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CAM 4- Test 1

1. How do you think in your country feel about protecting historic

- Positive
+ need restoring
+ require investment
+ helpful in promoting culture and history
+ arouse in people patriotism
+ attract tourists world-wide and generate economic benefits
- Negative
+ not necessary when urgent issues are calling
+ waste of money and effort when peoples awareness remains low
Note: mostly positive
2. Do you think an area can benefit from having an interesting historic
place locally? In what way?
+ attract tourists
+ create more jobs
+ exchange culture with friends internationally
+ improve their linguistic skills (thanks to tourists overseas)
3. What do you think will happen to historic places or buildings in the
- Positively
+ continuously invested
+ more restoration
- Negatively
+ lose its originality due to weathering
+ damaged because of looting, vandalism
4. How were you taught history when you were at school?
+ the past of our wars
+ mostly through lectures and documents
Positive: + the repetition of the content imbues in us the pride of our countrys
glorious pages
Negative: + theoretical
+ the usage of technology such as video enlivens our teaching
+ organization of picnic to historical places add more value to our
deeper understanding of history
+ presentation, debates to enhance our perception of the issue and
be critical of the issues and have profound understanding
5. What are other ways people can learn about history, apart from
+ through real life interviews with past testimonies
+ explore the reference available on the internet
+ visit museums, historical sites
+ carry out research, studies
6. Do you think history will be a school subject in the future?
Some people think that learning this subject has nothing to do with the
present, but
Definitely yes
+ remind young generation of the past
+ feel proud of their nations
+ have better understanding of things
+ to know the weaknesses of the old days
+ to try our best to live up to such glorious days of our ancestors

CAM 4- Test 2
1. Do you think having a hobby is good for our social life?
+ relaxing
+ discover ones potential
+ master the skill and follow that career related to the hobby
+ make friends with new people
2. Are there any negative effects of a person spending too much time on
their hobby?
+ waste of time
+ lose focus on work
+ some hobbies are negative ( gambling, drinking) and adversely affect
their health
+ become isolated away from people (games online)
3. Why do you think people need to have an interest or hobby ( already
mentioned in the question 1)
4. In your country, how much time do people spend on work and how
much time on leisure? Good balance?
Normally, rather balanced
- Vietnamese are emotional and appreciate socializing
- Work only for eight hours or even shorter and pay visits to their
relatives as their leisure activities
Nowadays, less balanced
- Young generation are ambitious and more workaholic
- More career oriented
- Lead a sedentary lifestyle
- Work turns more demanding
- Depend on the nature of work ( doctors are busy while teachers can
have more free time to take care of their families)
5. Would you say the amount of free time has changed much in the last
fifty years? ( answer in the question number 4)
6. Do you think people will have more or less time in the future. Why?
- Depend on their goal of life ( some people prioritize work over others,
while others desire for their balance of time between work and
- Depend on the nature of work they are involved
- Maybe, less time for the fact that people live in technology-driven
world where people are supposed to work faster, enjoy fast-food and
focus on productivity
Along with this phenomenon are a series of diseases
- Mental and physical pains
- Relationship is affected
- Children can hardly avoid such pressur

CAM 4- Test 3
1. What do people enjoy doing when they visit rivers, lakes or the
- Sight-seeing: enjoy the beauty of the view there
- Organize picnic or outdoor trips, socialize with people
- Take part in some competitions, such as boating
- Feel away from others to come up with poetic works such as artists
2. Benefits
- Relaxed
- Practice physical health
- More focused on their target when their minds are set free
- Raise awareness of environment protection
3. What are the different advantages/disadvantages of going to the
sea or to a swimming pool to enjoy yourself?
- Advantages ( already mentioned in question 2 and 3)
- Disadvantages
+ safety ( sharks can attack people or some eels)
+ affect your health (weather is quite windy)
+ waste of time and become distracted
+ litter the environment because of humans waste from the picture
near the sea
4. How important is it for a town or city to be located near a river or
+ enjoy a comfortable life with wind blowing and sea water smell
giving people the strength (New York)
+ easier to do business for being near the sea
+ strategic location in military ( most countries which are near the
sea gain advantage in wars, by dint of being able to control their
military in a more convenient one typical of their location)
+ sea-food industry development and generate profit
5. Have there been any changes in the number of jobs available in
fishing and water transport industries, do you think?
+ in technology-driven world: the hottest job is computing
+ move to services-related job: open restaurant, big corporation
instead of the small business of each personal house
+ sea-food and sea products are transported through air planes,
which is more convenient

CAM 4- Test 4
1. What effect has the internet had on the way people generally
communicate with each other?
- Faster, cheaper
- More well connected with people world-wide
- Enlarge their circle of friends
- Diverse culture in communication
- Improve their linguistic abilities
2. Why do you think the internet is being used more and more for
communication? Yes ( reasons already stated in the question
number 1)
- Lack of face to face communication
- Less passive in their thinking
- Superficial, but not deep connection
3. How reliable do you think information from the internet is?
- Yes:
+ more sources to refer
+ all information can be shown
- No
+ distorted to the advantage of some
+ too much information to consume and lose control
+ anybody can post without evidence and monitoring
4. Why do you think people use internet for shopping?
+ more convenient ( instead of suffering traffic congestion, dust)
+ more choices ( from all walks of life)
+ better design ( from overseas)
5. Do you think shopping on the internet will be more or less
popular in the future. Why?
More popular (benefits are mentioned):
+ Money saving (dont have to hire the location and service people)
+ prefer face-to-face communication
+ cheating on the internet (post wrong information about the quality
of products)
+ lack of safety in business transaction ( hacking)
+ not real post-service ( when products fail, who will be asked to