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Stabroek News: KN Boss reports AG to cops over alleged threats on recording?

Dear Editor,

I refer to the SN-story KN boss reports AG to cops over alleged threats on recording - govt stands by
Nandlal (http://www.stabroeknews.com/2014/news/stories/10/28/kn-boss-reports-ag-cops-alleged-
threats-recording/ ) , its more detailed version (inclusive of recording/transcript) in the Kaieteur News
Attorney General Reveals Plans to hit Glenn Lall, KNews
knews-2/ ) and would appreciate the opportunity to comment.
As Guyana grinds its way inexorably to most corrupt nation status, an entire nation hangs its head in
disgrace as it reels in the grotesque revelations of a fortuitous recording between its Attorney-General
Anil Nandlall and a reporter associated with a local newspaper , Kaieteur News:
(http://www.youtube.com/embed/ULy9FNMCV38?rel=0 ).
How can we NOT now have a no-confidence motion against the party and Government associated with
former President Bharat Jagdeo?
And since the AG is a lawyer, how can this matter NOT find its way before the Guyana Bar Association
and its counterparts in the Caribbean?
Can the Attorney-General, and will the Attorney-General, now face disbarment?
The script gets worse. Eight years ago, the then-aspiring Attorney-General, in a surreal outburst of
opportunistic egotism, wrote the words that will serve as epitaph to his professional career and this
hasty lawsuit against the reporters newspaper: I respectfully submit that, even if the law afforded a
right to privacy in Guyana, having regard to the nature of the matters contained in the recorded
conversation, and the status and standing of the persons allegedly engaged in that conversation, that
right to privacy would have had to bend and bow to the constitutional right to free expression. This has
been submitted so that the lay public is not misled on vital matters of law.
Yet he mounts a hasty $30 Million legal challenge to the facts in the recording which he has not denied.

Is this not the definition of delusion? Res ipsa loquitur the thing speaks for itself!

We should thank the Attorney-General for confirming what we have long maintained ... that the
insidious "Kshatriya" or "Chatree" are not a figment of our considerable imaginations as the
Ethnic Relations Commission would have had us believe in 2004 as we argued for the retention of Dr.
Kean Gibson's "The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana".

The tragedy of adopting a social and political policy premised upon If you are not Indian, you are
nobody has been addressed initially in The Case for Scholarship in Kean Gibsons Book and Greed,
Genocide and now Green: Corruption and Underdevelopment in Guyana
Underdevelopment-in-Guyana ), and now this falsehood, this calumny, this gross indecency has now
taken its expectedly grotesque evolutionary step in this taped bombshell to become they gun just
walk with their weapon into that same f**king Saffon street office and wha come suh do and
innocent, Peter gun gah pay fuh f**king Paul in deh one day, me ah tell you innocent, me a tell you
honestly man to man that will happen soon (In case you missed it, these words emanated from the
mouth of Guyanas current Attorney-General)

Guyanas Attorney-General, Mohabir Anil Nandlall, would follow up that statement to the reporter with
the following words: my first advice to you is that you should move out of there it is a dangerous
f**king place to work, is a dangerous place because that, I am telling you, read between the lines this
thing not going to go on for long

Gibson followed up with "Sacred Duty: Hinduism and Violence in Guyana" ... and we again thank the
Attorney-General for confirming what Evan Radhay Persaud, the Indian Arrival Committee and Prem
Misir went out of their way to deny in trying to get "The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana" banned
... the vibrant and active propagation of the "right" of the "Chatree" to rule and dominate minorities
within and without the Indian jati (nation), and to use violence to that end.

And now a fountain of foul-smelling and loathsome denial will follow this incriminating audio recording
(http://www.youtube.com/embed/ULy9FNMCV38?rel=0 ), and the embattled AG will doubtless find
little solace in the pre-trial analysis of the trial of US Lawyer Robert Simels, adequately summarized in
Lawyer plotted to kill and bribe witnesses in drug goon's trial feds (
article-1.323165 ) .

That scenario, and its consequences or record (Matter of Simels: Courthouse News Service; Decided on
March 13, 2012) is initially instructive to the dilemma now facing Guyana's Attorney-General Mohabir
Anil Nandlall, as are the implications of a letter he wrote to the press in March of 2006 captioned "There
is no Right to Privacy Known to the Laws of Guyana" (
http://www.guyanaundersiege.com/Security/FelixLetters.htm ). The denial will insult the sensibilities
of all who hear or listen to it!

The callous and indifferent references of the AG to the female KN reporter/staffer features heavily in
this new recording/indictment, and all right-thinking Guyanese should take note.

This, then, finally, also validates much of what we argued almost 10 years ago in
"The Marginalization of Persons of African Origin in Guyana"
(http://rogerwilli.blogspot.in/2009/07/marginalization-of-persons-of-african.html ).

We still have not explained the deaths of hundreds of young Blacks in Guyana under the tenure of
former President Bharat Jagdeo, and the prospect via this recording of the alleged and intended
formation of an "elitist press corps" controlled by "BJ" (Bharat Jagdeo?) and the AG offers no indication
or confidence that the matter will be addressed in detail anytime soon outside of an enterprising
Stabroek News/Kaieteur News expose'.

So we quote Vishal Mangalwadi yet again: "... Empires that have lost credibility and the moral right to
exist can continue to exist like buildings with poor foundations or trees with rotten roots. They collapse
only when a tremor or a flood hits them. Likewise, untrue ideologies tend to continue until truth liberates
their victims...."

The flood, sadly, is now with us, and is well documented:

1. Evidence Highlights Jagdeo/Sattaur Plot to Shutdown Kaieteur News:
( http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2014/10/04/evidence-highlights-jagdeosattaur-plot-to-
shutdown-knews/ )
2. The Truth about the Bai Shan Lin Episode

3. The Media and Telecommunication Heist of Guyana

4. The Sanata Complex Giveaway

5. The Marriott Scheme

6. The Berbice Bridge Scheme

7. The Tale of Bharat Jagdeo and His Best Friend Bobby Ramroop

8. Bharat Jagdeo, Winston Brassington and Amaila Hydro: Whos Going to Jail for This?

We copy this letter to the Secretary General of CARICOM, the Trinidad Bar Association, the Bar
Association of the Caribbean and the Commonwealth Secretariat, and repeat the question:

Why this deafening silence on Guyana as it grinds its way inexorably to most corrupt nation status?

Yours faithfully,
Roger Williams
October 29, 2014