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Annie Cutest Pet Sweepstakes

(the Sweepstakes)
Online Entry Only
parti%ipatin&' yu a&ree t "e "un! "y these O((i%ial Rules an! the !e%isins ( the
Spnsr' whi%h are "in!in& an! (inal n )atters relatin& t this Sweepstakes# *his
Sweepstakes is su"+e%t t all appli%a"le (e!eral' state an! l%al laws#
*his pr)tin is nt spnsre!' en!rse! r a!)inistere! "y' r ass%iate! with'
Insta&ra)' nr is Insta&ra) ass%iate! with the pr)tin in any way# Any
,uestins' %))ents r %)plaints re&ar!in& the pr)tin )ust "e !ire%te! t
the Spnsr' an! nt t Insta&ra)#
-# ELIGIBILITY. *his Sweepstakes is pen nly t le&al resi!ents ( the
$stn' .assa%husetts )etrplitan area wh are at least -/ years ( a&e at the
ti)e ( entry# E)plyees an! their i))e!iate (a)ilies (parent' %hil!' spuse r
si"lin& an! their respe%ti0e spuses' re&ar!less ( where they resi!e) an! thse
li0in& in their sa)e husehl!s' whether r nt relate! ( Spnsr an! their
respe%ti0e parents' a((iliates' su"si!iaries an! a!0ertisin& an! pr)tin a&en%ies
are nt eli&i"le t enter r win#
1# TIMING. *he Sweepstakes "e&ins at -123- a#)# Eastern *i)e (E*) n
O%t"er 13' 13-4 an! en!s at --256 p#)# E* n O%t"er 16' 13-4 (Entry Peri!)#
7# ENTRY. *ake a pht ( yur %utest pet an! upla! it t either
s%ene#"stn#%) (the 8e"site) r n Insta&ra) (Insta&ra)) usin& the hashta&
9annie"stn !urin& the Entry Peri! an! %)plete an! su")it an ((i%ial entry
(r) (Entry)# All Entries )ust "e re%ei0e! n later than --256256 p#)# E*
O%t"er 16' 13-4 t "e eli&i"le# Li)it ne (-) Entry per persn:e)ail a!!ress
!urin& the Entry Peri! (Entry Li)it)# Entries re%ei0e! (r) any persn r e;)ail
a!!ress in e<%ess ( the Entry Li)it will "e ineli&i"le an! 0i!# Entries &enerate! "y
s%ript' )a%r r ther aut)ate! )eans r "y any )eans whi%h su"0ert the entry
10/16/14 11:09 aM
pr%ess are 0i!# All Entries "e%)e the sle prperty ( the Spnsr an! will nt
"e returne!#
A# All su")issins t s%ene#"stn#%) )ust "e either +p&' pn&' r a stati%
&i( (ile an! )ust nt e<%ee! 13)" in si=e#
$# Ea%h Entry )ust als %)ply with the (llwin& a!!itinal su")issin
a. *he pht )ay nt %ntain any %ntent that is lew!' "s%ene' se<ually
e<pli%it' prn&raphi%' !ispara&in&' !e(a)atry' li"elus' "s%ene' r that
therwise %ntains inapprpriate %ntent r "+e%tina"le )aterial as
!eter)ine! "y spnsr in its sle an! un(ettere! !is%retin#
b. *he pht )ust "e yur ri&inal wrk' %reate! slely "y yu' an! )ust
nt in(rin&e the %pyri&ht' tra!e)ark' pri0a%y' pu"li%ity' r ther intelle%tual
ri&hts ( any persn r entity#
c. I( any persns appears in the pht' yu are respnsi"le (r "tainin&'
prir t sen!in& the Entry' any an! all releases an! %nsents ne%essary t
per)it the e<hi"itin an! use ( the pht "y spnsr as set (rth in these
O((i%ial Rules# I( any persn appearin& in the pht is un!er the a&e (
)a+rity in their state' %untry r pr0in%e ( resi!en%e' the si&nature ( a
parent r le&al &uar!ian is re,uire! n ea%h release#
d. *he Entry )ust nt %ntain any persnally i!enti(ia"le in(r)atin (
any persn ther than yu# Shul! yu in%lu!e persnally i!enti(ia"le
in(r)atin a"ut yursel( in yur Entry' yu a%knwle!&e an! a&ree that
su%h in(r)atin will "e !is%lse! pu"li%ly an! yu are slely respnsi"le (r
any %nse,uen%es there(#
e. >u )ay nt "e' nr )ay yu wrk with parties in %n+un%tin with
pht' wh2 -) are represente! un!er %ntra%t (e#&#' "y a talent a&ent r
)ana&er) that wul! li)it r i)pair spnsr?s a"ility t !isplay the pht in
any )e!ia (r)@ 1) ha0e an a%tin& r )!elin& %ntra%t that wul! )ake
their appearan%e in the pht a 0ilatin ( any thir! party ri&hts@ r 7) are
un!er any ther %ntra%tual relatinship' in%lu!in& "ut nt li)ite! t &uil!
