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Power Seeker Serial Killer Manson wanted authority over others.

He just wanted
to be followed and seen as a leader. He didnt commit crimes on his own when he
was an adult he had great manipulative powers to convince others into doing what
he said.

Comfort Serial Killer he found happiness in the killing because he thought he
was doing the right thing for him.

Anti social personality disorder Manson lacked of obeying laws and was a
regular in fraudulence in relationships. Always scamming others and had an
aggressive behavior his whole life. Had ADHD and didnt was illiterate most of his
life. He fits many of the criteria of antisocial personality disorder, including
disregard for and violation of others rights, impulsivity, disregard for truth, and
lack of remorse. He had latent delinquency overall.

Chronic Offender - psychopathic personality always getting caught breaking the
law since he was a child from stealing cars at a young age to escaping from schools.
Leading to even bigger crimes like grand theft auto and fraud.

Brutalization Process - As a young child he was abused by his uncle who would
call him a girl and dressed him up in a dress on his first day of school. He was
neglected by his mother growing up and didnt have a solid father figure.

PTSD always getting abused Manson wishes he could have had his childhood back
and to have a normal one like everybody else had. He never had a stable home or
someone to tuck him in and look up to.

Social Control Theory - Brainwashed by the beatles into Manson foresaw a race
war pitting blacks against whites, and some have speculated that his motive in
directing the murders was to hasten the inevitable conflict. He didnt listen to
any law authority.

-Charlie believed there were different levels when it came to race, and the white
man occupied a higher level than the black. This was why Charlie was so strongly
opposed to black-white sex; you would be interfering with the path of evolution,
you would be mixing up nervous systems, less evolved with more evolved.

Hitler Youth Swastika
They both had psychological disorders that may have led to their paranoi
a and anxiety and overall ludicrous thoughts and behavior and their succ
essful manipulation of others, shared the swastika symbol,
and were going to commit heinous acts that they tried to blame on oth
er racial groups/people different than them.

Social Structure Theories

Strain theory: Most people have similar aspirations, but they dont all have the
same opportunities or abilities. When people fail to achieve societys expectations
through approved means such as hard work and delayed gratification, they may
attempt to achieve success through crime.

Rational choice theory: People generally act in their self-interest and make
decisions to commit crime after weighing the potential risks (including getting
caught and punished) against the rewards.

Manson was an innovator and wanted to gain anything he could without doing much
work. He controlled others into obeying his commands.