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Sociology 101
Instructor: Yelena Gidenko
I "ill #e doing my $a$er on Family% and I "ill #e "riting a#out t&e Social ine'uality:
(ere are t&e issues as unem$loyment and its in)luence on t&e )amilies* "el)are+ ,&e destruction o)
t&e )amilies )rom drugs and alco&ol a#use #reaking u$ t&e )amily% Same- se. )amily% /i0orce and
Grand )amilies% single )amilies% and t&e lack o) education t&ese are some o) t&e issues t&at a))ect e0ery
)amily in t&is country+
For many )amilies across t&e country% t&e greatest damage in)licted #y t&is recession &as not
necessarily #een )inancial% #ut emotional and $syc&ological+ 1&ildren% es$ecially% &a0e #ecome &idden
casualties% o)ten a#sor#ing more t&an t&eir $arents are )ully a"are o)+ ,&at is% t&e )amily loses t&e
a#ility to $urc&ase t&ings t&ey ot&er"ise "ould &a0e #een a#le to $rocure #e)ore+ 2&en loss o)
economic security in )amilies t&ey "ill &a0e to cut-#ack on )ood% sell or &a0e to rent t&eir &omes )or
somet&ing t&ey could a))ord% And in some cases t&ey may &a0e to mo0e in "it& )amily mem#er %and
in some cases t&ey &a0e to rely on t&e go0ernment )or some ty$e o) assistant+ A)ter researc&ing )or
in)ormation on t&is su#3ect %I )ound and article )rom t&e 45+S+ Bureau o) La#or statistic6s data re$orted
t&at t&e unem$loyment &as dro$ to 7+7 $ercent as o) Se$tem#er %01 com$are to t&e &ig&est rate o)
unem$loyment in 8o0em#er %197 as "e take a look it &ad dro$ at least ! $ercent in t&e 5nited
I "ill #e discussing t&e di))erent ty$es and t&e e))ects t&at di0orce &as on c&ildren+ Some o) t&e areas
I "ill #e talking a#out are t&e di))erence in #e&a0ior% emotional insta#ility% and &o" t&e )inancial
&ards&i$s a))ect t&em $&ysically as "ell as emotionally+ I "ill #e )ocusing on t&ese e))ects )rom t&e
$ers$ecti0e o) "&at can occur during a di0orce and "&at also can &a$$ened $ost-di0orce on c&ildren+
(ere are some reason "&y di0orce rate is &ig& in t&e 5nited States% $eo$le marry to young% not enoug&
education% income% in security% $remarital $regnancy% #ut t&e most common )actor )or di0orce is little
commitment% arguing% money% a#use% c&eating and not #eing eac& ot&er e'ual Marriage is a
counter-cultural act in a throwaway society.
Dr. William H. Doherty, noted marriage scholar and therapist
1&ildren usually t&ink it*s t&eir )ault "&y mom and dad are s$iting u$% as $arents "e don*t reali:es t&e
A))ect it &as on t&em% )or c&ildren% di0orce can #e stress)ul% sad% and con)using+ At any age% kids may
)eel uncertain a#out "&at li)e "ill #e like% or angry at t&e $ros$ect o) Mom and /ad s$litting u$ )or
1&ildren "&o o)ten come )rom a di0orce )amily are more likely "ill #ecome aggressi0e to"ards t&eir
$arents and teac&ers and sometimes #ecome loners+ ;0entually t&ese c&ildren in results may &a0e a
#e&a0ior $ro#lem% may #ecome de$ress% &a0ing $ro#lems getting along "it& $eers and t&ey usually
