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Kenneth Hagin Jr.

First Printing 1989

ISBN 0-89276-723-5
In the U.S. rite!
Kenneth Hagin "inistries
P. #. B$% 50126
&'(sa) #K 7*150-0126
In +ana,a -rite!
Kenneth Hagin "inistries
P. #. B$% 335
Is(ingt$n .&$r$nt$/)
+ana,a) "90 *13
+$23right 4 1989 5H6"0 Bi7(e +h'r8h
0K0 Kenneth Hagin "inistries) In8.
0(( 5ights 5eser9e,
Printe, in US0
&he Faith Shie(, is a tra,e:ar; $< 5H6"0 Bi7(e +h'r8h) 0K0
Kenneth Hagin "inistries) In8.) registere, -ith the U.S.
Patent an, &ra,e:ar; #<<i8e an, there<$re :a3 n$t 7e
1 Hea(ing in 5e,e:2ti$n! 0 Present-&ense 5ea(it3............5
2 Ha9ing Faith in a Faith<'( =$,.......................................15
3 Hea(ing in the +h'r8h &$,a3...........................................23
* >i9ine Hea(ing Is 09ai(a7(e t$ =$,?s Pe$2(e &$,a3.......35
Chapter 1
1 Healing in Redemption: A
Present-Tense Reality
Pr$7a7(3 $ne $< the :$st 2ara:$'nt @'esti$ns
7e(ie9ers as; t$,a3 is -hether $r n$t it is =$,?s -i(( t$
hea(. &he @'esti$n is n$t -hether =$, is able t$ hea(
si8;ness an, ,isease) 7't -hether =$, is willing t$ hea(
si8;ness an, ,isease.
Is it =$,?s -i(( t$ hea(A &he ans-er is most
assuredly, yes! &he Bi7(e te((s 's that hea(ing is the -i((
$< =$,. Hea(ing is a <$re9er-sett(e, s'7Be8t 7e8a'se
God's Word is <$re9er sett(e,.
PSALM 119:89
89 For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in
&he Bi7(e te((s 's that =$, ,ea(t -ith the sin
2r$7(e: $< h':anit3 73 sen,ing His S$n Jes's t$ 7e a
Sa8ri<i8e an, a S'7stit'te <$r 's. Isaiah 53!5 sa3s) C...
he DJes'sE was wounded for our transgressions, he was
bruised for our iniquities....C 0n, First Peter 2!2* sa3s)
CWho his own self bare our sins in his own body on the
tree...." B't 7$th $< these s8ri2t'res also state that =$,
,ea(t -ith sickness and disease <$r 's in +hrist?s great
s'7stit'ti$nar3 -$r; $n the +r$ss.
ISAIAH 5:!,5
! S"rely he hath #orne o"r $rie%s [sicknesses or
diseases], and &arried o"r sorrows '(ains): yet
we did estee* hi* stri&+en, s*itten o% ,od, and
6 Healing ore!er "ettled
5 -"t he was wo"nded %or o"r trans$ressions,
he was #r"ised %or o"r ini."ities: the
&hastise*ent o% o"r (ea&e was "(on hi*/ and
0I1H HIS S12IP3S 03 A23 H3AL34.
Ferse 5 sa3s) C... with his stri#es we $%& H&$'&(."
It ,$es n$t sa3 -e might be hea(e, $r that -e are going
to be hea(e, at s$:e ti:e in the <'t're. N$) the Bi7(e
sa3s -e are hea(e,G &hat?s 2resent tense. &hat :eans
hea(ing is a rea(it3 right n$-. ith His stri2es -e are
Hea(ing is a 2resent-tense <a8t -hi8h is a(rea,3
esta7(ishe, in =$,?s $r,.
hat ,$es it :ean that hea(ing is a 2resent-tense
<a8tA Het :e gi9e 3$' an e%a:2(e. S'22$se 3$' sai, t$
$ne $< 3$'r 8it3 $<<i8ia(s) <$r instan8e) t$ the :a3$r $<
3$'r 8it3) CI$' are the :a3$r.C &hat :eans he is
2resent(3 the :a3$r) 8$rre8tA It :eans he #resently
stan,s in that $<<i8e an, h$(,s that tit(e. I< he -ere $n(3
r'nning <$r the $<<i8e $< :a3$r) 7't 3$' 7e(ie9e, he -as
g$ing t$ -in the e(e8ti$n) 3$' :ight sa3) CI$' are going
t$ 7e the ne%t :a3$r.C #r 3$' 8$'(, sa3) CI$' might 7e
the ne%t :a3$r.C B't i< he -ere a(rea,3 stan,ing in that
$<<i8e an, h$(,ing the tit(e $< :a3$r) that :eans he is
the :a3$r now.
In the sa:e -a3) =$, states a 2resent-tense <a8t
a7$'t 's in His $r,. His $r, ,e8(ares -hat -e are
right now! He sa3s) CI$' are hea(e,.C &hat?s 2resent)
n$t <'t're tense. Isaiah 2enne, these -$r,s in Isaiah
53!*)5 73 the ins2irati$n $< the H$(3 S2irit e9en 7e<$re
Jes's 8a:e t$ earth in the <(esh t$ re,ee: :an;in,.
&here<$re) in the :in, $< =$,) the -$r; $< re,e:2ti$n
-as a(rea,3 an esta7(ishe, <a8t.
Het?s ($$; at the Ne- &esta:ent 8$'nter2arts $<
Isaiah 53!*)5.
MA11H30 8:15,16
15 0hen the even was &o*e, they #ro"$ht "nto
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality -
hi* '7es"s) *any that were (ossessed with
devils: and he &ast o"t the s(irits with his word,
and healed all that were si&+:
16 1hat it *i$ht #e %"l%illed whi&h was s(o+en
#y 3saias DIsaiahE the (ro(het, sayin$, HIMS3LF
1OO8 O92 I:FI2MI1I3S, and -A23 O92
1 P3132 <:<!
<! 0ho his own sel% #are o"r sins in his own
#ody on the tree, that we, #ein$ dead to sins,
sho"ld live "nto ri$hteo"sness: -= 0HOS3
S12IP3S =3 0323 H3AL34.
B3 hea(ing the si8; in His earth(3 :inistr3 .as -e
sa- in "atthe- 8!16)17/) Jes's -as <'(<i((ing Isaiah?s
2r$2he83) C... with his stri#es we are healed, C 7e<$re He
e9er -ent t$ the +r$ss an, (ega((3 $7taine, re,e:2ti$n
<$r 's. &hen the 02$st(e Peter restates =$,?s -i((
8$n8erning hea(ing in First Peter 2!2*! C .. by whose
stri#es ye W&%& healed.C Peter -as an e3e-itness t$
-hat t$$; 2(a8e as ,es8ri7e, 73 Isaiah. Peter -as
2resent -hen the 5$:an s$(,iers 2't th$se stri2es $n
Jes's? 7a8; an, h'ng Hi: $n the +r$ss. Be8a'se Peter
-as an e3e-itness t$ the ag$n3 Jes's s'<<ere,) n$
-$n,er he 8$'(, sa3 a($ng -ith Isaiah! Cith His
stri2es -e -ere hea(e,CG
088$r,ing t$ the $r, $< =$,) Jes's n$t $n(3 ,ie,
an, r$se again <$r $'r sins) 7't He ,ie, an, r$se again
<$r $'r si8;nesses an, ,iseases t$$. Hea(ing 7e($ngs t$
's B'st as sa(9ati$n 7e($ngs t$ 's. Healing is #art and
#arcel of our redem#tion.
H$$;ing at the Psa(:s) -e see again that hea(ing is
$ne $< the 7ene<its $< re,e:2ti$n.
PSALM 1>:1?
1 -less the Lord, O *y so"l: and all that is
within *e, #less his holy na*e.
< -less the Lord, O *y so"l, and %or$et not all
. Healing ore!er "ettled
his -3:3FI1S:
0ho FO2,I@31H ALL 1HI:3 I:IA9I1I3S/
who H3AL31H ALL 1H= 4IS3AS3S.
Ferse 3 sa3s the H$r, hea(s all $< $'r ,iseasesJn$t
B'st a <e-Jan, n$t B'st $'r minor ai(:ents. He hea(s
the: 0HHG &he -$r, Ca((C :eans nothing left out.
N$thing is (e<t $'t $< the re,e:2ti9e -$r; $< +hristJ
n$t a hea,a8he) n$t a st$:a8ha8he) n$t an3 ;in, $<
8an8er) n$r an3 ;in, $< heart tr$'7(eJn$t any si8;ness
$r ,iseaseG In =$,?s 2(an $< re,e:2ti$n) e9er3 si8;ness
an, ,isease has 7een ,ea(t -ithG
1he 0illin$ness o% 7es"s 1o Heal
Het?s ($$; at an$ther 2assage $< S8ri2t're that
<'rther i(('strates =$,?s -i(( 8$n8erning hea(ing.
L983 5:1<,1
1< And it &a*e to (ass, when he was in a &ertain
&ity, #ehold a *an %"ll o% le(rosy: who seein$
7es"s %ell on his %a&e, and #eso"$ht hi*, sayin$,
Lord, i% tho" wilt, tho" &anst *a+e *e &lean.
1 And he ("t %orth his hand, and to"&hed hi*,
sayin$, I 0ILL: -3 1HO9 ;L3A:. And
i**ediately the le(rosy de(arted %ro* hi*.
&he @'esti$n 8$n8erning =$,?s -i(( t$ hea( is
ans-ere, 9er3 e%2(i8it(3 in this 2assage $< S8ri2t're.
hen the (e2er @'esti$ne, Jes's s2e8i<i8a((3 8$n8erning
His -i(( t$ hea() Jes's ans-ere,) CI IHHGC &he /ew
0nternational 1ersion sa3s) C... ?H$r,) i< 3$' are -i((ing)
3$' 8an :a;e :e 8(ean.? Jes's rea8he, $'t his han,
an, t$'8he, the :an. ?I am willing,? he sai,. ?Be 8(eanG?
0n, i::e,iate(3 the (e2r$s3 (e<t hi:C .99. 12)13/.
In 9erse 12 in the 2ing 3ames 1ersion, n$ti8e it sa3s
the :an -as full of le#rosy, in,i8ating that the :an ha,
(e2r$s3 -hi8h -as in the (ast stages. He2r$s3 is a
hi,e$'s ,isease -hi8h ,e<$r:s an, :'ti(ates the 7$,3
as it 2r$gresses. e 8an gather <r$: this 2assage that
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality 4
sin8e the :an -as full $< (e2r$s3) the ,isease -as
2r$7a7(3 :$re a,9an8e, than B'st a s2$t $n his ar: $r
(eg at that 2$int. Iet -ith $ne senten8e <r$: the
"aster?s (i2s! C... be thou clean...,C the (e2er -as hea(e,G
0s a (e2er) this :an -as 8$nsi,ere, 'n8(ean an,
a88$r,ing t$ Je-ish (a-) 7e8a'se $< his ,isease he -as
an $'t8ast. He 8$'(,n?t (i9e a:$ng $thers -h$ -ere
hea(th3 an, -h$(e) an, i< he -as e9er in 2'7(i8) he ha,
t$ 8r3 $'t) CUn8(eanG Un8(eanGC S$ a8t'a((3 -hen the
(e2er thre- hi:se(< at Jes's? <eet) he -as ,e<3ing
Je-ish (a- an, 8'st$: an, -as ris;ing 7eing 2't t$
,eath <$r 7rea;ing the (a-. B't he ha, hear, a7$'t
Jes's an, the :ira8(es He 2er<$r:e,) s$ this (e2er
7egge, Jes's t$ hea( hi:. B't the 2$int is) -hen the
(e2er @'esti$ne, Jes's s2e8i<i8a((3 8$n8erning His
-i((ingness t$ hea( hi:) Jes's ans-ere,) CI IHHG B6
+H60NGC .H';e 5!13/. ,he /ew &nglish 5ible ren,ers
this 2assage! "0ndeed 0 will6 be clean again." Fr$: this
s8ri2t're) -e 8an 8(ear(3 see that Jes's <'((3
,e:$nstrate, His -i((ingness t$ hea(.
It is e9i,ent that the (e2er ha, hear, a7$'t the
hea(ings Jes's 2er<$r:e, 7e8a'se he <e(( at Jes's? <eet)
sa3ing) CI< 3$' -i(() 3$' can hea( :e.C &here<$re) the
(e2er ;ne- Jes's ha, the 2$-er t$ hea(K he ne9er
@'esti$ne, Jes's? ability $r 2$-er t$ hea(. H$-e9er) the
(e2er ,i, @'esti$n Jes's? willingness t$ hea(. He sai,)
C... 'ord, if thou W0',, thou canst make me clean C
.H';e 5!12/. B't $n8e Jes's sett(e, the @'esti$n $< His
-i((ingness t$ hea( 73 sa3ing) C... 0 will) be thou clean...)C
the (e2er re8ei9e, his hea(ing an, the (e2r$s3 ,e2arte,
<r$: hi:G
"$st +hristians t$,a3 ,$n?t ha9e a 2r$7(e: seeing
Jes's in His earth(3 :inistr3 as the Hea(er. &he3 ,$n?t
@'esti$n that He -as an$inte, 73 =$, an, that He ha,
the 2$-er t$ hea( si8;ness an, ,isease. "$st +hristians
,$n?t e9en @'esti$n s$ :'8h Jes's? ability t$ hea( 2e$2(e
78 Healing ore!er "ettled
t$,a3 as the3 ,$ His willingness t$ ,e:$nstrate that
hea(ing 2$-er $n their 7eha(<.
H$-e9er) an3 @'esti$n as t$ Jes's? -i((ingness t$
hea( is ans-ere, 9er3 9i9i,(3 in this a88$'nt $< the
(e2er in H';e 8ha2ter 5. 0n, sin8e Jes's hasn?t
8hange,) an, He -as -i((ing t$ hea( then) He is -i((ing
t$ hea( n$-.
H3-230S 1:8
8 7es"s ;hrist the sa*e yesterday, and to day,
and %or ever.
