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Vol-03. Issue-05. Bhopal. Monday Page-12 Price-5/-
POSTAL REGD. MP/BHOPAL/4-323/2013-15
Published simultaneously from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
Online edition available at wethestate.com and wethestate.blogspot.in
'PK' is the
toughest role
of my career
so far, says
Aamir Khan
Sri Lanka's
preparation for
India series not
'ideal,' says
Angelo Mathews
Ministry of
Steel to set up
Steel Research
& Technology
Mission of
Ratlam to be developed as
gold and jewellery park
hief Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan has said that Ratlam will
be developed as gold and jewellery park.
The Chief Minister announced to include
Ramdevra also in Mukhyamantri Tirth-
Darshan Yojana. It will be 18th pilgrimage
centre under the scheme. Chouhan was
addressing a foundation stone laying and
inaugural ceremony of development works
at Ratlam recently. The Chief Minister
also gave away letters of benefit to 161
beneficiaries under various schemes.
The Chief Minister laid foundation stones
of 16 works costing Rs. 123 crore 54 lakh
and inaugurated 52 works costing over Rs.
73 crore. Chouhan sanctioned Rs. one
crore for various works of Jaora Nagar
Palika and Rs. 50 lakh each to remaining
urban bodies in the district. The Chief
Minister said that a 750-bed fully
equipped hospital will be constructed side
by side the medical colleges to be built at
Ratlam. He also declared legal 17 out of 23
colonies of Ratlam city. Chouhan laid
foundation stone of 848 houses under
Rajiv Aawas Mission. He laid foundation
stone of Namkeen Cluster on 18.15
hectares and alcohol plant on 19.3
hectares and new industrial area at vil-
lage Karamdi. Chouhan announced Rs. 10
lakh for Ratlam Press Club.
Ratlam to carve out
distinct identity in
salty snacks
Chouhan laid foundation stone of
Namkeen Cluster in the food park being
developed at village Karamdi. He said
that let Ratlams salty snacks emerge as
best and bring a good reputation to
Ratlam in the world.
Ratlam to become
financial hub
The Chief Minister said that Ratlam
will be developed as financial hub
under Delhi-Mumbai Industrial
Corridor of the Central Government
for promoting industries along with
agriculture. He hoped that youths of
Ratlam will play important role in
starting small and cottage industries
under Mukhyamantri Swarozgar
Yojana. The Chief Minister also
inspected an exhibition put up by
various departments.
RAIPUR: A 23-year-old woman split with her
husband in Chhattisgarh's Raigarh district and
walked out of her in-laws' homeafter they failed to
build atoilet at home. Thewoman, Parvati, had set
a condition before marriage that a loo should be
constructed at homewithin ayear. After returning to
her father's home at J angir-Champa district, she's
now contemplating divorce. The woman's relative,
Geetanjali Patel of Kotmi village, said Parvati's
husband Dular Singh had vowed to build a toilet
within amonth of thewedding. "Even after ayear,
nothing changed and Parvati felt unsafe, going out
in thedark to answer call of nature. And this trig-
gered frequent quarrels," said Geetanjali. Parvati
said she was "forced to walk out after her in-laws
told her to grin and bear it". Shefelt unsafegoing to
thefields as shewas stalked by villageyouths. She
later found that her stalkers would climb upon trees
and gazeat her. Sheeven took up thematter with the
community forumrecently whereelders imposed a
condition on in-laws to build atoilet insidehouseor
the couple could live separately. When the family
didn't agree, Parvati called it quits. Despite Prime
Minister Narendra Modi's Clean India Campaign,
women in 75 per cent households in Chhattisgarh do
not haveaccess to privatetoilets at home, according
to 2011 census. Hardly, 13.28 lakh households have
toilets within premises, while, 42.40 lakh residents
defecate in the open. Chhattisgarh government
recently announced construction of nearly onelakh
"pucca" toilets in three months, saying they have
already drafted aplan.
No loo at home, woman
splits with husband
Resolve of
sisters of
welcome to
join the
Raman Singh
Katare to
stage dharna
at CM's
Residents of 20 villages
under Dharamjaigarh Block
of Raigarh district unani-
mously condemned the grow-
ing elephant migration in
the area from adjacent
States and held the forest
officials responsible for the
They demanded a corri-
dor for elephants across the
forests of eastern and central
Indian uplands for their own
safety. At least 56 farmers
and 21 elephants were killed
in Raigarh district and
adjoining areas in last few
years, according to an RTI
reply filed by the villagers.
Villagers assembled in the
Club Ground in the centre of
Dharamjaigarh town. The
agenda of the discussion was
How to deal with scores of
wild elephants rampaging
the area for years, said
Several villagers said
that at least two to three
dozen elephants were on the
rampage in 25 odd villages
and Forest officials were
completely inactive. This is
potentially a dangerous situ-
ation. Imagine two dozen ele-
phants are on the rampage
and are not even been dis-
couraged by traditional
deterrents like light or
drums, said Ganesh
Mandal, a grocer of Meder
Marh village. His village was
ransacked twice in the last
one month. Elephants were
randomly moving from one
village to the other and when
they were chased out of one
hamlet, they hurriedly
entered the next one, caus-
ing large scale damage, said
In the last fortnight, a
herd destroyed several sets
of mud thatched huts, few
concrete houses and tribal
lodgings. However, the vil-
lagers did not blame the ani-
mal for the conflict; the plac-
ards displayed during the
rally pledged to save the
farmers along with the ele-
phants. Rather the Forest
Department and its officials
faced the villagers wrath for
declaring the area an ele-
phant-free zone.
To ensure windfall prof-
it for the coal mining compa-
nies, the local forest circle
declared Dharamjaigarh an
elephant-free zone, which
was false. The proposed coal
mines will harm both the ele-
phant and the farmers and
so we oppose the mines, the
villagers said. However,
Divisional Forest Officer
C.L. Agrawal said that in the
Dharamjaigarh block, coal
mining was yet to start.
Acknowledging that
human-elephant violence
was taking a serious propor-
tion, he blamed people for
the recent crisis. Villagers
should not disturb ele-
We told them thatbut
to no avail, he said. He also
refused to accept the casual-
ty figures. It is exaggerat-
ed, he added. The Forest
Department has been say-
ing that elephants are mov-
ing in Dharamjaigarh only
This is wrong, said
Dhirendra Singh Maliya,
eminent social activist. He
noted that for the last 15
years, about 80-90 elephants
were moving in and around
Dharamjaigarh. Due to
habitat disturbance, ele-
phants are migrating from
Jharkhand and Orissa and
the problem will intensify as
and when coal mining starts
in Dharamjaigarh, said
Villagers in Rajgarh blame
forest officials for growing
man-elephant conflict
Hawkers demand hawkers
and non-hawkers zones
Chhattisgarh hawkers' federation has
requested state chief secretary and Raipur
Municipal Corporation to set up hawker
and non-hawkers' zones in city.
Federation objected to non-compliance
of Supreme Court's order to state chief sec-
retary and RMC to constitute a Town
Vending Committee (TVC) in accordance
with provisions of National Policy on
Urban Street Vendors.
Scattered encroachment by hawkers
and vendors on busy roads and markets in
city has been creating obstacles in smooth
flow of traffic. Hawkers' federation has
urged government to designate spaces to
hawkers from where they can work legally.
RMC additional commissioner Manoj
Kandoi said the committee wasn't formed,
however, the process of surveying of hawk-
ers has already begun. "Vending zones
have been identified, identification of over
3,000 hawkers has been done and licences
have also been issued. TVC will be consti-
tuted soon," Kandoi said. TVC chairman
Gautam Bandyopadhyay said, "RMC did-
n't form TVC in time and secondly it has
violated the order by doing the half-way
survey without constituting the commit-
tee. This makes the current survey
absolutely void and invalid as it wasn't
done as per the policy." Gautam added that
the federation has submitted a memoran-
dum to RMC for conducting the survey
again after constitution of TVC and asked
for some time from SC for its formation.
