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CBSE PSA for Class 9 carries 60 MCQs of 60 Marks and is compulsory exam for all students.
Now it is very clear that CBSE Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) is very important for
students of class 9th as its score will reflect in their final result. The key to mark a good success
in this exam is the Practice. Sample Pt dr shnmO` odqr for CBSE PSA Class 9 will serve the
purpose of practice for PSA Exam. This CBSE PSA R` l okd O` odqr 2015 for Class 9 are based
on the r ` l okd o` odq issued by the CBSE.

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Section A Language Convention

Note This sectIon of the pt dr shnmo` odq contains 24 questions each hmDmf khr g Language and
GhmchK` mf t ` f d. A candidate is required to attempt all the 24 questions In one language only
(either in English Language or In Hindi Language).
Directions (Q. Nos. 1-8) Read the following passage carefully and select the most suitable
option from each list according to the corresponding number in the passage.
According to Fqddj l xsgnknf x, Atlas was a Titan of enormous strength. After
being defeated by the God Zeus, Atlas was forced to carry the Earth and the sky
for an eternity. In depictions of Atlas, he is shown as a stooped figure carrying the
globe on his shoulders. Because of his association with the globe, maps began to be
decorated with this image of Atlas. Accordingly, the word atlas became a nickname
for ` bnkkdbshnmne maps. Today, an Atlas refers to any book that consists of a bound
collection of maps. e.g., an Atlas can be made up of maps of the countries
of the world or of the states of the United States. Sometimes, an Atlas will also contain
graphs and charts with other statistical information about the culture, religion, climate
or government of the onot k` shnmne a given area.
1. In line 1, the word enormous could be replaced with
(a) gigantic
(b) unprecedented
(c) tremendous
(d) significant
2. In line 2, the word forced could be replaced with
(a) compelled
(b) defeated
(c) made
(d) asked
3. In line 3, the word eternity could be replaced with
(a) afterlife

(b) infinity
(c) future
(d) age
4. In line 3, the word depictions could be replaced with
(a) designs
(b) illustrations
(c) bodies
(d) photographs
S. Inline 3, the word stooped could be replaced with
(a) standing
(b) walking
(c) rising
(d) bent
6. In line 4, the word association could be replaced with
(a) organisation
(b) partnership
(c) affiliation
(d) separation
7. Which of the following is the correct spelling of the word statisticl?
(a) Statistical
(b) Stitistical
(c) Statestical
(d) Statestecal
8. Which of the following is the opposite in meaning to bound as used in line 6 above?
(a) Coerced
(b) Forced
(c) Inbound

(d) Unbound
Directions (Q. Nos. 9-12) Complete this passage by selecting the most suitable word/phrase
from list to fit the corresponding gap.
Delinking of jobs from degrees is one of the 9 ____ features of our education policy. There has
been a 10 ____ fall if, competence in the academic field in recent years. There is ` eknnc of
degree holders in the country, as a result, universin degrees have 11 ____ their value and
charm while tilt number of students in colleges and universities of tilt country has been 12 ____
9. Which of these fits gap 10 ?
(a) expected
(b) sheer
(c) rough
(d) steep
10. Which of these fits gap 11 ?
(a) mislaid
(b) lost
(c) increase
(d) found
11. Which of these fits gap 12 ?
(a) slowly
(b) hastily
(c) deeply
(d) waiting
12. Which of these fits gap 9 ?
(a) trivial
(b) unachievable
(c) irrelevant

(d) salient
Directions (Q. Nos. 13-16) Complete this passage by selecting the most suitable word/phrase
from list to fit the corresponding gap.
Consequently, thousands of graduates and post-graduate come out of these institutions and
stand 13 _____ waiting to get some 14 _____ job 15 _____ in the country. Moreover, these degree
holders do not have any technical or vocational knowledge needed for a particular job. As a
result, the number of educated unemployed has been rising 16,__ . It has created a very serious
13. Which of these fits gap 14 ?
(a) suitable
(b) remain
(c) study
(d) live
14. Which of these fits gap 15 ?
(a) frequency
(b) occurrence
(c) event
(d) chance
15. Which of these fits gap 16 ?
(a) horribly
(b) regularly
(c) everyday
(d) slowly
16. Which of these fits gap 13 ?
(a) outside
(b) inside
(c) in queues