It stan,s t$ reas$n that i< Jes's -as -i((ing t$ hea(
2e$2(e in His earth(3 :inistr3) He is -i((ing t$ hea( 's
t$,a3G e nee, t$ ha9e <aith n$t $n(3 in Jes's? #ower
an, ability t$ hea() 7't a(s$ in His willingness an,
com#assion t$ hea(. e sh$'(, n$ ($nger @'esti$n
-hether $r n$t Jes's -ants t$ hea( 's 7e8a'se He is the
sa:e 3ester,a3) t$,a3) an, <$re9er. He hasn?t 8hange,G
He is sti(( sa3ing) CI -i((GC
4evelo(in$ 9nsha+a#le Faith
B't $n8e -e ;n$- the -i(( $< =$, 8$n8erning
hea(ingJthat hea(ing is =$,?s -i((J-e 8an hin,er $'r
$-n 2ra3ers -ith the <aith-,estr$3ing -$r,s) "0f it be
,hy will.C &$ 8$n8(',e a 2ra3er <$r hea(ing -ith the
-$r,s) CI< it 7e &h3 -i(()C -hen S8ri2t're 8(ear(3
tea8hes that it is =$,?s -i(( t$ hea() is t$ 2ra3 in ,$'7t
an, 'n7e(ie< 7e8a'se it :eans -e aren?t a22r$a8hing
=$, $n the a'th$rit3 $< His -ritten $r,. 0n, as ($ng
as -e are in ,$'7t an, 'n7e(ie< -e 8an?t re8ei9e hea(ing
$r any 7(essing <r$: =$,.
7AM3S 1:5,6
5 -"t let hi* as+ in %aith, nothin$ waverin$. For
he that wavereth is li+e a wave o% the sea driven
with the wind and tossed.
6 For let not that *an thin+ that he shall
re&eive any thin$ o% the Lord.
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality 77
&he reas$n :an3 2e$2(e aren?t re8ei9ing hea9en?s
7est is that the3?re halfway in <aith an, halfway out $<
<aith) s$ t$ s2ea;. In $ther -$r,s) the3 aren?t rea((3
s're -hat the3 7e(ie9eG &he3?re n$t rea((3 8$::itte, t$
the integrit3 $< =$,?s $r,. #ne ,a3 3$' :ight hear
the: s2ea;ing the $r, an, sh$'ting the 9i8t$r3) an,
the ne%t ,a3 3$' :ight hear the: ta(;ing ,$'7t an,
'n7e(ie<. B't the Bi7(e sa3s here in Ja:es 8ha2ter 1)
that the $ne -h$ -a9ers -$n?t re8ei9e an3thing <r$:
the H$r,.
I$'r <aith in =$,?s $r, :'st 7e <ir: an,
'nsha;a7(e. I$' 8an ,e9e($2 a <ir: an, 'nsha;a7(e
<aith in =$,?s $r, 73 hearing it) 73 :e,itating $n it)
an, 73 sett(ing in 3$'r heart $n the a7s$('te integrit3 $<
the $r,. &his is the $n(3 -a3 3$' -i(( $7tain <aith
7e8a'se the Bi7(e sa3s) C... faith cometh by hearing, and
hearing by the word of God" .5$:. 10!17/. hen =$,?s
$r, 7e8$:es <ir:(3 esta7(ishe, in 3$'r heart) 3$'?((
ha9e n$ tr$'7(e 7e(ie9ing =$, <$r hea(ing an,
a22r$2riating it <$r 3$'rse(< 7e8a'se =$,?s $r, is
fore!er settled $n the s'7Be8t $< hea(ing.
#ne -a3 +hristians) in8(',ing :inisters $< the
g$s2e() ,e:$nstrate their (a8; $< <aith is -hen the3
2ra3 <$r hea(ing 73 sa3ing) C0f it 7e &h3 -i((.C Pe$2(e
's'a((3 ,$ this 7e8a'se the3 are 7asing their 2ra3ers $n
Jes's? 2ra3er t$ =$, in the =ar,en $< =ethse:ane B'st
7e<$re His 7etra3a( an, 8r'8i<i%i$n. Jes's 2ra3e,) C...
ather, 0 ,H9: 5& W0''0/G, remo!e this cu# from
me) ne!ertheless not my will, but thine, be doneC .H';e
22!*2K see a(s$ "att. 26!*2)** an, "ar; 1*!35)36/. &he3
8$n8(',e that 7e8a'se Jes's 2ra3e, that -a3) then it
:'st 7e s8ri2t'ra( t$ 2ra3) CI< it 7e &h3 -i((.C
H$-e9er) in the =ar,en $< =ethse:ane Jes's -as
2ra3ing a 2ra3er $< 8$nse8rati$nJa 2ra3er $<
8$::it:ent t$ ,$ =$,?s -i((. &hat?s the $n(3 reas$n He
2ra3e,) CI< it 7e &h3 -i((.C Jes's sai, t$ the Father)
7; Healing ore!er "ettled
CN$t "3 -i(() 7't I$'rs 7e ,$ne.C Jes's -as in ang'ish
$< s$'( as He 2ra3e,) CFather) i< I$' are -i((ing) (et this
8'2 2ass <r$: "eK ne9erthe(ess) n$t "3 -i(() 7't I$'rs
7e ,$neC .H';e 22!*2/. Jes's? 2ra3er ha, n$thing t$ ,$
-ith @'esti$ning =$,?s -i(( 8$n8erning His -i((ingness
t$ hea(. It -as a 2ra3er $< 8$::it:ent an, ,e,i8ati$n
t$ =$,. Jes's -as si:2(3 rea<<ir:ing His 8$::it:ent
t$ -i((ing(3 $7e3 =$,?s -i(( n$ :atter -hat s'<<ering it
-$'(, 8$st Hi: 2ers$na((3.
I$' ,$n?t ha9e t$ 2ra3) CI< it 7e &h3 -i((C -hen
=$,?s -i(( is a(rea,3 esta7(ishe, an, re9ea(e, in His
$r,. I$' a(rea,3 ;n$- =$,?s -i(( 8$n8erning hea(ing)
<$r e%a:2(e) 7e8a'se 3$' ha9e His $r, <$r itK 3$' ha9e
s2e8i<i8 s8ri2t'res t$ 7ase 3$'r <aith $n. =$,?s -i((
8$n8erning hea(ing is 2(ain(3 state, in His $r,. God's
Word is God's will.
I hear, a7$'t a 3$'ng +hristian -$:an -h$ -as
<asting an, 2ra3ing an, see;ing =$, a7$'t -hether she
sh$'(, :arr3 a 8ertain :an -h$ -asn?t a +hristian.
She 2ra3e,) CH$r,) i< it 7e I$'r -i(() (et :e :arr3 this
:an.C B't she a(rea,3 ha, =$,?s will $n the :atter
7e8a'se she ha, =$,?s Word $n the :atter. &he Bi7(e
sa3s) <5e ye not unequally yoked together with
unbelie!ers . . . C . 2 +$r. 6!1*/. &his :an -as an
'n7e(ie9er an, she -as a 7e(ie9er. She ,i,n?t nee, t$
<ast an, 2ra3 t$ get =$,?s -i((K His -i(( -as a(rea,3
2(ain(3 state, in His $r, 8$n8erning her sit'ati$n)
an, a(( the <asting an, 2ra3ing in the -$r(, -asn?t
g$ing t$ 8hange it. It?s ,i<<erent -hen a 8$'2(e is
a(rea,3 :arrie, an, $ne $< the: gets sa9e,K the Bi7(e
a(s$ a,,resses that ;in, $< a sit'ati$n. B't a88$r,ing t$
the $r, $< =$, an 'n:arrie, +hristian is n$t t$
:arr3 s$:e$ne -h$ is 'nsa9e,J2eri$,G
+ertain(3 -e 8an in8(',e the -$r,) Ci<C -hen
2ra3ing a7$'t :atters -here =$,?s -i(( has n$t 7een
s2e8i<i8a((3 re9ea(e, 8$n8erning $'r sit'ati$n. F$r
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality 7=
e%a:2(e) -e :a3 7e 2ra3ing <$r ,ire8ti$n an, g'i,an8e
in a 2arti8'(ar area $< $'r $-n (i9es. &he Bi7(e ,$esn?t
gi9e s2e8i<i8 ,ire8ti$n as t$ -hat 8it3 -e are t$ (i9e in)
<$r e%a:2(e) $r -hat 8h'r8h -e are t$ 7e($ng t$. In
sit'ati$ns s'8h as these) it -$'(, 7e a(( right t$ 2ra3) CI<
it 7e &h3 -i(()C 7e8a'se the -i(( $< =$, in that sit'ati$n
has n$t 7een e%2ress(3 re9ea(e, t$ 's in His $r,.
H$-e9er) -hen -e ;n$- -hat =$,?s $r, has t$
sa3 a7$'t $'r sit'ati$n) a(( ,$'7ts sh$'(, 7e sett(e,.
0n, -e 8ertain(3 ,$n?t ha9e t$ ,$'7t =$,?s -i((
8$n8erning hea(ing 7e8a'se -e a(rea,3 ha9e His $r,
<$r itG Hea(ing is a <$re9er-sett(e, s'7Be8tG
Chapter 2
2 Having aith in a aith!"l
0s a 2arent) i< 3$' te(( 3$'r 8hi(,ren that 3$'?re
g$ing t$ gi9e the: a gi<t) an, the3 8$:e t$ 3$' (ater
7egging <$r -hat 3$'?9e a(rea,3 2r$:ise, the:) 3$'?,
7e '2set -ith the:. B3 their a8ti$ns the3 -$'(, 7e
sa3ing) Ce ;n$- 3$' said 3$'?, ,$ it) 7't -e ,$n?t
7e(ie9e 3$' will!" &hat?s 7asi8a((3 -hat -e ,$ t$ Jes's
$'r Hea(er -hen -e 8$n8(',e $'r 2ra3ers <$r hea(ing
-ith the state:ent) CI< it 7e &h3 -i((.C Jes's has
a(rea,3 gi9en His $r, t$ 's a7$'t hea(ing! Cith His
stri2es -e are hea(e,GC
Instea, $< 7asing $'r 2ra3ers <$r hea(ing $n the -a3
Jes's 2ra3e, in the =ar,en $< =ethse:ane) CI< it 7e
&h3 -i(()C -h3 n$t 7ase $'r 2ra3ers <$r hea(ing $n the
-a3 Jes's 2ra3e, for healing> 08t'a((3) i< 3$'?(( n$ti8e
h$- Jes's :inistere, t$ si8; 2e$2(e in His earth(3
:inistr3) 3$'?(( <in, that :$st $< the ti:e He ,i,n?t
e9en 2ra3 <$r their hea(ingK He B'st s2$;e -$r,s t$ the
e<<e8t) CBe hea(e,GC an, the si8; -ere hea(e,. Jes's ,i,
2ra3) h$-e9er) -hen He raise, HaLar's <r$: the ,ea,.
Jes's sai,) " . . . ather, 0 thank thee ,H$, ,H9:
H$", H&$%( ?&C .J$hn 11!*1/. &hen Jes's
8$::an,e,) C... 'a@arus, A9?& 9%,H . . . C . 9. *3/.
0n, i< 3$'?(( st',3 the ,i<<erent a88$'nts $< hea(ing in
the <$'r =$s2e(s) 3$'?(( n$ti8e that Jes's ne9er re<'se,
an3$ne -h$ 8a:e t$ Hi: t$ re8ei9e hea(ing. N$t $n8e
-i(( 3$' <in, Jes's 2ra3ing t$ =$,) CFather) hea( this
2ers$n if it 7e &h3 -i((.C Jes's ne9er 2ra3e, that -a3
76 Healing ore!er "ettled
7e8a'se He a(rea,3 ;ne- =$,?s -i(( $n the s'7Be8t $<
#< 8$'rse) $22$nents $< ,i9ine hea(ing -i(( a(-a3s
7e a7(e t$ 8ite 8ases $< si8; 2e$2(e -h$ -ere 2ra3e, <$r)
7't ,i,n?t re8ei9e their hea(ing. hen 2e$2(e aren?t
hea(e,) :an3 a't$:ati8a((3 8$n8(',e) Ce(() it :'st 7e
=$,?s -i(( that I?: si8;.C B't isn?t it strange that then
the3?(( :a;e an a22$int:ent -ith the ,$8t$r t$ get
s$:e :e,i8ati$n s$ the3 8an get -e(( and get out of the
will of God! e(() i< it?s n$t =$,?s -i(( t$ hea(Ji< it?s
=$,?s -i(( <$r His 2e$2(e t$ 7e si8;Jthen a88$r,ing t$
that ;in, $< thin;ing) si8; 2e$2(e nee, t$ 2ra3 <$r :$re
si8;ness s$ the3 8an 7e 8ertain the3?re in the #erfect -i((
$< =$,G
I$' :ight sa3) C&hat s$'n,s ri,i8'($'sGC Ies) it
8ertain(3 ,$esG B't I sai, that t$ he(2 3$' see the
a7s'r,it3 $< s$:e $< the tea8hings -e hear in the B$,3
$< +hrist t$,a3 -hi8h tr3 t$ 2r$9e that ,i9ine hea(ing is
n$t =$,?s -i(( <$r 's) $r that it?s n$t <$r 's t$,a3.
Hea(ing is =$,?s -i(( 7e8a'se =$,?s $r, sa3s it is)
an, it is i:2$ssi7(e <$r =$, t$ (ie .N':. 23!19/. It is
=$,?s -i(( <$r 's t$ 7e -e(() -h$(e) ha223) an, 7(esse,
7e8a'se the Bi7(e sa3s that =$, is $'r hea9en(3 ather,
an, as a <ather) He ($9es 's an, -ants $n(3 the 7est <$r
MA11H30 6:6?11
6 As+, and it shall #e $iven yo"/ see+, and ye
shall %ind/ +no&+, and it shall #e o(ened "nto
8 For every one that as+eth re&eiveth/ and he
that see+eth %indeth/ and to hi* that +no&+eth
it shall #e o(ened.
