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Rising Star lights up North America----Yiwu, Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province, China industry

Author: Nine Intelligence Sources: original Date: 2014-11-18 Name: 40


(Very rough translation, mostly from Google Translate, with the help of Bing Translate)
At the beginning of August this year, Wayne Emmerson, the mayor of Stouffville, a town north of
Toronto, visited Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province of China, and signed a letter of intent on bilateral
cooperation in Yiwu, with Yiwu International Trade City in North America officially settling in Stouffville.
Recently, this correspondent of the nine-intelligence sources Yiwu took advantage to speak with the
project general manager Hanson in Toronto when the North Yiwu International Trade City project
publicity interviewed him. He has more than 20 years of management experience in the wholesale
market in Yiwu. Hanson has worked in Moscow, Indonesia and the Yiwu International Trade Center to
participate in the management of the branch in Romania, he said, "North America Yiwu International
Trade City" will fill a vacancy in the Greater Toronto commodity wholesale market, the use of three-fold
output, the Yiwu commodities, traders and market operations management to be brought to North
Favorable investment environment
The success of a major development plan, depends on timing, location, and people, but these three are
indispensable. Day is an opportunity. Recently, Premier Wynne of Ontario and the Canadian Prime
Minister Stephen Harper, went to China on trade access, two rare opportunities to create business
opportunities, are highly concerned about the two governments of Canada and China, for large-scale
commercial development in Ontario city North Yiwu International Trade City is a good opportunity.
Location, North America is located in Yiwu International Trade City Stouffville, Ontario, which is a
developing city, near Ontario's major highways 404 and 401, and the Pickering Airport is about 10
minutes drive away, definitely has a unique geographical environment. And that relationships and
reputation in China Yiwu International Trade City fame, the first major overseas Yiwu International Trade
City in North America, is definitely subject to large-scale development projects caught the attention of
millions of people, and is also good in the world and the size of the business enterprise development
In the Interview, Hanson Yiwu wholesale engaged in their own management experience in overseas
analysts say, though the mall in North America now appears to be one of the lowest cost, but the
outlook is one of the best. Hanson said that before doing wholesale business in Moscow and Africa,
although pay any money, but the risk is great, because there's social security is not good, not good
investment environment, as well as the situation underworld. He also said that Canada is a country ruled
by law, the merchant is guaranteed to make money, do not worry about the possibility of being robbed
stolen, both the quantity and the number of visits commerce immigrants, a large influx of Chinese
people have chosen Canada. Coupled with good air quality, food safety and a world-class education
system, are able to provide Chinese investors yearning for families and children living environment.

Talking about the process of recommendation, investors questioned the siting of Yiwu International
Trade City in North America, general manager said Hanson said, selected Stouffville north of the city of
Toronto (Stouffville) after much careful consideration. Stouffville, despite the small population, but it is
one of Ontario's fastest growing region and the whole of Canada. It is located in the centre of Greater
Toronto Area locations, a transportation network, close to highways and railroads, about 55 km from
Toronto Pearson International Airport. Since 2009, Stouffvilles economic development strategy focused
on small, medium and large-scale knowledge-based industries, agriculture, the environment and nonprofit organizations. Yiwu International Trade City in North America is located in Stouffville on the
commercial road Main Street, shopping centers covering more than 20 acres and strategic location,
convenient transportation, a ten minute drive west of Highway 404; ten minutes' drive to the east is the
new modern PICKERING, Canada's largest international airport, south of the project is an internationally
renowned shopping development Group (Smartcenter) owns and has been open and operating for
several years in 180,000 square meters of large commercial district, Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire , Tim
Hortons, Winners, Staples, McDonald's and a series of major brand business groups in close proximity.
Hanson explained that, in fact, Chinese businessmen have come to visit, toured a number of places in
Toronto, Scarborough and Mississauga, and finally decided to choose Stouffville. He said that the
advantages of Stouffville is that it is far from the retail center. This is something the wholesale industry
often takes into account, because most retailers do not want to have a nearby wholesaler, in order to
avoid consumers knowing the [price] difference between retail goods and wholesale. The wholesale
market generally chooses the vast suburbs, to facilitate access, convenient loading and unloading of
cargo containers. Another favorable condition is that it is adjacent to the new airport Pickering, and this
point is very important, because the commodity trading platform to the needs of the United States,
South America and even the market, located in the vicinity of the airport, can easily come from the
United States and South American buyers.
For a North American Trade City, obligation to ask why choose Toronto, Canada, and not the United
States in New York, Hanson said, because our project is wholesale items, but New York is the largest
market for retail and wholesale store opened in New York is the impact on the retail market , businesses
have scruples. In addition, Canada and the United States belong to the North American Free Trade Area,
is the mutual exemption of tax credits, and Canada itself is the United States own back garden, the
equivalent of the back garden of Shanghai in Suzhou, Kunshan Dian. There are a lot of North American
industry is located in Canada, just as it is inappropriate in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Shanghai same reason. At
the same time, in Canada and the United States, the languages, diet, life-style are basically the same
between the two places. and other basic similarities, cost of living, business, labor, logistics,
warehousing are significantly cheaper in Toronto than in New York, only different currencies, but the
exchange rate is close to the renminbi, so to select Toronto, Canada is indeed a smart tactical move. He
also said that the Yiwu local manufacturers, in order to expand business, are eager to go out, to expand
overseas positions, while the North American demand for Chinese goods very big businesses, but also
often go to see the goods in Yiwu, to purchase. Yiwu International Trade City in North America is to be
established precisely in response to this need, which is actually mutually beneficial for China and North
America, a win-win initiatives.

