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Classic Consumables

In the name of ALLAH, The creator of every creation, The

Beneficent, The Merciful, The Wise, The Lord of the world,
The first and last, The sender of the Holy Prophet
Muhammad may peace be upon him, Where of there
is no doubt, The owner of the Day of Judgment, To
whom every one will be brought back.
Classic Consumables


I dedicate this report to:

My beloved Parents and Teachers because with their help and

support I am here at this stage
Classic Consumables


Practical experience is the most important part of learning. If we are learning

through books only without a practical exposure of the related learning, then the
leaning will be incomplete. For that an MBA student must expose him/her into the
practical environment other than books. So it is the requirement of all the MBA
students at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology that out of their limited
duration of MBA they must spend almost two month in learning practically.
I as an MBA Marketing student have done my six weeks internship in Classic
Consumables located at Multan. Classic Consumables deal in pure bottled
drinking water, capturing the market share of Multan above 70%. During this
period I experienced the market in actual. I must say that It will help me in
understanding the situation of market, nature of people (customers), behavior of
customers, how to negotiate with them, how to handle and tackle their attitude,
how to deal with new and existing customers, how to handle a claim of an angry
customer, how to introduce myself, how to tackle with the closing customers.
In start I faced many difficulties like hot weather, long working hours,
understanding the minds of customers, finding customers, how to introduce
myself etc but as time passes it dose not remain a difficulty because it just my
beginning. I have to do much more in future with the help of this experience. So it
means a lot to me.
I hope that you will appreciate my effort.
Classic Consumables


All praise is to Almighty Allah to give me the courage and patience to carry out
this responsibility successful. I also wish to tender grateful acknowledgements
with respect and gratitude to respected Dr. Salman (Head of MS Department) of
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore for giving us an excellent
opportunity to explore ourselves in the market to explore ourselves practically
through this internship program.
I am really thankful to Mr. Rashid Mahmood (Regional Manager) Classic
Consumables Multan, Mr. Jawad Khan (Area Manager) and Mr. Khurram
Shahzad (Senior Marketing officer) those provided me with his kind guidance at
each and every step whenever I felt difficulty and they made me capable of
understanding the marketing skills practically.
I also feel indebted to all other respected staff of Classic Consumables who gave
me very effective guidance to make this work successful.
I would like to thank my advisor Dr Atif Ali for his kind assistance and
inspirations. He guide and helped me about my internship report.

Jawad Ahmad

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
Classic Consumables

2. Importance
3. Introduction
3.1. Introduction and Background
3.2. Mission
3.3. Objective
3.4. Company Policies
3.5. Consumer Confidence
4. Business Structure
4.1. SWOT Analysis
4.2. Main Offices
5. Competitors
6. Marketing and Working
6.1. Marketing Environment
6.2. Target Market
6.3. Product Positioning
7. Segments
7.1. Sale Calls
7.2. Customer Services
7.3. Complain Handling
7.4. Non Scheduled Order Handling
7.5. Recovery Process
7.6. Record Maintenance
8. Distribution
8.1. Market Coverage
8.2. Channel Structure
9. Marketing Mix
9.1. Product
9.2. Pricing
9.3. Place
Classic Consumables

9.4. Promotion
10. Advertising
11. Publicity and Public Relation
12. Operations
12.1. Flow of Activities in processing
12.2. Use of technology in processing
12.3. Quality Assurance system
12.4. Warehousing and Storage
12.5. Laboratory
13. Finance
14. Human Resources
14.1. Recruitment
14.2. Selection
14.3. Training and Development
14.5. Performance Evaluation
14.6. Incentives and Motivating Factors
15. Conclusion
16. Recommendation
17. Learning as a Student Internee
17.1. Duties
17.2. Accomplishments
17.3. New Knowledge Acquired
17.4. Problems Faced
17.5. How experience impact your career

1. Executive Summary
Classic Consumables

Drinking water is important for us in our lives. In Pakistan, water under the
ground drinking water is getting dirty, unclean and unhygienic for our health. As
an internee I have worked in one of the leading pure drinking water company
Classic Consumables at Multan and learned the marketing skills. It provides pure
and healthy drinking water by using international technology Reverse Osmosis
which is latest and best.