(d) tension
Directions (Q. Nos. 17-20) Complete this passage by selecting the most suitable word/phrase
from list to fit the corresponding gap.
Jamshedji 17 very well that an industrial revolution can only be brought into the country by
setting up iron and r sddkhmct r sqx. 18 he did not live to see the industry he had in mind, he had
done all 19 work. In fact, he laid the groundwork for it. He had planned the entire steel city
now known as Jamshedpur, complete with streets, roads, schools, parks, playgrounds, temples,
mosques, churches, etc.His 20 was fulfilled by his sons, Dorabji Tara and Ratan Tara, when
they started the Tara Iron and Steel Factory in 1907, just after 3 years of his death.
17. Which of these fits gap 18 ?
(a) Because
(b) Although
(c) Surprisingly
(d) Luckily
18. Which of these fits gap 19?
(a) insignificant
(b) complete
(c) trivial
(d) preliminary
19. Which of these fits gap 20?
(a) need
(b) task
(c) dream
(d) industry
20. Which of these fits gap 17?
(a) felt
(b) planned

(c) thought
(d) knew
Directions (Q. Nos. 21-24) Complete this passage by selecting the most suitable word/phrase
from list to fit the corresponding gap.
Most of us are 21 of open conflict and avoid it if we can. And there is a 22 to expressing and
working through conflict. If the working involves harsh words and name-calling, people feel
deeply hurt and relationships can be 23 . Some group members may be afraid that if they
really 24 their anger, they may go out of control and become violent.
21. Which of these fits gap 22 ?
(a) challenge
(b) principle
(c) chance
(d) risk
22. Which of these fits gap 23 ?
(a) established
(b) maligned
(c) dmbnt q` f dc
(d) rebuilt
23. Which of these fits gap 24 ?
(a) sublimate
(b) express
(c) minimise
(d) regulate
24. Which of these fits gap 21 ?
(a) scared
(b) careful
(c) reckless

(d) aware

Section B Qualitative Reasoning

25. Which of these statements reflects a similarly between three words given below?
Pacto Time : Maid: Butler
(a) They are employed in restaurants
(b) They are persons who look after children
(c) They are different types of servant
(d) They are the members of the household
26. If the words below were organised according to a logical sequence. Which would come
(a) leaf
(b) Stem
(c) Root
(d) Flower
27. Idioms are saying that convey more than a surface or literal meaning.
Select the correct, deeper meaning for the following idiom. One should not stay idle at home
but be up and doing.
(a) Sleeping
(b) Active
(c) Working
(d) Reading
28. You are sitting among the friends and an argument erupts. You know that you are right but
some others are opposing your view point without any edge that too aggressively. You__
(a) will start fighting with them
(b) will place your arguments politely
(c) will keep quiet and let than overpower you
(d) will start keeping your views in an aggressive way
29. Consider the relationship within statement Aluminiumis to bauxite as iron is to
haematite. Which of the words below completes the following statements?

Water is to oxygen as salt is to __

(a) iron
(b) sodium
(c) calcium
(d) proteins
30. Colours are believed to influence how we think, feel and behave. Studies have shown that
people associate certain colours with emotions. When choosing colours, designers consider
the impact they may have on peoples understandings and feelings.
Commonly recognised colour association include.
Blue : Trust, cold, sadness
Green : Balance, calm, freshness
Purple : Leadership, wisdom, intuition
Yellow : Happiness, warmth, fun
Red : Heat, energy, appetite
Use the above information to answer the following question.
For a political institution, the colour chosen would most likely be
(a) purple
(b) red
(c) green
(d) blue
Directions (Q. Nos. 31-36) Read the following information in the passage and answer the
questions given below.
A Mystery
Something is very wrong, says the detective.
I know! says Ms Gervis. It is wrong that someone has stolen from me!
The detective looks around Ms Gervis apartment. That is not what I am talking about,
maam. What is wrong is that I do not understand how the robber got in and out.