&a0e some ty$e o) learning disa#ility $ro#lem+ Some c&ildren )rom di0orce )amily may#e come se.ual
acti0e at a muc& earlier age% it may results in $regnancy% and not #eing $rotect t&ey may catc& some
ty$e o) communal disease% #ecause $arents are not listen to t&eir c&ildren cry t&ey only #eing concern
a#out t&emsel0es +5sually c&ildren )rom di0orce )amilies "ill di0orce or "ill ne0er marry t&ey #elie0e
t&at t&ey "ill make t&e same mistake t&at t&eir $arents made+ <arents #elie0e t&at a c&ild &a$$iness
steam )rom $arents #eing &a$$y %t&at statement is )alse I &ad read an article on t&e e))ecti0e on
c&ildren #e&a0ior % +A c&ild &a$$iness dee$ened on a daily routine %&a0e a &ome %t"o $arents "&o t&ey
can count on to #e t&ere %)riends% sc&ool acti0ities t&at t&ey can #e in0ol0ed in %most o) sa#le li)e t&at
a c&ild needs to gro" into $roducti0e adults+ <arents s&ould #e ci0il to eac& ot&er "&en going t&roug&
a di0orce% #ecause )ig&ting and arguing at eac& ot&er during t&ese times "ill cause con)lict and
trauma to t&e c&ild+ Studies &a0e claimed t&at $eo$le "&o &a0e #een in di0orced )amilies &a0e &ig&er
rates o) alco&olism and ot&er su#stance a#use com$ared to t&ose "&o &a0e ne0er #een di0orced+
>?o#ert (+ 1oom#s@% <ro)essor o) Be&a0ioral Sciences at 51LA% re0ie"ed o0er 1!0 studies
measuring &o" marital status a))ects $ersonal "ell-#eing+
In t&is $art o) my essay I "ill talk a#out ASingle <arenting and today FamilyB+ In t&e $ast 0 years%
single $arent )amilies are more common t&an t&e nuclear )amilies% "&ic& consist o) )at&er% mot&er%
c&ild/c&ildren+ In our society today "e see many di))erent ty$es o) single $arentsC you may see )at&erDs
is &ead o) t&e &ouse% mot&ers and grand$arents raising t&eir grandc&ildren+ As #eing a single $arent it
can #e 0ery stress)ul )or #ot& t&e c&ild and adult+ Some single $arent tries to run t&eir &ouse&old like a
t"o $arent )amily% #ut #eing realistically t&ey canDt% in some cases t&ey t&ink it*s t&em doing somet&ing
"rong+ As )irst-&and e.$erience #eing a single $arent t&ere lots o) res$onsi#ility in raising c&ildren you
&a0e to maintain a 3o#% $ro$er c&ildcare% caring )or eac& c&ild needs % kee$ing #ills $aid and &ouse&old
c&ores t&at goes "it& #eing a res$onsi#le $arent+ Single $arents deal "it& many $ressures and $ro#lems
t&at o) nuclear )amily+ ,&e reason )or so many single )amilies &ere are 3ust a )e" reasons %domestic
0iolence %drugs and alco&ol %di0orce or se$arated %)emales "&o "ant kids "it&out getting married%
decreased $arent% incarcerate+ ,&e 45nited States 1ensus Bureau6 $ro0ides some 0alua#le in)ormation
a#out single $arent &ouse&olds in its re$ort titled 41ustodial Mot&ers and Fat&ers and t&eir 1&ild
Su$$ort: 0076+ Alt&oug& t&e data in t&is re$ort $ertains to t&e year 007% t&is re$ort% "&ic& "as only
released in 009% is t&e most recent re$ort #y t&e Bureau on t&is su#3ect+ Based on t&e )indings o) t&is
re$ort% t&ere are a#out 1!+7 million single parents running household.
