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1. ASME B 31.3 piping is used for construction of new piping installation. and is
applicable to all piping within the battery limits of Process plants ( Ecept Power
Plants! and Petroleum "e#nery
$. "e%ised edition and addenda of ASME B 31.3 &ode may be used from beginning
with date of issue. But they become mandatory from ' months after issue date.
3. (actor of safety used in ASME B31.3 is ) 3 (based on *ensile Strength!
+. *able A,1B of B 31.3 &ode gi%es weld -oint .uality factor for manufactured pipes.
*he factor can be increased for Electric (usion welded pipes by conducting
additional radiography (spot or full! as per *able 3/$.3.+.
0. Minimum "e.uired *hic1ness (t! for a pipe of outside diameter (2! and made
from material ha%ing safe stress (S! and sub-ected to internal pressure (P! is gi%en
t +
) ( 2
E ) weld point factor
5 ) material co,e6cient (*able 3/+.1.1!
& ) corrosion and other allowances
'. Maimum internal pressure for a pipe for gi%en metal thic1ness is wor1ed out by
substituting a%ailable thic1ness ( 7ett of &orossion Allowance! in abo%e formula
and calculating the re.uired internal Pressure (P!.
8. *hic1ness of a permanent blan1 for the pipe is gi%en by3
dg t + =
4here9 dg ) the inside diameter of gas1et
:. &ode B31.3 classi#es ;uids as &ategory 2 (10 < 10/ psi design Pr.! &ategory M
(toic!9 and category = (high pressure!.
>. *he ;uids which are not category 29 M or = are called normal ;uids.
1/. Safe stress %alues shall be ta1en from *able A < 1A (stress table!.
11. *he material can not be used for lower temperature (if double line is to the left! or
higher temperature (if double line is to the right!.
1$. *he thic1ness calculated shall be corrected for 1$.0? negati%e tolerance.
13. &hoose the same schedule as selected for pipe for all #ttings
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1+. "einforcement pad is not re.uired if branch pipe si@e is les than smaller of $A or
(1B+ Ceader pipe dia!
10. "einforcement pad of dia e.ual to $ opening dia and thic1ness same as header
pipe is gi%es safe reinforcement.
1'. Df temperature < thic1ness combination falls on or abo%e the material cur%e ((ig.
3$3.$$!9 impact testing is 7E* re.uired. (Df below the cur%e < impact testing is
18. (or AS*M material speci#cations9 pre# letter has following meaning3
A ) (errous materials
B ) 7on,ferrous materials
& ) 7on,metallic materials
1:. "einforcement pad is not re.uired for standard tee branches.
1>. (or #nding out the re.uired ;ange rating as per B1'.09 #rst #nd out which table
(Pressure < *emperature rating table! to refer for that material. (lange rating then
can be read out from that table for gi%en condition of design pressure and design
$/. All listed materials (*able 3$'.1! can be used for piping construction according to
ASME B31.3 &ode. (or unlisted materials9 safe stress shall be wor1ed out on the
same basis as the &ode ((actor of Safety ) 3!. Fnlisted materials can not be used
for any pressure parts.
$1. Materials can be used up to gi%en minimum temperature in table A,19 without
impact testing.
$$. (or lower temperatures9 go to (ig. 3$3.$.$. Df temperature < thic1ness combination
falls on or abo%e the material cur%e ((ig. 3$3.$$!9 impact testing is 7E* re.uired.
(Df below the cur%e < impact testing is re.uired.!
$3. *o 1now which material is represented by which cur%e ((ig. 3$3.$.$9 cur%es A9 B9
&9 2!9 go to table A,1 (stress table!.
$+. (or impact testing9 3 specimen are re.uired. Df the a%erage of 3 specimen G )
A%erage and
a. Halue of only one specimen is less than a%erage but more than
minimum for one specimen I Accept
b. Halue of one specimen is less than a%erage and also less than minimum for
one specimen I "etest
c. Halue of two specimen is less than a%erage I "etest
After retest9 all specimen must ha%e %alue G ) A%erage Halue
$0. Df %alue of a%erage of 3 is less than re.uired a%erage I "e-ect
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$'. *able 33/.1.1 gi%es re.uired and recommended pre,heat temperature.
"ecommendation becomes re.uirement if ambient temp is J / K &.
$8. Dn dissimilar pipe -oints higher temperature of the two is to be used for pre,
$:. P4C* *able (331.1.1! gi%es temperature range9 minimum and maimum hardness
%alues. Cardness sur%ey shall be done for 1/? samples for furnace P4C*9 and
1//? for local P4C*.
$>. *hermal epansion and contraction for diLerent temperatures is gi%en in *able &,
1. *o determine total epansion net eLect shall be considered.
3/. .(or use of listed materials the Fpper limit of temperature for materials shall be
same as that gi%en in *able A,1.
31. Fse of &ast Drons is prohibited in shoc1 loading conditions
3$. (or -oining une.ual schedule pipe9 tapering or step,slot shall be made inside
thic1er pipe for weld #t,up.
33. (or #llet weld9 the throat of #llet weld is calculated as throat ) /.8/8 si@e of weld.
3+. All welding shall be done by .ualifying procedures and welders according to ASME
Sec. DM.
30. Purpose of procedure .uali#cation is to ma1e sure that the procedure used in
welding (current9 %oltage9 electrodes9 etc.! are capable of producing weld with
re.uired strength and ductility.
3'. *he purpose of performance .uali#cation (welder .uali#cation! is to chec1 s1ill of
the welder to produce good .uality welds.
38. All 72* (P*9 "*9 M*9 H*9 F*! shall be carried out according to ASME Sec. H.
3:. After fabrication and inspection of piping9 but before #rst operation9 hydrostatic
pressure should be carried out on completed piping.
3>. (or acceptance criteria of Production welds refer table 3+1.$.3 of B31.3 for3

a! 4eld reinforcement
b! (or "adiographic results
c! Neneral acceptance of welds
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