Ms Gervis and the detective stand in silence. Ms Gervis eyes are full of tears. Her hands are
The robber did not come through the window, says the detective. These windows have
not been opened or shut in months.
The detective looks at the fireplace. The robber did not squeeze down here.
The detective walks to the front door. He examines the latch. And since there are no marks
or scratches, the robber definitely did not try to break the lock.
I have no idea how he did it, says a bothered Ms Gervis.
It is a big mystery.
And you say the robber stole nothing else? asks the detective. No money, no jewellery,
no crystal?
Thats right, detective. He took only what was important to me, Mr Gervis says with a sigh.
There is only one thing I can do now.
And what is that? the detective asks with surprise.
I will stop baking cakes, Ms Gervis says. They are mine to give away. They are not for
someone to steal.
You cannot do that! says the detective with alarm. Who will bake those delicious cakes?
I am sorry. I do not know, says Ms Gervis.
I must solve this case immediately! says the detective.
31. What else was stolen from the apartment ?
(a) Crystal
(b) Jewellery
(c) Money
(d) Nothing
32. If something is said with alarm, how is it said?
(a) With fear and panic
(b) With bells and whistles
(c) With smiles and laughter
(d) W,th sadness and tears
33. What does Ms Gervis do with her cakes?
(a) She eats them

(b) She sells them

(c) She hIdes them
(d) She gives them away
34. Near the beginning of the story,
Ms Gervis eyes are full of tears.
Her hands are shaking. How does Ms Gervis probably feel?
(a) She is upset
(b) She is tired
(c) She is hungry
(d) She is confused
35. Where does this story take place?
(a) In a bakery
(b) At the police station
(c) In Ms Gerviss house
(d) In Ms Gervrss apartment
36. What is a mystery?
(a) SomethIng thai ISwrong
(b) SomethIng that happens at nIght
(c) Sornetrunq a robber leaves behmd
(d) Something that cannot be explained
Directions (Q. Nos. 37-42) Read the following information in the passage and answer the
questions given below.
The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSy) external website that opens in a new window
was launched on 25th December, 2000 as a fully funded Centrally Sponsored Scheme. The
primary objective of the PMGSY is to provide connectivity to all the eligible unconnected

habitations of more than 500 persons in the rural areas (250 persons in the hilly and desert
areas) by good quality all weather roads.
Under Bharat Nirman, goal has been set to provide connectivity to all the habitations with
population of more than 1000 in the plain areas and habitations with a population of 500 or
more in hilly and tribal areas in a time bound manner by 2009. The systematic upgradation of
the existing rural road networks is also an integral component of the scheme. Accordingly, an
action plan bas been prepared for connecting 66802 habitations with 146185 km of all
weather roads. This action plan, also envisages upgradation renewal of 194130 km of the
existing rural road network. Subsequently, based on ground verification by states, 62985
habitations were found eligible to be connected under the programme, out of which 3421
habitations have been connected under other schemes. Thus, the revised target is to connect
habitations. It is estimated that an investment of about 48000 crore would be required for
achieving the targets under Bharat Nirman. The implementation strategy
focuses on quality, cost Management and on time delivery. Up to July, 2008, project proposals
amounting to 81717 crore have been approved, against which a sum of 38499 crore has
been released for 86146 roads covering a length of 331736 km. Against these, 52218 road
works having road length of 175629 km have been completed with a cumulative expenditure
of 35295 crore.
37. When was PMGSY external website launched?
(a) December, 2000
(b) December, 2001
(c) December, 2002
(d) December, 2003
38. PMGSY is sponsored by
(a) Central Government
(b) State Government
(c) Local Authorities
(d) None of these
39. Under which scheme, there is a goal to provide connectivity to all habitation with
population more than lOOO?