A Chhattisgarh government initiative
has succeeded in electrifying many remote
villages with solar energy where other
states have failed. Around 50 villages in
Chhattisgarhs Barnawapara Wildlife
Sanctuary, that are not connected to the
national grid because they are in a remote
area, have been enjoying the benefits of
electrification since 2003 under the
Remote Village Electrification Programme
of the Union Ministry for New and
Renewable Energy (MNRE).
The four-kilowatt solar power plant
that provides seven hours of electricity
every day to all 75 households and lanes in
Deba village, in the Barnawapara Wildlife
Sanctuary, for instance, generates 28 units
(1 unit=1 kWh) of electricity a day. The
technology for such projects is simple and
the source of power abundant, making it
the obvious choice for electrification in
rural areas. Yet solar off-grid projects
under the programme have not been as
successful as expected across the country.
Chhattisgarh is an exception with 1,400
solar-powered villages.
The failure of the system is said to be
due to poor maintenance and lack of moni-
toring. Equipment has been stolen or is
lying defunct in several states.
Chhattisgarh experienced much the same
problems initially. But things changed
when the Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy
Development Agency (CREDA) opted for
micro-grids. CREDA installed solar home
lighting systems in 500 villages. The sys-
tem is an assembly of solar panels, cables,
an inverter, a battery and two 11 Watt
CFLs. Half of the panels got stolen within
a year. Some people even sold them or
mortgaged them for money, says SK
Shukla, director of CREDA. And so
CREDA opted for micro-grids.
Asolar module of 37 W costs Rs 14,000.
With the 90% subsidy provided by MNRE,
each module costs the state Rs 2,750.
Compare this with the cost of setting up a
micro-grid (solar photovoltaic power plant
and transmission cables) per household,
which is approximately Rs 25,000. The
state shells out about three times more for
a micro-grid than a solar home lighting
system. Micro-grids require more invest-
ment from the state exchequer because the
subsidy by MNRE is limited (90% of the
installation cost or Rs 18,000, whichever is
more). But they prevent theft and require
minimal maintenance, says Shukla. Solar
power is clearly a viable option to hasten
the electrification of India without involv-
ing environment-destroying and capital-
intensive costs. How well governments use
it remains the crucial question.
OCTOBER 27 TO NOVEMBER 02 , 2014 (MP & CG)
Chhattisgarh Explore
Rajgarh (Chhattisgarh)
Solar energy helps to electrify
remote Chhattisgarh villages
PM Shri Modi lauds Madhya Pradesh
for global handwashing record
One more boat club-like
tourist centre in
Bhopals Ayodhya Nagar
Katare to stage dharna
at CM's residence
Leader of the Opposition in
Madhya Pradesh Assembly
Satyadev Katare has alleged
that he has been writing letters
to obtain information on the
Professional Examination
Board (MPPEB) scam and other
matters but they were not being
replied. While talking to
reporters recently, Katare
warned that a dharna would be
staged near Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chauhan's resi-
dence in the first week of
November if his letters were not
replied. He further said, I have
written 26 different letters to
the regime on various matters
but none of them have been
replied except two. I have also
complained to the President,
the Centre and the BJP presi-
dent in this regard.
Katare also provided copies
of a missive by the Union Home
Ministry to the state's Home
Secretary directing that all the
information pertaining to the
action being taken by the
Special Task Force (STF) in con-
nection with the MPPEB scam
be provided to the Opposition
Leader. Expressing apprehen-
sions of irregularities in the
recruitment of transport consta-
bles, he said that he had sought
mark sheets of selected candi-
dates but it had not been made
available. Besides, police verifi-
cation of selected candidates
was still pending although it is
necessary for securing govern-
ment jobs.
Katare claimed that 17
selected candidates have
resigned. Of them, 11 have
secured job through the
MPPEB, while six else have not
obtained any other job. He
pointed out that no one would
leave his job without adequate
reason. The Opposition Leader
said that Transport Minister
Bhupendra Singh had denied
any irregularities in the recruit-
ment of transport constables.
However, the STF has lodged a
First Information Report (FIR)
in this regard. He said that the
minister and his department's
officers have given false state-
ments. Hence, strict action
should be taken against them.
Prime Minister Shri
Narendra Modi has lauded cre-
ation of global record of hand-
washing by Madhya Pradesh on
October 15 last to make children
aware about sanitation and per-
sonal hygiene.
Shri Modi was addressing
inaugural function of Sir H.N.
Reliance Foundation Hospital in
Mumbai today. He referred to this
record of Madhya Pradesh while
stressing important role of clean
water and sanitation in preven-
tion of diseases. It is noteworthy
that School children of Madhya
Pradesh created a new world
record on Global Handwashing
Day, which was held earlier joint-
ly by Argentina, Peru and Mexico.
In these 3 countries, 740870 peo-
ple had created this record by
simultaneous handwashing at
different places on October 14,
2011. Madhya Pradesh is the only
state, which has surpassed the
joint record of 3 countries.
As many as 13,46,045 stu-
dents of states 14,429 schools
took part in handwashing cam-
paign. In a major simultaneous
handwashing programme on
October 15, students of 19,735
schools in Madhya Pradesh creat-
ed this world record by washing
hands. Earlier, Chief Minister
Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan
inaugurated state-level hand-
washing programme at a
Government Girls Higher
Secondary School in Bhopal in
the morning. Handwashing with
soap was successfully done in all
one lakh 14 thousand government
primary and middle schools and
80 thousand anganwadis in the
Home Minister Babulal
Gaur took stock of prepara-
tions for development of a
tourist centre at Saryu
Sarovar in Ayodhya Nagar
here recently.
He said to the officers of
Tourism Development
Corporation, Municipal
Corporation and Horticulture
Department that work of
development of Saryu
Sarovar has been commend-
able so far. Flower plants
should be grown on one side
of the lake where there are
grass and stones. Water,
flowers and green trees will
attract birds. Several species
of migratory birds will nest
here, which will be centre of
attraction. Officers of
Tourism Development
Corporation informed that all
works will be completed
within a week.
Gaur also directed to
grow plants along the path to
the lake. He said that the
government wishes to devel-
op it as a bird sanctuary and
a centre which meets peoples
requirement of both boat club
and park. It was informed
that fountains will be
installed after cleaning of the
Bhopal Mega
Circuit Project
Gaur has directed to start work
of Bhopal Mega Circuit Project at
Khanugaon on the banks of Upper
Lake. Under the project, boat
shade, jetty, railings, benches,
dustbins and signages are to be
arranged in Khanugaon shore of
the Upper Lake. Gaur directed to
install fountains in the lake on
both sides of bridge on road to
Neelbad from Bhadbhada. He said
that this area of the Upper Lake is
naturally beautiful and fountains
will enhance its beauty further.
Gaur also directed to develop like
VIP Road the road upto Neelbad
where a number of institutions
including NILU are situated.
OCTOBER 27 TO NOVEMBER 02 , 2014 (MP & CG)
The states micro, small and medium scale enter-
prises (MSME) will experience a spurt in their growth
from the slew of incentives and concessions contained
in the New Industrial Policy 2014-19, said Karnataka
industry body.
Complimenting Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on a
growth-oriented budget, Karnataka Small Scale
Industries Association (KASSIA) President
Chidananda M Rajamane said the doubling of fiscal
incentives from the previous policy, net VAT and CST
based interest free loans for longer duration, was a
Deepawali gift to MSME entrepreneurs, KASSIA said.
