves into the soul& If this 1e a99o:3lished in the right way+ then+ after a ti:e A
3ossi1ly not until after nu:erous atte:3ts A an inner for9e will :aDe itself felt& This for9e
will 9reate new 3owers of 3er9e3tion& The grain of seed will a33ear as if envelo3ed in a
s:all lu:inous 9loud& In a sensi1leAsu3ersensi1le way+ it will 1e felt as a Dind of fla:e&
The 9entre of this fla:e evoDes the sa:e feeling as when one is under the i:3ression of
the 9olour lila9+ and the edges as when under the i:3ression of a 1luish tone& What was
for:erly invisi1le now 1e9o:es visi1le+ for it is 9reated 1y the 3ower of the thoughts and
the feelings we have stirred to life within ourselves& The 3lant itself will not 1e9o:e
visi1le until later+ so that the 3hysi9ally invisi1le now reveals itself in a s3iritually visi1le
It is not sur3rising that all this a33ears to :any as illusion& MWhat is the use of su9h
visions+J they asD+ Mand su9h hallu9inationsHJ And :any will thus fall away and a1andon
the 3ath& But this is 3re9isely the i:3ortant 3oint@ not to 9onfuse s3iritual reality with
i:agination+ at this diffi9ult stage of hu:an evolution+ and further:ore+ to have the
9ourage to 3ress onward and not 1e9o:e ti:orous and faintAhearted& On the other hand+
however+ the ne9essity :ust 1e e:3hasi0ed of :aintaining uni:3aired and of 3er3etually
9ultivating that healthy sound sense whi9h distinguishes truth fro: illusion& Fully
9ons9ious selfA9ontrol :ust never 1e lost during all these e2er9ises+ and they :ust 1e
a99o:3anied 1y the sa:e sane+ sound thinDing whi9h is a33lied to the details of everyday
life& To la3se into reveries would 1e fatal& The intelle9tual 9larity+ not to say the so1riety
of thought+ :ust never for a :o:ent 1e dulled& The greatest :istaDe would 1e :ade+ if
the studentJs :ental 1alan9e were distur1ed through su9h e2er9ises+ or if he were
ha:3ered fro: Cudging the :atters of his daily life as sanely and as soundly as 1efore&
#e should e2a:ine hi:self again and again to find out if he has re:ained unaltered in
relation to the 9ir9u:stan9es a:ong whi9h he lives+ or whether he :ay 3erha3s have
1e9o:e un1alan9ed& A1ove all+ stri9t 9are :ust 1e taDen not to drift at rando: into vague
reveries+ or to e23eri:ent with all Dinds of e2er9ises& The trains of thought here indi9ated
have 1een tested and 3ra9tised in esoteri9 training sin9e the earliest ti:es+ and only su9h
are given in these 3ages& Anyone atte:3ting to use others devised 1y hi:self+ or of whi9h
he :ay have heard or read+ at one 3la9e or another+ will inevita1ly go astray and find
hi:self on the 3ath of 1oundA less 9hi:era&
As a further e2er9ise+ to su99eed the one Cust des9ri1ed+ the following :ay 1e taDen@ Let
the student 3la9e 1efore hi: a 3lant whi9h has attained the stage of full develo3:ent&
!ow let hi: fill his :ind with the thought that the ti:e will 9o:e when this 3lant will
wither and die& M!othing will 1e left of what I now see 1efore :e& But this 3lant will have
develo3ed seeds+ whi9h+ in their turn+ will develo3 to new 3lants& I again 1e9o:e aware
that in that whi9h I see+ so:ething lies hidden whi9h I 9annot see& I fill :y :ind entirely
with the thought@ this 3lant+ with its for: and 9olours+ will in ti:e 1e no :ore& But the
refle9tion that it 3rodu9es seeds+ tea9hes :e that it will not disa33ear into nothing& I
9annot at 3resent see with :y eyes that whi9h guards it fro: disa33earan9e+ any :ore
than I 3reviously 9ould dis9ern the 3lant in the grain of seeds& Thus there is so:ething in
the 3lant whi9h :y eyes 9annot see& If I let this thought live within :e+ and if the
9orres3onding feeling 1e 9ou3led with it+ then+ in due ti:e+ there will again develo3 in
:y soul+ a for9e whi9h will ri3en into a new 3er9e3tion& MOut of the 3lant there again
grows a Dind of s3iritual fla:eAfor:+ whi9h is+ of 9ourse+ 9orres3ondingly larger than the
one 3reviously des9ri1ed& The fla:e 9an 1e felt as 1eing greenishA1lue in the 9entre+ and
yellowishAred at the outer edge&
It :ust 1e e23li9itly e:3hasi0ed that the 9olours here des9ri1ed are not seen as the
3hysi9al eyes see 9olours+ 1ut that through s3iritual 3er9e3tion+ the sa:e feeling is
e23erien9ed as in the 9ase of a 3hysi9al 9olourAi:3ression& To a33rehend 1lue s3iritually+
:eans to have a sensation si:ilar to the one e23erien9ed when the 3hysi9al eye rests on
the 9olour 1lue& This fa9t :ust 1e noted 1y all who intend to rise to s3iritual 3er9e3tion&
Otherwise they will e23e9t a :ere re3etition of the 3hysi9al in the s3iritual& This 9ould
only lead to the 1itterest de9e3tion&
Anyone having rea9hed this 3oint of s3iritual vision+ is the ri9her 1y a great deal+ for he
9an 3er9eive things not only in their 3resent state of 1eing+ 1ut also in their 3ro9ess of
growth and de9ay& #e 1egins to see in all things the s3irit+ of whi9h 3hysi9al eyes 9an
Dnow nothing& And therewith he has taDen the first ste3 towards the gradual solution+
through 3ersonal vision+ of the se9ret of 1irth and death& Fur the outer senses a 1eing
9o:es into e2isten9e through 1irth+ and 3asses away through death& This+ however+ is
only 1e9ause these senses 9annot 3er9eive the 9on9ealed s3irit of the 1eing& For the s3irit+
1irth and death are :erely a transfor:ation+ Cust as the unfolding of the flower fro: the
1ud is a transfor:ation ena9ted 1efore our 3hysi9al eyes& But if we desire to learn this
through 3ersonal vision we :ust first awaDen the reBuisite s3iritual sense in the way here
In order to :eet another o1Ce9tion+ whi9h :ay 1e raised 1y 9ertain 3eo3le who have so:e
3sy9hi9 e23erien9e+ let it at on9e 1e ad:itted that there are shorter and si:3ler ways+ and
that there are 3ersons who have a9Buired Dnowledge of the 3heno:ena of 1irth and death
through 3ersonal vision+ without first going through all that has here 1een des9ri1ed&
There are+ in fa9t+ 3eo3le with 9onsidera1le 3sy9hi9 gifts+ who need 1ut a slight i:3ulse
in order to find the:selves already develo3ed& But they are the e29e3tions+ and the
:ethods des9ri1ed a1ove are safer and a33ly eBually to all& It is 3ossi1le to a9Buire so:e
Dnowledge of 9he:istry in an e29e3tional way+ 1ut if you wish to 1e9o:e a 9he:ist+ you
:ust follow the re9ogni0ed and relia1le 9ourse&
An error fraught with serious results would ensue+ if it were assu:ed that the desired
result 9ould 1e rea9hed :ore easily+ if the grain of seed or the 3lant :entioned a1ove+
were :erely i:agined+ were :erely 3i9tured in the i:agination& This :ight lead to
results+ 1ut not so surely as the :ethod here given& The vision thus attained would+ in
:ost 9ases+ 1e a :ere fig:ent of the i:agination+ the transfor:ation of whi9h into
genuine s3iritual vision+ would still re:ain to 1e a99o:3lished& It is not intended
ar1itrarily to 9reate visions+ 1ut to allow reality to 9reate the: within oneself& The truth
:ust well u3 fro: the de3ths of our own soulG it :ay not 1e 9onCured forth 1y our
ordinary Ego+ 1ut 1y the 1eings the:selves+ whose s3iritual truth we are to 9onte:3late&
On9e the student has found the rudi:ents of s3iritual vision 1y :eans of su9h e2er9ises+
he :ay 3ro9eed to the 9onte:3lation of :an hi:self& i:3le a33earan9es of hu:an life
:ust first 1e 9hosen& But 1efore :aDing any atte:3ts in this dire9tion+ it is i:3erative for
the student to strive for the a1solute 3urity of his :oral 9hara9ter& #e :ust 1anish all
thought of ever using Dnowledge gained in this way for his own 3ersonal 1enefit& There
:ust 1e no fear in his :ind that he would ever+ under any 9ir9u:stan9es+ avail hi:self in
a sense that is evil+ of any 3ower he :ay gain over his fellowA9reatures& For this reason+
all who seeD to dis9over through 3ersonal vision the se9rets in hu:an nature+ :ust follow
the golden rule of true 3iritual 9ien9e& This golden rule is as follows@ For every one
ste3 that you taDe in the 3ursuit of higher Dnowledge+ taDe three ste3s in the 3erfe9tion of
your own 9hara9ter& If this rule 1e o1served+ su9h e2er9ises as the following :ay 1e
Re9all to :ind so:e 3erson who: you :ay have o1served when he was filled with
desire for so:e o1Ce9t& Dire9t your attention to this desire& It is 1est to re9all to :e:ory
that :o:ent when the desire was at its height+ and it was still un9ertain whether the
o1Ce9t of the desire would 1e attained& And now fill your :ind with this re9olle9tion+ and
refle9t on what you 9an thus o1serve& )aintain the ut:ost inner tranBuillity& )aDe the
greatest 3ossi1le effort to 1e 1lind and deaf to everything that :ay 1e going on around
you+ and taDe s3e9ial heed that through the 9on9e3tion thus evoDed+ a feeling should
awaDen in your soul& Allow this feeling to rise in your soul liDe a 9loud on the 9loudless
hori0on& As a rule+ of 9ourse+ your refle9tion will 1e interru3ted+ 1e9ause the 3erson
who: it 9on9erns+ was not o1served in this 3arti9ular state of soul for a suffi9ient length
of ti:e& The atte:3t will :ost liDely fail hundreds and hundreds of ti:es& It is Cust a
Buestion of not losing 3atien9e& After :any atte:3ts you will su99eed in e23erien9ing a
feeling in your soul 9orres3onding to the state of soul of the 3erson o1served+ and you
will 1egin to noti9e that through this feeling+ a 3ower grows in your soul+ that leads to
s3iritual insight into the state of soul of the other& A 3i9ture e23erien9ed as lu:inous
a33ears in your field of vision& This s3iritually lu:inous 3i9ture is the soA9alled astral
e:1odi:ent of the desire o1served in that soul& Again the i:3ression of this 3i9ture :ay
1e des9ri1ed as fla:eAliDe+ yellowishAred in the 9entre+ and reddishA1lue or lila9 at the
edges& )u9h de3ends on treating su9h s3iritual e23erien9es with great deli9a9y& The 1est
thing is not to s3eaD to anyone a1out the:+ e29e3t to your tea9her+ if you have one&
Atte:3ted des9ri3tions of su9h e23erien9es+ in ina33ro3riate words+ usually only lead to
gross selfAde9e3tion& Ordinary ter:s are e:3loyed+ whi9h are not intended for su9h
things+ and are therefore too gross and 9lu:sy& The 9onseBuen9e is that in the atte:3t to
9lothe the e23erien9e in words+ we are :isled into 1lending the a9tual e23erien9e with all
Dinds of fantasti9 delusions& #ere again is another i:3ortant rule for the student@ Dnow
how to o1serve silen9e 9on9erning your s3iritual e23erien9es& *es+ o1serve silen9e even
towards yourself& Do not atte:3t to 9lothe in words what you 9onte:3late in the s3irit+ or
to 3ore over it with 9lu:sy intelle9t& Lend yourself freely and without reservation to these
s3iritual i:3ressions+ and do not distur1 the: 1y refle9ting and 3ondering over the: too
:u9h& For you :ust re:e:1er that your reasoning fa9ulties are+ to 1egin with+ 1y no
:eans eBual to your new e23erien9e& *ou have a9Buired these reasoning fa9ulties in a life
hitherto 9onfined to the 3hysi9al world of the sensesG the fa9ulties you are now a9Buiring
trans9end this world& Do not try therefore to a33ly to the new and higher 3er9e3tions+ the
standard of the old& Only he who has gained so:e 9ertainty and steadiness in the
o1servation of inner e23erien9es 9an s3eaD a1out the:+ and there1y sti:ulate his fellowA
The e2er9ise Cust des9ri1ed :ay 1e su33le:ented 1y the following& Dire9t your attention
in the sa:e way u3on a 3erson to who: the fulfil:ent of so:e wish+ the gratifi9ation of
so:e desire has 1een granted& If the sa:e rules and 3reA 9autions 1e ado3ted as in the
3revious instan9e+ s3iritual insight will on9e :ore 1e attained& A s3iritual fla:eAfor: will
1e distinguished+ 9reating an i:3ression of yellow in the 9entre and green at the edges&
By su9h o1servation of his fellowA9reatures the student :ay easily la3se into a :oral
fault& #e :ay 1e9o:e un9harita1le& Every 9on9eiva1le effort :ust 1e :ade to 3revent
this& u9h o1servation should only 1e 3ra9tised 1y one who has already risen to the level
on whi9h 9o:3lete 9ertainty is found that thoughts are real things& #e will then no longer
allow hi:self to thinD of his fellowA:en in a way that is in9o:3ati1le with the highest
reveren9e for hu:an dignity and hu:an li1erty& The thought that a hu:an 1eing 9ould 1e
:erely an o1Ce9t for o1servation+ :ust never for a :o:ent 1e entertained& elfAedu9ation
:ust see to it that this insight into hu:an nature should go hand in hand with an
unli:ited res3e9t for the 3ersonal 3rivilege of ea9h individual+ and with the re9ognition
of the sa9red and inviola1le nature of that whi9h dwells in ea9h hu:an 1eing& A feeling of
reverential awe :ust fill us+ even in our re9olle9tions&
For the 3resent+ only these two e2a:3les 9an 1e given to show how enlightened insight
into hu:an nature :ay 1e a9hievedG they will at least serve to 3oint out the way to 1e
taDen& By gaining the inner tranBuillity and re3ose indis3ensa1le for su9h o1servation+ the
student will have undergone a great inner transfor:ation& #e will then soon rea9h the
3oint when this enri9h:ent of his inner self will lend 9onfiden9e and 9o:3osure to his
outward de:eanour& And this transfor:ation of his outward de:eanour will again rea9t
favoura1ly on his soul& Thus he will 1e a1le to hel3 hi:self further along the road& #e
will find ways and :eans of 3enetrating :ore and :ore into the se9rets of hu:an nature+
whi9h are hidden fro: our e2ternal senses+ and he will then also 1e9o:e ri3e for a dee3er
insight into the :ysterious 9onne9tions 1etween hu:an nature and all else that e2ists in
the universe& By following this 3ath+ the student a33roa9hes 9loser and 9loser to the
:o:ent when he 9an effe9tively taDe the first ste3s of Initiation& But 1efore these 9an 1e
taDen+ one thing :ore is ne9essary+ though at first its ne9essity will 1e least of all
a33arentG later on+ however+ he will 1e 9onvin9ed of it&
The wouldA1e Initiate :ust 1ring with hi: a 9ertain :easure of 9ourage and fearlessness&
#e :ust a1solutely go out of his way to find o33ortunities for develo3ing these virtues&
#is training should 3rovide for their syste:ati9 9ultivation& In this res3e9t+ life itself is a
good s9hool A 3ossi1ly the 1est s9hool& The student :ust learn to looD danger 9al:ly in
the fa9e+ and try to over9o:e diffi9ulties unswervingly& For instan9e+ when in the
3resen9e of so:e 3eril+ he :ust i::ediately rally to the 9onvi9tion that fear is of no
3ossi1le useG I :ay not feel afraidG I :ust only thinD of what is to 1e done& And he :ust
i:3rove to the e2tent of feeling+ u3on o99asions whi9h for:erly ins3ired hi: with fear+
that Mto 1e frightenedJ+ Mto 1e disheartenedJ+ are things that are out of the Buestion+ as far
as his own in:ost self is 9on9erned& By selfAdis9i3line in this dire9tion+ Buite definite
Bualities are develo3ed+ whi9h are ne9essary for Initiation into the higher )ysteries& 8ust
as :an reBuires nervous for9e in his 3hysi9al 1eing+ in order to use his 3hysi9al senses+ so
also he reBuires+ in his soulAnature+ the for9e whi9h is only develo3ed in the 9ourageous
and the fearless& For in 3enetrating to the higher )ysteries he will see things whi9h are
9on9ealed fro: ordinary hu:anity 1y the illusion of the senses& If the 3hysi9al senses do
not allow us to 3er9eive the higher truth+ they are also for this reason our 1enefa9tors&
Things are there1y hidden fro: us whi9h+ if reali0ed without due 3re3aration+ would
throw us into unuttera1le 9onsternation and the sight of whi9h we 9ould not endure& The
student :ust 1e fit to endure this sight& #e loses 9ertain su33orts in the outer world+
whi9h he owes to the very illusion surrounding hi:& It is truly and literally as if the
attention of so:eone were 9alled to a danger whi9h had threatened hi: for a long ti:e+
1ut of whi9h he Dnew nothing& #itherto he felt no fear+ 1ut now that he Dnows+ he is
over9o:e 1y fear+ though the danger has not 1een rendered greater 1y his Dnowing it&
The for9es at worD in the world are 1oth destru9tive and 9onstru9tiveG the destiny of
:anifested 1eings is 1irth and death& The seer is to 1ehold the worDing of these for9es
and the :ar9h of destiny& The veil enshrouding the s3iritual eyes in ordinary life is to 1e
re:oved& But :an is interwoven with these for9es and with this destiny& #is own soul
reveals itself to the seer as undisguisedly as the other o1Ce9ts& #e :ust not lose strength
in the fa9e of this selfADnowledgeG 1ut strength will fail hi: unless he 1rings a sur3lus on
whi9h to draw& For this 3ur3ose he :ust learn to :aintain inner 9al: and steadiness in
the fa9e of diffi9ult 9ir9u:stan9esG he :ust 9ultivate a strong trust in the 1enefi9ent
3owers of e2isten9e& #e :ust 1e 3re3ared to find that :any :otives whi9h had a9tuated
hi: hitherto will do so no longer& #e will have to re9ogni0e that he hitherto only thought
and a9ted in a 9ertain way 1e9ause he was still in the throes of ignoran9e& Reasons
influen9ing hi: for:erly will now disa33ear& #e often a9ted out of vanityG he will now
see how utterly futile all vanity is for the seer& #e often a9ted out of avari9eG he will now
1e9o:e aware how destru9tive all avari9e is& #e will have to develo3 Buite new :otives
for his thoughts and a9tions and it is Cust for this 3ur3ose that 9ourage and fearlessness
are reBuired&
It is 3reAe:inently a Buestion of 9ultivating this 9ourage and this fearlessness in the
in:ost de3ths of thoughtAlife& MThe student :ust learn never to des3air over failure& #e
:ust 1e eBual to the thought@ MI will forget that I have failed in this :atter+ and I will try
on9e :ore as though nothing had ha33ened&J Thus he will struggle through to the fir:
9onvi9tion that the fountainAhead of strength fro: whi9h he :ay draw is ine2hausti1le&
#e struggles ever on to the s3irit whi9h will u3lift hi: and su33ort hi:+ however weaD
and i:3otent his earthly self :ay have 3roved& #e :ust 1e 9a3a1le of 3ressing on to the
future undis:ayed 1y any e23erien9es of the 3ast& If the student has a9Buired these
fa9ulties+ u3 to a 9ertain 3oint+ he is then ri3e to hear the real na:es of things+ whi9h are
the Dey to higher Dnowledge& For Initiation 9onsists in this very a9t of learning to 9all the
things of the world 1y those na:es whi9h they 1ear in the s3irit of their divine Author& In
these their na:es lies the :ystery of things& It is for this reason that the Initiates s3eaD a
different language fro: the uninitiate+ for the for:er Dnow the na:es 1y whi9h the
1eings the:selves are 9alled into e2isten9e&
Initiation is the highest stage of an esoteri9 training 9on9erning whi9h it is 3ossi1le to
give so:e indi9ations in a 1ooD intended for the general 3u1li9& Whatever lies 1eyond
for:s a su1Ce9t diffi9ult to understand+ yet the way to it 9an 1e found 1y all who have
3assed through "ro1ation+ Enlighten:ent and Initiation+ and have rea9hed the lower
)ysteries& The Dnowledge and 3rofi9ien9y 9onferred 1y Initiation 9annot 1e o1tained in
any other :anner+ e29e3t in so:e far distant future+ after :any in9arnations+ 1y Buite
different :eans and in Buite a different for:& The Initiate of toAday undergoes
e23erien9es whi9h would otherwise 9o:e to hi: :u9h later+ under Buite different
The se9rets of e2isten9e are only a99essi1le to an e2tent 9orres3onding to :anJs own
degree of fitness& For this reason alone+ the 3ath to the higher stages of Dnowledge and
3ower is 1eset with o1sta9les& A firear: should not 1e used until suffi9ient e23erien9e has
1een gained to avoid da:age 1eing 9aused 1y its use& A 3erson initiated toAday without
further ado would la9D the e23erien9e whi9h the future revelation of this higher
Dnowledge would duly 1ring to hi: in the 9ourse of his in9arnations and his nor:al
develo3:ent& At the "ortal of Initiation+ therefore+ this e23erien9e :ust 1e su33lied in
so:e other way& Thus the first instru9tions given to the 9andidate for Initiation serve as a
su1stitute for these future e23erien9es& These are the soA9alled MTrialsJ+ whi9h he has to
undergo+ and whi9h 9onstitute a nor:al 9ourse of inner develo3:ent resulting fro: due
a33li9ation to su9h e2er9ises as are des9ri1ed in the 3re9eding 9ha3ters&
These Trials are often dis9ussed in 1ooDs+ 1ut it is only natural that su9h dis9ussions
should as a rule give Buite false i:3ressions of their nature& For without 3assing through
"ro1ation and Enlighten:ent no one 9an Dnow anything of these tests and a33ro3riately
des9ri1e the:&
The wouldA1e Initiate :ust 9o:e into 9onta9t with 9ertain things and fa9ts 1elonging to
the higher worlds+ 1ut he 9an only see and hear the: if his feeling is ri3e for the
3er9e3tion of the s3iritual for:s+ 9olours+ tones+ et9&+ des9ri1ed in the 9ha3ters on
"ro1ation and Enlighten:ent&
The first Trial 9onsists in o1taining a truer vision than is the 9ase with the average :an of
the 9or3oreal attri1utes of lifeless things+ and later of 3lants+ ani:als and of hu:an
1eings& This does not :ean what is 9alled toAday s9ientifi9 Dnowledge+ for it is a Buestion
not of s9ien9e 1ut of vision& As a rule the wouldA1e Initiate 3ro9eeds to learn how the
o1Ce9ts of nature and the 1eings gifted with life :anifest the:selves to the s3iritual ear
and the s3iritual eye& In a 9ertain way+ these things then lie dis9losed O naDed A 1efore the
1eholder& The Bualities whi9h 9an then 1e seen and heard are 9on9ealed fro: the 3hysi9al
eyes and ears& For 3hysi9al 3er9e3tion they are enwra33ed as in a veil+ and the falling
away of this veil for the wouldA1e Initiate 9onsists in a 3ro9ess designated as the 3ro9ess
of M"urifi9ation 1y FireJ& The first trial is therefore Dnown as the MFireATrialJ&
For :any 3eo3le+ ordinary life is itself a :ore or less un9ons9ious 3ro9ess of Initiation
through the FireATrial& u9h 3eo3le have 3assed through a wealth of e23erien9e+ so that
their selfA9onfiden9e+ 9ourage and fortitude have 1een greatly strengthened in a nor:al
:anner+ while learning to 1ear sorrow+ disa33oint:ent and failure in their underAtaDings+
with greatness of soul+ and es3e9ially with eBuani:ity and un1roDen strength& Thus they
are often Initiates without Dnowing it+ and it then needs 1ut little to unseal their s3iritual
hearing and sight+ so that they 1e9o:e 9lairvoyant& For it :ust 1e noted that a genuine
FireATrial is not intended to satisfy the 9uriosity of the 9andidate& It is true that he learns
:any things of whi9h others 9an have no idea+ 1ut this a9Buisition of Dnowledge is not
the end+ 1ut the :eans to the endG the latter 9onsists in the attain:ent+ thanDs to this
Dnowledge of the higher worlds+ of greater and truer selfA9onfiden9e+ of a higher degree
of 9ourage and a :agnani:ity and 3erA severan9e su9h as 9annot+ as a rule+ 1e a9Buired in
the lower world&
The 9andidate :ay always turn 1a9D after the FireATrial& #e will then resu:e his life+
strengthened in 1ody and soul+ and wait for a future in9arnation to 9ontinue his Initiation&
In his 3resent in9arnation he will 3rove hi:self a :ore useful :e:1er of so9iety and of
hu:anity than he was 1efore& In whatever 3osition he :ay find hi:self+ his fir:ness+
3ruden9e+ resoluteness and his 1enefi9ent influen9e over his fellows will have greatly
But if+ after 9o:3leting the FireATrial+ he should wish to 9ontinue the 3ath+ a 9ertain
writingAsyste:+ generally ado3ted in esoteri9 training+ :ust now 1e revealed to hi:& The
a9tual tea9hings :anifest the:selves in this writing+ 1e9ause the hidden >o99ult? Bualities
of things 9annot 1e dire9tly e23ressed in the words of ordinary language+ nor 9an they 1e
set forth in ordinary writing& The 3u3ils of the Initiates translate the tea9hings into
ordinary language as 1est they 9an& The hidden writing reveals itself to the soul when the
soul has attained s3iritual 3er9e3tion+ for it is tra9ed in the s3iritual world and re:ains
there for all ti:e& It 9annot 1e learnt as an artifi9ial writing is learnt and read& The
9andidate grows into 9lairvoyant Dnowledge+ in an a33ro3riate way+ and+ during this
growth+ a new strength is develo3ed in his soul+ as a new fa9ulty+ through whi9h he feels
hi:self i:3elled to de9i3her the o99urren9es and the 1eings of the s3iritual world liDe the
9hara9ters of a writing& This strength+ with the e23erien9e it 1rings of the 9orres3onding
Trial+ :ight 3ossi1ly awaDen in the soul as though of its own a99ord+ as the soul
9ontinually develo3s+ 1ut it will 1e found safer to follow the instru9tions of those who are
s3iritually e23erien9ed+ and who hare so:e 3rofi9ien9y in de9i3hering the hidden
The signs of the hidden writing are not :ere inventions+ they 9orres3ond to the for9es
a9tively engaged in the world& It 1e9o:es i::ediately a33arent to the 9andidate that the
signs he is now learning+ 9orres3ond to the for:s+ 9olours+ tones+ et9&+ whi9h he learnt to
3er9eive during his "ro1ation and Enlighten:ent& #e reali0es that all he learnt 3reviously
was only liDe learning how to s3ell+ and that he is only now 1eginning to read in the
higher worlds& All the isolated figures+ tones and 9olours reveal the:selves to hi: now in
one great 9onne9ted whole& !ow+ for the first ti:e+ he attains 9o:3lete 9ertainty in
o1serving the higher worlds& #itherto he 9ould never Dnow 3ositively whether the things
he saw were rightly seen& A regular understanding is now+ too+ at last 3ossi1le 1etween
the 9andidate and the Initiate in the s3heres of higher Dnowledge& For whatever for: the
inter9ourse 1etween an Initiate and another 3erson :ay taDe in ordinary life+ the higher
Dnowledge in its i::ediate for: 9an only 1e i:3arted 1y the Initiate in the a1oveA
:entioned signAlanguage&
ThanDs to this language the student also learns 9ertain rules of 9ondu9t and 9ertain duties
of whi9h he for:erly Dnew nothing& #aving learnt these he is a1le to 3erfor: a9tions
endowed with a signifi9an9e and a :eaning su9h as the a9tions of one not initiated 9an
never 3ossess& #e a9ts fro: out of the higher worlds& Instru9tions 9on9erning su9h a9tion
9all only 1e read and understood in the writing in Buestion& *et it :ust 1e e:3hasi0ed
that there are 3eo3le un9ons9iously gifted with the a1ility and fa9ulty of 3erfor:ing su9h
a9tions+ though they have never undergone an esoteri9 training& u9h Mhel3ers of the
world and of hu:anityJ+ 3ass through a life of 1lessing and good deeds& For reasons here
not to 1e dis9ussed+ gifts have 1een 1estowed on the: whi9h a33ear su3ernatural& What
distinguishes the: fro: the 9andidate for Initiation+ is only that the latter a9ts
9ons9iously and with full insight into the entire situation& #e a9Buires 1y training the gifts
1estowed on others 1y higher 3owers for the good of hu:anity& We 9an sin9erely honour
and res3e9t these favoured of $odG 1ut we should not for this reason regard the worD of
esoteri9 training as su3erfluous&
On9e the student has learnt the signAlanguage+ there awaits hi: yet another Trial+ to 3rove
whether he 9an :ove with freedo: and 9ertainty in the higher worlds& In ordinary life he
is i:3elled to a9tion 1y e2terior :otives& #e worDs at one o99u3ation or another 1e9ause
one duty or another is i:3osed on hi: 1y outward 9ir9u:stan9es& It need hardly 1e
:entioned that the student :ust in no way negle9t any of his duties in ordinary life
1e9ause he is living and worDing in higher worlds& There is no duty in a higher world that
9an for9e a 3erson to negle9t any single one of his duties in the ordinary world& The father
will re:ain Cust as good a father to his fa:ily+ the :other Cust as good a :other+ and
neither the offi9ial nor the soldier+ nor anyone else will he detained fro: their worD+ if
they 1e9o:e esoteri9 students& On the 9ontrary+ all the Bualities whi9h :aDe a hu:an
1eing 9a3a1le and effi9ient+ are enhan9ed in the student to a degree+ of whi9h the
uninitiated 9an for: no idea& If+ in the eyes of the uninitiated+ this does not always a33ear
to 1e the 9ase+ it is si:3ly 1e9ause he often la9Ds the a1ility to Cudge the Initiate 9orre9tly&
The deeds of the latter are not always intelligi1le to the for:er& But this only ha33ens in
s3e9ial 9ases&
At this stage of Initiation there are duties to 1e 3erfor:ed for whi9h no outward sti:ulus
is given& The 9andidate will not 1e :oved to a9tion 1y e2ternal 3ressure+ 1ut only through
adheren9e to the rules of 9ondu9t revealed to hi: in the hidden writing& #e :ust now
show+ in this se9ond Trial+ that+ led 1y su9h rules+ he 9an a9t with the sa:e fir:ness and
3re9ision+ with whi9h+ for instan9e+ an offi9ial 3erfor:s the duties that a99rue to hi:& For
this 3ur3ose+ and in the 9ourse of his further training+ he will find hi:self fa9ed 1y a
9ertain definite tasD& #e :ust 3erfor: so:e a9tion in 9onseBuen9e of o1servations :ade
on the 1asis of what he has learnt during "ro1ation and Enlighten:ent& The nature of this
a9tion 9an 1e understood 1y :eans of the hidden writing with whi9h he is now fa:iliar&
If he re9ogni0es his duty and a9ts rightly+ his Trial has 1een su99essful& The su99ess 9an
1e re9ogni0ed in the alteration 3rodu9ed 1y his a9tion in the figures+ 9olours and tones
a33rehended 1y his s3iritual eyes and ears& E2a9t indi9ations are given+ as the training
3rogresses+ showing how these figures+ et9&+ a33ear and are e23erien9ed after the a9tion
has 1een 3erfor:ed+ and the 9andidate :ust Dnow how to 3rodu9e this 9hange& This Trial
is Dnown as the MWaterATrialJ+ 1e9ause in his a9tivity in these higher worlds+ he is
de3rived of the su33ort derived fro: outward 9ir9u:stan9es+ as a swi::er is without
su33ort when swi::ing in water that is 1eyond his de3th& This a9tivity :ust 1e re3eated
until the 9andidate attains a1solute 3oise and assuran9e&
The i:3ortan9e of this Trial lies again in the a9Buisition of a Buality& Through his
e23erien9es in the higher worlds+ the 9andidate develo3s this Buality+ in a short ti:e+ to
su9h a high degree+ that he would otherwise have to go through :any in9arnations+ in the
ordinary 9ourse of his develo3:ent+ 1efore he 9ould a9Buire it to the sa:e e2tent& It all
9entres round the fa9t that he :ust only 1e guided 1y the results of his higher 3er9e3tion+
and of his reading the hidden writing+ in order to 3rodu9e the 9hanges in Buestion+ in
these higher regions of e2isten9e& hould he+ in the 9ourse of his a9tivity+ introdu9e any of
