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Office of College Relations

Event-Planning Checklist
This Event-Planning Checklist was developed to assist staff and faculty when they are organizing lectures,
readings, panel discussions, symposia, workshops, meetings, conferences, etc. Not all items on the Checklist
will be relevant to every function. Questions pertaining to the Checklist or requests for assistance should be
directed to the Events Management Office at ext. 2669 or at emo@smith.edu.
Type of Event
Panel Discussion
Reading/Book Signing
Other ______________________
Contact Person (usually chair of organizing committee)
Telephone number/Fax number
Members (include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses)
Meeting schedule
Distribution of responsibilities
Source of funds
Accounts required (for example: travel, entertainment, accommodations, honoraria,
posters, printing, flowers, labor, office supplies, photographer, disability
accommodations, etc.) The Controllers Office, ext. 2200, can establish a special
account for the event, if necessary.
Space Reservations
See www.smith.edu/calendar to request space. Click on Make a Request at the top of the
page, and then use your 99# to log on. For additional information, please read the Space
Reservation Procedures found at www.smith.edu/events/.
Event-Planning Checklist Page 1 of 9 revised 11/2/07
Location(s) for event (consider capacity requirements)
Location for reception
Location for dinner
Inclement weather plans
Event-Planning Checklist Page 2 of 9 revised 11/2/07
Disability Access and Accommodations for Speakers, Special Guests, and Participants
Access accommodation notice on announcements and invitations, when appropriate
(Examples: Please list any disability accommodations needed. or For disability
accommodations, please call the Office of Disability Services at 413-585-2071.)
Accessible location
Special transportation
Accessible hotel room
Lowered podium
Wheelchair access to stage
Special seating section
Sign language interpreter/communication assistance
Alternatives to print materials (contact Laura Rauscher in the Office of Disability
Services, ext. 2071, e-mail lrausche@smith.edu)
Background information (CV; Social Security number; publicity photograph; title of
lecture, if applicable; audio and video release forms, if applicable; background
reading material, if applicable)
Speakers/panelists agent contact information, if any, including telephone numbers
Campus escort(s)
Travel plans
Ground transportation between airport/train station and campus (hire local
transporter: Reliable Limousine Service, tel. 413-315-9919, cell 413-263-9945,
e-mail r.b.limo11!1"comcast.net# or re$uest a vehicle throu%h &h'sical &lant at
Campus shuttle transportation ,re$uest a vehicle throu%h &h'sical &lant at
Parking/parking passes (contact Public Safety, ext. 2490, for passes)
Identify individual to introduce speaker/panelists at event and/or moderate panel
Thank you/honorarium & expense reimbursement
*See: www.smith.edu/admission/visiting.html for list of area hotels, as well as directions to Smith College.
Special Guests
Travel plans
Campus escorts
Ground transportation between airport/train station and campus (hire local
transporter: Reliable Limousine Service, tel. 413-315-9919, cell 413-263-9945,
e-mail r.b.limo11!1"comcast.net# or re$uest a vehicle throu%h &h'sical &lant at
Campus shuttle transportation ,re$uest a vehicle throu%h &h'sical &lant at
Event-Planning Checklist Page 3 of 9 revised 11/2/07
Parking/parking passes (contact Public Safety, ext. 2490, for passes)
Follow-up, if necessary, after event
Event-Planning Checklist Page 4 of 9 revised 11/2/07
Guest list
Include campus map on invitation or enclose (campus maps can be obtained from
College Relations or on-line at www.smith.edu/map/)
Response deadline date
Person/telephone number to whom to respond
Internal distribution, if appropriate
Extra invitations for archive files
Name and telephone number of contact person (Voice and TTY*), particularly if
invitation is a conference registration form
*Contact Laura Rauscher, Disability Services Director, at ext. 2071.