The proposal to form five industrial areas every year
over an area of 5000-8000 acres of land is an adequate
response to meeting the concerns of scarcity of indus-
trial land, he noted, while welcoming the decision to develop
two exclusive industrial estates for women entrepreneurs in
Hubli/Dharwad and Harohalli, in addition to 5 per cent
reservation for women entrepreneurs in all industrial areas.
KASSIA hails decision of the reservation for
SC/ST/Minorities in the Industrial Estates- General
Secretary, KASSIA, N C Gopinathan said there will
be a visible markup in industrial growth beyond
Bangalore once the proposed four state industrial cor-
ridors in Dharwad-Koppal-Raichur, Chitradurga-
Haveri-Karwar, Raichur-Bagalkot-Belgaum and
Tumkur-Shimoga-Hassan sectors are commissioned.
The only discordant note in the new policy was the
proposal to allot KSSIDC/KIADB land on 99-year-
lease. KASSIA said, Ignoring its suggestion to allot
land on 10-year-lease cum sale or alternatively
exempt the applicability of 99-year-lease to the
MSME sector, on the grounds that land was the only
asset that remained with the small entrepreneur and
the only insurance against any adverse eventuality.
The KASSIA is pinning on the hope of assurance
given by the Chief Minister when the delegates met
him during last week of August. He had then prom-
ised that exemption of 99 years lease to MSMEs would be
sympathetically considered.
Karnatakas MSME to experience growth
from incentives in new industrial policy
Maoists welcome to join the
mainstream: Raman Singh
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh has
appealed to Maoists to return to the mainstream of
democracy and development. He emphasised that no
issue can be sorted out with violence and guns. The
CM said he is ready to embrace Maoists if they give
up their path of violence and join the mainstream of
society. "People involved in Maoist activities are part
of our society.
We are ready to hug them if they wish to join the
mainstream by laying down arms and quitting vio-
lence," Singh said while addressing a 'Muria Darbar'
meeting of tribals in Bastar's Jagdalpur district
headquarters. Those who have been misguided, par-
ticularly the youth, should think about the well-
being of their families, society, as well as the nation
and shun violence, the CM said. "We are ready to co-
operate with everyone to bring an end to the menace
of Maoism."
He said government welfare schemes have creat-
ed a better environment for economic development of
tribal-dominated Bastar region and also helped win
the confidence of the people. The Chief Minister also
said the Nagarnar steel plant will soon start func-
tioning, creating ample job opportunities for the peo-
ple of the region.
A dreaded woman Naxal commander surrendered in
Chhattisgarh recently. She surrendered in Bastar division
after being persuaded by her brother, who is a police person-
nel. Shanti Kunjam (32), who was heading Mirtur local oper-
ation squad (LOS), has surrendered, Inspector General of
Police, Bastar Range, SRP Kalluri said in Raipur. She was
persuaded by her brother Anil, who is a SPO (special police
officer), attached with the state police, to surrender and join
the mainstream, Kalluri said.
Woman Naxal commander surrenders
OCTOBER 27 TO NOVEMBER 02 , 2014 (MP & CG)
Work of worlds first White
Tiger Safar in last phase
Construction of worlds first
White Tiger Safari is nearing com-
pletion. The zoological park coming
up at Mukundpur in Satna district
will introduce tourists to world of
white tigers.
Here tourists will be able to
watch progeny of worlds first white
tiger Mohan. Besides, history of
white tigers will also be displayed
here. With this, the Vindhya region
will regain its lost identity as area
of white tigers. This was informed
by Public Relations and Mineral
Resources Minister Rajendra
Shukla who visited Mukundpur
Tiger Safari recently. Shukla
informed that after 40 years,
Mukundpur is again becoming a
wildlife tourism centre. It will have
zoological park, rescue centre,
white tiger safari and breeding cen-
tre. The area was once known as
breeding centre of white tigers and
their conservation. It will regain
this status again and emerge on
world tourism map. The Public
Relations Minister said that
Mukundpur zoological park will
have the pride of becoming worlds
white tiger safari. MP Madhyam
will display entire information
about history of white tigers.
The Public Relations Minister
said that its name will be
Mukundpur Zoo and Mohan Tiger
Safari. The breeding centre here
will be named after Maharaja
Martand Singh and a treatment
centre will also be constructed. He
said that large number of tourists
will come to watch tiger safari and
name of Rewa will emerge on world
map. It will also provide employ-
ment to local people leading to
areas economic development. It is
noteworthy that worlds first white
tiger was caught in year 1951 by
the then Maharaja in the jungles of
Sidhi district, which was kept at
Govindgarh from where it fled to
Mukundpur jungle. Gradually,
progeny of Mohan spread to zoos all
over the world. But they became
extinct in Rewa and Vidhya region.
Soon, the white tiger will return to
its original breeding area.
People of
thank Minister
Large number of people present
during Shuklas visit to
Mukundpur tiger safari thanked
him for bringing back areas pride.
Executive Director of MP Madhyam
Suresh Tiwari, Chief Conservator
of Forests P.K. Singh, Ravindra
Jyotshi, Consultant Vivek Dube,
Mukesh Kumar, officers, employees
and large number of people were
present on the occasion.
Failure to follow
protocol in dengue
treatment to entail action
Strict action will be taken
against private hospitals for fail-
ure to comply with protocol in
dengue treatment. In an untimely
death case, a private hospital said
here today that the treatment was
for dengue. Actually, the patient
was suffering from some other dis-
ease. On the directives of Principal
Secretary Health Shri Praveer
Krishna, an enquiry was conducted
by Chief Medical and Health
Officer, Bhopal in which the
patient was found not suffering
from dengue. Action is underway to
cancel registration of concerning
pathology lab. Warning has been
given to other labs and private hos-
pitals for punishment in case of
erroneous action in such cases.
Week-long Foundation Day
functions to be held in all dists
Resolve of sisters of
Kamalyakhera fulfilled
Bhopal: Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan felicitated
women of village Kamalyakhera in
Sanwer tehsil of Indore district by
presenting new clothes to them at
his residence here recently. These
women had taken a resolve that
they will wear new clothes only
after offering new clothes to Lord if
Chouhan becomes the Chief
Minister for third time. The Chief
Minister called women of
Kamalyakhera to his residence here
and felicitated them by presenting
new clothes to them. Overwhelmed
by the CMs gesture, people of
Kamalyakhera first offered new
clothes to the Lords image with due
rituals and then offered a turban
brought from Jodhpur to Chouhan.
Villagers reciprocated the gesture
by presenting new clothes to the
Chief Minister. Thanking villagers
of Kamalyakhera, the Chouhan said
that credit for his becoming Chief
Minister for third times goes to
affection of all sisters and people of
the state including those of
Kamalyakhera. Chouhan presented
new clothes to women and people of
Kamalyakhera and expressed grati-
tude to them.
Week-long functions marking MP Foundation Day
will be held from November 1 at the state capital
Bhopal and all district headquarters in the state. Chief
Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has directed to hold
programmes in accordance with dignity of the founda-
tion day. The Chief Minister was reviewing prepara-
tions for foundation day programmes here recently.
Chief Secretary Anthony de Sa was also present. The
main function will be held at Bhopal at Vallabh Bhavan
at 11 where pledge will be taken for development of MP
and foundation stone of Mantralaya annexe will be
laid. A grand cultural eve will be held at Lal Parade
Ground in the night.
Cultural programmes will begin with MPGaan and
performance of famous and sonorous Maihar Band.
Ministers will participate in foundation day functions
in districts of the state. The Chief Minister has direct-
ed that foundation day programmes should be associ-
ated with masses including distinguished citizens,
social organisations, artistes, business class etc and
seminars should be held during the period on impor-
tant issues like states development, human welfare
and contemporary issues. Cultural programmes should
be held in all districts, too.