his own o3inions+ desires+ et9&+ or should he diverge for one :o:ent fro: the laws whi9h
he has re9ogni0ed to 1e right+ in order to follow his own wilful in9lination+ then the result
3rodu9ed would differ entirely fro: what was intended& #e would lose sight of the goal
to whi9h his a9tion tended+ and 9onfusion would result& #en9e a:3le o33ortunity is given
hi: in the 9ourse of this Trial to develo3 selfA9ontrol& This is the o1Ce9t in view& #ere
again+ this Trial 9an 1e :ore easily endured 1y those whose life+ 1efore Initiation+ has led
the: to a9Buire selfA9ontrol& Anyone having a9Buired the fa9ulty of following high
3rin9i3les and ideas+ while 3utting into the 1a9Dground all 3ersonal 3redile9tionG anyone
9a3a1le of always 3erfor:ing his duty+ with in9linations and sy:3athies only too ready to
sedu9e hi: fro: this duty A su9h a one is un9ons9iously an Initiate in the :idst of
ordinary life& #e will need 1ut little to su99eed in this 3arti9ular Trial& Indeed+ a 9ertain
:easure of Initiation thus un9ons9iously a9Buired in life+ will+ as a rule+ 1e indis3ensa1le
for su99ess in this se9ond Trial& For even as it is diffi9ult for those who have not learnt to
s3ell 9orre9tly in their 9hildhood+ to :aDe good this defi9ien9y when fully grown u3+ so
too+ it is diffi9ult to develo3 the ne9essary degree of selfA9ontrol+ u3on glan9ing into the
higher worlds+ if a 9ertain :easure of it has not 1een a9Buired in ordinary life& The
o1Ce9ts of the 3hysi9al world do not alter+ whatever the nature of our wishes+ desires and
in9linations& In the higher worlds+ however+ our wishes+ desires and in9linations are
9auses that 3rodu9e effe9ts& If we wish to 3rodu9e a 3arti9ular effe9t in these worlds+ we
:ust hold ourselves 9o:3letely under 9ontrolG we :ust stri9tly follow the right
3re9autions and su1due every wayward i:3ulse&
A 9ertain hu:an Buality is of very s3e9ial i:3ortan9e+ at this stage of Initiation+ na:ely+
an unBuestiona1ly sound Cudg:ent& Attention should 1e 3aid to the training of this fa9ulty
during all the 3revious stagesG for it now re:ains to 1e 3roved whether the 9andidate is
sha3ing in a way that shows hi: to 1e fit for the true 3ath of Dnowledge& Further 3rogress
is now only 3ossi1le if he is a1le to distinguish illusion+ su3erstition and all :anner of
fan9ifulness+ fro: true reality& This is+ at first+ :ore diffi9ult to a99o:3lish u3on the
higher stages of e2isten9e than u3on the lower& Every 3reCudi9e+ every 9herished o3inion
with regard to the things in Buestion+ :ust vanishG truth alone :ust guide& There :ust 1e
3erfe9t readiness to a1andon at on9e any idea+ o3inion or in9lination when logi9al thought
de:ands& %ertainty in higher worlds is only liDely to 1e attained when 3ersonal o3inion is
never s3ared&
"eo3le whose :ode of thought tends to fan9ifulness and su3erstition+ 9an :aDe no
3rogress on the 3ath to higher Dnowledge& It is indeed a 3re9ious treasure that the student
is to a9Buire& All dou1t regarding the higher worlds is re:oved fro: hi:& With all their
laws they reveal the:selves to his ga0e& But he 9annot a9hieve this fortune so long as he
is the 3rey of fan9ies and illusions& It would indeed 1e fatal if his i:agination and his
3reCudi9es ran away with his intelle9t& Drea:ers and fantasti9al 3eo3le are as unfit for the
3ath to higher Dnowledge as su3erstitious 3eo3le& This 9annot 1e overAe:3hasi0ed& For
the :ost dangerous ene:ies on the way to Dnowledge of the higher worlds lurD in su9h
fantasti9al reveries and su3erstitions& *et no one need 1elieve that the student loses all
sense of 3oetry in life+ all 3ower of enthusias: 1e9ause the words@ MAll 3reCudi9e :ust
Buit you+J are written over the gateway leading to the se9ond Trial of Initiation+ and
1e9ause u3on the 3ortal+ at the entran9e of the first Trial+ he reads@ MWithout nor:al
9o::on sense all your efforts are in vain&J
If the 9andidate 1e in this way suffi9iently advan9ed+ a third Trial awaits hi:& #e finds
here no definite goal to 1e rea9hed& All is left in his own hands& #e finds hi:self in a
situation where nothing o99asions hi: to a9t& #e :ust find his way all alone and fro: out
of hi:self& Things or 3eo3le to sti:ulate hi: to a9tion are nonAe2istent& !othing and
no1ody 9an give hi: the strength he needs 1ut he hi:self alone& Failure to find this inner
strength will leave hi: standing where he was& Few of those+ however+ who have
su99essfully endured the 3revious Trials will fail to find the ne9essary strength at this
3oint& Either they will have turned 1a9D already or they su99eed at this 3oint also& All that
the 9andidate reBuires is the a1ility to 9o:e Bui9Dly to ter:s with hi:self+ for he :ust
here find his Mhigher selfJ in the truest sense of the word& #e :ust ra3idly de9ide in all
things to listen to the ins3iration of the s3irit& There is no ti:e for dou1t or hesitation&
Every :inute of hesitation would 3rove that he was still unfit& Whatever 3revents hi:
fro: listening to the voi9e of the s3irit :ust 1e eradi9ated& It is a Buestion of showing
3resen9e of :ind in this situation+ and the training at this stage is 9on9erned with the
3erfe9t develo3:ent of this Buality& All indu9e:ents to a9t or even to thinD+ as he has
1een a99usto:ed+ now 9ease& In order not to re:ain ina9tive he :ust not lose hi:self+ for
only within hi:self 9an he find the one 9entral 3oint of vantage where he 9an gain a fir:
hold& !o one on reading this+ without further a9Buaintan9e with these :atters+ should feel
an anti3athy for this 3rin9i3le of 1eing thrown 1a9D on oneself+ for su99ess in this Trial
1rings with it a :o:ent of su3re:e ha33iness&
At this stage no less than at the others+ ordinary life is itself an esoteri9 training for :any&
Anyone having rea9hed the 3oint of 1eing a1le+ when suddenly 9onfronted with so:e
tasD or 3ro1le: in life to 9o:e to a swift de9ision without hesitation or delay+ for hi: life
itself has 1een a training in this sense& u9h situations are here :eant when su99ess is
instantly lost+ if a9tion is not ra3id& A 3erson who is Bui9D to a9t when a :isfortune is
i::inent+ whereas a few :o:ents of hesitation would have seen the :isfortune an
a99o:3lished fa9t+ and who has turned this a1ility into a 3er:anent 3ersonal Buality+ has
un9ons9iously a9Buired the degree of :aturity ne9essary for the third Trial& For at this
stage everything 9entres round the develo3:ent of a1solute 3resen9e of :ind& This Trial
is Dnown as the MAirATrialJ+ 1e9ause+ while undergoing it+ the 9andidate 9an su33ort
hi:self neither u3on the fir: 1asis of e2ternal in9entive+ nor u3on the figures+ tones and
9olours whi9h he has learnt in "ro1ation and Enlighten:ent+ 1ut e29lusively u3on
U3on su99essfully enduring this Trial+ the student is 3er:itted to enter the MTe:3le of
#igher Wisdo:J& All that is here said on this su1Ce9t+ 9an only 1e the slenderest allusion&
The tasD now to 1e 3erfor:ed is often e23ressed in the state:ent that the student :ust
taDe an MoathJ never to M1etrayJ anything he has learnt& These e23ressions+ however+
MoathJ and M1etrayJ are ina33ro3riate and a9tually :isleading& There is no Buestion of an
MoathJ in the ordinary sense of the word+ 1ut rather of an e23erien9e that 9o:es at this
stage of develo3:ent& The 9andidate learns how to a33ly the higher Dnowledge+ how to
3la9e it at the servi9e of hu:anity& #e then 1egins really and truly to understand the
world& It is not so :u9h a Buestion of withholding the higher truths+ 1ut far :ore of
serving the: in the right way and with the ne9essary ta9t& The Msilen9eJ he is to MDee3J
refers to so:ething Buite different& #e a9Buires this fine Buality with regard to things he
had 3reviously s3oDen+ and es3e9ially with regard to the :anner in whi9h they were
s3oDen& #e would 1e a 1ad Initiate who did not 3la9e all the higher Dnowledge he had
a9Buired at the servi9e of hu:anity+ as well and as far as this is 3ossi1le& The only
o1sta9le to giving infor:ation in these :atters is the la9D of understanding on the 3art of
the re9i3ients& It is true+ of 9ourse+ that the higher Dnowledge does not lend itself to
3ro:is9uous talDG 1ut no one having rea9hed the stage of develo3:ent des9ri1ed a1ove+
is a9tually Mfor1iddenJ to say anything& !o other 3erson+ no 1eing e2a9ts an MoathJ fro:
hi: with this intent& Everything is 3la9ed on his own res3onsi1ility+ and he learns in
every situation to dis9over within hi:self what he has to do+ and an MoathJ :eans nothing
:ore than that he has 1een found Bualified to 1e entrusted with su9h a res3onsi1ility&
If the 9andidate is found fit for the foregoing e23erien9es+ he is then given what is 9alled
sy:1oli9ally the Mdraught of forgetfulnessJ& This :eans that he is initiated into the se9ret
Dnowledge that ena1les hi: to a9t without 1eing 9ontinually distur1ed 1y the lower
:e:ory& This is ne9essary for the Initiate+ for he :ust have full faith in the i::ediate
3resent& #e :ust 1e a1le to destroy the veil of :e:ory whi9h envelo3s :an every
:o:ent of his life& If we Cudge so:ething that ha33ens to us toAday a99ording to the
e23erien9e of yesterday+ we are e23osed to a :ultitude of errors& Of 9ourse this does not
:ean that all e23erien9e gained in life should 1e renoun9ed& It should always 1e De3t in
:ind as 9learly as 3ossi1le& But the Initiate :ust have the a1ility of Cudging every new
e23erien9e wholly a99ording to what is inherent in it+ and of letting it rea9t u3on hi:+
uno1s9ured 1y the 3ast& We :ust 1e 3re3ared at every :o:ent+ that every o1Ce9t and
every 1eing shall 1ring to us so:e new revelation& If we Cudge the new 1y the standard of
the old+ we are lia1le to error& The :e:ory of 3ast e23erien9es will 1e of greatest use for
the very reason that it ena1les us to 3er9eive the new& #ad we not gone through a definite
e23erien9e+ we should 3erha3s 1e 1lind to the Bualities of the o1Ce9t or 1eing that 9o:es
1efore us& Thus e23erien9e should serve the 3ur3ose of 3er9eiving the new and not of
Cudging it 1y the standard of the old& In this res3e9t the Initiate a9Buires 9ertain definite
Bualities+ and there1y :any things are revealed to hi: whi9h re:ain 9on9ealed fro: the
The se9ond MdraughtJ 3resented to the Initiate is the Mdraught of re:e:1ran9eJ& Through
its agen9y he a9Buires the fa9ulty of retaining the Dnowledge of the higher truths ever
3resent in his soul& Ordinary :e:ory would 1e uneBual to this tasD& We :ust unite
ourselves and 1e9o:e as one with the higher truths& We :ust not only Dnow the:+ 1ut 1e
a1le+ Buite as a :atter of 9ourse+ to :anifest and ad:inister the: in living a9tions+ even
as we ordinarily eat and drinD& They :ust 1e9o:e our 3ra9ti9e+ our ha1it+ our in9lination&
MThere :ust 1e no need to Dee3 thinDing a1out the:+ in the ordinary senseG they :ust
9o:e to living e23ression through :an hi:selfG they :ust flow through hi: as the
fun9tions of life through his organis:& Thus doth :an ever raise hi:self+ in a s3iritual
sense+ to that sa:e height to whi9h !ature raised hi: in a 3hysi9al&
T#E training of thoughts and feelings+ 3ursued in the way des9ri1ed in the 9ha3ters on
"ro1ation+ Enlighten:ent and Initiation+ introdu9es into the soul and s3irit the sa:e
organi9 sy::etry with whi9h !ature has 9onstru9ted the 3hysi9al 1ody& Before this
develo3:ent+ soul and s3irit are undifferentiated :asses& The 9lairvoyant 3er9eives the:
as interla9ing+ rotating+ 9loudAliDe s3irals+ dully gli::ering with reddish+ reddishA1rown+
or also+ reddishAyellow tones& After this training they 1egin to assu:e a 1rilliant
yellowishAgreen+ or greenishA1lue 9olour+ and show a regular stru9ture& This inner
regularity+ leading to higher Dnowledge+ is attained when the student introdu9es into his
thoughts and feelings the sa:e orderly syste: with whi9h !ature has endowed his 1odily
organs+ so that he should see+ hear+ digest+ 1reathe+ s3eaD+ et9& $radually he learns to
1reathe and see with his soul+ to s3eaD and hear with the s3irit&
In the following 3ages so:e 3ra9ti9al as3e9ts of the higher edu9ation of soul and s3irit
will 1e treated in greater detail& They are su9h that anyone 9an 3ut into 3ra9ti9e+
regardless of the other rules+ and there1y 1e led so:e distan9e further into 3iritual
A 3arti9ular effort :ust 1e :ade to 9ultivate the Buality of 3atien9e& Every sy:3to: of
i:3atien9e 3rodu9es a 3araly0ing+ even a destru9tive effe9t on the higher fa9ulties that
slu:1er in us& We :ust not e23e9t an i::easura1le view into the higher worlds fro: one
day to the ne2t+ for+ under su9h 9onditions+ we shall assuredly 1e disa33ointed&
%ontent:ent with the s:allest frag:ent attained+ re3ose and tranBuillity+ :ust :ore and
:ore taDe 3ossession of the soul& It is Buite 9on9eiva1le that the student should await
results with i:3atien9eG organi9 sy::etry with 3hysi9al 1ody& Before 1ut he will a9hieve
nothing so long as he fails to :aster this i:3atien9e& !or is it of any use to 9o:1at this
i:3atien9e :erely in the ordinary sense+ for it will 1e9o:e only so :u9h the stronger& We
overlooD it in selfAde9eit while it 3lants itself all the :ore fir:ly in the de3ths of the soul&
It is only when we ever and again surrender ourselves to a 9ertain definite thought+
:aDing it a1solutely our own+ that any result 9an 1e attained& This thought is as follows@ I
:ust 9ertainly do everything I 9an for the training and develo3:ent of :y soul and s3irit+
1ut I will wait 3atiently until higher 3owers shall have found :e worthy of definite
Enlighten:ent& If this thought 1e9o:es so 3owerful in the student that it grows into an
a9tual feature of his 9hara9ter+ he is treading the right 3ath& This feature soon sets its :arD
on his e2terior& The ga0e of his eye 1e9o:es steady+ the :ove:ent of his 1ody 1e9o:es
sure+ his de9isions definite and all that goes under the na:e of nervousness gradually
disa33ears& Rules that a33ear trifling and insignifi9ant :ust 1e taDen into a99ount& For
e2a:3le+ su33osing so:eone affronts us& Before our training we should have dire9ted our
resent:ent against the offenderG a wave of anger would have surged u3 within us& In a
si:ilar 9ase+ however+ the thought is i::ediately 3resent in the :ind of the student that
su9h an affront :aDes no differen9e to his intrinsi9 worth& And he does whatever :ust 1e
done to :eet the affront with 9al: and 9o:3osure+ and not in a s3irit of anger& Of 9ourse
it is not a 9ase of si:3ly a99e3ting every affront+ 1ut of a9ting with the sa:e 9al:
9o:3osure when dealing with an affront against our own 3erson+ as we would+ if the
affront were dire9ted against another 3erson+ in whose favour we had the right to
intervene& It :ust always 1e re:e:1ered that this training Is not 9arried out in rough
outward 3ro9esses 1ut in su1tle+ silent alterations in the life of thought and feeling&
"atien9e has an attra9tive+ i:3atien9e a re3ellent effe9t on the treasures of the higher
Dnowledge& In the higher regions of e2isten9e noti9ing 9an 1e attained 1y haste and
unrest& A1ove all things+ desire and 9raving :ust 1e silen9ed+ for these are Bualities of the
soul 1efore whi9h all higher Dnowledge 1ashfully withdraws& #owever 3re9ious this
Dnowledge is a99ounted+ the student :ust not 9rave for it or anti9i3ate the ti:e of its
9o:ingP& If he wishes to have it for his own saDe+ he will never attain It& This reBuires that
he should 1e honest with hi:self in his inner:ost soul& #e :ust in no 9ase 1e under any
illusion 9on9erning his own self& With a feeling of inner truth+ he :ust looD at his own
faults+ weaDnesses and unfitness full in the fa9e& The :o:ent he tries to e29use to hi:self
any one of his weaDnesses+ he has 3la9ed a stone 1efore hi: on the 3ath whi9h is to lead
hi: u3ward& u9h o1sta9les 9an only 1e re:oved 1y selfAenlighten:ent& There is only
one :ay to get rid of faults and failings+ and that is+ 1y a Cust re9ognition of the:&
Everything slu:1ers in the hu:an soul and 9an 1e awaDened& A 3erson 9an even i:3rove
his intelle9t and reason+ if he Buietly and 9al:ly :aDes it 9lear to hi:self why he is weaD
in this res3e9t& u9h selfADnowledge is+ of 9ourse+ diffi9ult+ for the te:3tation to selfA
de9eit is i::easura1ly great& Anyone :aDing a ha1it of 1eing truthful with hi:self+ lays
o3en the 3ortal leading to a dee3er insight&
All 9uriosity :ust fall away fro: the student& #e :ust rid hi:self as :u9h as 3ossi1le of
the ha1it of asDing Buestions :erely for the saDe of gratifying a selfish thirst for
Dnowledge& #e :ust only asD when Dnowledge 9an serve to 3erfe9t his own 1eing in the
servi9e of evolution+ nevertheless his delight in Dnowledge and his devotion to it+ should
in no way 1e weaDened& #e should listen devoutly to all that 9ontri1utes to su9h an end+
and should seeD every o33ortunity for su9h devotional attention&
3e9ial attention :ust 1e 3aid+ in esoteri9 training+ to the edu9ation of desires& This does
not :ean that we are to 1e9o:e destitute of desire+ for if we are to attain so:ething we
:ust also desire it+ and desire will always tend to fulfil:ent if 1a9Ded 1y a 9ertain
3arti9ular for9e& This for9e is derived fro: a right Dnowledge& Do not desire at all until
you Dnow what is right in any one s3here& That is one of the golden rules for the student&
The wise :an first as9ertains the laws of the world+ and then his desires 1e9o:e 3owers
whi9h reali0e the:selves& The following e2a:3le 1rings this out 9learly& There are
9ertainly :any 3eo3le who would liDe to learn fro: their own intuition+ so:ething a1out
their life 1efore 1irth& u9h a desire is altogether useless and leads to no result+ so long as
the 3erson in Buestion has not a9Buired a Dnowledge of the laws that govern the nature of
the eternal+ and a Dnowledge of the: in their su1tlest and :ost inti:ate 9hara9ter+
through the study of 3iritual 9ien9e& But if+ having really a9Buired this Dnowledge+ he
wishes to 3ro9eed further+ his desire+ now enno1led and 3urified+ will ena1le hi: to do
It is also no use saying@ MI 3arti9ularly wish to e2a:ine :y 3revious life+ and shall study
only for this 3ur3ose&J We :ust rather 1e 9a3a1le of a1andoning this desire+ of
eli:inating it altogether+ and of studying+ at first+ with no su9h intention& We should
9ultivate a feeling of Coy and devotion for what we learn+ with no thought of the a1ove
end in view& We should learn to 9herish and foster a 3arti9ular desire in su9h a way that it
1rings with it its own fulfil:ent&
If we 1e9o:e angered+ ve2ed or annoyed+ we ere9t a wall around ourselves in the soulA
world+ and the for9es whi9h are to develo3 the eyes of the soul 9annot a33roa9h& For
instan9e+ if a 3erson angers :e+ he sends forth a 3sy9hi9 9urrent into the soulAworld& I
9annot see this 9urrent so long as I a: :yself 9a3a1le of anger& )y own anger 9on9eals it
fro: :e& We :ust not+ however+ su33ose that when we are free fro: anger+ we shall
i::ediately have a 3sy9hi9 >astral? vision& For this 3ur3ose an organ of vision :ust have
1een develo3ed in the soul& The 1eginnings of su9h an organ are latent in every hu:an
1eing+ 1ut re:ain ineffe9tive so long as he is 9a3a1le of anger& *et this organ is not
i::ediately 3resent the :o:ent anger has 1een 9o:1atted to a s:all e2tent& We :ust
rather 3ersevere in this 9o:1ating of anger and 3ro9eed 3atiently on our way G then so:e
day we shall find that this eye of the soul has 1e9o:e develo3ed& Of 9ourse anger is not
the only failing to 1e 9o:1atted for the attain:ent of this end& )any grow i:3atient or
s9e3ti9al+ 1e9ause they have for years 9o:1atted 9ertain Bualities+ and yet 9lairvoyan9e
has not ensued& They have Cust trained so:e Bualities and allowed others to run riot& The
gift of 9lairvoyan9e first :anifests itself when all those Bualities whi9h stunt the growth
of the latent fa9ulties+ are su33ressed& Undou1tedly the 1eginnings of su9h seeing and
hearing :ay a33ear at an earlier 3eriod+ 1ut these are only young and tender shoots+
whi9h are su1Ce9ted to all 3ossi1le error+ and whi9h+ if not 9arefully tended and guarded+
:ay Bui9Dly die&
Other Bualities whi9h+ liDe anger and ve2ation+ have to 1e 9o:1atted+ are ti:idity+
su3erstition+ 3reCudi9e+ vanity and a:1ition+ 9uriosity+ the :ania of i:3arting
infor:ation+ and the :aDing of distin9tions in hu:an 1eings a99ording to the outward
9hara9teristi9s of ranD+ se2+ ra9e and so forth& In our ti:e it is diffi9ult for 3eo3le to
understand how the 9o:1atting of su9h Bualities 9an have anything to do with the
heightening of the fa9ulty of 9ognition& But every s3iritual s9ientist Dnows that :u9h
:ore de3ends u3on su9h :atters than u3on the in9rease of intelligen9e and the
e:3loy:ent of artifi9ial e2er9ises& This 3oint 9an 1e easily :isunderstood+ es3e9ially if
the 1elief 3revails that we :ust 1e9o:e foolhardy 1e9ause Re :ust 1e fearlessG that we
:ust 9lose our eyes to the differen9es in :en+ 1e9ause we :ust 9o:1at the 3reCudi9es of
ranD+ ra9e and so forth& Rather is it true that a Cust re9ognition of all things is only to 1e
attained when we are no longer entangled in 3reCudi9e& Even in the ordinary sense it is
true that the fear of so:e 3heno:enon 3revents us fro: esti:ating it rightlyG that a ra9ial
3reCudi9e 3revents us fro: seeing into a :anJs soul& It is this ordinary sense that the
student :ust develo3+ in all its deli9a9y and su1tlety&
Every word s3oDen without having 1een thoroughly 3urged in thought+ is a stone thrown
in the way of esoteri9 training& And here so:ething :ust 1e 9onsidered whi9h 9an only
1e e23lained 1y giving an e2a:3le& If anything 1e said to whi9h we :ust re3ly+ we :ust
1e 9areful to 9onsider the s3eaDerJs o3inion+ feeling and even his 3reCudi9e+ rather than
what we have to say at the :o:ent on the su1Ce9t under dis9ussion& In this e2a:3le a
refined Buality of ta9t is indi9ated to the 9ultivation of whi9h the student :ust devote his
9are& #e :ust learn to Cudge what i:3ortan9e it :ay have for the other 3erson+ if he
o33oses the latterJs o3inion with his own& This does not :ean that he :ust withhold his
o3inion& There 9an 1e no Buestion of that& But he :ust listen to the s3eaDer as 9arefully
and as attentively as he 3ossi1ly 9an+ and let his re3ly derive its for: fro: what he has
Cust heard& In su9h 9ases one 3arti9ular thought re9urs ever and again to the student and
he is treading the right 3ath if this thought lives with hi: to the e2tent of 1e9o:ing a
feature of his 9hara9ter& This thought is as follows@ MThe i:3ortan9e lies not in the
differen9e of our o3inions 1ut in his dis9overing what is right if I 9ontri1ute so:ething
towards it&J Thoughts of this and si:ilar nature 9ause the 9hara9ter and the 1ehaviour of
the student to 1e 3er:eated with a Buality of gentleness+ whi9h is one of the 9hief :eans
used in all esoteri9 training& #arshness s9ares away the soulA3i9tures to 1e evoDed 1y the
eye of the soulG gentleness 9lears the o1sta9les away and unseals the inner organs&
Along with gentleness+ another feature will 3resently 1e develo3ed in the soul of the
student+ of Buietly 3aying attention to all the su1tleties in the soulAlife of his environ:ent+
while redu9ing to a1solute silen9e any sound within hi:self& The soulAlife of his
environ:ent will i:3ress itself on hi: in su9h a way that his own soul will grow+ and as
it grows+ 1e9o:e regular in its stru9ture+ as a 3lant e23anding in the sunlight& $entleness
and 3atient reserve o3en the soul to the soulAworld+ and the s3irit to the s3iritAworld&
"ersevere in silent inner se9lusionG 9lose the senses to all that they 1rought you 1efore
your trainingG redu9e to a1solute i::o1ility all the thoughts whi9h+ a99ording to your
3revious ha1its+ surged u3 and down within you+ wait in 3atien9e+ and then tile higher
worlds will 1egin to fashion and 3erfe9t the organs of sight and hearing in your soul and
s3irit& Do not e23e9t i::ediately to see and hear in the world of soul and s3irit+ for all
that you are doing does 1ut 9ontri1ute to the develo3:ent of your higher senses+ and you
:ill only 1e a1le to hear with soul and s3irit when you 3ossess these higher senses&
#aving 3ersevered for a ti:e in silent inner se9lusion+ go a1out your 9usto:ary daily
affairs+ i:3rinting dee3ly u3on your :ind this thought@ Mo:e day+ when I a: ready+ I
shall attain what I a: to attain+J and :aDe no atte:3t to attra9t for9efully any of these
higher 3owers to yourself& Every student re9eives these instru9tions at the outset& By
o1serving the: he 3erfe9ts hi:self& If he negle9ts the:+ all his la1our is in vain& But they
are only diffi9ult of a9hieve:ent for the i:3atient and the un3ersevering& !o other
o1sta9les e2ist save those whi9h we ourselves 3la9e on our own 3ath+ and whi9h 9an 1e
avoided 1y all who really will& This 3oint :ust 1e 9ontinually e:3hasi0ed+ 1e9ause :any
3eo3le for: an altogether wrong 9on9e3tion of the diffi9ulties that 1eset the 3ath to
higher Dnowledge& It is easier+ in a 9ertain sense+ to a99o:3lish the first ste3s along this
3ath+ than to get the 1etter of the 9o::onest everyday diffi9ulties+ without this training&
A3art fro: this+ only su9h things are here i:3arted as are attended 1y no danger to the
health of soul and 1ody& There are other ways whi9h lead Bui9Der to the goal+ 1ut what is
here e23lained has nothing to do with the:+ 1e9ause they have 9ertain effe9ts whi9h no
e23erien9ed s3iritual s9ientist 9onsiders desira1le& in9e frag:entary infor:ation
9on9erning these ways is 9ontinually finding its way into 3u1li9ity+ e23ress warning :ust
1e given against entering u3on the:& For reasons whi9h only the initiated 9an understand+
these ways 9an never 1e :ade 3u1li9 in their true for:& The frag:ents a33earing here
and there 9all never lead to 3rofita1le results+ 1ut :ay easily under:ine health+ ha33iness
and 3ea9e of :ind& It were far 1etter for 3eo3le to avoid having anything to do with su9h
things+ rather than risD entrusting the:selves to wholly darD for9es+ of whose nature and
origin they 9an Dnow nothing&
o:ething :ay here 1e said 9on9erning the environ:ent in whi9h this training should 1e
undertaDen+ for this is not without so:e i:3ortan9e& And yet the 9ase differs for al:ost
every individual& Anyone 3ra9tising in an environ:ent filled only with selfAseeDing
interests as+ for e2a:3le+ the :odern struggle for e2isten9e+ :ust 1e 9ons9ious of the fa9t
that these interests are not without their effe9t on the develo3:ent of his s3iritual organs&
It is true that the inner laws of these organs are so 3owerful that this influen9e 9annot 1e
fatally inCurious& 8ust as a lily 9an never grow into a thistle+ however ina33ro3riate its
environ:ent+ so+ too+ the eye of the soul 9an never grow to anything 1ut its destined end+
even though it 1e su1Ce9ted to the selfAseeDing interests of :odern 9ities& But+ under all
9ir9u:stan9es+ it is well if the student seeDs+ now and again for his environ:ent+ the
restful 3ea9e+ the inner dignity and sweetness of !ature& Es3e9ially fortunate is the
student who 9an 9arry out his esoteri9 training surrounded 1y the green world of 3lants+
or a:ong the sunny hills+ where !ature weaves her we1 of sweet si:3li9ity& This
environ:ent develo3s the inner organs in a har:ony whi9h 9an never ensue in a :odern
9ity& #e+ too+ is :ore favoura1ly situated than the towns:an+ who+ during his 9hildhood+
at least+ was a1le to 1reathe the 3erfu:e of 3ines+ to ga0e on snowAy 3eaDs+ and o1serve
the silent a9tivity of woodland 9reatures and inse9ts& *et no 9ityAdweller should fail to
give to the organs of his soul and s3irit+ as they develo3+ the nurture that 9o:es fro: the
ins3ired tea9hings of s3iritual investigation& If our eyes 9annot follow the woods in their
:antle of green+ every s3ring+ day 1y day+ we should instead o3en our soul to the glorious
tea9hings of the Bhagavad $ita+ or of t& 8ohnJs $os3el+ or of t& Tho:as Q .e:3is+ and
to the des9ri3tions resulting fro: 3iritual 9ien9e& There are :any ways to the su::it
of insight& The s3iritually e23erien9ed 9ould say :u9h 9on9erning these 3aths+ :u9h that
:ight see: strange to the uninitiated& o:eone+ for instan9e+ :ight 1e very far advan9ed
on the 3athG he :ight 1e standing+ so to s3eaD+ at the very entran9e of sight and hearing
with soul and s3iritG he is then fortunate enough to :aDe a Courney over the 9al: or
:ay1e over the te:3estuous o9ean+ and a veil falls away fro: the eyes of his soulG
suddenly he 1e9o:es a seer& Another is eBually so far advan9ed that this veil only needs
to 1e loosenedG this o99urs through so:e stroDe of destiny& On another this stroDe :ight
well have had the effe9t of 3aralysing his 3owers and under:ining his energyG for the
esoteri9 student it 1e9o:es the o99asion of his Enlighten:ent& A third 3erseveres
3atiently for years without any :arDed result& uddenly+ while silently seated in his Buiet
9ha:1er+ s3iritual light envelo3s hi:G the walls disa33ear+ 1e9o:e trans3arent for his
soul+ and a new world e23ands 1efore his eyes that have 1e9o:e seeing+ or resounds in
his ears that have 1e9o:e s3iritually hearing&
The 9onditions atta9hed to esoteri9 training are not :ere inventions& They are the natural
out9o:e of esoteri9 Dnowledge& 8ust as no one 9an 1e9o:e a 3ainter who refuses to
handle a 3aint1rush+ so+ too+ no one 9an re9eive esoteri9 training who is unwilling to :eet
the de:ands 9onsidered ne9essary 1y a tea9her& In the :ain+ the latter 9an give nothing
e29e3t advi9e+ and everything he says should 1e a99e3ted in this sense& Kfootnote@ ee
A33endi2 and Editorial "refa9e&L #e has already 3assed through the 3re3aratory stages
leading to a Dnowledge of the higher worlds+ and Dnows fro: e23erien9e what is
ne9essary& It de3ends entirely u3on the freewill of ea9h individual+ whether he 9hooses to
tread the sa:e 3ath or not& To insist on 1eing ad:itted to esoteri9 training without
fulfilling the 9onditions+ would 1e eBuivalent to saying@ MTea9h :e how to 3aint+ 1ut do
not asD :e to handle a 3aint1rush&J The tea9her 9an never offer anything unless the
re9i3ient 9o:es forward to :eet hi: of his own freewill& But it :ust 1e e:3hasi0ed that