(b) Bharat Nirman
(d) None of these
40. The implementation strategy under Bharat Nirman focus on
(a) quality
(b) cost management
(c) on Time delivery
(d) All of these
41. What was the amount approved till July, 200B?
(a) 81717 crore
(b) 52218 crore
(c) 38499 crore
(d) 48000 crore
42. The major purpose of PMGSY is
(a) provide good quality all weather roads
(b) provide good quality food materials
(c) provide good quality habuanon
(d) provide employment
Section C Quantitative Reasoning
43. Cake cafe sells two type of cakes of same flavour of same thickness, but of different size.
The smaller cake has a radius of 12 em and larger one has a radius of 18 em and costs twice
the price of smaller one.
In terms of cost effectiveness or value for money. Which of the following statement is true?
(a) The smaller cake Is better value
(b) Each cake IS equally good value
(c) More Information IS needed to work out which is better value

(d) The larger cake is better value.

Direction (Q.No. 44) Study the following graph carefully and answer the following question
that follows.
The following graph gives the circulation growth of Gram Sewa magazine from July to
December 2003 and answer the questions.

44. The growth rate is very low during the month of

(a) August
(b) October
(c) November
(d) December
45. In a class of students, teacher asked the student who had studied the chapter 1 and who
had studied the chapter 2. 32 students had studied atleast one of these chapter. 20% of the
students had studied neither of these chapters?
How many students were in the class?
(a) 25
(b) 32
(c) 40
(d) 45
46. five years ago the average age of four men is 48yr. Now, a new man joins and the average
age increases by 2 yr, what is the age of the new man?
(a) 36 yr

(b) 42 yr
(c) 41 yr
(d) 38 yr
47. An office has as many four legged chairs and as many four legged tables as workers and as
many three legged stools as four legged almirahs. If the number of stools be one more than the
number of workers and total number of legs be 585. The numbers of members in the office
(a) 17
(b) 34
(c) 16
(d) Cannot be determined
48. In a village, the current birth rate per thousand is 55. whereas corresponding death rate is
34 per thousand. The net growth rate in terms of population increase wilt be
(a) 0.021 %
(b) 0.0021 %
(c) 21 %
(d) 2.1 %
49. A shopkeeper profess to sell all things at a discount of 10% but increases the selting price
of each article by 20%. His gain on each article is
(a) 6 %
(b) 8 %
(c) 10 %
(d) 12 %
50. The average score of a cricketer in three matches is 22 runs and in two other matches. it is
17 runs. Find the average in all the five matches.
(a) 20
(b) 19.6
(c) 21
(d) 19.5

51. In a bus, there are 15 more men than women and ratio of men to women is 7 to 4.
How many passengers are their in the bus?
(a) 45
(b) 50
(c) 55
(d) 60
52. Brijesh purchased an item online from Dubai for 540 Dirham. the exchange rate was 1000
INR for 13.50 Dirham. Brijeshs bank charged him 2% for the transaction? The total cost of
item was
(a) 40080 INA
(b) 40880 INR
(c) 48000 INA
(d) 40800 INR


Direction (Q. No. 53) Read the following information in the passage ancl answer the question
given below.
The motion of celestial bodies has been a subject of interest for a long time. Aryabhatta studied
these motion and calculated it in his book Aryabhatta. After that Tycho Brahe and Johannes
Kepler studies these motion with details, Kepler formulated that
(i) all the planet is going on all elliptical path with Sun is at one of its centre.
(ii) the line joining the planet to Sun sweeps equal areas in every equal intervals of time.

(iii) The square of time period of the planet is directly proportional to the cube of semi-major

e.g., A planet will make a revolution around the Sun in 2 days.

