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2013 - 2014

Annual Report

Board Greetings
This past year was another very successful one for
Mother Seton Academy because of the support of generous
donors like you. Building upon that sound foundation,
Sister Peggy Juskelis, SSND completed her second year as
President and her annual message notes the many positive
accomplishments during an exciting period for her and the
school. As the Mother Seton Academy begins our twentyfirst year, we look forward to continuing our partnership
with you for success in the years ahead.
The Board of Directors of the school has committed
members who also generously donate their time and
resources. Committees work on strategic planning,
finance, recruitment, fund raising and education. During
the past year, the Board added three new members:
Brother Robert Arrowsmith, CFX, Sister Kathryn Clauss,
IHM, and Sheilah Shaw Horton, Ph.D. In addition, the
Board acknowledged the many years of service from
Brother Matthew Burke, CFX, Michael Kelly, and Sister
Ellen Maroney, IHM who completed their terms of service
or are leaving the Board. This upcoming year, the Board
is very focused on its new three year strategic plan that
addresses four broad goals that include strengthening the
academic performance of the students, improving student
recruitment, assuring the financial viability of the school
and investing in the facilities.

Of major importance, the school continues its selfstudy in preparation for the Association of Independent
Maryland & DC Schools accreditation (AIMS). We ask your
prayerful support so that we can build on the success of
our past and continue to shape the futures of the young
men and women entrusted to our care.
Whenever I visit Mother Seton Academy, I am very
impressed by the way the students greet visitors and
go about their studies. Their confidence and courtesy
are quite evident. I am proud to be part of this school
community that works so effectively to fulfill its mission of
challenging its students to realize their God given talents.
May God bless you for the support you have given to
Mother Seton Academy. Know that your partnership with
us makes a real difference in the lives of our students, our
families and the broader community.

Patrick Mutch
Board Chair

Presidents Message
Autumn is a wonderful season
for pondering the blessings we
have received and reflecting upon
the good work that has been done
throughout the year. In this report,
we share with you articles about
our partnership with Fords Theater,
the benefits of our extended day
program, and our annual listing
of gifts. These stories feature
key elements of our life here at
Mother Seton Academy: commitment to providing broad
educational opportunities for our students, collaboration
with the broader community who share our vision of
transformative education and gratitude to all whose
generosity makes our work possible.
This year we welcomed a new Principal to Mother Seton
Academy. Richard Gudel has brought a wonderful blend
of experience and enthusiasm to our school. Building on
our tradition of excellence, Mr. Gudel is working with
our teaching staff to strengthen our educational program.
We are currently completing our self-study as part of our
AIMS accreditation and look forward to the visit of our
accrediting team in Spring 2015.
We have been able to expand our services to our students
through our partnership with Loyola University. Interns
and graduate students have worked with our school

Counselor Jamie Glover to help our students develop the

social skills they need to develop to the fullest of their
potential. We are also partnering with Robertas House
whose mission is to serve members of our community
struggling with issues of grief.
Our students are engaged in service projects at the
neighboring Homewood House and Franciscan Center.
Through these opportunities the children see that there
is a world out there in need of their gifts and talents.
These efforts help to create a just society and our children
discover that they too can play a role in enhancing the
lives of those around them.
We stand in gratitude to you, our friends and donors,
whose generosity makes our school succeed. Through
our partnership with you, we are able to prepare our
students to take their rightful roles in our city and broader
community. They are able to develop their gifts and talents
to the fullest of their potential and then share them with
others. Your kindness is making a difference in our shared
future. That is a harvest season blessing worth celebrating.
May God bless you and those you love.
Sister Peggy Juskelis, SSND