an!:r unin )e)"erships' that )ay prhi"it the) (r) parti%ipatin& (ully in
10/16/14 11:09 aM
this %ntest' r (r) allwin& spnsr t use ryalty;(ree' the pht
wrl!wi!e in all )e!ia in perpetuity#
f. *he pht )ust nt %ntain any %))er%ial %ntent r l&s#
g. *he pht )ay nt ha0e "een pre0iusly pu"lishe! an! )ay nt ha0e
wn pre0ius awar!s#
h. *he pht )ay nt %ntain any )aterial r ele)ents that are nt
wne! "y yu an!:r whi%h are su"+e%t t the ri&hts ( thir! parties#
$y su")ittin& yur Entry' yu a&ree that yur Entry %n(r)s t these O((i%ial Rules
an! that Spnsr' in its sle !is%retin' )ay !is,uali(y yur Entry (r any reasn at
any ti)e' in%lu!in& i( it !eter)ines' in its sle !is%retin' that yur Entry (ails t
%n(r) t these O((i%ial Rules in any way r therwise %ntains una%%epta"le
%ntent as !eter)ine! "y Spnsr' in its sle !is%retin#
$y su")ittin& an Entry' yu here"y &rant per)issin (r the Entry t "e pste! n
the we"site' s%ene#"stn#%) r ther we"sites# >u a&ree that Release! Parties
(as !e(ine! "elw) are nt respnsi"le (r any unauthri=e! use ( Entries "y thir!
parties# Release! Parties ! nt &uarantee the pstin& ( any Entry# >u a&ree that
yu will nt use the Entry (r any ther purpse' in%lu!in&' withut li)itatin'
pstin& the Entry t any nline s%ial netwrks (ther than as in!i%ate! herein)'
withut the e<press %nsent ( Spnsr in ea%h instan%e#
I( there is a !ispute as t the i!entity ( wh su")itte! an Entry' the pri=e will "e
awar!e! t the authri=e! a%%unt hl!er ( the e)ail a%%unt an! s:he )ust
%)ply with these O((i%ial Rules# *he authri=e! a%%unt hl!er is !e(ine! as the
natural persn t wh) the a%%unt is assi&ne! "y an internet ser0i%e pr0i!er'
nline ser0i%e pr0i!er r ther r&ani=atin (e#&#' "usiness' e!u%atinal institutin'
et%#) that is respnsi"le (r assi&nin& su%h a%%unts#
5# DRAWING. One (-) ptential &ran! pri=e winner an! tw (1) ptential (irst
pri=e winners (ea%h a Ptential 8inner) will "e sele%te! "y Spnsr in a ran!)
!rawin& t "e hel! n r a"ut O%t"er 73' 13-4 (r) all eli&i"le Entries re%ei0e!