Affordable investment projects

According to Hanson, said the Yiwu International Trade City project is a platform in North America to
North America and South America, as well as a direct sale outlet resource information, whether retail or
wholesale would be a good platform. As North America Yiwu International Trade City, positioning it as
the North American wholesale China commodities trade and exhibition centre, in the eastern part of
North America, Toronto and New York district two regions for trade radiation core standards operating
mode Yiwu China Commodity City. Huge investment, will pick up a bridge to promote trade exchanges
between China and Canada.
At the press conference on the project site, the reporter learned that for a total construction area of
about 300,000 square feet, and more than 1500 parking spaces, construction is currently underway,
scheduled for trial operation in late 2015, fully opened in 2016. Where the first phase of the project a
total of 463 units mall units priced from $ 130,000 Canadian dollars, each unit decoration, all-inclusive,
immediately after the opening settled. Also included are two hotels and apartment buildings, to ensure
that the needs of visitors and businesses are met. The project is a total investment of 100 million yuan,
covers an area of about 80 acres, with a total construction area of about 30,000 square meters, plans to
test operation at the end of 2015, officially opened in 2016. Trade with China Commodity Trade City
based, general merchandise, apparel, hats, bags, clocks, glasses, toys, textiles, small appliances,
hardware, lighting, gardening tools, pet supplies, crafts, sports and cultural goods, jewelry and cars
supplies, as well as Chinese characteristic handicrafts, ethnic and cultural characteristics of products and
other goods in one large wholesale trade exhibition center.
When it comes to the character of the project, Hanson said, Yiwu International Trade City in North
America has Canadian three levels of government and relevant Chinese government's focus on
supporting the project, will develop a series of preferential policies, and provide a unique and
convenient support services for market prosperity and development to provide strong protection. The
trade city conforms to the "go global" strategy proposed by the Chinese government, the establishment
of direct sales centers abroad, increase business cluster going, and export its own brand, and gets some
major support from the sector.
In addition, he also talked about the project scale, full services, complete banking services,
telecommunications, catering, warehousing, customs clearance, logistics, training, translation, legal,
accounting, tax and other providers, shopping guide and apartments and other auxiliary services. At the
same time, focusing on network marketing business city open online and offline interaction throughout
the full range of services. Strong professional marketing and management company, with China and
Canada's top management team of consultants and market veteran, build management intensive,
standardized management, product branding, marketing network, and functional service stars
transnational commerce business model.
In doing property management, commercial operations, logistics, warehousing, catering and
accommodation and other ancillary services, but still give many investors and operators to provide
marketing development, commercial work visas, schooling for their children, company registration, tax
accounting, legal advisers, home investment and immigration applications, and other fine services
related to work and life.
From the perspective of service levels and project prospects, Hanson stressed that North America Yiwu
International Trade Citys region covers a wide area, radiating directly to the Greater Toronto Area with