Students Participate in National Oratory

Retreat at Fords Theatre
MSA students Keith Powers and Ellisa Whitaker
joined social studies and language arts teacher Mr.
James Rossi for the third-annual National Oratory
Retreat and Performance at Fords Theatre in
Washington, D.C. The retreat, which took place in
early May, gave students and teacher the chance to
connect with peers, visit memorials, and attend a show
at Fords Theatre. However, the culminating event was
a performance of historical and original speeches by
students and teachers on the stage at Fords Theatre.
Ellisa performed an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther
Kings speech There Comes a Time when People
Get Tired. Keith performed an excerpt of Lewis
Richardsons speech, My Grave Shall be Made in Free
The retreat weekend was the culmination of a
yearlong partnership with Fords Theatre. The Fords
Theatre National Oratory Fellows program provides

teachers with resources, strategies, and opportunities

for professional development which are designed to
enhance students speaking, writing, and leadership
skills. Mr. Rossi, who is a second year National Oratory
Fellow, was one of thirteen teachers to participate in the
program this year.
While Keith and Ellisa represented Mother Seton
Academy in Washington D.C., they werent the only
MSA students to participate in the program. All
twenty-six 7th graders worked with Mr. Rossi, Mrs.
Charlotte Wesley-Musonda, and Ms. Carolyn Agan
(a Teaching Artist from Fords Theatre) to develop,
prepare, and perform excerpts of historical speeches.
Students learned critical reading strategies, developed
oratory skills, and created their own interpretation of a
historical speech. Students also communicated with Ms.
Agan through video conferencing, which was set up in
Mr. Rossis room using a webcam and his SMARTboard.

Extended Day Program Helps Students

The Extended Day program at Mother Seton Academy
is coordinated by program director Sandi McFadden.
The program is an integrative blend of five overarching
program components that reflect the philosophy
and mission of the school including: academic
enhancement, cultural enrichment/arts, leadership
development, service/outreach, and
health and physical fitness. In the
academic enhancement component,
high academic expectations are
established. On Monday through
Thursday, a 50 minute block of
time is designated for homework
completion or other enriching
opportunities. Students in need of
additional academic support are
recommended by their teachers to
participate in a one-on-one tutoring
program during this time. This
program is facilitated through a
partnership with Loyola University
along with several adult volunteers.

On Fridays the focus of the program shifts. All

students at Mother Seton Academy participate in a
club or activity which meets weekly. Instructors help
students become proficient in various skills relating
to their club/activity choice by providing hands-on
learning opportunities and small group instruction.
These instructors also take on a
mentoring role as they help students
explore their future goals and
discuss career possibilities that use
their newly discovered skills.
During the 2013-2014 school
year, students participated in
variety of extended day learning
opportunities. The Microgreens
Cooking and Nutrition program
began in September with twelve 7th
grade students enrolled. Students
learned how to shop for and cook
healthy food on a budget for their
family. At the programs graduation
students were presented with tools

Develop Social and Academic Skills

for future culinary success including a set of knives and
a Crock-Pot. Due to the programs popularity, a second
Microgreens class was added in March. The Fair Girls
Club helped our 8th grade students to understand the
reality of exploitation of girls worldwide, with special
emphasis on girls who have experienced homelessness,
life inside the foster care system,
sexual abuse, and trafficking.
For those students with an interest
in clay art, hands on instruction
was provided by individuals from
Baltimore Clayworks. During the
program students learned to work
with clay and build projects which
were displayed at school. In dance
class, students learned a range of
techniques from ballet, to jazz, to
African dance. Students in the swim
program experienced water and
swimming for the first time and
learned to overcome their fear of
water. They also learned valuable

water survival skills. The Fitness Buddies Club was

conducted by nearly twenty student volunteers and staff
from the Center for Community Service & Justice (CCSJ)
at Loyola University. Students learned new exercise
skills and gained a greater understanding of what it
takes to become physically fit. The Fitness Buddies
program also has a strong mentoring
component which is very beneficial
to students.
West African Drumming, another
new and popular club, taught
students drumming techniques
and rhythms, along with discipline
and respect. Classes culminated
with an opportunity for students to
present their achievements to their
peers, family, and local community
members in a school wide assembly.

Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers

2013-14 Annual Fund Donors

The following list recognizes donors contributions to the annual
fund between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Every attempt
was made to make this list accurate. If your name is missing
or inaccurate, please accept our apologies and contact the
development office at 410-563-2833.

$50,000 and Above

Drs. Michael and
Mary Lee Lynch, D.V.M.
Mission & Ministry, Inc.
Nicholl Family Foundation
Pam and Tom ONeil
Solid Rock Foundation
Stephen & Renee
Bisciotti Foundation

$25,000 and Above

Allegis Group
Mary Catherine Bunting

$10,000 and Above

Anonymous (2)
Joan Bader
Charles A. Staylor
Scholarship Fund
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Lisa and William Stromberg
Vend-Lease Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M.
Waldron, Jr.

