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Appendix: List of Acronyms

ALARA - As Low As Reasonable Achievable

AN - Nuclear Agency, Romania
ANCS - National Authority for Scientific Research, Romania
ANDRAD - National Agency for Radioactive Waste, Romania
ANL - Argonne National Laboratory, USA
ANM - National Meteorological Administration, Romania
ANPM - National Agency for Environmental Protection
ANSVSA - Health-Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority
APAT - The Agency for Environmental Protection and Technological
Services, Republic of Italy
ASR - Radiological Safety Authorisation
ARN - Activities with Insignificant Radiological Risk
AVN - Asociation Vincotte Nucleaire Belgium
BNRA - Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Authority
CASN - Commission for Nuclear Safety Analyses
CANDU - CANada Deuterium Uranium
CANDU-6 - Nuclear Reactor of CANDU type with 700 MWe
CCA - Commissioning Completion Assurance
CERCA - Nuclear Fuel Plant, France
CNCI - National Centre for Intervention Coordination
CJPR - County Committee for Emergency Situations
CNCAN - National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control,
CNS - Nuclear Safety Convention
CNSU - National Committee for Emergency Situations
CNU-SA - National Uranium Company
CpAP - Personnel Authorisation Compartment of the DRN
CPR - Radio-isotopes Production Centre
CPF - Country Programme Framework
CPSCDN - The Center of Training and Qualification for the Personnel
working in the Nuclear Field of the IFIN-HH
CR - First Criticality Commissioning Milestone
CSO - Commissioning Safety Objective
CSR - CANDU Senior Regulators
CTBT - Comprehensive nuclear Test Ban Treaty
C1 - Irradiation capsule no. 1 of TRIGA reactor
C2 - Irradiation capsule no. 2 of TRIGA reactor
DCC - Quality Control Division of the CNCAN
DCCX - Digital Control Computer X
DCCY - Digital Control Computer Y
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DCN - Design Change Notice
DCNU - Nuclear Spent Fuel Storage
DE - Economic Division of the CNCAN
DGTrEn - Directorate General for Transport and Energy of the EC
DICA - Dry Intermediary Spent Fuel Storage
DIMNP - Mechanical and Nuclear Industry of the University from Pisa
DMS - Special Materials Division of the CNCAN
DNDR - National Repository for Radioactive Wastes
DOE - US Department of Energy
DRDR - Radioprotection and Radioactive Wastes Division of the
DRI - Ionizing Radiations Applications Division of the CNCAN
DRInt International Relations Division of the CNCAN
DRN - Nuclear Reactors Division of the CNCAN
DRPPP - Public Relations, Media and Protocol Division of the CNCAN
EC - European Commission
ECCS - Emergency Core Cooling System
EFPD - Effective Full Power Days
ENATOM - Emergency Notification and Assistance Technical
Operations Manual of IAEA
ENISS - European Nuclear Installations Safety Standards
ESA - Euratom Supply Agency of the EC
ESARDA - European Safeguards Research and Development
EUTERP - European Platform on Training and Education in Radiation
EVNUC - CNCAN database for radiological installations and
radioactive sources
EWS - Emergency Water System
FCN - Nuclear Fuel Plant in Piteti
FP(PN) - Full Power
FSAR - Final Safety Analysis Report
GEM - Gaseous Emissions Monitoring
GRS - Gessellschaft fr Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit mbH
GSS - Guaranteed Shutdown State
GTRI - Global Threat Reduction Initiative
HAEA - Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency
HEU - Highly Enriched Uranium
HELEN - Sub-critical complex at IFIN-HH
HD - Heavy water loading of the primary circuit of the reactor
Commissioning Milestone
HLG - High Level Group on nuclear safety and radioactive waste
HP - Hold Points
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HTS - Heat Transport System
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
ICDMRR - National Institute of Research and Development for
Radioactive and Rare Metals, Romania
ICSI - Institute for Isotopic Research and Separation in Rmnicu-
Vlcea, Romania
IGSU - General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations
IFIN-HH - Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear
INCDTIM - National Institute of Research and Development for Isotopic
and Molecular Technology, Romania
INES - International Nuclear Events Scale
INRNE - Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia,