9 Or what *an is there o% yo", who* i% his son
as+ #read, will he $ive hi* a stoneB
1> Or i% he as+ a %ish, will he $ive hi* a ser(entB
11 I% ye then, #ein$ evil D$r nat'ra(E) +now how to
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality 7-
$ive $ood $i%ts "nto yo"r &hildren, HO0 M9;H
MO23 SHALL =O92 FA1H32 0HI;H IS I:
H3A@3: ,I@3 ,OO4 1HI:,S 1O 1H3M 1HA1
"an3 2e$2(e 7e(ie9e that =$, a<<(i8ts 2e$2(e -ith
si8;ness an, ,isease in $r,er t$ ,is8i2(ine the: $r t$
tea8h the: a (ess$n. B't h$- :an3 $< 3$' -h$ are
2arents -$'(, ,is8i2(ine 3$'r 8hi(,ren 73 :a;ing the:
si8;A I< 3$' 8$'(,) -$'(, 3$' get s$:e 8an8er an, inBe8t
it int$ 3$'r 8hi(,ren an, te(( the:) CN$-) I?: g$ing t$
tea8h 3$' a <e- thingsCA #< 8$'rse n$tG Besi,es) i< 3$'
-ere t$ ,$ that) I g'arantee) 3$'?, s2en, @'ite a <e-
3ears ($8;e, '2 7ehin, 7arsG e(() the Bi7(e sa3s i<
nat'ra( 2arents ;n$- h$- t$ gi9e g$$, gi<ts t$ their
8hi(,ren) how much more ,$es =$, $'r hea9en(3 Father
;n$- h$- t$ gi9e g$$, gi<ts t$ His 8hi(,renG Iet $'r
Hea9en(3 Father is a88'se, $< gi9ing His 8hi(,ren
8an8er) t'7er8'($sis) an, e9er3 $ther ;in, $< :a(a,3
an, si8;ness 3$' 8an thin; $<. &hat ;in, $< reas$ning
,$esn?t e9en :a;e senseG
7AM3S 1:16
16 3very ,OO4 ,IF1 and every P32F3;1 ,IF1
is %ro* a#ove, and &o*eth down F2OM 1H3
FA1H32 o% li$hts, with who* is no
varia#leness, neither shadow o% t"rnin$.
e 8an rea,i(3 see <r$: this s8ri2t're that it is =$,
-h$ has 2r$9i,e, the :an3 -a3s <$r 's t$ 7e he(2e,)
hea(e,) an, 7(esse, in this nat'ra( rea(: -e (i9e in.
=$, ,$es n$t $7Be8t t$ 2e$2(e $7taining hea(ing thr$'gh
nat'ra( :eansJthr$'gh :e,i8a( s8ien8e) <$r e%a:2(e.
B't $n the $ther han,) as His $r, 8(ear(3 states) He
has a(s$ 2r$9i,e, the :eans -here73 His 2e$2(e 8an
re8ei9e ,i9ine hea(ingG =$, is the 0'th$r $< 7$th :eans
$< $7taining hea(ing.
It?s strange that -e a(:$st ne9er @'esti$n the
,$8t$r?s -$r, -hen he te((s 's t$ ta;e a 8ertain
7. Healing ore!er "ettled
:e,i8ati$n s$ -e 8an get -e((. 0n, -e a(:$st ne9er
@'esti$n $7taining $'r hea(ing 73 s$:e $ther nat'ra(
:eans s'8h as i:2r$9ing $'r eating ha7its an, getting
the 2r$2er a:$'nt $< rest ea8h ,a3. "$st 2e$2(e -i((
ta;e a ,$8t$r?s a,9i8e) $r 7egin t$ i:2r$9e their ,iet an,
get a,e@'ate s(ee2 in $r,er t$ re8$9er <r$: s$:e
ai(:ent $r t$ he(2 the:se(9es 7e8$:e -e(( an, str$ng.
B't -hen it 8$:es t$ a22r$2riating ,i9ine hea(ing) the3
s$:eti:es -a9er $r @'esti$n -hether $r n$t it -i((
-$r; <$r the:G Nat'ra( :eans $< $7taining hea(ing are
g$$, an, 7ene<i8ia(. B't in s$:e 8ases) there is $n(3 s$
:'8h :e,i8a( s8ien8e 8an ,$K s$:eti:es ,$8t$rs ha9e t$
te(( their 2atients there?s n$thing :$re :e,i8a( s8ien8e
8an ,$ <$r the:. B't) than; =$,) -e ;n$- the =reat
Ph3si8ianG He?s $'r Hea(er an, He -i(( a(-a3s hea( 's
-hen -e 8$:e t$ Hi: in <aith a88$r,ing t$ His $r,G
I?: n$t against h$s2ita(s $r ,$8t$rs. I than; =$, <$r
-hat ,$8t$rs an, :e,i8a( s8ien8e 8an ,$ t$ he(2
s'<<ering h':anit3. B't I a(s$ than; =$, <$r ,i9ine
hea(ing 7e8a'se there are 8ertain 8ases in the nat'ra(
-here :e,i8a( ,$8t$rs r'n int$ a ,ea,-en, street) s$ t$
s2ea;. B't -ith Jes's) $'r =reat Ph3si8ian) there are
n$ ,ea,en, streetsG &he Bi7(e sa3s) C... 0f thou canst
belie!e, all things are #ossible to him that belie!ethC
."ar; 9!23/.
e ;n$- <r$: the $r, that =$, is the =i9er $<
e9er3 g$$, gi<t. =$, n$t $n(3 2r$9i,e, ,i9ine hea(ing <$r
His 2e$2(e) 7't He has a(s$ 2r$9i,e, nat'ra( :eans <$r
:an t$ 7e he(2e,. e ;n$- that it is =$, -h$ gi9es
,$8t$rs an, s8ientists the ;n$-(e,ge an, the a7i(it3 t$
,e9e($2 :e,i8ine an, :e,i8a( 2r$8e,'res -hi8h sa9e
8$'nt(ess (i9es. e ;n$- the de!il is 8ertain(3 n$t
he(2ing :an ,e9e($2 :e,i8ine that -i(( he(2 2e$2(e an,
sa9e (i9es) 7e8a'se that -$'(, 7e 8$ntrar3 t$ the Bi7(e.
&he Bi7(e sa3s that the ,e9i( is $'r a,9ersar3 $r
$22$nent an, that he C... as a roaring lion, walketh
about, seeking whom he may (&19:%C .1 Peter 5!8/.
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality 74
J$hn 10!10 a(s$ sh$-s 's -hat the ,e9i( is 7's3 ,$ingG
7OH: 1>:1>
1> 1he thie% &o*eth not, #"t %or 1O S13AL, and
1O 8ILL, and 1O 43S12O=: I '7es"s) a* &o*e
that they *i$ht have li%e, and that they *i$ht
have it *ore a#"ndantly.
=$, has 2r$9i,e, the a9en'e $< :e,i8a( s8ien8e
thr$'gh -hi8h :an;in, 8an re8ei9e he(2 an, hea(ing
<$r the 2h3si8a( 7$,3. e ;n$- this 7e8a'se $< Ja:es
1!17 -hi8h sa3s that e9er3 g$$, gi<t an, e9er3 2er<e8t
gi<t is <r$: =$, a7$9eK an, ,$8t$rs an, :e,i8a( s8ien8e
are 8ertain(3 a 7ene<it t$ :an;in,. S$ it is =$, -h$
esta7(ishe, the :eans -here73 :an;in, 8an 7e he(2e,
thr$'gh :e,i8a( s8ien8e.
Healin$: ,odCs IdeaD:ot ManCs
H$$;ing in the #(, &esta:ent) -e a(s$ nee, t$
rea(iLe that it -as God's i,ea) n$t :an?s) t$ esta7(ish a
stat'te $< ,i9ine hea(ing <$r His 2e$2(e. It -as then that
=$, re9ea(e, Hi:se(< as $'r Ph3si8ianJas Jeh$9ah
5a2ha ",he 'ord that healeth. "
3EO49S 15:<<?<5
<< So Moses #ro"$ht Israel %ro* the 2ed sea,
and they went o"t into the wilderness o% Sh"r/
and they went three days in the wilderness, and
%o"nd no water.
< And when they &a*e to Marah, they &o"ld
not drin+ o% the waters o% Marah, %or they were
#itter: there%ore the na*e o% it was &alled
<! And the (eo(le *"r*"red a$ainst Moses,
sayin$, 0hat shall we drin+B
<5 And he &ried "nto the Lord/ and the Lord
shewed hi* a tree, whi&h when he had &ast into
the waters, the waters were *ade sweet: there
he *ade %or the* a stat"te and an ordinan&e,
and there he (roved the*,
;8 Healing ore!er "ettled
<5 And said, I% tho" wilt dili$ently hear+en to
the voi&e o% the Lord thy ,od ... I will ("t
'(er*it) none o% these diseases "(on thee,
whi&h I have #ro"$ht "(on the 3$y(tians: %or I
AM 1H3 LO24 1HA1 H3AL31H 1H33.
&he Israe(ites -ere :a;ing their e%$,'s $'t $<
6g32t -here the3 ha, 7een in 7$n,age an, s'7Be8t t$
the 8r'e( s(a9er3 $< Phara$h an, the 6g32tians. &he3
-ere $n their -a3 t$ the 2r$:ise, (an,) an, $n their
B$'rne3 the3 9ent're, int$ the -i(,erness $< Sh'r an,
s$B$'rne, there <$r three ,a3s -ith$'t an3 -ater. &hen
-hen the3 8a:e t$ "arah an, <$'n, -ater) the3
8$'(,n?t ,rin; it 7e8a'se it -as 7itter. "$ses 8rie, t$
the H$r,) an, the H$r, sh$-e, hi: a tree an, t$(,
"$ses t$ 8ast it int$ the -ater. hen the tree -as
,i22e, int$ the -ater) the -ater 7e8a:e s-eet s$ the
8hi(,ren $< Israe( 8$'(, ,rin; it .6%$,. 15!25/.
&he tree "$ses 8ast int$ the -aters is a se:7(an8e
$r a t32e $< the tree that Jes's ,ie, $nJthe +r$ss $<
+a(9ar3. In :an3 2(a8es in the Bi7(e -ater is
re2resentati9e $< #eo#le. Isn?t it interesting that in the
sa:e -a3 the tree -as ,i22e, int$ the -aters at "arah
an, 'se, t$ hea( the -aters) Jes's +hrist) -h$ ,ie, $n
a tree an, r$se again <r$: the ,ea,) -as C,i22e, int$
the -atersC $< h':anit3) s$ t$ s2ea;) t$ $7tain $'r
hea(ing an, $'r re,e:2ti$nG
3EO49S 15:<5
<5 ... I% tho" wilt dili$ently hear+en to the voi&e
o% the Lord thy ,od, and wilt do that whi&h is
ri$ht in his si$ht, and wilt $ive ear to his
&o**and*ents, and +ee( all his stat"tes, I will
("t D2er:itE none o% these diseases "(on thee,
whi&h I have #ro"$ht "(on the 3$y(tians: %or I
AM 1H3 LO24 1HA1 H3AL31H 1H33.
In 6%$,'s 15!26) =$, esta7(ishe, a stat'te $<
hea(ing <$r His 2e$2(e. N$-here in the Bi7(e ,$es it sa3
that this stat'te $< ,i9ine hea(ing has 7een re9$;e,)
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality ;7
8hange,) $r a(tere,. In <a8t) "a(a8hi 3!6 sa3s) C... 0 am
the 'ord, 0 change not....C &he H$r, has ne9er 8hange,
His :in, $r His -i(( 8$n8erning the stat'te $< ,i9ine
hea(ing. hen =$, :a;es a 8$9enant) $r an agree:ent
-ith His 2e$2(e) He a7i,es 73 that 8$9enant 'nti( it is
re9$;e,) st$22e,) $r s'2erse,e, 73 a 7etter $ne.
&here<$re) sin8e hea(ing is a(s$ <$'n, in the Ne-
&esta:ent) -e ;n$- that =$,?s hea(ing 8$9enant is sti((
in <$r8e t$,a3. Besi,es that) 7e8a'se =$, esta7(ishe, a
stat'te $< hea(ing -ith His 2e$2(e the 8hi(,ren $< Israe(
Jan, the Bi7(e sa3s =$, ne9er 8hangesJ-e ;n$- that
hea(ing is sti(( a9ai(a7(e <$r His 2e$2(e t$,a3. 08t'a((3)
7e8a'se $< the re,e:2ti9e -$r; $< +hrist) the Bi7(e sa3s
that -e ha9e a better 8$9enant than the Israe(ites ha,)
esta7(ishe, '2$n better 2r$:ises .He7. 8!6/G
$o"r Part in 2e&eivin$ Healin$
CIes) 7't I ;n$- s$:e$ne -h$ -as 2ra3e, <$r an,
,i,n?t get hea(e,)C 3$' hear 2e$2(e sa3. B't B'st 7e8a'se
s$:e$ne <ai(s t$ re8ei9e hea(ing ,$esn?t :ean the $r,
$< =$, is <a(se) $r that =$,?s 8$9enant $< hea(ing is n$t
in <$r8e t$,a3. I ,$n?t ;n$- -h3 s$:e 2e$2(e re8ei9e
their hea(ing an, $thers ,$ n$t. In s$:e 8ases) -e
si:2(3 ,$n?t ;n$- e9er3thing there is t$ ;n$-.
H$-e9er) I ,$ ;n$- that a 2ers$n :'st :i% faith -ith
the $r, in $r,er t$ re8ei9e hea(ing $r an3 7(essing $r
2r$:ise <r$: =$,.
H3-230S !:<
< For "nto "s was the $os(el (rea&hed, as well
as "nto the*: #"t the word (rea&hed did not
(ro%it the*, :O1 -3I:, MIE34 0I1H FAI1H in
the* that heard it.
In $ther -$r,s) i< -e nee, hea(ing) $'r <aith has
s$:ething t$ ,$ -ith re8ei9ing hea(ing <r$: =$,
7e8a'se =$,?s $r, -i(( a(-a3s -$r; -hen -e a8t $n it
in faith. J'st 7e8a'se s$:e$ne <ai(e, to recei!e hea(ing
;; Healing ore!er "ettled
,$esn?t 8hange the <a8t that hea(ing 7e($ngs t$ 's an,
that it?s =$,?s -i(( that -e -a(; in ,i9ine hea(th.
"an3 ti:es -e ,$n?t 'n,erstan, -h3 s$:e g$$,
+hristian 2e$2(e 7e8$:e si8; an, instea, $< re8ei9ing
hea(ing) the3 ,ie an, g$ $n t$ 7e -ith the H$r,. B3 the
sa:e t$;en) -e :a3 n$t 'n,erstan, -h3 e9er3$ne isn?t
sa!ed eitherK 7't -hether $r n$t -e 'n,erstan, -h3
s$:e 2e$2(e ,$n?t 8h$$se t$ a88e2t their sa(9ati$n) the
Bi7(e sti(( tea8hes that sa(9ati$n is a9ai(a7(e t$ a((. e
:a3 n$t 'n,erstan, -h3 things ha22en as the3 ,$) 7't
a (a8; $< 'n,erstan,ing $n $'r 2art ,$es n$t ,is8re,it
the $r, $< =$,. &he $r, sa3s) "5elie!e you recei!e
and you "H$'' H$1&" ."ar; 11!2*/.