$5,000 and Above

Anonymous (2)
Asbestos Specialists, Inc.
Robert and Teresa Cook
Golfers Charitable Association
Harkins Builders, Inc.
Johns Hopkins University
Maryland Glass &
Mirror Company
Jeanne Mott, Ph.D.
Oluv C. Joynor Foundation, Inc.
Our Lady of Angels
Catholic Community
St. Joseph Catholic Community

$1,000 and Above

Anonymous (4)
Alternative Directions, Inc.
Jane Anderson
Ariosa & Company
George E. Brown and Family
Christopher Brown
Dean T. Brown and
Maureen Parton

Neal and Karis Brown

Patrick and Lynn Brown
Robert and Jacquelin Brown
Tom and Christine Coyle
Martin J. Kelly
Walter and Anita Ross
Todd and Aileen Shinaman
Mr. and Mrs. William Sweeney
George and Regina J. Brown
Mildred Brown
Ann Carberry
Catholic Community of
St. Francis Xavier
Catholic Residents
of Mercy Ridge
Mary Angela Chairs and
Constance McKay
Joseph Michael Connelly, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Contino
Carolyn Donohue
Jonathan Dubin, MD
James and Linda Dugan
James Dunn
Claire Ebeling
Paul Ellis
Gino and Margaret Gemignani
Stephen and Alma Golueke
Barbara and Vincent Guercio
Martin C. Hauf
Mary Anne Heckwolf and

Dorothea Newnam
Mary K. Kane
Andrew Kaufman
Deborah and Gary Kreipl
Dr. and Mrs. John Laschinger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lepczyk
Marialyce and John Martin
Maryland Charity Campaign
Michael and Therese McAllister
Catherine H. McClelland
McCormick & Company, Inc.
MECU of Baltimore
Donald and Kathryn Miller
Skip and Fran Minakowski
Francis and Barbara Morris
Amy and Patrick Mutch
Notre Dame Preparatory School
Daniel and Marree Paszkiewicz
Michael and Maureen
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Perich
Frank and Desiree Pilachowski
Robert and Suzanne Price
Riggs, Counselman,
Michaels & Downes
Mary and Norman Sadaka
Paul and Jennifer Speargas
St. Alphonsus Rodriguez
Stanley Black & Decker

The Joseph Mullan Company

Travelers Giving Program
Kathleen Mary Tully
Catherine Ann Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Welkie, Jr.
Wiessner Foundation
for Children, Inc.
Mary and David Williams
M. Patricia Wilson
Joseph and Zeny Winterling, Jr.

$500 and Above

Doug and Christina Able
Assisting You in Your Home
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Behrens
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Booth
Theresa Bosco
Denise Brown
Jenny Budge
Carol Carey
Coastal Exteriors, LLC
William and Kathleen Delinsky
David Donovan
Ralph Edwards
Karen and Kevin Elliott
Estate of Mary Heckwolf Staylor
F. Paul Galeone Photographers
Mr. and Mrs. Perry M. Fath
Jacqueline and Salvatore
Laura and Thomas Gillen
Richard and Mary Gorman

Thomas R. Guercio
Sr. Mary Ann Hartnett, SSND
James A Hockett, II
Irish Charities of Maryland, Inc.
Jerome Joyce
Nicholas Koutrelakos and
Susan Lancelotta
Leslie and Michael Krainak
Sr. Charmaine Krohe, SSND
Stephen and Lawre Langhoff
Mary Helen & Zigmond Molnar
Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Jo-Ann Smoot
St. Joseph Parish of Cockeysville
St. Peters Catholic Church
Patricia and Mark Sylvester
TCM Plumbing Plus, LLC
Michael and Susan Trageser
Fred Trenkle
Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.

