Instructor: Leah Nall Office: GR4.524 Phone: 972-883-6754 E-Mail: lnall@utdallas.

edu Class time & location: Monday’s & Wednesday’s 1:00 – 1:50 Room: GR 2.530

Required Text : Cohen, Harlan (2005) The Naked Roommate. Sourcebooks, Inc.
UTD 2005-2006 Student Planner and Guide

*Cell phone use is NOT permitted during class. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers before class begins. *Disrespecting of other classmates and/or myself will not be tolerated. In this class we may discuss topics that many people feel very strongly about and may be viewed as taboo. But we are all adults and should be able to discuss these topics respectfully. *I expect you to attend each and every class period and show up on time to class. You can expect the same from me. *All coursework turned in MUST BE TYPED

RHET 1101’s purpose is to help you learn about and enhance the skills necessary for success both in college and life. College consists of a great deal more than just a higher level of demanding course work. It’s new-found independence, freedom, a variety of people to deal with, roommates, romance, laundry, homework, and much, much more! There are a lot of skills required to effectively balance all of the above and we’re here to help you make the transition as easy as possible. Through the use of personal insight, goal-setting, campusoriented activities, and interactions, you’ll get off to a great start!

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appreciate the goals, methods and values of higher education. become independent, motivated learners. become part of a community of fellow learners. become familiar with the campus resources and services available to you. enhance your reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and study skills. examine and clarify values. recognize and appreciate cultural diversity.


Given the interactive nature of this course, it is necessary for you to attend every class. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY AND WILL BE TAKEN EACH CLASS SESSION: If an emergency should occur which results in a missed class, please contact me ASAP.

This course has been designed to provide you the opportunity to do well. The assignments are primarily personal in their focus, most are not tremendously time consuming and they give you the chance to actively improve your skills. They should not be a source of pressure or anxiety. It is necessary for you to attend and actively participate in class in order to get the most out of it.

Attendance Academic Autobiography Campus Event Reports X2 Group Project Photo Journal Expert Testimony Total Possible Points

(each class worth 10 points) (each worth 25 points) (Campus Service Commercial)

150 points 25 points 50 points 100 points 50 points 25 points 400 points

400 + 360-399 347-359 333-346 320-332 307-319 293-306 280-292 267-279 253-266 240-252 227-239 0-226

= = = = = = = = = = = = =


(extra credit work must be done to receive an A+)


6/10 6/15 6/17 6/22 6/24 6/29 7/1 7/6 7/8 7/13 7/15 7/20 7/22 7/27 7/29

Introduction: Go over syllabi and groups assigned Group Resume’ Turn in academic autobiography Time Management Public Speaking Test Anxiety $$$ Money, how to get it AND keep it! Give “Expert Testimony” (1st Group) Give “Expert Testimony” (2nd Group) Website Search & Schedule/Catalog Quiz 1st Campus Event Paper Due NO CLASS TODAY!! HIV/AIDS info Group Presentations “Campus Service Commercials” Academic Dishonesty Battle of the Sexes Last Day of Class!! Present Photo Journals nd 2 Campus Event Paper Due


Academic Autobiography
Goal: To help you reflect on your life as a student thus far and the people and experiences that have prepared you for this new level of higher education. What to Do: Write an autobiography – beginning with your earliest memories of school – and illustrate your life as a student. Include the following in your paper: • • • • • • • • • What teachers influenced you the most and in what ways? What role have your parents, family, and friends played in your role as a student throughout your life to this point? What was the worst academic memory you have? How did it change your perception of yourself as a student and/or your attitude toward school and learning? What has been the best academic experience thus far? How has it affected your approach to school? Was going to college always one of your goals growing up? When did you begin to believe you knew what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you still share that vision? Why or why not? How do you perceive yourself as a student now? What are you most concerned about academically right now? What are you most excited about academically right now?

Report should be typed and 2-3 pages in length, double spaced, 12 font. Report is due 6/15/09


Goal: To enable you to become more comfortable with public speaking. What to do: • Prepare a 2 minute presentation on something you know very well. This could be a hobby, a particular academic subject, your home town, a favorite book, etc. **Your topic MUST BE PRE APPROVED by me** • Practice it so that you are comfortable, as you will not be allowed to use note cards or prompts. • You o o o o o will be graded on the following: Tone of voice – volume, clarity Eye contact with audience Posture and appearance Well organized and engaging presentation Adherence to time limit

*Expert Testimony will be given on 7/1/09 and 7/6/09


Goal: To show you what is available to do on campus, and encourage you to take advantage of opportunities for involvement and entertainment. Types: You must choose events from two different categories of events. The categories are: Student Life Cultural -Art Barn -Sporting Event -Concert -Club meeting -Theater Multicultural -Cultural celebration Academic -Speaker -Workshop

Report: You must turn in a minimum one page typed summary of your experience, which includes the following information: • • • • The name of the event and the reason for selecting it. What took place during the event. Your reaction to the event (enjoyed it, it was a hassle, etc.) What you gained from attending the event.

* I prefer that your Campus Events be separate from ABP events. If you are unsure if an event can be used for this assignment, contact me ahead of time with information on the event and I will let you know if it is applicable.
*You must submit proof of attendance with your paper, a ticket stub, flyer, etc. * 1st report due 7/8/09 2nd report due by 7/29/09


Group Project Presentations
The Group Project Topic with be the “Campus Service Commercial” 1. Make a plan: decide who will be responsible for which tasks in the project. 2. Write up and submit the components of your project: a. What tasks were included and who did them. b. What was involved in carrying out each task c. What was learned/accomplished with each task 3. Develop your 5-7 minute presentation based on the goal of the project. 4. Each group member must present during the oral presentation portion of the project. a. For the commercial – regardless of the form it takes, each person must have a visible role: (in a videotaped commercial, live skit, or power-point presentation, etc.) 5. Each individual’s grade will be based on his/her contribution and presentation effectiveness in the project. a. Each individual will be graded separately during the oral presentation, based on his/her skills. b. Point total awarded (out of 100) will be a comprehensive reflection of the entire effort, including project work and presentation effectiveness.

*Presentations will be given on 7/20/09


Campus Service Commercial
GOAL: to Familiarize you with the services and resources available to you on Campus. What’s involved: With your group do the following: • Choose an on-campus service to research (will be a random drawing in class)

Choices: Activities Center Career Center Comet Center • Counseling Center Health Center The Mercury Multicultural Center The Library Office of Student Success

Research the campus office you picked, to find out what they provides and the benefits to students, as well as the hours of operation, if there is a charge for the service, are appointments required, etc. The Goal of the commercial is to “sell” the service to the class – convincing them why they should take advantage of it, how using it will help them in some way. The commercial can take any form – live presentation, video, power-point, etc. and must be 5-7 minutes in length. ** Be creative and engage your audience!


Photo Journal
Document your first semester at UTD with pictures. You may use a digital or film camera to take pictures of the following: • • • • • • • • • • • A favorite place on campus An instructor who has positively influenced you. An administrator or staff member who has positively influenced you. Two new friends, one of whom is from a different culture than your own. Where you have gone for entertainment or relaxation on campus. Things from home that comfort you. An image depicting a goal you have for the future. An image conveying a challenge you are currently facing An image representing a challenge you have overcome. An image that captures the essence of your first semester at UTD. Any other photos you would like to include that communicate your experiences as a first year student at UTD.

Presentation You can display your photos any way you like. For example, in a photo album, on a poster board, as a slide show on your laptop, etc. You will also give an oral presentation in class, describing your photos and thoughts on the assignment.

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