a general desire for higher Dnowledge is not suffi9ient& This desire will+ of 9ourse+ 1e felt
1y :any+ 1ut nothing 9an 1e a9hieved with it alone+ so long as the s3e9ial 9onditions
atta9hed to esoteri9 training are not a99e3ted& This 3oint should 1e 9onsidered 1y those
who 9o:3lain that the training is diffi9ult& Failure or unwillingness to fulfil these stri9t
9onditions :ust entail the a1andon:ent of esoteri9 training+ for the ti:e 1eing& It is true
the 9onditions are stri9t+ yet they are not harsh+ sin9e their fulfil:ent not only should 1e+
1ut indeed :ust 1e a voluntary a9tion&
If this fa9t 1e overlooDed+ esoteri9 training 9an easily a33ear in the light of a 9oer9ion of
the soul or the 9ons9ien9eG for the training is 1ased on the develo3:ent of the inner life+
and the tea9her :ust ne9essarily give advi9e 9on9erning this inner life& And yet no
9o:3ulsion is used when a de:and is :et out of free 9hoi9e& On the other hand+ to asD a
tea9her@ M$ive :e your higher Dnowledge+ 1ut leave :e :y 9usto:ary e:otions+ feelings
and thoughts+J would 1e an i:3ossi1le de:and& In this 9ase the gratifi9ation of 9uriosity
would 1e the only :otive& When 3ursued in su9h a s3irit+ higher Dnowledge 9an never 1e
Let us now 9onsider in turn the 9onditions i:3osed on the student& It should 1e
e:3hasi0ed that the 9o:3lete fulfil:ent of any one of these 9onditions is not insisted
u3on+ 1ut only the 9orres3onding effort& It is the effort of will that :atters and the ready
dis3osition to enter u3on this 3ath&
,& The first 9ondition is that the student should 3ay heed to the advan9e:ent of 1odily
and s3iritual health& Of 9ourse+ health does not de3end+ in the first instan9e+ u3on the
individualG 1ut the effort to i:3rove+ in this res3e9t+ lies within the s9o3e of all& ound
Dnowledge 9an alone 3ro9eed fro: sound hu:an 1eings& The unhealthy are not reCe9ted+
1ut it is de:anded of the student that he should have the will to lead a healthy life& In this
res3e9t he :ust attain the greatest 3ossi1le inde3enden9e& The good 9ounsels of others+
freely 1estowed though generally unsought+ are+ as a rule su3erfluous& Ea9h :ust
endeavour to taDe 9are of hi:self& Fro: the 3hysi9al as3e9t+ it will 1e :ore a Buestion of
warding off har:ful influen9es than of anything else& In 9arrying out our duty+ we :ust
often do things that are disadvantageous to our health& We :ust de9ide at the right
:o:ent to 3la9e duty higher than the 9are of our health& But Cust thinD how :u9h 9an 1e
dis9ontinued+ with a little goodwill& Duty :ust in :any 9ases+ stand higher than health+
often+ even+ than life itself+ 1ut 3leasure :ust never stand higher+ as far as the student is
9on9erned& For hi: 3leasure 9an only 1e a :eans to health and to life+ and in this
9onne9tion we :ust+ a1ove all+ 1e honest and truthful with ourselves& It is no use leading
an as9eti9 life+ when the underlying :otive is the sa:e+ in this 9ase as with other
enCoy:ents& o:e :ay derive satisfa9tion fro: as9eti9is: as others fro: wineA1i11ing+
1ut they :ust not i:agine that as9eti9is: of this Dind will assist the: to attain higher
Dnowledge& )any as9ri1e to their station of life everything whi9h a33arently 3revents
the: fro: :aDing 3rogress& They say they 9annot develo3 the:selves under their
9onditions of life& !ow :any :ay find it desira1le+ in other res3e9ts+ to 9hange their
station of life+ 1ut no one need do so for the 3ur3ose of esoteri9 training& For the latter+ a
3erson need only do as :u9h as 3ossi1le+ whatever his 3osition+ to further the health of
1ody and soul& Every Dind of worD 9an serve the whole of hu:anityG and it is a surer sign
of greatness of soul to 3er9eive 9learly how ne9essary for this whole is a 3etty+ 3erha3s
even an unsightly e:3loy:ent+ than to thinD@ MThis worD is not good enough for :eG I a:
destined for so:ething 1etter&J Of s3e9ial i:3ortan9e for the student is the effort to retain
9o:3lete health of :ind& An unhealthy life of thought and feeling will not fail to o1stru9t
the 3ath to higher Dnowledge& %lear+ 9al: thinDing+ with sta1ility of feeling and e:otion+
here for: the 1asis of all worD& !othing should 1e further re:oved fro: the student than
an in9lination towards a fantasti9al+ e29ita1le life+ towards nervousness+ e2aggeration and
fanati9is:& #e should a9Buire a healthy outlooD on all 9ir9u:stan9es of lifeG he should
:eet the de:ands of life with steady assuran9e+ Buietly letting all things :aDe their
i:3ression on hi: and reveal their :essage& #e should 1e at 3ains to do Custi9e to life on
every o99asion& All oneAsided and e2travagant tenden9ies in his senti:ents and 9riti9is:s
should 1e avoided& Failing this he would find his way :erely into worlds of his own
i:agination+ instead of higher worldsG in 3la9e of truth+ his own 3et o3inions would assert
the:selves& It is 1etter for the student to 1e :atterAofAfa9t than e29ita1le and fantasti9&
4& The se9ond 9ondition is that the student should feel hi:self 9oAordinated as a linD in
the whole of life& )u9h is in9luded in the fulfil:ent of this 9ondition+ 1ut ea9h 9an only
fulfil it in his own :anner& If I a: a tea9her and :y 3u3il does not answer :y
e23e9tations+ I :ust not dire9t :y resent:ent against :y 3u3il+ 1ut against :yself& I
:ust feel :yself as one with :y 3u3il+ to the e2tent of asDing :yself@ MIs :y 3u3ilJs
defi9ien9y not the result of :y own a9tionHJ Instead of dire9ting :y feelings against hi:+
I shall rather refle9t on the way I should :yself 1ehave+ so that the 3u3il :ay+ in the
future+ 1e 1etter a1le to satisfy :y de:ands& "ro9eeding fro: su9h an attitude+ a 9hange
will 9o:e over the whole of the studentJs way of thinDing& This holds good in all things+
great or s:all& u9h an attitude of :ind+ for instan9e+ alters the way I regard a 9ri:inal& I
sus3end :y Cudg:ent+ and say to :yself@ MI a: only a hu:an 1eing as he is& Through
favoura1le 9ir9u:stan9es+ I re9eived an edu9ation whi9h 3erha3s alone saved :e fro: a
si:ilar fate&J I :ay then also 9o:e to the 9on9lusion that this 1rother of :ine would have
1e9o:e a different :an+ had the sa:e 3ains 1een taDen with hi: 1y :y tea9hers+ as they
tooD with :e& I shall refle9t on the fa9t that so:ething was given to :e whi9h was
withheld fro: hi:& And then I shall naturally 9o:e to thinD of :yself as a linD in the
whole of hu:anity+ and a sharer in the res3onsi1ility for everything that o99urs& This does
not i:3ly that su9h a thought should 1e i::ediately translated into e2ternal a9tion and
agitation& It should 1e 9herished in stillness within the soul& Then+ Buite gradually+ it will
set its :arD on the outward de:eanour of the student& In su9h :atters ea9h 9an only
1egin 1y refor:ing hi:self& It is of no avail+ in the sense of the foregoing thoughts+ to
:aDe general 9lai:s on the whole of hu:anity& It is easy to de9ide what :en ought to 1eG
1ut the student worDs in the de3ths+ not on the surfa9e& It would+ therefore+ 1e Buite
wrong to relate the de:and here indi9ated with any e2ternal+ say+ 3oliti9al 9lai:sG with
su9h+ this training 9an have nothing to do& "oliti9al agitators MDnowJ+ as a rule+ what to
Mde:andJ of other 3eo3leG 1ut they say little of de:ands on the:selves&
5& This 1rings us to the third 9ondition& The student :ust worD his way u3ward to the
reali0ation that his thoughts and feelings are as i:3ortant for the world as his a9tions& It
:ust 1e reali0ed that it is eBually inCurious to hate a fellowA1eing+ as to striDe hi:& The
reali0ation will then follow+ that 1y 3erfe9ting ourselves+ we a99o:3lish so:ething not
only for ourselves+ 1ut for the whole world& The world derives eBual 1enefit fro: our
untainted feelings and thoughts+ as fro: our good de:eanour+ and as long as we 9annot
1elieve in this 9os:i9 i:3ortan9e of our inner life+ we are unfit for the 3ath that is here
des9ri1ed& We are only filled with the right faith in the signifi9an9e of our inner self+ of
our soul+ when we worD at it as though it were at least as real as all e2ternal things& We
:ust ad:it that our every feeling 3rodu9es an effe9t+ Cust as every a9tion of our hand&
(& These words e23ress the fourth 9ondition@ to a9Buire the 9onvi9tion that the real 1eing
of :an does not lie in his e2terior+ 1ut in his interior& Anyone regarding hi:self as a
3rodu9t of the outer world+ as a result of the 3hysi9al world+ 9annot su99eed in this
esoteri9 training+ for the feeling that we are 1eings of soul and s3irit for:s its very 1asis&
The a9Buisition of this feeling renders the student fit to distinguish 1etween inner duty
and outward su99ess& #e learns that the one 9annot 1e dire9tly :easured 1y the other& #e
:ust find the dire9t :ean 1etween what is indi9ated 1y e2ternal 9onditions+ and what he
re9ogni0es to 1e the right 9ondu9t for hi:self& #e is not to for9e u3on his environ:ent
anything for whi9h it 9an have no understanding+ 1ut he :ust 1e Buite free fro: the
desire to do only what 9an 1e a33re9iated 1y those around hi:& The voi9e of his own soul
struggling :anfully towards Dnowledge+ is to 1ring to hi: the one and only re9ognition
of the truths for whi9h he stands& But he :ust learn as :u9h as he 3ossi1ly 9an fro: his
environ:ent so as to dis9over what those around hi: need+ and what is of use to the:& In
this way he will develo3 within hi:self what is Dnown in 3iritual 9ien9e as the
Ms3iritual 1alan9eJ& An Mo3en heartJ for the needs of the outer world+ lies on one of the
s9ales+ and Minner fortitude and unfaltering enduran9eJ on the other&
'& This 1rings us to the fifth 9ondition@ steadfastness in 9arrying out a resolution& !othing
should indu9e the student to deviate fro: a resolution he :ay have taDen+ save only the
ad:ission that he was in error& Every resolution is a for9e+ and if this for9e does not
3rodu9e an i::ediate effe9t at the 3oint to whi9h it was a33lied+ nevertheless it worDs on
in its own way& u99ess is only de9isive when an a9tion arises fro: desire& But all a9tions
arising fro: desire are worthless in relation to the higher worlds& Their love towards an
a9tion is alone de9isive& In this love every :otive is i:3lanted that i:3els the student to
a9tion& Undis:ayed 1y failure he will never grow weary of endeavouring re3eatedly to
translate so:e resolution into a9tion& And in this way he rea9hes the stage of not waiting
to see the outward effe9t of his a9tions+ 1ut of 9ontenting hi:self with 3erfor:ing the:&
#e will learn to sa9rifi9e his a9tions+ even his whole 1eing+ to the world+ however the
world :ay re9eive his sa9rifi9e& Readiness for a sa9rifi9e+ for an offering su9h as this+
:ust 1e shown 1y all who would 3ursue the 3ath of esoteri9 training&
=& A si2th 9ondition is the develo3:ent of a feeling of thanDfulness for everything with
whi9h :an is favoured& We :ust reali0e that our e2isten9e is a gift fro: the entire
universe& #ow :u9h is needed to ena1le ea9h one of us to re9eive and :aintain his
e2isten9eI #ow :u9h do we not owe to !ature and to our fellow hu:an 1eingsI
Thoughts su9h as these :ust 9o:e naturally to all who seeD esoteri9 training+ for if they
do not feel dis3osed to the:+ they will 1e in9a3a1le of develo3ing within the:selves that
allAe:1ra9ing love+ whi9h is ne9essary for the attain:ent of higher Dnowledge& !othing
9an reveal itself to us whi9h we do not love& And every revelation :ust fill us with
thanDfulness+ for we ourselves are the ri9her for it&
7& All these 9onditions :ust 1e united in a seventh@ to regard life un9easingly in the
:anner de:anded 1y these 9onditions& The student thus :aDes it 3ossi1le to give his life
the sta:3 of unifor:ity& All his :odes of e23ression+ will+ in this way+ 1e 1rought into
har:ony+ and no longer 9ontradi9t ea9h other& And thus he will 3re3are hi:self for the
inner tranBuillity he :ust attain during the 3reli:inary ste3s of his training&
Anyone sin9erely showing the goodwill to fulfil these 9onditions :ay de9ide to seeD
esoteri9 training& #e will then 1e ready to follow the advi9e given a1ove& )u9h of this
advi9e :ay a33ear to 1e :erely on the surfa9e+ and :any will 3erha3s say that they did
not e23e9t the training to 3ro9eed in su9h stri9t for:s& But everything interior :ust
:anifest itself in an e2terior way+ and Cust as a 3i9ture is not evident+ when it e2ists only
in the :ind of the 3ainter+ so+ too+ there 9an 1e no esoteri9 training without outward
e23ression& Disregard for stri9t for:s is only shown 1y those who do not Dnow that the
e2terior is the avenue of e23ression for the interior& !o dou1t it is the s3irit that really
:atters+ and not the for:G 1ut Cust as for: without s3irit is null and void+ so also would
s3irit re:ain ina9tive if it did not 9reate for itself a for:&
The a1ove 9onditions are 9al9ulated to render the student strong enough to fulfil the
further de:ands :ade on hi: in his training& If he fail in these 9onditions+ he will
hesitate 1efore ea9h new de:and+ and+ without the:+ he will la9D that faith in :an whi9h
he :ust 3ossess& For all striving for truth :ust 1e founded on faith in and true love for
:an& But though this is the foundation it is not the sour9e of all striving for truth+ for su9h
striving 9an only flow fro: the soulJs own fountainAhead of strength& And the love of
:an :ust gradually widen to a love for all living 9reatures+ yes+ for all e2isten9e&
Through failure to fulfil the 9ondition here given+ the student will la9D the 3erfe9t love for
everything that fashions and 9reates+ and the in9lination to refrain fro: all destru9tion as
su9h& #e :ust so train hi:self that not only in his a9tions+ 1ut also in his words+ feelings
and thoughts he will never destroy anything for the saDe of destru9tion& #is Coy :ust 1e
in growth and life+ and he :ust only lend his hand to destru9tion+ when he is also a1le+
through and 1y :eans of destru9tion+ to 3ro:ote new life& This does not :ean that the
student :ust si:3ly looD on while evil runs riotG 1ut rather that he :ust seeD+ even in
evil+ that side through whi9h he :ay transfor: it into good& #e will then see :ore and
:ore 9learly that evil and i:3erfe9tion :ay 1est 1e 9o:1atted 1y the 9reation of the
good and the 3erfe9t& The student Dnows that out of nothing+ nothing 9an 1e 9reated+ 1ut
also that the i:3erfe9t 9an 1e transfor:ed into the 3erfe9t& Anyone develo3ing within
hi:self the dis3osition to 9reate+ will soon find hi:self 9a3a1le of fa9ing evil in the right
It :ust 1e 9learly reali0ed that the 3ur3ose of this training is to 1uild and not to destroy&
The student should therefore 1ring with hi: the goodwill for sin9ere and devoted worD+
and not the intention to 9riti9i0e and destroy& #e should 1e 9a3a1le of devotion+ for he
:ust learn what he does not yet DnowG he should looD reverently on that whi9h dis9loses
itself& WorD and devotion+ these are the funda:ental Bualities whi9h :ust 1e de:anded
of the student& o:e 9o:e to reali0e that they are :aDing no 3rogress+ though+ in their
own o3inion+ they are untiringly a9tive& The reason is that they have not gras3ed the
:eaning of worD and devotion in the right way& WorD done for the saDe of su99ess will 1e
the least su99essful+ and learning 3ursued without devotion will 1e the least 9ondu9ive to
3rogress& Only the love of worD+ and not of su99ess+ leads to 3rogress& And if in learning+
the student seeDs straight thinDing and sound Cudg:ent+ he need not s3oil his devotion
with dou1ts and sus3i9ions&
We are not redu9ed to servile su1Ce9tion in listening to so:e infor:ation with res3e9tful
sy:3athy+ and 1e9ause we do not at on9e o33ose it with our own o3inion& Anyone having
advan9ed so:e way in the attain:ent of higher Dnowledge+ Dnows that he owes
everything to Buiet attention and a9tive refle9tion+ and not to wilful 3ersonal Cudg:ent&
We should always 1ear in :ind that we do not need to learn what we 9an 9riti9ally Cudge&
Therefore if our sole intention is to Cudge+ we 9an learn nothing :ore& Esoteri9 training+
however+ 9entres round learningG we :ust have a1solutely the goodwill to 1e learners& If
we 9annot understand so:ething+ it is far 1etter not to Cudge than to Cudge adversely& We
9an wait until later+ for a true understanding& The higher we 9li:1 the ladder of
Dnowledge+ the :ore do we reBuire the fa9ulty of listening with Buiet devotion& All
3er9e3tion of truth+ all life and a9tivity in the world of the s3irit+ 1e9o:e su1tle and
deli9ate in 9o:3arison with the 3ro9esses of the ordinary intelle9t+ and of life in the
3hysi9al world& The :ore the s3here of our a9tivity widens out 1efore us+ the :ore
deli9ate are the 3ro9esses in whi9h we are engaged& It is for this reason that :en arrive at
su9h different Mo3inionsJ and M3oints of viewJ+ regarding the higher regions& But there is
one and only one o3inion regarding higher truths and this one o3inion is within rea9h of
all who+ through worD and devotion+ have so risen that they 9an really 1ehold truth and
9onte:3late it& O3inions differing fro: the one true o3inion 9an only 1e arrived at when
3eo3le+ insuffi9iently 3re3ared+ Cudge in a99ordan9e with their 3et theories+ their ha1itual
ways of thought and so forth& 8ust as there is only one 9orre9t o3inion 9on9erning a
:athe:ati9al 3ro1le:+ so also is this true with regard to the higher worlds& But 1efore
su9h an Mo3inionJ 9an 1e arrived at+ due 3re3aration :ust first 1e undergone& If this were
only 9onsidered+ the 9onditions atta9hed to esoteri9 training would 1e sur3rising to none&
It is indeed true that truth and the higher life a1ide in every soul+ and that ea9h 9an and
:ust find the: for hi:self& But they lie dee3ly 1uried+ and 9an only 1e 1rought u3 fro:
their dee3 shafts after all o1sta9les have 1een 9leared away& Only the e23erien9ed 9an
advise how this :ay 1e done& u9h advi9e is found in 3iritual 9ien9e& !o truth is
for9ed on anyone+ no dog:a is 3ro9lai:edG a way+ only+ is 3ointed out& It is true that
everyone 9ould find this way unaided+ 1ut only 3erha3s after :any in9arnations& By this
esoteri9 training this way is shortened& We thus rea9h :ore Bui9Dly a 3oint fro: whi9h
we 9an 9oAo3erate in those worlds+ where salvation and evolution of :an are furthered 1y
s3iritual worD& This 1rings to an end the indi9ations to 1e given in 9onne9tion with the
attain:ent of Dnowledge of the higher worlds& In the following 9ha3ters+ and in further
9onne9tion with the a1ove+ it will 1e shown how this develo3:ent affe9ts the higher
ele:ents of the hu:an organis: >the soulAorganis: or astral 1ody+ and the s3irit or
thoughtA1ody?& In this way+ the indi9ations here given will 1e 3la9ed in a new light+ and it
:ill 1e 3ossi1le to 3enetrate the: in a dee3er sense&

One of the funda:ental 3rin9i3les of true 3iritual 9ien9e is that the individual devoting
hi:self to its study+ should do so with full 9ons9iousnessG he should atte:3t nothing and
3ra9tise nothing without Dnowledge of the effe9t 3rodu9ed& A tea9her of 3iritual
9ien9e+ when giving advi9e or instru9tion+ will always e23lain to those in sear9h of
higher Dnowledge+ the effe9ts 3rodu9ed on 1ody+ soul and s3irit+ if his advi9e and
instru9tions 1e followed& Kfootnote@ ee 3& ,'6 and Editorial "refa9e&L
o:e effe9ts 3rodu9ed u3on the soul of the student will here 1e indi9ated+ for su9h
Dnowledge is indis3ensa1le to anyone atte:3ting the e2er9ises leading to the Dnowledge
of the higher worlds with full 9ons9iousness of a9tion& Without the latter+ no genuine
esoteri9 training is 3ossi1le+ for it :ust 1e understood that all gro3ing in the darD is
dis9ouraged+ and that failure to 3ursue this training with o3en eyes :ay lead to
M:ediu:shi3J+ 1ut not to Me2a9t 9lairvoyan9eJ in the sense of 3iritual 9ien9e&
The e2er9ises des9ri1ed in the 3re9eding 9ha3ters+ if 3ra9tised in the right way+ involve
9ertain 9hanges in the organis: of the soul >astral 1ody?& The latter is only 3er9e3ti1le to
the 9lairvoyant+ and :ay 1e 9o:3ared to a :ore or less lu:inous 9loud+ in the 9entre of
whi9h the 3hysi9al 1ody is dis9erned& In this astral 1ody desires+ lusts+ 3assions+ ideas+
et9&+ 1e9o:e visi1le in a s3iritual way& ensual a33etites+ for instan9e+ 9reate the
i:3ression of a darD red radian9e+ with a definite sha3eG a 3ure and no1le thought finds
its e23ression in a reddishAviolet radian9eG the 9learA9ut 9on9e3tion of the logi9al thinDer
is e23erien9ed as a yellowish figure with shar3ly defined outlineG the 9onfused thought of
the :uddled head a33ears as a figure with vague outline& The thoughts of a 3erson with
oneAsided+ 3erverse views+ a33ear shar3ly outlined 1ut i::o1ile+ while the thoughts of
3eo3le who are a99essi1le to the 3oints of view of others are seen to have :o1ile+
9hangea1le outlines& Kfootnote@ In all these and the following des9ri3tions+ it :ust 1e
noted that with seeing a 9olour+ s3iritual seeing is :eant& When the 9lairvoyant s3eaDs of
Mseeing red+J he :eans@ MI have an e23erien9e+ in a 3sy9hi9As3iritual way+ whi9h is
eBuivalent to the 3hysi9al e23erien9e when an i:3ression of red is re9eived&J This :ode
of e23ression is here used 1e9ause it is 3erfe9tly natural to the 9lairvoyant& If this 3oint is
overlooDed+ a :ere 9olourAvision :ay easily 1e :istaDen for a genuine 9lairvoyant
The further the student advan9es in his inner develo3:ent+ the greater will 1e the organi9
differentiation introdu9ed into his astral 1ody& The latter is 9onfused and undifferentiated
in the 9ase of a 3erson of undevelo3ed inner lifeG yet the 9lairvoyant 9an 3er9eive even
the unorgani0ed astral 1ody as a figure standing out distin9tly fro: its environ:ent& It
e2tends fro: the 9entre of the head to the :iddle of the 3hysi9al 1ody+ and a33ears liDe
an inde3endent 1ody 3ossessing 9ertain organs& These organs+ now to 1e 9onsidered+ are
a33arent to the 9lairvoyant near the following 3arts of the 3hysi9al 1ody@ the first
1etween the eyesG the se9ond near the laryn2G the third in the region of the heartG the
fourth in the soA9alled 3it of the sto:a9hG the fifth and si2th are situated in the a1do:en&
These organs are te9hni9ally Dnown as wheels+ 9haDra:s or lotus flowers& They are so
9alled on a99ount of their liDeness to wheels or flowers+ 1ut of 9ourse it should 1e 9learly
understood that su9h an e23ression is not to 1e a33lied :ore literally than when the lungs
are 9alled wings& 8ust as there is no Buestion of wings in the 9ase of lungs+ so+ too+ in the
9ase of the lotus flowers+ the e23ression :ust 1e taDen as a figurative 9o:3arison& In
undevelo3ed 3ersons these lotus flowers are darD in 9olour+ :otionless and inert& In the
9lairvoyant+ however+ they are lu:inous+ :o1ile+ and of variegated 9olour& o:ething of
this Dind a33lies to the :ediu:+ though in a different wayG 1ut this Buestion need not here
1e 3ursued&
!ow when the student 1egins his e2er9ises+ the lotus flowers 1e9o:e 1righterG later on
they 1egin to revolve& When this o99urs+ 9lairvoyan9e 1egins& For these flowers are the
sense organs of the soul+ and their revolutions e23ress the fa9t that the 9lairvoyant
3er9eives su3ersensi1ly& !o one 9an 3er9eive the su3ersensi1le until he has develo3ed his
astral senses in this way& ThanDs to the s3iritual organ situated in the vi9inity of the
laryn2+ it 1e9o:es 3ossi1le to survey 9lairvoyantly the thoughts and :entality of other
1eings+ and to o1tain a dee3er insight into the true laws of natural 3heno:ena& The organ
situated near the heart 3er:its of 9lairvoyant Dnowledge of the senti:ents and dis3osition
of other souls& When develo3ed+ this organ also :aDes it 3ossi1le to o1serve 9ertain
dee3er for9es in ani:als and 3lants& By :eans of the organ in the soA9alled 3it of the
sto:a9h+ Dnowledge is a9Buired of the talents and 9a3a9ities of soulsG 1y its :eans+ too+
the 3art 3layed 1y ani:als+ 3lants+ stones+ :etals+ at:os3heri9 3heno:ena and so on in
the household of !ature+ 1e9o:es a33arent&
The organ in the vi9inity of the laryn2 has si2teen 3etals or s3oDesG the one in the region
of the heart twelve+ and the one in the 3it of the sto:a9h ten&
!ow 9ertain a9tivities of the soul are 9onne9ted with the develo3:ent of these organs+
and anyone devoting hi:self to the: in a 9ertain definite way+ 9ontri1utes so:ething to
the develo3:ent of the 9orres3onding organs& In the ,=A3etalled lotus+ eight of its si2teen
3etals were develo3ed during an earlier stage of hu:an evolution+ in a re:ote 3ast& )an
hi:self 9ontri1uted nothing to this develo3:entG he re9eived the: as a gift fro: nature+
at a ti:e when his 9ons9iousness was in a dull+ drea:y 9ondition& At that stage of hu:an
evolution+ they were in a9tive use+ 1ut the :anner of their a9tivity was only 9o:3ati1le
with that dull state of 9ons9iousness& As 9ons9iousness 1e9a:e 9learer and 1righter+ the
3etals 1e9a:e o1s9ured and 9eased their a9tivity& )an hi:self 9an now develo3 the
re:aining eight 3etals 1y 9ons9ious e2er9ises+ and there1y the whole lotus flower
1e9o:es lu:inous and :o1ile& The a9Buisition of 9ertain fa9ulties de3ends on the
develo3:ent of ea9h one of the si2teen 3etals& *et+ as already shown+ only eight 9an 1e
9ons9iously develo3edG the re:ainder then a33ear of their own a99ord&
The develo3:ent 3ro9eeds in the following :anner& The student :ust first a33ly hi:self
with 9are and attention to 9ertain fun9tions of the soul+ hitherto e2er9ised 1y hi: in a
9areless and inattentive :anner& There are eight su9h fun9tions& The first is the way in
whi9h ideas and 9on9e3tions are a9Buired& In this res3e9t 3eo3le usually allow the:selves
to 1e led 1y 9han9e alone& They see or hear one thing or another and for: their ideas
a99ordingly& While this is the 9ase+ the si2teen 3etals of the lotus flower re:ain
ineffe9tive& It is only when the student 1egins to taDe his selfAedu9ation in hand+ in this
res3e9t+ that the 3etals 1e9o:e effe9tive& #is ideas and 9on9e3tions :ust 1e guardedG
ea9h single idea should a9Buire signifi9an9e for hi:G he should see in it a definite
:essage instru9ting hi: 9on9erning the things of the outer world+ and he should derive
no satisfa9tion fro: ideas devoid of su9h signifi9an9e& #e :ust govern his :ental life so
that it 1e9o:es a true :irror of the outer world+ and dire9t his effort to the e29lusion of
in9orre9t ideas fro: his soul&
The se9ond of these fun9tions is 9on9erned with the 9ontrol of resolutions& The student
:ust not resolve u3on even the :ost trifling a9t+ without wellAfounded and thorough
9onsideration& Thoughtless and :eaningless a9tions should 1e foreign to his nature& #e
should have wellA9onsidered grounds for everything he does+ and a1stain fro: everything
for whi9h no signifi9ant :otive is forth9o:ing&
The third fun9tion 9on9erns s3ee9h& The student should utter no word that is devoid of
sense and :eaningG all talDing for the saDe of talDing draws hi: away fro: his 3ath& #e
:ust avoid the usual Dind of 9onversation+ with its 3ro:is9uous dis9ussion of
indis9ri:inately varied to3i9s& This does not i:3ly his 3re9lusion fro: inter9ourse with
his fellows& It is 3re9isely in su9h inter9ourse that his 9onversation should develo3 to
signifi9an9e& #e is ready to 9onverse with everyone+ 1ut he does so thoughtfully and with
thorough deli1eration& #e never s3eaDs without grounds for what he says& #e seeDs to use
neither too :any nor too few words&
The fourth is the regulation of outward a9tion& The student tries to adCust his a9tions in
su9h a way that they har:oni0e with the a9tions of his fellowA:en and with the events in
his environ:ent& #e refrains fro: a9tions whi9h are distur1ing to others and antagonisti9
to his surroundings& #e seeDs to adCust his a9tions so that they 9o:1ine har:oniously
with his surroundings+ with his 3osition in life+ et9& When an e2ternal :otive 9auses hi:
to a9t+ he 9onsiders how he 9an 1est res3ond& When the i:3ulse 3ro9eeds fro: hi:self he
weighs with :inute 9are the effe9ts of his a9tivity&
The fifth fun9tion in9ludes the :anage:ent of the whole of life& The student endeavours
to live in 9onfor:ity with 1oth !ature and s3irit& !ever overAhasty+ he is also never
indolent& E29essive a9tivity and la0iness are eBually alien to hi:& #e looDs u3on life as a
:eans for worD and dis3oses it a99ordingly& #e regulates his ha1its+ the 9are of his health+
et9&+ in su9h a way that a har:onious whole is the out9o:e&
The si2th is 9on9erned with hu:an endeavour& The student tests his 9a3a9ities and
3rofi9ien9y+ and 9ondu9ts hi:self in the light of su9h selfADnowledge+ #e atte:3ts
nothing that is 1eyond his 3owers+ 1ut seeDs to o:it nothing that is within their s9o3e& On
the other hand he sets 1efore hi:self ai:s that 9oin9ide with the ideals and the great
duties of a hu:an 1eing& #e does not :e9hani9ally regard hi:self as a wheel in the vast
:a9hinery of :anDind+ 1ut seeDs to 9o:3rehend the tasDs of his life+ and to looD out
1eyond the li:it of the daily and trivial& #e endeavours to fulfil his o1ligations ever
1etter and :ore 3erfe9tly&
The seventh deals with the effort to learn as :u9h fro: life as 3ossi1le& !othing 3asses
1efore the student without giving hi: o99asion to a99u:ulate e23erien9e whi9h is of
value to hi: for life& If he has 3erfor:ed anything wrongly or i:3erfe9tly+ he lets this 1e
an in9entive for re3eating the 3erfor:an9e later on+ 1ut this ti:e rightly and 3erfe9tly&
When others a9t+ he o1serves the: with the sa:e end in view& #e tries to gather a ri9h
store of e23erien9e+ and ever to turn to it for 9ounselG nor indeed will he ever do anything
without looDing 1a9D on e23erien9es fro: whi9h he 9an derive hel3 in his de9isions and
Finally+ the eighth is that the student :ust+ fro: ti:e to ti:e+ glan9e intros3e9tively into
hi:self+ sinD 1a9D into hi:self+ taDe hi:self 9arefully to tasD+ for: and test the
funda:ental 3rin9i3les of his life+ run over+ in his thoughts+ the su: total of his
Dnowledge+ weigh his duties+ refle9t u3on the 9ontent and ai: of life and so on& All these
things have 1een :entioned in the 3re9eding 9ha3tersG here they are :erely re9a3itulated
in 9onne9tion with the develo3:ent of the ,=A3etalled lotus& By :eans of these e2er9ises
the latter will 1e9o:e ever :ore and :ore 3erfe9t+ for it is u3on su9h e2er9ises that the