Classic Consumables established in 2003 at Lahore. The office and plant

situated at 35-N Industrial Area, Gulberg II, which is the head office. It expended
its services in other cities like Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. In
each city Classic Consumables has its office and plant. Classic Consumables
has office at Multan with a staff of about 50 employees where plant processes
almost approx 600 gallon water daily. 9 vans cover Multan and almost 5 km
around it.

Classic Consumables is running well at Multan and covered the market share of
about more than 70%. As a student internee I have learned much about the
existing market situation in the bottled water industry. It was my first experience
to go personally in the market other than just reading in the books. But market
situation vary geographically, with time and with nature of customers. I have
personally experienced market very tough, competitive and challenging. It will
definitely help my in my career inshaALLAH.

2. Importance

Every body knows the importance of water. Water is an important part of our life
intact I would like to say that water is life.
Classic Consumables

A human body consists of more that 60% of water

A human brain consists of 95% of water.
Human blood consists of 82% of water.
Human Lungs Consists of 90% of water.

Now we can better understand that how much water is important for us in our

Water in Pakistan

In our Country Pakistan, water under the ground drinking water is getting dirty,
unclean and unhygienic for our health due to certain reasons which includes:

 Poor and old sewerage system

 Expired and useless water pipe lines of WASA
 Disposal of factories waste material in rivers and streams
 Increasing population

Those people who are aware of unhealthy and unclean underground water up to
some extent are using filters at homes or getting water from government filtration


Home filters have not the ability to remove bacteria or virus completely from
water. It removes only suspended or visible particles from water like sand and
Classic Consumables

Bacteria have the ability to grow by multiplying from itself. These bacteria pass
out from the filters with water. Those who stay at the filter grow it by multiplying in
minutes and it is not possible to change filters daily, so it is impossible to get
clean and healthy drinking water through filters.
Arsenic which is included in the underground water and the main cause of cancer
can not be remove by filtration.

Now we come to the government filtration plants. Water filtered by government

filtration plants contains more arsenic than the domestic fresh pump water
because in government filtration plants, water is coming from the depth of about
400 feet with wide suction diameter pipe where arsenic and other impurities
came out with water in large quantity.

However at homes, water pump sucking water almost from the depth of 100 to
150 feet with small pipe diameter so the amount of arsenic decreases at this
So it’s better to use home pump water than government filtered plant water.

Boiling the water

Boiling of water removes its natural taste. Some bacteria have the ability to resist
with high temperature. These can not be removed from water and grow again
time. Actually boiling of water removes its natural minerals like calcium and
sulphate which are necessary for our body. And also boiling of water does not
remove arsenic.

What is a quality and healthy water?

Classic Consumables

A water having balanced Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) like between 200 and 150
parts per million (ppm) or 1000 to 1300mg per liter
Water free of arsenic
Water free of bacteria and virus
Water free of smell and taste

3. Introduction

Classic Consumables provides pure and healthy drinking water by using

international technology Reverse Osmosis which is latest and best. It consists of
series of membranes which extracts micro chemicals and particles. Micro
membranes extracts the particles of about the size of a nucleus and addition of
O3 gas keeps water safe and free of bacteria for about minimum 3 months.
Classic Consumables provides water at door step with free delivery.

3.1. Background

Classic Consumables established in 2003 at Lahore. The office and plant

situated at 35-N Industrial Area, Gulberg II, which is the head office also. It
started with limited resources and groomed itself.
With the passage of time and having potential in other cities like Karachi, Multan,
Faisalabad and Rawalpindi, it expanded their services.
Now in these cities Classic Consumables has the separate offices and water
purification plants.
In Multan it started working in 2005 with very limited resources and staff. At that
time there was no awareness of purchase of drinking water.
Classic Consumables

Now Classic Consumables has more than 70% market share in Multan with 3680
registered customers only in Multan.

