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frowsy adj

-1. (person, clothing) desaliado(a) -2. (atmosphere) con olor a cerrado

frowsy also frowzy adj, frowsier also frowzier, -est US informal : having a messy or dirty
appearance a frowsy old sweater. frowsy hair
creepy adjective comparative creepier , superlative creepiest
making you feel nervous and a little frightened :
There's something creepy about the building.

drowsy adjective comparative drowsier , superlative drowsiest

1 tired and almost asleep, sometimes because you have eaten, taken drugs, or because you are in a
warm place :
Cold medicines can make you feel drowsy.
2 so peaceful that you feel relaxed and sleepy :
a drowsy rice-farming village
drowsily adverb drowsiness noun [ uncountable ]
drool 1 verb [ intransitive ]
1 to have SALIVA (= the liquid in your mouth ) come out of your mouth :
This stupid dog drools all over the place.
2 to show in a silly way that you like someone or something a lot
Sarah was drooling over the lead singer through the whole concert.
cuddle 1 verb [ intransitive, transitive ]
to hold someone or something very close to you with your arms around them, especially to show that
you love them :
Jenny sat on the couch, cuddling a stuffed toy dog.
THESAURUS hug , embrace , hold
see THESAURUS box at HUG 1
cuddle up phrasal verb
to lie or sit very close to someone or something :
We cuddled up in bed to watch the movie.
cunning 1 adjective
1 disapproving using clever, but unfair or dishonest ways of getting what you want, especially ways
that involve deceiving people :
She was a cold and cunning woman whose victims were lonely men.
THESAURUS intelligent , smart , bright , brilliant , wise , clever , intellectual , gifted
2 using clever methods to achieve something :
a cunning plan
3 a cunning object or piece of equipment is useful, unusual, and has been designed in a clever way
SYN ingenious :
a cunning model of the world
4 old-fashioned attractive :
a cunning red hat
cunningly adverb
stuffed-up adjective
if you or your nose is stuffed-up, you are unable to breathe easily through your nose because you
have a cold
stuffy adjective comparative stuffier , superlative stuffiest
1 a stuffy room or building does not have enough fresh air in it :
It's very stuffy in here.
2 disapproving a stuffy person is too formal and has old-fashioned ideas
stuffily adverb
stuffiness noun [ uncountable ]

stumpy adjective comparative stumpier , superlative stumpiest informal

short and thick in an unattractive way
chubby adjective comparative chubbier , superlative chubbiest
fat in a pleasant healthy-looking way :
He was this cute, chubby baby.
chubby cheeks
THESAURUS fat , fat , overweight , big , heavy , large , obese , plump , stout , tubby
see THESAURUS box at FAT 1
chubbiness noun [ uncountable ]
chunky adjective comparative chunkier , superlative chunkiest
1 chunky food has large pieces in it :
chunky peanut butter
2 thick, solid, and heavy :
chunky silver jewelry
3 someone who is chunky has a broad, heavy body
adj [more ; most ] often disapproving : expressing strong beliefs or judgments
about something : having or showing strong opinions an articulate and opinionated critic People don't
expect such opinionated commentary in what is supposed to a news article.
flatter 1 : to praise (someone) in a way that is not sincere He flattered her with comments about her
youthful appearance. His comments flattered her. You're just flattering me.
2 : to cause (someone) to feel pleased by showing respect, affection, or admiration It flattered her to
be asked to sing at their wedding. usually used as (be) flattered She was flattered when they asked her
to sing. I'm flattered that he asked me out, but he isn't my type.
HUNK informal : an attractive man That actor is such a hunk! hunky adj, hunkier, -est informal That
actor is so hunky!
hook up [phrasal verb] 1 informal : to join together to do something The two men hooked up to
form a new company. often + with. She hooked up with a guitarist and drummer.
2 chiefly US, informal : to meet at a place We are planning to hook up after the game. often + with
We plan to hook up with our friends after the game.
3 hook (someone) up chiefly US, informal 3 a : to cause (someone) to have a friendly or romantic
relationship with someone They hooked him up with some new friends. [=they introduced him to some
new friends] She tried to hook him up with [=fix him up with] one of her friends. 3 b : to provide
(someone) with something that is needed or wanted
brownnose verb, -noses, -nosed, -nosing [+ obj] informal + disapproving : to try to get the approval
of (an important or powerful person) by praise, flattery, etc. He has been brownnosing everyone in the
company just to get a bigger office.
brownnoser noun, pl -ers [count] That girl is a brownnoser. brownnosing noun [noncount] I can't
stand his brownnosing.
BURNED OUT , burn out or burn (something) out or burn out (something) : to stop working or
cause (something) to stop working because of too much use or careless use The engine burned out. If
you keep running the engine like that you're going to burn it out.
4 burn out or burn (someone) out also burn out (someone) : to become or cause (someone) to
become very physically and emotionally tired after doing a difficult job for a long time : to suffer
burnout or cause (someone) to suffer burnout
knowing exactly what you want to do and being determined to achieve it, even if other people advise
you against it ; OPP weak-willed