IRPA - International Radiation Protection Association
IRRT - International Regulatory Review Team (IAEA team for
assessment of nuclear regulators until 2005)
IRRS - International Regulatory Review Service (IAEA team for
assessment of nuclear regulators since 2006)
IRS - Incident Reporting System
IRSN - Institut de Radioprotection et Surete Nucleaire France
IRSRR - Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors
ISCIR - State Inspection for the Control of Boilers, Pressurized
Containers and Lifting Installations, Romania
ISPB - Public Health Institute of Bucharest
ITER - Independent Technical Evaluation and Review - Italy
JRC - Joint Research Centre
KINS - Korea Institute for Nuclear Safety
LEPI - Post Irradiation Examination Laboratory
LEU - Low Enriched Uranium
LF - Fuel loading of the reactor Commissioning Milestone
LOCA - Loss of Coolant Agent
LRV - Liquid Relief Valve
MCA - Main Control Room
MD - Heavy water loading of the moderator circuit of the reactor
Commissioning Milestone
MPA - Modification Proposal Approval
MPN - Raw nuclear material
MT - Management Team
NATO - North-Atlantic Treaty Organization
NEA - Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD
NFCIS - Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System
NORM - Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NPP - Nuclear Power Plant
- Nuclear Regulatory Authority NRA
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NRC - US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRG - Nuclear Research and consultancy Group Holland
NUSSC - Nuclear Safety Standards Committee of the IAEA
OCC - Control Room Operator
OECD ical Co-operation and Development - Organisation for Econom
OG - Governmental Decree
OMT - Operating Manual Tests
ONG - Non-Governmental Organisations
OPCC - Control Room Main Operator
OP&P - Operating Policies and Principles
PC - Quality Plan
PI - Power increase to 5% FP Commissioning Milestone
PIF - Commissioning
PP1 - Power increase to 25% FP Commissioning Milestone
PP2 - Power increase to 50% FP Commissioning Milestone
PP3 - Power increase to 75% FP Commissioning Milestone
PP4 - Power increase to 100% FP Commissioning Milestone
PRIS - Power Reactor Information System
PSA - Probabilistic Safety Assessment
PSAR t - Preliminary Safety Analysis Repor
PSR - Periodic Safety Review
PVC - Inspection Report
QAM - Quality Assurance Manual
RAAN ear Activities - Romanian Authority for Nucl
RAMP - Review of Accident Management Programme
RBGAN - Regional Broadband Global Area Network
RECAN - Regional European and Central Asian ALARA Network
R&D - Research and Development
RHWG ing Group - Reactor Harmonization Work
ROF - Functions and Organisation Regulation
ROI - Internal Order Regulation
Rosatom ency/State Corporation for Atomic - Federal Atomic Energy Ag
Energy, the Russian Federation
RRRFR - Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return
RRS - Reactor Regulating System
RSMA - Request for Station Manager Approval
RSP - Regulatory Surveillance Programme
SD - Open Radioactive Sources
SDS#1 - Shut Down System no. 1
SDS#2 - Shut Down System no. 2
SCA - Secondary Control Area
SCN - Nuclear Research Institute of the RAAN
SECI - South-east European Countries Initiative
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SITON for Nuclear - Subsidiary of Technology and Engineering
Projects of the RAAN
QMS - ystem Quality Management S
SNN - National Company Nuclearelectrica
SSCNEC of the CNCAN - Cernavod NPP Surveillance Service
SSR - Steady State Reactor
SSRS ive Sources - Spent Sealed Radioact
SRI - Romanian Intelligence Service
SRS - High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources
STDR - Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant
SUR - Radiological Emergency Service of the CNCAN
U1 - Unit 1 of Cernavod NPP
U2 - Unit 2 of Cernavod NPP
U3 - Unit 3 of Cernavod NPP
U4 - Unit 3 of Cernavod NPP
VVR-S t IFIN-HH Bucharest - Research nuclear reactor a
TAIEX - Technical Assistance Information Exchange Unit
TENEX - Technabexport, the Russian Federation
TENORM g Radioactive - Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurrin
TRIGA - Research nuclear reactor at SCN Piteti
WENRA ssociation - Western European Nuclear Regulators A
WGWD - Working Group on Waste and Decommissioning
WP - Witness Points

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