Taking these causes into account is important when examining the issues and
difculties posed #y single $arent &ouse&olds% #ecause t&e e.tent o) emotional and $syc&ological
trou#les "it&in t&e &ouse&olds di))ers #ased on t&e cause o) single $arenting+ 2omen "&o &a0e &ad
)ailed relations&i$s
"it& t&eir $re0ious s$ouse% and are reminded o) t&e di))iculty #y &a0ing t&e c&ildren $resent% or &a0e
suddenly &ad to co$e "it& a c&anged )inancial status due to t&e #reak o))% may su))er greater emotional
strain t&an "omen "&o ne0er married% or "&o &a0e #een "ido"ed #ut &ad a $eace)ul marriage+
Like"ise% c&ildren "&o &a0e "itnessed t&eir $arents* )ailed marriage and may #e more attac&ed to one
or t&e ot&er may su))er emotional damage "&ic& "ill a))ect t&eir needs and #e&a0ior+
Lack o) education can )urt&er t&e di))iculties o) a single mot&er in t"o directions+ In terms o)
t&eir o"n careers% "omen "&o did not o#tain a &ig&er education &a0e a &arder time getting a decent 3o#
t&an t&ose "&o only struggle "it& #alancing t&eir time in terms o) "ork+ Some "omen don*t com$lete
t&eir education #ecause t&ey &a0e a c&ild "it&out &a0ing married and #egin caring )or t&e c&ild+ Ft&ers
get married% #ut "it&out o#taining a &ig&er degree #ecause t&ey intend to #e a &omemaker and rely on
t&eir s$ouse )or )inancial sta#ility+ ,&is is )ine as long as t&ey are married% #ut #ecomes a disad0antage
"&en t&ey suddenly need to )ind "ork+ Lack o) education can also &urt t&e single mot&er in terms o)
$arenting% as s&e mig&t &a0e a &arder time &el$ing &er c&ildren go t&roug& t&eir education+ S&e mig&t
not #e com$etent to &el$ t&em at &ome a)ter sc&ool% and &er lack o) a#ility in t&e intellectual realm can
a))ect t&eir o"n 0ie"s and attitudes to"ard education+
In t&is ne.t section I "ill #e discussing t&e issue o) &o" single $arent*s &ouse&old a))ects t&e
"ork $lace+ Most single mot&ers "ork in $laces like stores and restaurants as sales $eo$le% or school.
This is because most single mothers have minimum education and are not
uali!ed "or higher position #obs. The reality is that single mother workers does
have an impact on the work environment and the companies due to the
unreliability o" the mother$s li"e, a decreased uality o" work that results "rom the
mothers stress, and exhaustion, and o"ten strained relationships with other
colleagues and%or customers. &ven though a single mother may be very
pro"essional and responsible, her condition as a single mother places her at a
disadvantage in terms o" reliability. ' single mother has a second responsibility (
her "amily ( that is #ust as important as and more important than her #ob. 'nd the
only reason why she is working is because she needs the income to support
hersel" and her "amily. )or most single mothers they see themselves as a mother
!rst and as a worker second, because regardless i" they have a #ob or not they will
always be a mother to their children which most mothers see as a #ob.
'way that the government is trying to help single mothers is through the
T'*) act which makes mothers with children as young as three months to look "or
work so that they can earn their bene!ts that they get "rom the government. They
believe by doing this it will help to stop poverty among single mothers besides
getting married. +Hooton, ,--,..
/n my !nal section o" this article, / will be looking at possible solutions "or
single head o" households and childcare. To !nd a solution to this social problem
we need to look at several di0erent things that we need to change. )irst we need
to start with changing people attitudes towards single mothers. /nstead o" looking
at them as a liability we should start looking at them as an asset "or their
company. )or this to happen the workplace should provide support "or single
mothers so that they can !nd a balance between work and raising their children.
The way this can happen is by the government giving grants or "unding to
companies that are trying to increase the salaries o" single mothers "or example.
/n my opinion, another way that companies can help is by o0ering a 1exible
schedule that would help single mothers. 'n example o" this is o0ering them a
split schedule to where they can be involved with their kids during the important
times o" the day .be"ore school, a"ter school and o0er childcare within the
)inally to help single mothers and their children to cope that need to have
programs that support and rein"orce the values and morals that the mother is
trying to instill in her child. The programs will help the mothers to better
understand her children and hersel" in whom it will help to lower the levels o"
stress, that she is "eeling, which helps her in her personal li"e as well as her work
/n conclusion / believe to !nd a solution "or this social problem the government
as well as society need to look at single mothers as a person who is trying to do
her best to raise her "amily and give them the best li"e possible, instead o"
looking at her as i" she did something wrong. 2nce we can change this then and
only then will we !nd a true solution to this social problem.