$250 and Above

Anonymous (2)
Bay City Pest Mgt.
Kevin Beard
Marion C. Beck
Steven Cammarata
Catholic Daughters:
Court St. Joseph
Chesapeake Energy Services
Shannon and Dan Clancy
John Claster

Robert C. Coleman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Cyphers
Kevin Edwards
Brenda Galligan
Give Back Foundation
Robert E. Glaze
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heidrick
Daniel and Margaret Hurson
Ricardo Johnson, Esq.
Mary Ellen and Leon Kaplan
Paul and Merry Kiel
Jeanne and Lawrence King
Drexel and Ann Knight
Catherine A. Lennon
James and Andrea Marthinuss
Valerie and Guy Matta
Mark and Margaret McDougall
Douglas A. McIltrot
Laura and Adam Minakowski
Joyce A. Nash
Anita Healy ONeill
Jaye Richardson
Sharon and Scott Robinson
Roeder Travel Ltd.
Robert and Marilyn Roll
Donna and Paul Russell
Sara Ryan
Dennis and Diane Schmitt
Madeline J. Scotto
Judith Sipes
Allen and Dorothy Skierski
St. John the Evangelist Convent

St. Vincent de Paul Society

of Glyndon
The Morgan Family Foundation
Mimi R. Vaughan
Wells Fargo Foundation
Tanja Wheeler
Brian and Michelle Wolfe
Sue Wood
Paulette Wyatt

$100 and Above

Anonymous (2)
Rev. John Abrahams
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Franklin Anderson
George Angell and
Ann Evans
Theresa Archambault
John Archibald
Catherine D. Arini
ARK Systems, Inc.
Kevin Averill
Dr. Howard Baetjer, Jr.
Brendan and Lisa Baloh
Christina T. Bauman
Leah Benzing
Erin and Steve Bishop
Stacey Boswell
Box Tops for Education
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Boyle
John and Robin Brancato
Meghan Brancato
Thomas and Susan Brennan

Susan and Paul Brilhart

Lawrence and Mary Brown
Anne Burgan
E. Barry Burgan
Kristin Burke
Burke Financial Services
Cardinal Distributing Company,
Mike J. Chovonec
Candy Ciamillo
Steve Cirulli
Mary Close
Bernadette M. Coccagna
Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph Curran,Jr
Donald Davis
Tawanda Davis
Sr. Donna Desien, OSF
Peter and Patricia Dileonardi
Joseph and Lynn Doerfler
Dennis Dooley and
Mary Margaret Richards
Mary Patricia Dooley
Veronica and Andrew Douglas
Audrey Drimal
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Dryden
Mary M. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Durand
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dusack
Kathleen and William Eagers
ECHO of Northrop Grumman
Dr. Cornelius Feehley, PhD
Susan Field
William Ford, Jr.
Carissa D. Fowlkes

Frederick and Maureen Frevert

Stephen F. Fruin and
Susan Griisser
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gallagher
Frank and Tara Gallagher
Betsy Gay
Sr. Mary Gilbart, D.C.
Michael and Linda Gilsdorf
Anthony and Louise Gioio
Linda and Alan Grasley
Sr. Kathleen Groome, OSF
Cathy Haines
John D. Haines
Stacey and Geoffrey Hardin
Melodye L. Hardy
Virginia and Charles Harrison
Jamie Y. Harvey
Carol Heinlein
William and Elizabeth Henn
Mary Hogan
Nicole Humphreys
Robert and Mary Hunt
Joann Iglehart
Alain Jaramillo
Luz Jimenez
Sr. Peggy Juskelis, SSND
Michelle Kahl
Steven Kania
Louis and Phyllis Karko
Mark and Catherine Kellerman
Julie and Michael Kelly
Patricia and Robert Luck
Lucy C. Lyles

Rejaneen Lynch
Macon Street Books
Gayle Mahaney
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mainello
Thomas and Karen Malin
Martha Malinauskas and
Mr. James Bittick
Lisa and Frank Marcellino, Jr.
Francis P. Martini
Thomas and Amy Matteini
Frank and Joan McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F.
McEvily, III
Sandra McFadden
Monica and Michael McGrew
Rev. David McGuigan, SM
Frank McGuinness
Margaret G. McHale
Theresa and Robert McLeod
Jacqueline and Michael
Keith and Lauren McQuaid
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Medinger
Roland and Marjorie Miller
Kathleen and Dominic Monteil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.
Roger and Margaret Morrison
Terry and Teresa Morse
Janet E. Moses
MSA Class of 2013
Alfred and Carmen Myles
Michael Naccarato