Fr$: ti:e t$ ti:e) there :a3 7e 2e$2(e -h$: I (a3
han,s '2$n t$ 7e hea(e,) -h$ <ai( t$ re8ei9e their
hea(ing. B't I?: n$t g$ing t$ @'it (a3ing han,s $n
2e$2(e an, 2ra3ing <$r their hea(ing 7e8a'se s$:e <ai(
t$ re8ei9e hea(ing. I?: g$ing t$ ;ee2 $n (a3ing han,s $n
the si8; 7e8a'se the 5ible says 7e(ie9ers are t$ (a3
han,s $n the si8; an, the3 -i(( re8$9er ."ar; 16!18/)
an, 7e8a'se =$, has an$inte, :e t$ :inister t$ the
Chapter %
% Healing in the Ch"rch Today
&here is e9i,en8e thr$'gh$'t the 2ages $< =$,?s
$r, that hea(ing 7e($ngs t$ 's as 7e(ie9ers t$,a3. In
>e'ter$n$:3 8ha2ter 28) <$r instan8e) 7$th the
7(essings <$r ;ee2ing =$,?s (a-s an, the 8'rses <$r
7rea;ing =$,?s (a-s are (iste,. Ferse 61 (ists the
8$nse@'en8es <$r 7rea;ing the Ha-. It sa3s) C$lso
&1&%B "0A2/&"", and &1&%B *'$G:&, which is
not written in the book of this law, them will the 'ord
bring u#on thee, until thou be destroyed.C =a(atians 3!13
states $'r rights an, 2ri9i(eges in +hrist -hi8h in8(',e
re,e:2ti$n <r$: the 8'rse $< the Ha-! CAhrist hath
%&(&&?&( :" from the curse of the law, being made
a curse for us.. . . C Sin8e e!ery si8;ness an, e!ery
2(ag'e -as in8(',e, in the 8'rse $< the Ha-) then
+hrist has 2ai, the 2ri8e <$r e!ery sickness an, e!ery
#lague <$r 's in $'r re,e:2ti$nG C... who healeth $''
thy diseasesC .Ps. 103!3/G
0hat 4o $o" -elieveB
S2irit'a((3) there are 7asi8a((3 three 8(asses $r
8ateg$ries $< 2e$2(e in the -$r(, t$,a3. #ne) there are
th$se -h$ a(t$gether reBe8t the 7($$, $< Jes's +hrist as
the $n(3 :eans <$r re:issi$n $< sin. &-$) there are
th$se -h$ a88e2t the 7($$, $< Jes's <$r the re:issi$n $<
sin only, 7't ,en3 that the re,e:2ti9e -$r; $< +hrist
in8(',es hea(ing $< si8;ness an, ,isease. In $ther
-$r,s) these 2e$2(e st$2 at "Who forgi!eth all thine
iniquities . . . C . Ps. 103!3/. &he3 $9er($$; the (ast 2art
;C Healing ore!er "ettled
$< that 9erse -hi8h sa3s) C... who H&$'&,H all thy
(0"&$"&"CG &he3 ha9e a 2r$7(e: seeing Jes's as the
Hea(er $< ,iseases. He is their Sa9i$r) a(( right) 7't
either the3 ha9en?t 7een ta'ght 8$rre8t(3 $r the3 B'st
,$n?t 7e(ie9e the hea(ing as2e8t $< $'r re,e:2ti$n.
&hen) three) there are th$se -h$ a88e2t the Bi7(e as
the ins2ire, $r, $< =$, an, 7e(ie9e Jes's is the
5e,ee:er <r$: sin and <r$: si8;ness an, ,isease.
&hese 2e$2(e 7e(ie9e that $'r re,e:2ti$n in8(',es =$,?s
7(essingsJsa(9ati$n) hea(ing <r$: si8;ness an, ,isease)
2r$te8ti$n) an, a7'n,ant (i<eJan, that -e are t$ enB$3
these 2r$9isi$ns -hi(e -e?re here $n the earthG
2e&eive Healin$ #y Faith
&he Bi7(e is 9er3 e%2(i8it a7$'t the 7ene<its $<
re,e:2ti$n in8(',ing hea(ing $< si8;ness an, ,isease as
-e(( as re:issi$n an, <$rgi9eness $< sin. B't i< $ne $<
the 7ene<its $< $'r re,e:2ti$n 7e($ngs t$ 's t$,a3) then
all $< the 7ene<its $< re,e:2ti$n 7e($ng t$ 's t$,a3.
&here are s$:e +hristians -h$ g$ thr$'gh the Bi7(e
an, 2i8; $'t 2$rti$ns $< S8ri2t're) an, sa3) C&his is
=$,?s -i(( <$r 'sGC H$-e9er) then the3 8h$$se $ther
2$rti$ns $< S8ri2t're an, sa3 in e<<e8t) C&his is n$t <$r
e9er3$ne)C $r C&his is n$t =$,?s -i(( <$r 's t$,a3.C I<
the3?re g$ing t$ ,$ that) the3 :ight as -e(( thr$- the
-h$(e Bi7(e a-a3) 7e8a'se i< 2art $< it isn?t tr'e) then
a(( $< it is a <ar8eG B't) than; =$,) the -h$(e Bi7(e is
tr'eG Hea(ing is <$r e9er3$ne 7e8a'se =$, is n$
res2e8ter $< 2ers$ns. hat He has ,$ne <$r s$:e$ne
e(se) He?(( ,$ <$r you! 0n, -e 8an 7e ass're, that it?s
=$,?s -i(( t$ hea( 2e$2(e today 7e8a'se) C3esus Ahrist
DisE the same yesterday, and to day, and for e!erC .He7.
13!8/G >i9ine hea(ing is a9ai(a7(e t$ 's t$,a3G
e?9e seen hea(ing in the stat'te $< hea(ing =$,
esta7(ishe, <$r His 2e$2(e in 6%$,'s 15!26 <$r ;ee2ing
His (a- $r $7e3ing His $r,. e?9e a(s$ seen hea(ing in
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality ;D
the 7ene<its $< re,e:2ti$n that =$, has 2r$9i,e, <$r
His 2e$2(e. e ;n$- that =$, ne9er 8hanges an, that
Jes's is the sa:e 3ester,a3) t$,a3) an, <$re9er ."a(.
3!6K He7. 13!8/. &here<$re) -e nee, t$ rea(iLe that
hea(ing is as :'8h $'rs t$,a3 as it -as <$r the 8hi(,ren
$< Israe( in the #(, &esta:ent. Hea(ing is as :'8h $'rs
t$,a3 as it -as <$r th$se -h$ (i9e, in Ne- &esta:ent
ti:es -hen Jes's -a(;e, '2$n the earth. 0n, hea(ing
is as :'8h $'rs t$,a3 as it -as <$r the 6ar(3 +h'r8h.
H$-e9er) it?s '2 t$ 's -hether $r n$t -e recei!e 73
<aith th$se things -hi8h 7e($ng t$ 's in +hrist. It?s
-hen -e 8$ntin'a((3 8$n<ess =$,?s $r, an, 7e(ie9e -e
re8ei9e the 7(essings -e nee,) that Cthe s-it8h $< <aithC
is t'rne, $n an, =$,?s 2$-er is re(ease, in $'r $-n
(i9es. =$, -i(( :a;e His $r, g$$, in $'r (i9es i< -e
-i(( 7e(ie9e it an, a8t '2$n itG
Healin$ in the Ministry o% 7es"s
Jes's is $'r 6%a:2(e. &here<$re) sin8e Jes's
7e(ie9e, in an, 2rea8he, that hea(ing is =$,?s -i(( <$r
's) -e sh$'(, 7e(ie9e an, 2rea8h the sa:e thing. e
see hea(ing ,e:$nstrate, in the :inistr3 $< Jes's -hi(e
He -as $n the earth. In <a8t) ($$;ing at the (i<e $< Jes's
in the <$'r =$s2e(s) 3$' -i(( n$ti8e that $ne $< the :$st
,isting'ishing <eat'res $< Jes's? :inistr3 -as His
healing :inistr3. Ies) Jes's? tea8hing :inistr3 -as a(s$
$ne $< the :$st significant as2e8ts $< His earth(3
:inistr3) 7e8a'se He ha, t$ 8$ntin'a((3 tea8h the
2e$2(e t$ get the: t$ a 2(a8e $< <aith s$ the3 8$'(,
re8ei9e their hea(ing. e ;n$- that <aith 8$:es 73
hearing an, hearing 73 the $r, $< =$,) an, Jes's
ta'ght the 2e$2(e the $r,K He 2r$8(ai:e, the g$s2e(
:essage as He -ent <r$: 2(a8e t$ 2(a8e tea8hing the
2e$2(e .5$:. 10!17/.
L983 !:18
18 1he S(irit o% the Lord is "(on *e, #e&a"se he
;6 Healing ore!er "ettled
hath anointed *e to (rea&h the $os(el to the
(oor/ he hath sent *e 1O H3AL the
#ro+enhearted, to (rea&h 43LI@32A:;3 to the
&a(tives, and 23;O@32I:, OF SI,H1 to the
#lind, 1O S31 A1 LI-321= the* that are
N$t $n(3 ,i, Jes's tea8h) 7't the Bi7(e a(s$ sa3s the
S2irit $< the H$r, -as '2$n Jes's to #reach the g$s2e(.
H';e *!18 is the :essage that Jes's 2r$8(ai:e, t$ the
2e$2(e as He -ent int$ the s3nag$g'es t$ tea8h an, t$
2rea8h. &ea8hing an, 2rea8hing the g$s2e( in8(',e,
tea8hing an, 2rea8hing a7$'t ,i9ine hea(ing as -e 8an
see in H';e *!18) 7e8a'se the g$s2e( :essage is a(s$ a
healing message.
0n$ther reas$n hea(ing -as $ne $< the :$st
,isting'ishing <eat'res $< Jes's? :inistr3 is 7e8a'se
Jes's demonstrated -hat He 2rea8he, an, ta'ght -ith
signs <$(($-ing. Ies) there -ere $ther tea8hers in Jes's?
,a3. F$r e%a:2(e) the ra77is -ere th$se -e -$'(, 8a((
the ,$8t$rs $< the Je-ish (a-J9er3 (earne, :en in a((
as2e8ts $< Je-ish (a-Jan, the3 ta'ght in the
s3nag$g'es t$$. B't -hat ,isting'ishe, Jes's <r$: a((
$ther tea8hers -as the #ower an, demonstration $< the
H$(3 S2irit in His :inistr3. &he Bi7(e sa3s Jes's) C...
went about all Galilee, ,&$AH0/G in their synagogues,
and *%&$AH0/G the gos#el of the kingdom, and
H&$'0/G $'' ?$//&% 9 "0A2/&"" and $''
?$//&% 9 (0"&$"& among the #eo#leC ."att. *!23/.
&here -ere ,istin8ti9e) s'2ernat'ra( signs -hi8h
in8(',e, hea(ing an, :ira8(es <$(($-ing Jes's? :inistr3
as He 2r$8(ai:e, =$,?s $r,.
H$-e9er) e9en th$'gh e9er3-here Jes's -ent He
2r$8(ai:e,) C&he S2irit $< the H$r, is '2$n "e t$ hea()C
there -ere s$:e 2e$2(e -h$ reBe8te, His :essage. F$r
e%a:2(e) -hen Jes's hea(e, the 2ara(3ti8 :an -h$ -as
($-ere, thr$'gh the 8ei(ing 73 <$'r $thers) the Bi7(e
sa3s) C... the #ower of the 'ord was #resent to heal them
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality ;-
Da((EC .H';e 5!17/. In $ther -$r,s) the hea(ing 2$-er
-as in :ani<estati$n t$ hea( e!ery single #erson in that
h$'se) 7't $n(3 $ne 2ara(3ti8 :an re8ei9e, his hea(ing
73 <aithG
69en J$hn the Ba2tist) the $ne -h$ -as the
<$rer'nner t$ Jes's? :inistr3) 8a:e t$ a 2$int in his (i<e
-hen he -$n,ere, an, ,$'7te, i< Jes's -as rea((3 the
($ng-a-aite, +hrist. I< 3$'?(( re:e:7er) -hen Jes's
8a:e t$ 7e 7a2tiLe, 73 J$hn in the J$r,an 5i9er) J$hn
hi:se(< ha, sai,) " . . . 0 ha!e need to be ba#ti@ed 9
,H&&, and comest thou to ?&>" ."att. 3!1*/. 0n, then
the H$(3 S2irit ,es8en,e, <r$: hea9en in 7$,i(3 sha2e
(i;e a ,$9e an, (ighte, '2$n Jes's. 0 F$i8e 8a:e <r$:
hea9en sa3ing) " . . . ,his is my belo!ed "on, in whom 0
am well #leased" ."att. 3!16)17/. In $ther -$r,s) J$hn
;ne- an, $2en(3 ,e8(are, that Jes's -as the +hrist.
0n, J$hn -as a(s$ the $ne -h$ ha, 2re9i$'s(3 sai,) C...
one mightier than 0 cometh, the latchet of whose shoes 0
am not worthy to unloose . . . C . H';e 3!16/.
H$-e9er) -hen J$hn -as (ater i:2ris$ne, 73
Her$,) he sent t-$ $< his ,is8i2(es t$ as; Jes's) C... $rt
thou he that should come, or do we look for another>"
."att. 11!3/. >$'7t is $ne $< the greatest ene:ies t$
N$ti8e h$- Jes's ans-ere, J$hn?s ,is8i2(es -hen
the3 @'esti$ne, Hi:) as;ing) C0re I$' the +hristAC
Jes's 8ite, His hea(ing :inistr3 as $ne 2r$$< that He
-as the "essiah.
MA11H30 11:!,5
! ... ,o and shew 7ohn a$ain those thin$s whi&h
ye do hear and see:
5 1he #lind re&eive their si$ht, and the la*e
wal+, the le(ers are &leansed, and the dea% hear,
the dead are raised "(, and the (oor have the
$os(el (rea&hed to the*.