3.2. Mission

Classic Consumables is committed to provide the natural goodness of pure

mineral water at competitive and affordable prices.

3.3. Objective

To bring an innovation in the bottling industry while preserving water resources

3.4. Company Policies

Business policies will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world, our basic
foundation is unchanged. The time of origin of our company, and reflects the
basic ideas of fairness, honesty and a general concern for people.

Classic Consumables business objective is to manufacture and market the

company’s product in such a way as to create value that can be sustained over
the long term for shareholders, employees, consumers, and business partners.

Classic Consumables does not favor short-term profit at the expense of

successful long-term business development.

Classic Consumables recognize that its consumers have a sincere and legitimate
interest in the behavior, beliefs and actions of the company behind brands in
which they place their trust, and that without its consumers of the company would
not exist.
Classic Consumables

Classic Consumables believes that, as a general rule, legislation is the most

effective safeguard of responsible conduct, although in certain areas, additional
guidance to staff in the form of voluntary business policies is beneficial in order to
ensure that the highest standards are met throughout the organization.

Classic Consumables is conscious of the fact that the success of a corporation is

a reflection of the professionalism, conduct and the responsible attitude of its
managements and employees. Therefore recruitment of the right people and
ongoing training and development are crucial.

Classic Consumables continues to maintain its commitment to follow and respect

all applicable local laws in each of its markets.

The policies formed by the Classic Consumables are for every employee of
Classic Consumables around the world. The Classic Consumables brand follows
these above mentioned policies and does not make their own policies. Members
of Classic Consumables are strongly committed to the company, its
development, its culture and its policies.

Apart from professional skills and insight, the capacity and willingness to apply
these policies are the main criteria for progressing in the organization, regardless
of origin, nationality, religion race, gender or age.

3.5. Consumer Confidence

The Consumer Confidence department is the scientific heart of the Classic

Consumables Quality System. Consumer confidence and trust has been
fundamental to Classic Consumables success over the years.
Classic Consumables

Our wide range of expertise is made available to R&D scientists, operational and
technical units and businesses. We cover five main areas:

 Consumer safety that guarantees the delivery of safe products.

 Product compliance that combines all aspects related to the legal

compliance of Classic Consumables products.

 Consistent quality that involves all measures for the delivery of Classic
Consumables products with a consistent level of quality.

 Consumer preference that ensures our products demonstrates superior

organoleptic and nutritional quality.

 Occupational and environmental safety that combines all aspects

related to the safety of workers and the environment.

Safety evaluation requires extensive scientific skills in the two areas of Health
and safety: analytical method development and science-based risk assessment.
Ingredients also need to be analyzed for authenticity and allergens. Leading
edge packaging expertise also has a role to play in ensuring both quality and
safety of Classic Consumables products.

Anticipation of food safety issues is guaranteed through a systematic screening

of scientific and technical literature and evaluation by our network of experts for
case-adapted responses.
Classic Consumables

4. Business Structure (Multan)

The business structure of Classic Consumables has office at Multan with a staff
of about 50 employees.
There is a water processing plant near office which processes almost approx 600
gallon water daily.
9 vans cover Multan and almost 5 km area around Multan daily and twice a week
depending upon the consumption.

