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Study Exchange

by Pat Miller
Craighouse School in Glasgow has been sending children overseas to France on an exchange program since
1971. The students'French improves a lot, and when they come back they usually no longer need a French
tutor to help them outside of school. The children who take part in the exchange program have to be over
theage of thirteen.
Mrs. Bankes, whose daughter is participating in this year's exchange group, says,
"I think it's a wonderful opportunity for Kim.Although she has only been away for a month, I have already
started to miss her. I've been making long-distance calls to Paris about once a week since she left."
Anyone who has seen Kim in Paris knows that she hasn't been missing anyone. Kim is very happy with the
program. She says thather French has really improved, and hearing her French accent, it was easy to believe
"I haven't been homesick even once," Kim says. "I have madeseveral new friends and I have a
great roommate, Chantal, who I will keep in touch with when I leave. I don't even feel like going home at all."
The exchange program also helps these young people meet again after the program has ended, and friends
like Chantal and Kim will probably meet at Kim's home in Scotland next year. Of course, that's if Kim hasn't
already decided to stay in France and become a French citizen!
Parents who are interested in sending their children abroad on this program should contact the Craighouse
School in Pollock, Glasgow.
El Craighouse School de Glasgow lleva enviando nios a Francia en un programa de intercambio
desde 1971. El francs de los alumnos mejora de forma apreciable y cuando regresan,
normalmente, ya no necesitan profesores particulares de francs que les ayuden fuera del colegio.
Los nios que participan en el programa de intercambio deben tener ms de trece aos de edad.
La Sra. Bankes, cuya hija est participando en el grupo de intercambio de este ao, dice: "Creo
que es una excelente oportunidad para Kim. Aunque ella slo lleva un mes en el extranjero, ya
empiezo a echarla de menos. He estado llamando a Pars aproximadamente una vez por semana
desde que se fue". Todo el que haya visto a Kim en Pars sabe que no echa de menos a nadie.
Kim est muy contenta con el programa. Dice que su francs realmente ha mejorado y, al escuchar
su acento francs, resulta fcil creerla. "No he sentido nostalgia de mi hogar ni una sola vez",
asegura Kim. "He hecho muchas amistades nuevas y tengo una estupenda compaera de
habitacin, Chantal, con quien me mantendr en contacto despus de que me vaya. Ni siquiera
tengo ganas de regresar a casa". El programa de intercambio tambin ayuda a estos jvenes a
reunirse nuevamente despus de finalizar el programa, y amigas como Kim y Chantal
probablemente vuelvan a reunirse en la casa de Kim en Escocia el prximo ao. Eso es, si Kim
todava no ha decidido quedarse en Francia y adquirir la nacionalidad francesa! Los padres
interesados en enviar a sus hijos al extranjero en este programa deben contactar con el
Craighouse School en Pollock, Glasgow.

DJ: Hello, listeners. This is Lex Benedict on WNOW. I hope you're enjoying yourselves this
evening. We have some guests with us tonight that all you college students out there
should be interested in. They are the members of a hot new rock band called "The
Institute of Music," and they are all graduates of State University. Their first concert was
held last week at the university's science auditorium, where they were a great hit with the
students. They say that attendance at the concert was higher than at most lectures. Now,
let's hear the musicians introduce themselves.
Professor: OK. I'll start ... I'm Professor Barry Jameson, and I'm the lead singer of the band.
DJ: It's very unusual to find a geography professor who is also in a rock band. Can you tell us
when you started being interested in music?
Professor: Well, I was given a guitar by my wife when I was accepted as a professor here at State
University.I've been playing ever since.
DJ: OK. Let's take a break while we listen to your new song, "Examination Blues"...
And here it is...