Functions at Bhopal
A grand cultural programme will be held in the
presence of Governor Ram Naresh Yadav and Chief
Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at Lal Parade
Ground, Bhopal from 7 pm on MP Foundation
Day November 1. It will include a 45 minute pres-
entation of Mahakavi Kalidas Meghdootam and
music presentation of Vishal-Shekher. The week-
long function will conclude with attractive fire-
works on November 7.
29-10-2014- Wednesday -Kartik Mah
Positive directions -North and East
Bad time 12:11 pm to 1:37 pm
Good time 6:28 am to 9:20 am
and 10:45 am to 12:10 pm and 3:03pm
to 5:55 pm
30-10-2014-Thursday-Kartik Mah
Positive directions-South and East
Bad time 1:37 pm to 3:02 pm
Good time 6:28 am to7:54 am
10:45 am to 1:35 and 4:28 pm to 5:54 pm
31-10-2014- Friday -Kartik Mah
Positive direction-South and East
Bad Time 10:45 amto 12:11 pm
Good time 6:29 am to 10:44
am and 12:12 pm to 1:36 pm and 4:28
pm to 5:53 pm
01-11-2014- Saturday -Kartik Mah
Positive directions-South and West
Bad time 9:20 am to 10:45 am
Good time 7:55 am to 9:18 am
and 12:11 pm to 4:27 pm
02-11-2014- Sunday - Kartik Mah
Positive directions - South and West
Bad time 4:26 pm and 5:52 pm
Good time 7:55 am to 12:11 pm
and 1:36 pm to 3:01 pm
03-11-2014-monday-Kartik Mah
Positive direction-West and North
Bad time 7:55 am and 9:21 am
Good time 6:30am to 7:54 am
and 9:22 am to 10:46 am and 1:36
pm to 5:51 pm
04-11-2014- Tuessday - Kartik Mah
Shuklapaksh-Dwadashi (Pradosh)
Positive directions-West and North
Bad time 3:00 pm to 4:25 pm
Good time 9:21 am to 1:35 pm
E-Mail: acharya.sarvesh@yahoo.com
Mobile: 9826609192
Vastu tips for wealth
Never make swimming pool,
water body or anything lower
than the normal ground level
in the South-West corner
(applicable to home, office or
any other building).
Place the cash locker or cash
almirah close to the South or
South-West wall so that it
opens in the North direction.
North is the direction of Lord
Kuber and opening of locker in
North direction allows Kuber to
fill it again and again. Avoid
placing cash locker in any
other direction.
Never ever, under any
circumstance, place the cash
locker under any beam as this
puts a lot of financial stress on
family or business.
One of the trick to attract
wealth is to place a mirror in
front of your cash locker so
that the mirror shows an
image of cash locker. This is
emblematic that your wealth is
OCTOBER 27 TO NOVEMBER 02 , 2014 (MP & CG)
aving given the
armed forces full
operational freedom
to respond to the escalation
of ceasefire violations by
Pakistan forces, Modi
strengthened the trust
between the country's civil-
ian authority and the armed
The PM has offered a
road map for reconstruction
of the devastated region that
can be effective in bringing
Jammu and Kashmir into
the mainstream of the coun-
try's growth story.
Delegations from Chambers
of Commerce and Industry,
Social Organizations and
NGOs, Civil Society
Organizations, Transport
Operators, Tour and travel
operators, fruit growers,
dealers and horticulture
institutions, educational
institutions, youth organiza-
tions, religious communities
and political groups called
on Modi.
The Prime Minister said
that a common thread run-
ning through the interaction
with all groups was the sug-
gestion that affected people
should be given help direct-
ly, a request he said would
be seriously considered. For
instance, it could be consid-
ered that assistance for
rebuilding houses could be
given directly to bank
accounts of beneficiaries, he
said. Before going to the
Kashmir Valley that was
devastated by floods last
month, Modi made a brief
visit to the Siachen glacier.
According to some political
observers, the BJP is hoping
to cash in on the anger of the
people against Chief
Minister Omar Abdullah's
patchy rehabilitation of the
seven lakh people displaced
by the September floods.
Modi also wanted to tell
Pakistan that the status of
Jammu and Kashmir is non-
Modis J&K trip fraught
with political significance
Special Central assistance to cyclone-hit
states to restore tourist facilities
The Centre will give special assistance to cyclone-hit
states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha for restoration of
Government tourist facilities, Ministry of Tourism said. As a
special case, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for
Tourism and Culture, pad Naik has announced a special
financial package for the restoration and reconstruction of
the affected Government tourist facilities in the States of
Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, Ministry of Tourism said. This
financial support will be over and above the infrastructure
development projects prioritized for grant of central finan-
cial assistance to the States during the current financial
year, the release added.
Taking pro-active measure in this regard, the Ministry of
Tourism has written to the State Governments, advising
them to assess the extent of damage caused to Government
tourist assets in their States and submit a detailed report on
the same to the Ministry of Tourism. Funds will be sanc-
tioned to the States, based on the report. The states of
Andhra Pradesh and Odisha have recently witnessed an
unprecedented natural calamity. The cyclonic storm
Hudhud has caused damage to the city of Visakhapatnam
and coastal districts in Andhra Pradesh and some areas of
Odisha have also been affected.
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has met various groups of flood-
affected people in Srinagar to understand their problems first-hand,
and listen to their suggestions on the rehabilitation process follow-
ing the recent floods. He interacted with flood-affected people of
Srinagar. Modi's trip was fraught with political significance that
goes beyond the BJP's electoral imperatives.

The Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft
Development Corporation Limited (JHARCRAFT) is
planning to develop the required infrastructure for a
silk park in Irba of Ranchi at an estimated cost of Rs
18.74 crore. The silk park when operational will pro-
mote silk and textile exports from the state and lead to
overall economic development of Jharkhand while pro-
viding employment opportunities to thousands of peo-
ple both directly and indirectly. JHARCRAFT propos-
es to develop the Silk Park on
a land measuring around 5.4
acres at Koilari village at
Irba, Ormanjhi circle, Ranchi
district, around 16 km north-
east of Ranchi city. The site is
located 16.3 km from Ranchi
Junction station and 24.4 km
from Birsa Munda Airport,
according to official data.
The major super-struc-
ture (built-up) components of
the Silk Park include an
Industrial block 1 - with
cocoon bank, reeling and
spinning units, dyeing and
bleaching units, yarn bank
and weaving units. On the
other hand, Industrial Block
2 will have Apparel Units,
Central Store, Standard
Design Factory/Unit, Packaging Unit, Testing and
Quality Control, Research and Development, Design
Unit as well as Training Units. As far as the
Administrative Block is concerned, it will have an
Administration Unit, Exhibition Hall, Commercial
Facility and sale outlet. The Conference Block will
have Conference Facility and guest house. Other than
this, there will be accommodation facilities and securi-
ty facilities. In this context, Jharcraft has invited bids
for construction of the Silk Park.
Silk Park to come up in Ranchi
Cosmetic, electronic retailers
suffer most as shoppers go online
PM to inaugurate World
Ayurveda Conference
on November 6
Govt to revamp the tax
system for the
small-scale sector
The Sixth World
Ayurveda Conference
(Akhil Bharat
A y u r v e d a
Mahasammelan), to be
held at
PragatiMaidan, New
Delhi, between
November 6 and 9
under the govern-
ments aegis, will be
the first of a series of
events proposedto celebrate the place of the fifth Veda in the main-
stream of the Indian public health system.
Announcing this recently, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health
Minister, said the brand new All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) com-
ing up at Jasola, Delhi, will admit the first batch of post-graduate stu-
dents during the academic year 2015-16.