The average radius of path followed by the planet is 2 * 10 10 km. Then for any planet the ratio
of square of rime period to cube of average radius will be
10-30 (day)2 / (km)3.
53. The Moon complete a revolution around the Earth in 27.3 days. The average distance of
Moon from the Earth is 3.85 x 105 km. The ratio of square of time period to the cube of
average radius for Moon

Directions (Q.Nos. 54-56) There ere 81 stable elements the: occur in nature. In addition, there
are few other naturally occurring elements, such as uranium, that are unstable. In total, there
are over 100 elements, but only 10 account for 95% of the mass of Earths crust, \valer and
Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth. It is found combined with hydrogen in water
and with silicon in sand and rocks. Oxygen is found in air and constitutes about 21% of our
atmosphere. The mass of oxygen in Earths crust, water and atmosphere is about equal to the
total mass of all other elements. The table given below lists the ten most abundant elements.
Elements in Earths crust, water and atmosphere


Mass Per cent


Mass Per cent










7.5 %




4.7 %




3.4 %



All other elements


Oxygen, silicon and aluminium are the three most abundant clements on Earth. The elements
oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus account for over 99% of the
mass of the human body. The remaining 1 % consists trace elements, many of which are
essential to human life. e.g., a trace of iron is necessary to bind oxygen to
hemoglobin in blood. The figure compares the distribution of elements in Earths crust and in
the human body.

Abundance of Elements Notice that oxygen is the most abundant element in both Earths
crust and the human body. Although. aluminum is abundant in Earth, there is evidence that this
element is toxic to the human body.
54. Which of the following elements is toxic to human body?
(a) Oxygen

(c) Silicon
(d) Iron
55. Which of the following elements is unstable?
(a) titanium
(b) Hydrogen
(c) Uranium
(d) Silicon
56. Which of the following is a trace elements?
(a) Magnesium
(b) Hydrogen
(c) titanium
Direction (Q. No. 57) Reed the following Information in the passage and answer the question
given below.
Nowadays, converging lenses arc used in spectacles and many other devices. It is used to
magnify the size of the object, to make small thing appear much larger or much closer than
they appear.
The magnifying power a single converging lens such as used in cameras or magnifying glasses
is equal to ratio of magnifies length to actual length of the object .
A 5x lens, magnifies an object upto 5 times the actual size of object.
e.g., If lOx magnifies (lens) is used to magnify the 2 ern object upto 20 cm size.
57. An insect is of size 0.2 cm, when observed through a lOx magnifier, (well known as
microscope) is appears to be of the size.
(a) 2 cm
(b) 0.2 cm
(c) 0.02 cm

(d) 2 cm
Direction (Q. No. 58) Read the following information in the passage and answer the question
given below.
Human eyes contain a lens which focus the coming from outer world at the retina that is
located at back side of the eye ball.

The inner structure of eye ball is made such a way that thickness of the eye lens may be
changed i.e., it may be thick or thin.

58. Three figures indicate the welt eye with thicker lens and eye with thinner lens. Identify the
well strain free eye

(a) Eye In (A)

(b) Eye In (B)
(c) Eye In (C)
(d) Eye in (A) and (C)
Direction (Q. No. 59) Read the following information in the passage and answer the question
given below.
If the eye lens is too thin and/or eye ball is shorter than its normal size, It lead the men are not
able see the objects closer to it. This type of defects of vision is known as farsightedness. It this
case converging lenses are used to remedy. In case of this type of defect ray after passing
through eye lens meet beyond retained.
e.g., If a man is not able to read newspaper, they must suffering from far sighted uses.
59. Guess, the name of lens used in remedy of far sightedness
(a) converging lens
(b) diverging lens
(c) may be both converging and diverging
(d) either converging or diverging
Direction (Q. No. 60) Read the following Information in the passage and answer the question
given below.
The persons those are not able clearly see the distant object are suffering from
nearsightedness or myopia. In case of myopia, the eye lens is too thick or the diameter of eye
ball is larger than normal. In this case remedy is done with the help of a divergent lens. In
myopia eye the rays passing through the eye lens meets before the retina.

e.g., If an old man does not able to sec the distant object, it means they are suffering from


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