4.1. SWOT Analysis

 Strengths of Classic Consumables (Regarding Multan)

 Classic Consumables has above 70% market share
 First local Company in certified processing water
 Classic Consumables has a competitive advantage in Quality and
 Easy coverage due to 8 delivery vans
 Highly Educated and skilled staff
 Co-operative cultural environment helps it in supporting the teamwork
 Classic Consumables has a well equipped Laboratory for daily analysis


 Limited account in Banks

 Less advertising or advertising expenditure
 Classic Consumables has no separate personnel department and less
importance is given to man power
Classic Consumables

 Own transport system, which sometimes creates problems for them


 Classic Consumables has wide areas need to be covered

 Due to a good position in the market Classic Consumables can increase
the percentage share
 Forward integration is the biggest opportunities to be more effective


 Blu water has launched recently and because of heavy account in banks it
can overcome the banking sector.
 All the competitors except Nestle are providing at cheaper rates than
Classic Consumables
 The government taxation policies are a biggest threat to Classic
Consumables as it is increasing periodically
 The increase inflation is acting as a threat to Classic Consumables
 As compared to the local competitors, our distributor cost is very high. As
Classic Mineral Water has to maintain and obey the Classic Consumables
 Some companies are competing on the basis of cost

4.2. Main Offices

Head Office
35-N, Industrial Area, Gulberg II, Lahore
Multan Office
Classic Consumables

Plot No 1105-1106 Vehari Road Multan

Karachi Office
D-106 Sector 31 P&T Cooperative Housing Society Korangi, Karachi
Faisalabad Office
First Floor Batala Jewellers, Satiana Road Faisalabad

5. Competitors
There are more than 15 competitors here at Multan but the main existing
competitors are:

 Nestle pure life

 Blu water
 Care life
 Dew
 Crystal white
 Energy water
 H2O
 Pura
 Aab e Shifa

6. Marketing and Working

Classic Consumables is profit and customer oriented organization rather than

system and strategy oriented. The products are manufactured at low-cost and
sales are made at high price.
All the segments of Classic Consumables are related to each other along with
their independent working.
Classic Consumables

In order, to improve their working and their level of service they provide to their
customer, weekly and monthly meetings are held. These meetings discuss the
following things:

 Performance level of employees

 Progress at territory level and as a whole
 Sales of the organization
 Where an improvement is required

The working/activities of division include the following features:

 Selling through proper transportation

 Area storming for creating awareness
 Stall activities
 Rewards offering scheme
 Taking feedback from the customers
 Providing service for chiller maintenance and technical problems

This activities/working of the organization involve the basic principles of

marketing, client service, public relation, planning, organizing, leadership and
communication whose brief description are as follows: The basic principle of
Classic Consumables in marketing is to provide its customers with quality
product at reasonable price.

6.1. Marketing Environment

Classic Consumables

Already more than 15 competitors are playing in the market. Customers are more
conscious about their health so they never compromise on quality and se
services at any cost.

As Nestle is a multinational company and has a large number of employees

around the world and a huge setup so their expenditures will be more as well as
their market size. It has to maintain these expenditures from their products so
they have to set their prices accordingly, which is a great benefit for Classic

Blu water by Al-Hilal industries having huge account has entered in the market
with a massive advertising and less price than Classic Consumables.

All other players in the market are charging cheaper prices than Classic
On the other hand Classic Consumables has fixed rates from its start but it
assures no compromise on quality and services.
In this marketing situation, there is a war of services, adding values, facilitating
customers and giving them extra than a product.

6.2. Target Market

Target market is the market which has the ability to influence from your product
mentally and having the ability to purchase your product.
Classic Consumables target market is the:

 Banking sector
 Telecommunication companies
Classic Consumables

 Factories / Mills
 Pesticide industry
 Sound Entrepreneurs
 Motor companies
 Logistics
 An individual or having family with the monthly income of more than

6.3. Product Positioning

The image of product regarding its quality, price and features in the minds of
customers as compared of those of competitor’s.

Classic Consumables market positioning is good and customers are fully

satisfied with the quality and services of Classic Consumables water. Regardless
of higher price than of competitors Classic Consumables customers are willing to
pay more for quality and services. Classic Consumables is serving from 2003
and up till now there is no change in prices that’s why customer’s satisfaction on
quality and services increases more.