develo3:ent of 9lairvoyan9e de3ends& The 1etter the studentJs thoughts and s3ee9h
har:oni0e with the 3ro9esses in the outer world+ the :ore Bui9Dly will he develo3 this
fa9ulty& Whoever thinDs and s3eaDs what is 9ontrary to truth destroys so:ething in the
1ud of his ,=A3etalled lotus& Truthfulness+ u3rightness and honesty are in this 9onne9tion
9reative for9es+ while :enda9ity+ de9eitfulness and dishonesty are destru9tive for9es& The
student :ust reali0e+ however+ that a9tual deeds are needed+ and not :erely Mgood
intentionsJ& If I thinD or say anything that does not 9onfor: with reality+ I Dill so:ething
in :y s3iritual organs+ even though I 1elieve :y intentions to 1e ever so good& It is here
as with the 9hild whi9h needs :ust 1urn itself when it falls into the fire+ even though it
did so out of ignoran9e& The regulation of the a1ove a9tivities of the soul in the :anner
des9ri1ed+ 9auses the ,=A3etalled lotus to ray forth in glorious hues+ and i:3arts to it a
definite :ove:ent& *et it :ust 1e noted that the fa9ulty of 9lairvoyan9e 9annot :aDe its
a33earan9e 1efore a definite degree of develo3:ent has 1een attained& It 9annot a33ear so
long as it is irDso:e for the student to regulate his life in this :anner& #e is still unfit+ so
long as the a9tivities des9ri1ed a1ove are a :atter of s3e9ial 3reAo99u3ation for hi:& The
first tra9es of 9lairvoyan9e only a33ear when he has rea9hed the 3oint of 1eing a1le to
live in the s3e9ified way+ as a 3erson ha1itually lives& These things :ust then no longer
1e irDso:e+ 1ut :ust have 1e9o:e a :atter of 9ourse& There :ust 1e no need for hi: to
1e 9ontinually wat9hing hi:self+ and urging hi:self on to live in this way& It :ust all
1e9o:e a :atter of ha1it&
!ow this lotus flower :ay 1e :ade to develo3 in another way 1y following 9ertain other
instru9tions& But all su9h :ethods are reCe9ted 1y true 3iritual 9ien9e+ for they lead to
the destru9tion of 3hysi9al health and to :oral ruin& They are easier to follow than those
here des9ri1ed& The latter+ though 3rotra9ted and irDso:e+ lead to the true goal and 9annot
1ut strengthen :orally&
The distorted develo3:ent of a lotus flower results not only in illusions and fantasti9
9on9e3tions+ should a 9ertain degree of 9lairvoyan9e ensue+ 1ut also in errors and
insta1ility in ordinary life& u9h a develo3:ent :ay 1e the 9ause of ti:idity+ envy+ vanity+
haughtiness+ wilfulness and so on in a 3erson who hitherto was free fro: these defe9ts& It
has already 1een e23lained that eight of the si2teen 3etals of this lotus flower were
develo3ed in a re:ote 3ast+ and that these will rea33ear of the:selves+ in the 9ourse of
esoteri9 develo3:ent& All the effort and attention of the student :ust 1e devoted to the
re:aining eight& Faulty training :ay easily result in the rea33earan9e of the earlier 3etals
alone+ while the new 3etals re:ain stunted& This will ensue es3e9ially if too little logi9al+
rational thinDing is introdu9ed into the instru9tion& It is of su3re:e i:3ortan9e that the
student should 1e a rational and 9learAthinDing 3erson+ and of further i:3ortan9e that he
should 3ra9tise the greatest 9larity of s3ee9h& "eo3le who 1egin to have so:e
3resenti:ent of su3ersensi1le things+ are a3t to wa2 talDative on this su1Ce9t+ there1y
retarding their nor:al develo3:ent& The less one talDs a1out these :atters the 1etter& !o
one should s3eaD a1out the: until he has a9hieved a 9ertain degree of 9larity& At the
1eginning of their instru9tion+ students are as a rule astonished at the tea9herJs la9D of
9uriosity 9on9erning their own e23erien9es& It :ere :u9h the 1est for the: to re:ain
entirely silent on this su1Ce9t+ and to 9ontent the:selves with :entioning if they have
1een su99essful or unsu99essful in 3erfor:ing the e2er9ises and o1serving the
instru9tions given the:& For the tea9her has Buite other :eans of esti:ating their
3rogress than their own 9o::uni9ations& The eight 3etals now under 9onsideration
always 1e9o:e a little hardened through su9h 9o::uni9ations+ whereas they should he
De3t soft and su33le& The following e2a:3le+ taDen+ for the saDe of 9larity+ not fro: the
su3ersensi1le world+ 1ut fro: ordinary life+ will illustrate this 3oint& u33ose I hear a
3ie9e of news and thereu3on i::ediately for: an o3inion& hortly afterwards I re9eive
so:e further news whi9h does not har:oni0e with the 3revious infor:ation& I a: there1y
o1liged to reverse :y 3revious Cudg:ent& The result is an unfavoura1le influen9e u3on
:y ,=A3etalled lotus& Euite the 9ontrary would have 1een the 9ase had I+ in the first 3la9e+
sus3ended :y Cudg:ent+ and re:ained silent 1oth inwardly in thought and outwardly in
word+ 9on9erning the whole affair+ until I had a9Buired relia1le grounds for for:ing :y
Cudg:ent& %aution in the for:ation and 3ronoun9e:ent of Cudg:ents 1e9o:es+ 1y
degrees+ the s3e9ial 9hara9teristi9 of the student& On the other hand his re9e3tivity for
i:3ressions and e23erien9es in9reasesG he lets the: 3ass over hi: silently+ so as to
9olle9t and have the largest 3ossi1le nu:1er of fa9ts at his dis3osal+ when the ti:e 9o:es
to for: his o3inions& BluishAred and reddishA3inD shades 9olour the lotus flower as the
result of su9h 9ir9u:s3e9tion+ whereas+ in the o33osite 9ase+ darD red and orange shades
a33ear& Kfootnote@ tudents will re9ogni0e in the 9onditions atta9hed to the develo3:ent
of the ,=A3etalled lotus+ the instru9tions given 1y the Buddha to his dis9i3les for the
M"athJ& *et there is no Buestion here of tea9hing Buddis:+ 1ut of des9ri1ing 9onditions
governing develo3:ent+ whi9h are the natural out9o:e of 3iritual 9ien9e& The fa9t that
these 9onditions har:oni0e with 9ertain tea9hings of the Buddha is no reason for not
finding the: true in the:selves&L
The ,4A3etalled lotus situated in the region of the heart+ is develo3ed in a si:ilar way&
#alf its 3etals+ too+ were already e2istent and in a9tive use+ in a re:ote stage of hu:an
evolution& Thus these si2 3etals need not now 1e es3e9ially develo3ed in esoteri9
trainingG they a33ear of the:selves+ and 1egin to revolve when the student sets to worD
on the other si2& #ere again he learns to 3ro:ote this develo3:ent 1y 9ons9iously
9ontrolling and dire9ting 9ertain inner a9tivities in a s3e9ial way&
It :ust 1e 9learly understood that the 3er9e3tions of ea9h single s3iritual organ 1ear a
different 9hara9ter& The ,4A and ,=A3etalled lotus flowers trans:it Buite different
3er9e3tions& The latter 3er9eives for:s& The thoughts and :entality of other 1eings and
the laws governing natural 3heno:ena 1e9o:e :anifest+ through the ,=A3etalled lotus+ as
figures+ not rigid :otionless figures+ 1ut :o1ile for:s filled with life& The 9lairvoyant in
who: this sense is develo3ed+ 9an distinguish+ for every :ode of thought and for every
law of !ature+ a for: 1earing their i:3ression& A revengeful thought+ for e2a:3le+
assu:es an arrowAliDe+ 3ronged for:+ while a Dindly thought is often for:ed liDe an
o3ening flower+ and so on& %learA9ut+ signifi9ant thoughts are regular and sy::etri9al in
for:+ while 9onfused thoughts have wavy outlines& Euite different 3er9e3tions are
re9eived through the ,4A3etalled lotus& These 3er9e3tions :ay 1e in a sense liDened to
war:th and 9old+ as a33lied to the soul& A 9lairvoyant eBui33ed with this fa9ulty feels
this war:th and 9old strea:ing out fro: the for:s dis9erned 1y the ,=A3etalled lotus&
#ad he develo3ed the ,=A and not the ,4A3etalled lotus+ he would only 3er9eive+ in the
Dindly thought+ for instan9e+ the figure des9ri1ed a1ove+ while a 9lairvoyant in who:
1oth senses were develo3ed+ would also noti9e what 9an 1e des9ri1ed as soulAwar:th+
flowing fro: the thought& It should 1e noti9ed+ in 3assing+ that esoteri9 training never
develo3s one organ without the other+ so that the a1oveA:entioned e2a:3le :ay 1e
regarded as an e29e3tion referred to for the saDe of lu9idity& The ,4A3etalled lotus+ when
develo3ed+ reveals to the 9lairvoyant a dee3 understanding of the 3ro9esses of !ature&
Fro: every :anifestation of growth and develo3:ent there issue rays of soulAwar:th+
while everything that is en9o:3assed 1y de9ay+ destru9tion+ ruin+ 3resents an i:3ression
of 9old&
The develo3:ent of this sense :ay 1e furthered in the following :anner& To 1egin with+
the student a33lies hi:self to regulating his seBuen9e of thought >9ontrol of thought?& 8ust
as the ,=A3etalled lotus is develo3ed 1y 9ultivating thoughts that 9onfor: with truth and
are signifi9ant+ so+ too+ the ,4A3etalled lotus is develo3ed 1y inwardly 9ontrolling the
trains of thought& Thoughts that dart to and fro liDe willAoJAtheAwis3s+ and follow ea9h
other in no logi9al or rational seBuen9e+ 1ut :erely 1y 3ure 9han9e+ destroy its for:& The
latter is develo3ed to everAin9reasing 3erfe9tion+ the 9loser thought is :ade to follow
u3on thought+ and the :ore stri9tly everything of illogi9al nature is avoided& If the
student hears illogi9al thoughts+ he i::ediately lets the right thoughts 3ass through his
:ind& #e should not+ however+ withdraw in a loveless way fro: what is 3erha3s an
illogi9al environ:ent+ in order to further his own develo3:ent& !either should he feel
hi:self i:3elled to 9orre9t all the illogi9al thoughts e23ressed around hi:& #e should
rather 9oAordinate silently the thoughts as they 3our in u3on hi:+ in a way 9onfor:ing
with logi9 and sense+ and hi:self endeavour+ in every 9ase+ to retain this sa:e :ethod in
his own thinDing& An eBual su3ervision in his a9tions for:s the se9ond reBuire:ent
>9ontrol of a9tions?& All in9onstan9y+ all dishar:ony of a9tion 9ondu9es to the destru9tion
of the lotus flower here in Buestion& When the student 3erfor:s so:e a9tion+ he :ust see
to it that his su99eeding a9tion follows in logi9al seBuen9e+ for if he a9ts fro: day to day
with varia1le intent+ he will never develo3 the fa9ulty here 9onsidered&
The third reBuire:ent is the 9ultivation of enduran9e >3erseveran9e?& The student is
i:3ervious to all influen9es whi9h would divert hi: fro: the goal he has set hi:self+ so
long as he 9an regard it as the right goal& For hi:+ o1sta9les 9ontain a 9hallenge to
sur:ount the:+ 1ut are never a reason for restraining his 3rogress&
The fourth reBuire:ent is for1earan9e >toleran9e? towards 3ersons+ 9reatures and also
9ir9u:stan9es& The student su33resses all su3erfluous 9riti9is: of everything that is
i:3erfe9t+ evil and 1ad+ and seeDs rather to understand everything that 9o:es under his
noti9e& Even as the sun does not withdraw its light fro: the 1ad and the evil+ so he+ too+
does not refuse the: an intelligent sy:3athy& hould so:e trou1le 1efall hi:+ he does
not 3ro9eed to 9onde:n and 9riti9i0e+ 1ut a99e3ts what ne9essity has 1rought hi:+ and
endeavours to the 1est of his a1ility+ to give the :atter a turn for the 1est& #e does not
9onsider the o3inions of others :erely fro: his own stand3oint+ 1ut seeDs to 3ut hi:self
into the otherJs 3osition&
The fifth reBuire:ent is i:3artiality towards everything that life 1rings& In this
9onne9tion we s3eaD of faith and trust& The student en9ounters every hu:an 1eing and
every 9reature with this trust+ and lets it ins3ire his every a9tion& U3on hearing so:e
infor:ation+ he never says to hi:self@ MI donJt 1elieve itG it 9ontradi9ts :y 3resent
o3inions&J #e is far rather ready to test and re9tify his views and o3inions& #e ever
re:ains re9e3tive for everything that 9onfronts hi:+ and he trusts in the effe9tiveness of
his undertaDings& Ti:idity and s9e3ti9is: are 1anished fro: his 1eing& #e har1ours a
faith in the 3ower of his intentions& A hundred failures 9annot ro1 hi: of his faith& This is
the Mfaith whi9h 9an :ove :ountainsJ&
The si2th reBuire:ent is the 9ultivation of a 9ertain inner 1alan9e >eBuani:lity?& The
student endeavours to retain his 9o:3osure in the fa9e of Coy and sorrow+ and dis9ards the
tenden9y to flu9tuate 1etween the seventh heaven of Coy and the de3ths of des3air&
)isfortune and danger+ fortune and advan9e:ent aliDe find hi: ready ar:ed&
The reader will re9ogni0e in the Bualities here des9ri1ed+ the Msi2 attri1utesJ+ whi9h the
9andidate for Initiation strives to a9Buire& The intention has 1een to show their 9onne9tion
with the s3iritual organ Dnown as the ,4A3etalled lotus flower& As 1efore+ s3e9ial
instru9tions 9an 1e given to 1ring this lotus flower to fruition+ 1ut here again+ the 3erfe9t
sy::etry of its for: de3ends on the develo3:ent of the Bualities :entioned+ the negle9t
of whi9h results in this organ 1eing for:ed to a 9ari9ature of its 3ro3er sha3e& In this
9ase+ should a 9ertain 9lairvoyan9e 1e attained+ the Bualities in Buestion :ay taDe an evil
instead of a good dire9tion& A 3erson :ay 1e9o:e intolerant+ ti:id or 9ontentious
towards his environ:entG :ay+ for instan9e+ a9Buire so:e feeling for the senti:ents of
others+ and for this reason shun the: or hate the:& This :ay even rea9h the 3oint that+ 1y
reason of the inner 9oldness overwhel:ing hi:+ he is una1le to listen to re3ugnant
o3inions+ or he :ay 1ehave in an o1Ce9tiona1le :anner&
The develo3:ent of this organ :ay 1e a99elerated+ if+ in addition to all that has 1een
stated+ 9ertain other inCun9tions 1e o1served whi9h 9an only 1e i:3arted to the student 1y
word of :outh& *et the instru9tions given a1ove do a9tually lead to genuine esoteri9
training+ and :oreover+ the regulation of life in the way des9ri1ed+ 9an 1e advantageous
to all who 9annot or will not undergo esoteri9 training& For it does not fail to 3rodu9e an
effe9t u3on the organis: of the soul+ even though slowly& As regards the esoteri9 student+
the o1servan9e of these 3rin9i3les is indis3ensa1le hould he atte:3t esoteri9 training
without 9onfor:ing to the:+ this 9ould only result in his entering the higher worlds with
inadeBuate organs+ and instead of 3er9eiving the truth+ he would 1e su1Ce9ted to
de9e3tions and illusions& #e would attain a 9ertain 9lairvoyan9e+ 1ut for the :ost 3art+ 1e
the vi9ti: of greater 1lindness than 1efore& For:erly he at least stood fir:ly within the
3hysi9al worldG now he sees through this 3hysi9al world+ and goes astray in it 1efore
a9Buiring a fir: footing in a higher world& All 3ower of distinguishing truth fro: error+
would then 3erha3s fail hi:+ and he would entirely lose his way in life& It is Cust for this
reason that 3atien9e is so ne9essary in these :atters& It :ust ever 1e 1orne in :ind that
the instru9tions given in esoteri9 training :ay go no further than is 9o:3ati1le with the
willing readiness shown to develo3 the lotus flowers to their regular sha3e& hould these
flowers 1e 1rought to fruition 1efore they had Buietly attained their 9orre9t for:+ :ere
9ari9atures would 1e the result& Their fruition 9an 1e a99elerated 1y the s3e9ial
instru9tions given in esoteri9 training+ 1ut their for: is de3endent on the :ethod of life
des9ri1ed a1ove& An inner training of a 3arti9ularly inti:ate 9hara9ter is ne9essary for the
develo3:ent of the lFA3etalled lotus flower+ for it is now a Buestion of learning
9ons9iously to 9ontrol and do:inate the senseAi:3ressions the:selves& This is of
3arti9ular i:3ortan9e in the initial stages of 9lairvoyan9e+ for it is only 1y this :eans that
a sour9e of 9ountless illusions and fan9ies is avoided& "eo3le+ as a rule+ do not reali0e 1y
what fa9tors their sudden ideas and :e:ories are do:inated+ and how they are 3rodu9ed&
%onsider the following 9ase& o:eone is travelling 1y railwayG his :ind is 1usy with one
thoughtG suddenly his thought divergesG he re9olle9ts an e23erien9e that 1efell hi: years
ago+ and interweaves it with his 3resent thought& #e did not noti9e that in looDing through
the window+ he had 9aught sight of a 3erson who rese:1led another inti:ately 9onne9ted
with the re9olle9ted e23erien9e& #e re:ains 9ons9ious+ not of what he saw+ 1ut of the
effe9t it 3rodu9ed+ and so 1elieves that it all 9a:e to hi: Mof its own a99ordJ& !ow :u9h
in life o99urs in su9h a wayI #ow great is the 3art 3layed in our life 1y things we hear
and learn+ without our 9ons9iously reali0ing the 9onne9tionI o:eone+ for instan9e+
9annot 1ear a 9ertain 9olour+ 1ut does not reali0e that this is due to the fa9t that the
s9hoolAtea9her who used to worry hi: :any years ago+ wore a 9oat of that 9olour&
Innu:era1le illusions are 1ased u3on su9h asso9iations& )any things leave their :arD
u3on the soul+ while re:aining outside the 3ale of 9ons9iousness& The following :ay
o99ur& o:eone reads in the 3a3er a1out the death of a wellADnown 3erson+ and forthwith
9lai:s to have had a M3resenti:entJ of it MyesterdayJ+ although he neither heard nor saw
anything that :ight have given rise to su9h a thought& And indeed it is Buite true that the
thought o99urred to hi: MyesterdayJ+ as though of its own a99ord+ that this 3arti9ular
3erson would dieG only one thing es9a3ed his attention@ two or three hours 1efore this
thought o99urred to hi: yesterday+ he went to visit an a9Buaintan9eG a news3a3er lay on
the ta1leG he did not a9tually read it+ 1ut his eyes un9ons9iously fell on the announ9e:ent
of the dangerous illness of the 3erson in Buestion& #e re:ained un9ons9ious of the
i:3ression he re9eived+ and yet this i:3ression resulted in his M3resenti:entJ&
Refle9tion u3on these :atters will show how great a sour9e of illusion and fantasy is
9ontained in su9h asso9iations& It is Cust this sour9e whi9h :ust 1e da::ed u3 1y all who
seeD to develo3 their lFA3etalled lotus flower& Dee3ly hidden 9hara9teristi9s in other souls
9an he 3er9eived 1y this organ+ 1ut their truth de3ends on the attain:ent of i::unity
fro: the a1oveA:entioned illusions& For this 3ur3ose it is ne9essary that the student
should 9ontrol and do:inate everything that seeDs to influen9e hi: fro: outside& #e
should rea9h the 3oint of really re9eiving no i:3ressions 1eyond those he wishes to
re9eive& This 9an only 1e a9hieved 1y the develo3:ent of a 3owerful inner lifeG 1y an
effort of the will he only allows su9h things to i:3ress hi: to whi9h his attention is
dire9ted+ and he a9tually evades all i:3ressions to whi9h he does not voluntarily res3ond&
If he sees so:ething+ it is 1e9ause he wills to see it& And if he does not voluntarily taDe
noti9e of so:ething+ it is a9tually nonAe2istent for hi:& The greater the energy and inner
a9tivity devoted to this worD+ the :ore e2tensively will this fa9ulty 1e attained& The
student :ust avoid all va9uous ga0ing and :e9hani9al listening& For hi: only those
things e2ist to whi9h he turns his eye or his ear& #e :ust 3ra9tise the 3ower of hearing
nothing+ even in the greatest distur1an9e+ if he does not will to hearG and he :ust :aDe
his eyes uni:3ressiona1le to things of whi9h he does not 3arti9ularly taDe noti9e& #e
:ust 1e shielded as 1y an inner ar:our against all un9ons9ious i:3ressions& In this
9onne9tion+ the student :ust devote s3e9ial 9are to his thoughtAlife& #e singles out a
3arti9ular thought and endeavours to linD on to it only su9h other thoughts as he 9an
hi:self 9ons9iously and voluntarily 3rodu9e& #e reCe9ts all 9asual fan9ies+ and does not
9onne9t this thought with another until he has investigated the origin of the latter& #e goes
still further& If+ for instan9e+ he feels a 3arti9ular anti3athy for so:ething+ he will 9o:1at
it and endeavour to esta1lish a 9ons9ious relation 1etween hi:self and the thing in
Buestion& In this way the un9ons9ious ele:ents that intrude into his soul will 1e9o:e
fewer and fewer& Only 1y su9h severe selfAdis9i3line 9an the lFA3etalled lotus flower
attain its 3ro3er for:& The studentJs inner life :ust 1e9o:e a life of attention+ and he
:ust learn really to Dee3 away fro: hi:self everything to whi9h he should not or does
not wish to dire9t his attention&
If this stri9t selfAdis9i3line 1e a99o:3anied 1y :editation 3res9ri1ed in esoteri9 training+
the lotus flower in the region of the 3it of the sto:a9h 9o:es to fruition in the right way+
and light and 9olour of a s3iritual Dind are now added to the for: and war:th 3er9e3ti1le
to the organs des9ri1ed a1ove& The talents and fa9ulties of other 1eings are there1y
revealed+ also the for9es and the hidden attri1utes of !ature& The 9oloured aura of living
9reatures then 1e9o:es visi1leG all that is around us :anifests its s3iritual attri1utes& It
will 1e ad:itted that the very greatest 9are is ne9essary at this stage of develo3:ent+ for
the 3lay of un9ons9ious :e:ories is here e29eedingly a9tive& If this were not the 9ase+
:any 3eo3le would 3ossess this inner sense+ for it 9o:es al:ost i::ediately into
eviden9e+ when the i:3ressions delivered 1y the outer senses are held so 9o:3letely
under 9ontrol+ that they 1e9o:e de3endent on nothing save attention or inattention& This
inner sense re:ains ineffe9tive so long as the 3owerful outer senses s:other it and render
it insensi1le&
till greater diffi9ulty attends the develo3:ent of the =A3etalled lotus flower situated in
the 9entre of the 1ody+ for it 9an only 1e a9hieved as the result of 9o:3lete :astery and
9ontrol of the whole 3ersonality through 9ons9iousness of self+ so that 1ody+ soul and
s3irit for: one har:onious whole& The fun9tions of the 1ody+ the in9linations and
3assions of the soul+ the thoughts and ideas of the s3irit+ :ust 1e tuned to 3erfe9t unison&
The 1ody :ust 1e so enno1led and 3urified that its organs are i:3elled to nothing that is
not in the servi9e of the soul and s3irit& The soul :ust not 1e i:3elled+ through the 1ody+
to lusts and 3assions whi9h are antagonisti9 to 3ure and no1le thought& The s3irit+
however+ :ust not stand as a slaveAdriver over the soul+ do:inating it with laws and
9o::and:entsG the soul :ust rather learn to follow these laws and duties out of its own
free in9lination& The student :ust not feel duty to 1e an o33ressive 3ower to whi9h he
unwillingly su1:its+ 1ut rather so:ething whi9h he 3erfor:s out of love& #is tasD is to
attain an eBuili1riu: of soul 1etween 1ody and s3irit+ and he :ust 3erfe9t hi:self in this
way+ to the e2tent of 1eing free to a1andon hi:self to the fun9tions of the senses+ for
these should 1e so 3urified that they lose the 3ower to drag hi: down to their level& #e
:ust no longer reBuire to 9ur1 his 3assions+ inas:u9h as they of their own a99ord follow
the good& o long as selfA9hastise:ent is ne9essary+ no one 9an attain a 9ertain stage of
esoteri9 develo3:ent for a virtue 3ra9tised on 9onstraint is devoid of value& One single
re:aining lust will distur1 esoteri9 develo3:ent+ however great the effort :ade not to
hu:our it& !or does it :atter whether this desire 3ro9eeds fro: the soul or the 1ody& For
e2a:3le+ if a 9ertain sti:ulant 1e avoided for the 3ur3ose of selfA3urifi9ation+ this
de3rivation will only 3rove hel3ful if the 1ody suffers no har: fro: it& hould the
9ontrary he the 9ase+ this 3roves that the 1ody 9raves for the sti:ulant+ and that
a1stinen9e fro: it is of no value& In this 9ase it :ay a9tually 1e a Buestion of renoun9ing
the ideal to 1e attained+ until :ore favoura1le 3hysi9al 9onditions+ 3erha3s in another life+
shall 1e forth9o:ing& A wise renun9iation is+ at a 9ertain stage+ a far greater a9hieve:ent
than the struggle for so:ething whi9h+ under given 9onditions+ re:ains unattaina1le&
Indeed a renun9iation of this Dind+ 9ontri1utes :ore towards develo3:ent than the
o33osite 9ourse&
The =A3etalled lotus flower+ when develo3ed+ 3er:its of inter9ourse with 1eings of higher
worlds+ though only if their e2isten9e is :anifested in the astral or soulAworld& The
develo3:ent of this lotus flower+ however+ is not advisa1le unless the student has :ade
great 3rogress on that 3ath of esoteri9 develo3:ent whi9h ena1les hi: to raise his s3irit
into a still higher world& The entry into the s3iritual world 3ro3er :ust always run
3arallel with the develo3:ent of the lotus flowers+ otherwise the student will fall into
error and 9onfusion& #e would undou1tedly 1e a1le to see+ 1ut he would re:ain in9a3a1le
of for:ing a 9orre9t esti:ate of what he saw& !ow the develo3:ent of the =A3etalled
lotus flower itself 3rovides a 9ertain se9urity against 9onfusion and insta1ility+ for no one
9all 1e easily 9onfused who has attained 3erfe9t eBuili1riu: 1etween sense >or 1ody?+
3assion >or soul? and idea >or s3irit?& And yet+ so:ething :ore than this se9urity is
reBuired+ when+ through the develo3:ent of the =A3etalled lotus flower+ living 1eings of
inde3endent e2isten9e are revealed to his s3irit+ 1eings 1elonging to a world so
9o:3letely different fro: the world Dnown to his 3hysi9al senses& The develo3:ent of
the lotus flowers alone does not ensure suffi9ient se9urity in these higher worldsG other
higher organs are ne9essary& The latter will now 1e des9ri1ed 1efore the re:aining lotus
flowers and the further organi0ation of the soulA1ody Kfootnote@ This e23ression+ though
o1viously 9ontradi9tory+ when taDen literally+ is used 1e9ause+ to 9lairvoyant 3er9e3tion+
the i:3ression re9eived s3iritually 9orres3onds to the i:3ression re9eived 3hysi9ally
when the 3hysi9al 1ody is 3er9eived&L are dis9ussed&
The develo3:ent of the soulA1ody in the :anner des9ri1ed a1ove 3er:its of 3er9e3tion
in a su3ersensi1le world+ 1ut anyone wishing to find his way in this world :ust not
re:ain stationary at this stage of develo3:ent& The :ere :o1ility of the lotus flowers is
not suffi9ient& The student :ust a9Buire the 3ower or regulating and 9ontrolling the
:ove:ent of his s3iritual organs inde3endently and with 9o:3lete 9ons9iousness&
Otherwise he would 1e9o:e a 3laything for e2ternal for9es and 3owers& To avoid this he
:ust a9Buire the fa9ulty of hearing what is 9alled the Minner wordJ+ and this involves the
develo3:ent not only of the soulA1ody 1ut also of the etheri9 1ody& The latter is revealed
to the 9lairvoyant as a Dind of dou1le to the 3hysi9al 1ody+ and for:s to a 9ertain e2tent
an inter:ediate ste3 1etween the soul and the 3hysi9al 1ody& It is 3ossi1le for one
eBui33ed with 9lairvoyant 3owers+ 9ons9iously to suggest away for hi:self the 3hysi9al
1ody of a 3erson& On a higher 3lane this 9orres3onds :erely to an e2er9ise in
attentiveness on a lower 3lane& 8ust as a 3erson 9an divert his attention fro: so:ething in
front of hi:+ so that it 1e9o:es nonAe2istent for hi:+ the 9lairvoyant 9an e2tinguish a
3hysi9al 1ody fro: his field of o1servation so that it 1e9o:es 3hysi9ally trans3arent to
hi:& If he e2erts this fa9ulty in the 9ase of so:e 3erson standing 1efore hi:+ then only
the etheri9 Kfootnote@ The word ether is :erely used to suggest the fineness of the 1ody in
Buestion+ and need not in anyway 1e 9onne9ted with the hy3otheti9al ether of 3hysi9s&L
1ody re:ains visi1le to his 9lairvoyant sight+ 1esides the soulA1ody+ whi9h is larger than
the other two and inter3enetrates the: 1oth& The etheri9 1ody has a33ro2i:ately the si0e
and for: of the 3hysi9al 1ody+ so that it 3ra9ti9ally fills the sa:e s3a9e& It is an e2tre:ely
deli9ate and finely organi0ed stru9ture&
Its groundA9olour is different fro: the seven 9olours 9ontained in the rain1ow& Anyone
9a3a1le of o1serving it will find a 9olour whi9h is a9tually nonAe2istent for sense
3er9e3tion+ and whi9h 9an 1e 3refera1ly 9o:3ared to the 9olour of young 3ea9hA1losso:&
If desired+ the etheri9 1ody 9an 1e e2a:ined aloneG for this 3ur3ose the soulA1ody :ust
1e e2tinguished 1y an effort of attentiveness in the :anner des9ri1ed a1ove& Otherwise
the etheri9 1ody will 3resent an everA9hanging 3i9ture owing to its inter3enetration 1y the
!ow the 3arti9les of the etheri9 1ody are in 9ontinual :otion& %ountless strea:s 3ass
through it in every dire9tion& By these 9urrents life itself is :aintained and regulated&
Every 1ody that has life+ in9luding ani:als and 3lants+ 3ossesses an etheri9 1ody& Even
in :inerals tra9es of it 9an 1e o1served& These 9urrents and :ove:ents are+ to 1egin
with+ inde3endent of hu:an will and 9ons9iousness+ Cust as the a9tion of the heart or
sto:a9h is 1eyond our Curisdi9tion+ and this inde3enden9e re:ains unaltered so long as
we do not taDe our develo3:ent in hand in the sense of a9Buiring su3ersensi1le fa9ulties&
For develo3:ent+ at a 9ertain stage+ 9onsists 3re9isely in adding to the un9ons9ious
9urrents and :ove:ents of the etheri9 1ody+ others that are 9ons9iously 3rodu9ed and
When esoteri9 develo3:ent has 3rogressed so far that the lotus flowers 1egin to stir+
:u9h has already 1een a9hieved 1y the student whi9h 9an result in the for:ation of
9ertain Buite definite 9urrents and :ove:ents in his etheri9 1ody& The o1Ce9t of this
develo3:ent is the for:ation of a Dind of 9entre in the region of the 3hysi9al heart+ fro:
whi9h 9urrents and :ove:ents+ in the greatest variety of 9olours and for:s+ radiate& This
9entre is+ in reality+ not a :ere 3oint+ 1ut a :ost 9o:3li9ated stru9ture+ a :ost wonderful
organ& It glows and shi::ers with every shade of 9olour+ and dis3lays for:s of great
sy::etry+ 9a3a1le of ra3id transfor:ation& Other for:s and strea:s of 9olour radiate
fro: this organ to the other 3arts of the 1ody+ and 1eyond it+ to the astral 1ody+ whi9h
they 9o:3letely 3er:eate and illu:ine& The :ost i:3ortant 3art of these 9urrents flows
to the lotus flowers& They 3er:eate ea9h 3etal and regulate its revolutionsG then strea:ing
out at the 3oints of the 3etals+ they lose the:selves in outer s3a9e& The greater the
develo3:ent of a 3erson+ the greater the 9ir9u:feren9e to whi9h these rays e2tend&
The ,4A3etalled lotus flower has a 3arti9ularly 9lose 9onne9tion with this 9entral organ&
The 9urrents flow dire9tly into it and through it+ 3ro9eeding+ on the one side+ to the ,=A
and the 4A3etalled lotus flowers+ and on the other+ the lower side+ to the flowers of eight+
si2 and four 3etals& It is for this reason that the very greatest 9are :ust 1e devoted to the
develo3:ent of the ,4A3etalled lotus+ for an i:3erfe9tion in the latter would result in the
irregular for:ation of the whole stru9ture& The a1ove will give an idea of the deli9ate and
inti:ate nature of esoteri9 training+ and of the a99ura9y needed+ if the develo3:ent is to
