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San Sebastian College Recoletos

Impact to Local Economy of Anawangin Island as a Backpack Tourism

Destination: Basis for a Proposed Tourism Development Program

A thesis
Presented to
The College of International Hospitality Management
San Sebastian College- Recoletos

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Culanculan, Ymariel C.
Lagoting, Ma. Jessica J.
Tobias, Liezel L.

March 2015

San Sebastian College Recoletos

Chapter 3
This chapter presents the research design used in the study, research design,
research locale, data collection procedure, instrumentation, and statistical treatment of
Research Design
The researchers will use the descriptive method of research. It will be used in the
study to organize, summarize, and present set of data and observations that will be
gathered on the Anawangin Island. This study seeks to be a basis for a proposed tourism
development program on the Anawangin Island as a backpack tourism destination.
Descriptive research method according to Gay et al (2006) is significant in
educational research and will be utilized by many researchers as an investigative tool to
collect data in order to clearly understand various approaches that can be effectives in
providing information.
The researchers also implement the quantitative and qualitative method of
research. According to Matthews & Ross (2010) quantitative research methods are
basically applied to the collection of data that is structured and which could be
represented numerically.

San Sebastian College Recoletos

Rajasekar et al (2013) stated that quantitative research is based on the
measurement of quantity or amount, a process is expressed or described in terms of one
or more quantities. This quantitative research emphasizes also on analyzing information
in the form of numbers, collecting scores that measure distinct attributes of individuals
and organizations, comparing or relating factors about experiments, studies and surveys.
For an educational research, to decide what to study: ask specific questions, collect
quantifiable data from participants, analyze numbers using statistics and conduct the
inquiry in an unbiased mannerism.
The qualitative research method according to Shuttleworth (2010) a method can
be used in assessing whether the possible leads and ideas which can be used to formulate
realistic and testable hypothesis. This qualitative method is probably the oldest of all
scientific techniques and most flexible of all various experimental techniques,
encompassing a variety of accepted methods and structures.
Research Locale
The researchers will conduct the study at Anawangin Island located in Barangay
Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales.
Anawangin Island is a crescent shaped cove with a white sand beach that
becomes unique because it is surrounded by a mountain range and of its unusual riddle of
tall pine trees flourishing round the vicinity. Though there are no roads going to the
Anawangin Island it can be trekked to enjoy breathtaking scenery views of the sea and
the Anawangin nature or could also be accessed by a thirty-minute boat ride from
barangay Pundaquit, San Antonio. Moreover Anawangin Island is the nearest island from

San Sebastian College Recoletos

the town proper of Pundaquit which is also is the most visited among its neighboring
islands namely the Capones and Camara.
The Anawangin Cove is by far the most popular destination for campers and
beach goers alike. Just the mention of the name Zambales will ring a bell for those who
have gone to the cove that a trip to Pundaquit is never complete without feeling
Anawangins mixture of volcanic ash and white sand beneath your feet. (Pundaquit,

San Sebastian College Recoletos

Respondents of the study
The respondents of the study will be the local government and the local dwellers
of barangay Pundaquit. The researchers will have around (100) one hundred respondents
in this study.
The researchers will use a quantitative and descriptive research method in order
to obtain needed information through the survey questionnaire and interview. Thus, this
will be needed to determine the assessment of tourists and local dwellers on the
Anawangin Island as a backpack tourism destination.
Data Collection Procedure
The researcher will visit barangay Pundaquit and submit a letter asking
permission to conduct the study. Upon approval, the researchers will conduct the survey
to local dwellers and interview on the the local government.
In acquiring information, the researchers will use survey questionnaire to obtain
pertinent data by the following instruments:
1. Survey Questionnaire. Is a list of questions to be asked to the local
dwellers. The survey questionnaire is composed of (3) questions: the
demographic profile of the respondents, economic impacts, and
assessment of tourists and local dwellers.

San Sebastian College Recoletos

The researchers came up with using survey questionnaire by means of doing a self-made
test that will be validated by (3) three chosen experts on test construction: (2) tourism
practitioners and (1) guidance counselor. Afterwards the researchers collected, counted
tallied, computed and analyzed the respondents answer. Its purpose is to collect data,
make comparisons, and minimizes bias.

2. Interview. This will be conducted in order to verify the responses of
the local government insights about the local economic impacts of
Anawangin Island as a backpack tourism destination. This will support
to extract significant information needed in the study.

Statistical Treatment of Data
1. Frequency Count is a measure of the number of times that an event occurs.
It is a tabulation of how many times a certain variable occurs within a
2. Percentage a fraction or ratio with 100% as the fixed and standard
% = x 100%

San Sebastian College Recoletos

fx= total number of answers by the respondents
n = number of the respondents
3. Weighted Mean It is a measure of central tendency. This will be used in the
study to aggregate a set of scores into a single resultant score. A weighted
average is being calculated by considering not only frequencies of the values
of variable but also some other factor such as variance.


= weighted mean of the subject.
xi = value of observation to the foreign exchange, investment, job , tax
revenue and income on the Anawangin Island.

X =

San Sebastian College Recoletos

wi = weight or number of observations perceived by the local government
and local dwellers.
= sum of weights or the numbers or observations perceived by the local
government and local dwellers.
4. Two- Way Anova compares the mean differences between groups that have
been split on two independent variables. Its primary purpose is to understand
is there will be an interaction between assessment of the tourists and local
dwellers on the Anawangin Island.
5. Likert Scale is psychometric scale commonly involved in research that
employs questionnaire. It is the most widely used approach in scaling
response in survey research, such that the term is often used interchangeably
with rating scle, or more accurately that Likert-type scale, even though the
two are synonymous.
Mean Verbal Interpretation
3.26 4.00 Strongly Agree
2.51 3.25 Agree
1.76 2.5 Disagree
1.00 1.75 Strongly Disagree