Dr Vardhan said, One of my first decisions was to approve the
course content. I would like to see this develop into an institution com-
parable to the All India Institute of Medical Sciencesan AIIMS for
Ayurveda. The 200-bed, seven-storey referral hospital, also coming up
within the 10-acre campus, will begin to admit patients within six
months from now. AIIA will emerge as a Centre of Excellence dealing
with fundamental research, drug safety evaluation, standardisation,
quality control and scientific validation of Ayurveda medicines.
Elaborating on the format of the World Ayurveda Congress, Dr
Vardhan said it will comprise 5 plenary sessions and 25 technical ses-
sions on 15 research themes. In all, 750 scientific papers will be pre-
sented by scientists from India, Germany, Italy, USA, Argentina, Russia
and many other countries. The international delegate assembly,
International Seminar on Medicinal Plants organised by the National
Medicinal Plant Board and a Buyer Seller meet organised by
Pharmexcil will be the added attraction of the Congress.
The Minister announced plans to make it a public event through the
Arogya Expo which is envisaged as a health mela on Ayurveda, Yoga,
Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha andHomoeopathy systems of medicine. This
will be held as a sideline event to the World Ayurveda Congress. About
500 pharma companies dealing in Ayurvedic medicines will be partici-
pating. The public will be invited to see for themselves the wonders of
our traditional medicines. We will open free consultation facilities where
AYUSH doctors will examine all those who turn up and also distribute
free medicines. Live Yoga sessions are also planned, Dr Harsh Vardhan
said. The Minister, despite being an ENT surgeon from the field of mod-
ern western medicine, was forthright in his admiration of Ayurveda.
In order to boost local manu-
facturing and create jobs, govern-
ment is planning to revamp the
tax system for the small-scale sec-
tor, ship-building and special eco-
nomic zones (SEZs). The revenue
department has asked the com-
merce department to come up
with options related to
SEZs, an issue that is being
discussed for over a year
but has seen no progress, a
senior government officer
told the media. The finance
ministry has made it clear
that all tax related propos-
als -such as those related to
restoration of miHnimum
alternate tax and dividend
distribution tax exemption -will
only be taken up at the time of the
Budget. Further, discussions on a
new policy for the small-scale sec-
tor, including a reworked tax
regime, have also started with the
cabinet secretariat stepping in to
work out steps that will boost the
The recent trend of heavy dis-
count sales offered for the festive
season by e-tailers had impacted
hard the brick and mortar busi-
nesses. A survey showed that
offline vendors for items like cos-
metic, electronic and optical goods
have suffered the most.
Customers seldom visit my shop
this festive season. They want to
buy products with heavy discounts
which I cannot afford, said elec-
tronics and gadget vendor Bachan
Pointing to online retailers,
They purchase the goods in bulk
and sell them after slicing prices.
That is why they make profit easi-
ly, said cosmetic shop owner
Priyaraj Mirza. Both the shop
keepers claim that they paid taxes
for goods in their store. That is
the advantage online retailers
have as they capitalise on not hav-
ing to pay taxes with predatory-
pricing which has greatly hinder-
ing the offline businesses.
Also commenting on his sales
this season, optical goods seller
Shiv Balan said, Shoppers
seemed to have checked the prices
before visiting my shop. When I
disclosed to them the slight higher
price of the items available in my
store, they turned down my offer
and failed to return.
Asked what should be done to
resolve the issue, the shopkeepers
opined that trade regulators have
to put in place some measures to
curb such problems. Products
available in offline stores should
not be sold online and vice versa,
said mobile phone shop owner,
Meanwhile, pharma products
and cosmetics seller Abhay Pandey
is totally vexed with the situation.
It is hard to convince the cus-
tomers about the retail tax
online shops should be banned
immediately, he said.
Nevertheless, all is not lost.
Offline businesses that sell items
such as apparel, footwear, utensils
and artificial jewellery are not
affected much by the recent online
shopping trend. So far I have
enjoyed good business this season.
Shoppers visit my store as usual,
said apparel shop owner Pavneev.
Footwear shop owner, Mohit
expressed similar sentiments.
The number of customers visiting
my store has not decreased by the
recent big sales online, he said.
Clearly, with the large population
in India, the online shopping trend
though catching up fast will not
completely wipe out brick and
mortar businesses.
New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi
In India, more than a
billion people are still
offline. To try and bring the
internet to the reaches of
masses, a group of global com-
panies have teamed up to try
and bring down costs.
Internet.org is a consortium
that aims to connect the
masses. Perhaps the most
high profile partner is
Facebook, whose founder
Mark Zuckerberg says con-
nectivity is a fundamental
right. He came to India
The number of Indians
using the internet jumped by
about 25% last year from
2012, but the numbers are
still small compared to the
population. And the biggest
barrier to changing that is
cost. The next wave of poten-
tial internet users is lower
skilled workers, like shop
assistants, or street vendors.
But earning less than Rs
10,000 a month, and often
struggling to make ends meet,
many question whether they
can really afford internet
access. "The internet is some-
thing that we are uniquely
suited to help spread," says
Zuckerberg. "We are an infor-
mation technology company
and an internet company. We
understand these dynamics
well." Shopkeepers are among
the next wave of people likely
to use the internet. More than
80% of India's access to inter-
net is now via mobile phones.
But connections can be
painfully slow, especially in
crowded places. This does
nothing to encourage new
users. Swedish equipment
maker Ericsson is working on
ways to improve connectivity
without the need for expen-
sive infrastructure - like tech-
nology to boost existing
mobile signals indoors. The
devices can be fixed in places
like shopping malls, sports
arenas or even big office
buildings to boost signals. As
smartphones get more afford-
able, the number of users is
rising. Smartphone prices are
expected to fall by 40-50%
over the next three years.
Despite being one of the
largest telecom markets in
the world, with more than 90
crore mobile phone users,
operators in India have far
less spectrum than global
companies. The Indian gov-
ernment must try to make
more spectrum available if it
wants to realise its vision of
Digital India. Narendra Modi-
led administration's ambi-
tious plan is to offer govern-
ment services to all Indians
online, including through
smartphones by 2019. Unless
India finds solutions to some
very basic problems, despite
the government programmes
and industry push, reliable
and affordable internet access
will remain a distant dream.
Companies team up to bring internet
to the reaches of masses
Textile sector to focus on
new markets of CIS, China
Indias first smart city
taking shape in Gujarat
Gujarat, one of India's largest manufacturing
hubs and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home
state, is the site of the country's first smart city
built from scratch. Launched in 2007, Gujarat
International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) is Modi's
dream project and a joint venture between the
Gujarat state government and Infrastructure
Leasing & Financial Services.
The $12 billion smart city, located 12km from
Ahmedabad international airport and 8km from
the state capital, Gandhinagar, aims to become a
global financial hub, offering international com-
panies world-class infrastructure. "The project is
attracting a number of companies. The Bombay
Stock Exchange (BSE) Brokers' Forum has been
allotted 300,000 sq. feet (27,870 sq. meters) in
GIFT city for development of a commercial
tower," Gujarat Finance Minister Saurabhbhai
Patel said. The 358 hectare smart city is still
being built, however developers are trying to
speed up construction.
Gujarat, which had strong growth during
Modi's tenure as its chief minister, accounts for
16% of manufacturing in India and 25% of the
country's exports. "Gujarat ports also handle 33%
of India's cargo," Patel said.The idea for GIFT
city came about after Modi visited Hong Kong's
International Finance Center.
