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San Diego 27-Story Office Building Waste & Vent Lines

Nu Flow completed a multiple-pipe-system rehabilitation project
on a prominent San Diego skyscraper, avoiding disruption to
tenants and destruction to the building. Leading commercial
property management professionals choose Nu Flows in-place
pipe lining solutions to stop expensive leaks and extend the useful
life of the pipes.
Project: Use the Nu Drain and Nu Main systems to rehabilitate
failing drain systems without disrupting tenants.
Site: A 27-story commercial building located in Downtown San
Diego, California. The skyscraper was built in the late 1960s and
has been on several tallest building lists.
System: The sanitary waste, vent and storm drain pipe systems
throughout the building. These cast iron pipes have 2", 3", 4", 6"
and 8" diameters. Located behind walls, hidden in a concrete
chase, exposed overhead and underground, accessing these
pipes is an arduous task.
Problem: The drain and vent pipes experienced corrosion,
clogging and cracks as a result of age. Not only did the location
of the pipes create a challenge for repair, but the presence of
asbestos in the building also increased this projects difficulty. The
customer had previously paid for traditional repair methods, only
to find that they were a disruptive, expensive short-term solution.
Circumvention: If the customer had chosen a traditional repair
for all of the pipe systems, the commercial skyscrapers tenants
would have been severely inconvenienced. All of the offices would
undergo extreme damage to the ceilings and walls in order for
plumbers to access the failing pipes and replace them. Tenants
would be relocated and business operations would suffer. Also,
the presence of asbestos would make the project even more
challenging and time-consuming.

The customer chose an in-place

pipe lining solution instead of
dealing with the inconvenience
and high expense of destruction,
tenant displacement and asbestos

Solution: Luckily the customer chose an innovative, in-place pipe lining solution instead of dealing with the
inconvenience and high expense of destruction, tenant displacement and asbestos abatement. Nu Flow technicians
worked at night while the tenants were not utilizing the commercial skyscraper, eliminating the possibility of tenant
disruption. Once the aged drain lines were cleaned using Nu Flows cutting tools, reducing the internal diameter
back to the original diameter of the pipes, the Nu Drain system was used to rehabilitate pipes up to 6" in diameter
and the Nu Main system was used to rehabilitate the 8" diameter pipes. This non-destructive process uses a
patented Pull-in-Place technology, utilizing existing access points and allowing the work to be performed without
disrupting the building or its tenants.
Nu Flows structural liner, which is formed via the Nu Dain and Nu Main system, covers all cracks in pipes, as
well as prevents new cracks, corrosion and blockages from forming. Destruction was completely avoided and the
customer is so pleased with our work that we have been scheduled for more work rehabilitating the skyscrapers

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