J$hn nee,e, t$ 7e en8$'rage, in His <aith in Jes's
;. Healing ore!er "ettled
as the "essiahK his <aith nee,e, t$ 7e re;in,(e,) s$ t$
s2ea;. S$ in $r,er t$ en8$'rage J$hn) Jes's :ere(3
ga9e J$hn?s ,is8i2(es the e9i,en8e $< the :ira8'($'s
signs an, -$n,ers that <$(($-e, His :inistr3 as 2r$$<
that He -as and is the "essiah. &he Bi7(e sa3s) C...
faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of
God" .5$: 10!17/) s$ that?s -h3 Jes's sent -$r, t$
J$hn! &he 7(in, see) the (a:e -a(;) the (e2ers are
8(eanse,) the ,ea< hear) the ,ea, are raise,) an, the
2$$r ha9e the g$s2e( 2rea8he, t$ the:G
Hea(ing is $ne $< the signs that <$(($- the 2rea8hing
$< the g$s2e(. In His earth(3 :inistr3 Jes's 2rea8he,
the g$s2e(K there<$re) it?s n$ -$n,er that :ight3 signs)
-$n,ers) an, :ira8(es <$(($-e, His :inistr3. &he Bi7(e
tea8hes that the 2rea8hing $< the g$s2e( -i(( 7ring the
2$-er $< =$, int$ :ani<estati$n) an, the hea(ing
an$inting -i(( 7e 2resent t$ hea(. e 8an see that Jes's
$2erate, in a str$ng hea(ing an$inting in His earth(3
:inistr3 7e8a'se He -ent <r$: 9i((age t$ 9i((age
2r$8(ai:ing the g$s2e() an, as a res'(t the 2$-er $< =$,
-as 8$ntin'a((3 in :ani<estati$n.
A;1S 1>:8
8 How ,od anointed 7es"s o% :aFareth with
the Holy ,host and with (ower: who went a#o"t
doin$ $ood, and H3ALI:, ALL 1HA1 0323
OPP23SS34 OF 1H3 43@IL/ %or ,od was with
08ts 10!38 raises the @'esti$n in s$:e 2e$2(e?s
:in,s) (oes that mean e!eryone who is suffering with
sickness or disease has a demon or an e!il s#irit in
them> N$. J'st 7e8a'se s$:e$ne is si8; ,$esn?t :ean an
e9i( s2irit is 2resent in his $r her 7$,3. &here can be an
e9i( s2irit $22ressing a 2ers$n an, en<$r8ing the
si8;ness $r ,isease) 7't that is n$t ne8essari(3 s$ in
e9er3 8ase. H$-e9er) -e ,$ ;n$- that e9er3thing that?s
7a, 8$:es <r$: the ene:3 an, e9er3thing that?s g$$,
8$:es <r$: =$,. e ;n$- that 7e8a'se the Bi7(e sa3s)
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality ;4
C,he thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to
destroy) 0 DJes'sE am come that they might ha!e life,
and that they might ha!e it more abundantlyC .J$hn
7es"s ;hrist the 3ternal ;"re
N$t $n(3 ,i, Jes's ha9e a hea(ing an$inting in His
earth(3 :inistr3) 7't He a(s$ 7$re $'r si8;nesses an,
,iseases $n the +r$ss. &he 2r$2het Isaiah <$ret$(, this
:$re than se9en h'n,re, 3ears 7e<$re +hrist 8a:e t$
the earth as a :an. He 2r$2hesie, that Jes's -$'(, n$t
$n(3 7ear $'r sins 7't that He -$'(, 7ear $'r
si8;nesses an, ,iseases $n the +r$ss .Isa. 53!*)5/. Jes's
<'(<i((e, that 2r$2he83 in His ,eath) 7'ria() an,
res'rre8ti$n. 0n, as -e -i(( see) in the B$$; $< 08ts -e
<in, that the a2$st(es g$t a h$(, $< that re9e(ati$n an,
-ent $'t in the Na:e $< Jes's hea(ing the si8;. Peter
ha, s$ :'8h $< the 2$-er $< =$, <($-ing thr$'gh hi:
that as he -a(;e, ,$-n the street an, his sha,$- <e((
'2$n 2e$2(e) the3 -ere hea(e, .08ts 5!15/G
4ivine Healin$ in the Ministry o% the
e?9e ($$;e, at hea(ing in the #(, &esta:ent an,
-e?9e seen ,i9ine hea(ing in =$,?s 2(an $< re,e:2ti$n.
&hen -e?9e seen that Jes's) $'r 6%a:2(e) :inistere,
,i9ine hea(ing in His earth(3 :inistr3. N$- (et?s ($$; at
,i9ine hea(ing in the :inistr3 $< the a2$st(es an, the
,is8i2(es. e -i(( a(s$ see that Jes's 8$::issi$ne, the
+h'r8h t$ :inister ,i9ine hea(ing t$ the si8; in His
MA11H30 1>:1
1 And when he DJes'sE had &alled "nto hi* his
twelve dis&i(les, he $ave the* (ower a$ainst
"n&lean s(irits, to &ast the* o"t, and to heal all
*anner o% si&+ness and all *anner o% disease.
=8 Healing ore!er "ettled
MA28 5:1<,1
1< And they DJes's? ,is8i2(esE went o"t, and
(rea&hed that *en sho"ld re(ent.
1 And they &ast o"t *any devils, and anointed
with oil *any that were si&+, and healed the*.
A;1S 5:1<
1< And #y the hands o% the a(ostles were *any
si$ns and wonders wro"$ht a*on$ the (eo(le....
A;1S <:!
! And %ear &a*e "(on every so"l: and *any
wonders and si$ns were done #y the a(ostles.
&he ,is8i2(es -ere a7(e t$ :inister the hea(ing
2$-er $< =$, 7e8a'se the3 -ere <i((e, -ith the H$(3
S2irit. e rea, in 08ts 2!* that $n the ,a3 $< Pente8$st
the ,is8i2(es an, :an3 $thers -ere <i((e, -ith the H$(3
S2irit an, 7egan t$ s2ea; -ith $ther t$ng'es as the
H$(3 S2irit ga9e the: 'tteran8e. &he ,is8i2(es an,
th$se gathere, -ith the: -ere en,'e, -ith 2$-er <r$:
$n High as the3 -ere asse:7(e, t$gether in that '22er
r$$:. Peter an, J$hn -ere in8(',e, in that asse:7(3.
Het?s ($$; at s$:e $< the e<<e8ts $< 7eing en,'e, -ith
2$-er <r$: $n High in the (i9es $< Peter an, J$hn.
A;1S :1?8
1 :ow Peter and 7ohn went "( to$ether into the
te*(le at the ho"r o% (rayer, #ein$ the ninth
< And a &ertain *an la*e %ro* his *otherCs
wo*# was &arried, who* they laid daily at the
$ate o% the te*(le whi&h is &alled -ea"ti%"l, to
as+ al*s o% the* that entered into the te*(le/
0ho seein$ Peter and 7ohn a#o"t to $o into
the te*(le as+ed an al*s.
! And Peter, %astenin$ his eyes "(on hi* with
7ohn, said, Loo+ on "s.
5 And he $ave heed "nto the*, eG(e&tin$ to
re&eive so*ethin$ o% the*.
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality =7
5 1hen Peter said, Silver and $old have I none/
#"t s"&h as I have $ive I thee: I: 1H3 :AM3 OF
73S9S ;H2IS1 OF :AHA231H 2IS3 9P A:4
6 And he too+ hi* #y the ri$ht hand, and li%ted
hi* "(: and i**ediately his %eet and an+le
#ones re&eived stren$th.
8 And he lea(in$ "( stood, and wal+ed, and
entered with the* into the te*(le, wal+in$, and
lea(in$, and (raisin$ ,od.
&he Na:e $< Jes's) s2$;en thr$'gh the ,is8i2(es?
(i2s) hea(e, a 2$$r 8ri22(e, :anG Hea(ings -ere
-r$'ght 73 the ,is8i2(es in the Na:e $< Jes's 7e8a'se
Jes's Hi:se(< ha, gi9en the ,is8i2(es the 2$-er $r the
a'th$rit3 t$ hea( the si8; in His Na:e.
MA11H30 1>:1
1 And when he DJes'sE had &alled "nto hi* his
twelve dis&i(les, he $ave the* (ower a$ainst
"n&lean s(irits, to &ast the* o"t, and to heal all
*anner o% si&+ness and all *anner o% disease.
N$ti8e it sa3s that Jes's ga9e the ,is8i2(es 2$-er t$
hea( all manner $< si8;ness an, all manner $< ,isease.
0(( :anner $< si8;ness an, ,isease in8(',es e9er3
:in$r ai(:ent that 8an 7e na:e, as -e(( as e9er3 :aB$r
i((ness $r ,iseaseJin8(',ing ter:ina( ,iseases.
S$:e$ne :ight sa3) CIes) 7't that -as B'st the
t-e(9e ,is8i2(es. ,hey -ere es2e8ia((3 an$inte, 73
Jes's. #< 8$'rse) they 8$'(, hea( a(( :anner $< si8;ness
an, ,isease.C B't the hea(ing an$inting -as n$t gi9en
e%8('si9e(3 t$ the t-e(9e a($ne. F$r e%a:2(e) in H';e
8ha2ter 10) Jes's 8$::issi$ne, se9ent3 $ther ,is8i2(es
an, ga9e the: instr'8ti$ns t$ hea( the si8; as He sent
the: int$ 8ities t-$ 73 t-$. 0n, -e -i(( a(s$ see that
Jes's 8$::issi$ne, $r a'th$riLe, the +h'r8h $< the
H$r, Jes's +hristJall belie!ersJt$ hea( the si8;.
L983 1>:1,8,9
=; Healing ore!er "ettled
1 . . . the Lord a((ointed other seventy also,
and sent the* two and two #e%ore his %a&e into
every &ity and (la&e, wither he hi*sel% wo"ld
&o*e ...
8 '7es"s said "nto the seventy dis&i(les) And
into whatsoever &ity ye enter, and they re&eive
yo", eat s"&h thin$s as are set #e%ore yo":
9 And H3AL 1H3 SI;8 that are therein, and say
"nto the*, 1he +in$do* o% ,od is &o*e ni$h
"nto yo".
&hen in "ar; 8ha2ter 16) Jes's iss'e, the =reat
+$::issi$n t$ the +h'r8hJt$ the -h$(e B$,3 $< +hrist
J2ast) 2resent) an, <'t're. &he =reat +$::issi$n
in8(',es hea(ing the si8; 73 the a'th$rit3 $< the Na:e
$< Jes's.
MA28 15:15?18
15... ,o ye into all the world, and (rea&h the
$os(el to every &reat"re.
15 He that #elieveth and is #a(tiFed shall #e
saved/ #"t he that #elieveth not shall #e
16 And 1H3S3 SI,:S SHALL FOLLO0 1H3M
1HA1 -3LI3@3/ In *y na*e shall they &ast o"t
devils/ they shall s(ea+ with new ton$"es/
18 1hey shall ta+e "( ser(ents/ and i% they drin+
any deadly thin$, it shall not h"rt the*/ 1H3=
SHALL LA= HA:4S O: 1H3 SI;8, and 1H3=
SHALL 23;O@32.
Fr$: the B$$; $< 08ts) -e see that hea(ing an,
:ira8(es -ere an integra( 2art $< the :inistr3 $< the
6ar(3 +h'r8h. &he 02$st(e Pa'() a 2$-er<'( (ea,er in
the 6ar(3 +h'r8h) state, in 5$:ans 15!19) C,hrough
mighty signs and wonders, by the #ower of the "#irit of
God. . . 0 ha!e fully #reached the gos#el of Ahrist.C
Hea(ing an, :ira8(es <$(($- the 2rea8hing $< the g$s2e()
an, as the +h'r8h $< the H$r, Jes's +hrist is <aith<'( t$
2rea8h the $r,) signs an, -$n,ers -i(( <$(($-G
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality ==
Fr$: the B$$; $< 08ts thr$'gh the 62ist(es an,
then thr$'gh$'t 8h'r8h hist$r3) -e 8an see that hea(ing
has a(-a3s 7een a ,istin8t 8hara8teristi8 $< the +h'r8h
$< the H$r, Jes's +hrist. Jes's sai,) C... He that
belie!eth on me, the works that 0 do shall he do also6
and greater works than these shall he do6 because 0 go
unto my ather" .J$hn 1*!12/.
Chapter &
& 'ivine Healing (s Availa)le to
#od*s People Today
e?9e ($$;e, at the stat'te $< ,i9ine hea(ing that
=$, esta7(ishe, <$r His 2e$2(e in 6%$,'s 15!26. &hen
-e sa- hea(ing in the 2(an $< re,e:2ti$n! CWho his own
self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we,
being dead to sins, should li!e unto righteousness) by
whose stri#es ye were healedC .1 Peter 2!2*/. e sa- the
hea(ing 2$-er $< =$, in Jes's? earth(3 :inistr3) an, -e
sa- that Jes's 8$::issi$ne, the ,is8i2(es an, then the
+h'r8h t$ 2rea8h the g$s2e( an, t$ hea( the si8;.
Hea(ing is as :'8h $'rs t$,a3 as it -as <$r the
8hi(,ren $< Israe( in the #(, &esta:ent. Hea(ing is as
:'8h $'rs t$,a3 as it -as <$r th$se -h$ (i9e, -hen
Jes's -a(;e, '2$n the earth. 0n, hea(ing is as :'8h
$'rs t$,a3 as it -as <$r the 6ar(3 +h'r8h. e ;n$- this
7e8a'se the Bi7(e sa3s) " . . . 0 am the 'ord, 0 change
not. . . C ."a(. 3!6/. 0n, He7re-s 13!8 sa3s) "3esus
Ahrist the same yesterday, and to day, and for e!er.C
=$,?s -i(( 8$n8erning hea(ing is the sa:e <$r the
+h'r8h t$,a3 as it has a(-a3s 7een <$r His 2e$2(e. &he
hea(ing that Jes's 2'r8hase, <$r ea8h $ne $< 's in His
,eath) 7'ria() an, res'rre8ti$n is a9ai(a7(e t$ a(( t$,a3.
#ne arg':ent -e hear against hea(ing 7eing <$r 's
t$,a3 8$:es <r$: :an3 :$,ern-,a3 the$($gians -h$
sa3 that :ira8(es an, hea(ings 2asse, a-a3 -hen the
(ast $< the t-e(9e a2$st(es ,ie,. #ne reas$n this 8$'(,n?t
7e tr'e is that in the Bi7(e there -ere :$re than B'st
=6 Healing ore!er "ettled
t-e(9e a2$st(esG +ertain(3 the B$$; $< 5e9e(ati$n ta(;s
a7$'t the t-e(9e a2$st(es $< the Ha:7K that is) the
$rigina( t-e(9e -h$ <$(($-e, Jes's in His earth -a(;.
