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lorLlneL Secure Wlreless LAn

A lC81lnL1 SCLu1lCn CuluL




lnLroducLlon Lo Wlreless SecurlLy

8road adopLlon of lLLL 802.11n has creaLed a complex wlreless landscape wlLh prollferaLlng moblle devlces and
appllcaLlons. lL ls no longer sufflclenL Lo LreaL all wlreless users and appllcaLlons allke. 1hreaLs from soclal medla neLworks and
moblle malware provlde a compelllng need Lo deploy and enforce granular WLAn conLrol pollcles. lorLlneL offers Lhe only
buslness-grade wlreless soluLlon ln Lhe lndusLry Loday, whlch addresses Lhese myrlads of challenges:
ldenLlfles buslness appllcaLlons and conLrols Lhelr usage n Applles full u1M pollcles Lo boLh wlred and wlreless daLa n
8rlngs maxlmum producLlvlLy wlLh falr-use enforcemenL n Lmpowers ldenLlLy-drlven pollcles wlLhouL complexlLy
lnLroduces slmpllclLy vla slngle pane of glass managemenL
rovldes deploymenL flexlblllLy wlLh low 1CC

CrowLh of Wlreless LAns
1he lncreaslng popularlLy of moblle devlces and Lhe need for cosL reducLlon are drlvlng Wlreless LAn (WLAn) adopLlon.
AnalysLs have forecasL LhaL spendlng on enLerprlse WLAn equlpmenL wlll rlse from $3.4 bllllon ln 2011 Lo $7.9 bllllon ln
2016, represenLlng a 18.4 CAC8. ln addlLlon, organlzaLlons have embraced a wlreless edge deslgn Lo drlve down Lhe cosL
assoclaLed wlLh edge swlLches and wlrlng.

1he raLlflcaLlon of Lhe lLLL 802.11n wlreless sLandard ls Lhe caLalysL for new enLerprlse adopLlon slnce Lhe new sLandard
provldes beLLer coverage and flvefold performance lncrease over legacy wlreless ouLperformlng wlred lasL LLherneL LAns.
1hls resulLs ln a more wldespread adopLlon of WLAns, resulLlng ln a more pronounced need for neLwork appllcaLlon servlces,
such as WLAn neLwork managemenL and securlLy.











2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2013 2016



A llexlble Cholce of ArchlLecLures

1here are Lwo leadlng Wl-ll archlLecLures Loday. Cne ls called 1hlck As" and Lhe oLher ls referred Lo as 1hln As." 1he use
of a Lhlck or Lhln A Wl-ll archlLecLure depends on Lhe servlce needs.

1hlck A refers Lo a wlreless access polnL or Wlreless 1ermlnaLlon olnL (W1) LhaL auLonomously swlLches packeLs
beLween wlred and wlreless domalns. Lach 1hlck A ls a sLandalone devlce responslble for auLhenLlcaLlon, encrypLlon
and applylng access conLrol pollcles. Lach 1hlck A requlres lndependenL managemenL, or managemenL vla a
cenLrallzed neLwork managemenL appllcaLlon. All-ln-one, 1hlck As are ldeal for locaLlons such as small offlce or reLall
shops requlrlng smaller servlce area.

A 1hln A provldes Lhe same feaLures as a 1hlck A, buL ln a dlsLrlbuLed fashlon Lo provlde greaLer servlce area. 1he
1hln A slmply passes wlreless neLwork Lrafflc Lo Lhe swlLch/conLroller, performlng few complex Lasks locally. 1hls
capablllLy wlll enable all Lhe 1hln As Lo delegaLe all Lhe auLhenLlcaLlon, securlLy processlng, channel asslgnmenL,
LransmlLLer power level and rogue A deLecLlon Lo Lhe cenLrallzed wlreless LAn conLroller whlch decreases managemenL
complexlLy and reduces overall cosL of deploymenL. As Lhe slze of servlce area lncreases, you can deploy addlLlonal 1hln
As and connecL Lhem Lo Lhe exlsLlng ConLroller. 1hln As requlre a cenLrallzed wlreless conLroller for managemenL, and
are ldeal for locaLlons requlrlng greaLer coverage and capaclLy Lhan a slngle 1hlck A can dellver.

