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Last night myself and a few others had a fascinating late night
conversation with the brilliant Brce Lipton at !ollyhoc" on #ortes
island where $ live. Brce told s abot recent research regarding the
ama%ing molecle &elatonin which he li"ened to or body's own
Brce went on to discss the fact that we are literally eating orselves
to death becase the body doesn't really need mch food* as strange
as that might sond. !e said that we might live 140 years if we ate far
less. $f we sit in the sn for a time each day +while being mindfl of or
own vibration,* or bodies might -st get what they need throgh the
alchemy of &elatonin.
(.ot only does this ama%ing hormone conteract stress* /ght o0
virses and bacteria* improve the 1ality of sleep* minimi%e the
symptoms of -et lag* and reglate biological rhythms* it may even help
protect against cancer* redce the ris" of heart disease* and play a role
in how long we live.) 2from the boo" &elatonin by 3eiter and 3obinson
#onsider the case of 4rahlad 5ani. 6his $ndian sadh claims to have
lived withot food and water for 71 years +he's 72 now,. !e has been
e8tensively tested in sealed laboratory conditions and de/es all
scienti/c attempts to e8plain how he can srvive for wee"s withot
food and water or sing the toilet. 3ead abot him in BB# and 9B#
articles. 6he :iscovery #hannel even made a docmentary abot him.
6here are even websites abot the bene/ts of snga%ing for
norishment and health. $ remember reading abot a #atholic ;aint in
the 9tobiography of a <ogi who hadn't eaten for many years* getting
all of her norishment directly from the ;n.
&elatonin is secreted into the blood by the pineal gland* the tiny
(pinecone) at the center of the hman brain associated with states of
enlightenment. #onsider =enesis >2:
9nd he said* 6hy name shall be called no more 5acob* bt $srael: for as
a prince hast tho power with =od and with men* and hast prevailed.
9nd 5acob as"ed him* and said* 6ell me* $ pray thee* thy name. 9nd he
said* ?herefore is it that tho dost as" after my name@ 9nd he blessed
him there.
9nd 5acob called the name of the place 4eniel Apineal@B: for $ have seen
=od face to face* and my life is preserved.
9nd as he passed over 4enel Apineal@B the sn rose pon him* and he
halted pon his thigh. 2=enesis #h >2:272>1
6his de/nitely pts a new spin on all the sn worship $'ve been
ncovering in my own wor". 6hese synchronicities have blown my
mind +again,.
Crom &elatonin to &elanin
6he pineal gland secretes melatonin which activates the pititary gland
to release melanocyte stimlating hormone. $t is in the melanocytes
that melanin is prodced. 2;orce
&elanin is a biopolymer and a neropeptide. $n the early 1D70s*
researchers fond melanin to be an organic semicondctor +;cience*
vol 17>* 7E>27EE +1D74,,. ;tdies revealed that melanin acted as an
electrical threshold switch* emitting a Fash of lightG
electrolminescenceGwhen it switched. 6hogh the /ndings were
pblished* these /ndings largely were overloo"ed.
&elanin inFences neral activity and mediates the condction of
radiation* light* heat and "inetic energy. 9s sch* it is the sb-ect of
intense interest in biotech research and development* most notably in
organic electronics. 2;orce
Blac" s"in is high in melatonin and it loo"s li"e this is an advantage for
both health and enlightenment:
(6he incidence of roentgenologically visible pineal gland calci/cation is
appro8imately twice as common in 9merican whites as in blac"s* a
di0erence that is very stri"ing after age 40. #omparison of this /nding
with reports in the literatre shows that the incidence of pineal gland
calci/cation is slightly higher in 9merican blac"s than in indigenos
9fricans* probably de to racial mi8tre among the 9merican blac"s we
stdied.) 2;orce
$'ve come across some evidence that &elatonin can even act as a
radioprotective agent +to reverse the damage cased by the
C"shima disaster,. Hnlightenment or bstI
J2012 ;$4; 4rodctions $nc. K 9ll 3ights 3eserved.

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