noun [ countable ]

someone who is likely to be successful because they are very determined and have a lot of energy :
She's a real go-getter.
adjective approving
giving help or encouragement, especially to someone who is in a difficult situation :
My family is very supportive.
Of All the team members are very supportive of each other.
team player
noun [ countable ] informal
someone who works well with other people in order to achieve something, especially in business
adjective comparative comfier , superlative comfiest spoken
comfortable : a comfy chair
adjective disapproving
doing things only because they will give you an advantage that other people do not have :
self-seeking politicians
1 thinking that someone might be guilty of a crime or of doing something wrong, without being sure
Police became suspicious of them after a tip-off.
His strange behavior made me suspicious .
2 likely to be illegal or morally wrong SYN suspect :
a suspicious package
under/in suspicious circumstances
His wife disappeared under suspicious circumstances.
anything/something suspicious
Residents are asked to report anything suspicious to police.
a suspicious character (= a person you do not know, who is behaving in a way that makes you
suspicious )
3 feeling that you do not like or trust someone or something
Many people are suspicious of new technology.
adj [more ; most ] 1 : serious and quiet because you are thinking She looked at
me with a thoughtful expression. He looked thoughtful for a moment.
2 : done or made after careful thinking a thoughtful book/gift pages of thoughtful criticism 3 : showing
concern for the needs or feelings of other people : considerate. a thoughtful gesture Her husband is
always thoughtful. That's very thoughtful of you. opposite THOUGHTLESS thoughtfully adv thoughtfully
prepared He looked at me thoughtfully. thoughtfulness noun [noncount]
hard-headed adjective
practical and able to make difficult decisions without being influenced by your emotions :
a hard-headed manager hard-headedness noun [ uncountable ]
hard-hearted adjective
not caring about other people's feelings SYN unfeeling
hard-heartedness noun [ uncountable ]
hard-line adjective
having extreme political beliefs, and refusing to change them :
the candidate's hard-line views
see also take a hard line at HARD 1 ( 16 )
hard-nosed adjective [ usually before noun ]
not affected by emotions, and determined to get what you want

SYN hard-headed :

a hard-nosed negotiator

1 hardened criminal/police officer etc. a criminal, officer etc. who has had a lot of experience with
things that are shocking and is therefore less affected by them
2 become hardened toward/to something to become used to something shocking because you
have seen it many times :
Many inner-city residents have become almost hardened to the violence.
hard-hitting adjective
criticizing someone or something in a strong and effective way :
a hard-hitting TV documentary
harsh 1 adjective
1 harsh conditions are difficult to live in and very uncomfortable SYN severe :
the harsh conditions in the refugee camps
harsh winter/weather/climate
the harsh Canadian winters
the harsh realities of life in the inner cities
2 cruel, or strict, or not nice :
They suspended him? That seems pretty harsh.
the harsh treatment of women in this culture
The movie has received harsh criticism .
He had harsh words (= strong criticism ) for Republican leaders.
3 unpleasantly loud and rough ; OPP soft :
a harsh voice
4 unpleasantly bright ; OPP soft :
The stage lighting is harsh.
5 ugly and not nice to look at :
the harsh outline of the factories against the sky
6 a cleaning substance that is harsh is too strong and likely to damage the thing you are cleaning
harshly adverb
harshness noun [ uncountable ]