7. Segments

The segments which are mainly focused at Classic Consumables are described

7.1. Sale Calls

Classic Consumables

The first segments for a marketing employee after joining or having the complete
knowledge about the Classic Consumables is delivering a sale call to the new
target customer and inform him what Classic Consumables is, what its
positioning is, having what market share, what it is offering, what services and
benefit it providing and at what price in a respectable way to its honorable target

7.2. Customer Services

The next segment of Classic Consumables is of customer services. Customer

services provide the customers maintaining a good and sound relationship and
services to the customers.
Miss Uzma performs the responsibility of customer services at Classic
 Delivery at customer premises on schedule day & routing time.
 Ensuring delivery on special request forwarded by customer services.
 Attending all delivery related complaints in time.

7.3. Complain Handling

Making customers is not a difficult task but to retain them is really a difficult task.
It is very rare for any organization that its customer have not any kind of complain
regarding their products or services. Almost every company has some
complained from their customers so the thing is to solve the problem of the
customer in well manner and entertain its complaints with open heart. In order to
retain the customer we have to facilitate and satisfy the customer while
considering the company’s policies, rules and regulations.
Classic Consumables

Miss Samina controls complain handling affairs at Classic Consumables.

7.4. Non Scheduled Order Handling

Thirst and consumption of drinking water depends on weather condition, physical

hard work, and no of people (Staff and customers). It is unpredictable to judge
the exact consumption per day in the client organization. So there comes a
difference in the daily consumption of water and cause shortage. It may be due
to other reasons also.
There may be some problem with the route van during the delivery of water
which is handled by Mr. Aijaz Khan. He is very energetic and efficient man.

7.5. Recovery

If your customer is well known, trustable, sound and carry a reasonable account
then you can sale your product to him on credit or on monthly billing. This is the
first step. Now after selling your product to your customer, there comes the
recovery of the amount of bill.

Recovery of bills is very tactful and an important segment of marketing. It needs

skills of public relations. In Classic Consumables the process of recovery is
handled by Mr. Amir serving as the recovery head at Classic Consumables.

7.6. Record Maintenance

Classic Consumables

Maintaining the record is the basic segment of any organization. Here comes the
record of sales which is carried by the sales man and the delivery boys in the
shape of vouchers on daily basis. The sales voucher includes prepaid and
monthly billing vouchers which are signed by the delivery boy and the receiving
person. The sales men and the delivery boys’ makes a daily sales sheet cum
with vouchers and this sales sheet cum with vouchers are submitted to the data
entry head Mr. Azhar who verifies the vouchers with the daily sales sheet and
records this data in special software designed for Classic Consumables.

8. Distribution

Classic Consumables Multan has its water processing plant whose production
covers almost all
the city with 6 big vans and 2 small vans. The distribution has reached up to 5 km
around the city and to DG khan and Muzaffargarh as well once a week.

8.1. Market Coverage

The area includes banking sector, telecommunication companies, Factories /

Mills, pesticide industry, sound entrepreneurs, motor companies, logistics and
domestic. In the process of delivery the priority is given to the corporate sector
then domestic. Classic Consumables has 7 days service.

8.2. Channel Structure

These 8 vans cover the city depending upon the consumption. The routes of
vans are arranged accordingly. 5 big vans touch and deliver water to the banks,
telecom companies and big organizations on daily basis. 2 small vans deliver the
Classic Consumables

water to stores and retailers while one big van covers DG Khan, Muzaffargarh
and the area of about 5km around the city.

9. Marketing Mix
A marketing strategy defining the right product, price, place and promotion is the
marketing mix.

9.1. Product

Classic Consumables product is pure drinking water which is healthy, safe and is
certified by the government of Pakistan.
It is available in big bottle of 19ltr and in 6ltr also.
9.2. Price

Price is one the very important element factor in the marketing policy for all
products and in each industry it plays very important role for the expansion of the
product in the market.

