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1.Fill in the blanks with the missing words.

a) jack-o-lanterns, b) visited the living, c) ask for candy, d) an ancient group of people,
e) trick or treating, f) apple bobbing, g) ghosts,
h) frightening costumes, i) dress up as, j) made of pumpkins, k) vampires
Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31
. It is one of the worlds oldest holidays, dating back
over 2,000 years to the tie of the !elts, _________ who lived in "estern #$ro%e.
&hey believed that on the last day of October ghosts _________. &o kee% the ________away
%eo%le dressed $% in_________ and %retended that they were ghosts too
'owadays, Halloween is %o%$lar all aro$nd the world, es%ecially in (ritain, Ireland and the )*+.
On this day, %eo%le decorate their ho$ses with________, which are lanterns ________
c$t like a h$an face. !hildren_______ ghosts, ________ witches, and skeletons.
&hey visit their neighbo$rs and__________. &his tradition is called________.
,ater in the evening, %eo%le organi-e Halloween %arties for their neighbo$rs and friends.
.$ring the %arties they %lay a lot of gaes / for e0a%le, _________ , where %layers %$t their hands
behind their back and $se their teeth to catch a%%les %laced in a large bowl of water.
2. ork in pairs. !sk and answer "uestions.
1."hat do yo$ think abo$t Halloween1
2 ..o yo$ celebrate Halloween in yo$r co$ntry1
3. "hats yo$r favo$rite festival in yo$r co$ntry1
2. "hat cost$e wo$ld yo$ like to wear for a Halloween %arty1
3. .o yo$ believe in ghosts or va%ires 1 "hy4"hy not1
5. "ho is yo$r favo$rite onster1
6. .o yo$ like watching horror fils1 1 "hy4"hy not1
7. "hat is yo$r favo$rite horror fil1
1.Which monster drinks blood? 3.Halloween Quiz
a. ghost
b. mummy
c. vamire
!.What does a witch use to "ly?
a. vacuum cleaner
b. broom
c. stick
3. Which o" these is a magical horse?
a. swan
b. toad
c. unicorn
#. Where does a vamire slee in?
a. grave
b. cardboard bo$
c. co""in

%. What do witches do with cauldrons?
a. wear it
b. cook with it
c. "ly with it
Who is a warlock?
a. witch
b. animal
c. wizard
&. What monster is usually wraed in bandages?
'. Which animal uses its sensors to "ly at night?
#.(ind 11 words connected with Halloween. )he "irst letter o" each word is given.
*. 81)
I was wra%%ed in white
bandages and b$ried in y
tob a long tie ago. 'ow, I
wait in the dark with y
golden treas$res all aro$nd.
82) I a a onster that has
been on a diet. &here is no fat
on e9 Or $scle either9 :o$
ight say that I a all bones
witho$t the skin. I rattle when
I walk.
83) I coe fro far, far
away. ;ost %eo%le think I a
green and scary. ($t really I
a not so bad. I a <$st
looking for a few anials to
%$t in y -oo back on y
hoe %lanet.
ho am 34
ho am 34
ho am 34
82) "elcoe9 Have a seat.
.inner will be served shortly.
*orry we don>t have any
garlic bread. "hat a I
drinking yo$ ask1 .on>t
worry . . it>s . . $ . . gra%e
<$ice. 'ow <$st rela0 while I
look at yo$r neck.
83) I walk thro$gh walls as I
%lease. *oeties yo$ can
see e and soeties yo$
can>t. :o$ find e in old
ho$ses and castles.
85) ;ost of the tie, yo$
wo$ld never g$ess I was a
onster beca$se I look <$st
like yo$. ($t once a onth, I
howl at the oon. ($t
beware9 If I bite yo$ will
becoe like e.
ho am 34
ho am 34
86) ;ade of etal, I do the
work of y aster who
controls e by reote
control. ;y aster ade e
to take over the world.
87) .ressed in black, she has
a cat, *he casts s%ells, and
*he %$ts c$rses on %eo%le.
ho am 34
ho am 34