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Daniel Sanchez

English I Honors p.5
24 October 26, 2014
Dialectic Journal
To Kill a Mockingbird: Chapters 1-10
Passage from the text-Must quote at least 10 per reading
assigned. Make sure to number them.


EACH Passage you Quote must relate to one of

the following codes above. Make sure to use a
variety. Using the same codes for most or all of
your entries will result in a lower score.
This quote represents about the
character of Atticus is that he is a very
persistent person who tries to stay on
track with the things that he does. (ex.
The incident with the Haverfords) Also,
this reveals that Atticus had a much
better education than most people during
the Great Depression and it shows how
knowledgeable he is with Criminal Law.

1. The Haverfords had dispatched

Maycombs leading blacksmith in
a misunderstanding arising from
the alleged wrongful detention of
a mare, were imprudent enough
to do it in the presence of three
witnesses, and insisted that theson-of-a-bitch-had-it-coming-tohim was a good enough defense
for anybody


2. Jem condescended to take me to

school the first day, a job usually
done by parents, but Atticus had
said that Jem would be delighted
to show me where my room
was...Jem was careful to explain
that during school hours I was not
to bother him...


2. This quote reveals that Jem has a mean,

big brother notion of taking Scout to school, but
then he did not mind when Atticus wanted him to
do if for him. Scout uses words like
condescended to put us in that outlook that
Jem is feeling. Another thing is that we can make
an inference that Jem may have to do some
things in the future that he may not like, but he
would have to do it because of the real authority,

3. She was furious, and when she

was furious Calpurnias grammar
became erratic. When in
tranquility, her grammar was good
as anybodys in Maycomb. Atticus
said Calpurnia had more
education than most colored


3. This quote can say about the theme in the

novel about the rich and the poor (different
classes). Even though Calpurnia was colored, she
still had one of the best education in Maycomb.
That says that colored people have the ability to
get an education as well as the poor people
because mostly the colored people were poor.

4. Atticuss arrival was the

second reason why I wanted to
quit the gameI had heard
another sound, so low I could not
have heard it from the sidewalk.
Someone inside the house was


4. This quote reveals the feeling (tone) is that we

know have enough things to make an inference
that there may be something in the house that
the characters dont know about (irony). Also, this
thing that Scout is thinking of maybe brought
back in the future of the book.

5. His names Arthur and hes

alive, she said... Do you smell my
mimosa? Its like angels breath
this evening.


6. Scout, Im tellin you for the

last time, shut your trap or go
homeI declare to the Lord
youre gettin more like a girl
every day!


5. This quote reveals that Miss Maudie may be a

great ally/help with Scout. Shes like an angel that
may look after her and more of like a mother
figure (symbol) because she also believes that
Boo Radley is alive. All of these misconceptions
are getting in the way of whats true about Boo
Radley. Miss Maudie also says that he was always
polite and friendly as a child. The purpose of
this symbol is that Scout is now left out between
Dill and Jem and she is now alone with no one.
Miss Maudie may be a reference to a mother
figure or angel because Scout says that Miss
Maudie has always been good to Scout and gives
good points on her side.
6. This quote reveals itself in an ironic way. Jem
keeps telling scout that she is turning more like a
girl, but she is. Jem thinks Scout is more like a
brother instead of like a sister because since the
mother dies, Scout has been raised with boys and
done more boy things. Scout did not have a
motherly figure in her life and thats why Jem
says that she is acting more like a girl.

7. He held them down to me.

They were almost perfect
miniatures of two children. The
boy had on shorts, and a shock of
soapy hair fell to his eyebrows. I
looked up at Jem. A point of
straight brown hair kicked
downwards from his part. I had
never noticed it before.


7. This quote demonstrates a symbolism act. An

ordinary tree which carries random objects
inside. This may symbolize a hidden character
who is trying to give a message. In the trunk, this
time it was carvings of both Jem and Scout. It
looks like someone or something is watching
them or knows something that they dont know.

8. I aint gonna do anything to

him, but I watched the spark of
fresh adventure leave his eyes.
Just think, Scout, if youd just
turned around, youda seen him.


8. This quote reveals that Jem may have a

possible reasoning in what happened with Scout
with the blanket situation. Jem uses words like
spark fresh adventure leave his eyes to make
Scout think deeply is he saw Boo Radley put the
blanked on him or not. Also, we can make an
inference that Boo Radley may be still lurking out
stealthily to make Scout or Jem notice something.

9. My fists were clenched and I

was ready to let fly. Atticus had
promised me he would wear me
out if he ever heard of my fighting


9. This quote reveals that Scout has a town-boy

attitude and has fights and does a lot of manly
things. Also, it reveals that she was also the
troublemaker before because in the quote it said
that Atticus would hit her if she got into another

10. Id rather you shot at tin cans

in the backyard, but I know youll
go after birds. Shoot all the
bluejays you want. If you can hit
em, but remember its a sin to kill
a mockingbird.


10. This quote reveals that Atticus maybe lying of

not knowing about hunting and shooting because
he told Jem and Scout a rule that a hunter would
know. Also, an inference can be made by that
maybe Atticus would come out and tell his kids
who he was before.

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