Prices are set at the levels which are equal to the product, quality and services.
19ltr bottle is available in Rs.80 per bottle.
6ltr bottle is available in Rs.55 per bottle.

Further detail of prices at the time of making a new connection with the company
is given below. The account is opened with minimum of two bottles.

02 Bottles (Security)………….Rs.1000 (Refundable)

Tap/Stand …………………….Rs.300
19ltr (02 Fills)…………………Rs.160
Classic Consumables

Company Provides water cooling dispensers (Classic Consumables property)

only to the large and sound organization including banks.

9.3. Place

Classic Consumables makes it possible by delivering water at door step of the

customer free of cost through vans. It is also available at different stores in both
quantities which can be purchased by the non regular or unregistered customers.

9.4. Promotion

Classic Consumables offers promotional prices in the shape of prepaid coupons

for every target customer and other than it introduce a special package for banks
only in which after every 10 fillings the 11th filling will be free of cost.

Promotional package is given as:

Prepaid Coupon Book………………..Rs.800

10+01 Free Fill
Prepaid Coupon Book………………..Rs.2400
30+04 Free Fills
Prepaid Coupon Book………………..Rs.4000
50+07 Free Fills
This offer is only on prepaid coupons.

10. Advertising
Classic Consumables

Advertising plays a major role in boosting up the image of any brand in the minds
of the target customers. Advertising is the best way to communicate large
number of people in a short time. It has more effect on the mind of people if it is

designed perfectly. Mostly rational advertisement is best for the Classic


Classic Consumables has limited resources for advertising and it believes that
the best advertising is the word of mouth due to its best quality and services.
Because of more than 70% market share and strong image in the minds of
customers, Classic Consumables don’t need to spend heavily on advertisement
but for reminding the customers and maintaining a good and long lasting image
in their minds it always do advertise like in local newspaper and small billboards
which is very necessary.

11. Publicity and Public Relation

Word of mouth is the best kind of publicity for which the company does not pay
where as public relation is the planned activity in which the company wants to
interact with customer to customer and to facilitate customers so that the
customer are the real asset of the company.

Classic Consumables is doing publicity and maintaining public relation very well.
Making a new sale call and doing courtesy visits to the customer just to insure
and getting the feed back from the customers that how much the they are
satisfied and what they want more and improved.
Classic Consumables

12. Operations

It includes different types of operations performed with in an organization mainly

include processing, quality control, storage, laboratory analysis etc.

12.1. Flow of Activities in processing

This process is the backbone of the Classic Consumables. It is mainly the

purification of water through different steps or activities. In this process include 7
steps to purify the water and make it healthy and safe for drinking. These steps
are as given:
A. Water from deep source
B. Filtration
C. Ultra Violet Rays
D. Reverse Osmosis
E. Remineralization
F. Ultra Violet Rays
G. Ozonation

A. Water from deep source

In this first step water is taken from a source of about 540 feet depth

B. Filtration
Filtration of the water from deep source is the second step through which the
suspended particles like sand removes and carbon also.

C. Ultra Violet Rays

Classic Consumables

After filtration of water the ultraviolet rays are passed through the water which
kills the bacteria.

D. Reverse Osmosis
This is the main and basic part of the process. In reverse osmosis there contains
tiny or micro membranes through which water is passed. The size of these
membranes is so small that excludes particles even of size of 0.001µm, which is
the smallest size of bacteria. It also excludes arsenic from water.
It also excludes salts and natural minerals contain in the underground water and
gives pure H2O.

E. Remineralization
After Reverse Osmosis, water is in the form of pure H2O which is safe but not
healthful. It will perform as neutral in the human body. So in order to make it
healthy, Remineralization is necessary. In this process the artificial minerals or
salts like calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulphate, sodium, potassium etc in a
balanced level suitable and required by a human body. In other words in order to
maintain the level of total dissolved salts in the water.

