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Code of Practice

July 2012
Great Career Paths
Congratulations on commencing your
qualification with William Angliss Institute.
William Angliss Institute is a Skills for All training provider
with a strong focus on quality training to the service industry
in South Australia.
How will this training benefit me?
The benefit to you as an employee is that on the job training
will gain you a qualification that is recognised throughout
Australia. The training will help you in your current job and
any future career moves.
William Angliss Institute will consult closely with you and your
employer to ensure the training we offer has been specifically
designed to meet the dynamic needs of your workplace and
help to maximise your opportunities and outcomes.
William Angliss Institute understands the constraints
of working in a fast-paced industry, and has developed
a range of different training methods to suit your needs:
> Workplace delivery and assessment
> Traditional classroom delivery
> Print and multimedia learning resources
(including e-learning)
Wherever possible, assessment of your skills will be made
in your workplace, and evidence of your performance will
contribute to our assessments.
William Angliss Institute is committed to ensuring that you are
fairly treated throughout your training and offers assistance
> Learning difficulties
> English as a Second Language (ESL)
> Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) the RPL system
recognises skills and knowledge gained in previous
employment. RPL can fast track you through
competencies quickly so you can concentrate on gaining
new skills. Your trainer can advise you of your eligibility
for this procedure.
> Credit Transfer recognising formal qualifications achieved
by studying other qualifications. Your trainer can advise
you of your eligibility for this procedure.
For more detailed student policies and procedures please visit
You may be eligible for a traineeship
To provide you and your employer with relevant, practical
training options, the Government has developed a traineeship
program through the Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AAC)
and Registered Training Organisations such as William Angliss
Traineeships combine practical work with structured training
to provide a valuable, relevant and nationally recognised
qualification. They are designed for new or existing full or part
time employees. Your trainer will be able to provide you and
your employer with further information on how to assess your
eligibility for a traineeship.
About us
William Angliss Institute is the largest specialist training
provider to the service industry in Australia. Combining
extensive industry collaboration with industry skills trainers,
access to comprehensive resources and over 70 years
experience in delivering dynamic industry training, the
Institute is uniquely positioned to deliver relevant training
incorporating the skills and knowledge that reflect current
industry practice.
Our organisation is a Registered Training Organisation that
is authorised under legislation to offer nationally recognised
training. We ensure that at all times our operations comply
with relevant legislation and the national registration
William Angliss Institute only employs professional academic
staff that have vast industry experience and strong current
links with your industry. Our trainers are committed to your
success and work hard to ensure that you are treated fairly
and receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete
your course. This ensures that our students will complete a
qualification that is relevant and current for your workplace
and the wider community.
Conditions of enrolment
This training program has been developed in partnership with
your employer who will pay all tuition fees and associated
costs, and will release you from work to attend any relevant
off-job training and assessment.
In the event of there being any tuition fees or associated costs
to yourself, you will be informed of these charges and refund
policies prior to your enrolment.
A training schedule will be developed by your William Angliss
Institute trainer detailing your training and assessment
program. Attendance of all scheduled off-job training is
compulsory; if you are unable to attend please let your trainer
know as early as possible so that an alternative time can be
Your training plan will be developed in consultation with you,
your trainer and your employer. Units of Competency will be
chosen to ensure they address identified workplace needs
and so ensure that on completion of your course you hold the
required skills and knowledge to the standard of performance
required in your workplace.
William Angliss Institute ensures that any personal, workplace
or academic records that are kept will be maintained as
complete and accurate. We will maintain confidentiality of
this information which will not be divulged to third parties
unless authorised by you or under law. You may view your
own records to confirm their accuracy and completeness at
any time.
William Angliss Institute is committed to continuously
improving our services and seek feedback from you about the
training you have received from us.
Contact Details:
Linda Gain Training Coordinator
William Angliss Institute
8 Greenhill Road, Wayville, South Australia 5034
Tel: +618 8372 7863
Fax: +618 8372 7864