"y Spnsr !urin& the Entry Peri!#
10/16/14 11:09 aM
A# ODDS/NOTIFICATION. O!!s ( winnin& a pri=e !epen! n the nu)"er (
eli&i"le Entries re%ei0e!# Ptential 8inners will "e nti(ie! "y )ail' phne' an!:r
e;)ail an! "e(re "ein& !e%lare! an ((i%ial winner (O((i%ial 8inner) Spnsr )ay
re,uire that ea%h Ptential 8inner e<e%ute an! return an a((i!a0it ( eli&i"ility' a
lia"ility release an!' where law(ul' a pu"li%ity release within three (7) !ays ( the
!ate n the nti%e# I( su%h !%u)ents are nt %)plete! an! returne! within the
spe%i(ie! ti)e peri!' the pri=e will "e (r(eite! in its entirety an! Spnsr shall
ha0e n (urther "li&atin t the Ptential 8inner an! at SpnsrBs sle !is%retin'
an alternate winner will "e sele%te!' i( ti)e per)its#
C# PRIZES. *he (llwin& pri=es will "e awar!e!2
Pri=e Des%riptin Pri=e Appr<i)ate Retail Value
Eran! Pri=e (- 8inner) F a (i0e
hun!re! !llar (G533#33) &i(t %ar! t
Pet% an! 4 ti%kets t the
per(r)an%e ( Annie n --:A:13-4
at C p) E*#
First Pri=e (1 8inners) ; 4 ti%kets t
the per(r)an%e ( Annie n
--:A:13-4 at C p) E*#
*i%kets an! &i(t %ar!s are su"+e%t t %ertain ter)s an! %n!itins as spe%i(ie!
theren# Seat l%atins will "e !eter)ine! "y Spnsr# 8inner an! &uest )ust
%)ply with all 0enue rules an! re&ulatins# Failure t ! s )ay result in
(r(eiture ( su%h prtin ( his:her pri=e# Pri=es are awar!e! as is with n
warranty r &uarantee' either e<press r i)plie! "y Spnsr# 8inners )ay nt
su"stitute' assi&n r trans(er pri=es r re!ee) pri=e (r %ash' "ut Spnsr reser0es
the ri&ht' at its sle !is%retin' t su"stitute a pri=e (r prtin there() with ne (
%)para"le r &reater 0alue# 8inners are respnsi"le (r all appli%a"le (e!eral'
state an! l%al ta<es' as well as any ther %sts an! e<penses ass%iate! with pri=e
a%%eptan%e an! use nt spe%i(ie! herein as "ein& pr0i!e!# All pri=e !etails are at
SpnsrBs sle !is%retin# Li)it ne (-) pri=e per husehl!#
/# PUBLICITY GRANT. Ea%h winner' "y a%%eptan%e ( pri=e' e<%ept where
le&ally prhi"ite!' &rants per)issin (r Spnsr an! its !esi&nees t use his:her
na)e' a!!ress (%ity an! state) an! pri=e in(r)atin (r a!0ertisin&' tra!e an!
