Oral Communication and Critical Thinking RHET 1101 Syllabus Outline – Summer 2007

Instructor: Yolandé Evans Office: JO 5.504 Phone: 972-883-2288 E-mail: yolande@utdallas.edu Office Hours: By Appointment ► E-mail and voicemail will be checked daily, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ► Placing a call or e-mail without talking with ME does not alleviate any responsibilities towards course deadlines. Class Meetings: Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00 PM in CB 1.110 About the Course Welcome to college! Never again will you take a course so specifically designed for your benefit. This class will work with you to help prepare you to take on one of the most exciting, yet challenging periods of your life. College consists of a great deal more than just a higher level of demanding course work. It’s new-found independence, freedom, a variety of people to deal with, roommates, romance, love lives, laundry, happy hours, and homework. There are a lot of skills required to effectively balance all of the above and we’re here to help you grow into your new life with ease. Succeeding in college paves the way for success in life, but dealing with life successfully is also necessary for succeeding in college. Through the use of personal insight, goal-setting, campus-oriented activities, and interactions, you’ll get off to a great start! Learning Outcomes 1. To assess student’s academic abilities and determine strengths and areas to develop. 2. To enhance personal motivation, competency, and self-discipline. 3. To understand student’s personal learning style and how to maximize academic efforts. 4. To define short-term and long-term goals for professional, personal, academic lives. 5. To demonstrate ability to apply basic time management techniques, conflict management, study skills, problem solving, critical thinking and writing skills. 6. To become familiar with wellness issues to enhance peak performance both academically and personally. 7. To identify the attitudes and competencies that employers are looking for in employees. 8. To provide access and knowledge about program opportunities and resources at the University of Texas at Dallas. 9. To enhance the student’s ability to effectively communicate in all aspects of daily life. (written, oral, and non-verbal, etc).

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Grading This course has been designed to provide you the opportunity to do well. The assignments are primarily personal in their focus, most are not tremendously time consuming, and they give you the chance to actively improve your skills. They should not be a source of pressure or anxiety.
Attendance and Class Participation 240 Points Assignments 160 Points ******************************************************************* 100% 400 Points

Grading Overview:

Total Points 240 10 10 10 10 10 10 20 50 30 400

Class Attendance/Participation Personal Introduction Speech UTD Website Search Campus Resources Presentation Persuasive Speech Expert Testimony Speech Campus Event Papers (Each is worth 5 points) Quizzes (Each is worth 10 points) Group Presentation Final Paper: Your Summer Experience TOTAL
Point Distribution: 400 - 360 359 – 340 339 – 320 319 – 300 229 – 280 279 - 260 259 – 240 239 – 0 =A =B =B = C+ =C = D+ =D =F

Class Policies ► Attendance is mandatory and will be taken each class. If there are extenuating circumstances and you will need to be absent, please let me know beforehand. Excuses after the fact will not be accepted. ►All work must be typed and in proper format. ►All assignments are due on the specified date on this syllabus. Late or incomplete assignments will not be accepted. ► Use of beepers and cell phones is prohibited in class. Both items must be turned off or on vibrate during class. ► Neither food nor beverages are allowed in class.

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Personal Introduction Speech: This is the first speech that you will give. The speech should be approximately 2 -3 minutes in length. The speech should serve as a type of introduction to the individual that you are. In one or two pages, write about yourself. This can be as personal or informal as you like. This assignment worth 10 points is due June 11.

UTD Website Search: This assignment will help you become familiar with the university’s website. This assignment is worth 10 points and is due June 13.

Campus Resource Presentations: During your first semester it is important for you to locate and familiarize yourself with various campus resources such as the women’s center, the learning resource center, the career or counseling center. You are to visit a resource center. Find out what services they provide, the hours of operation and if there are any costs. You are to make a 5 minute presentation to the class related to the campus resource that you visited. Please also provide each RHET 1101 class member with a brochure, handout or other information that you obtained from visiting this resource. Include in your presentation, why other students may want to visit this resource. This assignment worth 10 points is due June 20.

Campus Events Papers: All RHET 1101 students are required to attend 2 on-campus events. There are many activities happening at UTD all the time and we would like you to see how much is available to you right here! You can attend theater presentations, concerts, art exhibits, invited speakers, club meetings, rallies, sporting events, etc. (The one exception is that attending a movie does not count). After attending the event of your choice, simply turn in proof that you attended, such as a ticket stub, playbill, etc. You must also complete a one page, typewritten report of your experience. Each report is worth 5 points. The 1st report is due June 18. The 2nd report is due July 9.

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Oral Presentations: Another important skill is to be able to speak in front of your peers. You will be required to give 2 oral presentations; a Persuasive Speech and an Expert Testimony Speech. Each presentation will be 3 to 5 minutes in length. Please let me know beforehand if you will need an overhead projector or any other material. Each presentation is worth 10 points. • (1) Persuasive Speech: You will be required to give a persuasive speech that is to address a social issue. Your topic should take one side of an issue and you should support your position by presenting evidence. You may choose from the list provided at the back of your syllabus. This assignment is due June 27. (2) Expert Testimony: You will prepare a 2-21/2 minute presentation on a topic you know very well. This could be a hobby, a particular subject, your home town, a favorite book, etc. No research should be necessary. You are required to use at least one visual aid. Example: Poster boards, handouts, slides, PowerPoint presentation or any object that will support your topic. (Be Creative!☺) This assignment is due July 11.

Group Presentation: No matter what career you pursue, you will undoubtedly find yourself working with others. The ability to function effectively in a diverse group of people who are responsible for developing a successful end project is critical. You will be placed in groups to explore issues related to making a successful transition to college life. Your findings will form the basis of an 8 minute oral presentation to the class. This assignment is worth 50 points and is due by July 23.

Final Paper “Your Summer Experience”: This paper is for the purpose of expressing your integration into the campus community through the freshman experience course, as well as, to develop your writing skills. Tell us about your overall summer experience. This paper will count as the final for the course. The final paper is worth 30 points and is due on the last day of class, July 25.

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Class Schedule: June 6th – July 25, 2007
Attendance is Mandatory

Class Session 1. June 6th 2. June 11th 3. June 13th 4. June 18th 5. June 20th 6. June 25th 7. June 27th 8. July 2nd 9. July 9th 10. July 11th 11. July 16th 12. July 18th 13. July 23rd 14. July 25th

Agenda Introduction: What to Expect • Review Syllabi Oral Presentation: Personal Introduction Speech Public Speaking Importance; How to - Develop Grading Rubric • UTD Website Search Due Today Consumer Credit Counseling Presentation • 1st Campus Event Due Today Quiz: Consumer Credit Counseling Oral Presentation: Campus Resources Class Activity: Diversity Oral Presentation – Persuasive Speech Class Activity: Handling Awkward Situations Office of International Education Presentation • 2nd Campus Event Report Due Quiz: Office of International Education Oral Presentation – Expert Testimony Speech Class Activity: The Baroness and the Drawbridge Class Activity: Group Ad – Rhet 1101 Group Presentations Last Day of Class: Final Exam Paper Due

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