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Dear Sir, World AIDS Day, 1st

Dec, 2009
Greetings ! from Jaipur

Most respectfully We would like to request that our organization is a common

people’s non profit making registered organization and started working in the field
of children, women in distress and HIV prevention & care & support. We are working
hard and seeking support from the donors and funding agencies to serve the
community living in distress in Jaipur Rajasthan.
We are stepping in gradually, hence we have made low cost proposals to invest
maximum funds for the cause. In view of that We most humbly request that kindly
have a look on our proposals and support our organization so that we can stood
again in society and continue our social work with enthusiasm and zeal.
We assure you that our comitted team will give firm and true results of programs
and serve the community in distress.
Kindly aknowledge and reply

With best regards

Dr. Avdhesh Gupta

Medical Director

Ms. Sangeeta Tiwari

Chief Counselor

Mr. Amit Sharma

Program Manager



ASHRAY- Society for Health and Empowerment- is a non-profit making organization based in
Jaipur, Rajasthan. It has been registered by State Govt in July 2009 by professionals with more
than 10 years experience in the same field.
The president of the board is Bhargeshwar Prasad Shukla, a retired engineer, but the founder and
key person of this organization is its CEO and Medical Director, Dr Avdhesh Gupta.

Currently he is working as honorary member of the State Government’s Children Welfare

Committee of Jaipur District. His responsibility to ensure foster care, rehabilitation of children
found unattended in the district.

He has also been nominated as State Level Observer for the National Employment Guarantee
Scheme of the Government of India for Rajasthan State.

He is presently working on voluntary basis with different NGOs as medical consultant and
devoting much of his time to planning and implementing programs of ASHRAY Organization.

He began his involvement with the NGO world in 1998, when he was Deputy Director in the
Government health system in Rajasthan as in-charge of HIV/AIDS section.

As such, FXB, an NGO working for AIDS orphans families/person caring them got in contact
with Dr. Gupta in the same year. He collaborated voluntarily with them for 5 years, besides
preparing and implementing the AIDS control program in Rajasthan. Then at the request of FXB,
he joined the Indian Arm of FXB International NGO after taking voluntary retirement from
Government Service in June-2003 and became Senior Regional Director in July-2007. He was
in charge of 30 employees and of a budget of 70,000 dollars, working up to 8 districts in
Rajasthan and oversaw the creation of a wide range of projects to raise the awareness of
HIV/AIDS and to try to alleviate the sufferings linked to that disease, especially as far as
children are concerned. Now he set up his own organization ASHRAY, to make the best of the
excellent contacts and in-depth knowledge of the issue and the local environment.
ASHRAY is a team, three staff members and two volunteers who have been working together on
the same issue for the past six years.

1- Activities and Proposal

The street children

ASHRAY is working with children from two areas of Jaipur city, the platform kids living in
open below the railway bridge and the street children of the”22 go-downs” area. They are the
most neglected and dejected children by society. No NGO or Government agencies or any
individuals are ready to provide them a shelter, while Ashray has decided to work primarily with

Many of those kids have deep psychological problems, violent and absurd behavior; they are
addicts to various types of narcotics. They are the target of physical and mental abuse, often
sexually exploited. Consequently, they are exposed to the risk of HIV/AIDS as well as many
other diseases and infections. They are living in distress in the open, with no basic food, no
medical treatment. No education or psycho social support is provided to them. It’s very
necessary to take care of those kids on a short term basis but it also requires a regular longtime
effort. For that to be a successful process and to change the mind set of such children some of
their dreams should be fulfilled to an extent. It is a slow but continuous process.
Presently ASHRAY is providing regular health care, counseling, informal education, Cloths in
camp mode twice a month for 80 children. An in-depth counseling takes place twice a week for 5
to 6 kids. But to have a sustainable effect, this is not satisfying. It is essential to take the kids
away for a few hours from their environment, for which a day shelter is needed, a facility of its
kind not available with any where in city. ASHRAY is first taking lead for these kids and making
large efforts to establish a day shelter for them. To set up this shelter is our key ambition.

The proposed project is based on the experience gained during last few years of operation in
Jaipur. Based on the investigation-cum-analysis of life of children living on railway platform of
Jaipur station and other vulnerable children, the priority needs identified are: Immediate health
services, security against violence and child abuse, counseling of children & attempt to ensure
family re-unification, basic education, drug de addiction, vocational training to grown up
children, life-skills and health education, rehabilitation in the mainstream society with dignity
and self-respect. For this, the first step is a shelter.