10/16/14 11:09 aM
pr)tinal purpses withut (urther %)pensatin' in all )e!ia nw knwn r
herea(ter !is%0ere!' wrl!wi!e in perpetuity' withut nti%e r re0iew r appr0al'
r a!!itinal %nsi!eratin#
6# GENERAL CONDITIONS/RESTRICTIONS. 8inner an! his:her &uest(s)
)ust "e willin& t si&n any le&al !%u)ents that )ay "e re,uire! "y Spnsr#
E<%ept as in!i%ate! in the pri=e' all )eals' ta<es' &ratuities' insuran%e' "a& %he%k
(ees' parkin& (ees' laun!ry ser0i%e' (!' al%hli% "e0era&es' in%i!entals (in%lu!in&
)ini;"ar)' phne %har&es' )er%han!ise' su0enirs an! ther e<penses nt
spe%i(i%ally i!enti(ie! in these O((i%ial Rules are slely the respnsi"ility ( the
winner# Eran! Pri=e winner )ust %)ply with all htel %he%k;in re,uire)ents'
in%lu!in&' "ut nt li)ite! t' the presentatin ( a )a+r %re!it %ar!# Spnsr is nt
respnsi"le (r any )e%hani%al !i((i%ulties r (ailure %nne%te! with any pri=e' r
any a%t r )issin whatse0er#
In the e0ent that a pri=e nti(i%atin is returne! as un!eli0era"le r Ptential
8inner %hses nt t a%%ept his:her pri=e' r is una"le t "e nti(ie!' an alternate
Ptential 8inner will "e ran!)ly sele%te! (r) all ( the re)ainin& eli&i"le Entries'
i( ti)e per)its# Any un%lai)e! an!:r unuse! pri=e ele)ent will "e (r(eite! "y the
winner an! will re)ain the prperty ( Spnsr# In the e0ent the winner an!:r his
r her &uest en&a&e in "eha0ir that (as !eter)ine! "y Spnsr in its sle
!is%retin) is "n<ius r threatenin&' ille&al r that is inten!e! t anny' a"use'
threaten r harass any ther persn' Spnsr reser0es the ri&ht t ter)inate the
pri=e r ther appli%a"le e<perien%e early' in whle r in part with n (urther
"li&atin t winner r &uest#
-3# RELEASE. $y re%eipt ( any pri=e' yu a&ree t in!e)ni(y Spnsr'
Insta&ra) an! their respe%ti0e su"si!iaries' a((iliates' suppliers' !istri"utrs'
a!0ertisin&' a&en%ies' an! pri=e suppliers' an! ea%h ( their respe%ti0e parents an!
a((iliate %)panies an! ea%h su%h %)panyBs ((i%ers' !ire%trs' e)plyees an!
a&ents (%lle%ti0ely' the Release! Parties) (r) an! a&ainst any lsses' !a)a&es'
ri&hts' %lai)s r %auses ( a%tin ( any kin!' that Release! Parties )ay in%ur in
whle r in part' !ire%tly r in!ire%tly' ut ( yur parti%ipatin in the Sweepstakes
10/16/14 11:09 aM
r (r) yur a%%eptan%e' pssessin' use' r )isuse ( any pri=e awar!e! in
%nne%tin with the Sweepstakes#
10/16/14 11:09 aM
--# GENERAL CONDITIONS. Spnsr reser0es the ri&ht t %an%el' suspen!
an!:r )!i(y the Sweepstakes' r any part ( it' i( any (rau!' te%hni%al (ailures r
any ther (a%tr "eyn! SpnsrBs reasna"le %ntrl i)pairs the inte&rity r
prper (un%tinin& ( the Sweepstakes' as !eter)ine! "y Spnsr in its sle
!is%retin# In su%h e0ent' Spnsr reser0es the ri&ht t awar! the pri=es at ran!)
(r) a)n& the eli&i"le entries re%ei0e! up t the ti)e ( the i)pair)ent# H
)re than the state! nu)"er ( pri=es in these O((i%ial Rules will "e awar!e!#
Spnsr' in its sle !is%retin' reser0es the ri&ht t !is,uali(y any in!i0i!ual wh
ta)pers with the entry pr%ess r the peratin ( the Sweepstakes r wh a%ts in
0ilatin ( these O((i%ial Rules r in an unsprts)anlike r !isrupti0e )anner#
-1# WARNING. Any attemt !y any e"#$n t$ %e&'!e"ate&y (n%e"m'ne t)e
&e*'t'mate $e"at'$n $+ t)e S,ee#ta-e# may !e a .'$&at'$n $+ /"'m'na& an%
/'.'& &a,0 an%0 #)$(&% #(/) an attemt !e ma%e0 S$n#$" "e#e".e# t)e "'*)t
t$ #ee- %ama*e# +"$m any #(/) e"#$n t$ t)e +(&&e#t e1tent e"m'tte% !y
&a,. S$n#$"2# +a'&("e t$ en+$"/e any te"m $+ t)e#e O++'/'a& R(&e# #)a&& n$t
/$n#t't(te a ,a'.e" $+ t)at "$.'#'$n.
