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I. Choose a correct answer !

1. Roni : Hello Fani, will you came to Dedys birthday
party tomorrow?
Fani : No, I wont. What about you?
Roni : Yes, I will. Why wont you come?
Fani : I dont get the invitation. I ... to the party if he ...
A. will not come, will invite
B. come, will invite
C. will come, invites
D. dont come, will invite
2. Salsa : Will Sari pass the test?
Dian : Sure. She .... the test if he .... hard.
A. pass, will study
C. will pass, study
B. passes, will study
D. will pass, studies
How to Use a Blender
Instruction :
1. Be sure that the electricity is on.
2. Put in the upper base completely with the main
3. Put in the things you want to blend aftre you
cut them. It will make the material easy to
4. Then add some liquid (not more than 1 litre)
into it.
5. Put on the cover.
6. Plug the cord to the AC outlet.
7. Blend for about 10- 60 seconds.
This blender cannot used for 5 minutes continously,
wait for a few minutes before reusing.
3. What is the social function of the text?
A. To describe how to switch off the electricity.
B. To tell how to put things in a blender.
C. To explain how to buy a blender.
D. To explain how to use a blender.
4. How long should we blend the things?
A. 5 minute.
C. 2 minutes.
B. 1 minutes.
D. 3 minutes.
5. What will possibly happen to the blender if we use it
more than 5 minutes continously?
A. It blends faster.
C. It runs well.
B. It will be safe to blend.
D. It is broken.

How to Make a Glass of Orange Juice

The things tou need
: blender, squizer, glass and
The materials you need : two oranges, some water,
a half glass of ice and a
spoonful of sugar.
Here are what you have to do:
1. Squeeze the oranges.
2. Pour liquid into the blender.
3. Add some wter and a spoonful of sugar.
4. Dont forget to put the ice too.
5. Blend all within two minutes.
6. Pour the juice into a glass.
6. What is the last step of making orange juice?
A. Put the ice to the blender.
B. Pour the juice to the glass.
C. Add some water and sugar.
D. Squeeze the oranges.
7. What do you do before pouring liquid into the blender?
A. Squeeze the oranges.
B. Pour liquid into the blender.
C. Blend all within two minutes.
D. Pour the juice into a glass.
8. What do you do after putting ice in the blender?

A. Squeeze the oranges.

B. Pour liquid into the blender.
C. Blend all within two minutes.
D. Pour the juice into a glass.
9. How many materials do we need to make orange juice?
A. 3 materials.
C. 5 materials.
B. 4 materials.
D. 6 materials.
A forest is an area with a high density of trees or
historically, an area set aside for hunting. It is a
community of trees, shrubs, herbs, microorganisms,
and animals.
The most obvious living structures in a forest are
trees. Generally, a forest contains large number of
different tree species growing to different height. The
trees take part in natural processes of nutrients cycling
and water purification. They also help maintain a
clean environment. They also to retain water, so
heavy rains dont run rapidly off forest land.
There are numerous types of forests. Among them
are rainforest, taiga, temperate hardwood forest and
tropical dry forest.
There are two categories of forest uses, i.e. non
consumptive and consumptive. Non-consumptive uses
include watershed protections, wildlife and fish
habitat, recreation and aesthetic uses.
10. What is the purpose of teh text?
A. To retell about past events.
B. To entertain readers.
C. To inform something.
D. To report about something.
11. They also help maintain a clean environment. (paragraph
The underlined word refers to .....
A. The trees.
C. Environment.
B. Water.
D. The production of forest
12. The paragraph two tells us about ...
A. the definition of forest.
B. The functions of forest.
C. The types of forest
D. The production of forest
13. The consumptive use of forest is....
A. Recreation and research.
B. Extraction of forest products
C. Watershed protection
D. Wildlife reservation
14. Valentino is a famous in motorbike racing. He rides his
motorcycle ....
A. hard
C. carelessly
B. fast
D. Clearly


We are allowed to throw rubbish in this area.

We are permitted to throw rubbish in this area.
We are not prohibited to throw rubbish in this area.
We are forbidden to throw rubbish in this area.

1. Arrange the jumbled sentences into a good procedure text.
A. Finally, switch off the stabilizer voltage
B. Second, click start menu.
C. How to switch off a computer.
D. Then, click turn off.
E. First, close all the running programs. You can close
each program by pressing alt and F4 buttons
simultaneously or click file and then click close or
F. Third, click turn off computer.
G. Fifth, Wait until the computer turned off.