F. Ultra Violet Rays

Again water is passed through the ultra violet rays to kill any remaining bacteria
because bacteria have the ability to grow with in minutes.

G. Ozonation
Ozonation is the injection of O3 gas to water in a limited quantity through dozers.
Injection of O3 gas makes enable water to be useful for almost 3 months. It
protects water from the growth of bacteria up to 3 months. So at the time of filling
Classic Consumables

O3 gas is passed which protects water from bacteria for almost 3 months
Now water is filled into the bottles and sealed having the date of filling and
mentioned to use it with in 3 months.

12.2. Use of technology in processing

Technological improvements are necessary to be competitive in the market.

Classic Consumables water processing plant is equipped with latest machinery.
It recently increased the number of dozers of O3 gas from 2 to 4 in order to make
sure and available during the time of processing.
Reverse Osmosis is the latest technology in order to get water almost free of
arsenic which is the main cause of cancer.

12.3. Quality Assurance

Quality of the processed filled water is checked on daily basis.

12.4. Warehousing and Storage

After filling the bottles in order to make it available for vans, there is a large
warehouse where the empty and filled bottles are stored. Mr. Farrukh Mahmood
is the store incharge at Classic Consumables.
 Procure a warehouse as per Classic Consumables Standards.
 Ensure all Classic Consumables Quality Standard
Classic Consumables

 Maintain a clean environment.

 Minimize store losses.

12.5. Laboratory

The samples of water processed and complained one are analyze at the
laboratory. Daily 3 laboratory tests of processing water are taken periodically in
order to assure the quality.
Laboratory is fully equipped with the instruments and chemicals used in the
analysis. Every time there are 15 tests with one sample at a time is taken in order
to maintain the TDS (total dissolved salts) as authorized by the PSQCA (Pakistan
Standard Quality Control Authority).
Miss Maryam Laraib is a well qualified and experienced lab analyst at Classic

13. Finance

Actually there is no separate department for finance but all the matter regarding
finance including salary of employees, daily expenditure and petty cash are
handled by Mr. Sikandar.
Further the accounting provides
 Maintain audited accounts of the business.s
 Provide in time reports to Classic Consumables Management.
 Make claims as per company guidelines & verify data.
Classic Consumables

 Ensure efficient operation.

14. Human Resources

Human Resource is also a main part of organization structure. The recruitment,

selection, training and evaluation are the focal points of human resource. There
is no separate human resource department at Classic Consumables but the
activities of human resource are actually performed and implemented.

14.1. Recruitment
At Classic Consumables recruitment is carried out by publishing a job offering in
the local newspaper.

14.2. Selection
The process of selection is carried out by taking the interviews of applicants
through different ways.

14.3. Training and Development

The selected applicants now become the employee of the Classic Consumables
and are need to be trained and develop their skills according to the nature of their

14.4. Performance Evaluation

Every year Classic Consumables evaluates the performance of their employees
and gives them benefits accordingly in order to motivate them and other
employees as well.
Classic Consumables

14.5. Incentives and Motivating Factors

Incentives increase the performance and motivate the employee to do more and
best. So it is a good and healthy activity as performed at Classic Consumables.

15. Conclusion

Classic Consumables is running well at Multan and covered the market share of
about more than 70% by providing delivery at door step and having the week of 7
days. There is always being a threat of coming of new competitor in the market
but Classic Consumables always handles it very smartly. Serving since 2005 at
Multan there is no change in prices due to any reason or market situation. That
shows there is no compromise on quality and services.

16. Recommendation

 Classic Consumables should increase the budget for advertising and


 Classic Consumables administration has to perform more activities that

are relating to human resource. Human resource should be better that
should perform personal related activities.

 Organizational structure should be changed from centralized to de-

centralized and employee should be involved in decision making.
Classic Consumables

 There is a lack of knowledge of employee’s own duties. The duties should

be clear to every employee.