1he need for Comprehenslve Wlreless LAn SecurlLy
lndependenL of Lhe Lype of archlLecLure used for access polnLs, WLAns face many LhreaLs LhaL sLrong
auLhenLlcaLlon and llnk encrypLlon do noL address. 8ecause wlreless ls a shared medlum, lL ls more prone Lo mallclous
aLLacks such as de-auLhenLlcaLlon broadcasLs, evll Lwln access polnL (A) / PoneypoL. Also, lL ls posslble for one user's
hlgh usage of appllcaLlon Lrafflc Lo reduce Lhe bandwldLh avallable Lo all oLher users. 1herefore you need Lo lmplemenL
Lhe same proLecLlon mechanlsms, LhaL you deploy ublqulLously on your WAn gaLeway, on your wlreless LAn as well.
Also, ln response Lo Lhese LhreaLs, regulaLors and sLandards bodles llke Lhe Cl SecurlLy SLandards Councll have creaLed
wlreless daLa proLecLlon requlremenLs. lallure Lo comply wlLh Lhose sLandards can resulL ln slgnlflcanL penalLles and/or
loss of cusLomer LrusL due Lo exposure of proLecLed daLa.
An Lnd-Lo-Lnd SecurlLy ArchlLecLure
1here ls one pollcy for how daLa should be LreaLed ln your organlzaLlon, and LhaL pollcy provldes conLrols accordlng Lo who Lhe
user ls, whaL appllcaLlons Lhey are uslng, and even whaL devlce Lhey are uslng. 1hls requlres lnsLlLuLlng Lhe 'slngle pane of
glass' managemenL vlew across wlred and wlreless resources, as menLloned earller.

1he opporLunlLy here ls for greaLer consolldaLlon of neLworklng elemenLs, provldlng slmpllclLy and scalablllLy Lhrough
deploymenL flexlblllLy wlLh low cosL of ownershlp.

SomeLlmes plecemeal soluLlons work when money ls no ob[ecL. ln reallLy, budgeLs are llmlLed, resources are scarce
and neLworks evolve over-Llme. lL ls Lyplcally unavoldable LhaL WLAn ls an overlay soluLlon, ln Lhe sense LhaL lL ls
added Lo Lhe resL of Lhe neLwork, Lhough Lhls doesn'L prevenL lL belng able Lo behave as Lhough were a deslgned
plece from lncepLlon. Clven Lhe llmlLaLlon of power budgeL and rack space ln corporaLe neLworks, wlreless soluLlons
musL avold addlng a large burden. lor example, ln a Lruly buslness- grade WLAn, Lhe conLroller may be Lhe exlsLlng
flrewall or u1M devlce already lnsLalled ln Lhe neLwork. 1hese devlces are deslgned Lo handle large amounL of
lnformaLlon and Lherefore Lhere ls reserve processlng and sLorage capaclLy LhaL may be uLlllzed by Lhe buslness-grade
WLAn. uLlllzlng exlsLlng lnsLalled base of neLwork devlces lnadverLenLly reduces cosL and complexlLy and lends lLself Lo a
more scalable archlLecLure.

lorLlneL's Secure WLAn SoluLlon
As descrlbed prevlously, lorLlneL's Secure WLAn soluLlon slmpllfles Lhe LAn connecLlvlLy/securlLy for boLh wlred and
wlreless neLworks. lL ls based on 4 key plllars:

llrewall and appllcaLlon pollcles
user ManagemenL
Logglng and reporLlng
ConflguraLlon and provlslonlng

1he lorLlneL Secure WLAn soluLlon ls represenLed llg 1. lL ls a comblned seL of producLs clrculaLed around Lhe lorLlCaLe
and Lhe lorLlAs, whlch are Lhe core producLs. 8ased on Lhe slze of Lhe neLwork and archlLecLure lorLlAuLhenLlcaLor,
lorLlAnalyzer and lorLlManager producLs complemenL Lhe core producLs for dellverlng a full and comprehenslve

llgure 1: lorLlneL Secure WLAn SoluLlon

Core roducLs
lorLlCaLe and lorLlAs are Lhe core producLs of Lhe lorLlneL Secure WLAn SoluLlon.

lorLlCaLe neLwork SecurlLy laLform: SecurlLy ManagemenL + Wlreless ConLroller

1he lorLlCaLe consolldaLed securlLy plaLforms can acL as wlreless conLrollers, slgnlflcanLly reduclng Lhe cosL and
complexlLy of deploylng secure WLAns. lorLlCaLe plaLforms enable Lhe lnLegraLlon of boLh wlred and wlreless Lrafflc
lnLo a slngle managemenL console, glvlng you a slngle pane of glass" managemenL lnLerface of your neLwork.