kind-hearted adjective
kind and generous
pushy / pi / adjective
( pushier , pushiest )
( informal , disapproving ) trying hard to get what you want, especially in a way that seems rude
a pushy salesman
Her parents were never pushy although they encouraged her acting ambitions from an early age.
pushiness noun [ uncountable ]
His pushiness made him unpopular.
loudmouth / ladma / noun ( informal )
a person who is annoying because they talk too loudly or too much in an offensive or stupid way
loud-mouthed / ladmad ; ladmat / adjective
lousy / lazi / adjective ( informal ) ( lousier , lousiest ) 1 very bad awful , terrible
What lousy weather!
I've had a lousy day.
She felt lousy (= sick) .
2 [ only before noun ] used to show that you feel annoyed or insulted because you do not think that
something is worth very much

All she bought me was this lousy T-shirt.

He offered me a lousy $100 for it.
3 lousy with something/someone having too much of something or too many people
This place is lousy with tourists in August.
stunning / stn / adjective
1 extremely attractive or impressive
You look absolutely stunning!
a stunning view of the lake
His performance was simply stunning.
2 extremely surprising or shocking
He suffered a stunning defeat in the election.
stunningly adverb
stunningly beautiful
a stunningly simple idea
grueling / rul / adjective
very difficult and tiring, needing great effort for a long time
a grueling trip/schedule
I've had a grueling day.
gruesome / rusm / adjective
very unpleasant and filling you with horror, usually because it is connected with death or injury
a gruesome murder
gruesome pictures of dead bodies
( humorous ) We spent a week in a gruesome apartment in Miami.
gruesomely adverb
grumpy / rmpi / adjective
( grumpier , grumpiest )
( informal ) bad-tempered
grumpily / rmpli / adverb
grungy / rndi / adjective ( informal )
dirty in an unpleasant way
grubby / rbi / adjective
( grubbier , grubbiest )
1 fairly dirty, usually because it has not been washed or cleaned
grubby hands/clothes
dusty filthy muddy soiled grubby stained
These words all describe someone or something that is not clean.
dirty not clean; covered with dust, soil, mud, oil, etc: Put your dirty clothes in the hamper.
dusty full of dust; covered with dust: shelves full of dusty books
filthy very dirty and unpleasant: It's absolutely filthy in here.
muddy full of or covered in mud: Don't you come in here with those muddy boots on!
soiled ( somewhat formal ) dirty, especially with waste from the body: soiled diapers
grubby ( somewhat informal ) somewhat dirty, usually because it has not been washed: He hoped she
wouldn't notice his grubby fingernails.
stained ( often in compounds ) covered with stains; marked with a stain (= a dirty mark that is difficult
to remove) : a pair of paint-stained jeans

dirty/dusty/filthy/muddy/soiled/grubby/stained clothes
dirty/dusty/filthy/grubby hands

a dirty/dusty/filthy room
to get dirty/dusty/filthy/muddy/stained
2 unpleasant because it involves activities that are dishonest or immoral
a grubby scandal
grubbiness noun [ uncountable ]
grouchy / rati / adjective ( informal )
bad-tempered and often complaining
cranky adjective comparative crankier , superlative crankiest
very easily annoyed, especially because you are tired SYN crabby , grumpy , grouchy :
I was feeling tired and cranky.
a cranky old man
crankiness noun [ uncountable ]
disappointing / dspnt / adjective
not as good, successful, etc. as you had hoped; making you feel disappointed
a disappointing result/performance
The outcome of the court case was disappointing for the family involved.
The team has had a disappointing start to the season.
disappointingly adverb
The room was disappointingly small.
disruptive / dsrptv / adjective
causing problems, noise, etc. so that something cannot continue normally
She had a disruptive influence on the rest of the class.
be bad news (for someone/something)
to be likely to cause problems
Central heating is bad news for indoor plants.
Oxford Advanced American Dictionary
busybody / bzibdi / noun
( pl. busybodies )
( disapproving ) a person who is too interested in what other people are doing
He's an interfering old busybody!
nosy ( also nosey ) / nozi / adjective ( informal , disapproving )
too interested in things that do not concern you, especially other people's affairs
nosy neighbors
Don't be so nosyit's none of your business.
nosily / nozli / adverb
nosiness / nozins / noun [ uncountable ]
sassy / ssi / adjective
( sassier , sassiest )
( informal )
1 ( disapproving ) (especially of children) rude; showing a lack of respect
sassy behavior
a sassy remark
sassy insolent
disrespectful impolite
impertinent discourteous
These are all words for people showing a lack of respect for other people.