Danielle Stiles Naim

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Nardi

Northrop Grumman Foundation

William and Patricia OConnor

Bro. Frank ODonnell, SM
Laurette and Patrick OMalley
Paul OMalley
Arthur and Joan ONeil
Anne and James Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Owens
Raymond and Grace Oyson
Gladys E Palmer-Butler
Jennifer Palmisano
James and Sharon Parker
Sr. Mary Irmina Paszkiewicz
Norbert and Dorothy
Charles and Bonnie Phipps
Nonetta Pierre
Kenneth Plante
Ann Polk
John and Virginia Reiner
Mary and Ray Renehan
Stephen and Patricia Richter
Alicia N. Ritchie
Christopher Rodgers
James and Karen Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. William Rowe
Paul D. Russinoff and
Suzzanne Decker
Mary and Scott Rykiel
Toshio and Emma Mary

Douglas Schmidt
Renee Schoff
School Sisters of Notre Dame

Our Lady of Hope Community

Leslie and Pamela Simon

Sisters of St. Francis of
David Southwick
Joseph and Carol Speargas
St. Ephrems School
St. Ignatius Parish Jesuit
George and Elizabeth Stiemly

Target - Take Charge of Education

Melissa Taylor
Thomas M. Thuman
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Turina
Margie and Kevin Turlik
Mary and Raymond Vaccare
Alan T. Vasse
Robert and Sharon Ventura
A. E. Vitalo
Robin and Eugene Warren
Barbara Weinkam
Mr. and Mrs. David Willis
Steven Zabicki, Jr.

Up to $100

Anonymous (4)
Aisha W. Abdullah
Ghazi Albataineh
Dianne L. Andrews
Joanne and James Archibald

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Arnold, III

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bach

Frances Bacon
Joan Kerry Bader
Catherine Baldwin
Beverly and James Ballor
Eileen Baloh
Joan Barba
Florence Barber
Rachael Battin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Beavers
Dr. Damian E. Birchess
Maxine Blackman
Anne Blanchard
Marian Bland
William Blattner

Michael and Michele Blumenfeld

June and Jack Bonney

Barry and Ann Boone
Thomas Bosley
Joseph Bracken
Carl W. Brand, III
Mr. and Mrs. Rinse Brink
Sherri Britt
Michael A. Brown, Esq.
Cathleen Burke
Sandra and James Butzow
Maureen Byrne and
Tom Hughes
Terrean Cabean-Webb
Albert Calogero
Mary Beth Calvin
John Campbell

John and Anne Campbell

Ann and Thomas Cannaliato
Paul Carmine
Sr. Ellen Carney, IHM
Maureen and John Carr
Eugene and Virginia Caruso
James Casciotti
Michael Cataneo
Elizabeth and Carroll Cauthorn
John and Catherine Cavey
Margaret and Bruno Centofanti
Bro. Michael Chiuri, SM
Chubb & Son
George Ciscle and
Richard B. Cleaver
Sr. Eileen Clinton, IHM
Thomas and Cheryl Clowes
Vincent and Joan Ann Coleianne
Max & Ellie Colmers
Mr. and Mrs. J.
Raymond Comes
M. Kelly Connelly
John and Joanna Conrey
Raymond and Barbara Cook
Mary R. Craig
Walter and Eleanor Crognale
Mr. and Mrs. James Cummings
David and Deborah Czorapinski
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Delgado
Dr. Evelyn Di Tosto
Mary Yvonne Dilworth
Kathleen DiRocco
Thomas Doud, Jr.

Robert Douglass
Ducky Pleasure Club
Joanna Earles
Roy and Theresia Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Maz Emadi
Daniel and Rebecca Ennis
Christine and John Eybs
Dennis T. Facius
Elizabeth J. Feeley
Dr. Mickey Fenzel, Ph.D.
Spring Ferguson
Food for Thought
Patricia and John Frizzera
Teresa B. Fromme
Jim and Linney Furst
Mary A. Gahan
Mary L. Garner
Larry and Geri Gelhar
Joseph and Joanne Gerber
Sally German
Jacqueline and Ernest Glinka
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Gottlieb
Linda and Christophe Graye
Mr. and Mrs. James Groose
Mary Earle Gugerty
Mary M. Gunning
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gurkovich