/n this section o" my paper, is about same sex "amily. '"ter reading and
searching article on same sex "amilies there wasn$t much in"ormation on how
does this type o" relationship a0ect their children3 4ame sex "amilies are raising
their children 5esearch studies show that children with two moms or two dads
"are #ust as well as children with heterosexual parents, one comprehensive study
o" children raise by lesbians mothers or gay "athers concluded that their children
are raise the same way as heterosexual. 4ame6sex parents did not di0er in
raising their children as other people, in terms o" emotional "unction, sexual
orientation, stigmati7ation, gender role behavior, behavioral ad#ustment, gender
identity, learning and grade point average. 8hildren that are raise by same6sex
parents "eel more connected at school, and they talk to their children about
emotionally di0erent topics, and they are more revilement, compassionate and
tolerant. They also "aces the same concerns as heterosexual "amilies such as
,money, responabilities o" parenthood, appropriate structure "or their children,
while setting limits and teaching children to be open6mind, and dealing with
con1ict resolution. They have problems such as social stigma, dealing with
extended "amily, and society discrimination against their li"e style and
relationships within their environment.
+Think 9rogress by :ack )ord. has an article and video "rom a group o" children
+The 2utspoken ;eneration., children o" the same (sex couples de"end their
I t&roug& talking a#out t&eB Grand )amilyBD #ecause it*s not talk a#out muc&% as a grandmot&er
&el$ing "it& raising my grandc&ildren it #ecame $ersonal and kno"ing t&ere $lenty o) grand$arents
raising t&eir grandc&ildren+ (ere is some in)ormation t&at can #e use)ul+ In recent year*s grand$arents
are #ecoming )ull-time $arents again )or t&e second time around+ ,&ey are raising t&eir grandc&ildren%
nieces% ne$&e"s+ More t&an si. and &al) million c&ildren in t&e 5nited States is #eing raise #y t&eir
grand$arents )or se0eral o) reason teen $regnancy% deat& o) a $arent% and one or #ot& $arents may#e
incarcerate+ More t&an +E million grand$arents are taking )ull res$onsi#ility )or t&ese c&ildren+
Grand$arents are t&ey caregi0er and &ouse&old $ro0ider% most grand$arents are "orking one or t"o
3o#s to #e a#le to su$$ort t&eir grandc&ildren+ Most grand$arents &as lack o) in)ormation t&at can #e
&ealt&)ul +I )ound t&ere are su$$ort ser0ice% resources%$rogram%#ene)its%la" and $olicies a0aila#le )or
t&em to #e #etter caregi0er+ (ere a list o) resource t&at $artner "it& grand )amily% AA?<% Generations
5nited% Brookdale Foundation Grou$% 1asey Family <rogram% 1&ild 2el)are League o) America%
Looking )or more in)ormation you can go to Grand Facts State S&eets% )or in)ormation a#out t&e state
you li0e in+ I )ound t&is site mig&t #e o) interest: Visit www.grandfactsheets.org to find this and all
Grand Facts state fact sheets.
In my conclusion% t&e )ounding ideas o) t&e Society t&ro" ne" lig&t and $ers$ecti0e on t&e
institution o) t&e )amily+ ,&ere are a 0ariety o) )orms o) )amily li)e and li)e styles t&at s&ould #e
acce$ted% and su$$ortedC #y our society $ro0ided t&ey do not con)lict "it&% or detract )rom% $ursuit o)
its li)e style+ ,&ere is no necessary or logical connection #et"een an acce$tance o) t&e A.ioms and
c&oice o) t&e /ogma as t&e )oundation )or our moral and social li0es% and t&e )amily as t&e #asic unit
o) &uman society+ Fur society o) A(uman-Hind A% gi0e no reason or 3usti)ication )or t&e e.istence o)
our s$ecies% let alone any o) our social relations&i$s+
Bureau o" Cabor 4tatistics
Bright Hub
Divorce 5ate
Divorce D4'
Dr. William H. Doherty
'ndrew 8herlin
;lectronic ?e)erence: ;))ects o) /i0orce on 1&ildren &tt$s://"""+youtu#e+com/"atc&I
Amato% <aul ? 40006 ,&e 1onse'uences o) /i0orce )or Adults L 1&ildren% Mournal o) Marriage L
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