rude having or showing a lack of respect for other people and their feelings: Why are you so rude to
your mother? It's rude to speak when you're eating.
sassy ( informal ) (especially of children) rude in an amusing or an annoying way: sassy behavior a
sassy remark
insolent ( somewhat formal ) very rude, especially to someone who is older or more important
Insolent is used especially to talk about the behavior of children toward adults.
disrespectful ( somewhat formal ) showing a lack of respect for someone or something: Some people
said he had been disrespectful to the President in his last speech.
impolite ( somewhat formal ) not behaving in a pleasant way that follows the rules of society: Some
people think it is impolite to ask someone's age.
Impolite is often used in the phrases It seemed impolite... and It would be impolite... .
impertinent ( formal ) not showing respect for someone who is older or more important
discourteous ( formal ) having bad manners and not showing respect: He didn't wish to appear

rude/sassy/disrespectful/impolite/discourteous to someone
rude/impolite/impertinent to do something
2 ( approving ) fashionable and confident
his sassy, streetwise daughter
a sassy black linen dress
sissy / ssi / noun
( pl. sissies )
( informal , disapproving ) a boy that people laugh at because they think he is weak or frightened, or
only interested in the kinds of things girls like
The other boys kept calling him a sissy and a wimp.
sissy adjective
tricky / trki / adjective
( trickier , trickiest )
1 difficult to do or deal with
a tricky situation
Getting it to fit exactly is a tricky business .
The equipment can be tricky to install.
2 ( of people ) intelligent and skillful but likely to trick you
gold digger noun ( informal , disapproving )
a woman who uses the fact that she is attractive to get money from men
spaced out ( also spacey ) adjective ( informal )
not completely conscious of what is happening, often because of taking drugs
He sat in the corner looking completely spaced out.
snobbish / snb / ( also informal snobby / snbi / ) adjective ( disapproving )
thinking that having a high social class is very important; feeling that you are better than other people
because you are more intelligent or like things that many people do not like
snobbishness noun [ uncountable ]
snoop / snup / verb, noun
[ intransitive ]
( informal , disapproving )
to find out private things about someone, especially by looking secretly around a place
snoop (around something) Someone's been snooping around my apartment.
snoop (on someone) journalists snooping on politicians

snoopy adjective
snoopy reporters
1 ( also snooper ) a person who looks around a place secretly to find out private things about
2 [ singular ] a secret look around a place
He had a snoop around her office.
snooty / snuti / ( also informal snotty ) adjective
( snootier , snootiest )
( disapproving ) treating people as if they are not as good or as important as you
snootily / snutli / adverb
snootiness / snutins / noun [ uncountable ]
snippy / snpi / adjective ( informal )
rude; not showing respect
sniffy / snfi / adjective
sniffy (about something)
( informal )
not approving of something or someone because you think they are not good enough for you
They were very sniffy about letting us in without jackets.
sneaky / sniki / adjective
( sneakier , sneakiest )
( informal ) behaving in a secret and sometimes dishonest or unpleasant way
I took a sneaky glance at my watch.
That was a sneaky trick!
sneakily / snikli / adverb
snazzy / snzi / adjective
( snazzier , snazziest )
( informal ) ( of clothes, cars, etc. ) fashionable, bright, and modern, and attracting your attention
a snazzy tie
snazzy graphics for the new computer game
snarky / snrki / adjective ( informal )
criticizing someone in an unkind way
a snarky remark
smutty / smti / adjective
[ usually before noun ]
( informal )
( of stories, pictures, and comments ) dealing with sex in a way that some people find offensive
smutty jokes
smug / sm / adjective ( disapproving )
looking or feeling too pleased about something you have done or achieved
a smug expression/smile/face, etc.
What are you looking so smug about?
smugly adverb
He smiled smugly as the results were announced.
smugness noun [ uncountable ]
There was a hint of smugness in her voice.
smooth-talking adjective ( usually disapproving )
talking very politely and confidently, especially to persuade someone to do something, but in a way that
may not be honest or sincere

