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Digital Spy reports on the announcement of McFly and Busted teaming up together

to go on tour in 2014. After rearranging the name to McBusted they decided to

embark on a tour in 2014. Starting off on Friday 11 April at Glasgows SSE Hydro,
they were due to play 11 shows around the UK, yet the tickets sold out within
minutes, so they added another 23 dates which took them around the UK and
Republic of Ireland. They also were to headline Hyde Park on the 6th July performing
with bands such as Backstreet Boys and The Vamps. Matt Willis and James Bourne
joined Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher for the tour.
Former Busted member Charlie Simpson did not join them on their journey. The
group made the announcement at the Soho hotel in London to various media outlets
and then later, on Twitter at 11.10am. Huge announcement... McFly & Busted are
coming together for a tour in April 2014. Follow @mcbusted for more news!
#McBusted. McBusted have a twitter account, which has 338,000 followers and last
time Matt and James were in that hotel was in 2005 with the sudden split of Busted.
McFly and Busted previously joined together as McBusted earlier in 2013 for McFlys
10th anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Under the new name, the
six-piece performed hits from both groups such as Busteds Year 3000 and McFlys
Shine A Light. This then sparked the rumours that Busted might be making a
comeback. McFlys Tom revealed that he was blown away by the reaction that their
previous collaboration received when they performed at the Albert Hall.
Shortly after McBusted announced their exciting news, Charlie Simpson, formally of
Busted took to Twitter to break some sad stating Just wanted to say that though I
am not joining @mattjwillis and @JamesBourne on their new venture, I wish them all
the very best with it! He says that he doesnt want to take part, as he wants to focus
on his career as a solo artist. As his former band mates, Matt and James stood up for
him saying hes not ready to do this yet and we dont know if he will but we are still
good friends. Back in 2005 Charlie quit Busted to go and form another band
Fightstar, but since then he has been working as a solo artist. Since leaving the
group, he has distanced himself from Busted.
In April, it was said that McBusted were to release their first album together,
following on from their 2014 tour. Their first single Air Guitar is to be released on
23rd November, with the album release on the 1st December.

Dougie Poynter, a much-loved musician who was from the band McFly, has sadly
passed away suddenly after being found in his family home in Essex a few days ago.
Early Saturday morning, police were called to the family home where Dougie
currently lived after his sister Jazzie went to his bedroom when she found it was
locked and no sign of life inside. Once police and ambulance arrived, Dougie was
pronounced dead after he had overdosed on pills and alcohol.

Being known for being in pop band McFly from the age of 16, he has made a huge
impression on everyone who knows the bassist. During his career he made
appearances on shows such as All Star Family Fortunes earlier this year and Im A
Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! When he beat fellow TOWIE contestant Mark Wright
to King of the Jungle in 2011.
Born Dougie Lee Poynter, he attended Gable Hall Performing Arts School in his
hometown of Corringham, Essex between the ages of 11-15. It was soon after that
where he met fellow bandmate Danny Jones after turning up for an audition to be in
a boy band. A source told us that all the members of McFly are distraught and that
they couldnt believe he is gone.