a population of about 6 million, and 500 km to the capital of Ottawa, and Montreal, Canada's second
largest city, covering a population of approximately 10 million.
Within 1000 km from New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, covering a
population of nearly one billion respectively. After the mall is completed, it will be the Chinese
enterprises in North America's largest and most varieties, matching the most complete, best service the
North American distribution center for Chinese goods and Chinese companies in North America longterm sales base for China is willing to "go out" of manufacturers, wholesalers North America looking for
a premium line market platform, while offering excellent long-term earnings opportunities for pure
Mature business model
Hanson said, Yiwu, as the Chinese people are familiar with, Yiwu be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a
great spirit in business is unmatched elsewhere. Jiangsu and Zhejiang Commercial Group has the upright
Yong, daring to dare, farming ground hard, fine qualities of clever thinking, it is to promote, Yiwu has
become the core of the world's largest commodity distribution center.
July 2013, the world's leading financial media "Forbes" Chinese version through its official website
released the "2013 China's richest county-level city" rankings, and was recognized by Ministry of
Commerce of China, Yiwu with 40,078 yuan per capita disposable income was ranked the first. Yiwu
Small Commodity Wholesale collection of modern, international, information technology in one. Data
from Yiwu Customs show that the first five months of this year, the five countries of Central Asia, Yiwu
Commodity exports $ 19,511,000, an increase of 3.58 times. Yiwu business peoples careers are full of
legends, their story of doing business known in every corner of the world. "Where there is
righteousness, there is a market", meaning manufacturers stationed in the mall, the mall is a guarantee
of success. And as the Chinese government vigorously promotes the "go global" climate, Yiwu business
owners go to every corner of the world and, this time into Canada, no doubt for the New York, Chicago,
Toronto and other major cities of the size of the world's top businesses to create one of the best and
most convenient purchasing platforms for Chinese small and medium size enterprises to expand direct
lines to create potential and direct overseas business overseas bases overseas.
For a reporter's question with mainstream society Dollar store and now popular online shopping
competitive trends, Hanson who has intimate knowledge of the land, said the North American Yiwu
International Trade City will continue to adhere to the spirit of the Yiwu people "is not the opportunity
to create Yiwu, but Yiwu creates opportunities", with the day Delirenhuo, the project playing an
aggregation of hundreds of thousands of trade in goods merchant sites, providing a value-commerce
platform for China and other countries, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in North America, but
also for investment in commercial real estate bring long-term benefits investors excellent opportunities.
This advantage is unmatched by other commodity wholesaler and online shopping.
Hanson said, Yiwu for Chinese Canadians is no stranger. Yiwus standing with overseas Chinese in North
America is also very high. He said that many investors have said that in North America, indeed there is a
lack of a similar comprehensive wholesale market as in Yiwu. In his view, the construction of Yiwu
International Trade City in North America, is the rapid rise of Chinese Canadian crowd another feat,
Trade City has a full-featured package with business auxiliary
organizations Canadian Governments have

strongly supported the trade for Chinese enterprises to explore Canada and even North
America, provides a stage for more opportunities in the market.

Preferential marketing plan

Interview, Hanson said, the first phase of Yiwu International Trade City in North America sales plan
received enthusiastic response, 463 shops in the first phase of the project, in addition 300 berths are
reserved for Chinese investors, the rest provide investment opportunities for local businesses. Among
the local buyers, most of them are wholesalers, and operating in the areas of Lawrence and Dufferin.
They all understand that wholesalers need to do go into the city, cohesive, and convenient to be able to
attract buyers.
The reporter learned information about the building, the smallest units on the floor area is about 180
square feet, the largest are more than 500 square feet. The smallest unit, with the useable area of about
110 square feet, is priced at about $124,000 Canadian. However, behind this mere hundred square feet
there are large factories, employing thousands of workers, and the United States has huge potential
business opportunities. A North American sales director of Yiwu International Trade City revealed that
when the mayor of Stouffville Wayne Emmerson went to visit Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City, a
wholesale handbag shop staff told him the stores year's worth of goods to the United States is five
billion yuan, while the area of the wholesalers handbags store is only 12-13 square meters.
Hanson said that many people think that North America Yiwu International Trade City is a pure real
estate project, but is in fact the so-called market project. Selling the shops will not complete the project,
but also a service following to assist the market to sell, so that the businesses make money, which to be
successful. North American Yiwu International Trade City project is planning sophisticated, large-scale,
with complete facilities, including banking, telecommunications, catering, warehousing, customs
clearance, logistics, translation, training, legal, accounting, tax, shopping guide, visas, insurance, hotels,
transportation, generation arrears received, customer credit assessment, provider auxilliary institutions.
Yiwu International Trade City in North America, Yiwu, China, and Canada, Stouffville municipal
government strongly supports the focus of the projects, both parties are on the North American
government departments stationed in Yiwu International Trade City, expressed great concern and a
warm welcome, and for a visa to Canada, Human Resources Training develop a series of preferential
policies, such as providing support services featuring convenience, provide powerful guarantee for the
prosperity and development of the market.
Through Hansons introduction, we see a commercial mall in North America as a shining star rising, we
expect that this new star can radiate brilliant, bright colours in North America!
Yiwu International Trade City hot sales units in North America, not to be missed!
Welcome to inquire.