-7# LIMITED LIABILITY. *he Release! Parties are nt respnsi"le (r2 (-) any
in%rre%t r ina%%urate in(r)atin' whether %ause! "y Entrant' "y printin& errrs
r "y any ( the e,uip)ent r pr&ra))in& ass%iate! with r utili=e! in the
Sweepstakes@ (1) te%hni%al (ailures ( any kin!' in%lu!in&' "ut nt li)ite!' t
)al(un%tins' interruptins' r !is%nne%tins in phne lines r netwrk har!ware
r s(tware@ (7) unauthri=e! hu)an inter0entin in any aspe%t ( the
Sweepstakes@ (4) printin&' typ&raphi%al' te%hni%al' %)puter' netwrk r hu)an
errr whi%h )ay %%ur in the annun%e)ent ( the pri=es r in any Sweepstakes;
relate! )atter r )aterials@ r (5) any in+ury r !a)a&e t yu r t ther persns
r prperty whi%h )ay "e %ause! (r) yur parti%ipatin in the Sweepstakes an!:r
yur !wnla!in& ( any )aterials relate! t this Sweepstakes# I( (r any reasn
yur Entry is %n(ir)e! t ha0e "een errneusly lst' r therwise !estrye! r
%rrupte!' yur sle re)e!y is anther Entry in the Sweepstakes#
10/16/14 11:09 aM
-4# DISPUTES. E<%ept where prhi"ite!' "y parti%ipatin&' yu a&ree that2 (i)
any an! all !isputes' %lai)s an! %auses ( a%tin arisin& ut ( r %nne%te! with
this Sweepstakes r any pri=es awar!e! shall "e resl0e! in!i0i!ually' withut
resrt t any (r) ( %lass a%tin' an! e<%lusi0ely "y the Unite! States Distri%t
Curt r the apprpriate .assa%husetts State Curt l%ate! in $stn'
.assa%husetts@ (ii) any an! all %lai)s' +u!&)ents an! awar!s shall "e li)ite! t
a%tual ut;(;p%ket %sts in%urre!' in%lu!in& %sts ass%iate! with enterin& this
Sweepstakes "ut in n e0ent attrneys? (ees@ an! (iii) un!er n %ir%u)stan%es will
yu "e per)itte! t "tain awar!s (r an! yu here"y wai0e all ri&hts t %lai)
in!ire%t' puniti0e' in%i!ental an! %nse,uential !a)a&es an! any ther !a)a&es'
ther than (r a%tual ut;(;p%ket e<penses' an! any an! all ri&hts t ha0e
!a)a&es )ultiplie! r therwise in%rease!# SO.E IURISDIC*IOHS DO HO* ALLO8
an! ,uestins %n%ernin& the %nstru%tin' 0ali!ity' interpretatin an! en(r%ea"ility
( these O((i%ial Rules' r yur an! SpnsrBs ri&hts an! "li&atins in %nne%tin
with the Sweepstakes' shall "e &0erne! "y' an! %nstrue! in a%%r!an%e with' the
laws ( the State ( .assa%husetts' withut &i0in& e((e%t t any %hi%e ( law r
%n(li%t ( law rules (whether ( the State ( .assa%husetts r any ther
+uris!i%tin)' whi%h wul! %ause the appli%atin ( the laws ( any +uris!i%tin ther
than the State ( .assa%husetts#
%lle%te! (r) Entrants is su"+e%t t SpnsrBs Pri0a%y Pli%y
-A# WINNER LIST# Fr an a!!itinal %py ( these O((i%ial Rules r winnerBs
na)e a0aila"le (r 73 !ays a(ter the !rawin&' sen! a sel(;a!!resse! sta)pe!
en0elpe with prper psta&e a((i<e! t Annie Cutest Pet Sweepstakes %:
$stn El"e' -75 .rrissey $l0!#' $stn' .A 31-15# O((i%ial Rules will "e )a!e
a0aila"le (r 73 !ays (llwin& the sele%tin ( the 8inners#
10/16/14 11:09 aM