1e regular and 9orre9t& It will also 1e evident 1eyond dou1t+ that dire9tions for the
develo3:ent of su3ersensi1le fa9ulties 9an only 1e the 9on9ern of those who have
the:selves e23erien9ed everything whi9h they 3ro3ose to awaDen in others+ and who are
unBuestiona1ly in a 3osition to Dnow whether the dire9tions they give lead to the e2a9t
results desired& If the student follows the dire9tions that have 1een given hi:+ he
introdu9es into his etheri9 1ody 9urrents and :ove:ents whi9h are in har:ony with the
laws and the evolution of the world to whi9h he 1elongs& %onseBuently these instru9tions
are refle9tions of the great laws of 9os:i9 evolution& They 9onsist of the a1oveA
:entioned and si:ilar e2er9ises in :editation and 9on9entration+ whi9h+ if 9orre9tly
3ra9tised+ 3rodu9e the results des9ri1ed& MThe student :ust+ at 9ertain ti:es+ let these
instru9tions 3er:eate his soul with their 9ontent+ so that he is inwardly entirely filled with
it& A si:3le start is :ade with a view to dee3ening the logi9al a9tivity of the :ind+ and
3rodu9ing an inward intensifi9ation of thought& Thought is there1y :ade free and
inde3endent of all sense i:3ressions and e23erien9esG it is 9on9entrated in one 3oint
whi9h is held entirely under 9ontrol& Thus a 3reli:inary 9entre is for:ed for the 9urrents
of the etheri9 1ody& This 9entre is not yet in the region of the heart+ 1ut in the head+ and it
a33ears to the 9lairvoyant as the 3oint of de3arture for :ove:ents and 9urrents+ !o
esoteri9 training 9an 1e su99essful whi9h does not first 9reate this 9entre& If the latter were
first for:ed in the region of the heart+ the as3iring 9lairvoyant would dou1tless o1tain
gli:3ses of the higher worlds+ 1ut he would la9D every true insight into the 9onne9tion
1etween these higher worlds and the world of our senses& This+ however+ is an
un9onditional ne9essity for :an at the 3resent stage of evolution& The 9lairvoyant :ust
not 1e9o:e a visionaryG he :ust retain a fir: footing u3on the earth&
The 9entre in the head+ on9e duly fi2ed+ is then transferred lower down+ to the region of
the laryn2& This is effe9ted 1y further e2er9ises in 9on9entration& Then the 9urrents of the
etheri9 1ody radiate fro: this 3oint and illu:ine the astral s3a9e surrounding the
%ontinued 3ra9ti9e ena1les the student to deter:ine for hi:self the 3osition of his etheri9
1ody& #itherto this 3osition de3ended u3on the for9es 3ro9eeding fro: without or fro:
within the 3hysi9al 1ody& Through further develo3:ent the student is a1le to dire9t his
etheri9 1ody to all sides& This fa9ulty is effe9ted 1y 9urrents :oving a33ro2i:ately along
1oth hands+ and 9entred in the 4A3etalled lotus in the region of the eyes& All that is :ade
3ossi1le through the radiations fro: the laryn2 assu:ing round for:s+ of whi9h a nu:1er
how to the 4A3etalled lotus+ and then9e for: undulating 9urrents along the hands& As a
further develo3:ent these 9urrents 1ran9h out and ra:ify in the :ost deli9ate :anner+
and 1e9o:e+ as it were+ a Dind of we1+ whi9h then en9o:3asses the entire etheri9 1ody as
though with a networD& Whereas hitherto the etheri9 1ody was not 9losed to the outer
world+ so that the life 9urrents fro: the universal o9ean of life flowed freely in and out+ it
now 1e9o:es ne9essary that these 9urrents should 3ass through this :e:1rane& Thus the
individual 1e9o:es sensitive to these e2ternal strea:sG they 1e9o:e 3er9e3ti1le to hi:&
And now the ti:e has 9o:e to give the 9o:3lete syste: of 9urrents and :ove:ents its
9entre situated in the region of the heart& This again is effe9ted 1y 3ersevering with the
e2er9ises in 9on9entration and :editationG and at this 3oint also the stage is rea9hed when
the student 1e9o:es gifted with the Minner word&J All things now a9Buire a new
signifi9an9e for hi:& They 1e9o:e as it were s3iritually audi1le in their inner:ost self+
and s3eaD to hi: of their essential 1eing& The 9urrents des9ri1ed a1ove 3la9e hi: in
tou9h with the inner 1eing of the world to whi9h he 1elongs& #e 1egins to :ingle his life
with the life of his environ:ent and 9an let it rever1erate in the :ove:ents of his lotus
At this 3oint the s3iritual world is entered& If the student has advan9ed so far+ he a9Buires
a new understanding for all that the great tea9hers of hu:anity have uttered& The sayings
of the Buddha and the $os3els+ for instan9e+ 3rodu9e a new effe9t on hi:& They 3ervade
hi: with a feli9ity of whi9h he had not drea:ed 1efore& For the tone of their words
follows the :ove:ents and rhyth:s whi9h he has hi:self for:ed within hi:self& #e 9an
now have 3ositive Dnowledge that a Buddha or the Evangelists did not utter their own
3ersonal revelations+ 1ut those whi9h flowed into the: fro: the inner:ost Being of all
things& A fa9t :ust here 1e 3ointed out whi9h 9an only 1e understood in the light of what
has 1een said a1ove& The :any re3etitions in the sayings of the Buddha are not
9o:3rehensi1le to 3eo3le of our 3resent evolutionary stage& For the esoteri9 student+
however+ they 1e9o:e a for9e on whi9h he gladly lets his inner senses rest+ for they
9orres3ond with 9ertain :ove:ents in the etheri9 1ody& Devotional surrender to the:+
with 3erfe9t inner 3ea9e+ 9reates an inner har:ony with these :ove:ents+ and 1e9ause
the latter are an i:age of 9ertain 9os:i9 rhyth:s whi9h also at 9ertain 3oints re3eat
the:selves and revert to for:er :odes+ the individual listening to the wisdo: of the
Buddha+ unites his life with that of the 9os:i9 :ysteries&
In esoteri9 training+ there is Buestion of four attri1utes whi9h :ust 1e a9Buired on the soA
9alled 3ro1ationary 3ath for the attain:ent of higher Dnowledge& The first is the fa9ulty of
dis9ri:ination in thoughts 1etween truth and :ere se:1lan9e or o3inion& The se9ond
attri1ute is the 9orre9t esti:ation of what is inwardly true and real+ as against what is
:erely a33arent& The third rests in the 3ra9ti9e of the si2 Bualities already :entioned in
the 3re9eding 3ages@ Ksee a1oveL thoughtA9ontrol+ 9ontrol of a9tions+ 3erseveran9e+
toleran9e+ faith and eBuani:ity& The fourth attri1ute is the love of inner freedo:&
A :ere intelle9tual understanding of what is in9luded in these attri1utes is of no value&
They :ust 1e9o:e so in9or3orated into the soul that they for: the 1asis of inner ha1its&
%onsider+ for instan9e+ the first of these attri1utes@ the dis9ri:ination 1etween truth and
The student :ust so train hi:self that he Buite as a :atter of 9ourse distinguishes+ in
everything that 9onfronts hi:+ 1etween the nonAessential ele:ents and those that are
signifi9ant and essential& #e will only su99eed in this if+ in his o1servation of the outer
world+ he Buietly and 3atiently ever and again re3eats the atte:3t& And at the end he will
naturally single out the essential and the true at a glan9e+ whereas for:erly the nonA
essential+ too+ 9ould 9ontent hi:& MAll things 9orru3ti1le are 1ut refle9tionJ A is a truth
whi9h 1e9o:es an unBuestiona1le 9onvi9tion of the soul& The sa:e a33lies to the
re:aining three of the four attri1utes :entioned&
!ow these four inner ha1its do a9tually 3rodu9e a transfor:ation of the deli9ate hu:an
etheri9 1ody& By the first+ dis9ri:ination 1etween truth and se:1lan9e+ the 9entre already
des9ri1ed is for:ed in the head+ and the 9entre in the region of the laryn2 3re3ared& The
a9tual develo3:ent of these 9entres is of 9ourse de3endent on the e2er9ises in
9on9entration des9ri1ed a1oveG the latter develo3+ and the four attri1utes 1ring to fruition&
On9e the 9entre in the laryn2 has 1een 3re3ared+ the free 9ontrol of the etheri9 1ody and
its en9losure within a networD 9overing+ as e23lained a1ove+ result fro: the 9orre9t
esti:ation of what is true as against what is a33arent and nonAessential& If the student
a9Buires this fa9ulty of esti:ation+ the fa9ts of the higher worlds will gradually 1e9o:e
3er9e3ti1le to hi:& But he :ust not thinD that he has :erely to 3erfor: a9tions whi9h
a33ear signifi9ant when Cudged 1y the standard of a :ere intelle9tual esti:ate& The :ost
trifling a9tion+ every little thing a99o:3lished has so:ething of i:3ortan9e in the great
9os:i9 household& A 9orre9t esti:ation of the affairs of daily life is reBuired+ not an
underAesti:ation of the:& The si2 virtues of whi9h the third attri1ute 9onsists have
already 1een dealt withG they are 9onne9ted with the develo3:ent of the ,4A3etalled lotus
in the region of the heart+ and+ as already indi9ated+ it is to this 9entre that the lifeA9urrents
of the etheri9 1ody :ust 1e dire9ted& The fourth attri1ute+ the longing for li1eration+
serves to 1ring to fruition the etheri9 organ in the heart region& On9e this attri1ute
1e9o:es an inner ha1it+ the individual frees hi:self fro: everything whi9h de3ends only
u3on the fa9ulties of his own 3ersonal nature& #e 9eases to view things fro: his own
se3arate stand3oint+ and the 1oundaries of his own narrow self fettering hi: to this 3oint
of view disa33ear& The se9rets of the s3iritual world gain a99ess to his inner self& This is
li1eration fro: those fetters whi9h 9onstrain the individual to regard things and 1eings in
a :anner 9orres3onding to his own 3ersonal li:itations& It is fro: this 3ersonal :anner
of regarding things that the student :ust 1e9o:e li1erated and free&
It will 1e 9lear fro: the a1ove that the instru9tions given in esoteri9 training e2ert a
deter:ining influen9e rea9hing the inner:ost de3ths of hu:an nature& u9h are the
instru9tions regarding the four Bualities :entioned a1ove& They 9an 1e found in one for:
or another in all the great religions& The founders of the great religions did not give
:anDind these tea9hings fro: so:e vague feeling& They gave the: for the good reason
that they were great Initiates& Out of their Dnowledge did they sha3e their :oral
tea9hings& They Dnew how these would rea9t u3on the finer nature of :en+ and desired
that their followers should gradually a9hieve the develo3:ent of this finer nature& To live
in the sense of these great religions :eans to worD for the attain:ent of 3ersonal s3iritual
3erfe9tion& Only 1y so doing 9an :an 1e9o:e a servant of the world and of hu:anity&
elfA3erfe9tion is 1y no :eans selfAseeDingG for the i:3erfe9t :an is an i:3erfe9t servant
of the world and of hu:anity& The :ore 3erfe9t a :an is+ the 1etter does he serve the
world& MIf the rose adorns herself+ she adorns the garden&J
The founders of the great religions are therefore the great Initiates& Their tea9hing flows
into the soul of :en+ and thus+ with hu:anity+ the whole world :oves forward& Euite
9ons9iously did they worD to further this evolutionary 3ro9ess of hu:anity& Their
tea9hings 9an only 1e understood if it 1e re:e:1ered that they are the 3rodu9t of
Dnowledge of the inner:ost de3ths of hu:an nature& The great Initiates Dnew+ and it is
out of their Dnowledge that they sha3ed the ideals of hu:anity& *et :an a33roa9hes these
great leaders when he u3lifts hi:self+ in his own develo3:ent+ to their heights&
A 9o:3letely new life o3ens out 1efore the student+ when the develo3:ent of his etheri9
1ody 1egins in the way des9ri1ed a1ove+ and at the 3ro3er ti:e+ in the 9ourse of his
training+ he :ust re9eive that enlighten:ent whi9h ena1les hi: to ada3t hi:self to this
new e2isten9e& The ,=A3etalled lotus+ for instan9e+ ena1les hi: to 3er9eive s3iritual
figures of a higher world& #e :ust learn now how different these for:s 9an 1e when
9aused 1y different o1Ce9ts or 1eings& In the first 3la9e+ he :ust noti9e that his own
thoughts and feelings e2ert a 3owerful influen9e on 9ertain of these figures+ on others
little or no influen9e& One Dind of figure alters i::ediately if the o1server+ u3on seeing
the:+ says to hi:self@ Mthat is 1eautiful+J and then in the 9ourse of his o1servation+
9hanges this thought to@ Mthat is useful&J It is 9hara9teristi9 of the for:s 3ro9eeding fro:
:inerals or fro: artifi9ial o1Ce9ts+ that they 9hange under the influen9e of every thought
and every feeling dire9ted u3on the: 1y the o1server& This a33lies in a lesser degree to
the for:s 1elonging to 3lants+ and still less to those 9orres3onding to ani:als& These
figures+ too+ are full of life and :otion+ 1ut this :otion is only 3artially due to the
influen9e of hu:an thoughts and feelingsG in other res3e9ts it is 3rodu9ed 1y 9auses
whi9h are 1eyond hu:an influen9e& !ow there a33ears within this whole world a s3e9ies
of for: whi9h re:ains al:ost entirely unaffe9ted 1y hu:an influen9e& The student 9an
9onvin9e hi:self that these for:s 3ro9eed neither fro: :inerals+ nor fro: artifi9ial
o1Ce9ts+ nor+ again+ fro: 3lants or ani:als& To gain 9o:3lete understanding+ he :ust
study those for:s whi9h he 9an reali0e to have 3ro9eeded fro: the feelings+ instin9ts and
3assions of hu:an 1eings& *et he 9all find that these for:s too are influen9ed 1y his own
thoughts+ if only to a relatively s:all e2tent& But there always re:ains a residuu: of
for:s in this world u3on whi9h su9h influen9es are less and less effe9tive& Indeed at the
outset of his 9areer+ the student 9an 3er9eive little 1eyond this residuu:&
#e 9an only dis9over its nature 1y o1serving hi:self& #e then learns what for:s he
hi:self 3rodu9es+ for his will+ his wishes and so on+ are e23ressed in these for:s& An
instin9t that dwells in hi:+ a desire that fills hi:+ an intention that he har1ours and so
forth are all :anifested in these for:sG indeed his whole 9hara9ter dis3lays itself in this
world of for:s&
By his thoughts and feelings+ he 9ons9iously 9an influen9e all for:s not 3ro9eeding fro:
hi:selfG on the other hand he has no influen9e on those 9reated un9ons9iously 1y his own
1eing in the higher worlds on9e he has 9reated the:& !ow it follows fro: what has 1een
said that+ on this higher 3lane+ :anJs inner life of instin9ts+ desires+ ideas dis3lays itself
outwardly in e2terior for:s+ Cust liDe all other 1eings and o1Ce9ts&
For higher Dnowledge+ the inner world a33ears as 3art of the outer world& 8ust as though
anyone in the 3hysi9al world were surrounded 1y :irrors and 9ould o1serve his 3hysi9al
1ody in that wayG thus+ too+ in a higher world+ :anJs inner 1eing 9onfronts hi: as a
refle9ted i:age&
At this stage of develo3:ent+ the student has rea9hed the 3oint when he 9an free hi:self
fro: the illusion derived fro: the li:itation of his 3ersonal self& #e 9an now o1serve that
inner self as the outer world+ Cust as he hitherto regarded as outer world everything that
affe9ted his senses& Thus he learns 1y gradual e23erien9e to deal with hi:self Cust as
hitherto he dealt with the 1eings around hi:&
Were the student to o1tain an insight into these higher worlds without suffi9ient
3re3aration regarding their nature+ he would find hi:self 9onfronted 1y the 3i9ture of his
own soul as though 1y an enig:a& There his own desires and 3assions 9onfront hi: in
ani:al or+ :ore seldo:+ in hu:an for:s& It is true that the ani:al for:s of this world are
never Buite si:ilar to those of the 3hysi9al world+ yet they 3ossess a re:ote rese:1lan9e&
Ine23ert o1servers often taDe the: to 1e identi9al& !ow u3on entering this world+ an
entirely new :ethod of Cudg:ent :ust 1e a9Buired& For a3art fro: the fa9t that things
a9tually 3ertaining to inner nature a33ear as outer world+ they also hear the 9hara9ter of
:irrored refle9tions of what they really are& When+ for instan9e+ a nu:1er is 3er9eived+ it
:ust 1e reversed+ as a 3i9ture in a :irrorG 4=' would :ean here in reality '=4& A s3here is
3er9eived as though fro: its 9entre& This inner 3er9e3tion :ust then 1e translated& The
Bualities of the soul a33ear liDewise as in a :irror& A wish dire9ted towards an outer
o1Ce9t a33ears as a for: :oving towards the 3erson wishing& "assions residing in the
lower 3art of hu:an nature 9an assu:e ani:al for:s or si:ilar sha3es+ that hurl
the:selves against the individual& In reality+ these 3assions are struggling outwardG they
seeD satisfa9tion in the outer world+ 1ut this sear9h in an outward dire9tion a33ears in the
:irrored refle9tion as an atta9D on the individual fro: who: they 3ro9eed&
If the student+ 1efore attaining insight into higher worlds+ has learnt 1y Buiet and sin9ere
selfAo1servation to reali0e the Bualities and defe9ts of his own 9hara9ter+ he will then+ at
the :o:ent when his own inner self 9onfronts hi: as a :irrored i:age+ find strength and
9ourage to 9ondu9t hi:self in the right way& "eo3le who have failed to test the:selves in
this way+ and are insuffi9iently a9Buainted with their own inner self+ will not re9ogni0e
the:selves in their own :irrored i:age+ and will :istaDe it for a reality foreign to
the:selves& Or they :ay 1e9o:e alar:ed at the vision+ and+ 1e9ause they 9annot endure
the sight+ de9eive the:selves into 1elieving the whole thing is nothing 1ut an illusion
whi9h 9annot lead the: anywhere& In either 9ase the 3erson in Buestion+ through
3re:aturely attaining a 9ertain stage of inner develo3:ent+ would hi:self fatally o1stru9t
his own 3rogress&
It is a1solutely ne9essary that the student should e23erien9e this as3e9t of his own inner
self 1efore 3rogressing to higher s3heres& For he 3ossesses in hi:self a 3sy9hi9As3iritual
ele:ent of whi9h he is hi:self the 1est Cudge& If he has thoroughly reali0ed the nature of
his own 3ersonality in the 3hysi9al world+ and if the i:age of his 3ersonality first a33ears
to hi: in a higher world+ he is then a1le to 9o:3are the one with the other& #e 9an refer
the higher to so:ething already Dnown to hi:+ so that his 3oint of de3arture is on fir:
ground& Whereas+ on the other hand+ if ever so :any other s3iritual 1eings a33eared to
hi:+ he would find hi:self una1le to dis9over their nature and Bualities+ and would soon
feel the ground giving way 1eneath hi:& Thus it 9annot 1e too often re3eated that the
only safe entran9e into the higher worlds is at the end of a 3ath leading through a genuine
Dnowledge and esti:ate of oneJs own nature&
"i9tures+ then+ of a s3iritual Dind+ are first en9ountered 1y the student on his 3rogress into
higher worldsG and the reality to whi9h these 3i9tures 9orres3ond+ is a9tually within
hi:self& #e should 1e far enough advan9ed to refrain fro: desiring reality of a :ore
dire9t Dind+ at this initial stage+ and regard these 3i9tures as a33ro3riate& #e will soon
:eet so:ething Buite new within this world of 3i9tures& #is lower self is 1efore hi: as a
:irrored i:ageG 1ut fro: within this i:age there a33ears the true reality of his higher
self& Fro: out of the 3i9ture of his lower 3ersonality+ the for: of the s3iritual Ego
1e9o:es visi1le& Then threads are s3un fro: the latter to other and higher s3iritual
This is the :o:ent when the 4A3etalled lotus in the region of the eyes is reBuired& If it
now 1egins to stir+ the student finds it 3ossi1le to set his higher Ego in 9onne9tion with
higher s3iritual 1eings& The 9urrents fro: this lotus flower flow towards the higher
entities in su9h a way that the :ove:ents in Buestion are fully a33arent to the individual&
8ust as the light renders the 3hysi9al o1Ce9ts visi1le+ so+ too+ these 9urrents dis9lose
s3iritual 1eings of higher worlds&
Through inward a33li9ation to the funda:ental truths derived fro: 3iritual 9ien9e+ the
student learns to set in :otion+ and then to dire9t the 9urrents 3ro9eeding fro: the lotus
flower 1etween the eyes&
It is at this stage of develo3:ent es3e9ially that the value of sound Cudg:ent+ and a
training in 9lear and logi9al thought+ is 3roved& The higher self whi9h hitherto slu:1ered
un9ons9iously+ in an e:1ryoni9 state+ is now 1orn into 9ons9ious e2isten9e& This is not a
figurative+ 1ut a 3ositive 1irth in the s3iritual world+ and the 1eing now 1orn+ the higher
self+ if it is to 1e 9a3a1le of life+ :ust enter that world with all the ne9essary organs and
a3titudes& 8ust as !ature :ust 3rovide for a 9hild 1eing 1orn into the world with suita1le
eyes and ears+ so+ too+ the laws of selfAdevelo3:ent :ust 3rovide for the ne9essary
Bualities+ with whi9h the higher self 9an enter e2isten9e& These laws governing the
develo3:ent of the higher s3iritual organs are none other than the laws of sound reason
and :orality of the 3hysi9al world& The s3iritual self :atures in the 3hysi9al self as a
9hild in the :otherJs wo:1& The 9onstitution of the s3iritual self is si:ilarly 9onditioned
1y the laws of 9o::on intelligen9e and reason that govern 3hysi9al life& !o one 9an give
1irth to a soundly 9onstituted higher self+ whose life in thought and feeling+ in the
3hysi9al world+ is not sound and healthy& !atural+ rational life is the 1asis of all genuine
s3iritual develo3:ent& 8ust as the 9hild when still in the :aternal wo:1+ lives in
a99ordan9e with natural for9es to whi9h it has a99ess+ after its 1irth+ through its organs of
sense+ so+ too+ the hu:an higher self lives in a99ordan9e with the laws of the s3iritual
world+ even during 3hysi9al e2isten9e& And even as the 9hild+ out of a di: lifeAinstin9t+
a9Buires the reBuisite for9es+ so+ too+ 9an :an a9Buire the 3owers of the s3iritual world
1efore his higher self is 1orn& Indeed he :ust do this if the latter is to enter the world as a
fully develo3ed 1eing& It would 1e Buite wrong for anyone to say@ MI 9annot a99e3t the
tea9hings of 3iritual 9ien9e until I :yself 1e9o:e a seer+J for without inward
a33li9ation to the results of s3iritual investigation+ there is no 9han9e whatever of
attaining genuine higher Dnowledge& It would 1e as though a 9hild+ during gestation+ were
to refuse the for9es 9o:ing to it through its :other+ and 3ro3osed to wait until it 9ould
9reate the: for itself& 8ust as the 9hild in its in9i3ient feeling for life+ learns to a33re9iate
what is offered to it+ so 9an the nonAseer a33re9iate the truth of the tea9hings of 3iritual
9ien9e& An insight into these tea9hings+ 1ased on a dee3ly rooted feeling for truth+ and a
9lear+ sound+ allAround 9riti9al and reasoning fa9ulty+ is 3ossi1le+ even 1efore s3iritual
things are a9tually 3er9eived& The esoteri9 Dnowledge :ust first 1e studied+ so that this
study 1e9o:es a 3re3aration for 9lairvoyan9e& A 3erson attaining 9lairvoyan9e without
su9h 3re3aration would rese:1le a 9hild 1orn with eyes and ears 1ut without a 1rain& The
entire world of sound and 9olour would dis3lay itself 1efore hi:+ 1ut he would 1e
hel3less in it&
At this stage of his esoteri9 develo3:ent+ the student reali0es+ through 3ersonal inward
e23erien9e+ all that had 3reviously a33ealed to his sense of truth+ to his intelle9t and
reason& #e has now dire9t Dnowledge of his higher self& #e learns how his higher self is
9onne9ted with e2alted s3iritual 1eings+ and for:s with the: a united whole& #e sees
how the lower self originates in a higher world+ and it is revealed to hi: how his higher
nature outlasts his lower& #e 9an now distinguish the i:3erisha1le in hi:self fro: the
3erisha1leG that is+ he learns+ through 3ersonal insight+ to understand the do9trine of the
in9arnation of the higher self in the lower& It will 1e9o:e 3lain to hi: that he is involved
in a great s3iritual 9o:3le2+ and that his Bualities and destiny are due to this 9onne9tion&
#e learns to re9ogni0e the law of his life+ his .ar:a& #e reali0es that his lower self+
9onstituting his 3resent e2isten9e+ is only one of the for:s whi9h his higher 1eing 9an
ado3t& #e dis9erns the 3ossi1ility of worDing down fro: his higher self on to his lower
self+ so that he :ay 3erfe9t hi:self ever :ore and :ore& !ow+ too+ he 9an rightly
distinguish the great differen9es 1etween hu:an 1eings+ in regard to their level of
3erfe9tion& #e 1e9o:es aware that there are others a1ove hi:+ who have already
traversed the stages whi9h still lie 1efore hi:+ and he reali0es that the tea9hings and
deeds of su9h :en 3ro9eed fro: the ins3iration of a higher world& #e owes this
Dnowledge to his first gli:3se into this higher world& The soA9alled great Initiates of
hu:anity now 1e9o:e vested with reality for hi:& These+ then+ are the gifts whi9h the
student owes to his develo3:ent at this stage@ insight into his higher selfG insight into the
do9trine of the in9arnation of this higher 1eing into a lowerG insight into the laws 1y
whi9h life in the 3hysi9al world is regulated a99ording to its s3iritual 9onne9tions+ that is+
the law of .ar:aG and finally+ insight into the e2isten9e of the great Initiates&
Thus it is said of a student who has rea9hed this stage+ that all dou1t has vanished fro:
hi:& #is for:er faith+ 1ased on reason and sound thought+ is now re3la9ed 1y Dnowledge
and insight whi9h nothing 9an under:ine& The various religious 9ults have 3resented+ in
their 9ere:onies+ sa9ra:ents+ and rites+ e2ternally visi1le 3i9tures of the higher s3iritual
1eings and events& !one 1ut those who have not 3enetrated to the de3ths of the great
religious 9ults+ 9an fail to re9ogni0e this fa9t& "ersonal insight into s3iritual reality
e23lains the great signifi9an9e of these e2ternally visi1le 9ults& Religious servi9e+ then+
1e9o:es for the seer an i:age of his own 9o::union with the higher+ s3iritual world&
It has 1een shown how the student+ 1y attaining this stage+ 1e9o:es+ in truth+ a new
1eing& #e 9an now :ature to still higher fa9ulties+ and+ 1y :eans of the lifeA9urrents of
his etheri9 1ody+ 9ontrol the higher and a9tual lifeAele:ent+ thus attaining inde3enden9e+
to a high degree+ fro: the restri9tions of the 3hysi9al 1ody&
An inti:ation that the student has rea9hed or will soon rea9h the stage of develo3:ent
des9ri1ed in the 3re9eding 9ha3ter+ will he found in the 9hange whi9h 9o:es over his
drea: life& #is drea:s+ hitherto 9onfused and ha3ha0ard+ now 1egin to assu:e a :ore
regular 9hara9ter& Their 3i9tures 1egin to su99eed ea9h other in sensi1le 9onne9tion+ liDe
the thoughts and ideas of daily life& #e 9an dis9ern in the: law+ 9ause and effe9t& The
9ontent+ too+ of his drea:s is 9hanged& While hitherto he dis9erned only re:inis9en9es of
daily life+ and transfor:ed i:3ressions of his surroundings or of his 3hysi9al 9ondition+
there now a33ear 1efore hi: 3i9tures of a world he has hitherto not Dnown& At first the
general 9hara9ter of his drea: life re:ains un9hanged+ in so far as drea:s are
distinguished fro: waDing :ental a9tivity 1y the sy:1oli9al 3resentation of what they
wish to e23ress& !o attentive o1server of drea: life 9an fail to dete9t this 9hara9teristi9&
For instan9e+ one :ay drea: that one has 9aught so:e horri1le 9reature+ and one feels an
un3leasant sensation in oneJs hand& One waDes to dis9over that one is tightly gras3ing a
9orner of the 1lanDet& The truth is not 3resented to the :ind+ e29e3t through the :ediu:
of a sy:1oli9al i:age& One :ay drea: that one is flying fro: so:e 3ursuer+ and is
stri9Den with fear& On waDing+ one finds that one has 1een suffering+ during slee3+ fro:
3al3itations of the heart& DisBuieting drea:s 9an also 1e tra9ed to indigesti1le food&
O99urren9es in the i::ediate vi9inity :ay also refle9t the:selves sy:1oli9ally in
drea:s& The striDing of a 9lo9D :ay evoDe the 3i9ture of a troo3 of soldiers :ar9hing 1y
to the 1eat of their dru:s& A falling 9hair :ay 1e the o99asion of a whole drea: dra:a+ in
whi9h the sound of the fall is re3rodu9ed as the re3ort of a gun+ and so forth& The :ore
regulated drea:s of esoteri9 students whose etheri9 1ody has 1egun its develo3:ent+
retain this sy:1oli9al :ethod of e23ression+ 1ut they will 9ease :erely to refle9t reality
9onne9ted with the 3hysi9al 1ody and 3hysi9al environ:ent& As the drea:s due to the
latter 9auses 1e9o:e :ore 9onne9ted+ they are :ingled with si:ilar 3i9tures e23ressing
things and events of another world& These are the first e23erien9es lying 1eyond the range
of waDing 9ons9iousness& *et no true :ysti9 will ever :aDe his e23erien9es in drea:s the
1asis of any authoritative a99ount of a higher world& u9h drea:s :ust 1e :erely
9onsidered as 3roviding the first hint of a higher develo3:ent& Nery soon+ and as a further
result+ the studentJs drea:s will no longer re:ain 1eyond the rea9h of intelle9tual
guidan9e+ as heretofore+ 1ut+ on the 9ontrary+ will 1e intelle9tually 9ontrolled and
su3ervised+ liDe the i:3ressions and 9on9e3tions of waDing 9ons9iousness& The
differen9e 1etween drea: and waDing 9ons9iousness grows ever s:aller& The drea:er
re:ains awaDe+ in the fullest sense of the word+ during his drea: lifeG that is+ he is aware
of his :astery and 9ontrol over his own vivid :ental a9tivity&
During our drea:s we are a9tually in a world other than that of our sensesG 1ut+ with
undevelo3ed s3iritual organs+ we 9an for: none other than the 9onfused 9on9e3tions of it
des9ri1ed a1ove& It is only in so far 3resent for us+ as+ for instan9e+ the world of sense
9ould 1e for a 1eing eBui33ed with no :ore than rudi:entary eyes& That is why we 9an
see nothing in this world 1ut 9ounterfeits and refle9tions of daily life& The latter are
3er9e3ti1le to us 1e9ause our own soul 3aints its daily e23erien9es in 3i9torial for: into
the su1stan9e of whi9h that other world 9onsists& It :ust 1e 9learly understood that in
addition to our ordinary 9ons9ious worDAaAday life+ we lead a se9ond un9ons9ious life in
that other world& We engrave in it all our thoughts and 3er9e3tions& These tra9ings only
1e9o:e visi1le when the lotus flowers are develo3ed& !ow in every hu:an 1eing there
are 9ertain 1eginnings of these lotus flowers& We 9annot 3er9eive with the: during
waDing 9ons9iousness 1e9ause the i:3ressions :ade on the: are very faint& We 9annot
see the stars during the dayti:e for a si:ilar reason& Their visi1ility is e2tinguished 1y
the :ighty glare of the sun& Thus+ too+ the faint i:3ressions fro: the s3iritual world
9annot :aDe the:selves felt in the fa9e of the 3owerful i:3ressions re9eived through the
!ow when the gate of the senses is 9losed during slee3+ these other i:3ressions 1egin to
e:erge 9onfusedly+ and the drea:er 1e9o:es aware of e23erien9es in another world& But+
as already e23lained+ these e23erien9es 9onsist+ at first+ :erely of 3i9tures engraved in the
s3iritual world 1y our :ental a9tivity atta9hed to the 3hysi9al senses& Only develo3ed