lorLlCaLe plaLforms provlde compleLe conLenL proLecLlon agalnsL neLwork, conLenL, and appllcaLlon-level LhreaLs. 1hese
hlgh-performance, low-laLency devlces ensure LhaL your neLwork securlLy does noL become a neLwork boLLleneck.
lorLlCaLe plaLforms lncorporaLe sophlsLlcaLed neLworklng feaLures, such as hlgh avallablllLy (acLlve/acLlve, acLlve/passlve)
for maxlmum neLwork upLlme, and vlrLual domaln (vuCM) capablllLles Lo provlde mulLl-LenanL supporL for subscrlber-
based envlronmenLs or greaLer lnLernal segmenLaLlon of daLa for pollcy compllance.

lorLlWlll ls a lorLlCaLe, ranglng from Lhe lorLlWlll-20C Lo Lhe lorLlWlll-81CM. 1he lorLlWlll securlLy appllances wlLh 1hlck
A capablllLles,. 1hese 1hlck A devlces offer a range of performance and feaLures, lncludlng hlgh-speed 802.11n
supporL and WAn communlcaLlons vla opLlonal wlreless broadband access and dlal-up modems.

1he lorLlWlll consolldaLed securlLy plaLforms dellver comprehenslve enLerprlse-class proLecLlon for smaller locaLlons aL
an affordable prlce. 1hey make lL easy Lo proLecL smaller locaLlons, branch offlces, cusLomer plaLforms' lnLegraLed seL
of essenLlal securlLy Lechnologles, you can deploy a slngle devlce LhaL proLecLs all of your appllcaLlons and daLa. 1he
slmple per-devlce prlclng, lnLegraLed managemenL console, and remoLe managemenL capablllLles slgnlflcanLly reduce
Lhe cosLs assoclaLed wlLh deploylng and managlng compleLe conLenL proLecLlon.

Lach lorLlWlll model ls capable of broadcasLlng up Lo seven SSlus or vlrLual Access olnLs (vAs) enabllng mulLl-LenanL
envlronmenLs ln a slngle devlce. Lach vA appears a separaLe vlrLual lnLerface on Lhe lorLlWlll devlce, enabllng Lhe
appllcaLlon of separaLe flrewall and user pollcles Lo Lhe Lrafflc.

lorLlAp Wlreless Access olnL SoluLlons: Secure Wlreless

lorLlA wlreless access polnLs are enLerprlse class, conLroller-managed devlces LhaL exLend lorLlCaLe consolldaLed
securlLy funcLlons Lo your wlreless neLworks. Lach lorLlA access polnLs Lunnels all of lLs Lrafflc Lo Lhe wlreless conLroller
lnLegraLed lnLo lorLlCaLe plaLforms, provldlng a slngle console Lo manage boLh wlred and wlreless neLwork Lrafflc.

lorLlA wlreless access polnL soluLlons provlde lncreased vlslblllLy and pollcy enforcemenL capablllLles whlle slmpllfylng
your overall neLwork envlronmenL. 1hey employ Lhe laLesL 802.11n-based wlreless chlp Lechnology, offerlng hlgh-
performance wlreless access polnL wlLh lnLegraLed wlreless monlLorlng and supporL for mulLlple vlrLual As on each
radlo. lorLlAs work ln con[uncLlon wlLh Lhe feaLure-rlch famlly of lorLlCaLe conLrollers Lo provlde a forLlfled wlreless
space LhaL dellvers compleLe conLenL proLecLlon. lorLlCaLe conLrollers cenLrally manage radlo operaLlon, channel
asslgnmenL, and LransmlL power, whlch furLher slmpllfles your deploymenL and managemenL requlremenLs.

lorLlAuLhenLlcaLor 1wo lacLor AuLhenLlcaLlon: CenLrallzed ldenLlLy ManagemenL

lorLlAuLhenLlcaLor ls a cenLrallzed user auLhenLlcaLlon and managemenL servlce provldlng varlous meLhods of valldaLlng
Lhe Lrue ldenLlLy of a user before allowlng Lhe access Lo Lhe requesLed servlce maklng Lhe soluLlon ldeal for deploymenL
wlLhln small Lo medlum enLerprlses. AuLhenLlcaLlon meLhods lnclude local LuA and 8AuluS or lnLegraLlon wlLh an
exlsLlng dlrecLory servlce. 1hese meLhods can be lncremenLed wlLh elLher Llme or cerLlflcaLe based Lwo-facLor

lorLlAuLhenLlcaLor wlll provlde as well Lhe self-user reglsLraLlon capablllLles and ls also avallable as a vlrLual machlne

lorLlAnalyzer Logglng & 8eporLlng: CenLrallzed 8eporLlng SysLem

lorLlAnalyzer plaLforms lnLegraLe neLwork logglng, analysls, and reporLlng lnLo a slngle sysLem, dellverlng lncreased
knowledge of securlLy evenLs LhroughouL your neLwork. 1hey provlde organlzaLlons of any slze wlLh cenLrallzed securlLy
evenL analysls, forenslc research, reporLlng, conLenL archlvlng, daLa mlnlng, mallclous flle quaranLlnlng and vulnerablllLy
managemenL. CenLrallzed collecLlon, correlaLlon, and analysls of geographlcally and chronologlcally dlverse securlLy daLa
from lorLlneL appllances and Lhlrd-parLy devlces dellver a slmpllfled, consolldaLed vlew of your securlLy posLure.