Minister of State for Textiles
Santosh Kumar Gangwar said in
order to expand Indias handicraft
market around the world, the sec-
tor has to focus on new markets of
the Commonwealth of Independent
States (CIS) and China. To
increase the export and to surpass
the target, it is important to focus
new and emerging markets such as
CIS, China and Japan, he said
during the inaugural ceremony of
Indian Handicraft and Gifts Fair
(IHGF) held in Noida. The minister
said that around 26.31 per cent of
the total exports of handicrafts are
being exported to the USA and
39.70 per cent to European coun-
tries. Citing the need for govern-
ment and the exporting community
to act unitedly for the promotion of
the sector, Gangwar said his min-
istry will support artisans
led programmes in this
direction. Handicrafts sec-
tor is one of the largest sec-
tors after agriculture in
providing employment to
more than 7 million arti-
sans and crafts persons who
are the backbone of this sec-
tor, he added. The 38th edi-
tion of Asias largest fair is
being organized by the
Export Promotion Council
for Handicrafts (EPCH)
from October 14 to 18, 2014.
Development Commissioner
(Handicrafts) SK Biswas, and
member of Legislative Assembly
Vimla Batham were also present at
the event. Biswas said the handi-
craft sector has tremendous market
potential due to its workmanship,
exquisiteness, eco-friendly nature,
ethnic yet contemporary designs
and crafts-persons.
EPCH Executive Director
Rakesh Kumar informed that
handicrafts exports have been
growing on an average annual
growth rate of 15 per cent during
the last decade. However, the
growth during the current year was
30.80 per cent in rupee terms as
compared to previous year. The
export of handicraft products dur-
ing 2013-14 was Rs 23,504.42 crore,
he said.
The indigenous breed of cow being disease
resistant and tolerant to tropical weather
conditions as compared to cross-bred cow has
great potential to increase the income of our
farming community. This was stated by Dr.
Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Union Minister of
State for Agriculture and Food Processing
Industries while inaugurating one-day
ICAR-NAVS Expert Consultation Meet on
Strategies for Enhancing Milk Productivity of
Indigenous Cattle, here recently.
He further added, for this purpose, only
the present Government has launched the
Rashtriya Gokul Mission for improvement of
indigenous cattle. Dr Balyan hoped that the
project will yield rich dividends. He said, the
Mission aims to conserve and develop indige-
nous breeds in a focused and scientific man-
ner, for which breeding facilities will be set up
for breeds with high genetic potential.
A well thought out cattle breeding policy
which was in place 50 years ago which includ-
ed selective breeding of indigenous milch cat-
tle breeds in their breeding tracts and to use
them for upgrading local cattle. However, the
policy was not followed in letter and spirit
and indiscriminate crossbreeding was done
which has resulted in erosion and dilution of
our rich germplasm of high yielding indige-
nous milch breeds, said Dr Balyan.
On the occasion, the Honorary Fellowship
of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences
was conferred on Dr Balyan by President of
the Academy. Dr Balyan has contributed sig-
nificantly in the area of agriculture sector in
general and livestock in particular. He has
been incessantly working for the cause of con-
servation of Indigenous breeds of livestock
which he feels are the treasure of our country.
One-day interactive Consultation Meet of
experts and other stakeholders was jointly
organized by Indian Council of Agricultural
Research (ICAR) through National Bureau of
Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Karnal;
Central Institute for Research on Cattle
(CIRC), Meerut and National Academy of
Veterinary Sciences (NAVS).
A.S. Thakur, Secretary, Department of
Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries,
Government of India, in his address, briefed
on various initiatives taken by the
Government for improvement of milk produc-
tivity and conservation of indigenous cattle
New Delhi
Indigenous Breed of Cow
Has Great Potential to
Increase Farm Income
New Delhi
Ministry of Steel to set up Steel Research
& Technology Mission of India
Minister emphasizes need
to increase productivity
of Milch Cattle
New Delhi: India ranks
first among the worlds lead-
ing milk producing nations
since 1998 and accounts for
about 17% of the cattle popu-
lation and 64% of the buffalo
population. However, there is
a great need to increase the
productivity of our milch cat-
tle. This was stated by Union
Agriculture Minister, Radha
Mohan Singh while address-
ing the first meeting of newly constituted
Parliamentary Consultative Committee here recently.
Introducing the subject of Dairying and the
achievements made by the new Government in this
field, he informed that the milk production in India
has reached 137.6 million tonnes in 2013-14 as com-
pared to 17 million tonnes in 1950-51. During the last
five years, the rate of increase in milk production has
remained at 4.2% which is higher than the growth
rate of population. As a result, per capita availability
of milk which was 130gm per day during 1950-51 has
increased to 302gm per day during 2013-14 which is
more than 186gm estimated for Asia and the world
average of 294gm.
About 60% Indian farmers are small and margin-
al, who collectively own almost 75% of the female
bovines but only 40% of farmland. Radha Mohan
Singh underlined the need for tapping the potential of
indigenous breed of cows. He informed that
Government of India has started Rashtriya Gokul
Mission with the objective of enhancing the milk pro-
duction and productivity of indigenous bovines, as
also to distribute the disease-free, high genetic merit
bulls of indigenous breeds for natural service.
India can use technology to
bridge teacher shortage gap
Ministry of Steel will set up a Steel
Research & Technology Mission of India
(SRTMI) to promote collaborative research
programmes in steel sector. The Union
Minister of Steel, Mines, Labour &
Employment, Narendra Singh Tomar
accorded in-principle approval for setting up
SRTMI, in a meeting with senior Ministry
officials on October 20, 2014. Tomar
remarked that SRTMI will be steel indus-
trys contribution to Make in India, Made in
India initiative. Investment on Research &
Development in the steel sector must
increase from present level of 0.2-0.3 % of
turnover to international benchmark of 1-2
% of turnover by the leading companies, he
added.The conceptualization of SRTMI was
done by a high level task force set up by the
Ministry of Steel. The task force had recom-
mended that SRTMI is to be formed as a reg-
istered society in close cooperation amongst
the steel companies, Ministry of Steel, aca-
demia and relevant institutions in the coun-
try. SRTMI will be governed by a Governing
Board of CEOs of steel and associated com-
panies, domain experts of national and
international repute, and one nominee from
Ministry of Steel. There will be an Oversight
Committee under the Chairmanship of
Secretary (Steel) to periodically assess the
functioning & performance of SRTMI.
SRTMI will carry out R&D in priority areas
of national importance covering best usage
of available raw materials & conservation of
natural resources, optimum energy conser-
vation & minimum emissions leading to
innovations and in-house development of
design, engineering & manufacturing facili-
ties of key steel plant equipment. The task
force further proposed that SAIL, Tata Steel,
JSW Steel, JSPL, Essar Steel, RINL, NMDC
& MECON will be the initial participating
companies who will sign MOU besides
Ministry of Steel.
New Delhi
India is beginning to change gears
on development and Prime Minister
Modi has spelt out his vision for an
emerging India. The country sees itself
as an emerging regional power with
growing global influence and if it wants
to realize this dream, it will need a larg-
er base of educated and skilled youth.
Unfortunately, achievements of edu-
cation in India are measured in numbers
rather than on quality and efficacy of
education. The government loves to trot
out numbers of primary and secondary
schools in India, the number of students
enrolled and the number of teachers
employed, across the country. The prob-
lem lies in the emphasis on numbers
and not quality. This misplaced empha-
sis is holding back India from developing
faster as a nation. India faces some seri-
ous challenges on its path to emerging
as a developed nation and these chal-
lenges need to be addressed on priority.
India should adopt
technology as teaching
and training aid
On World Teachers Day, UNESCO
Institute of Statistics (UIS) along with
Education for All (EFA) released a
Global Monitoring Report highlighting
the current and projected shortage of
qualified school teach-
ers, globally. The
report presents a vast
opportunity for India
to offer well trained
teachers to global
communities, after
meeting its own
demand for qualified
But most teachers
at the school level still
follow the age-old
method of teaching
which is neither
inspiring nor motivat-
ing for young chil-
dren. In the tradition-
al approach to teach-
ing, there is no mech-
anism to encourage
young minds to exper-
iment, explore and
analyze, as a process of learning.