B't -e a(rea,3 rea, in H';e 10!1 that Jes's an$inte,
se9ent3 $ther ,is8i2(es 7esi,es the t-e(9e t$ g$ $'t an,
,$ the -$r; $< the :inistr3. Barna7as an, Pa'( -ere
t-$ :$re a2$st(es -h$ :inistere, =$,?s hea(ing 2$-er)
an, the3 -ere n$t in8(',e, -ith the $rigina( t-e(9e
a2$st(es -h$ <$(($-e, Jes's in His earth(3 :inistr3. e
;n$- that hea(ing -as 8hara8teristi8 $< the 02$st(e
Pa'(?s :inistr3 7e8a'se the Bi7(e sa3s that :ight3
signs an, -$n,ers <$(($-e, as Pa'( 2rea8he, the g$s2e(
.5$:. 15!19/. Besi,es that) as -e?9e a(rea,3 seen) the
H$r, Jes's +hrist 8$::issi$ne, all belie!ers t$ 2rea8h
the g$s2e( an, t$ hea( the si8; ."ar; 16!15-18/G I< 3$'
are a +hristian) then Call belie!ers" in8(',es 3$'G Bou
ha9e 7een 8$::issi$ne, $r a'th$riLe, 73 Jes's +hrist
the Hea, $< the +h'r8h t$ 2rea8h the g$s2e( an, t$ hea(
the si8;.
4ivine Healin$ in the History o% the
I< hea(ing st$22e, -ith the (ast $< the a2$st(es as
s$:e 2e$2(e sa3) then -h3 ,$ -e ha9e ,$8':ente,
hist$ri8a( re8$r,s $< ,i9ine hea(ings that ,ate after the
,eath $< the a2$st(esA F$r instan8e) in 0.>. 165) J'stin
"art3r) an 6ar(3 +h'r8h <ather) :a,e the <$(($-ing
state:ent a7$'t ,i9ine hea(ing!
F$r n':7er(ess ,e:$nia8s thr$'gh$'t the -h$(e
-$r(,) an, in 3$'r 8it3) :an3 $< $'r +hristian :en
e%$r8ising the: in the na:e $< Jes's +hrist) -h$ -as
8r'8i<ie, 'n,er P$nti's Pi(ate) H0F6 H60H6> an,
># H60H) ren,ering he(2(ess an, ,ri9ing the
2$ssessing ,e9i(s $'t $< the :en) th$'gh the3 8$'(,
n$t 7e 8're, 73 a(( the $ther e%$r8ists) an, th$se -h$
'se, in8antati$ns an, ,r'gs. .,he "econd $#ology of
3ustin) +ha2ter 6/
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality =-
In 0.>. 200) an$ther 6ar(3 +h'r8h <ather) Irenae's)
a(s$ ,e8(are, that the +h'r8h has a'th$rit3 t$ hea( the
si8; in Jes's? Na:e!
... th$se -h$ are in tr'th His ,is8i2(es) re8ei9ing
gra8e <r$: Hi:) ,$ in His na:e 2er<$r: D:ira8(esE) s$
as t$ 2r$:$te the -e(<are $< $ther :en.... F$r s$:e ,$
8ertain(3 an, tr'(3 ,ri9e $'t ,e9i(s.... #thers sti(()
H60H &H6 SI+K 73 (a3ing their han,s '2$n the:)
an, &H6I 056 "0>6 H#H6. Iea) :$re$9er) as I
ha9e sai,) the ,ea, e9en ha9e 7een raise, '2) an,
re:aine, a:$ng 's <$r :an3 3ears. E0renaeus $gainst
Heresies, B$$; I) +ha2ter 32) Se8ti$n */
Irenae's -as a 2'2i( $< P$(38ar2 -h$ a88$r,ing t$
hist$ri8a( re8$r,s) -as a ,is8i2(e $< the 02$st(e J$hn.
J'stin "art3r an, Irenae's 2enne, these -$r,s :$re
than 150 3ears a<ter +hrist ha, as8en,e, t$ the right
han, $< =$,G Iet) :an3 :$,ern-,a3 the$($gians sa3
hea(ing 2asse, a-a3 a<ter the ,eath $< the (ast a2$st(eG
B't) 3$' see) the +h'r8h $< the H$r, Jes's +hrist ha,
the sa:e a'th$rit3 t$ hea( the si8; in the ti:e $< J'stin
"art3r an, Irenae's as it ,i, in the B$$; $< 08ts) and
as it ,$es t$,a3. Hea(ing the si8; has a(-a3s 7een a
8hara8teristi8 $< the +h'r8h $< the H$r, Jes's +hrist.
In 0.>. 250) a +hristian s8h$(ar an, an 6ar(3
+h'r8h <ather 73 the na:e $< #rigen -r$te a7$'t
+hristians hea(ing the si8; in his ,a3!
0n, s$:e gi9e e9i,en8e $< their ha9ing re8ei9e,
thr$'gh this <aith a :ar9e(($'s 2$-er BI &H6
+U56S -hi8h the3 2er<$r:) in9$;ing n$ $ther na:e
$9er th$se -h$ nee, their he(2 than that $< the =$, $<
a(( things) an, $< Jes's) a($ng -ith a :enti$n $< His
hist$r3. F$r 73 these :eans -e t$$ ha9e seen :an3
2ers$ns F566> F5#" =5I6F#US +0H0"I&I6S)
an, <r$: >IS&50+&I#NS #F "IN>) 0N>
"0>N6SS) an, +#UN&H6SS #&H65 IHHS) -hi8h
8$'(, 7e 8're, neither 73 :en n$r ,e9i(s. .9rigen
$gainst Aelsus, B$$; III) +ha2ter 2*/
=. Healing ore!er "ettled
&he Bi7(e sa3s) C... or this #ur#ose the "on of God
was manifested, ,H$, H& ?0GH, (&",%9B ,H&
W9%2" 9 ,H& (&10 '" .I J$hn 3!8/. hat are the
-$r;s $< the ,e9i(A e ;n$- that a(( sin is the -$r; $<
the ene:3) Satan. B't the Bi7(e a(s$ sa3s that sickness
and disease are -$r;s $< the ene:3.
A;1S 1>:8
8 How ,od anointed 7es"s o% :aFareth with
the Holy ,host and with (ower: who went a#o"t
doin$ $ood, and H3ALI:, ALL 1HA1 0323
OPP23SS34 OF 1H3 43@IL/ %or ,od was with
In the -ritings $< +(e:ent) a n$te, the$($gian (i9ing
in the thir, 8ent'r3 an, a 2r$2$nent $< ,i9ine hea(ing)
-e 8an see that +(e:ent a(s$ 7e(ie9e, as the Bi7(e
tea8hes that si8; 2e$2(e sh$'(, 7e hea(e, $< their
. . . he D+(e:entE $r,ere, th$se t$ a22r$a8h -h$
-ere ,istresse, -ith ,iseasesK an, th's :an3
a22r$a8he,) ha9ing 8$:e t$gether thr$'gh the
e%2erien8e $< th$se -h$ ha, 7een hea(e, 3ester,a3.
0n, he ha9ing (ai, his han,s '2$n the: an, 2ra3e,)
an, i::e,iate(3 hea(e, the:.... E,he Homilies of
Alement, H$:i(3 I1) +ha2ter 23/
=reg$r3 $< NaLianL's -as a <$'rth-8ent'r3 7ish$2
-h$ 2resi,e, $9er the 8h'r8h in +$nstantin$2(e. &he
8h'r8h hist$rian S$L$:en atteste, t$ the
:ani<estati$ns $< the 2$-er $< =$, -hi8h $88'rre, in
=reg$r3?s 8h'r8h.
... the 2$-er $< =$, -as there :ani<este,) an,
-as he(2<'( 7$th in -a;ing 9isi$ns an, in ,rea:s)
$<ten <$r the re(ie< $< :an3 ,iseases an, <$r th$se
a<<(i8te, 73 s$:e s',,en trans:'tati$n in their
a<<airs. .,he &cclesiastical History of "o@omen,
+ha2ter 5/
+iting $ne s'8h e%a:2(e) S$L$:en ga9e this a88$'nt
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality =4
$< the hea(ing $< a 2regnant -$:an -h$ ha, ,ie, ,'e t$
an a88i,ent!
... $ne ,a3) -hen the 2e$2(e -ere :et t$gether <$r
-$rshi2 in this e,i<i8e) a 2regnant -$:an <e(( <r$:
the highest ga((er3) an, -as <$'n, ,ea, $n the s2$tK
7't that) at the 2ra3er $< the -h$(e 8$ngregati$n) SH6
0S 56S&#56> &# HIF6) 0N> SH6 0N> &H6
INF0N& 656 S0F6>. E0bid., +ha2ter 5/
>$es this s$'n, (i;e hea(ing 2asse, a-a3 a<ter the
t-e(9e a2$st(es ,ie,A N$) thr$'gh$'t hist$r3 -e ha9e
,$8':ente, e9i,en8e $< hea(ings an, :ira8(es
2er<$r:e, in the Na:e $< Jes's. 0'g'stine) a great
+hristian s8h$(ar an, 7ish$2 $< Hi22$ <r$: 0.>. 396 t$
*30) re2$rte, :an3 hea(ings -hi8h -ere -r$'ght in his
,a3 73 the Na:e $< Jes's. In a22r$%i:ate(3 0.>. *2*)
0'g'stine -r$te the <$(($-ing a88$'nt attesting t$
:ira8(es that -ere 2er<$r:e, thr$'gh the :ight3
Na:e $< Jes's!
F#5 6F6N N# :ira8(es are -r$'ght in the
na:e $< Jes's +hrist... $n8e I rea(iLe, h$- :an3
:ira8(es -ere $88'rring in $'r $-n ,a3 an, -hi8h
-ere s$ (i;e the :ira8(es $< $(, an, a(s$ h$- -r$ng it
-$'(, 7e t$ a(($- the :e:$r3 $< these :ar9e(s $<
,i9ine 2$-er t$ 2erish <r$: a:$ng $'r 2e$2(e. It is
$n(3 t-$ 3ears ag$ that the ;ee2ing $< re8$r,s -as
7eg'n here in Hi22$) an, a(rea,3) at this -riting) -e
ha9e near(3 se9ent3 atteste, :ira8(es. .,he Aity of
God, B$$; 11II) +ha2ter 8/
In <a8t) 'nti( the 8($se $< the si%th 8ent'r3)
+hristians -i,e(3 a,here, t$ the :essage $< ,i9ine
hea(ing as it is ta'ght in the S8ri2t'res. In $ther -$r,s)
the +hristian 2$2'(ati$n genera((3 7e(ie9e, that
hee,ing -as always =$,?s -i(( an, that si8;ness an,
,isease -ere satani8 $22ressi$n an, sh$'(, 7e 8're, in
e9er3 8ase 73 :eans $< 2ra3er an, 73 in9$;ing the
1 "$rt$n &. Ke(se3) Healing and Ahristianity in $ncient ,hought and ?odern ,imes
.Ne- I$r;! Har2er an, 5$-. 1973/) 2. 185.
C8 Healing ore!er "ettled
Na:e $< Jes's. H$-e9er) -ith the a,9ent $< the reign $<
P$2e =reg$r3 I in 0.>. 590) the 2're :essage $< ,i9ine
hea(ing 7egan t$ 7e $7s8're, 73 =reg$r3?s 7e(ie< that
si8;ness an, ,isease -ere $ne $< the -a3s =$,
8hastise, His 8hi(,ren. =reg$r3 sa- si8;ness as the
s8$'rge $< =$,?s ,is8i2(ine an, -rath instea, $< the
res'(t $< satani8 $22ressi$n. 0s his thin;ing gaine,
2$2'(arit3) si8;ness -as n$ ($nger -i,e(3 regar,e, as
the -$r; $< the ene:3) n$r -as it an3 ($nger th$'ght
that the si8; sh$'(, 7e hea(e, in e9er3 instan8e.
>es2ite =reg$r3?s in<('en8e $n the 8h'r8h at 5$:e)
+hristians ne9er @'esti$ne, =$,?s #ower $r ability t$
hea(. H$-e9er) :$re an, :$re +hristians ,i, 7egin t$
@'esti$n =$,?s willingness t$ hea(. >'ring this ti:e) the
i:2a8t $< this 2er9a,ing th$'ght see:e, t$ 2't a
,a:2er $n the s'2ernat'ra( :ani<estati$n $< =$,?s
2$-er in the +h'r8h as a -h$(e 'nti( the 5e<$r:ati$n
in the si%teenth 8ent'r3.
ith the 5e<$r:ati$n 8a:e the re,is8$9er3 an, the
re8$9er3 $< the tr'th $< the ,$8trine $< gra8e an, the
:$re -i,es2rea, a88e2tan8e $< the S8ri2t'res as a 7asis
<$r 8h'r8h ,$8trine an, 2ra8ti8es. "artin H'ther)
<$r:er(3 an 0'g'stinian :$n;) -as the <$re:$st (ea,er
$< the 5e<$r:ati$n an, the <$'n,er $< the Pr$testant
8h'r8h. H'ther 7e(ie9e, in ,i9ine hea(ing an,
:inistere, t$ the si8; 7ase, $n the a'th$rit3 $< the
#ne -e((-;n$-n in8i,ent -hi8h $88'rre, in H'ther?s
:inistr3 -as the hea(ing $< his <rien,) Phi(i2
"e(an8th$n) -h$ -as a n$te, s8h$(ar $< the
5e<$r:ati$n. Fin,ing his <rien, near ,eath ,'e t$ a
si8;ness) hist$r3 re2$rts that '2$n 9isiting "e(an8th$n)
H'ther -ent t$ a -in,$- in his <rien,?s r$$: an,
2ra3e, <er9ent(3 t$ =$,. &hen he -ent t$ the si8;7e,
-here "e(an8th$n (a3) t$$; hi: 73 the han, an, sai,!
CBe $< g$$, 8$'rage) Phi(i2) 3$' -i(( n$t ,ieK gi9e n$
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality C7
2(a8e t$ the s2irit $< s$rr$-) an, 7e n$t 3$'r $-n
:'r,erer) 7't tr'st in the H$r,....C
0<ter that)
"e(an8th$n i::e,iate(3 7e8a:e 8heer<'( an, 7egan t$
i:2r$9e. He regaine, his hea(th an, strength
"$9ing e9en 8($ser t$ $'r ,a3) an$ther re(igi$'s
re<$r:er an, re9i9a(ist na:e, MinLen,$r< -h$ (i9e, in
the 1700?s) a(s$ testi<ie, $< the :an3 hea(ings -hi8h
-ere -r$'ght 73 the Na:e $< Jes's in his (i<eti:e.