Smith College Campus Catering has asked that all requests for catering be submitted
through: www.smith.edu/diningservices/catering_booking.php
Menu-planning (mindful of dietary restrictions)
Number of tables and chairs for dining
Number of chairs at head table
Flowers (Smith Catering can include and provide cost estimate)
Final guest count
Place cards
Schedule of evening/timeline
Podium and microphone (contact Media Services, ext. 2954, or Classroom Technical
Support, ext. 2956)
Coat rack
Name tags
Conference/Meeting Information Packet/Pencils/Pens
Gifts/Take-aways (if desired)
Information table
Trash receptacles
Coat racks
Book Signing*
Bookstore providing books/service
Location for book signing
Podium and microphone, if required
Table for books/chair/linens/flowers
Table/chair for author
Cashbox/cash for change
Distribution of funds after event
Event-Planning Checklist Page 5 of 9 revised 11/2/07
*Please note that bookstores usually offer to contribute a percentage of sales to a college, organization or
program; and they may offer to handle the sales, providing cashier and cashbox, at the event.
Event-Planning Checklist Page 6 of 9 revised 11/2/07
Event Service Request (ESR) Form (Publicity/Services)*
Must be completed two weeks in advance for events requiring on- or off-campus publicity,
routine audio/visual services and/or Physical Plant services; available online at
The Gate (previously News and Events)
Smith online calendar
5-College calendar and/or local media calendars
AV needs
Overhead projector
Slide projector
Data projector
CD player
DVD player
Laserdisc player
VHS/videocassette player
Audiocassette player
Video-/audio-taping request
Permission of speaker/presenter (media-consent forms are available on the College
Relations News Office Web site, www.smith.edu/newsoffice/, and also at the Events
Management Office Web site, www.smith.edu/emo/)
Note: Original signed forms are kept on file at the Events Management Office.
Sound Needs
Podium with microphone
Lavaliere (small clip-on microphone)
Microphones for panel
Lighting needs
Special requests
Platform/Room setup
Water Bottles/Glasses
Table (panel discussion)
Linens (including skirting) for table
Chairs (on stage)
Physical layout to Physical Plant
Podium spray (flowers)
Smith Banner
Event-Planning Checklist Page 7 of 9 revised 11/2/07
Bulletin boards/chalk boards/easels/large writing pads (determine whether required
and take into consideration when reserving space)
*To confirm Media Services requests, call ext. 2954; to confirm Physical Plant requests, call the Events
Management Office, ext. 2407, or e-mail emo@smith.edu.
Event-Planning Checklist Page of 9 revised 11/2/07
Additional Publicity
Posters (contact Central Services, ext. 2600)
News Release (contact Kristen Cole at kacole@smith.edu re: feasibility at least one
month in advance of event)
Sophian (ext. 4971, e-mail sophian@smith.edu)
Daily Jolt (www.smith.dailyjolt.com)
The Gate (www.smith.edu/news/contact.php)
e-Digest (www.smith.edu/news/submit.php)
Postcards to campus mailboxes through Central Services (ext. 2600)
Additional Staff Assistance
Physical Plant staff requests are to be made through an Event Service Request (ESR)
Dining Services (ext. 2300)
Media Services requests (ext. 2954)
Public Safety (call Scott Graham, ext. 2490, e-mail sgraham@smith.edu)
*Northampton Police (call Scott Graham of Public Safety, ext. 2490,
e-mail sgraham@smith.edu)
Northampton Fire Department Permits (contact Rich Korzeniowski, ext. 2458,
e-mail rkorzeni@smith.edu)
Student Ushers/Greeters (send an e-mail to st_employ@smith.edu to submit a job
*Public Safety determines whether there is a need for Public Safety officers at an event and whether a
Northampton Police officer is needed to direct traffic. For larger events, particularly those held in John M.
Greene Hall, you should advise the Events Management Office (ext. 2407, e-mail emo@smith.edu) of
estimated crowd size.
Reserved Seating
Press section/reserved special-guest seating (please post information on Events
Service Request form)
Signage (contact the Events Management Office, ext. 2407, e-mail emo@smith.edu)
Special-needs section (interpreter, other) (contact Office of Disability Services,
ext. 2139)
Thank You Notes
Event-Planning Checklist Page 9 of 9 revised 11/2/07