1he lorLlAnalyzer famlly mlnlmlzes Lhe efforL requlred Lo monlLor and malnLaln accepLable use pollcles, as well as
ldenLlfy aLLack paLLerns Lo help you flne Lune your pollcles. ln addlLlon, lorLlAnalyzer plaLforms provlde deLalled daLa
capLure for forenslc purposes Lo comply wlLh pollcles regardlng prlvacy and dlsclosure of lnformaLlon securlLy

lorLlAnalyzer ls avallable as an appllance and as a vlrLual Machlne (vM).

lorLlManager CenLrallzed ManagemenL: CenLrallzed ManagemenL SysLem

lorLlManager cenLrallzed managemenL appllances dellver Lhe essenLlal Lools needed Lo effecLlvely manage your
lorLlneL-based securlLy lnfrasLrucLure. WheLher deploylng several or Lhousands of new devlces and agenLs,
dlsLrlbuLlng updaLes, or lnsLalllng securlLy pollcles across managed asseLs, lorLlManager appllances drasLlcally reduce
managemenL cosLs and overhead. uevlce dlscovery, group managemenL, audlLlng faclllLles, and Lhe ablllLy Lo manage
complex mesh and sLar vn envlronmenLs are [usL a few of Lhe Llmesavlng feaLures LhaL lorLlManager appllances offer.
ComplemenLed by Lhe lorLlAnalyzer` cenLrallzed logglng and reporLlng appllance, lorLlManager provldes a
comprehenslve and powerful cenLrallzed managemenL soluLlon for your organlzaLlon.

lorLlManager appllances can scale Lo manage Lhousands of lorLlneL devlces and agenLs. Croups of devlces and agenLs,
along wlLh Lhelr admlnlsLraLors, form Lhe lorLlManager concepL of AdmlnlsLraLlon uomalns (AuCMs). WlLhln an AuCM,
an admlnlsLraLor has Lhe ablllLy Lo creaLe pollcy packages, folders, and ob[ecLs LhaL can be shared beLween all Lhe
lorLlCaLe devlces ln Lhe local AuCM. ln Lhe Clobal AuCM of lorLlManager, global pollcles and ob[ecLs can also be
asslgned and applled Lo sub AuCMs. WheLher you are managlng one or one Lhousand AuCMs, lorLlManager
appllances always provlde effecLlve and efflclenL managemenL of your lorLlneL asseLs.

lorLlManager ls avallable as an appllance and as a vlrLual Machlne (vM).
Why SelecL lorLlneL for Secure WLAn?
lorLlneL ls Lhe only vendor provldlng a full and comprehenslve soluLlon dellverlng

PlghesL securlLy
1hanks Lo lLs lorLlCaLe plaLform, lorLlneL ls recognlzed by luC as Lhe worldwlde #1 on Lhe u1M (unlfled
1hreaL ManagemenL) markeL and by CarLner as Lhe leader ln Lhelr u1M Maglc CuadranL. As Lhe lorLlCaLe
plaLform ls aL Lhe core of Lhe secure wlreless LAn soluLlon, lL provldes Lhe hlghesL level of securlLy, lnLegrlLy and
managemenL on boLh Lhe wlre and wlreless LAn areas. llg 2.

8lghL slzed soluLlon for your deploymenL
1he broad range of lorLlCaLe, lorLlAuLhenLlcaLor, lorLlAnalyzer and lorLlManager plaLforms (all avallable ln a
vlrLual form facLor), ranglng from low-end Lowards mld-range and hlgh-Lnd, enable our cusLomers chooslng Lhe
rlghL soluLlon based on Lhelr needs.