MinLen,$r< -r$te the <$(($-ing a88$'nt $< instan8es $<
,i9ine hea(ing in his ,a3!
&$ 7e(ie9e against h$2e is the r$$t $< the gi<t $<
:ira8(esK an, I $-e this testi:$n3 t$ $'r 7e($9e,
8h'r8h) that 0P#S&#HI+ P#65S 056 &H656
"0NIF6S&6>. 6 H0F6 H0> UN>6NI0BH6
P5##FS there$<) in the 'ne@'i9$8a( ,is8$9er3 $<
things) 2ers$ns) an, 8ir8':stan8es) -hi8h 8$'(, n$t
h':an(3 ha9e 7een ,is8$9ere,) IN &H6 H60HIN=
#F "0H0>I6S IN &H6"S6HF6S IN+U50BH6)
SU+H 0S +0N+65S) +#NSU"P&I#NS) -hen &H6
P0&I6N& 0S IN &H6 0=#NI6S #F >60&H) a(( 73
:eans $< 2ra3er) $r $< a sing(e -$r,.
I< 3$'?(( st',3 8h'r8h hist$r3) 3$'?(( <in, that the
2atriar8hs $< $'r +hristian heritage an, th$se -h$ -ere
in9$(9e, in the great :$9es $< =$, thr$'gh the 3ears)
2(a3e, a 9ita( r$(e in 8arr3ing the an$inting $< =$, an,
the re9e(ati$n <r$: =$,?s $r, a7$'t hea(ing t$ their
generati$n. &he3 <a8e, :an3 $7sta8(es an, 8ha((enges
t$ their <aith t$ ,$ s$) 7't =$, has a(-a3s ha, a 2e$2(e
-h$: He has 'se, t$ (i<t high the 7($$,-staine, 7anner
$< Jes's +hrist an, t$ ,e8(are the tr'th $< the g$s2e( $<
Jes's +hristJ-hi8h in8(',es hea(ingG
0n$ther gr$'2 $< re9i9a(ists) the a(,ensians)
-riting as (ate as 1750) a(s$ s'7stantiate, that ,i9ine
2 +ar( J. S8herLer) ,he Ahurch and Healing .Phi(a,e(2hia! &he est:inster Press)
1950/) 2. 67.
3 #. H. Jaggers) &!erlasting "#iritual and *hysical Health .>e%ter) "iss$'ri) 19*9/) 2.
C; Healing ore!er "ettled
hea(ing is a 2resent-tense <a8t an, is a9ai(a7(e t$
+hristians e9er3-here!
&here<$re) 8$n8erning the an$inting $< the si8;) -e
h$(, it as an arti8(e $< <aith) an, 2r$<ess sin8ere(3
<r$: the heart) &H0& SI+K P65S#NS) H6N
&H6I 0SK I&) "0I H0FUHHI B6 0N#IN&6>
I&H &H6" IN P50IIN= &H0& I& "0I B6
6FFI+0+I#US &# &H6 H60HIN= #F &H6 B#>I)
a88$r,ing t$ the ,esign) an, en,) an, e<<e8t :enti$ne,
73 the a2$st(es) an, -e 2r$<ess that s'8h an
an$inting) 2er<$r:e, a88$r,ing t$ the a2$st$(i8 ,esign
an, 2ra8ti8e) -i(( 7e hea(ing an, 2r$<ita7(e.
&he 7right(3 7'rning t$r8h $< ,i9ine hea(ing -hi8h
ha, 7een 2r$gressi9e(3 8arrie, thr$'gh the 8ent'ries 73
:en an, -$:en $< =$,) -as then 2asse, int$ the han,
$< the #%<$r,-traine, $rat$r) J$hn es(e3) in the :i,-
1700?s. es(e3) an 6ng(ish the$($gian) e9ange(ist) an,
<$'n,er $< the "eth$,ist 8h'r8h) 8ite, in his B$'rna(
:an3 instan8es $< ,i9ine hea(ings -hi8h $88'rre, in his
$-n :inistr3) in8(',ing a rather interesting entr3
,etai(ing the hea(ing $< his (a:e h$rseG
hen "r. She2her, an, I (e<t S:et$n) :3 h$rse
-as s$ e%8ee,ing (a:e that I -as a<rai, I :'st ha9e
(ain 73 t$$. e 8$'(, n$t ,is8ern -hat it -as that -as
a:issK an, 3et he -$'(, s8ar8e set his <$$t t$ the
gr$'n,. B3 ri,ing th's se9en :i(es) I -as th$r$'gh(3
tire,) an, :3 hea, a8he, :$re than it ha, ,$ne <$r
s$:e :$nths.... I then th$'ght) C+ann$t =$, hea(
either :an $r 7east) 73 an3 :eans) $r -ith$'t an3AC
I::e,iate(3 :3 -eariness an, hea,-a8he 8ease,) an,
:3 h$rse?s (a:eness in the sa:e instant. N$r ,i, he
ha(t an3 :$re either that ,a3 $r the ne%t.... ."$n,a3)
"ar8h 17) 17*6/
&his re9i9a( $< hea(ing that 8a:e a7$'t -ith the
5e<$r:ati$n ,i, n$t re:ain $n the 6'r$2ean 8$ntinent)
* 0bid.) 2. 68.
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality C=
7't @'i8;(3 s2rea, t$ the 0:eri8an <r$ntier. Fr$:
6'r$2ean re9i9a(ists t$ the :inisters $< the 0:eri8an
<r$ntier s'8h as Peter +art-right the <a:$'s 8ir8'it-
ri,ing 2rea8her) an, $< 8$'rse :an3 $thers) the
:essage $< =$,?s ($9e an, 8$:2assi$n <$r :an;in, an,
His hea(ing 2$-er 7egan t$ s2an :'8h $< the then-
;n$-n 0:eri8an 8$ntinent. &hr$'gh$'t hist$r3 -e see
that e9er3-here the 2e$2(e $< =$, ha9e e:7ra8e, the
S2irit $< tr'th an, -here9er the <'(( g$s2e( $< Jes's
+hrist has 7een 2rea8he,) there has a(-a3s 7een the
,e:$nstrati$n $< the H$(3 S2irit -ith signs <$(($-ingJ
in8(',ing the 2$-er t$ hea( an, t$ ,e(i9er :an;in,. S$
:an3 are the re8$r,e, instan8es $< :ira8(es $< ,i9ine
hea(ings thr$'gh$'t 8h'r8h hist$r3) that ti:e an,
s2a8e -$'(, <ai( t$ te(( $< the: a((.
6ntering the 2eri$, $< the (ate nineteenth an, ear(3
t-entieth 8ent'ries) 2r$2$nents $< the :essage $<
,i9ine hea(ing 8$ntin'e, t$ 8arr3 the t$r8h $< =$,?s
hea(ing 2$-er t$ the si8; an, the a<<(i8te,. S$:e $<
these ear(3 2i$neers an, a,9$8ates $< ,i9ine hea(ing
in8(',e s'8h n$ta7(e 2ers$ns as! 0. J. =$r,$n) 0. B.
Si:2s$n) J$hn 0(e%an,er >$-ie) J$hn =. Ha;e) 0i:ee
Se:2(e "8Phers$n) S:ith igg(es-$rth) the Je<<re3s
7r$thersJSte2hen an, =e$rge) an, +har(es Pri8e) t$
na:e B'st a <e-.
I gre- '2 ,'ring the great t-entieth 8ent'r3
hea(ing re9i9a( -hi8h (aste, <r$: 19*7 thr$'gh 1958)
an, I $<ten he(2e, :3 <ather) 5e9. Kenneth 6. Hagin)
-ith his :eetings -hi8h s$:eti:es 8$ntin'e, as ($ng
as nine -ee;s at a ti:e. >'ring this re9i9a( $< ,i9ine
hea(ing) the $rganiLati$n ;n$-n as C&he F$i8e $<
Hea(ingC 7egan. Ser9ing as a <$r': <$r the 2r$2agati$n
$< the g$s2e( :essage $< hea(ing t$ the -$r(,) C&he
F$i8e $< Hea(ingC attra8te, -e(( $9er $ne h'n,re,
:e:7ers) s$:e $< -hi8h in8(',e,! =$r,$n Hin,sa3)
Fe(:er =ar,ner) 5a3:$n, &. 5i8he3) Ja8; +$e) &. H.
#s7$rn) an, :3 ,a,) Kenneth 6. Hagin. &hese
CC Healing ore!er "ettled
e9ange(ists 2r$8(ai:e, Jes's as the Hea(er $< si8;ness
an, ,isease today, an, the rea(it3 $< ,i9ine hea(ing -as
:a,e a22arent 73 the :ira8'($'s signs an, -$n,ers
-hi8h -ere 8$::$n(3 ,e:$nstrate, in their :inistries.
In e9er3 age an, in e9er3 ,is2ensati$nJ2ast)
2resent) an, <'t'reJthe s'2ernat'ra( 2$-er $< =$,
has a(-a3s 7een an, -i(( a(-a3s 7e in $2erati$n -here
the g$s2e( is 2rea8he,) t$ ,e(i9er =$,?s 2e$2(e an, t$
7(ess h':anit3G e ha9e seen hea(ing e9i,en8e, in the
#(, &esta:ent) in Jes's? earth(3 :inistr3) in the 6ar(3
+h'r8h) an, throughout Ahurch history. 0s I sai,
2re9i$'s(3) n$-here ,$ -e <in, the s(ightest hint $r
s'ggesti$n that =$, has 8hange, His :in, regar,ing
the s'7Be8t $< ,i9ine hea(ingG
3G(erien&in$ 4ivine Healin$ %or
0(s$) B'st s2ea;ing 2ra8ti8a((3) there is :'8h
2ers$na( testi:$n3 as t$ the rea(it3 $< ,i9ine hea(ing
7eing a9ai(a7(e t$ =$,?s 2e$2(e t$,a3. F$r e%a:2(e)
<r$: the ti:e I -as a 8hi(,) I :3se(< ha9e -itnesse, the
hea(ing 2$-er $< =$, in :ani<estati$n. hen I -as
a7$'t t-$ 3ears $(,) I 7egan sitting $n the 2(at<$r: as
:3 ,a,) Kenneth 6. Hagin) 2rea8he, the g$s2e(. I ha9e
seen 2e$2(e get '2 $'t $< -hee(8hairs 2er<e8t(3 hea(e,. I
ha9e seen 2e$2(e -ith a(( ;in,s $< :a(a,ies an,
,iseases 7e8$:e -e(( an, -h$(e again 73 the 2$-er $<
=$,. S$:e $< the: -ere hea(e, instant(3) an, s$:e $<
the: 7egan t$ gra,'a((3 a:en, <r$: the ti:e han,s
-ere (ai, '2$n the: in <aith. #thers -ere hea(e, Cas
the3 -entC in <aith) -hi8h is entire(3 7i7(i8a( a88$r,ing
t$ H';e 17!1*.
L983 16:11?1!
11 And it &a*e to (ass, as he '7es"s) went to
7er"sale*, that he (assed thro"$h the *idst o%
Sa*aria and ,alilee.
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality CD
1< And as he entered into a &ertain villa$e, there
*et hi* ten *en that were le(ers, whi&h stood
a%ar o%%:
1 And they li%ted "( their voi&es, and said,
7es"s, Master, have *er&y on "s.
1! And when he saw the*, he said "nto the*,
,o shew yo"rselves "nto the (riests. And it
&a*e to (ass, that, AS 1H3= 03:1, 1H3=
0323 ;L3A:S34.
I 2ers$na((3 ha9e seen the hea(ing 2$-er $< =$, in
:ani<estati$n :an3) :an3 ti:es. &here<$re) 2e$2(e -h$
,$n?t 7e(ie9e in ,i9ine hea(ing ha9e 8$:e t$$ (ate t$ te((
:e that hea(ing is n$t rea( an, that it?s n$t <$r 's t$,a3G
I< 3$'?9e e9er e%2erien8e, ,i9ine hea(ing) I
g'arantee 3$' there?s n$ the$($gian $r an3$ne
anywhere -h$ 8an 8$n9in8e 3$' that hea(ing is n$t rea(.
&his is es2e8ia((3 tr'e i< 3$'?9e 7een hea(e, $< an
in8'ra7(e i((ness $r $< a ter:ina() ,isease. N$ $ne -$'(,
7e a7(e t$ 8$n9in8e a 2ers$n -h$ has e%2erien8e, ,i9ine
hea(ing that hea(ing isn?t rea(G F$r e%a:2(e) I $n8e
hear, a :an sa3) C&he 7a2tis: in the H$(3 S2irit is n$t
rea(.C 0n$ther re2(ie,) CHa9e 3$' eF#erienced the
7a2tis: in the H$(3 S2iritAC Ce(() n$)C he a,:itte,.
&he $ther :an res2$n,e,) Ce(() I ha!e, an, 3$'?9e
8$:e t$$ (ate t$ te(( :e it?s n$t rea(GC It?s the sa:e -a3
-ith hea(ingG
hen I -as a7$'t three 3ears $(,) :3 ,a, -as
2ast$ring a 8h'r8h in Far:ers9i((e) &e%as. He?, 2rea8h
s2e8i<i8a((3 $n the s'7Be8t $< hea(ing $n Sat'r,a3 nights
an, 2e$2(e -$'(, 8$:e <r$: a(( the s'rr$'n,ing t$-ns
an, 8$::'nities t$ 7e in th$se :eetings.
Far:ers9i((e -as a <ar:ing t$-n) an, 7a8; in th$se
,a3s e9er3$ne 8a:e t$ t$-n $n Sat'r,a3 night t$ g$ t$
the 2'7(i8 theater $r B'st t$ 9isit -ith $ne an$ther in
the t$-n s@'are. &here -asn?t an3-here e(se t$ g$ <$r
entertain:ent an, 9er3 <e- 2e$2(e ha, te(e9isi$n sets
C6 Healing ore!er "ettled
in th$se ,a3s.