lotus flowers :aDe it 3ossi1le for :anifestations not derived fro: the 3hysi9al world to
1e i:3rinted in the sa:e way& And then the etheri9 1ody+ when develo3ed+ 1rings full
Dnowledge 9on9erning these engraved i:3ressions derived fro: other worlds& This is the
1eginning of life and a9tivity in a new world+ and+ at this 3oint+ esoteri9 training :ust set
the student a twofold tasD& To 1egin with+ he :ust learn to taDe sto9D of everything he
o1serves in his drea:s+ e2a9tly as though he were awaDe& Then+ if su99essful in this+ he is
led to :aDe the sa:e o1servations during ordinary waDing 9ons9iousness& #e will so
train his attention and re9e3tivity for these s3iritual i:3ressions+ that they need no longer
vanish in the fa9e of the 3hysi9al i:3ressions+ 1ut will always 1e at hand for hi:+ and
rea9h hi: in addition to the others&
When the student has a9Buired this fa9ulty+ there arises 1efore his s3iritual eyes
so:ething of the 3i9ture des9ri1ed in the 3re9eding 9ha3ter+ and he 9an hen9eforth
dis9ern all that the s3iritual world 9ontains as the 9ause of the 3hysi9al world& A1ove all
things he 9an 3er9eive and gain Dnowledge of his own higher self in this world& The ne2t
tasD now 9onfronting hi: is to grow+ as it were+ into this higher self+ that is+ really to
regard it as his own true self and a9t a99ordingly& #e reali0es ever :ore 9learly and
intensely that his 3hysi9al 1ody+ and what he hitherto 9alled his MIJ are :erely the
instru:ents of his higher self& #e ado3ts an attitude towards his lower self+ su9h as a
3erson+ li:ited to the world of the senses+ ado3ts towards so:e instru:ent or vehi9le that
serves hi:& !o one in9ludes as 3art of hi:self the vehi9le in whi9h he is travelling+ even
though he says@ MI travelJG so+ too+ when an inwardly develo3ed 3erson says@ MI go through
the door+J his a9tual 9on9e3tion is MI 9arry :y 1ody through the door&J Only this :ust
1e9o:e a natural ha1it with hi:+ so that he never for a :o:ent loses his fir: footing in
the 3hysi9al world or feels estranged fro: it& If the student is to avoid 1e9o:ing a
fantasti9 visionary+ he :ust not i:3overish his life through his higher 9ons9iousness+ 1ut
on the 9ontrary+ enri9h it+ as a 3erson enri9hes his life 1y using the railway and not :erely
his legs to 9over a 9ertain distan9e&
When the student has thus raised hi:self to a life in the higher Ego+ or rather during his
a9Buisition of the higher 9ons9iousness+ he will learn how to stir to life the s3iritual
3er9e3tive for9e in the organ of the heart+ and 9ontrol it through the 9urrents des9ri1ed in
the foregoing 9ha3ter& This 3er9e3tive for9e is an ele:ent of higher su1stantiality+ whi9h
3ro9eeds fro: the organ in Buestion+ and flows with 1eautiful radian9e through the
:oving lotus flowers and the other 9hannels of the develo3ed etheri9 1ody& Then9e it
radiates outward into the surrounding s3iritual world+ rendering it s3iritually visi1le+ Cust
as the sunlight falling on the o1Ce9ts of the 3hysi9al world+ renders the: visi1le&
#ow this 3er9e3tive for9e in the heart organ is 9reated+ 9an only 1e gradually understood
in the 9ourse of a9tual develo3:ent&
It is only when this organ of 3er9e3tion 9an 1e sent through the etheri9 1ody and into the
outer world+ to illu:ine it+ that the a9tual s3iritual world+ as 9o:3osed of o1Ce9ts and
1eings+ 9all 1e 9learly 3er9eived& Thus it will 1e seen that 9o:3lete 9ons9iousness of an
o1Ce9t in the s3iritual world is only 3ossi1le when :an hi:self 9asts u3on it the s3iritual
light& !ow the Ego whi9h 9reates this organ of 3er9e3tion does not dwell within+ 1ut
outside the 3hysi9al 1ody+ as already shown& The heart organ is only the s3ot where the
individual Dindles+ fro: without+ this s3iritual light organ& Were the latter Dindled
elsewhere+ the s3iritual 3er9e3tions 3rodu9ed 1y it would have no 9onne9tion with the
3hysi9al world& But all higher s3iritual realities :ust 1e related to the 3hysi9al world+ and
:an hi:self :ust a9t as a 9hannel for the: to flow into it& It is 3re9isely through the
heart organ that the higher Ego governs the 3hysi9al self+ :aDing it into his instru:ent&
!ow the esoteri9ally develo3ed 3erson feels differently towards the things of the s3iritual
world+ than the undevelo3ed feels to the things of the 3hysi9al world& The latter feels
hi:self to 1e at a 3arti9ular 3la9e in the world of sense+ and the surrounding o1Ce9ts to 1e
e2ternal to hi:& The s3iritually develo3ed 3erson feels hi:self to 1e united with+ and as
though in the interior of the s3iritual o1Ce9ts he 3er9eives& #e wanders+ in fa9t+ fro: 3la9e
to 3la9e+ and is therefore 9alled the MWandererJ+ in the language of o99ult s9ien9e& hould
he+ however+ re:ain a :ere wanderer+ he would 1e una1le to define any o1Ce9t in
s3iritual s3a9e& 8ust as o1Ce9ts and 3la9es in 3hysi9al s3a9e are defined fro: a fi2ed 3oint
of de3arture+ this+ too+ :ust 1e the 9ase in the other world& #e :ust seeD out so:e 3la9e+
thoroughly investigate it+ and taDe it s3iritually in 3ossession& In this 3la9e he :ust
esta1lish his s3iritual ho:e+ and relate everything else to it& In 3hysi9al life+ too+ a 3erson
sees everything in ter:s of his 3hysi9al ho:e& !atives of Berlin and "aris will
involuntarily des9ri1e London in a different way& And yet there is a differen9e 1etween
the s3iritual and the 3hysi9al ho:e& We are 1orn into the latter without our 9oAo3eration+
and instin9tively a1sor1+ during our 9hildhood+ a nu:1er of ideas+ 1y whi9h everything is
hen9eforth involuntarily 9oloured& The student+ however+ hi:self founds his own s3iritual
ho:e+ in full 9ons9iousness& #is Cudg:ent+ therefore+ 1ased on this s3iritual ho:e+ is
for:ed in full unha:3ered freedo:& This founding of a s3iritual ho:e is 9alled in the
language of o99ult s9ien9e+ Mthe 1uilding of the hutJ&
3iritual vision+ at this stage+ e2tends to the s3iritual 9ounter3arts of the 3hysi9al world+
so far as these e2ist in the soA9alled astral world& There everything is found whi9h+ in its
nature+ is si:ilar to hu:an instin9ts+ feelings+ desires and 3assions& For 3owers related to
all these hu:an 9hara9teristi9s+ are asso9iated with all 3hysi9al o1Ce9ts& A 9rystal+ for
instan9e+ is 9ast in its for: 1y 3owers whi9h+ seen fro: a higher stand3oint+ a33ear as an
a9tive hu:an i:3ulse& i:ilar for9es drive the sa3 through the vessels of the 3lant+ 9ause
the 1losso:s to unfold and the seedAvessels to 1urst& To develo3ed s3iritual organs of
3er9e3tion+ all these for9es a33ear gifted with for: and 9olour+ Cust as the o1Ce9ts of the
3hysi9al world have for: and 9olour for 3hysi9al eyes& At this stage in his develo3:ent+
the student sees not only the 9rystal and the 3lant+ 1ut also the a1ove s3iritual for9es&
Ani:al and hu:an i:3ulses are 3er9e3ti1le to hi: not only through their 3hysi9al
:anifestation in the individual+ 1ut dire9tly as o1Ce9ts+ as he sees ta1les and 9hairs in the
3hysi9al world& The whole range of instin9t+ i:3ulse+ desire and 3assion+ 1oth of an
ani:al and a hu:an 1eing+ 9onstitute the astral 9loud or aura+ in whi9h the 1eing is
Further:ore+ the 9lairvoyant 9an+ at this stage+ 3er9eive things whi9h are al:ost or
entirely withheld fro: the senses& #e 9an+ for instan9e+ tell the astral differen9e 1etween a
roo: full of lowerA or of higherA:inded 3eo3le& !ot only the 3hysi9al 1ut also the
s3iritual at:os3here of a hos3ital differs fro: that of a 1allroo:& A 9o::er9ial town has
a different astral air fro: that of a university town& In the initial stages of 9lairvoyan9e+
this 3er9e3tive fa9ulty is 1ut weaDly develo3edG its relation to the o1Ce9ts in Buestion is
si:ilar to the relation of drea:A9ons9iousness to waDing 9ons9iousness+ in ordinary lifeG
it will+ however+ 1e9o:e fully awaDened also at this stage&
The highest a9hieve:ent of a 9lairvoyant who has attained the degree of visioI,
des9ri1ed a1ove+ is when the astral 9ounterAeffe9ts of ani:al and hu:an i:3ulses and
3assions are revealed to hi:& A loving a9tion is a99o:3anied 1y Buite a different astral
3i9ture fro: one ins3ired 1y hate& Un1ridled desire gives rise to an ugly astral
9ounter3art+ while a feeling evoDed 1y a high ideal 9reates a 9ounter3art that is 1eautiful&
These astral 9ounter3arts are 1ut faintly 3er9e3ti1le during the 3hysi9al life of an
individual+ for their strength is di:inished 1y life in the 3hysi9al world& The desire for an
o1Ce9t 3rodu9es an eBuivalent i:age dis3laying itself as this very desire in the astral
world& If+ however+ the o1Ce9t 1e attained and the desire satisfied+ or if+ at any rate+ the
3ossi1ility of satisfa9tion is forth9o:ing+ the 9orres3onding i:age will show 1ut faintly&
It only attains its rightful state after the death of the individual+ when thle soul+ in
a99ordan9e with its nature+ still har1ours su9h desires+ 1ut 9an no longer satisfy the:+
1e9ause the o1Ce9t and the 3hysi9al organ are 1oth la9Ding& The gour:and+ for instan9e+
will still retain+ after death+ the desire to 3lease his 3alateG 1ut there is no 3ossi1ility of
satisfying this desire 1e9ause he no longer has a 3alate& As a result+ the desire 3rodu9es an
es3e9ially 3owerful 9ounter3art+ 1y whi9h the soul is tor:ented& These e23erien9es
evoDed 1y the i:ages of the lower soulAnature after death+ are 9alled the e23erien9es in
the soulAworld+ es3e9ially in the region of desires& They only vanish when the soul has
3urified itself fro: all desires tending to the 3hysi9al world& Then only does the soul
:ount to the higher regions+ to the world of s3irit& Even though these i:ages are faint
during life in the 3hysi9al world+ they are none the less 3resent+ following the individual
as his world of desire+ in the way a 9o:et is followed 1y its tail& They 9an 1e seen 1y a
9lairvoyant at the reBuisite stage of develo3:ent&
u9h and si:ilar e23erien9es fill the life of the student during the 3eriod des9ri1ed a1ove&
#e 9annot attain higher s3iritual e23erien9e at this stage of develo3:ent+ 1ut :ust 9li:1
still higher fro: this 3oint&

#u:an life runs its 9ourse in three alternating states or 9onditions+ na:ely+ waDing+
drea:ing slee3 and drea:less slee3& The attain:ent of the higher Dnowledge of s3iritual
worlds 9an 1e readily understood+ if a 9on9e3tion 1e for:ed of the 9hanges o99urring in
these three 9onditions+ as e23erien9ed 1y the individual seeDing su9h higher Dnowledge&
When no training has 1een undertaDen to attain this Dnowledge+ hu:an 9ons9iousness is
9ontinually interru3ted 1y the restful intervals of slee3& During these intervals the soul
Dnows nothing of the outer world and eBually little of itself& Only at 9ertain 3eriods+
drea:s e:erge fro: the dee3 o9ean of insensi1ility+ drea:s linDed to the o99urren9es of
the outer world or the 9onditions of the 3hysi9al 1ody& At first+ drea:s are only regarded
as a 3arti9ular :anifestation of slee3Alife+ and thus only two states are generally s3oDen
of+ na:ely+ slee3ing and waDing& For 3iritual 9ien9e+ however+ drea:s have an
inde3endent signifi9an9e+ a3art fro: the other two 9onditions& In the foregoing 9ha3ter+ a
des9ri3tion was given of the alteration ensuing in the drea: life of the individual
undertaDing the as9ent to higher Dnowledge& #is drea:s lose their :eaningless+ irregular
and dis9onne9ted 9hara9ter+ and for: the:selves+ ever :ore+ into a world of law and
order+ With 9ontinued develo3:ent+ not only does this new world 1orn out of the drea:
world+ 9o:e to 1e in no way inferior to outer 3hysi9al reality+ as regards its inner truth+
1ut fa9ts are seen to reveal the:selves in it+ re3resenting a higher reality in the fullest
sense of the word& )ysteries and riddles lie 9on9ealed everywhere in the 3hysi9al world&
In the latter+ the effe9ts are seen of 9ertain higher fa9ts+ 1ut no one 9an 3enetrate to the
9auses+ whose 3er9e3tion is 9onfined :erely to his senses& These 9auses are 3artly
revealed to the student+ in the a1ove 9ondition develo3ed out of drea: life Aa 9ondition+
however+ at whi9h he 1y no :eans re:ains stationary& *et he :ust not regard these
revelations as a9tual Dnowledge+ so long as the sa:e things do not also reveal the:selves
during ordinary waDing life& In ti:e he develo3s this fa9ulty of 9arrying over into waDing
9ons9iousness the 9ondition he 9reated for hi:self out of drea: life& Thus so:ething new
is introdu9ed into the world of his senses+ to enri9h it& 8ust as a 3erson 1orn 1lind and
su99essfully o3erated u3on+ will re9ogni0e the surrounding o1Ce9ts to 1e enri9hed 1y all
that the eye 3er9eives+ so+ too+ will anyone having 1e9o:e 9lairvoyant in the a1ove
:anner+ 3er9eive the whole world surrounding hi:+ 3eo3led with new Bualities+ things+
1eings and so forth& #e now need no longer wait for his drea:s to live in another world+
1ut he 9an at any suita1le :o:ent 3ut hi:self into the a1ove 9ondition+ for the 3ur3ose
of higher 3er9e3tion& This 9ondition then a9Buires a si:ilar signifi9an9e for hi: as+ in
ordinary life+ the 3er9e3tion of things with a9tive senses as o33osed to ina9tive senses& It
9an truly 1e said that the student o3ens the eyes of his soul+ and 1eholds things whi9h
ne9essarily re:ain 9on9ealed fro: the 1odily senses&
!ow this 9ondition is only transitional to still higher stages of Dnowledge& If the student
9ontinues his esoteri9 e2er9ises+ he will find+ in due ti:e+ that the radi9al 9hange+ as
des9ri1ed a1ove+ does not 9onfine itself to his drea: life+ 1ut that this transfor:ation also
e2tends to what was 3reviously a 9ondition of dee3 drea:less slee3& Isolated 9ons9ious
e23erien9es 1egin to interru3t the 9o:3lete insensi1ility of this dee3 slee3& "er9e3tions
3reviously unDnown to hi:+ e:erge fro: the 3ervading darDness of slee3& It is+ of 9ourse+
not easy to des9ri1e these 3er9e3tions+ for our language is only ada3ted to the 3hysi9al
world+ and therefore only a33ro2i:ate ter:s 9an 1e found to e23ress what does not at all
1elong to that world& till su9h ter:s :ust 1e used to des9ri1e the higher worlds+ and it is
only 3ossi1le 1y the free use of si:ileG yet seeing that everything in the world is interA
related+ the atte:3t :ay 1e :ade& The things and 1eings of the higher worlds are 9losely
enough related to those of the 3hysi9al world+ that+ with a little goodwill+ so:e sort of
9on9e3tion of these higher worlds 9an 1e for:ed+ even though words suita1le for the
3hysi9al world are used& Only the reader :ust always 1ear in :ind that su9h des9ri3tions
of su3ersensi1le worlds :ust+ to a large e2tent+ 1e in the nature of si:ile and sy:1ol& The
words of ordinary language are only 3artially ado3ted in the 9ourse of esoteri9 trainingG
for the rest+ the student learns another sy:1oli9al language+ as a natural out9o:e of his
as9ent to higher worlds& The Dnowledge of this language is a9Buired during training itself+
1ut that is no reason why so:ething 9on9erning the higher worlds should not 1e learned+
even fro: su9h ordinary des9ri3tions as those here given&
o:e idea 9an 1e given of those e23erien9es+ whi9h e:erge fro: the insensi1ility of
dee3 slee3+ if they 1e 9o:3ared to a Dind of hearing& We :ay s3eaD of audi1le tones and
words& While the e23erien9es during drea:ing slee3 :ay fitly 1e designated as a Dind of
vision+ the fa9ts o1served during dee3 slee3 :ay 1e 9o:3ared to auditive i:3ressions& >It
should 1e re:arDed in 3assing+ that for the s3iritual world+ too+ the fa9ulty of sight
re:ains the higher& There+ too+ 9olours are higher than sounds and words& The studentJs
first 3er9e3tions in this world do not yet e2tend to the higher 9olours+ 1ut only to the
lower tones& Only 1e9ause :an+ a99ording to his general develo3:ent+ is already :ore
Bualified for the world revealing itself in drea:ing slee3+ does he straightaway 3er9eive
9olours there& #e is less Bualified for the higher world unveiling itself in dee3 slee3G
therefore the first revelations of it he re9eives are in tones and wordsG later on he 9an
here+ too+ as9end to 9olours and for:s&? !ow when these e23erien9es during dee3 slee3
first 9o:e to the noti9e of the student+ his ne2t tasD :ust 1e to :aDe the: as 9lear and
vivid as 3ossi1le& At first+ this 3resents great diffi9ulty+ the 3er9e3tion of these
e23erien9es 1eing e29eedingly slight& The student Dnows very well+ on waDing+ that he
has had an e23erien9e+ 1ut is 9o:3letely in the darD as regards its nature& The :ost
i:3ortant thing during this initial stage+ is to re:ain Buiet and 9o:3osed+ and not for a
:o:ent la3se into any unrest or i:3atien9e& The latter is under all 9ir9u:stan9es
detri:entalG it 9an never a99elerate develo3:ent+ 1ut only delays it& The student :ust
9ultivate a Buiet and yielding re9e3tivity for the gift that is 3resented to hi:G all violen9e
:ust 1e re3ressed& hould he+ at any 3eriod+ 9ease to 1e9o:e aware of e23erien9es
during slee3 he :ust wait 3atiently until this is again 3ossi1le& o:e day+ this :o:ent
will assuredly arrive& And this 3er9e3tive fa9ulty+ if awaited with 3atien9e and
9o:3osure+ re:ains a se9ure 3ossessionG while+ should it a33ear :o:entarily in answer
to for9i1le :ethods+ it :ay 1e 9o:3letely lost for a long ti:e&
On9e this 3er9e3tive fa9ulty is a9Buired+ and the e23erien9es during slee3 are 3resent to
the studentJs 9ons9iousness in 9o:3lete lu9idity and 9larity+ his attention should 1e
dire9ted to the following 3oint& All these e23erien9es are seen to 9onsist of two Dinds+
whi9h 9an 1e 9learly distinguished& The first Dind will 1e totally foreign to anything that
he has ever e23erien9ed& These e23erien9es will 1e a sour9e of Coy and edifi9ation+ 1ut
they should 1e left to the:selves for the ti:e 1eing& They are the first har1inger of higher
s3iritual worlds in whi9h the student will find his way later on& In the se9ond Dind of
e23erien9es+ the attentive o1server will dis9over a 9ertain relationshi3 with the ordinary
world in whi9h he lives& The su1Ce9ts of his refle9tions during life+ what he would liDe to
understand in these things around hi:+ 1ut 9annot understand with the ordinary intelle9t+
these are the things 9on9erning whi9h the e23erien9es during slee3 give hi: infor:ation&
During everyday life+ :an refle9ts on his environ:entG his :ind tries to 9on9eive and
understand the 9onne9tion e2isting 1etween thingsG he seeDs to gras3 in thought and idea
what his senses 3er9eive& It is to these ideas and 9on9e3tions that the e23erien9es during
slee3 refer& O1s9ure+ shadowy 9on9e3ts 1e9o:e sonorous and living+ in a way
9o:3ara1le only to the tones and the words of the 3hysi9al world& It see:s to the student
ever :ore and :ore+ as though the solution of the riddles over whi9h he 3onders+ is
whis3ered to hi: in tones and words fro: out of a higher world& And he is a1le to
9onne9t with ordinary life whatever 9o:es to hi: fro: out of a higher world& What was
for:erly only a99essi1le to his thought+ now 1e9o:es a9tual e23erien9e+ as living and
su1stantial as ever an e23erien9e in this 3hysi9al world 9an 1e& The things and 1eings of
this 3hysi9al world are 1y no :eans only what they a33ear to 1e for 3hysi9al 3er9e3tion&
They are the e23ression and effluen9e of a s3iritual world& This s3iritual world+ hitherto
9on9ealed fro: the student+ now resounds for hi:+ out of his whole environ:ent& It is
easy to see that this higher 3er9e3tive fa9ulty 9an only 3rove a 1lessing+ if the soulAsenses
that are o3ened+ are in 3erfe9t order+ Cust as the ordinary senses 9an only 1e used for a
true o1servation of the world if their eBui3:ent is regular and nor:al& !ow :an hi:self
for:s these higher senses through the e2er9ises indi9ated 1y 3iritual 9ien9e& The latter
in9lude 9on9entration+ in whi9h the attention is dire9ted to 9ertain definite ideas and
9on9e3tions 9onne9ted with the se9rets of the universeG and :editation+ whi9h is a life in
su9h ideas+ a 9o:3lete su1:ersion in the: in the right way& By 9on9entration and
:editation+ the student worDs u3on his soul+ and develo3s within it the soulAorgans of
3er9e3tion& While thus a33lying hi:self to the tasD of 9on9entration and :editation+ his
soul grows within his 1ody Cust as the e:1ryo 9hild grows in the 1ody of the :other&
When the isolated e23erien9es during slee3 1egin+ as des9ri1ed+ the :o:ent of 1irth is
a33roa9hing for the li1erated soulG for it has literally 1e9o:e a new 1eing+ develo3ed 1y
the individual within hi:self+ fro: seed to fruit& The effort reBuired for 9on9entration and
:editation+ :ust therefore 1e 9arefully and a99urately :aintained+ for it 9ontains the laws
governing the ger:ination and fruition of the higher hu:an soulA1eing& The latter :ust
a33ear at its 1irth as a har:onious+ well 3ro3ortioned organis:+ yet+ through an error in
the instru9tions+ no su9h nor:al 1eing will 9o:e to e2isten9e in the s3iritual s3heres+ 1ut
an a1ortion in9a3a1le of life& That this higher soulA1eing should 1e 1orn during dee3
slee3+ will 1e easily gras3ed+ for if that deli9ate organis: 9han9ed to a33ear during
3hysi9al everyday life+ it 9ould not 3revail against the harsh and 3owerful 3ro9esses of
this life& Its a9tivity would 1e of no a99ount against that of the 1ody& During slee3+
however+ when the 1ody rests+ in so far as its a9tivity is de3endent on sense 3er9e3tion+
then the a9tivity of the higher soul+ at first so deli9ate and in9ons3i9uous+ 9an 9o:e into
eviden9e& #ere again+ the student :ust 1ear in :ind that these e23erien9es during slee3
:ay not 1e regarded as fully valid Dnowledge+ so long as he is not in a 3osition to 9arry
over his awaDened soul into waDing 9ons9iousness as well& The a9Buisition of this fa9ulty
will ena1le hi: to 3er9eive the s3iritual world+ in its own 9hara9ter+ a:ong and 1etween
the e23erien9es of the dayG that is+ the hidden se9rets of his environ:ent will 1e 9onveyed
to hi: as tones and words&
!ow the student :ust reali0e+ at this stage of develo3:ent+ that he is dealing with
se3arate and :ore or less isolated s3iritual e23erien9es& #e should therefore 1eware of
9onstru9ting out of the: a 9o:3lete whole or even a 9onne9ted syste: of Dnowledge& In
this 9ase+ all :anner of fantasti9 ideas and 9on9e3tions would 1e :i2ed into the soulA
world+ and a world :ight thus easily 1e 9onstru9ted whi9h had nothing to do with the real
s3iritual world& The student :ust 9ontinually 3ra9tise selfA9ontrol& The right thing to do is
to strive for an ever 9learer 9on9e3tion of the isolated real e23erien9es+ and to+ await the
s3ontaneous arrival of new e23erien9es whi9h will 9onne9t the:selves+ as though of their
own a99ord+ with those already re9orded& By virtue of the 3ower of the s3iritual world
into whi9h he has now found his way+ and through 9ontinued a33li9ation to the 3res9ri1ed
e2er9ises+ the student e23erien9es an ever in9reasing e2tension and e23ansion of
9ons9iousness during slee3& The un9ons9ious intervals during slee3Alife grow ever
s:aller+ while :ore and :ore e23erien9es e:erge fro: erstwhile insensi1ility& These
e23erien9es thus linD the:selves together+ :ore of their own a99ord+ without this true
unity 1eing distur1ed 1y all :anner of 9o:1inations and inferen9es+ whi9h+ in any 9ase+
would only originate in an intelle9t a99usto:ed to the 3hysi9al world& *et the less the
ha1its of thought a9Buired in the 3hysi9al world are allowed to 3lay into these higher
e23erien9es the 1etter it is&
By thus 9ondu9ting hi:self+ the student a33roa9hes ever nearer to the attain:ent of that
9ondition+ on his 3ath to higher Dnowledge+ when the un9ons9iousness of slee3Alife is
transfor:ed into 9o:3lete 9ons9iousness& When his 1ody rests+ the individual lives in
surroundings whi9h are Cust as real as those in his waDing daily life& It is needless to say
that the reality referred to during slee3+ is different fro: 3hysi9al reality surrounding the
3hysi9al 1ody& The student learns A indeed he :ust learn A if he is to retain a fir: footing
in the 3hysi9al world and not 1e9o:e a visionary+ to 9onne9t the higher e23erien9es of
slee3 with his 3hysi9al environ:ent& At first+ however+ the world entered during slee3 is a
9o:3letely new revelation& This i:3ortant stage of develo3:ent+ at whi9h 9ons9iousness
is retained in life during slee3+ is Dnown in 3iritual 9ien9e as the M9ontinuity of
9ons9iousnessJ& The 9ondition here indi9ated is regarded+ at a 9ertain stage of
develo3:ent+ as a Dind of ideal+ attaina1le at the end of a long 3ath& What the student first
learns is the e2tension of 9ons9iousness into two soulAstates+ in the first of whi9h+ only
disordered drea:s were 3reviously 3ossi1le+ and in the se9ond+ only un9ons9ious
drea:less slee3& Anyone having rea9hed this stage of develo3:ent does not 9ease
e23erien9ing and learning+ during those intervals when the 3hysi9al 1ody rests+ and when
the soul re9eives no i:3ressions through the instru:entality of the senses&

During slee3 no i:3ressions are 9onveyed to the hu:an soul through the :ediu:shi3 of
the senseAorgans& The 3er9e3tions of the ordinary outer world do not find their way to the
soul+ when in that 9ondition& In 9ertain res3e9ts+ the soul is a9tually outside that 3art of
the hu:an 1eing A the soA9alled 3hysi9al 1ody A whi9h+ in waDing life+ is the :ediu: for
sense 3er9e3tions and thought& The soul is then only 9onne9ted with the finer 1odies >the
etheri9 1ody and the astral 1ody?+ whi9h are 1eyond the s9o3e of the 3hysi9al senses& But
the a9tivity of these finer 1odies does not 9ease during slee3& 8ust as the 3hysi9al 1ody is
9onne9ted with the things and 1eings of the 3hysi9al world+ affe9ting the: and 1eing
affe9ted 1y the:+ so+ too+ does the soul live in a higher worldG only this life of the soul
9ontinues also during slee3& The soul is in full a9tivity during slee3+ only we 9an Dnow
nothing of this a9tivity so long as we have no s3iritual organs of 3er9e3tion+ through
whi9h to o1serve what is going on around us and see what we ourselves are doing+ during
slee3+ as we o1serve our daily 3hysi9al environ:ent with our ordinary senses& The
3re9eding 9ha3ters have shown how esoteri9 training 9onsists in the develo3:ent of su9h
s3iritual sense organs& !ow if+ as a result of esoteri9 training+ the studentJs life during
slee3 1e transfor:ed in the :anner des9ri1ed in the foregoing 9ha3ter+ he will 1e a1le
9ons9iously to follow everything going on around hi:+ when in that 9ondition& #e 9an+ at
will+ find his way in his environ:ent as he 9ould when awaDe+ with his ordinary senses& It
should here 1e noted that a higher degree of 9lairvoyan9e is reBuired for the higher
3er9e3tion of ordinary 3hysi9al environ:ent& This was indi9ated in the last 9ha3ter& In the
initial stages of his develo3:ent+ the student 3er9eives things 3ertaining to another world
without 1eing a1le to dis9ern their 9onne9tion with the o1Ce9ts of his daily 3hysi9al
These 9hara9teristi9s of life during slee3 or in drea:s+ illustrate what is 9ontinually
taDing 3la9e in the hu:an 1eing& The soul lives in uninterru3ted a9tivity in the higher
worlds+ even gathering fro: the: the i:3ulse to a9t u3on the 3hysi9al 1ody& )an is
ordinarily un9ons9ious of his higher lifeG the esoteri9 student renders hi:self 9ons9ious of
it+ and there1y his whole life 1e9o:es transfor:ed& The soul+ while still in9a3a1le of
higher sight in the higher worlds+ is guided 1y su3erior 9os:i9 1eings& And Cust as the life
of a 3erson 1orn 1lind 1e9o:es transfor:ed+ through a su99essful o3eration+ fro: its
3revious state of de3enden9e on a guide+ so too does the life of a 3erson 1e9o:e
transfor:ed through esoteri9 training& Kfootnote@ ee 3& ,'6 and Editorial "refa9e&L #e
outgrows leadershi3 and :ust hen9eforward hi:self undertaDe to 1e his own guide& The
:o:ent this o99urs+ he is+ of 9ourse+ lia1le to errors totally unDnown to ordinary
9ons9iousness& #e a9ts now fro: a world+ fro: whi9h+ for:erly+ higher 3owers unDnown
to hi:self+ influen9ed hi:& These higher 3owers are dis3osed 1y the universal 9os:i9
har:ony& The student withdraws fro: this 9os:i9 har:ony+ and :ust now hi:self
a99o:3lish things whi9h were hitherto done for hi: without his 9oAo3eration&
It is for this reason that so :u9h is found in 1ooDs dealing with these :atters+ 9on9erning
the dangers 9onne9ted with the as9ent into higher worlds& The des9ri3tions so:eti:es
given of these dangers :ay well :aDe ti:id souls shudder at the 3ros3e9t of this higher
life& *et the fa9t is that dangers only arise when the ne9essary 3re9autions are negle9ted&
If all the :easures 9ounselled 1y true esoteri9 s9ien9e are ado3ted+ the as9ent will indeed
ensue through e23erien9es sur3assing in 3ower and :agnitude everything the 1oldest
flights of senseA1ound fantasy 9an 3i9tureG and yet there 9an 1e no Buestion of inCury to
health or life& The student :eets with horri1le 3owers threatening life at every turn and
fro: every side& It will even 1e 3ossi1le for hi: to :aDe use of 9ertain for9es and 1eings
e2isting 1eyond 3hysi9al 3er9e3tion+ and the te:3tation is great to 9ontrol these for9es
for the furtheran9e of 3ersonal and for1idden interests+ or to e:3loy the: wrongly out of
a defi9ient Dnowledge of the higher worlds& o:e of these es3e9ially i:3ortant
e23erien9es >e&g& the :eeting with the $uardian of the Threshold? will 1e des9ri1ed in the
following 9ha3ters& *et we :ust reali0e that the hostile 3owers are none the less 3resent+
even though we Dnow nothing of the:& It is true that in this 9ase their relation to :an is
ordained 1y higher 3owers+ and that this relation alters when the individual 9ons9iously
enters this world hitherto 9on9ealed fro: hi:& But at the sa:e ti:e his own e2isten9e is
enhan9ed+ and the 9ir9le of his life enri9hed 1y a great and new field of e23erien9e& A real
danger 9an only arise if the student+ through i:3atien9e or arrogan9e+ assu:es too early a
9ertain inde3enden9e with regard to the e23erien9e of the higher worlds+ or if he 9annot
wait to gain really suffi9ient insight into the su3ersensi1le laws& In these s3heres+ :odesty
and hu:ility are far less e:3ty words than in ordinary life& If the student 3ossesses these
Bualities in the very 1est sense+ he :ay 1e 9ertain that his as9ent into the higher life will
