CS 6378: Advanced Operating Systems Fall 2005 Tuesday, Thursday, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm ECS South 2.

Instructor: Ravi Prakash Department of Computer Science Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Room #: ECS South 4.210 Phone: (972) 883-2289 e-mail: ravip@utdallas.edu URL: www.utdallas.edu/∼ravip.

Catalog Statement
Concurrent processing, inter-process communication, process synchronization, deadlocks, introduction to queuing theory and operational analysis, topics in distributed systems and algorithms, checkpointing, recovery, multiprocessor operating systems. Prerequisite: CS 5348: Operating Systems or equivalent; knowledge of C/C++ and UNIX

Textbook and Syllabus
The textbook for the course is Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems by Mukesh Singhal and Niranjan G. Shivaratri. The topics and chapters to be discussed in the course are: Topic Chapter Classes Architecture of Distributed Systems 4 1 Theoretical Foundations 5 3 Clock Synchronization Supplement 2 Distributed Mutual Exclusion 6 3 Process Deadlocks 3 1 Agreement Protocols 8 3 RAID Supplement 2 Distributed Scheduling 11 2 Recovery 12 2 Fault Tolerance 13 2 Concurrency Control Algorithms 20 2 Material in the textbook will be supplemented by research papers cited in the book. Students will be provided a list of relevant papers and are expected to read them. Questions in the examinations and quizzes may be on issues discussed in these papers.


Examinations and Grading
There will be one midterm examination on Thursday, October 6 during class, one final examination on Tuesday, November 29 starting at 11:00 am, four quizzes of which the best three will count towards the course grade, two programming projects, and two homework assignments. The dates for the quizzes will be announced during the semester. The quizzes will be of about twenty minute duration and will be held at the beginning of the class. Copying on examinations, quizzes, homeworks and projects is prohibited. Any instance of collaboration or plagiarism during examinations, quizzes and on projects will be dealt with harshly. Students are required to explain how they reached their solution and demonstrate the execution of their project to the instructor and/or teaching assistant. If the student is unable to provide a satisfactory explanation, (s)he may lose points even if the answer is correct. Examinations, quizzes and projects should be strictly individual work. Examinations and quizzes will be conducted on a closed book, closed notes, and closed neighbors basis. Students suspected of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary proceedings as per university policies.

Point Distribution
Midterm Final Quizzes Programming Project(s) Homeworks 25% 25% 15% 25% 10%

Examination, Attendance and Assignment Submission Policy
If a student is unable to take the examinations or quizzes on their scheduled dates, (s)he should inform the instructor well in advance. Makeup examinations will be scheduled only if the student has valid medical reasons. In such situations, the student is expected to furnish documentary evidence. It is hoped that students will refrain from announcing the demise of the same relative on multiple occasions! Assignments submitted after their due date will be penalized at the rate of 10% of the grade for every day (not including weekends and holidays) by which they are late. No submission will be accepted once the solution has been discussed in class and the graded assignment has been returned. In order to obtain an “A” grade a student must perform above class average in the examinations, as well as above the class average in the programming projects. If a student has to be absent for several classes because of job related obligations, he/she will not be eligible for an incomplete grade. In such instances the student is advised to drop the course.

Office Hours
To be announced.

From time to time, I will keep updating the course page on WebCT to provide online access to lecture notes, quiz dates, project deadlines, etc. So, make sure that you check the web on a regular basis.


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