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I am currently a 2
grade teacher at Sturgis Elementary in Sturgis, South Dakota and
will graduate in December of 2014 with a Master of Science in Education, specializing
in literacy. Upon graduation, I will continue my education at the University of New
England to gain certification as a reading specialist. In the past four years as a second
grade teacher in a Title One school, I have constantly been inspired by the progress
and enthusiasm of the students in my second grade classes. As an educator, it is my
goal to help students feel comfortable in their classroom environment, take
ownership of their learning, and become lifelong learners. Each student has a unique
quality that I enjoy teaching. Through my teaching experience, tutoring, teaching
swimming lessons, and working with adults with disabilities I have gained a range of
experiences. These have all increased my abilities to be a compassionate,
enthusiastic, team player.
Creatively instills a passion for learning in all students
Lifelong learner willing to try new things to help all students find success
Positive communication skills with colleagues, students, and parents to create
fundamental teams for student support
Taught in a 2
grade classroom of 20+ students for four years
Developed individualized spelling program
Created independent individualized learning opportunities through Readers and
Writers Workshops
Implemented various interventions for students with learning disabilities,
behavioral needs, and autism
Planning and Supervision
Developed and instructed lesson plans that align with the Common Core State
Standards and met various learning levels and styles
Created a positive learning community for all students
Teamed with other teachers to plan and supervise family title nights
Parent Contact and Staff Relations
Participated and presented at staff and team planning meetings
Facilitated teacher and administrator communication through the Teacher
Advisory Committee, Title Committee, and Garden Committee
Promoted parent contact using bi-weekly phone calls, communication logs, and a
classroom Facebook page
Professional Development
South Dakota Implementation of Common Core State Standards
Investigations Math Implementation
Next Generation Science
Boys Town Classroom Management Training
Charlotte Danielson Evaluation Training


December 2014 Degree. Master of Science in Education-Specialization in Literacy
University of New England Biddeford, Maine
Courses completed include: Teachers As Leaders, Differentiation Theory &
Strategies, Motivational Theory & Classroom Management, Action Research
Project, Supporting Literacy Development for All Learners, Literacy Assessments
As Teaching Tools, Study Skills & Content Literacy Instruction for All, Connecting
Reading with Writing for Success, and Meeting Student Literacy Challenges.
May 7, 2011 Degree. Bachelor of Science Elementary Education
Black Hills State University -Spearfish, South Dakota

Tutor 2011-Present
Developed individualized lessons to support student needs
Worked with students K-8
Job Coach 2008- 2011 Northern Hills Training Center- Spearfish, SD
Taught Work Skills to adults with disabilities.
Assisted in learning appropriate social skills in various environment
Implemented training for new job placements
Assisted in Individual Support Plan meetings and planning
Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor 2004-2009 YMCA Edgemont, SD
Managed and maintained city leased swimming pool
Responsible for safety and supervision of patrons
Taught Red Cross swimming lessons for beginners to adults
South Dakota Teaching Certificate
Abuse & Neglect
Crisis Prevention Intervention
First Aide
Individual Service Planning
Positive Behavioral Support
I enjoy reading, gardening, fishing, cooking, attending students sports events, and
spending time with my rambunctious Wiemaraner.

References Available Upon Request