a smooth-talking lawyer
smelly / smli / adjective
( smellier , smelliest )
( informal ) having an unpleasant smell
smelly feet
smart aleck ( also smart alec ) / smrt / ( also smart-ass , smarty-pants ) noun ( informal ,
disapproving )
a person who behaves as if they know everything and likes to show people this in an annoying way
slush / sl / noun
2 ( informal , disapproving ) stories, movies, or feelings that are considered to be silly and without value
because they are too emotional and romantic
Her novels are full of sentimental slush.
slushy adjective
slushy pavements
slushy romantic fiction
sluggish / sl / adjective
moving, reacting, or working more slowly than normal and in a way that seems lazy
sluggish traffic
a sluggish economy
the sluggish black waters of the canal
He felt very heavy and sluggish after the meal.
The growth of the export market has helped to compensate for sluggish demand at home.
sluggishly adverb
sluggishness noun [ uncountable ]
slowpoke / slopok / noun ( informal )
a person who moves, acts, or works too slowly
slow-witted adjective
not able to think quickly; slow to learn or understand things
slovenly / slvnli / adjective
careless, messy, or dirty in appearance or habits
He grew lazy and slovenly in his habits.
slovenliness noun [ uncountable ]
sloppy / slpi / adjective
( sloppier , sloppiest )
1 that shows a lack of care, thought, or effort
sloppy thinking
Your work is sloppy.
a sloppy worker
2 ( of clothes ) loose and without much shape
a sloppy T-shirt
3 ( informal ) romantic in a silly or embarrassing way
a sloppy love story
4 containing too much liquid
Don't make the mixture too sloppy.
( informal ) She gave him a big sloppy kiss.
sloppily / slpli / adverb
a sloppily run department
sloppiness / slpins / noun [ uncountable ]
There is no excuse for sloppiness in your work.

slippery / slpri / adjective

1 ( also informal slippy ) difficult to hold or to stand or move on, because it is smooth, wet, or polished
slippery like a fish
In places the path can be wet and slippery.
His hand was slippery with sweat.
2 ( informal ) ( of a person ) that you cannot trust
Don't believe what he sayshe's a slippery customer.
3 ( informal ) ( of a situation, subject, problem, etc. ) difficult to deal with and that you have to think
about carefully
Freedom is a slippery concept (= because its meaning changes according to your point of view) .
the/a slippery slope
a course of action that is difficult to stop once it has begun, and can lead to serious problems or
She realized he was on the slippery slope toward a life of crime.
slimy / slami / adjective
( slimier , slimiest )
1 like or covered with slime
thick slimy mud
The walls were black, cold and slimy.
2 ( informal , disapproving ) ( of a person or their manner ) polite and extremely friendly in a
way that is not sincere or honest
sleazy / slizi / adjective
( sleazier , sleaziest )
( informal )
1 ( of a place ) dirty, unpleasant, and not socially acceptable, especially because sex is involved
a sleazy bar
a sleazy neighborhood
2 ( of people ) immoral and unpleasant
a sleazy reporter
sleaziness noun [ uncountable ]
slack / slk / adjective, noun, verb
( slacker , slackest )
1 not stretched tight
She was staring into space, her mouth slack.
The rope suddenly went slack.
slack muscles
2 ( of business ) not having many customers or sales; not busy
a slack period
Wednesdays are always slack.
slack demand for beef
3 ( disapproving ) not putting enough care, attention, or energy into something and so not
doing it well enough
He's been very slack in his work lately.
Discipline in the classroom is very slack.
We lost because of some slack defending on our part.
slackly adverb
Her arms hung slackly by her sides.
slackness noun [ uncountable ]
[ uncountable ]
1 the part of a rope, etc. that is hanging loosely
There's too much slack in the tow rope.
2 people, money, or space that should be used more fully in an organization
There's very little slack in the budget.

