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Programs I used:
Cinema 4D R13
Magic Bullet Looks 2.0

Olcay Kayihan
Istvn Vastag

Open the .c4d house model, here. Its a Sketchup model from 3D Warehouse, and I used Sketch4D, so
I can import it directly into Cinema 4D.



(Download materials on title link from VRAYforC4D material site)

concrete wall

glass framing

concrete roofing & blocks

metal deck balustrade


wood floor

For the interior wall, use a diffuse color (H=0%, S=0%, V=60%), and Noise as bump map (Bump
amount=1cm, use Blistered Turbulence, Scale=3%, Low Clip=25%, High Clip=60%).

For the ceiling and thin wall, use a diffuse color (H=0%, S=0%, V=80%), specular layer (H.
Glossiness=0.84, R. Glossiness=0.84, Glossiness Subdivs=18, uncheck Backside, Cutoff=0.001, use
Fresnel, Fresnel IOR=1.4, Reflectance 90 Degree=Grey color), bump map (Bump amount=0.03cm,
see other details below).

For the concrete wall, use Cubic as the projection type. In the Tag Properties, use (Offset U=-6%, Offset V=0%, Length
U=150%, Length V=150%). For the concrete moss material, can be found in the scene of Steve Cole competition link
here. Use Cubic (Offset U=randomize amount, Offset V=0%, Length U=100%, Length V=54%). Concrete roofing &
concrete blocks have the same materials.

And, for the wood floor, (Offset U=-0%, Offset V=0%, Length U=200%, Length V=200%).

Now, lets go to lighting. Make 3 Area Lights then add a VrayLight Tag. Use (Intensity=150, Light
color=see other details below). Check Affect diffuse, Affect specular and Enable shadows.

Top view:

Left-side view:

Front view:

For the environment, get the Steve Cole competition file scene to C4D here.
Copy the objects: PROXY, proxy copy, GRASS, SKY and Camera. In the PROXY null, you have to relink
the proxy object (oPA_fucs41.vrmesh) located in the scene folder. The null AGACLAR, contained the
vegetation, copy only archmodels58_001_06 and archmodels58_001_07 for the tree. Do not forget to
copy the materials with the textures in their right path, all textures can be found in the tex folder.

Rotate PROXY, proxy copy and GRASS altogether to -90.0. Scale and move the GRASS up until it
intersects the concrete moss and the concrete blocks. Then move the proxy copy a bit closer to the
house and make a copy like the one below. Scale the 2nd copy in X-Axis as needed. Make two Cameras
and position them at an angle. Use (Film ISO=100, F-Stop=6, Shutter Speed=200). You may use a
camera target with the red dots below.
For the render setting, just copy also from the Steve Cole scene recently.

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Camera 1 raw render:

And for Camera 2:

For the post-production, choose CrossProcess Basic for the Looks. Delete Film Grain in the Post area.
Then, adjust Vignette in the Controls area (Strength=22.0%).
The Look to use is Vintage Film by Nick Campbell, it is not found in default, so you have to buy for it.
Actually, its no effort in this post-pro. You can still use any photo editors with any cross process filters.

Do the same also to the 2nd render image.

Final outputs:

Email: nino_piamonte@outlook.com