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hale

Joseph Hansbrough
Ann Benson Harris

Sr. Ann Elizabeth Hartnett, SSND

Wendy Hatch
Donna N. Hawkins

John E. Heim, III

Stacey and Carl Hertz
Delores M. Hick
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Hiser
Joseph and Kathy Hlavin
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Hohl
Diana Horn
John and Mary Horner
Carolyn and Neil Hrdlick
Jonathan J. Huber
Barry and Nancy Huey
Dorothy Hutchinson
Frances Ironmonger
Jessica M. Jackson
Judith Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Jarosinski

Alice Johnson
Cassandra Johnson
Frank Johnson
John and Lisa Johnson
David and Theresa Johnston
Joyce and James Kabakovich
Joshua F. Kahn
Robert and Donna Keegan
John L. Kellermann, Jr.
Jacquelyn A. Kelly
Cathy and Matthew Kelsh
Sr. Victoria Kessler, SSND
Mary Kilbourne
Mollie and Kelly Kilbourne
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kimmel
Arlene and Arthur Klair
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klein

Lisa Knickmeyer
Edith Raye Kozlowski
Mr. and Mrs. John Kraft
Daniel Kropkowski
Mary Regis Krusiewski
Robert and Maurita Krysick
Harry and Jo Ann Lane
Barbara Lazzati
Joan Lewczak
Mary Dusty Lidinsky
India Lindsey
F. Ford Loker
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Lopardo
Jonathan Luca
Robert and Elizabeth Lund
Andrew and Eileen MacAvoy
Marianist Province of the U.S.
Janet Marsh
Darlene Marsiglia
Barbara Mason
Jackie Mattheu
Mary McBride
Claire McCaig
Ruby McCain
Nancy McLaughlin
Kevin and Julie McNelis
Keith and Deboarh McQuay
Francis and Alma Meagher
Laura W. Merkle
Patricia and Raymond Messick
Mary Meyer
Miles & Stockbridge
Eugene J. Miller

Sr. Joan Minella, SSND

Frances Miner
Joseph and Suzanne Moran
George and Patricia Moriatis
Barbara and Robert Morris
Mr. and Mrs. William Mullan
Robert Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Murphy
Cecilia T. Nace
Annette Nagler
Mika Nakano
Trinh T. Nguyen
Pam Norbeck
Jovonne Norman-Walker
Sharon Norton
Walter and Eileen Overfelt
Pastor and Mrs. Carl E. Pagan
Joseph and Camilla Parham, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Parmigiani
Charles and Nancy Pecot
Sr. Lisa Perkowski, IHM
Nancy and Robert Perry
Douglas and Bonna Pfeiffer
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Piazza
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Pion
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Powell, Jr.
Procter & Gamble
Cosmetics Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rak
Robert Rampolla and
Avia Hamilton
Thomas and Cynthia Reier
Janet and Robert Reiter

Sr. Helen Reilly, SSND

Mary J Renehan
Mr. and Mrs. James Rossi
Mrs. Virginia Rugemer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sandruck
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sanfellipo
Caroline Sauter
Frederick J. Schneider
School Sisters of Notre Dame
SSND Communities:

Charles Valley Court

Caroline House Baltimore
Caroline House Bridgeport
Chestnut Avenue
Chumleigh Road
Corpus Christi
Crisford Place
Hope House Ministries
Knollcrest Place
Northern Parkway
Park Heights
Providence Road
Rochester, NY
St. Augustines Convent
St. Thomas Aquinas Convent

Nancy S. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. James Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Scotto
Ferdinand and Michele Selby
Francis J. Seymour, Jr.
Sandra and Michael Shenk
James and Catherine Sheridan
Richard and Vivienne Shewell
Daniel and Amy Simon
T. Bradford and Jane Sinclair

Melissa Smith
Victoria M. Smith-Thompson
Angela Spencer
Barbara Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stricker
Margaret K. Strine
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Sturtz
Maryann Surine
Eileen C. Sweeney
Sr. Carole Tabano, SSND
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Thompson
Polly Thornton
Cheryl and Roger Thunell
Jeanne and Michael Tighe
Elocadio and Ada Urias
Robert and Frances Villa
Ann Vinup
James C. Vogt
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Voith
Sr. Maria Vooreneveld, IHM
Robert Wacker
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wagman
Mary Cecilia Walsh
Mark and Kristina Wehland
Frank J. Wesolowski
Mary Wilhide
Jennifer Wilson
Jerry and Elaine Wooden
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Young
Scott Young
James and Haroldine
Sr. John Vianney Zullo, SSND