3 very small pieces of coal

see also slacks
cut someone some slack
( informal )
to be less critical of someone or less strict with them
Hey, cut him some slack! He's doing his best!
take up the slack
1 to improve the way money or people are used in an organization
2 to pull on a rope, etc. until it is tight
We took up the slack and then pulled as hard as we could.
[ intransitive ]
to work less hard than you usually do or should do
slack off (on something) to do something more slowly or with less energy than before
He's gone from success to success in his movie career, and there's no sign of him slacking off.
skimpy / skmpi / adjective
( skimpier , skimpiest )
1 ( of clothes ) very small and not covering much of your body
a skimpy dress
2 ( disapproving ) not large enough in amount or size
a skimpy meal
They provided only skimpy details.
cocky / kki / adjective
( cockier , cockiest )
( informal ) too confident about yourself in a way that annoys other people
For a young man on his first day at work, he's remarkably cocky.
cockiness noun [ uncountable ]
hassle / hsl / noun, verb
[ countable , uncountable ]
( informal )
1 a situation that is annoying because it involves doing something difficult or complicated that needs a
lot of effort
It's a hassle having to travel with so many bags.
Send them an e-mailit's a lot less hassle than calling.
legal hassles
2 a situation in which people disagree, argue, or annoy you
Do as you're told and don't give me any hassle!
Try not to get into a hassle with this guy.
hassle someone (for something/to do something)
( informal )
to annoy someone or cause them trouble, especially by asking them to do something many times
Don't keep hassling me! I'll do it later.
Your brother's been hassling me for cash.
nag / n / verb, noun
( -gg- )
nag (at someone)
1 [ intransitive , transitive ] ( disapproving ) to keep complaining to someone about their behavior or
keep asking them to do something
Stop naggingI'll do it as soon as I can.
nag someone (to do something) She had been nagging him to paint the fence.
2 [ intransitive , transitive ] to worry or irritate you continuously
nag at someone A feeling of unease nagged at her.
nag someone Doubts nagged me all evening.

( informal )
1 ( disapproving ) a person who often complains to someone about their behavior or keeps asking
them to do something
Dont be a nagyoull get an answer when I make a decision.
2 ( old-fashioned ) a horse
musty / msti / adjective
( mustier , mustiest )
smelling damp and unpleasant because of a lack of fresh air
a musty room
a musty smell of old books
These clothes smell musty.
staggering / str / adjective
so great, shocking, or surprising that it is difficult to believe
They paid a staggering $8 million for the house.
staggeringly adverb
staggeringly beautiful/expensive
freeloader / frilodr / noun ( informal , disapproving )
a person who is always accepting free food and housing from other people without giving them
anything in exchange
freeload verb [ intransitive ]
freeloading adjective, noun [ uncountable ]
naughty / nti / adjective
( naughtier , naughtiest )
1 ( especially of children ) behaving badly; not willing to obey
a naughty boy/girl
( humorous ) I'm being very naughtyI've ordered champagne!
2 ( informal , often humorous ) slightly offensive and connected with sex
a naughty joke/word
naughtily / ntli / adverb
naughtiness / ntins / noun [ uncountable ]
flabby / flbi / adjective ( informal , disapproving )
( flabbier , flabbiest )
1 having soft, loose flesh; fat
flabby thighs
He's gotten soft and flabby since he gave up running.
2 weak; with no strength or force
a flabby grip
a flabby argument

compelling adj [more ; most ] 1 : very interesting : able to capture and hold your attention The novel
was so compelling that I couldn't put it down. 2 : capable of causing someone to believe or agree
compelling evidence He made a compelling argument. 3 : strong and forceful : causing you to feel that
you must do something I would need a very compelling reason to leave my job. She had a compelling
need to share what she had heard. a compelling desire compellingly adv The novel was compellingly
overwhelming adj [more ; most ] 1 : very great in number, effect, or force The response was
overwhelming. overwhelming [=very strong] evidence/support an overwhelming majority/success
2 used to describe something that is so confusing, difficult, etc., that you feel unable to do it She
found the job overwhelming at first. overwhelmingly adv The town voted overwhelmingly for the new
library. an overwhelmingly difficult task