Standard class room lectures do not
address the issue of varied levels of
learning capabilities in children.
Technology today, can address this
problem by providing standardized
teacher training, by taking over most of
the teaching content using standardized
training content, modern teaching
methodology, and instant monitoring
and self-assessment of teaching skill
improvement. Prime Minister, Narendra
Modi has spoken well to identify the
global opportunity for skilled labour by
2020 and Indias potential to meet this
However, he will need to do more to
bring all states on board to share his
vision and the opportunity and get all
states to adopt technology and univer-
sal teachers training, which will not
only improve the job prospects for
respective state citizens but also raise
the overall standard of teaching in
oger Federer has his
sights set on ending the
year as the world's top-
ranked player after the 33-year-
old claimed his fifth title of the
year in his home town on. The
17-times grand slam champion
outclassed David Goffin 6-2 6-2
to win the Swiss Indoor tourna-
ment in Basel for a sixth time,
moving ever closer to Serbian
Novak Djokovic at the top of the
rankings in the process. A
strong finish at the Paris
Masters and the ATP World
Tour Finals could see him end
the year as number one for the
first time since 2009 -- proof
that his skills are not in decline
despite the advancing years
and two sets of twins.
"It would be very special, you
can't say it's not important,
world number one, it's what it's
all about really, together with
some tournaments you really
care about," Federer told the
ATP's official television channel
after his 51-minute thrashing of
Goffin. "With the year I've had
and the amount of finals I've
played, the level of tennis I've
played, I'm really pleased that I
have a shot at being there. "But
I'm sure Novak will be very
motivated. It's going to be inter-
esting weeks ahead." Federer,
whose 302 weeks as world num-
ber one is a record, as is his
streak of 237 consecutive weeks
atop the rankings, is less than
500 points behind Djokovic
with a combined 2,500
points up for grabs in
Paris and London.
Djokovic won both of
those titles last year
and therefore cannot
significantly add to
his haul as he will
be defending
points, while
Federer lost in the
semi-finals at both
events and can poten-
tially close the gap. Federer
was at his majestic best at
times against Goffin, the
Belgian who has rediscovered
his best form since
Wimbledon, winning 43
out of 45 matches, includ-
ing on the Challenger
Tour, to rocket up the
w o r l d
s t a n d -
ust days after shocking the football fraternity by declaring they were
shutting down for the season due to acute funds crunch, the city's
123-year-old club Mohammedan Sporting today announced that they
would play in all tournaments and resume practice tomorrow. "After the
wide media coverage (of our shutdown), we've started getting sponsors
now. Talks are on and things have started looking bright," Mohammedan
Sporting president Sultan Ahmed, told.
The Durand Cup reigning champions would compete in the tourna-
ment with the quarterfinal league beginning in Goa on October 28, said
Ahmed, an MP. "We'll play in all tournaments and will go to Goa to
defend our title in the Durand Cup.
We'll also take part in the second division I-League, the Kalinga Cup
and the IFA Shield," he said. He condemned reports by a section of the
media suggesting that the heritage club was being disbanded. "Nothing
of such happened and it appeared in a bad taste. Things were not good so
we had decided not to compete in the upcoming season. But now we have
many sponsors coming in," Ahmed said.
He further said the club would resume their practice at the East
Bengal ground tomorrow as their own club ground was not properly
maintained with overgrown grass and bushes. "We hope to get our
ground ready by February and also start fulfilling the club licencing
criteria," Ahmed said. The club, meanwhile, made Jameel Manzar
the working president on health grounds, while cricket secre-
tary Moin Bin Maksud was given the extra responsibili-
ty of the club's general secretary at its executive
committee meeting today.
Sania-Cara Black clinch WTA Finals doubles title
Mohammedan Sporting makes U-turn, decides to play in all tournaments
Mohammedan Sporting makes U-turn, decides to play in all tournaments
Sri Lanka's preparation
for India series not 'ideal,'
says Angelo Mathews
Roger Federer wins Basel
title, eyes world top spot
ri Lanka cricket captain Angelo Mathews said
Sunday his team did not have sufficient time to pre-
pare for the One-Day International (ODI) series in
India, starting Nov 2, when they agreed to fill the void in
the calendar after the West Indies players abandoned their
India tour due to a payment dispute with their board. "The
preparation for the series is not that great. We only had a
few practice sessions, especially with the weather interrupt-
ing. It is not the ideal preparation for an Indian tour but we
will do our best to prepare ourselves and take it as it comes,"
Mathews was quoted as saying.
Sri Lankan players were in the middle of a break when
they were called up to play a five-match series after their
board agreed to Board of Control for Cricket in India's
(BCCI) request to play in India. "We had a good break to
improve our physical fitness and now we have to maintain
that. I am sure during the Indian matches we won't be able
to do strenuous training as we did in the past one and a half
months but we will try and maintain it and look at it posi-
tively," the 27-year-old said. "We were preparing for the
England series because we knew that there weren't any
tours coming before that. We were focused a lot on fitness
and just started batting three days ago.
We only had a few skill-training sessions. We needed to
reach our peak levels during the England series but now
that we've been thrown into a challenge we will try our best
to be prepared as much as we can." Sri Lanka were due to
host England in late November after playing Pakistan at
home in August. They had planned to utilise this break to
rest some players and concentrate on physical training ses-
sions. Sri Lanka will reach India Oct 28 and begin the tour
with a practice game against India A in Mumbai Oct 30.
"We will try to use the series to keep our momentum going
and get our World Cup combinations right, that will be our
main focal point.
Singapore: Indian ace Sania
Mirza and her Zimbabwean
partner Cara Black ended the
season and their partnership
on a remarkable high by clinch-
ing the WTA finals women's
doubles title with a comprehen-
sive triumph in the summit
clash here on Sunday. Sania
and Cara, making their debut
at the season finale, prevailed
6-1 6-0 over Su-Wei Hseih of
Chinese Taipei and Shuai Peng
of China in a clash that lasted
just about an hour. In a com-
pletely lop-sided contest, third
seeds Sania and Cara did not
concede a single break point to
their second-seeded rivals. The
Indo-Zimbabwean combination,
which would be breaking up
after this, broke the East
Asians thrice in the opening set
itself and were decisively better
with their first serve. Sania
and Cara were even more dom-
inant in the second set, break-
ing Hseih and Peng thrice
again to race away with the
match and the title.
'PK' is the
toughest role of
my career so far,
says Aamir Khan
uperstar Aamir Khan, often
touted as Bollywood's perfection-
ist, says his role in upcoming
comedy-drama PK is one of the most
challenging role of his career. The 49-
year-old actor released the Rajkumar
Hirani-directed film's first trailer on
the occasion of Diwali. "I have been
working for the last 25 years and PK
is by far my toughest role in my
career. I have not blinked in the
movie. We had discussed a lot about
shaping up my character but we felt
everytime that something is missing,"
Aamir, who would be seen in a quirky
avatar, said. In the film, Aamir's
character is an admirer of betels. "PK
is fond of paan. I am too. During the
shooting of the film I must have con-
sumed near about 100 paans. There
used to be a paanwala on the set for
us," Aamir said.
PK would be the second collaboration
between Aamir and the National-
award winning director after super
hit film 3 Idiots. Hirani took five
years to complete the film. "When I
was finishing 3 Idiots I realised that I
should start my next film and at that
point of time I and Abhijat (Joshi)
went for a walk at Borivli National
Park. And there we thought of PK and
then Abhijat went to USA. And we
used to discuss the topic and thus the
film happened. It took five years to
finish because the script took a long
time as we tried to convey a strong
message in an entertaining way,"
Hirani said. Anushka Sharma plays
the female lead in the film and she
would be seen in a completely new
look. "I am very excited to play the
role in PK. When we were doing cos-
tume trial we went for different looks
with the wigs and glasses. And final-
ly when the look worked out I am get-
ting a lot of compliment specially all
the girl wants to have a hairstyle like
me," said Anushka, who was also
present at the event.