Endowment Gifts

Mary Angela Chairs

Samuel Chairs, Jr.
Carol and Mark Gould
Estate of George Kane
Laura and Joseph Schwartz
Sisters of St. Francis
of Philadelphia
Sisters, Servants of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Robert and Suzanne Price
Lisa and William Stromberg
The Thomas More Project

Gifts Made in Honor of:

Sr. Mary Bader, DC
George (Gene) Brown
Mildred Brown
Dr. Helene Coccagna
J. Michael Connelly
Tyrone Ferguson
Sister Gregoria
2014 SSND Jubilarians
Ross Lanzafame, Esq.
Rossana and William Marsh
Jeanne Mott, Ph.D.
Bro. Jesse ONeill, SM
Norbert Paszkiewicz
Sr. Marianne Roderick, SSND
Madeline Scotto
Natalie Serovy
Brad and Jane Sinclair
2013 SSND Jubilarians

William Temmink
Sr. Dolores Todd, SSND

Gifts Made in Memory of:

Edson Blackman
Thomas E. Booth, Sr.
Jennie Cascone
Norman Drimal
Thomas and Adoree Dwyer
Sr. Mary Elizabeth
John Frein
Jean Goedeke
Sophia Idzi
Bro. James M. Kelly, CFX
Bobby Kiel
Sr. Eileen McFadden, SSND
Eleanor ODonnell
Barbara Pflugrad
Judith Rampolla
Margaret Renehan
Kimberly Weinkam

Gifts in Kind

American Visionary
Art Museum
Archbishop Spalding
High School
Assisting You in Your Home
William G. Baetz, Jr.
The Baloh Family
Baltimore Ravens
Sr. Jeanne Barasha, SSND
BlueStone Restaurant

Catholic Community of
St. Francis Xavier
Ms. Patricia Chalfant
The Cheesecake Factory
Childrens Book Store
Christ Child Society of Baltimore
Crimson & Clover Floral Design
Commander John
JC Coffey, (Ret.)

Councilman William Cole

Jenkins Cromwell
Carolyn Donohue
Joan Drebing
Jonathan Dubin, MD
Falls Road Running Store
Fick Brothers
Grand Cru
Greetings & Readings
Beth Grieb
Gundys Gifts
Harbor Boating, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hartman
The Helmand
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Homan
Ivy Bookshop
J. M. Gaske, Inc.
Joes Bike Shop
Ricardo Johnson, Esq.
Maureen and Tonas Kalil
Mary Ellen Kaplan
Andrew Kaufman
Jeanne and Larry King
Sr. Charmaine Krohe, SSND

Stephen and Lawre Langhoff

Jeanne Leclair
Lets Dish-Timonium
Little Lamb Consignments
Jonathan Luca
Elizabeth Lutz
Macon Street Books
Sr. Geri Majwerowicz, SSND
Maryland Public Television
Maryland Wineries Association
The Minakowski Families

Sr. Joan Minella, SSND

Barbara M Moore
Francis and Barbara Morris
Michael Phelps Swim School
Michaels Cafe
Jeanne Mott, Ph.D.
National Football League
Olive Grove Restaurant
Laurette OMalley
Ann Polk

Robert and Suzanne Price

Red Hatters Elite
Revolution Foods
Jaye Richardson
Ripken Baseball
Riggs, Counselman,
Michaels & Downes
Schneider Paint
& Hardware Store
Shananigans Toy Shop
Smyth Jewelers

Southern Acoustics
St. Marys Seminary
Starbucks Coffee
Lisa and William Stromberg
Trenton Contracting
Karen Trusty
Tuxedo Pharmacy
Vend-Lease Company, Inc.
Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
Woodhall Wine Cellars

Financial Report

July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014


Contributed Services
Religious Subsidies
Parents Fees
Free and Reduced Meal Program
Investment Income
Unrealized Gains
Total Income

Donations 59%
Contributed Services 4%
Religious Subsidies 20%

Graduate Support
Management and General
Total Expenses



Program 77%
Graduate Support 5%
Management and General 10%
Development 8%

Parents' Fees 1%
Meal Program 2%
Investment Income 1%
Unrealized Gains 11%
Other 2%

Copies of the audited report are available upon request.

