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MTH111 Midterm 1 Review: Scheduled 5/1 in class

Format of the midterm:

The midterm will have a no calculator section that will be followed by the calculator allowed
section. The questions will hit the main toics from each chater. !"ect an emhasis on
understandin# notation and definitions$ alyin# concets in conte"t$ and seein# functions modeled
al#ebraically$ #rahically and in table form. This midterm accounts for 1%& of your overall course
#rade and your avera#e on midterms/final must be above '(& to ass the class.
Topics that are fair game:

chapter 1: Function definition as defined by tables$ #rahs$ and formulas) function notation$
calculatin# and interretin# avera#e rate of chan#e$ definitions of increasin# and decreasin#
functions$ everythin# you*ve ever learned about linear functions. +e covered sections 1.1 throu#h
1.5 in the te"t.
chapter 2: Evaluatin# functions$ findin# inut values and solvin# equations$ definitions of domain
and ran#e$ findin# domain and ran#e from #rahs$ tables$ and formulas$ choosin# realistic domains
and ran#es deendin# uon the conte"t$ function notation$ concavity of #rahs. +e covered sections
,.1$ ,., and ,.5 in the te"t.
chapter 3: Review of quadratic functions: findin# intercets$ line of symmetry$ and verte". +e
reviewed section %.1.
chapter 4: E"onential functions and constant & chan#e$ #eneral form$ #rahs$ identifyin#
e"onential functions from tables$ modelin# e"onential functions from tables and #rahs$ &
chan#e on an interval -what is the overall ercenta#e chan#e for 1. years/0$ comarin# linear and
e"onential models. 1lyin# an understandin# of e"onential functions in conte"t is 2ey. +e
have covered sections 3.1 throu#h 3.5 in the te"t.
4ee in mind these toics fall under the cate#ory of 5fair #ame5 which means they may or may not
show u on the midterm. !"ect multile s2ills and concets to be combined into roblems.
How to organize study time:
ma2e a schedule6
ta2e inventory: what are you #ood at/ what do you still need to wor2 on/
focus on your wea2er sots$ reread sections and notes$ as2 questions$ study homewor2 and focus
s2im chater summaries and ractice roblems from review sections
time trials77force yourself to do some roblems quic2ly -then review0
review/reta2e the qui88es and #raded roblems
9on*t rocrastinate) ta2e advanta#e of tutorin#$ office hours$ and study #rous.
:e sure to #et a #ood ni#ht slee and eat a healthy brea2fast before the midterm.
How to optimize points:
;irst$ understand your #oal: accumulate as many oints as you can.
quic2ly s2im over the test before startin#
do the questions in the order that is easiest to you
don*t send a ton of time on a question worth very few oints
don*t send a ton of time on a question if you don*t have a clue<don*t leave it blan2 either.
never ma2e u your own rules for al#ebra
remember to use tables$ #rahs and al#ebra if you #et stuc2
verify when ossible -tables/#rahs/formulas/reasonableness0
1lways try to 2ee your wor2 neat and clearly identify your answers.
Practice questions:
1 few #ood roblems from the te"t:
chater 1 review a#e 5.: = '$ >$ ($ 15$ 1>$ ,1$ ,%$ 31$ 3'
chater , review a#e ?>: = %$ >$ ($ 1,$ ,>$ ,?$ %1$ 3>$ 5%
chater % review a#e 11>: = 1$ ?$ 1,$ %,
chater 3 review a#e 1'(: = 1$ %$ 5$ 1'$ 1>$ ,>$ %1$ 51$ >1$ >5
oc! Test:
50min to complete
10 9efine a function$ domain and ran#e. 9etermine the domain of the followin# functions:
f (x)=>," h( x)=
,0 +ithout a calculator$ s2etch f (x)=1'x
and g( x)=
x+3 . @abel hori8ontal and
vertical intercets. 9etermine the domain and ran#e of each function.
%0 An ,..'$ Bortland had a oulation of 5%> thousand eole. +e will assume that the oulation is
increasin# at a rate of 1.,& er year.
a0 +rite a formula$ P(t), with P(t) measured in thousands and t measured in years after
,..'$ that could be used to redict the oulation.
b0 +hat should the oulation be in ,.,./
c0 !valuate and interret:
d0 Cse a table to solve

. Anterret your result.
e0 :y what ercent should the oulation increase in ten years/
30 9etermine a formula for a linear function throu#h the oint -($ 1.0 that is erendicular to .
g( x)=13+'"
50 V (r)=
measures the volume of a shere in terms of the radius. Suose that r is
measured in cm.
a. !valuate and interret: V(9).
b. Solve V(r) = 5000$ interret your result.
c. !valuate and interret D-150 7 D-?0 with a one7ste calculator entry$ round your result to
the nearest whole number.
'. +rite e"onential equations that satisfies
a0 E-"0 #oes throu#h the oints -3$ 30 and -($ (0
b0 H-t0 has initial value 3.$ nominal rate increasin# 5& and comounded 3 times er year
>0 S2etch the #rahs below$ label a"is and intercets.
There are many correct answers.

f(x) b mx

= + +
( ) f x ax bx c
where bF. and mG. where a G . and c F .
f (x)=ab
where a F% and bG 1