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Training Assessment
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Name - Designation -

Tick / Circle Correct Answer:
1. USP of Cervical cancer screening at Metropolis
a. Thin Prep technology c. Price
b. HPV screening along with Pap smear (co-testing) d. CISH testing for HPV

2. State true or false
a. HCV Genotype 1 is not commonly found in India

3. NMO test is used to differentiate NMO from
a. Myasthenia Gravis c. Multiple Sclerosis
b. Multiple Myeloma d. Myelin Associated Glycoprotein

4. State True or False
a. HCV Genotype should be done only if patients do not respond to standard therapy

5. The most preferred sample for diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis is
a. Sputum c. Blood
b. BAL d. Site- specific sample

6. Sample requirement for OCB test is
a. CSF only
b. CSF and Serum simultaneously
c. CSF first and Serum later, only for confirmation
d. Serum first and CSF later, only for confirmation

7. . is a lab test that shows average level of blood sugar
(glucose) over the previous 3 months.

8. To increase diagnostic sensitivity of OCB for Multiple Sclerosis, it should be combined with
a. NMO c. Protein Electrophoresis
b. Freelite chain assay d. CSF IgG Index


Training Assessment
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9. Paraneoplastic syndrome refers to Neurological symptoms due to:
a. Primary Cancer in the brain
b. Cancer elsewhere in the body but not physical presence of cancer in the brain
c. Metastasis in the brain
d. Meningitis

10. Lp-PLA
is a unique inflammatory biomarker, with lower / higher (cancel inappropriate)

11. Antineuronal antibody profile is done for the following indication:
a. Meningitis c. Ovarian cancer
b. Lung cancer d. Paraneoplastic syndrome

12. VGKC antibodies cause
a. Autoimmune Encephalitis c. Multiple Sclerosis
b. Neuromyelitis Optica d. Myasthenia Gravis

13. Hains test detects:
a. Identification of M Tb and MDR
b. Identification of M Tb and Rifampicin resistance only
c. Identification of M Tb and Isoniazid resistance only

14. Write any three risk factors in asymptomatic adults for referring the PLAC test:
15. AMH is a crystal ball for women because:
a. AMH is the best ovarian reserve marker
b. AMH is the best marker to diagnose infertility
c. AMH not just an ovarian reserve marker, but also a diagnostic and prognostic marker in
non-IVF setting and predictive marker in IVF setting


Training Assessment
Date - .
Name - Designation -

16. Which is the first order test for diagnosing Myasthenia Gravis
b. AchR d. OCB

17. Tb culture by MGIT may be done for:
a. Cases where diagnosis is required in 24 hours
b. Only for diagnosis of pulmonary Tb
c. Patients who cannot afford hains test and the doctor does not immediately need first
line drug sensitivity report
d. Only for diagnosis of extrapulmonary Tb

18. Lp- PLA
levels of . nmol/min/ml are considered as HIGH.

19. Thin Prep kit can be preserved for:
a. 1 week at room temperature c. 6 weeks at room temperature
b. 2 weeks if refrigerated d. 8 weeks at room temperature

20. NMO test at Metropolis is performed by:
a. ELISA c. Immunofluorescence
b. Immunoblot d. RIA

21. Allergy tests by ImmunoCap detect
a. Total IgE
b. Total IgG
c. Specific IgE

22. The .. test can detect TB as well as Rifampicin resistance with high
accuracy within two hours.

23. Simultaneous measurement of Vitamin D & PTH helps in assessment of following three clinical