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To whom it may concern:

Consider this letter is as my formal request for your company to provide full and
complete disclosure of any and all information contained in my credit file,
including all certified verification documentation that you have received from any
furnisher who has reported any form of account information that you have collected
and disseminated for any permissible purpose. This request is being made in
accordance with the rights afforded to me under Section 60 of the !C"#.
$ have previously sent letters to your company requesting verification of the
accounts that you are reporting in my credit file. To date you have ignored my
request, and refused to adequately verify these accounts, nor have you provided to
me any form of certified documentation supporting your claim that these accounts
have been %verified&. The acts that you have consistently committed are in direct
violation of my rights, and are causing me substantial financial distress, of which
$ have documentation to support my claim.
#s a well'informed consumer, $ am fully aware of the methods that you use to
%verify& accounts. $ am also well aware that the practices that you employ to
%verify& the accounts have been deemed inadequate in numerous (.S. court cases. $
find this type of activity un)ust, and $*m sure that if this matter should go to
trial that the court will agree with me as they have with other litigants.
$ fully understand your business model, and that as a company you need to ma+e
money. $ also understand the revenue stream that you generate is based on
collecting and disseminating consumer credit files. $ am not condemning you for
acting in the best interest of your company, its officers, and employees, and $
respect your efforts. ,owever, as a consumer it is my opinion that you do not fully
understand the amount of damage you are capable of doing by refusing to properly
investigate my dispute. $ understand that it ta+es a considerable amount of time,
and that time is money, and $ do not want to be forced to pursue litigation in order
to resolve this issue.
#ll $ am as+ing for if for you to provide me with the appropriate documentation for
deeming the previously disputed accounts as %verified&, or to permanently delete
them from my credit file in accordance with Section 6--.a/.0/.#/.i/ of the !C"#. $
will not waste your time by including them in this letter, but rather direct you to
review my previous letters, which $ am confident you have on file.
$f you so choose to resolve this issue according to my request, $ assure you that $
will immediately stop all future communication with your company, and consider this
matter closed.
$ have included payment for the above request according to Section 6-1 of the !C"#
in the total amount of 2--.00 .eleven dollars and fifty cents/. $f the amount of
payment is in e3cess of the allowable fee for such disclosure, please consider the
e3cess amount as a donation to your company. $f the payment amount is less than
required for the requested disclosure, please respond to this letter with the e3act
amount that is required, and $ will immediately submit such payment.
$n conclusion, $ shall e3pect a follow'up to this request containing the information
that $ have requested, or a letter stating that the previously disputed accounts
have been deleted from my credit file, within -0 days of your receipt of this
Than+ you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.