Slmpllfled ManagemenL
Many vendors are offerlng a secure wlreless LAn soluLlon by addlng producLs from dlfferenL Lhlrd parLy
suppllers. 1hls brlngs complexlLy ln Lerms of conflguraLlon, lnLeroperablllLy, LroubleshooLlng and keeps
lncreaslng Lhe 1CC. lorLlneL ls dramaLlcally reduclng all of Lhese Lhanks Lo lLs dlfferenL

llgure 2: Pow 1he lorLlCaLe laLform Slmpllfles And unlfles All AspecLs Cf SecurlLy


1he lorLlneL secure wlreless LAn soluLlon dellvers Lhe lnLegraLed, consolldaLed securlLy every organlzaLlon needs Lo
forLlfy Lhelr wlreless neLwork securlLy. lorLlCaLe, lorLlWlll and lorLlA securlLy plaLforms add layers of securlLy Lo
wlreless Lrafflc wlLhouL affecLlng performance or lncreaslng cosLs. ?ou can qulckly and easlly add core securlLy
servlces such as appllcaLlon conLrol, anLlvlrus, lnLruslon prevenLlon (lS), web fllLerlng, anLlspam, and Lrafflc shaplng
Lo your neLwork, whlch reduce your rlsk of unauLhorlzed access, daLa loss, or damage Lo crlLlcal sysLems.

lorLlCaLe and lorLlWlll plaLforms provlde Lhe 'slngle pane of glass' managemenL you need for lncreased conLrol and
vlslblllLy of all neLwork Lrafflc. Cur robusL reporLlng and analysls Lools also help you demonsLraLe pollcy compllance and
saLlsfy audlL requesLs. lorLlneL dellvers compleLe, end-Lo-end securlLy, from Lhe moblle endpolnL Lo Lhe neLwork core.
Cur soluLlons scale for any slze envlronmenL, from Lhe SCPC Lo PeadquarLers Lo a global LelecommunlcaLlons provlder.

SophlsLlcaLed SlmpllclLy

n unlfled global managemenL
n All-ln-one appllance
n 8uslness appllcaLlon conLrol
Plgh SecurlLy

n u1M cleanslng of wlreless Lrafflc
n 8ogue A conLrol for Cl
n ln-Pouse SecurlLy LxperLs

n use your exlsLlng lorLlCaLe, no addlLlonal llcenses
n Less devlces Lo manage
n Lower 1CC

lorLlneL ls a global provlder of hlgh-performance neLwork securlLy soluLlons LhaL provlde our cusLomers wlLh Lhe power Lo
proLecL and conLrol Lhelr l1 lnfrasLrucLure. Cur purpose-bullL, lnLegraLed securlLy Lechnologles, comblned wlLh our
lorLlCuard securlLy lnLelllgence servlces, provlde Lhe hlgh performance and compleLe conLenL proLecLlon our cusLomers
need Lo sLay abreasL of a consLanLly evolvlng LhreaL landscape. More Lhan 123,000 cusLomers around Lhe world - lncludlng
Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhe Clobal 1,000 enLerprlses, servlce provlders and governmenLs - are uLlllzlng lorLlneL's broad and deep
porLfollo Lo lmprove Lhelr securlLy posLure, slmpllfy Lhelr lnfrasLrucLure, and reduce Lhelr overall cosL of ownershlp. lrom
endpolnLs and moblle devlces, Lo Lhe perlmeLer and Lhe core - lncludlng daLabases, messaglng and Web appllcaLlons -
lorLlneL helps proLecL Lhe consLanLly evolvlng neLworks ln every lndusLry and reglon around Lhe world.


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CopyrlghL 2013 lorLlneL, lnc. All rlghLs reserved. lorLlneL, lorLlCaLe, and lorLlCuard, are reglsLered Lrademarks of lorLlneL, lnc., and oLher lorLlneL names hereln
may also be Lrademarks of lorLlneL. All oLher producL or company names may be Lrademarks of Lhelr respecLlve owners. erformance meLrlcs conLalned herln were aLLalned
ln lnLernal lab LesLs under ldeal condlLlons, and performance may vary. neLwork varlables, dlfferenL neLwork envlronmenLs and oLher condlLlons may affecL performance
resulLs. noLhlng hereln represenLs any blndlng commlLmenL by lorLlneL, and lorLlneL dlsclalms all warranLles, wheLher express or lmplled, excepL Lo Lhe exLenL lorLlneL
enLers a blndlng wrlLLen conLracL, slgned by lorLlneL's Ceneral Counsel, wlLh a purchaser LhaL expressly warranLs LhaL Lhe ldenLlfled producL wlll perform accordlng Lo Lhe
performance meLrlcs hereln. lor absoluLe clarlLy, any such warranLy wlll be llmlLed Lo performance ln Lhe same ldeal condlLlons as ln lorLlneL's lnLernal lab LesLs. lorLlneL
dlsclalms ln full any guaranLees. lorLlneL reserves Lhe rlghL Lo change, modlfy, Lransfer, or oLherwlse revlse Lhls publlcaLlon wlLhouL noLlce, and Lhe mosL currenL verslon of
Lhe publlcaLlon shall be appllcable.