>a, he(, hea(ing ser9i8es in that t$-n e9er3
Sat'r,a3 night. S$:e$ne $n8e sai, t$ hi:) CPrea8her)
3$'?9e g$t :$re 2e$2(e at this 8h'r8h $n Sat'r,a3
nights than there are at the t$-n s@'are an, in the
2i8t're sh$- 2't t$getherGC &he hea(ing 2$-er $< =$, is
-hat ,re- the 8r$-,sG
&hen I re:e:7er -hen >a, 7egan :inistering $n
the r$a,. "$:) :3 sister Pat) an, I -$'(, tra9e( -ith
hi: <r$: ti:e t$ ti:e. #n th$se $88asi$ns -hen I ,i,
tra9e( -ith :3 ,a,) I -$'(, sta3 '2 as (ate as he ,i,
a<ter :eetings as he an, :$: -$'(, 9isit -ith $ther
:inisters. I ,i,n?t -ant t$ :iss an3thing) s$ I -$'(,
(isten 8($se(3 as the3 ta(;e, a7$'t the :$9e $< =$, an,
the hea(ing 2$-er $< =$,. 0s I :enti$ne, 2re9i$'s(3)
$9er the 3ears I sa- :an3 2e$2(e hea(e, in :3 ,a,?s
,odCs ;o*(assion 4e*onstrated in
&here<$re) I gre- '2 'n,erstan,ing the 8$:2assi$n
$< =$, an, =$,?s -i((ingness t$ hea( an, ,e(i9er the
a<<(i8te,) an, I -itnesse, the hea(ing 2$-er $< =$, -ith
:3 $-n e3esG &hr$'gh the 3ears) :3 <a9$rite
i(('strati$n in the Bi7(e a7$'t hea(ing is <$'n, in the
a88$'nt $< 7(in, Barti:ae's. It :a,e s'8h an
i:2ressi$n $n :e as a 8hi(, gr$-ing '2 7e8a'se it
sh$-e, =$,?s 8$:2assi$n an, -i((ingness t$ hea(.
MA28 1>:!5?5<
!5 And they &a*e to 7eri&ho: and as he DJes'sE
went o"t o% 7eri&ho with his dis&i(les and a
$reat n"*#er o% (eo(le, #lind -arti*ae"s, the
son o% 1i*ae"s, sat #y the hi$hway side
!6 And when he heard that it was 7es"s o%
:aFareth, he #e$an to &ry o"t, and say, 7es"s,
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality C-
tho" son o% 4avid, have *er&y on *e.
!8 And *any &har$ed hi* that he sho"ld hold
his (ea&e: #"t he &ried the *ore a $reat deal,
1ho" son o% 4avid, have *er&y on *e.
!9 And 7es"s stood still, and &o**anded hi* to
#e &alled. And they &all the #lind *an, sayin$
"nto hi*, -e o% $ood &o*%ort, rise/ he &alleth
5> And he, &astin$ away his $ar*ent, rose, and
&a*e to 7es"s.
51 And 7es"s answered and said "nto hi*, 0hat
wilt tho" that I sho"ld do "nto theeB 1he #lind
*an said "nto hi*, Lord, that I *i$ht re&eive
*y si$ht.
5< And 7es"s said "nto hi*, ,o thy way/ thy
%aith hath *ade thee whole. And i**ediately he
re&eived his si$ht, and %ollowed 7es"s in the
0s 7(in, Barti:ae's sat 73 the -a3si,e $n the
Jeri8h$ r$a,) he hear, a 8$::$ti$n as Jes's an, the
8r$-,s -ere a22r$a8hing. Barti:ae's 2r$7a7(3 as;e,
s$:e$ne near73) CHe3) -hat?s g$ing $nAC CJes's $<
NaLareth is 2assing 73)C s$:e$ne $'t $< the 8r$-,
2r$7a7(3 res2$n,e,. hen 7(in, Barti:ae's ,is8$9ere,
it -as Jes's -h$ -as a22r$a8hing) he 7egan t$ 8r3 $'t)
"3esus, "on of (a!id! Ha!e mercy on me!"
B't the re(igi$'s 2e$2(e -h$ -ere 8r$-,e, ar$'n,
Barti:ae's trie, t$ s@'e(8h his <aith. &he3 :a3 ha9e
t$(, hi: t$ sit ,$-n an, 7e @'iet. &hat s$'n,s (i;e
s$:ething re(igi$'s 2e$2(e :ight sa3 t$,a3. B't i< 3$'
,$n?t g$ t$ Jes's -ith 3$'r nee,) He 8an?t 8$:e t$ 3$'G
I$' see) Jes's thr$'gh His ,eath) 7'ria() an,
res'rre8ti$n has a(rea,3 8$:e t$ 2e$2(e e9er3-here t$
sa9e) hea() an, ,e(i9er the:. B't the3 :'st re8ei9e that
73 <aithJthe3 :'st recei!e the sa(9ati$n =$, s$ <ree(3
$<<ers the:. &hen as 7e(ie9ers) +hristians :'st g$ t$
=$, in <aith an, a22r$2riate -hat a(rea,3 7e($ngs t$
C. Healing ore!er "ettled
Barti:ae's ,i, that. Hea(ing 7e($nge, t$ hi:) an,
he re8ei9e, it 73 <aith. 0s Jes's -as 2assing 73) 7(in,
Barti:ae's -$'(, n$t ha9e re8ei9e, an3thing <r$:
Jes's i< he ha,n?t insiste, $n 7eing hear,. B't as it
ha22ene,) the :$re the 2e$2(e t$(, Barti:ae's t$ 7e
@'iet) the ($',er he s8rea:e,) an, Jes's +hrist)
7e8a'se $< His great 8$:2assi$n an, His -i((ingness t$
hea( :an;in,) st$22e, an, (istene, at the s$'n, $<
Barti:ae's? 8r3. &'rning t$ Barti:ae's) Jes's ga9e
Barti:ae's His <'(( attenti$n an, as;e, hi:) Chat ,$
3$' -antAC
088$r,ing t$ tra,iti$n) 2e$2(e $< ,i<<erent 8(asses $r
strata $< s$8iet3 in that ,a3 -$re ,i<<erent t32es $<
gar:ents t$ re2resent their stat's in (i<e. It?s 7een
re2$rte, that Barti:ae's -$re a 8ertain t32e $< 8($a;
-hi8h i,enti<ie, hi: as a 7(in, :an an, a 7eggar. &he
Bi7(e sa3s that -hen Jes's 8a((e, <$r 7(in, Barti:ae's)
Barti:ae's thre- his 8($a; asi,e an, -ent t$ Jes's. In
$ther -$r,s) the :in'te Jes's 8a((e, <$r hi:)
Barti:ae's st$22e, i,enti<3ing -ith the 2astK he
st$22e, seeing hi:se(< as a 7(in, 7eggar an, 7egan t$
see hi:se(< -e(( an, -h$(eG
MA28 1>:!9,5>
!9 And 7es"s stood still, and &o**anded hi* to
#e &alled. And they &all the #lind *an, sayin$
"nto hi*, -e o% $ood &o*%ort, rise/ he &alleth
5> And he, ;AS1I:, A0A= HIS ,A2M3:1,
rose, and &a*e to 7es"s.
+asting a-a3 his gar:ent -as Barti:ae's? a8t $<
<aith that he -$'(, re8ei9e his hea(ing. In $ther -$r,s)
<r$: the :in'te Jes's 8a((e, <$r hi:) Barti:ae's
en9isi$ne, hi:se(< -ith his nee, :et. He ;ne- he
-$'(,n?t nee, that 8($a; an3:$re i,enti<3ing hi: as a
7(in, :an an, a 7eggar) s$ he thre- it $<< his sh$'(,ers
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality C4
an, eager(3 -ent t$ :eet Jes's. Jes's as;e, hi:)
Chat ,$ 3$' -antAC Barti:ae's ans-ere,) CI -ant t$
seeGC Jes's sai,) C... Go thy way6 thy faith hath made
thee whole. . . C ."ar; 10!52/. 0n, Barti:ae's re8ei9e,
his sightG
N$ti8e there -as n$ hesitati$n in Jes's? res2$nse t$
Barti:ae's? ,es2erate 8r3 t$ 7e hea(e,G Jes's sai,) "Go
your way6 your faith has made you whole!" 0n, Jes's
+hrist is the sa:e 3ester,a3) t$,a3) an, <$re9erG &hat
sa:e Jes's 8an sti(( hear the 8r3 $< <aith t$,a3G 0n,
Jes's is sti(( as;ing) Chat ,$ 3$' -ant "e t$ ,$ <$r
3$'AC Be s2e8i<i8 -ith =$, as 3$' :a;e 3$'r re@'ests
;n$-n t$ Hi:. I< 3$' nee, hea(ing) 3$' ;n$- <r$: the
$r, $< =$, that hea(ing is the -i(( $< =$, <$r 3$' an,
that it has 7een 2r$9i,e, <$r 3$' in +hrist. Healing
belongs to you. It?s a(rea,3 3$'rs n$-. &hat?s a Bi7(e
<a8tG 0s -e?9e seen) e9en hist$r3 itse(< 8$n<ir:s the
rea(it3 $< hea(ing as =$,?s -i(( <$r 's t$,a3.
I< 3$' are 7$rn again) it?s '2 t$ 3$' t$ re8ei9e -hat
right<'((3 7e($ngs t$ 3$'. #n(3 3$' 8an a22r$2riate $r
re8ei9e <$r 3$'rse(< -hat has a(rea,3 7een s$ <ree(3
2r$9i,e, in re,e:2ti$n. =$, is -aiting <$r 3$' t$
a22r$2riate hea(ing $r -hate9er it is 3$' nee, <r$:
Hi: 73 <aith. e <in, that 2rin8i2(e state, in "ar;
MA28 11:<,<!
< For verily I say "nto yo", 1hat whosoever
shall say "nto this *o"ntain, -e tho" re*oved,
and #e tho" &ast into the sea/ and shall not
do"#t in his heart, #"t shall #elieve that those
thin$s whi&h he saith shall &o*e to (ass/ he
shall have whatsoever he saith.
<! 1here%ore I say "nto yo", 0hat thin$s soever
ye desire, when ye (ray, -3LI3@3 1HA1 =3
23;3I@3 1H3M, and =3 SHALL HA@3 1H3M.
In $ther -$r,s) i< 3$' 7e(ie9e 3$' re8ei9e hea(ing)
3$' sha(( ha9e hea(ing. #r -e 8$'(, sa3 it (i;e this! He
D8 Healing ore!er "ettled
-h$ 7e(ie9es) has.
I< 3$' ha9e n$t 7een a7(e t$ re8ei9e 3$'r hea(ing in
the 2ast <$r -hate9er reas$n) 8$:e t$ =$, -ith an
h$nest an, sin8ere heart. H$$; t$ =$,?s $r,) an, re(3
$n His 2r$:ise t$ hea( 3$'. &hen a22r$2riate -hat
right<'((3 7e($ngs t$ 3$' in the re,e:2ti$n =$, has s$
gra8i$'s(3 2r$9i,e, <$r 3$' thr$'gh Jes's +hrist.
I< 3$' ha9e 2erha2s ,$'7te, =$,?s $r,) an, ha9e
,$'7te, that it is =$,?s -i(( <$r 3$' t$ 7e -e(( an,
9i8t$ri$'s in (i<e) as; =$, t$ <$rgi9e 3$'. "a37e 3$'
ha9en?t 'n,erst$$, 'nti( n$- that it is =$,?s -i(( t$
hea( 3$' an, :a;e 3$' -h$(e. B't i< 3$'?(( ($$; t$ =$,
an, sear8h His $r,) =$, -i(( esta7(ish this 2$-er<'(
tr'th in 3$'r heartG
=$, is sti(( in the 7'siness $< hea(ing 2e$2(e t$,a3G
It ,$esn?t :atter h$- :an3 ti:es -e?9e hear, itJ-e
nee, t$ 8$ntin'a((3 hear an, 7e re:in,e, $< =$,?s $r,
Jthat it is =$,?s -i(( <$r 's t$ 7e -e(( an, hea(th3 an,
t$ enB$3 the 7ene<its $< $'r re,e:2ti$n in this (i<e. I (i;e
the sa3ing) CIt?s =$,?s -i(( that -e ha9e s$:e $< hea9en
to go to hea!en in!" =$,?s stat'te $< ,i9ine hea(ing is in
<$r8e t$,a3 7e8a'se the Bi7(e sa3s =$, ne9er 8hanges.
e ha9e an e9er(asting 8$9enant -ith =$, <$r hea(ing
in the re,e:2ti$n 2r$9i,e, thr$'gh the she, 7($$, $<
the H$r, Jes's +hrist.
#n8e 3$' 'n,erstan, that hea(ing is =$,?s -i(( <$r
3$' an, that =$, has 2r$9i,e, hea(ing <$r 3$' in His
great 2(an $< re,e:2ti$n) then a(( 3$' nee, t$ ,$ is
re8ei9e -hat a(rea,3 7e($ngs t$ 3$' 73 <aith. hether
3$' re8ei9e hea(ing thr$'gh the (a3ing $n $< han,s) 73
the an$inting -ith $i() $r 73 si:2(3 hearing the $r, $<
=$, an, re8ei9ing hea(ing $n 3$'r $-n) it is i:2$rtant
t$ re:e:7er t$ C;ee2 the s-it8h $< <aith t'rne, $n.C In
$ther -$r,s) ta;e =$, at His $r, an, ;ee2 a<<ir:ing
that 3$' 7e(ie9e Hi: an, His $r,. Kee2 a<<ir:ing)
C&he hea(ing 2$-er $< =$, is -$r;ing in :3 7$,3 t$
Healing in %edem#tion) $ *resent+,ense %eality D7
e<<e8t a hea(ing an, a 8're.C 0s 3$' 8$ntin'e t$ 7e(ie9e
=$,Jthat His $r, is tr'e an, that the hea(ing
an$inting is -$r;ing $n 3$'r 7eha(<Jhea(ing -i(( 8$:eG
e 8an ta;e =$, at His $r,) 7e(ie9e it) an, re8ei9e
His 2r$:ises as $'rs. e 8an 7e <'((3 2ers'a,e, an,
ha9e an 'nsha;a7(e <aith in =$, that -hat He has
2r$:ise,) He is a7(e a(s$ t$ 2er<$r:) 7e8a'se hea(ing is
<$re9er sett(e,G

&he a'th$r grate<'((3 a8;n$-(e,ges the assistan8e $< 5H6"0 Hi7rarian Ji: Meig(er
<$r his he(2 in resear8hing s$:e $< the :ateria(s 'se, t$ ,$8':ent testi:$nies -hi8h
8$n<ir: the rea(it3 $< ,i9ine hea(ing thr$'gh$'t hist$r3.