Gossip [count] : a person who often talks about the private details of other people's lives He's a terrible
supportive adj [more ; most ] : giving help or encouragement to someone She has very supportive
parents. Try to be more supportive of your teammates.
spring for [phrasal verb] spring for (something) US, informal : to pay for (something) : to spend money
on (something) She refuses to spring for a new coat. I'll spring for dinner.

a : to pay for someone's food, drink, or entertainment [no obj] Let's go out to dinner. I'll treat. [+ obj]
usually + to They treated us to lunch. 3 b [+ obj] : to provide (someone) with something pleasant or
soak in 2 : to enjoy feeling or experiencing (something pleasant) in usually a slow or relaxed way We
went to the beach and soaked up the sun/sunshine all afternoon. I sat at my table for an hour soaking
up [=savoring] the atmosphere of the caf. The performers stood on the stage, soaking up the
2 informal : very dishonest, bad, or immoral a slimy businessman/politician slimy business practices 3
informal : causing disgust : offensive Get your slimy fingers off my jacket.
slinky adj, slinkier, -est 1 : fitting closely to the body in a sexy way a slinky black dress The dancers
wore slinky costumes. 2 : slow in a sexually attractive way the song's slinky rhythm slinky dance
1wimp noun, pl wimps [count] informal : a weak person who lacks confidence, courage, etc. I was too
much of a wimp [=coward] to confront him.
mosey verb, moseys, moseyed, moseying [no obj] US informal : to walk or move in a slow and relaxed
way I think I'll mosey (on) over to the post office and see if the mail has come in yet. He moseyed up to
the bar. mosey along [phrasal verb] informal : to go away : leave I'm finished here, so I'll just mosey
along now.

touchy-feely adj [more ; most ] informal + usually disapproving : very emotional and personal : tending
to show emotions very openly. Some teachers get all touchy-feely with their students. touchy-feely
yucky also US yukky adj, yuckier also yukkier, -est [also more ; most ] informal 1 : causing discomfort,
disgust, or a strong feeling of dislike : unpleasant and disgusting The water was dirty and smelled
yucky. yucky food 2 : having an unpleasant feeling in your stomach : somewhat sick I felt yucky after
eating all that cake.
yummy adj, yummier, -est [also more ; most ] informal : very pleasing to the taste : delicious a yummy
gripping adj, always used before a noun [more ; most ] : very interesting and exciting a gripping story
about a slave's escape to freedom grippingly adv a grippingly exciting story

grisly adj, grislier, -est [also more ; most ] : causing horror or fear : very shocking a grisly
[=gruesome] murder The jurors saw grisly photos of the crime scene.
2bust verb, busts, busted also Brit bust, busting [+ obj] informal 1 : to break (something): such as 1 a
: to cause (something) to stop working by damaging it. He busted his watch when he fell. I think the
camera is busted. 1 b : to cause (something) to separate into parts or pieces bust a window 2 a : to
arrest (someone) Police busted 12 gang members on weapons charges. She got/was busted for drug
or bust informal used to say that you will do everything possible to get somewhere The sign on the car
said New Orleans or bust!
sweep (someone) off his/her feet : to make (someone) suddenly become very attracted to you in a
romantic way She says that he swept her off her feet, and they were married six months later.
sweeten up [phrasal verb] sweeten up (someone) or sweeten (someone) up informal : to be very
nice to (someone) in order to get something . He's been trying to sweeten his mother up so she'll lend
him the car.
[+ obj] informal : to manage or deal with (something) successfully usually used in negative statements
He just couldn't hack the new job. often used in the phrase hack it After two weeks at the new job,
he decided that he just couldn't hack it.
hack (someone) off also hack off (someone) informal : to make (someone) angry and annoyed
It really hacks me off to see people treated so unfairly.

hackneyed adj [more ; most ] : not interesting, funny, etc., because of being used too often : not fresh
or original hackneyed phrases/jokes
dirty old man noun [ countable ] informal disapproving
an older man who is too sexually interested in younger women