Oops! Mindy Kaling was mistaken for
Malala Yousafzai at New Yorker fest
hile no one can deny that Mindy
Kaling has a great sense of
humour and can always be trusted to
come up with witty repartees, if need be,
the comedian and actress was recently
left speechless at the New Yorker festi-
val, when an 80-year-old man mistook
her for Nobel laureate from Pakistan
Malala Yousafzai and congratulated her
on her Nobel win.
According to a New York Times article,
titled 'Mindy Kaling Hasnt Won a Nobel
Prize. Yet.', Kaling was at the bar of the
Boom Boom Room for a VIP after-party
of the festival when a tipsy old man came
to Kaling and showered praises on her,
thinking she was the 17-year-old Nobel
winner, Malala Yousafzai.
The man also marvelled at how wonder-
fully she has recovered after being shot
at by Taliban militants. While Kaling
couldn't get herself to set the record
straight and correct the drunken man,
when he left, Kaling wondered out loud,
"Did he really think Im Malala?" and
then she added, "And that if I were, Id
be at the Boom Boom Room? However,
Kaling did think it was quite funny and
said that it was the best thing that hap-
pened to her all night.
asala entertainment movie making lesson number 1: if you cast
Shah Rukh Khan in your movie, it will eventually make money, no
matter how stupid, tiresome and humorless it is. Case number 157: Happy
New Year, aka the new Farah Khan Vanity Project for the lowest of the
lowest common denominator audience. There are hundreds of ways in
which a movie could disinterest you, although few films come as close to
scaling the peak of boredom as Happy New Year does. This is a film that
exists for no other reason but to parade the astonishing star power of its
hero to the aam janta. Intelligence and quality dont matter. Sure, there
have been worse desi films this year, but none have treated its audience in
such a casually dismissive fashion. The
movie looks and feels like a home
video project that was intended for
appreciation by precisely two peo-
ple in the entire universe - Farah
and Shah Rukh Khan.
I was about an hour into Happy
New Year before I started wonder-
ing what the heck it was about. It
seemed to be about Charlie
(SRK) planning a
heist against a
with his
for some reason,
they participate in
a dance competi-
tion thats supposed
to be a front for the
t seems that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are
taking their relationship to the next level. It was
only last month though that there were reports of the
couple breaking up, all's well in the lover's paradise
or so it seems. In fact so much so, that the two have
decided to introduce their family members to each
other. "A reliable source informs us that Virat's
family made a casual visit to Anushka's subur-
ban Mumbai penthouse just before the crick-
eter started preparing the ODI series with
West Indies," stated a Pinkvilla report.
While we all know that the when parents
meet, it means things are taking a serious
turn, some media outlets have already
gone ahead of themselves and declared
that an engagement might be on the cards
for the two. Virat Kohli and Anushka
Sharma have been grabbing headlines
ever since they were first spotted together
during the tour of New Zealand and unfor-
tunately not for the right reasons. During
the England series, the couple were back in
the news when it was reported that the actress
was staying in the same hotel as Virat Kohli with
permission from the BCCI.
This SRK starrer is
Oceans 11 re-writ-
ten by baboons
Virat, Anushka's
parents meet, spark
engagement rumours
OCTOBER 27 TO NOVEMBER 02 , 2014 (MP & CG)
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Bureaucrats face new challenges
every day: Union Minister
BJP chose Khattar for his
organisational & political skills
BJP chose Khattar for his
t is not often that a first-
time legislator gets to be
Chief Minister. In Haryana,
Manohar Lal Khattar was
chosen by the BJP for the top
job not for his legislative
experience or administrative
expertise, but for his organi-
sational and political skills.
Khattar joined the BJP from
the ranks of the RSS, where
he was an active pracharak,
and was put in charge of the
partys affairs in several
States in the last two
In Haryana, his inputs
went into the BJPs making
and breaking of alliances
with some of the regional
parties the Haryana
Vikas Party, the Indian
National Lok Dal and the
Haryana Janhit Congress.
With every new alliance the
BJP grew stronger, until in
the latest Assembly election
it found the confidence to
fight on its own. At least
some of the credit for the
partys growth in the State
at the expense of its allies
should go to Khattar. In
many ways, this is a reward
for Khattar, a form of recog-
nition for his efforts to over-
come the BJPs weaknesses
in Haryana. It is also an
expression of gratitude by
the Narendra Modi-Amit
Shah team to Khattar for his
having worked closely with
them. Modi was himself an
organisation man before he
became Chief Minister of
Gujarat. In choosing
Khattar over other aspi-
rants, the BJP also signalled
that it was not getting into
the game of playing the Jat
card in Haryana.
Jats constitute a domi-
nant caste group in the
State, and large sections of
them now form the backbone
of the Indian National Lok
Dal led by Om Prakash
Chautala, which finished
second behind the BJP. But
for the BJP, as for the
Congress, the support base
is more diverse, and the
choice of Khattar reflects
this fact. Meanwhile, BJP
leader Nalin Kohli expressed
hope that Haryana will wit-
ness a clean, effective and
responsive administration
under the leadership of
Khattar. "It is a matter of
satisfaction and also happi-
ness for us that the people of
Haryana voted overwhelm-
ingly and with their bless-
ings today a BJP full majori-
ty government is being
sworn-in," Kohli said.
"It also clearly is a reflec-
tion on the leadership of
Prime Minister Narendra
Modiji, the work of his gov-
ernment. And under
Manohar Lal Khattarji a
good clean, effective and
responsive administration
will be there in Haryana," he
Union Minister of State
(Independent Charge) of Science
& Technology and Earth Sciences,
MoS PMO, Personnel, Public
Grievances & Pensions, Atomic
Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra
Singh said that Indian bureau-
crats need constant re-orientation
because they are faced with new
challenges every day, the expecta-
tion level is high, the conditions
across the country are heteroge-
neous and above all, they are
expected to develop the skill of
adjusting with every new political
dispensation under which they
work. The Minister was address-
ing a group of senior IAS officers
at the Curtain Raiser pro-
gramme of the Mid-Career train-
ing at Lal Bahadur Shastri
National Academy of
Administration (LBSNAA),
Mussoorie, here recently. Dr.
Jitendra Singh said, the IAS offi-
cers attending todays programme
are drawn from the 1985-87
batches and hold high positions of
Joint Secretary at the Centre or
Principal Secretaries in the State
and therefore, they are them-
selves also capable of providing
valuable educative inputs from
their personal experience to the
budding bureaucrats at LBSNAA.
These officers are now going to
get elevated to the highest rungs
of bureaucracy and decision mak-
ing in the government where they
would be called to conceptualize
new policies for 21st century and
hence it is this lot of bureaucrats
who will be playing the historic
role of being the architects of
India emerging as a world power
in the next few years, he added.
Describing as misnomer the
description that IAS is a replica
or legacy of the erstwhile Indian
Civil Service (ICS) of British Raj,
Dr. Jitendra Singh pointed out
that the basic scientific difference
between the two is that while an
ICS officer was expected to collect
revenue and hence called a
District Collector, an IAS officer,
on the other hand, is expected to
generate revenue and hence
called District Development
Dr. Jitendra Singh said, the
Narendra Modi government at
the Centre has taken upon itself
the task of ensuring good gover-
nance which would be, at the
same time, people-friendly and
development-oriented and there-
fore, certainly it is the bureau-
crats responsibility to translate
this dream into a reality. The
Union Cabinet Secretary Ajit
Seth, Union Secretary Personnel,
Sanjay Kothari and Director
LBSNAA, Rajiv Kapoor also
spoke on the occasion.
New Delhi

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