2013-14 Volunteers
Baha Albataineh
Ghazi Albataineh
Salah Albataineh
Jumi Aluko
Tina Bigdeli
Nathan Bratko
Maggie Bruno
Kelsey Cantanzaro
Pat Chalfant
Brian Chiozzi
Ellen Cook
Theressa Cook
Ashley Davis
Amanda Deasy
Katie Degener
Lisa DiCicco
Kristy Donohue
Carolyn Donohue
Matthew Dougherty
Victoria Downey
Brina Doyle
Beverly Ejiofer
Sarah Geyssel
Jacqueline Gillen
Christine Goldberg
Jaimie Gorman
Sarah Greenwood

Sr. Missy Gugerty, SSND

Sarah Hand
Molly Hanlon
Jacqueline Harig
Brianne Healy
Kellianne Hickey
Junru Huang
Phila Ingram
Michelle Juliani
Kit Kane
Kelly Keenan
Lisa King
Giana LaBanca
Meredith Lackey
Sr. Mary Lennon, SSND
Tashi Lim
Diana Lin
Sr. Rose Lindner, SSND
Megan Lothian
Meghan Lynch
Julia Manley
Emily Mariovitz
April-Ann Marshall
Adam Minakowski
Brianna Mitchell
Melissa Moore
Teresa Morse

Mary Natinni
Cat Oravecz
Amanda Pacilio
Chris Pomory
Danielle Porfido
Ann Ptak
Joe Ptak
Maria Pulitano
Megan Rosenberger
Elizabeth Sager
Criselda Sarmiento
Katherine Schauer
Laura Schwartz

Becky Scullin
Rachel Shea
Lottie Snead
Emily Stykes
Katie Sullivan
Madison Tombari
Frank Toohey
Merideth Torr
Veronica Wasno
Sr. Ann Marie Whelan, SSND
Tara Wilkinson
Mary Williams
Samuel Jason Wolfe

Mother Seton Academy Family

Member Board

Bro. Edward Brink, SM

Sr. Kathryn Clauss, IHM
Sr. Susan Czaplicki, SSND
Bro. Larry Harvey, CFX
Sr. Anne Patrice Hefner, OSF
Sr. Mary Catherine Warehime, DC

Board of Directors

Bro. Bob Arrowsmith, CFX

Brendan Baloh
Michael Brown, Esq.
Sr. Kathryn Clauss, IHM
Sr. Donna Desien, OSF
Sr. Mary Gilbart, DC
Louis E. Heidrick, AFSC
Sheilah Shaw Horton, Ph.D.
Ricardo Johnson, Esq.
Sr. Peggy Juskelis, SSND - ex-officio
Rev. David McGuigan, SM
Dana Moore, Esq.
Barbara Morris, CPA - Secretary
Patrick Mutch - Chair
Michael Naccarato, CPA, Esq. - Treasurer
Laurette OMalley
Michael G. Paszkiewicz
Paul Speargas, CFA
Lisa Stromberg
Sr. John Vianney Zullo, SSND

Sponsoring Congregations

Daughters of Charity
Marianist Society
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Xaverian Brothers


Sr. Peggy Juskelis, SSND- President

Mr. Richard Gudel - Principal

Faculty & Staff

Leah Benzing
Bro. Michael Chiuri, SM
Amy Demps
Joan Drebing
Sheila Epps
Blayne Fox
Guin Frasca
Jamie Glover
Lisa Knickmeyer
Jonathan Luca

Sr. Patricia Maxa, SSND

Sandi McFadden
Mika Nakano
Bro. Jesse ONeill, SM
Vito Piazza
Sr. Limeteze Pierre-Gilles
Sr. Joan Pikiell, SSND
James Rossi
James Scott
Linda Tucker

Contributions may be made at

For more information on ways to donate please contact:
Joan Drebing, Director of Development, at
410-563-2833 or jdrebing@MotherSetonAcademy.org.

2215 Greenmount Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21218