1e a9hieved without danger to all that is i:3lied 1y health and life& A1ove all things+ no
dishar:ony :ust ensue 1etween the higher e23erien9es and the events and de:ands of
everyday life& )anJs tasD :ust 1e sought on this earth+ and anyone desiring to shirD his
tasDs on this earth and to es9a3e into another world :ay 1e 9ertain he will never rea9h his
goal& *et what the senses 3er9eive is only 3art of the world& In the s3irit+ 1eings live+
e23ressing the:selves in the fa9ts of the 3hysi9al world& )an :ust 3arti9i3ate in the
s3irit+ in order to 9arry its revelations into the 3hysi9al world& #e transfor:s the earth 1y
i:3lanting in it what he has as9ertained in the s3iritual world& That is his tasD& It is only
1e9ause the 3hysi9al world is de3endent u3on the s3iritual+ and 1e9ause :an 9an only
worD u3on earth+ in a true sense+ if he is a 3arti9i3ator in those worlds in whi9h the
9reative for9es lie 9on9ealed A only for these reasons should he have the will to as9end to
the higher worlds& !o one a33roa9hing esoteri9 training with these senti:ents and
resolved not to deviate for a :o:ent fro: these 3res9ri1ed dire9tions+ will have the
slightest danger to fear& !o one should allow the 3ros3e9t of these dangers to Dee3 hi:
fro: esoteri9 trainingG it should rather a9t as a strong 9hallenge to one and all+ to a9Buire
those fa9ulties whi9h every true esoteri9 student :ust have&
After these 3reli:inary o1servations to dis3el any ele:ent of terror+ a des9ri3tion of
so:e of the soA9alled dangers will he given& It is true that great 9hanges taDe 3la9e in the
studentsJ finer 1odies+ as des9ri1ed a1ove& These 9hanges are 9onne9ted with 9ertain
3ro9esses in the develo3:ent of the three funda:ental for9es of the soul+ with willing+
feeling and thinDing& Before esoteri9 training+ these for9es are su1Ce9ted to a 9onne9tion
ordained 1y higher 9os:i9 laws& )anJs willing+ feeling and thinDing are not ar1itrary& A
3arti9ular idea arising in the :ind+ is attended 1y a 3arti9ular feeling+ a99ording to natural
lawsG or is followed 1y a resolution of the will+ in eBually natural seBuen9e& We enter a
roo:+ find it stuffy+ and o3en the window& We hear our na:e 9alled+ and follow the 9all&
We are Buestioned+ and we answer& We 3er9eive an illAs:elling o1Ce9t and e23erien9e a
feeling of disgust& These are si:3le 9onne9tions 1etween thinDing+ feeling and willing&
When we survey hu:an life we find that everything is 1uilt u3 on su9h 9onne9tions&
Indeed life is not Bualified as nor:al+ unless su9h a 9onne9tion+ founded on the laws of
hu:an nature+ is o1served 1etween thinDing+ feeling and willing& It would 1e found
9ontrary to these laws if the sight of an illAs:elling o1Ce9t gave anyone 3leasure+ or if
anyone+ on 1eing Buestioned+ did not answer& The su99ess anti9i3ated fro: a right
edu9ation or a fitting instru9tion+ is 1ased u3on the 3resu:3tion that a 9onne9tion
1etween thinDing+ feeling and willing+ 9orres3onding to hu:an nature+ 9an 1e esta1lished
in the 3u3il& %ertain ideas are 9onveyed to hi:+ on the su33osition that they will 1e
asso9iated+ in regular fashion+ with his feelings and volitions& All this arises fro: the fa9t
that in the finer soulAvehi9les of :an+ the 9entral 3oints of the three for9es A thinDing+
feeling and willing A are 9onne9ted in a definitely regular way& This 9onne9tion in the
finer soul organis: has its 9ounter3art in the 9oarser 3hysi9al 1ody& In the latter+ too+ the
organs of will are 9onne9ted in a regular way with those of thinDing and feeling& A
3arti9ular thought regularly evoDes a feeling or an a9tivity of will& In the 9ourse of higher
develo3:ent+ the threads interA9onne9ting the three funda:ental for9es+ are severed& At
first this severan9e o99urs only within the finer soul organis:G 1ut at a still higher stage
the se3aration e2tends also to the 3hysi9al 1ody& It is a fa9t that in higher s3iritual
develo3:ent+ the 1rain divides into three se3arate 3arts& This se3aration is not 3hysi9ally
3er9e3ti1le in the ordinary way+ nor 9an it 1e de:onstrated 1y the Deenest instru:ents&
*et it o99urs+ and the 9lairvoyant has :eans of o1serving it& The 1rain of the higher
9lairvoyant divides into three inde3endently a9tive 1eings@ the thoughtA1rain+ the feelingA
1rain and the willA1rain&
Thus the organs of thinDing+ feeling and willing 1e9o:e individuali0edG their 9onne9tion
hen9eforth is not :aintained 1y laws inherent in the:selves+ 1ut :ust 1e :anaged 1y the
awaDened higher 9ons9iousness of the individual& This then is the 9hange whi9h the
student o1serves 9o:ing over hi:self@ na:ely that no 9onne9tion ensues 1etween an idea
and a feeling or a willAi:3ulse+ unless he hi:self 3rovides one& !o i:3ulse urges hi:
fro: thought to a9tion unless he hi:self in freedo: gives rise to this i:3ulse& #e 9an
hen9eforth 9onfront+ devoid of feeling+ a fa9t whi9h+ 1efore his training+ would have filled
hi: with glowing love or 1itter hatredG and he 9an re:ain i:3assive at a thought whi9h+
for:erly+ would have s3urred hi: on to a9tion+ as though of its own a99ord& By an effort
of the will he 9an 3erfor: a9tions+ for whi9h not the slightest 3rovo9ation 9an 1e dete9ted
1y anyone not having undergone esoteri9 training& The studentJs great a9hieve:ent is the
attain:ent of 9o:3lete :astery over the 9o:1ined a9tivity of the three soulAfor9esG 1ut at
the sa:e ti:e the res3onsi1ility for this a9tivity is 3la9ed entirely in his own hands&
It is only through the transfor:ation of his 1eing that the student 9an enter 9ons9iously
into relation with 9ertain su3ersensi1le for9es and 1eings& For his own soulAfor9es are
related to 9ertain funda:ental for9es of the world& The for9e+ for instan9e+ inherent in the
will+ 9an affe9t definite things and 1eings of the higher worlds+ and also 3er9eive the:G
1ut it 9an only do so when li1erated fro: its 9onne9tion with thinDing+ feeling and willing
within the soul& The :o:ent this 9onne9tion is severed+ the a9tivity of the will 9an 1e
e2teriori0ed& The sa:e a33lies to the for9es of thinDing and feeling& A feeling of hatred
sent out 1y a 3erson is visi1le to the 9lairvoyant as a fine lu:inous 9loud of s3e9ial
9olouringG and the 9lairvoyant 9an ward off this feeling of hatred+ Cust as an ordinary
3erson wards off a 3hysi9al 1low that is ai:ed at hi:& In the su3ersensi1le world+ hatred
1e9o:es a visi1le 3heno:enon+ 1ut the 9lairvoyant 9an only 3er9eive it in so far as he
9an 3roCe9t the for9e inherent in his feeling+ Cust as the ordinary 3erson dire9ts outwards
the re9e3tive fa9ulty of his eye& And what is said of hatred a33lies to far :ore i:3ortant
fa9ts of the 3hysi9al world& The student 9an enter into 9ons9ious inter9ourse with the:+
thanDs to the li1eration of the funda:ental for9es of his soul&
Through the se3aration of the for9es of thinDing+ feeling and willing+ the 3ossi1ility of a
threefold error arises for anyone negle9ting the inCun9tions given 1y esoteri9 s9ien9e&
u9h an error 9an o99ur+ if the 9onne9ting threads are severed 1efore the higher
9ons9iousness is suffi9iently advan9ed to hold the reins and guide 3ro3erly the se3arated
for9es into free and har:oniously 9o:1ined a9tivity& For+ as a rule+ the three hu:an soulA
for9es are not eBually advan9ed in their develo3:ent+ at any given 3eriod of life& In one
3erson+ thinDing is ahead of feeling and willingG in a se9ond+ a different soulAfor9e has the
u33er hand over its 9o:3anions& o long as the 9onne9tion 1etween the soulAfor9es is
:aintained as esta1lished 1y higher 9os:i9 laws+ no inCurious irregularity+ in a higher
sense+ 9an ensue+ through the 3redo:inan9e of one for9e or another& "redo:inating will+
for instan9e+ is 3revented 1y the levelling influen9e of thinDing and feeling fro: la3sing
into s3e9ial e29esses& When+ however+ a 3erson of su9h 3redo:inating will undertaDes
esoteri9 training+ feeling and thinDing 9ease to e2ert their regular influen9e on the will+ as
it 3resses on un9he9Ded+ to great e2ertions of 3ower& If+ then+ su9h a 3erson is not
suffi9iently advan9ed to 9ontrol 9o:3letely the higher 9ons9iousness+ and hi:self restore
har:ony+ the will 3ursues its own un1ridled way+ 9ontinually over3owering its 3ossessor&
Feeling and thought la3se into 9o:3lete i:3oten9eG the individual is s9ourged 1y his
over:astering will& A violent nature is the result+ rushing fro: one un1ridled a9tion to
A se9ond deviation ensues when feeling unduly shaDes off its 3ro3er 9ontrol& A 3erson
in9lining to the reveren9e of others+ :ay then diverge into unli:ited de3enden9e+ to the
e2tent of losing every 3ersonal will and thought& Instead of higher Dnowledge+ the :ost
3itiful va9uity and fee1leness would 1e9o:e the lot of su9h a 3erson&
The third evil is found when thought 3redo:inates+ resulting in a 9onte:3lative nature
hostile to life and en9losed within itself& The world+ for su9h 3eo3le+ has no further
i:3ortan9e save that it 3rovides the: with o1Ce9ts for satisfying their 1oundless thirst for
wisdo:& o thought ever :oves the: to an a9tion or a feeling& They a33ear everywhere
as 9old and a3atheti9 9reatures& They fly fro: every 9onta9t with the things of ordinary
life+ as though fro: so:ething whi9h e29ited their aversion+ or whi9h+ at any rate+ had
lost all :eaning for the:&
These are the three ways of error into whi9h the student 9an stray@ e2u1erant violen9e of
will+ senti:ental e:otionalis:+ and 9old loveless struggle for wisdo:& For outward
o1servation+ and also fro: the ordinary >:aterialisti9? :edi9al stand3oint+ anyone thus
gone astray+ is hardly distinguisha1le >es3e9ially in degree?+ fro: an insane+ or+ at least+ a
highly neurastheni9 3erson& Of 9ourse the student :ust not rese:1le these& It is essential
for hi: that the three funda:ental soulAfor9es+ thinDing+ feeling and willing+ should have
undergone har:onious develo3:ent 1efore 1eing released fro: their inherent
9onne9tion+ and su1ordinated to the awaDened higher 9ons9iousness& For on9e a :istaDe
is :ade+ and one of the soulAfor9es falls a 3rey to un1ridled e29ess+ the higher soul 9o:es
into e2isten9e as a thing :is1orn& The unrestrained for9e 3ervades the individualJs entire
3ersonality+ and for a long ti:e there 9an 1e no Buestion of the 1alan9e 1eing restored&
What a33ears a har:less 9hara9teristi9+ so long as its 3ossessor is without esoteri9
training+ na:ely+ a 3redo:inan9e of thinDing or feeling or willing A is so heightened that
the universally hu:an ele:ent+ indis3ensa1le for life+ 1e9o:es o1s9ured&
A really serious danger 9annot threaten the student until he has attained the fa9ulty of
in9luding in his waDing 9ons9iousness the e23erien9es forth9o:ing during slee3& o long
as there is only Buestion of the illu:ination of the intervals of slee3+ the life of the senses+
regulated 1y universal 9os:i9 laws+ rea9ts+ during the waDing hours+ on the distur1ed
eBuili1riu: of the soul+ tending to restore the 1alan9e& That is why it is so essential that
the waDing life of the student should 1e+ in every res3e9t+ regular and healthy& The :ore
9a3a1le he is of :eeting the de:ands :ade 1y the outer world u3on a healthy+ sound
9onstitution of 1ody+ soul and s3irit+ the 1etter it is for hi:& On the other hand it :ay 1e
very 1ad for hi: if his ordinary waDing life affe9ts hi: in an e29iting or irritating way+
that is+ if destru9tive or ha:3ering infuen9es of outer life affe9t hi: in addition to the
great 9hanges taDing 3la9e in his inner self& #e :ust seeD to find everything
9orres3onding to his 3owers and fa9ulties+ whi9h 9an lead hi: into undistur1ed+
har:onious 9o::union with his surroundings+ while avoiding everything detri:ental to
this har:ony A everything that 1rings unrest and feverish haste into his life& And here it is
not so :u9h a Buestion of 9asting off this unrest and haste in an e2ternal sense+ 1ut :u9h
:ore of taDing 9are that thoughts+ feelings+ intentions and 1odily health are not there1y
e23osed to 9ontinual flu9tuation& All this is not so easy for the student to a99o:3lish as it
was 1efore esoteri9 training+ for the higher e23erien9es hen9eforth 3laying into his life
rea9t u3on his entire e2isten9e& hould anything within these higher e23erien9es 1e not as
it should 1e+ the irregularity 9ontinues lying in wait for hi:+ and 9an at every turn throw
hi: off the right 3ath& For this reason the student should o:it nothing whi9h 9an se9ure
for hi: :astery over his whole 1eing& #e should never 1e found wanting in 3resen9e of
:ind or in 9al: 3enetration of all situations of life& In the :ain+ a genuine esoteri9
training gives rise of itself to all these Bualities+ and+ as it 3rogresses+ the student only
1e9o:es a9Buainted with the dangers+ while si:ultaneously and at the right :o:ent
a9Buiring the full 3ower to rout the: fro: the field&
The i:3ortant e23erien9es :arDing the studentJs as9ent into the higher worlds in9lude his
:eeting with the M$uardian of the ThresholdJ& tri9tly s3eaDing+ there are two@ a MLesserJ
and a M$reaterJ& The student :eets the lesser $uardian when the threads whi9h 9onne9t
willing+ feeling and thinDing within the finer astral and etheri9 1odies 1egin to loosen+ in
the way des9ri1ed in the foregoing 9ha3ter& The greater $uardian is en9ountered when
this sundering of the 9onne9tions e2tends to the 3hysi9al 3arts of the 1ody+ that is+ at first+
to the 1rain& The lesser $uardian is an inde3endent 1eing& #e does not 9o:e into
e2isten9e+ so far as the student is 9on9erned+ until the student has rea9hed the
9orres3onding stage of develo3:ent& Only so:e of his :ost i:3ortant 9hara9teristi9s 9an
here 1e indi9ated&
The atte:3t will now 1e :ade to des9ri1e in narrative for: this :eeting with the lesser
$uardian of the Threshold+ as a result of whi9h+ the student learns that his thinDing+
feeling and willing have 1e9o:e released within hi: fro: their inherent 9onne9tion&
A truly terri1le s3e9tral Being 9onfronts hi:+ and he will need all that 3resen9e of :ind
and faith in the se9urity of his 3ath+ whi9h he has had a:3le o33ortunity to a9Buire in the
9ourse of his 3revious training&
The $uardian 3ro9lai:s his signifi9an9e so:ewhat in the following words@ M#itherto+
"owers invisi1le to thyself+ wat9hed over thee& They saw to it+ that in the 9ourse of thy
life+ ea9h one of thy good a9tions 1rought its reward+ and ea9h one of thine evil a9tions
was attended 1y its evil results& ThanDs to their influen9e+ thy 9hara9ter for:ed itself out
of thy lifeJs e23erien9es and thy thoughts& They were the instru:ents of thy fate& They
ordained the :easure of Coy and 3ain allotted to thee in thine in9arnations+ a99ording to
thy 9ondu9t in lives gone 1y& They ruled over thee as the allAe:1ra9ing law of .ar:a&
These "owers will now 3artly release thee fro: their 9onstraining influen9eG and it now
devolves on thee to a99o:3lish for thyself a 3art of the worD whi9h they have hitherto
3erfor:ed on thy 1ehalf& Fate stru9D thee :any a hard 1low in the 3ast& Thou didst not
Dnow the reason& Ea9h was the 9onseBuen9e of a har:ful a9tion in a life gone 1y& Thou
didst find Coy and gladness+ and thou didst taDe the: as they 9a:e& They+ too+ were the
fruits of earlier deeds& Thy 9hara9ter shows :any a 1eautiful side+ and :any an ugly flaw&
Thou hast thyself to thanD for 1oth+ for they are the result of thy 3revious e23erien9es and
thoughts& These were+ till now+ unDnown to thee+ their effe9ts alone 1eing :ade :anifest&
They+ however+ the .ar:i9 "owers+ 1eheld all thy deeds in for:er lives+ and all thy :ost
se9ret thoughts and feelings+ and deter:ined a99ordingly thy 3resent self and thy 3resent
:ode of life& But now all the good and evil sides of thy 1ygone lives shall 1e revealed to
thee& Till now+ they were interwoven with thine own 1eingG they were in thee and thou
9ouldst not see the:+ even as thou 9anst not see with 3hysi9al eyes thine own 1rain& But
now they 1e9o:e released fro: theeG they deta9h the:selves fro: thy 3ersonality& They
assu:e an inde3endent for: whi9h thou 9anst 1ehold even as thou seest the stones and
3lants of the outer world& And &&& I a: that very Being who sha3ed :y 1ody out of thy
good and evil a9hieve:ents& )y s3e9tral for: is woven out of thine own lifeJs a99ount
1ooD& Till now thou hast 1orne :e invisi1ly within thyself+ and it was well for thee that
this should 1eG for the wisdo: of thy destiny+ though 9on9ealed fro: thee+ 9ould thus
worD within thee+ so that the hideous stains u3on :y for: should 1e 1lotted out& !ow
that I have 9o:e forth fro: within thee+ that 9on9ealed wisdo:+ too+ has de3arted fro:
thee& It will 3ay no further heed to theeG it will leave the worD in thy hands alone& I :ust
1e9o:e a 3erfe9t and glorious Being+ or fall a 3rey to 9orru3tionG and should this o99ur+ I
would drag thee also down with :e into a darD and 9orru3t world& If thou wouldst avoid
this+ then thine own wisdo: :ust 1e9o:e great enough to undertaDe the tasD of that other
9on9ealed wisdo:+ whi9h has de3arted fro: thee& As a for: visi1le to thyself+ I will
never for an instant leave thy side+ on9e thou hast 9rossed :y Threshold& And in future+
whenever thou dost a9t or thinD wrongly+ thou wilt straightway 3er9eive thy guilt as a
hideous+ de:onia9al distortion of :y for:& Only when thou hast :ade good all thy
1ygone wrongs+ and hast so 3urified thyself that all further evil is+ for thee+ a thing
i:3ossi1le+ only then will :y 1eing have 1e9o:e transfor:ed into radiant 1eauty& Then+
too+ shall I again 1e9o:e united with thee for the welfare of thy future a9tivity& *et :y
Threshold is fra:ed 1y every ti:id feeling re:aining in thee and 1y every shrinDing
fro: thy full res3onsi1ility for all thy thoughts and a9tions+ 1e9ause of the 3ower thou
needest& o long as a tra9e of fear is in thee+ of 1e9o:ing thyself the guide of thine own
destiny+ for Cust so long does this Threshold la9D what still re:ains to 1e 1uilt into it& And
so long as a single stone is found :issing+ for Cust so long :ust thou re:ain standing+ as
though transfi2edG or else stu:1le& eeD not+ then+ to+ 9ross this Threshold until thou dost
feel thyself entirely free fro: fear and ready for the highest res3onsi1ility& #itherto I only
e:erged fro: thy 3ersonality+ when death re9alled thee fro: an earthly lifeG 1ut even
then+ :y for: was veiled fro: thee& Only the "owers of Destiny who wat9hed over thee+
1eheld :e+ and 9ould thus+ in the intervals 1etween death and a new 1irth+ 1uild in thee+
in a99ordan9e with :y a33earan9e+ that 3ower and 9a3a9ity+ thanDs to whi9h thou 9ouldst
la1our+ in a new earthly life+ at the e:1ellish:ent of :y for:+ for thy welfare and
3rogress& It was I+ too+ whose i:3erfe9tion ever and again 9onstrained the "owers of
Destiny to lead thee 1a9D to a new in9arnation u3on earth& I was 3resent at the hour of thy
death+ and it was on :y a99ount that the Lords of .ar:a ordained thy rein9arnation& And
it is only 1y thus un9ons9iously transfor:ing :e to 9o:3lete 3erfe9tion+ in ever re9urring
earthly lives+ that thou 9ouldst have es9a3ed the "owers of Death and 3assed over into
i::ortality united with :e&
MNisi1le do I thus stand 1efore thee toAday+ as I have ever stood invisi1le 1eside thee in
the hour of death& When thou shalt have 9rossed :y Threshold+ thou wilt enter those
Dingdo:s to whi9h thou hast otherwise only had a99ess after 3hysi9al death& Thou dost
now enter the: with full Dnowledge+ and hen9eforth as thou wanderest outwardly visi1le
u3on the earth+ thou wilt at the sa:e ti:e wander in the Dingdo: of death+ that is+ the
Dingdo: of life& I a: indeed the Angel of DeathG 1ut I a: at the sa:e ti:e the 1earer of a
higher life without end& Through :e thou wilt die+ with thy 1ody still living+ to 1e re1orn
into an i:3erisha1le e2isten9e&
MInto this Dingdo: thou art now enteringG thou wilt :eet 1eings that are su3ersensi1le+
and ha33iness will 1e thy lot& But I :yself :ust 3rovide thy first a9Buaintan9e with that
world+ and I a: thine own 9reation& For:erly I lived u3on thine own lifeG 1ut now thou
hast awaDened :e to a se3arate e2isten9e+ so that I stand 1efore thee as the visi1le gauge
of thy future deeds+ 3erha3s+ too+ as thy 9onstant re3roa9h& Thou hast for:ed :e+ 1ut 1y
so doing thou hast undertaDen+ as thy duty+ to transfor: :e& Kfootnote@ It will 1e gathered
fro: the a1ove that the $uardian of the Threshold is an >astral? figure+ revealing itself to
the studentJs awaDened higher sightG and it is to this su3ersensi1le en9ounter that 3iritual
9ien9e 9ondu9ts hi:& It is a lower :agi9al 3ro9ess to :aDe the $uardian of the
Threshold 3hysi9ally visi1le also& That was attained 1y 3rodu9ing a 9loud of fine
su1stan9e+ a Dind of franDin9ense resulting fro: a 3arti9ular :i2ture of a nu:1er of
su1stan9es& The develo3ed 3ower of the :agi9ian is then a1le to :ould the franDin9ense
into sha3e+ ani:ating it with the still unredee:ed .ar:a of the individual& u9h 3hysi9al
3heno:ena are no longer ne9essary for those suffi9iently 3re3ared for the higher sightG
and+ 1esides+ anyone seeing his unredee:ed .ar:a+ without adeBuate 3re3aration+ a33ear
as a living 9reature 1efore his eyes+ would run the risD of erring into evil 1yways& Bulwer
LyttonJs <ano:i in the for: of a novel 9ontains a des9ri3tion of the $uardian of the
What is here indi9ated in narrative for:+ :ust not 1e understood in the sense of an
allegory+ 1ut as an e23erien9e of the highest 3ossi1le reality 1efalling the esoteri9 student&
The $uardian :ust warn hi: not to go a ste3 further unless he feels in hi:self the
strength to fulfil the de:ands e23osed in the a1ove s3ee9h& #owever frightening the for:
assu:ed 1y the $uardian+ it is only the effe9t of the studentJs own 3ast life+ his own
9hara9ter risen out of hi: into inde3endent e2isten9e& This awaDening is 1rought a1out
1y the se3aration of will+ thought and feeling& MTo feel for the first ti:e that one has
oneself 9alled a s3iritual Being into e2isten9e is+ in itself+ an e23erien9e of the dee3est
signifi9an9e& The studentJs 3re3aration :ust ai: at ena1ling hi: to endure the terri1le
sight without a tra9e of ti:idity+ and+ at the :o:ent of the :eeting+ to feel his strength so
in9reased+ that he 9an undertaDe 9ons9iously to :aDe hi:self res3onsi1le for the
transfor:ation and e:1ellish:ent of the $uardian&
If su99essful+ this :eeting with the $uardian results in the studentJs ne2t 3hysi9al death
1eing an entirely different event fro: death as he Dnew it for:erly& #e e23erien9es death
9ons9iously+ 1y laying aside the 3hysi9al 1ody as a gar:ent that is worn out+ or 3erha3s
rendered useless through a sudden rent& Thus his 3hysi9al death is of s3e9ial i:3ortan9e
only for those living with hi:+ whose 3er9e3tion is still restri9ted to the world of the
senses& For the: the student diesG 1ut for hi:self nothing of i:3ortan9e is 9hanged in his
whole environ:ent& The entire su3ersensi1le world stood o3en to hi: 1efore his death+
and it is this sa:e world that now 9onfronts hi: after death&
The $uardian of the Threshold is also 9onne9ted with other :atters& The individual
1elongs to a fa:ily+ a nation+ a ra9eG his a9tivity in this world de3ends u3on his 1elonging
to so:e su9h 9o::unity& #is individual 9hara9ter is also 9onne9ted with it& The
9ons9ious a9tivity of single individuals 1y no :eans e2hausts everything to 1e re9Doned
with in a fa:ily+ a nation or a ra9e& Besides their 9hara9ter+ fa:ilies+ nations and ra9es
have also their destiny& For 3ersons restri9ted to their senses+ these things re:ain :ere
general ideasG and the :aterialisti9 thinDer+ in his 3reCudi9e+ will looD down with
9onte:3t on the s3iritual s9ientist when he hears that for the latter+ fa:ily and national
9hara9ter+ lineal or ra9ial destiny+ are inherent in Beings Cust as real as the 3ersonality in
whi9h the 9hara9ter and destiny of the individual are inherent& The s3iritual s9ientist
1e9o:es a9Buainted with higher worlds+ of whi9h the se3arate 3ersonalities are :e:1ers+
Cust as ar:s and legs are :e:1ers of the hu:an 1eing& Beside the se3arate individuals+ a
very real fa:ily and national $rou3 oul+ and ra9ial 3irit is at worD in the life of a
fa:ily+ a 3eo3le or a ra9e& Indeed+ in a 9ertain sense+ the se3arate individuals are :erely
the e2e9utive organs of these fa:ily $rou3 ouls+ ra9ial 3irits and so on& It is nothing
1ut the truth to say+ for instan9e+ that a national $rou3 oul :aDes use of ea9h individual
1elonging to that nation for the e2e9ution of so:e worD& The national $rou3 oul does
not des9end into 3hysi9al reality+ 1ut dwells in higher worlds+ and in order to worD in the
3hysi9al world+ :aDes use of the 3hysi9al organs of ea9h individual& In a higher sense+ it
is as when an ar9hite9t :aDes use of worD:en for e2e9uting the details of a 1uilding& In
the truest sense+ every individual re9eives his allotted tasD fro: his fa:ily+ national or
ra9ial $rou3 oul& !ow the ordinary 3erson is 1y no :eans initiated into the higher
s9he:e of his worD& #e Coins un9ons9iously in the tasDs of his 3eo3le and of his ra9e&
Every e2tension of his hori0on ne9essarily enlarges the s9o3e of his duties& What a9tually
ha33ens is that the student Coins a new 1ody to his finer soulA1ody& #e 3uts on another
gar:ent& #itherto he found his way through the world with those envelo3ing 9overings of
his 3ersonality& And now+ a further revelation :ade to hi: 1y the $uardian of the
Threshold is that hen9eforth these 3irits will withdraw their guiding hand fro: hi:& #e
:ust ste3 out of the 9ir9le of his 9o::unity& *et as an isolated individual+ he would
1e9o:e hardened in hi:self+ and de9line into ruin+ if he did not+ hi:self+ a9Buire those
3owers whi9h are inherent in the national and ra9ial 3irits& )any+ no dou1t+ will say@
MOh+ I have entirely freed :yself fro: all lineal and ra9ial 9onne9tionsG I only want to 1e
a hu:an 1eing and nothing 1ut a hu:an 1eingJ& To these one :ust re3ly@ MWho+ then+
1rought you to this freedo:H Was it not your fa:ily who 3la9ed you in the world where
you now standH #ave you not your lineage+ your nation+ your ra9e to thanD for 1eing
what you areH They have 1rought you u3G and if now+ e2alted a1ove all 3reCudi9es+ you
are one of the lightA1ringers and 1enefa9tors of your sto9D and even of your ra9e+ it is to
their u31ringing that you owe it& *es+ even when you say you are Mnothing 1ut a hu:an
1eingJ+ even the fa9t that you have so 1e9o:e+ you owe to the 3irits of your
9o::unities&J Only the esoteri9 student learns what it :eans to 1e entirely 9ut off fro:
his fa:ily+ national or ra9ial 3irit& #e alone reali0es+ through 3ersonal e23erien9e+ the
insignifi9an9e of all su9h edu9ation in res3e9t of the life now 9onfronting hi:& For
everything in9ul9ated 1y edu9ation 9o:3letely :elts away+ when the threads 1inding
will+ thought and feeling are severed& #e looDs 1a9D on the result of all his 3revious
edu9ation as he :ight on a house 9ru:1ling away 1ri9D 1y 1ri9D+ whi9h he :ust now
re1uild in a new for:& And again+ it is :ore than a :ere sy:1oli9al e23ression to say that
when the $uardian has enun9iated his first state:ent+ there arises fro: the s3ot where he
stands+ a whirlwind whi9h e2tinguishes all those s3iritual lights that have hitherto
illu:ined the 3athway of his life& Utter darDness+ relieved only 1y the rays issuing fro:
the $uardian hi:self+ unfolds 1efore the student& And out of this darDness resounds the
$uardianJs further ad:onition@ Mte3 not a9ross :y Threshold until thou dost 9learly
reali0e that thou :ust thyself illu:ine the darDness ahead of theeG taDe not a single ste3
forward until thou art 3ositive that thou hast suffi9ient oil in thine own la:3& The la:3s
of the $uides who: thou hast hitherto followed+ will now no longer 1e availa1le for
thee&J At these words+ the student :ust turn and glan9e 1a9Dward& The $uardian of the
Threshold now draws aside a veil whi9h till now had 9on9ealed dee3 lifeA:ysteries& The
fa:ily+ national and ra9ial 3irits are revealed to the student in their full a9tivity+ so that
he 3er9eives 9learly+ on the one hand+ how he has 1een led hitherto+ and no less 9learly+
on the other hand+ how he will hen9eforward no longer enCoy this guidan9e& That is the
se9ond warning re9eived at the Threshold fro: its $uardian&
Without 3re3aration+ no one 9ould endure the sight of what has here 1een indi9ated& But
the higher training whi9h+ in all res3e9ts+ :aDes it 3ossi1le for the student to advan9e u3
to the Threshold+ si:ultaneously 3uts hi: in a 3osition to find the ne9essary strength at
the right :o:ent& Indeed the training 9an 1e so har:onious in nature+ that the entry into
the higher life is relieved of everything of an agitating or tu:ultuous 9hara9ter& #is
e23erien9e at the Threshold will then 1e attended 1y a 3re:onition of that feli9ity whi9h
is to 3rovide the Deynote of his newly awaDened life& The feeling of a new Freedo: will
outweigh all other feelingsG and+ attended 1y this feeling+ his new duties and
res3onsi1ilities will a33ear as so:ething whi9h :an+ at a 3arti9ular stage of life+ :ust
needs taDe u3on hi:self&

In the foregoing 9ha3ter the i:3ortan9e of the :eeting with the soA9alled lesser $uardian
of the Threshold was e23lainedG and it was seen that in this $uardian a Being 9onfronts
the student who: the latter has hi:self 1rought into e2isten9e+ and whose 1ody 9onsists
of the hitherto invisi1le results of the studentJs own a9tions+ feelings and thoughts& These
unseen for9es have 1e9o:e the 9ause of his destiny and his 9hara9ter+ and he reali0es how
he hi:self founded the 3resent in the 3ast& #e 9an understand why his inner self now
standing to a 9ertain e2tent revealed 1efore hi:+ in9ludes 3arti9ular in9linations and
ha1its+ and he 9an also re9ogni0e the origin of 9ertain 1lows of fate that have 1efallen
hi:& #e 3er9eives why he loves one thing and hates anotherG why one thing :aDes hi:
ha33y and another unha33y& Nisi1le life is e23lained 1y the invisi1le 9auses& The essential
fa9ts of life+ too+ health and illness+ 1irth and death+ unveil the:selves 1efore his ga0e& #e