In the long term, ASHRAY’s aim is to implement in Rajasthan a project devised in Bogota,
Colombia, (Dr. Avdhesh Gupta studied this project in person) where a group of such children
were allowed to come to shelter voluntarily and have choice to go back to street in evening.
Gradually the children who attend the shelter regularly may be offered for short stay away from
city in resort where they have fund recreation information education and vocational training to
pass time. The period of stay may me one to three months depending to change of mind set of
each child.
Those children agree to join the program voluntary they will be admitted to boarding school or
enrolled for vocational training and can be made productive to the society.

Following this pattern of three phases, we are confident and hopeful that 50% of the kids
entering in program at initial level will be out of the street.

The Tentative Budget proposal for first phase of day shelter for which request is made is as follows

Proposed budget for day shelter for platform kids in Jaipur

Sr. Annual cost
Items Type Remark
No. in INR
1 Fiber glass shed 30000 One time
2 Electricity etc 10000 one time 80 %
3 Mattresses beds chairs etc 15000 One time
4 Toilets washing place etc 15000 One time 80 %
5 Fans coolers etc 12000 One time
Vehicle hiring Rs.3000 X 12
6 36000 Recurrent
7 Utensils kitchen 8000 One time
8 Gas stove 5000 One time
Cooking gas Rs. 1000 X 12
9 12000 Recurrent
Raw food material Rs.3000 X 12
10 36000 Recurrent
11 Cloths lum sum 20000 Recurrent
12 TV DVD players etc 30000 One time
13 Cable etc Rs.500 X12 months 6000 Recurrent
Excursion fair locally Rs. 1000 X
14 12000 Recurrent
12 times
Excursion outside Rs. 8000 X 4
15 32000 Recurrent
16 Computer set 30000 One time
Internet expenses Rs.1000 X 12
17 12000 Recurrent
18 Medicine Rs. 2000 X 12 months 24000 Recurrent
Part time cook Rs. 2500 X 12
19 30000 Recurrent
Honorarium to Peer educator
20 60000 Recurrent
Rs.2500 X 2 PE X 12 months
Honorarium to Care taker
21 48000 Recurrent
Rs. 4000 X 12 months
Honorarium to Part time
22 doctor/nurse 48000 Recurrent
Rs. 4000 X 12 months
Remuneration to Guard
23 24000 Recurrent
Rs. 2000 X 1 X 12 months
IEC material printing Rs. 1250 X
24 15000 Recurrent
12 months
25 Sports items lum sum 10000 Recurrent
Washing facility
26 12000 Recurrent
Rs.1000 X 12 months
Light Vocational Training Rs. 1000 X
27 12000
12 months
Misc including Rs. 1000 X 12
27 18000 Recurrent
Total 622000 Total USD 13522

2- We are currently seeking an international donor to open a day shelter in Jaipur’s railway
station and continue HIV/AIDS awareness creation and behavior change program
through barber’s shops in Jaipur.

Ms. Sangeeta Counselor of ASHRAY is teaching street kids

5- Proposed budget for day shelter for platform kids in Jaipur

Sr. Annual
Items Type Remark
No. cost in INR
1 Fiber glass shed 30000 One time
2 Electricity etc 10000 80 % one time
3 Mattresses beds chairs etc 15000 One time
4 Toilets washing place etc 15000 80 % one time
5 Fans coolers etc 12000 One time
6 Vehicle hiring 36000 recurrent
7 Utensils kitchen 8000 one time
8 Gas stove 5000 One time
9 Cooking gas 12000 recurrent
10 Raw food material 36000 recurrent
11 Cloths 20000 recurrent
12 TV DVD players etc 30000 One time
13 Cable etc 6000 recurrent
14 Excursion fair locally 12 12000 recurrent
15 Excursion outside 4 32000 recurrent
16 Computer set 30000 one time
17 Internet expenses 12000 recurrent
18 Medicine 12 camps & regular 24000 recurrent
19 Part time cook 30000 recurrent
20 Peer educator 2 50000 recurrent
21 Care taker 48000 recurrent
22 Part time doctor/nurse 48000 recurrent
23 Guard one 24000 recurrent
24 IEC material printing 15000 recurrent
25 Sports items 10000 recurrent
26 Washing facility 12000 recurrent
27 Misc including VT 18000 recurrent
Total 600000