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UK Visa Check List

Visa form can be downloaded from

Original ofer letter (CAS) from UK educational institution.
Original TB Screening Certicate.
Ban! statements s"owing mone# "eld in t"e a$$licant%s $ersonal
account or &oint account (wit" $arent' an# s$onsor) for at least ()
da#s. T"e end of t"at () da# $eriod must not be more than one
month before t"e date of #our a$$lication.
*f #ou "a+e $aid any part of t"e maintenance in advance #ou are
allowed to deduct it from t"e amounts under t"e maintenance
$ro+ision and &ust s"ow t"at you have funds for the diference in
your bank account. ,ou must $ro+ide e+idence w"en submitting #our
One $ass$ort si-e (./mm 0 1/mm) $"otogra$" wit" w"ite bac!ground.
Original 2ational *dentit# Card ($ersonal)3 $"otoco$# as well.
4or c"ild students a translated 4orm B wit" original and a $"otoco$#.
Original $ass$ort wit" more t"an si0 mont"s +alidit# ($"otoco$# of rst
two $ages as well).
Original academic documents and transcri$ts re5uired b# t"e UK
institution for admission. Along wit" ( sets of $"otoco$ies. ,ou s"ould
be aware t"at all educational certicates will be sent for +erication to
t"e 6ig"er 7ducation Commission.
Original Sc"olars"i$ letter 8 if a$$licable.
TB Screening Certicate
Boo! an a$$ointment well in ad+ance on tele$"one. 9ial !"# $%&'(
''' )** )+,.
Visit B6C designated clinic for TB test certicate (C"ec! clinic:s
addresses at web-link * below).
Ta!e #our $ass$ort and two recent $ass$ort si-ed $"otogra$"s.
T"is can be de$osited at designated branc"es of Standard C"artered
Ban! in *slamabad3 ;a"ore3 Karac"i and <ir$ur (A-ad Kas"mir).
Validit# of t"e TB screening certicate is = mont"s
Submission of .isa "pplication /orm
.isa "pplication Submission: <onda#s 8 4rida#s> ?)?? "rs to @=?? "rs.
4or an# 5ueries3 email at infoAu!+ac$!.com
Boo! #our biometrics a$$ointment b# dialing %0%%'%)'' $for 1TC2
land lines(.
All mobile $ro+iders dial s"ort code: 33*&. O$ening "ours> 4onday -
Saturday %3.%% - ', midnight
Bo to t"e designated VAC (Visa A$$lication Centre) wit" all su$$orting
documents (original).
9e$osit +isa $rocessing fee. T"is is non8refundable (C"ec! t"e current
fee at www.u!+ac$!.com ).
,ou will need to $ro+ide CbiometricC information. T"is biometric
information consists of scans of all @? of #our ngers and a full8face
digital $"otogra$".
VAC gi+es #ou a recei$t once #our a$$lication "as been submitted.
The time to submit your application at the Visa Application Centre should not take more than an hour.
Student Counseling Services
107 Mamdot lock! Musta"a To#n! $ahdet %oad! &ahore
Tel' 0()*+,()0-.(*, "a/' 0()*+,()07-.
0mail' in"o1myscs.org $eb' ###.myscs.org