o1serves how+ 1efore his 1irth+ he wore the 9auses whi9h ne9essarily led to his return into
life& #en9eforth he Dnows that Being within hi:self whi9h is 9onstru9ted+ with all its
i:3erfe9tions+ in the visi1le world+ and whi9h 9an only 1e 1rought to its final 3erfe9tion
in this sa:e visi1le world& For in no other world is an o33ortunity given to 1uild u3 and
9o:3lete this Being& )oreover+ he re9ogni0es that death 9annot sever hi: for ever fro:
this worldG for he says to hi:self@ MOn9e I 9a:e into this world 1e9ause+ 1eing as I was+ I
needed the life it 3rovided+ to a9Buire Bualities unattaina1le in any other world& And I
:ust re:ain 1ound to this world until I have develo3ed within :yself everything that 9an
here 1e gained& I shall only so:e day 1e9o:e a useful 9olla1orator in another world 1y
a9Buiring all the reBuisite fa9ulties in this 3hysi9al world&J
ThanDs to his insight into the su3ersensi1le world+ the Initiate gains a 1etter Dnowledge
and a33re9iation of the true value of visi1le !ature+ than was 3ossi1le 1efore his higher
trainingG and this :ay 1e 9ounted a:ong his :ost i:3ortant e23erien9es& Anyone not
3ossessing this insight and 3erha3s therefore i:agining the su3ersensi1le regions to 1e
infinitely the :ore valua1le+ is liDely to underesti:ate the 3hysi9al world& *et the
3ossessor of this insight Dnows that without e23erien9e in visi1le reality+ he would 1e
totally 3owerless in that other invisi1le reality& Before he 9an live in the latter+ he :ust
have the reBuisite fa9ulties and instru:ents whi9h 9an only 1e a9Buired in the visi1le
world& %ons9iousness in the invisi1le world is not 3ossi1le without s3iritual sight+ 1ut this
3ower of vision in the higher world is gradually develo3ed through e23erien9e in the
lower& !o one 9an 1e 1orn in the s3iritual world with s3iritual eyes without having first
develo3ed the: in the 3hysi9al world+ any :ore than a 9hild 9ould 1e 1orn with 3hysi9al
eyes if they had not already 1een for:ed within the :otherJs wo:1&
Fro: this stand3oint it will also 1e readily understood why the Threshold to the
su3ersensi1le world is wat9hed 1y a $uardian& In no 9ase :ay real insight into those
regions 1e 3er:itted to anyone la9Ding the reBuisite fa9ultiesG therefore+ u3on the
individual entering the other world while still in9o:3etent to worD in it+ the higher
e23erien9es are shrouded fro: hi:+ at the hour of death+ until he is fit to 1ehold the:&
When the student enters the su3ersensi1le world+ life a9Buires Buite a new :eaning for
hi:G he dis9erns in the 3hysi9al world the seedAground of a higher world+ so that+ in a
9ertain sense+ the higher will a33ear defe9tive without the lower& Two outlooDs are
o3ened 1efore hi:G the first into the 3ast and the se9ond into the future& #is vision
e2tends to a 3ast in whi9h this 3hysi9al world was not yet e2istent for he has long sin9e
dis9arded the 3reCudi9e that the su3ersensi1le world was develo3ed out of the senseA
world+ #e Dnows that the for:er was first e2istent+ and that out of it everything 3hysi9al
was evolved& #e sees that he hi:self 1elonged to a su3ersensi1le world 1efore 9o:ing
for the first ti:e into this senseAworld& But this 3ristine su3ersensi1le world needed to
3ass through the senseAworld+ for without this 3assage its further evolution would not
have 1een 3ossi1le& It 9an only 3ursue its 9ourse when 9ertain 1eings will have develo3ed
reBuisite fa9ulties within the Dingdo: of the senses& These 1eings are none other than the
hu:an 1eings& The latter owe their 3resent life to an i:3erfe9t stage of s3iritual
e2isten9e+ and are 1eing led+ even within this stage+ to that 3erfe9tion whi9h will :aDe
the: fit for further worD in the higher world& At this 3oint+ the outlooD is dire9ted into the
future& A higher stage of the su3ersensi1le world is dis9erned+ whi9h will 9ontain the
fruits :atured in the senseAworld& The senseAworld+ as su9h+ will 1e su3ersededG 1ut its
3rodu9ts will 1e e:1odied in a higher world&
The e2isten9e of disease and death in the senseAworld is thus e23lained& Death :erely
e23resses the fa9t that the original su3ersensi1le world rea9hed a 3oint 1eyond whi9h it
9ould not 3rogress 1y itself& Universal death :ust needs have overtaDen it+ had it not
re9eived a fresh lifeAi:3ulse& Thus this new life has evolved into a 1attle with universal
death& A hardened+ dying world saw the 1losso:ing of a new world& That is why we have
death and life in the world& The de9aying 3ortion of the old world adheres to the new life
1losso:ing fro: it+ and the 3ro9ess evolves slowly& This 9o:es to e23ression :ost
9learly in :an hi:self& The 9overing he 1ears is gathered fro: the 3reserved re:nants of
the old world+ and within this 9overing the ger: of that 1eing is :atured whi9h will live
in the future& Thus :an is twofold@ :ortal and i::ortal& The :ortal is in its last+ and the
i::ortal in its first stage& But it is only within this twofold world finding its e23ression
in the senseAworld+ that he 9an a9Buire the reBuisite fa9ulties to lead the world to
i::ortality& Indeed his tasD is 3re9isely to gather the fruits of the :ortal for the
i::ortal& And as he glan9es at hi:self as the 3rodu9t of his own worD in the 3ast+ he
9annot 1ut say@ MI have in :e the ele:ents of a de9aying world& They are at worD in :e+
and I 9an only 1reaD their 3ower little 1y little+ thanDs to the new i::ortal ele:ents
9o:ing to life within :e&J This is the 3ath leading :an fro: death to life& %ould he 1ut
s3eaD to hi:self with full 9ons9iousness+ at the hour of his death+ he would say@ MThe
3erishing world was :y :aster& I a: now dying as a result of the entire 3ast with whi9h I
a: en:eshed& *et the soil of :ortal life has :atured the seeds of i::ortal life& I 9arry
the: with :e into another world& If it had :erely de3ended on the 3ast+ I 9ould never
have 1een 1orn& The life of the 3ast 9a:e to an end with 1irth& Life in the senseAworld is
wrested fro: universal death 1y the newlyAfor:ed lifeAger:& The ti:e 1etween 1irth and
death is :erely an e23ression for the a:ount wrested fro: the dying 3ast 1y the new lifeG
and illness is nothing 1ut the 9ontinued effe9t of the dying 3ortions of the 3ast&J
In the a1ove+ the answer will 1e found to the Buestion why :an only worDs his way
gradually through error and i:3erfe9tion to the good and true& #is a9tions+ feelings and
thoughts are at first do:inated 1y the 3erishing and the :ortal& The latter gave rise to his
senseAorgans& For this reason+ these organs and all things rea9ting on the: are doo:ed to
3erish& The i:3erisha1le will not 1e found in the instin9ts+ i:3ulses+ 3assions+ and in the
organs 1elonging to the:+ 1ut only in the worD 3rodu9ed 1y these organs& )an :ust
e2tra9t fro: the 3erisha1le everything that 9an 1e e2tra9ted+ and this worD alone will
ena1le hi: to dis9ard those funda:ental ele:ents out of whi9h he has grown+ and whi9h
find their e23ression in the 3hysi9al senseAworld&
Thus the first $uardian 9onfronts the individual as the 9ounter3art of his twofold nature+
in whi9h 3erisha1le and i:3erisha1le are 1lendedG and it stands 9learly 3roved how far
re:oved he still is fro: attaining that su1li:e lu:inous figure whi9h :ay again dwell in
the s3iritual world& The e2tent to whi9h he is entangled with the 3hysi9al senseAworld+ is
e23osed to his view& The 3resen9e of instin9ts+ i:3ulses+ desires+ egotisti9al wishes and
all for:s of selfishness+ et9&+ are eviden9e of this entangle:ent+ as also his :e:1ershi3 of
a ra9e+ a nation and so forth& A ra9e or a nation stands so :u9h the higher+ the :ore
3erfe9tly its :e:1ers e23ress the 3ure+ ideal hu:an ty3e+ the further it has worDed its
way fro: the 3hysi9al and 3erisha1le to the su3ersensi1le and i:3erisha1le& The
evolution of :an through the in9arnations in ever higher national and ra9ial for:s is thus
a 3ro9ess of li1eration& In a si:ilar way+ the 3ilgri:age through ever 3urer for:s of
:orality and religion is a 3erfe9ting 3ro9essG for every :oral stage retains the 3assion for
the 3erisha1le 1eside the seeds of an ideal future&
!ow in the $uardian of the Threshold+ as des9ri1ed a1ove+ the 3rodu9t of the 3ast is
:anifest+ 9ontaining only so :any seeds of the future as 9ould 1e 3lanted in the 9ourse of
ti:e& *et everything that 9an 1e e2tra9ted fro: the senseAworld :ust 1e 9arried into the
su3ersensi1le world& Were the student to 1ring with hi: only what had 1een woven into
his 9ounter3art out of the 3ast+ his earthly tasD would re:ain 1ut 3artially a99o:3lished&
For this reason+ the Mlesser $uardian of the ThresholdJ is Coined+ after a ti:e+ 1y the
$reater $uardian& The :eeting with this se9ond or $reater $uardian will again 1e
des9ri1ed in narrative for:&
When the student has re9ogni0ed all the ele:ents fro: whi9h he :ust li1erate hi:self+
his way is 1arred 1y a su1li:e lu:inous Being whose 1eauty is diffi9ult to des9ri1e in the
words of hu:an language& This en9ounter taDes 3la9e when the sundering of the organs
of thinDing+ feeling and willing e2tends to the 3hysi9al 1ody+ so that their re9i3ro9al
9onne9tion is no longer regulated 1y the:selves+ 1ut 1y the higher 9ons9iousness+ whi9h
has now Buite li1erated itself fro: 3hysi9al 9onditions& The organs of thinDing+ feeling
and willing will then 1e 9ontrolled fro: su3ersensi1le regions+ as instru:ents in the
3ower of the hu:an soul& The latter+ thus li1erated fro: all 3hysi9al 1onds+ is now
9onfronted 1y the se9ond $uardian of the Threshold who s3eaDs as follows@ MThou hast
released thyself fro: the world of the senses& Thou hast won the right to 1e9o:e a native
of the su3ersensi1le world+ when9e thine a9tivity 9an now 1e dire9ted& For thine own
3art+ thou dost no longer reBuire thy 3hysi9al 1ody in its 3resent for:& If thine intention
was :erely to a9Buire the fa9ulties ne9essary for life in the su3ersensi1le world+ thou
needest no longer return to the senseAworld& But now looD on :e& ee how I tower a1ove
all that thou hast :ade of thyself until now& Thou hast attained thy 3resent degree of
3erfe9tion thanDs to the fa9ulties thou wast a1le to develo3 in the senseAworld+ so long as
thou wast still 9onfined to it& But now a new era is to 1egin+ in whi9h thy li1erated 3owers
:ust 1e a33lied to further worD in the world of the senses& #itherto thou hast sought only
thine own release+ 1ut now+ having thyself 1e9o:e free+ thou 9anst go forth as a li1erator
of thy fellows& Until toAday thou hast striven as an individual+ 1ut now seeD to 9oAordinate
thyself in the whole so that thou :ayst 1ring into the su3ersensi1le world not thyself
alone+ 1ut all things else e2isting in the world of the senses& Thou wilt so:e day 1e a1le
to unite thyself with :e+ 1ut I 9annot 1e 1lessed so long as others are unredee:ed& As a
se3arate freed 1eing+ thou wouldst fain enter at on9e the Dingdo: of the su3ersensi1le+
yet thou wouldst 1e for9ed to looD down on the still unredee:ed 1eings in the 3hysi9al
world+ having sundered thy destiny fro: theirs+ though thou and they are inse3ara1ly
united& Thou didst 3erfor9e des9end into the world to gather 3owers needed for a higher
world& To se3arate thyself fro: thy fellows would :ean to :isuse those very 3owers
whi9h thou 9ouldst not have develo3ed save in 9o:3any with the:& Thou 9ouldst not
have des9ended had they not done so+ and without the:+ the 3owers needed for
su3ersensi1le e2isten9e would fail thee& Thou :ust now share with thy fellows the
3owers whi9h thou didst+ in 9o:3any with the:+ e2ert thyself to a9Buire& I shall therefore
1ar thine entry into the higher regions of the su3ersensi1le world so long as thou hast not
a33lied all the 3owers thou hast a9Buired to the li1eration of thy 9o:3anions& With the
3owers already at thy dis3osal+ thou :ayst soCourn in the lower regions of the
su3ersensi1le world+ 1ut I stand 1efore the 3ortal of the higher regions as the %heru1 with
the fiery sword 1efore "aradise+ and I 1ar thine entran9e so long as 3owers unused in the
senseAworld still re:ain in thee& And if thou dost refuse to a33ly thy 3owers in this world
others will 9o:e who will not refuseG and a higher su3ersensi1le world will re9eive all
the fruits of the senseAworld+ while thou wilt lose fro: under thee the very ground in
whi9h thou wast rooted& The 3urified world will develo3 a1ove and 1eyond thee+ and
thou wilt 1e e29luded fro: it& Thus thou wouldst tread the 1la9D 3ath+ while the others
fro: who: thou didst sever thyself+ tread the white 3ath&J
Thus the $reat $uardian :aDes his 3resen9e Dnown soon after the :eeting with the
Wat9her or first $uardian has taDen 3la9e& The Initiate Dnows full well what is in store for
hi: if he yields to the te:3tation of a 3re:ature a1ode in the su3ersensi1le world& An
undes9ri1a1le s3lendour shines forth fro: this $reat $uardian of the ThresholdG union
with hi: loo:s as a far distant ideal 1efore the soulJs vision& *et there is also the
9ertitude that this union will not 1e 3ossi1le until all the 3owers afforded 1y this world
are a33lied to the tasD of its li1eration and rede:3tion& By fulfilling the de:ands of the
higher lightA1eing+ the Initiate will 9ontri1ute to the li1eration of the hu:an ra9e& #e lays
his gifts on the sa9rifi9ial altar of hu:anity& hould he 3refer his own 3re:ature elevation
into the su3ersensi1le world+ the strea: of hu:an evolution will flow over and 1eyond
hi:& After his li1eration he 9an gain no new 3owers fro: the world of the sensesG and if
he 3la9es his worD at the worldJs dis3osal it will entail his renoun9e:ent of any further
1enefit for hi:self& It does not follow that+ when 9alled u3on+ anyone will naturally
follow the white 3ath& That de3ends entirely u3on whether he is so far 3urified at the ti:e
of his de9ision+ that no tra9e of selfAseeDing :aDes this 3ros3e9t of feli9ity a33ear
desira1le& For the allure:ents here are the strongest 3ossi1leG whereas on the other side
no s3e9ial allure:ents are evident& #ere nothing a33eals to his egois:& The gift he
re9eives in the higher regions of the su3ersensi1le world is nothing that 9o:es to hi:+ 1ut
only so:ething that flows fro: hi:+ that is+ love for the world and for his fellows&
!othing that egois: desires is denied u3on the 1la9D 3ath+ for the latter 3rovides+ on the
9ontrary+ for the 9o:3lete gratifi9ation of egois:+ and will not fail to attra9t those
desiring :erely their own feli9ity+ for it is indeed the a33ro3riate 3ath for the:& !o one
therefore should e23e9t the o99ultists of the white 3ath to give hi: instru9tion for the
develo3:ent of his own egoisti9al self& They do not taDe the slightest interest in the
feli9ity of the individual& Ea9h 9an attain that for hi:self+ and it is not the tasD of the
white o99ultists to shorten the wayG for they are only 9on9erned with the develo3:ent and
li1eration of all hu:an 1eings and all 9reatures& Their instru9tions+ therefore+ deal only
with the develo3:ent of 3owers for 9olla1oration in this worD& Thus they 3la9e selfless
devotion 1efore all other Bualities& They never a9tually refuse anyone+ for even the
greatest egoist 9an 3urify hi:selfG 1ut no one :erely seeDing an advantage for hi:self
will ever o1tain assistan9e fro: the white o99ultists& Even when they do not refuse their
hel3+ he+ the seeDer+ de3rives hi:self of the advantage resulting fro: their assistan9e&
Anyone+ therefore+ really following the instru9tions of the good o99ult tea9hers+ will+
u3on 9rossing the Threshold+ understand the de:ands of the greater $uardianG anyone+
however+ not following their instru9tions+ 9an never ho3e to rea9h the Threshold& Their
instru9tions+ if followed+ 3rodu9e good results or no resultsG for it is no 3art of their tasD
to lead individuals to egoisti9al feli9ity+ and to a :ere e2isten9e in the su3ersensi1le
worlds& In fa9t it 1e9o:es their duty to Dee3 the student away fro: the su3ersensi1le
world until he 9an enter it with the will for selfless 9olla1oration& Kfootnote@ ee 3& ,'6
and Editorial "refa9eL

The way to su3ersensi1le Dnowledge+ as des9ri1ed in this 1ooD+ leads the soul through
e23erien9es 9on9erning the nature of whi9h it is es3e9ially i:3ortant that all illusions and
:is9on9e3tions should 1e avoided& *et it is 1ut natural that the latter should arise in su9h
Buestions as are here 9onsidered& In this 9onne9tion one of the :ost serious :istaDes
arises when the whole range of inner e23erien9e dealt with in true 3iritual 9ien9e+ is
distorted into a33earing in the sa:e 9ategory as su3erstition+ visionary drea:ing+
:ediu:shi3 >s3iritualis:? and other degenerate 3ursuits& This distortion is often due to
the fa9t that 3ersons desirous of following the 3ath des9ri1ed in this 1ooD+ are 9onfused
with others who in their sear9h for su3ersensi1le reality+ and as a result of :ethods
foreign to a genuine striving for Dnowledge+ wander into undesira1le 3aths& The
e23erien9es through whi9h the hu:an soul lives on the 3ath here :eant+ are wholly
9onfined to the real: of 3sy9hoAs3iritual o99urren9e& They are only 3ossi1le if eBual
freedo: and inde3enden9e fro: the 1odily life are attained for 9ertain other inner
e23erien9es+ as is the 9ase during ordinary 9ons9iousness+ when thoughts are :ade
9on9erning things outwardly a33rehended or inwardly felt and willed+ thoughts that do
not the:selves originate in what is a33rehended+ felt and willed& There are 3eo3le who
deny the e2isten9e of su9h thoughts& They 1elieve that no thought is 3ossi1le that is not
e2tra9ted fro: 3er9e3tions or fro: the inner life de3endent on the 1ody& For the:+ all
thoughts are+ to a 9ertain e2tent+ :ere refle9tions of 3er9e3tions and of inner e23erien9es&
This view+ however+ 9annot 1e e23ressed save 1y those who have never raised the:selves
to the fa9ulty of e23erien9ing with their souls a selfAsustaining life in 3ure thought& For
others+ who have lived through this e23erien9e+ it is a :atter of Dnowledge that whatever
thought do:inates the life of the soul+ inas:u9h as this thought 3er:eates other fun9tions
of the soul+ the hu:an 1eing is involved in an a9tivity+ in originating whi9h his 1ody has
no share& In the ordinary life of the soul+ thought is al:ost always 1lended with other
fun9tions+ e&g& a33rehension+ feeling+ willing+ et9& These other fun9tions are effe9tuated
1y the 1odyG yet thought 3lays into the:+ and inas:u9h as it 3lays into the:+ a 3ro9ess
taDes 3la9e+ in and through the hu:an 1eing+ in whi9h his 1ody has no share& This 9an
only 1e denied so long as the illusion is not dis9arded whi9h arises fro: the o1servation
of thought only when the latter is united with other fun9tions& *et an inner e2ertion is
3ossi1le ena1ling the thinDing 3art of inner life to 1e e23erien9ed+ se3arated fro:
everything else& o:ething 9onsisting in 3ure thought alone+ 9an 1e deta9hed fro: the
9o:3ass of soulAlife+ that is+ thoughts whi9h are selfAsustaining and fro: whi9h
everything 3rovided 1y 1odily 9onditioned inner life is e29luded& u9h thoughts reveal
the:selves through the:selves+ through what they are+ as s3iritual su3ersensi1le entity&
Anyone uniting hi:self with the:+ while e29luding all a33rehension+ all :e:ory and
every other toDen of inner life+ Dnows hi:self to 1e in a su3ersensi1le region+ and
e23erien9es hi:self outside the 3hysi9al 1ody& For anyone fa:iliar with this whole
3ro9ess+ it 1e9o:es irrelevant to Buestion whether the soul 9an live through e23erien9e
outside the 1ody+ in a su3ersensi1le world& For it would :ean denying what he Dnows 1y
e23erien9e& #e is 9on9erned only with inBuiring into what 3revents su9h a 3ositive fa9t
fro: 1eing re9ogni0ed& And the answer he finds to this Buestion+ is that the a1ove fa9t
does not reveal itself unless the individual first 9ultivates a 9ondition of soul+ allowing
hi: to 1e9o:e the re9i3ient of this revelation&
!ow 3eo3le 1e9o:e at on9e sus3i9ious when an a9tivity solely 9onfined to the soul is
e23e9ted of the:+ in order that so:ething e2traneous to the:selves should reveal itself&
They 1elieve that they the:selves give the revelation its 9ontent 1e9ause they 3re3are
the:selves to re9eive it& They e23e9t e23erien9es to whi9h they 9ontri1ute nothing and
whi9h allow the: to re:ain Buite 3assive& hould su9h 3eo3le+ in addition+ 1e ignorant of
the si:3lest s9ientifi9 reBuire:ents for the 9o:3rehension of a given fa9t+ they will taDe
for an o1Ce9tive revelation of nonAsensi1le entity+ 9ontents and 3rodu9tions of the soul+ in
whi9h the soulJs 3arti9i3ation is redu9ed 1elow the level :aintained in a33rehension and
wilful a9tion& u9h are the soulA9ontents 3rovided 1y the e23erien9es and revelations of
the visionary and the :ediu:& But what 9o:es to the fore through su9h revelations is not
a su3ersensi1le 1ut a su1Asensi1le world& #u:an waDing life does not run its 9ourse
9o:3letely within the 1odyG the :ost 9ons9ious 3art of it trans3ires on the 1oundary
1etween the 1ody and the 3hysi9al outer worldG thus the 3ro9ess of a33rehension in the
organs of sense+ is as :u9h an e2traA3hysi9al 3ro9ess 3enetrating into the 1ody as a
3er:eation of this 3ro9ess fro: out of the 1ody& o+ too+ is the life of will+ that is founded
on the 9oAordination of the hu:an 1eing in the 9os:i9 1eing+ so that what o99urs in the
hu:an 1eing is si:ultaneously a linD in the 9hain of 9os:i9 o99urren9e& In this life of the
soul trans3iring on the 1oundary of the 3hysi9al 1ody+ the hu:an 1eing is largely
de3endent on his 3hysi9al organisationG 1ut the fun9tion of thought 3lays into this
a9tivity+ and inas:u9h as this is the 9ase+ the hu:an 1eing :aDes hi:self inde3endent of
his 1odily organisation in the fun9tions of a33rehending and willing& As a visionary and a
:ediu: the hu:an 1eing 1e9o:es 9o:3letely de3endent on his 1ody& #e e29ludes fro:
the life of his soul that fun9tion whi9h+ in a33rehending and willing+ :aDes hi:
inde3endent of his 1ody& Thus the 9ontent and 3rodu9tions of his soul are :erely
revelations of his 1odily life& The e23erien9es of the visionary and the 3rodu9tions of the
:ediu: owe their e2isten9e to the 9ir9u:stan9e that the individual+ while thus
e23erien9ing and 3rodu9ing+ is+ with his soul+ less inde3endent of his 1ody than in
ordinary a33rehending and willing& In the e23erien9e of the su3ersensi1le as indi9ated in
this 1ooD+ the develo3:ent of soulAlife 3ro9eeds in Cust the o33osite dire9tion to that
taDen 1y the visionary and the :ediu:& The soul a9Buires a 3rogressively greater
inde3enden9e fro: the 1ody than is the 9ase in a33rehending and willing& The sa:e
inde3enden9e realised in the e23erien9e of 3ure thought+ is attained 1y the soul for a far
wider range of a9tivity&
For the su3ersensi1le a9tivity of the soul here :eant+ it is e29e3tionally i:3ortant to
gras3 and realise+ in the 9learest 3ossi1le way+ this e23erien9e of life in 3ure thought& For+
in the :ain+ this e23erien9e is already a su3ersensi1le a9tivity of the soul+ only one in
whi9h nothing su3ersensi1le is as yet 3er9eived& With 3ure thought we live in the
su3ersensi1leG 1ut we e23erien9e this alone in su3ersensi1le fashionG we do not+ as yet+
e23erien9e anything else su3ersensi1ly& And su3ersensi1le e23erien9e :ust 1e a
9ontinuation of that life already attained 1y the soul+ when united with 3ure thought& For
this reason it is so i:3ortant to gain Dnowledge of this union in the right way+ for it is
fro: its 9o:3rehension that light shines forth to 1ring 9orre9t insight into the nature of
su3ersensi1le Dnowledge& The :o:ent the life of the soul sinDs 1elow the level of 9lear
9ons9iousness e2isting in thought+ the soul is on the wrong 3ath+ so far as true Dnowledge
of the su3ersensi1le world is 9on9ernedG for the soul is sei0ed 1y the 1odily fun9tions and
what is then e23erien9ed is not the revelation of a su3ersensi1le world+ 1ut 1odily
revelations 9onfined to the su1Asensi1le world&
#aving 3enetrated to the s3here of the su3ersensi1le+ the soulJs e23erien9es are of su9h a
nature+ that des9ri3tive e23ressions 9annot so easily 1e found for the: as for e23erien9es
9onfined to the world of the senses& %are :ust often 1e taDen not to overlooD the fa9t that
to a 9ertain e2tent+ in des9ri3tions of su3ersensi1le e23erien9e+ the distan9e se3arating the
a9tual fa9t fro: the language used to des9ri1e it+ is greater than in des9ri3tions of
3hysi9al e23erien9e& The reader :ust 1e at 3ains to realise that :any an e23ression is
intended as an illustration :erely indi9ating+ in a deli9ate way+ the reality to whi9h it
refers& Thus it is said on 3age ,7 of this 1ooD@ MOriginally all the rules and tea9hings of
3iritual 9ien9e were e23ressed in a sy:1oli9al signAlanguage&J And on 3age '4 a
M3arti9ular writing syste:J was :entioned& !ow anyone :ay easily 1e led to su33ose that
su9h a writing 9an 1e learnt in the sa:e way as the letters of an ordinary 3hysi9al
language+ and their 9o:1ination& In this 9onne9tion it :ust 1e 3ointed out that there have
1een and there still e2ist s3iritual s9ientifi9 s9hools and asso9iations 3ossessing
sy:1oli9al signs+ 1y :eans of whi9h su3ersensi1le fa9ts are 1rought to e23ression& And
anyone initiated into the :eaning of these sy:1ols attains there1y the :eans of dire9ting
his inner life towards the su3ersensi1le realities in Buestion& *et su9h an e2ternal
sy:1oli9al language is of no essential i:3ortan9e for su3ersensi1le e23erien9e& It is :ore
i:3ortant that in the 9ourse of that su3ersensi1le e23erien9e to whi9h the realisation of
the 9ontents of this 1ooD leads+ the soul should+ in the 9onte:3lation of the su3ersensi1le+
gain the revelation of su9h a writing through 3ersonal e23erien9e& The su3ersensi1le says
so:ething to the soul whi9h the soul :ust translate into these illustrative signs+ so that it
9an 1e surveyed with full 9ons9iousness& The state:ent 9an 1e :ade that what is
i:3arted in this 1ooD 9an 1e realised 1y every soul& And in the 9ourse of this realisation+
whi9h the soul 9an 3ersonally deter:ine a99ording to the indi9ations given+ the resulting
events o99ur as des9ri1ed&
Let the reader taDe this 1ooD as a 9onversation 1etween the author and hi:self& The
state:ent that the student needs 3ersonal instru9tion should 1e understood in the sense
that this 1ooD itself is 3ersonal instru9tion& In earlier ti:es there were reasons for
reserving su9h 3ersonal instru9tion for oral tea9hingG toAday we have rea9hed a stage in
the evolution of hu:anity in whi9h s3iritual s9ientifi9 Dnowledge :ust 1e9o:e far :ore
widely disse:inated than for:erly& It :ust 1e 3la9ed within the rea9h of every
individual+ to a Buite different e2tent fro: what was the 9ase in older ti:es& o the 1ooD
re3la9es the for:er oral instru9tion& It is only to a li:ited e2tent 9orre9t that further
3ersonal instru9tion is ne9essary+ 1eyond that 9ontained in this 1ooD& !o dou1t+ so:eone
:ay need assistan9e+ and it :ay 1e of i:3ortan9e for hi: or herG 1ut it would 1e false to
1elieve that there were any 9ardinal 3oints not :entioned in this 1ooD& They 9an 1e found
1y those who read 9orre9tly+ and+ a1ove all+ 9o:3letely&
The des9ri3tive instru9tions given in this 1ooD a33ear at first sight as though they
reBuired the 9o:3lete alteration of the whole hu:an 1eing& *et+ when rightly read+ it will
1e found that no :ore is intended 1y the: than a des9ri3tion of the inner 9ondition of
soul reBuired 1y anyone+ in those :o:ents when he 9onfronts the su3ersensi1le world&
#e develo3s this 9ondition of soul as a se9ond 1eing within hi:selfG and the other healthy
1eing 3ursues its 9ourse in the old way& #e Dnows how to hold the two 1eings a3art in
full 9ons9iousness+ and how to :aDe the: a9t and rea9t on ea9h other in the right way&
This does not :aDe hi: useless and in9o:3etent for life+ nor does he lose his interest and
sDill in it+ and 1e9o:e a Ms3iritual investigator the whole day longJ& It is of 9ourse true
that the studentJs :anner of e23erien9e in the su3ersensi1le world will shed its light over
his whole 1eingG 1ut far fro: distra9ting hi: fro: life+ it :aDes hi: :ore 9a3a1le and
his life :ore 3rodu9tive& The ne9essity of ado3ting the e2isting :ethod of des9ri3tion is
due to the fa9t that every 9ognitive 3ro9ess dire9ted towards the su3ersensi1le+ 9alls the
whole hu:an 1eing into a9tionG so that in the :o:ent of su9h 9ognition the whole hu:an
1eing is engaged& Whereas in the 3ro9ess of a33rehension of 9olour+ the eye alone with its
adCoining nervous syste: is engaged+ the su3ersensi1le 9ognitive 3ro9ess engages the
whole hu:an 1eing& The whole hu:an 1eing 1e9o:es an MeyeJ or an MearJ& For this
reason+ when infor:ation is given 9on9erning the 9onstru9tion of su3ersensi1le 9ognitive
3ro9esses+ it a33ears as though a transfor:ation of the hu:an 1eing were :eant+ as if
nothing were right+ in the ordinary hu:an 1eing+ and he should 1e9o:e Buite different&
I should liDe to add to what was said on 3ages 6, et seB&+ 9on9erning Mso:e results of
InitiationJ+ so:ething whi9h+ with a slight alteration+ 9an a33ly to other 3arts of the 1ooD&
It :ay o99ur to so:e to asD if su9h figurative des9ri3tions are ne9essary+ and if it is not
3ossi1le to des9ri1e these su3ersensi1le e23erien9es in ideas+ without su9h illustrations&
In re3ly it :ust 1e 3ointed out that for the e23erien9e of su3ersensi1le reality it is
essential that the hu:an 1eing should Dnow hi:self to 1e a su3ersensi1le 1eing in a
su3ersensi1le world& Without this vision of his own su3ersensi1le 1eing+ whose reality is
fully revealed+ in its way+ in the des9ri3tions here given of the lotus flowers and the
etheri9 1ody+ the individualJs e23erien9e of hi:self in the su3ersensi1le world would 1e
as though he were 3la9ed in the sensi1le world in su9h a way that the things and
3ro9esses around hi: revealed the:selves+ while he hi:self had no Dnowledge of his
own 1ody& But his 3er9e3tion of his own su3ersensi1le for: in soulA1ody and etheri9
1ody ena1les hi: to stand+ 9ons9ious of hi:self+ in the su3ersensi1le world+ as he is
9ons9ious of hi:self in the 3hysi9al world through the 3er9e3tion of his 3hysi9al 1ody&

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