 Internal politics should be eliminated by providing good atmosphere and

mentioning the duties of each employee.

17. Learning as a Student Internee

As a student internee I have learned much about the existing market situation in
the bottled water industry. It was my first experience to go personally in the
market other than just reading in the books. There is almost same
implementation as I have studied in the books. But market situation vary
geographically, with time and with nature of customers. I have personally
experienced market very tough, competitive and challenging.

I came to know how to deal with new and existing customers, how to handle a
claim of an angry customer, how to introduce myself, how to tackle with the
closing customers.

I felt that how much effort and energy is required in the practical field other than
just reading books. How this knowledge is implementing practically.
I am satisfied with working in Classic Consumables. As Classic Consumables is
a well known brand and having 70%-75% market share in Multan so it was not
necessary for me to create awareness for it. All the clients welcomed and treat
me with heart.

My boss Mr. Jawad Khan the area manager get response from me about
customers. I share my problems on daily basis what I used to face during my
Classic Consumables

working in the market. Me with my colleagues and senior employees prepare a

daily report of the working and then discuss on it. Then we daily go to the Big
Boss Mr. Rashid Mahmood the regional manager and discuss our problems with
him. It is a good routine and exercise to improve my weakness.

It is very tough job for the delivery boys to carry bottles and deliver to the offices
all the day especially in this hot weather so this may cause negative change in
their behavior and its obvious. During my stay at office I also observe internal
politics in between the staff members.

I experience recovery of bills very tough because it’s not easy to collect money
from every client on time. I spent two days with recover head Mr. Amir and that
was enough.
I know this learning will help my in my future experience.

17.1 Duties

I have worked in different segments at Classic Consumables but mainly focused

on marketing related.
My duties included but not be limited to:
1. Outdoor marketing/product promotion
2. Organization to organization and door to door backup/complain handling
3. Maintaining customer relation with existing clients.
4. Representing company at events completely or partially sponsored by us.

17.2. Accomplishments
Classic Consumables

I have introduced myself in the market as a good Classic Consumables

I have built my relations in the market
I helped my seniors very well
I gave a business of two accounts to the company
I appreciated by some clients, my Boss and by all the staff members regarding
my performance
I have groomed my personality, way of communication, handling in critical
I gained confidence in communicating first time with new customers
I have got the know-how about the bottled water market

Finally I have offered by my Boss to join Classic Consumables after completing

my last semester

17.3. New Knowledge Acquired

I came to know that practical life is much more difficult and challenging than just
reading books. By just reading marketing books and doing just MBA, MS or PhD
whatever without going into the market, one can never be called a marketing

 There is a race of building image into the minds of customers.
 There is a war of perception.
 Today the competition is of better services, to facilitate the customer in
best and possible way other than others.
 Companies are performing more promotional activities.
Classic Consumables

 Fulfillment of commitment matters al lot for a customer.

17.4. Problems Faced

I have faced many problems during the start of my internship.

First problem I have faced was the long working hours during a hot weather of
When I went alone to the market first time I was shy to talk with a new customer
as a representative of Classic Consumables.
At start there was a problem of finding the target customer.
I became disappointed when one refused to listen to me.
Some times I faced a very rude behavior of new customers during delivering him
sale call.

17.5. How experience impact your career

Experience always impacts the career. As it was my first experience in the

market I must say that I will help me in understanding the situation of market,
nature of people (customers), behavior of customers, how to negotiate with them,
how to handle and tackle their attitude, how to deal with new and existing
customers, how to handle a claim of an angry customer, how to introduce myself,
how to tackle with the closing customers.
Market situation vary geographically, with time and with nature of customers. I
have personally experienced market very tough, competitive and challenging.

I am glad and know that this experience will definitely help me in my career.
Classic Consumables

Jawad Ahmad
Lahore, Pakistan.
E-mail: jawadoa@yahoo.com
Cell: 0333-7643663